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Testimony of Justin Howard

Justin Howard
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  • July 31, 2010
    7:00 AM
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God loves the sinner Haman and all of us the Bible says has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and I realize every time I share my testimony that we do not think enough about the condition of our own soul we don't think enough about where we were before Christ we don't think about maybe wear out right now even without Christ and sometimes you presume about where we are one with him and when I think about the story that we have to tell in heaven it won't be about what we've done it won't be about our glory it will be about where we were acts of what Christ was able to want to think about Jesus 's love for the center I think about the story that was shared with us earlier this week about the demoniac and how a man's life was completely out of control and I believe he got that way I just being born into the world to you I think that he was born in a condition where he was filled with thousand plus Dean I believe that he made decisions that led him to the condition that he was in he was completely outside of Jesus Christ but again Jesus loves the sinner and I believe that that man it up when his life even though he was so loud it made decisions that led him to that point in his life somewhere John and Mary Jesus saw that he had a desire to be free from that to know the God of we read in Mark chapter five that when Jesus had come out of the ship and verse two immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit who had his dwelling among the tombs and no man could bind him no not even with chains because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains and the chains had been plucked as I am in the fetters broken in pieces neither could any man tame him and always night and the Bible goes on to say in verse five he was in the mountains and in the tombs crying and cutting himself with stones here's a man who made decisions that led him to complete and total lack of control and Osama he was destroying himself in the Bible tells us that God created us to have life God created us to live forever but because of sin it turned upon us and now were trying to the shore ourselves in this matter is in the brink of destruction yet we have good news at the point in this man's life was about to destroy himself and says in verse six that when Jesus saw him afar off he ran and worshiped him when Jesus comes on the scene things change amen we often think that demon possession was something in the past are some weird thing we seen the sci-fi movies not it doesn't happen in today's world but I will let you know that happens in a very large scale in today's world maybe it doesn't happen like this necessarily maybe we don't have graveyards full of crazy men cutting themselves with stones and running around naked screaming and yelling but if you look in the world today you have young people getting and relationships that are destroying themselves you have young people that are getting involved with drugs that are killing themselves you have young people doing things that shouldn't even be named among Christians and their destroying themselves and it happens even with our church but the good news is that Jesus comes on the scene he can change things and you see the demoniac the must of been something in his heart like I mentioned that God saw because course a person can be changed the Bible says that God looks on the inward heart men only see things are going on the outside the man was longing for something that and Jesus was watching with a loving eye and he says I see it it's time striped because the iron is hot he came in the man's life was completely and totally change ones than the rest of his life of Jesus how is it with you this morning as your life been changed as of then transform it is your desire now not the lives of the world and live with all the dying hope you don't know the Lord but as you desire now to spend the days that you have left on this earth when everyone are many with Jesus Christ I love the picture that we have of the demoniac and I don't know if you noticed but there was more than one up there but we see the disclosed in his right mind and all he can think about is spending the rest of his life of Jesus he's excited he's got it he's had a conversion experience and is ready to go Jesus as you know what I don't want to go with me when I first read that he's a disciple why can you spend the rest of his life of Jesus I can just follow him around because he had a mission and the mission was to go tell other people would Jesus have done for him and every time you read this story I realize that maybe it's not just me that has a story maybe it's you but this morning I want to share a little bit about where I've been and what Jesus has done for me I grew up like many of you in a Christian home somewhat was a divided home on my mother was of the administration kind of growing as a Seventh-day Adventist I think I'm about a fourth generation Adventist to be honest with you but it wasn't him down in its purest and so island and invited home my boundaries I can say that were not Adventist my mother was trying to be an Adventist but obviously there was something wrong there because she was marrying a man so one alcoholic after another came in the home my mother was trying to maintain a Christian environment and tell us what it meant to be a relationship with Jesus but it was hard to see you understand so as I was growing up young person in that type of home there was a target on either side I enjoy being in sports and as a young person it's okay even as an Adventist because you don't have Saturday games you don't have a Friday night games it's all on Sundays and Thursdays and Wednesdays that's all good and I would say right now that even at an early age it is not good to get involved with those things it seems so good at the time and there was nothing wrong with breaking any of the commandments of God but what it was doing is setting me up for fall later on you see when you get older and if you're progressing somewhat less success this progressing somewhat in your athletic ability and you're pretty good at what you do you can move on to become a part of JV can become a part of varsity and that's where I was moving suddenly I found myself on the varsity team having to play on Friday night mom said no stepfathers and why can he do it letting go there's a battle in the home I would find myself on Fridays hating my religion putting on a jersey that I knew I would not wear any game on Friday night because I wasn't allowed to go I was living a life that was a lie almost delusional because here I was going to school on Friday had a jersey and I was running around the rest of the crowd you understand that our front and items sitting so my face it really didn't make me happy and as I was drying off I really never learned about the love of Jesus I did learn about what I have to do and parents this morning I will let you know that the most important thing that you can do for your kids is to let them know about the love that God has for them help them to understand the relationship that he wants to develop help them to understand the commitment exhibit is making for them help them to see the glory that he has prepared for them because without that relationship all the other stuff is going to drive them away that's what happened with me I grew up and became quite rebellious high school suspended once twice three times in the Academy I was going to a bombing spelled a money back and I went to public school again for a while back and forth and finally my mother says I've got to send you back to the Academy the three belong not that I'm doing better public schools and I'm doing an economy but it went back there graduated from there and shortly thereafter started getting involved with some parties and drinking a rebellious attitude continued on and my mother and I were to stop butting hats and it came to a point where I thought you know what I'm old enough to live my life on my own I'm sixteen years old and I'm ready to go I've got a job in high school I was working all afternoon and into the evening I would come home and sleep in our getup may be to go to high school in the morning I was just getting by any that I was always okay and my car had my money and I said I am leaving home soon as I graduated high school on neither not too long afterwards I hacked up my car all my mother was out of the house my left nut didn't realize the decision that I made would break her heart you see every decision that we make as a consequence the for good or for evil and even if we think the decisions that were making our small today in the end when we look back in retrospect and see all those decisions and where they brought us to say that every decision even though we don't think it's big I left home and however I was going didn't thought that I was leaving and this I did to someone who raised me from the world is a sin causes pain and when you're full of sin it hardens you to where you don't feel the pain of other people but you're living in this backwardness ball of pain yourself and you don't even realize I moved to Tennessee and works are a lot of good seven evidence questions down there is a good environment to be a part of and so I was making friends on top of one another top of another and in their Southern Adventist University I had a great group of friends got a job down there and I went down there for the wrong reasons guys I went down there for a young lady and I might say should never base any decisions that you make in your life upon another person every decision that you make should be based upon what Jesus is telling you and ask you to do your relationship with him I went down there set up a relationship with there wasn't good based on wrong principles and I will going all that but the friends I was making their friends I was making there were great I was around hiking and we were swimming and we were playing tennis and we're having a good time when we were also drink we started drinking more and more and we thought we were we were just fine we can handle the things that we were doing we would drink all day all night some time and then even before we were old enough we know enough before we were getting into the local clubs in the evening this is that we may have to wait for or against the kingdom of God I remember a young guy Manama Donnie that I was hanging out within the time we always knew that we wanted to stop drinking because you understand and I grew up in the air I finally know that on the television screen the big television and how that was recommended for flatscreen and on the television that we would always hear the motto just say no to drugs it were another four commercial out the commercial just say no to drugs and allows all about the strangely enough as I was all about that model and I was always condemning people who are part of that life slowly I was seeing myself being drawn into that type of bar my friend Donny got sucked into the complete I remember seeing in just a few years ago and he was a young vibrant man physically active physically fit great minds great attitude I saw them about maybe five years ago and when I saw him he was just a shell of a man he looked old he couldn't even look me in the eye his hands were trembling they could barely speak given in and out of rehab for years my heart broke for him because I realized that I was a part of that process that led him to that condition went to visit him in his home and in his home he was living with an old man you see he was just a way had a golf course at forty years old living from dollar to dollar I walked in the house it was a dirty smelly dark house the house wasn't even his he had a will room off to the side and her I thought is a grown man living in zero which is a few belongings because of his decisions and remain a field to accept Christ and he said he get there one day and he was praying that you know enough Christ's life you can't make any changes in there he was and I've never heard from them again and I talk to people from time to time down there who know them and they say that he saw the same commission is my prayer that God will bring Robin Satan for his kingdom amen this is where certainly existed it destroys our lives and I was able to escape that are understanding one morning in my kitchen in my house that I had during those years and I woke up one morning I poured myself a drink straight alcohol with some nice Mexican up that morning and I began to take a drink and I sent down because it scared me to death I realized at that point time I was becoming an alcoholic and God was there convicted me even at that point in my life just in your life is heading down the wrong path Juno is to think you have control of your life I've got it I can take care of it I set it down but I didn't set it down for the right reasons so drinking there was social now I decided not to drink so much butter lettuce in the different areas by government time graduated from Southern College she moved to New York and I had to make a decision was I going to go with there was a understand in Chattanooga I decided to go with I want to get a job in the city and went to a temporary agency and I walked into address like I am today and as I was talking to this man of anemic rate you on the company says men I get you a job anywhere in the city he says it's not about what you know it's who you know and how you look and he says you fit the part for the city and you could fit right into the corporate world he was right it wasn't Craig was John I look back now and Satan was setting me up for you all I got a job in the city is working for Virgin records to begin with then I got another job working for a place called Cushman Wakefield the real estate management firm and they were managing a large skyscraper called Citicorp Center in Manhattan and that's why set a working set of advancing to the company for a well decided out as a data entry clerk but ended up in the accounting position in a matter of a few months and financial manager calls men of the office this is Justin you can be one of two things this is what I do work for us to get your work is great we love having you here and he says you can have a job with us he says will take you on now the severe pace is your better for the company of his love because you don't have a degree but your job is secure or if you want to go back to school he says network with us and he says when you're finished you can come back and work with us and be a part of our group and I thought well I want to be a part of the group I think I go back and get my education finish it up and then come back others continue to network with talk with the girlfriend about it we decided to end things I went back to Chattanooga to go back to school got back there started school started a job it was at that point that life transition for me again selling back there for good reason seen someone to get money so that I could go to school and as I went to school I would finish school and head back to New York and live the life of success that I wanted to in that restaurant I don't know if any of you know about the restaurant business but there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes the party scene that I've never encountered before until I said working people were drinking and doing drugs and having alleged illicit sex and you name it was going on after hours and one day somebody cannot manage that Justin do know I can do such and such a drive I've never been a part of that my entire life wide asking me but because I was making bad decisions there is no conviction in my heart that was terrible the system is that they were doing and I wasn't doing so I said let me check into it for you that decision and I have to run a restaurant that some of the people that I know I finally found that drug that person was looking for and I made a connection in my whole world changed at that point time I came into a handful of money in a bad way there was someone that was working in a bank who is working underhandedly in providing money for people obviously laundry if you will assist so I had a pocket full of money and unconverted hearts and people who wanted drugs and one day a friend of mine came to me he suggests and I know how we can make tons of money is and how is that it is working by such and such a drug cases we can turn over anything and will make three times the amount of money that we invest one nine as it really says yeah lets go down to Atlanta to check so we went out to Atlanta Georgia we went to a club if you will and we walked in the music was incredible I've never heard music like that before in my life I've never met people like that before my life and at that moment I thought I and where I'm supposed to be the people were nice they were cool they got me they understood me they didn't condemn me it's a great environment news that evening that I began to try the drugs that would begin to sell was free to understand was awesome but I didn't know that it would destroy the lives of other people no we decided to invest in drugs one night we went out to another club he was exactly right we made three times the amount of money that we do we invest we walked with a pocket full of cash and from that point on was at investing investing investing again and that will business if you will began to grow at about this point time I met another young ladies you can grip my heart in holidays right you see that one person you meet that one person and they just want but I didn't tell her what I was doing it every day in my life I would be doing these things over here but I would be sharing with her another person that she didn't even even really know advantage of them week after week out design more and more drugs and then I would go to her and I would be someone else it got worse we began to do it locally there in Tennessee we began doing them ourselves the insuring with us during them in an environment call raise a given array out of a rave party that's where I got my start in those rave party who disseminated his first these drugs to whoever wanted to purchase them and I remember one night being at one of these parties and while I was there I softened it was strange to me hanging out with a group of people that I called friends outside one that I saw this person walking in front of me scratch my head but in the cloudiness of my mind based on what is going on and I realized then why was our that person was about this tall and they had to be maybe ten to twelve years old walking around by themselves strung out on drugs and I realized that I was the one supplying for that person you see every decision that we make as a consequence for good of real niacin are online but in the lives of other people and you may not be selling drugs you may not be doing drugs but if you are not making decisions for Christ you're hurting someone else in your sphere of influence God has put us in this world to have an influence for good for eternal life and if you are living outside of Christ in you making decisions that are not in harmony with his and you're not hurting just yourself you're hurting other people at another human I don't want to come to the end of my life not having confess the sins are dealt with those issues I want to come to the end of my life and how directors stand against me saying just in this decision that you made the story not just your life but the life of one other person to other people and it goes on and on and on you see that one decision influenced many a multitude of people God is real he wants a real relationship with us he wants to transform the life because he knows how destructive the human mind can be when it begins to act in the wrong way and that's why Satan desires to influence it that's why he desires to control it because he knows if he can get you he's got a ton more because of the bad decisions that you make them bother me then really that's how bad off violence but God was working on my heart and I remember driving home from Atlanta Georgia one evening and I was driving home I began to weep and cry NFL what's wrong with you I am making tons of money have a great home I have great vehicles I have nice clothing and I'm the head of my my work if you want a car that beautiful women on one side beautiful women on the other but yet here I am a man if you will and crying in my question came to my mind as I was driving away from Atlanta that night Justin what are you doing as I look back in retrospect I realize that wasn't knee that was asking the question it was God himself amen Mister God continues to pursue us and personalism personas and is located in a person will find ourselves in a situation that will finally turn and looked at him like the Bible says we say Justin what are you doing I remember in the gardening had an even sinned against God they went they ran in a hit and they were just wondering what was going to happen next and here comes God walking through the garden and he said that God nor Adam was but he was asking them to come back to him to be in relationship with him and when they got back together again there wasn't any condemnation necessarily from God 's mouth has repercussions out of those repercussions even when I've done something for you in a plan to you before you ever came about I'm not a way of escape believes call the plan of salvation you live again he's got was appealing to me that night to accept that plan to listen to his voice but I brushed it aside I was the man and I kept driving I decided that that was nothing that I was doing what I need to be doing was getting so bad and we were going to people 's houses carrying weapons and demanding money from them were traveling all around the nation setting up deals life was completely out of control like the demoniac hours and just harming myself and I was causing problems and pain my community around me to the relationship of that young lady was getting deeper and I didn't have a strong desire to be married but I in my mind I felt that I loved her and I would say right now that you cannot love anyone the right way without Christ in your heart if you don't know Jesus guys gals do not pleased by God 's grace do not get into a relationship with someone else maybe you'll hear me today and to forget it tomorrow but I pray by God 's grace you just don't do it our member sitting on the couch in my home with her and we were talking are beginning to talk about getting married in my mind thinking I do not want to get married and one of the reasons was because a mature conviction ballerina my heart I was living this life and I cared for her hand in my brain hurt in that life that I was living but in the same time I didn't realize you sorry there we talked about getting married as we were talking is heavy convicting him of my heart as I looked at her this was the topic in my mind Justin and three morning that you wake up you will have to look at her and know that you're living a lie and that was a burden for me heavy on my heart I decided that in matter and for this down under the quick I can do this is not to be a problem among leave it behind he wants to get married you think that was possible our member going to one of these parties one evening and one of the guys that we are asked to supplying drugs to came to me he asked me questions is just a twenty one put this all away when you stop selling drugs when in reality of his life behind and I told him handed out one days and realize it was God talking to me again here's a man who lost what I was providing me the same time you tell me why you still doing it why don't you stop God was speaking to me Saint Justin before it's too late get out of the situation that you're in and follow me I think I'll do it I'll be out of it one day and discover rest often laughed and kept doing what I was doing we have oh Howard over sin except by the grace of God we decided to get married and I remember the wedding day beautiful outside letting down at a local mansion of Fort Oglethorpe Georgia sunny beautiful and we were getting prepared him there at the wedding listlessly a string quartet they arrived and they were supposed to play surely the presence of the Lord is spirit us on four beautiful song and I remember right before the wedding began formally my wife came to me she says Justin about playing a song about what is up to me didn't really care and education it was more time and asked me why that are playing at what's going on and to this day I know that it limits on what but we said our vows we went to reset under the table everybody else is enjoying themselves and began to sign the marriage license as we were signing signing of clouds came over the place to begin answering doctors up up in the truck on the back of the truck on its higher energy than this it just me missing the signs before nice black marker yellow mark read Mark we drove off an edge even as we got to the hotel we're staying in I looked at it and think anything about it until later on in life but the rain has come down in a sign and literally washed away as a look back in retrospect now I realize that all those things were taking place that day were sending me God himself was sending me a message using Justin my presence cannot be in this place I cannot bless your marriage because I am not an easy wind and rain amazingly enough during this time we do pray see myself then God would be the center of my life will begin to read the Bible together God was trying to work on two hard hearts but we were less even though we were praying we were still doing what we wanted to do we were not submitting a committee analyzed to help answer what he was saying is I cannot bless you with my breath and think about Arena came down that AFL is aware that here's a guy falling on our marriage because he knew what was coming next we went on our honeymoon terrible honeymoon August be honest with you we came back in a few days at home things were just awful and I told my wife was not never go to Chattanooga got a got some work to do on their she didn't know is right before I got married one of my friends came to me to suggest and I need some money we make a purchase for me he asked for tens of thousands of dollars and I said okay on the this time I sent them though I don't want to be a part of it anymore and money set aside for me and my wife for college we can live for years to get settled in the jobs I was ready for the future which of those drugs I purchased back in a truck and we headed off Tennessee when we got there a merciless media bowling alley he was a very solid to a restaurant called to my friend is in a widely academic restaurant last drink season foods I didn't tell them that I was there to make a major drug deal right there in the parking lot that restaurant only got there I got a window seat and I was watching for this man was supposed to meet cycle and that the drive there the parking lot I went out to meet him when I thought I sent you have made my money this is a hegemony is that I have some more drugs I opened up the car door grabbed the drives he's pulling a big wad of money out of his pocket he handed it over to me and I was handing the drives as remaking the exchange I saw this was wrong in this phase I look in his eyes and I knew that there was something that wasn't right and as soon as we are making the exchange all of a sudden cars and trucks surrounded us the drug enforcement agency that the receiver of investigations is wrong with us and help us again Nona who aim at a nice praise the Lord the career was over I think that at the time I was thinking man when I got to do to get myself out of this and realizing God 's mercy had seen the condition of my heart and he was leading me into a relationship with him before it was too late well I got into the truck finally have felt humiliated but when I got in the truck of that drug enforcement agent that evening it was always had rolled off my shoulders I didn't know what it meant yet but I felt it finally I could get out of the situation we're both are taken into the local prison and I realized that something needed to be done my wife came to be called because I was supposed to meet her at her mother 's house that sat than we were supposed to spend some time in church together that's how hypocritical my life what doing drugs and selling drugs Leanne I would shelve unchurched on Sabbath morning claim to be a seventh administration maybe that's happening with some of you this morning maybe some of you are wearing the name of Christian but in your heart there's no price this morning on my sibling relationship with him about this for as many as received him then he gives the power to be the sons of God for his many believe on his name I made that decision in prison but it wasn't for some hardship my wife came in the prison that I was that no longer was addressed to the nines when she came in I had an orange jumpsuit on I've been up for a few days shackles on my ankle shackles on my way I have read Shackleton always nice shuffle then like this to see her for the first time again after we been there as I walked in the scene where she was sitting on a chair and a little romance and do not touch you can imagine how difficult that will and as she looked at me in the situation in the condition that I was then she fell to her knees and she began to weep and she said she did not have to do this I would've worked two jobs all I can do is look at I couldn't even explain to her at that point in time Wyatt done what I've done and this is the effects of sin can have on your life you see it started off with some small decisions but now you see where it ended up I never saw her again outside prison walls I went to prison was really mulling over the things that happened as I thought about them I hardly get a break obviously need to repentance and I began to see what I've done to her and again to see what I've done to my family I began to see in this part and in a small part when I said that the people that is becoming to those parties all around the nation is it wasn't just a hundred two hundred people that were coming to these parties there were thousands of people coming to these parties on a continual basis and we were supplying them with these drugs and God was on me Justin you're responsible for destroying the minds and the bodies of young people that I wanted to be in nineteen and to this day I still have remorse over the decisions that I made a print job will say something frisking and hopefully by his grace I can be part of the short I went to prison has us thinking about these things I remember being in a dirty old sell the drug addict underneath me sleeping on a massive problem in the house another minutes left on their cockroaches climbing out of a wall about how the world that I can it was by the decisions I made my why was in that room with that man in that bed with those roaches Lord begins Mister Justin I love you but you have a decision to make you can either follow me or he can continue in the passenger on the city continue in the past Johnny Stuart Scott if you follow me our something way better for you that evening in a bunk that room because roaches I decided to follow him said Lord I want to be the Lord of my life I want to be my Savior ice is not I need new friends because I can go back to the old ones and you know even in a prison environment separated from the world God was right there it doesn't matter where or at life it doesn't matter who we are where we better what we've done God wants to be with you and he will go to the extent that he can without forcing your twisting your arm to bring you into that relationship with him and he allowed that to happen and I think just like the demoniac papers are the people couldn't see any outside what he was thinking this is hard somewhere God saw that there was a longing for him and he can take that and work with that and in my heart I knew that there was a longing I didn't even know what it was that God did he brought me our member talking to my grandparents my grandmother that my mother at that time an error saying I just need to give your life to Christ you need to is your life to the Lord 's time for a change I simply remember when you're just a little boy he knew your memory verses in Sabbath school yard the top dodger vacation Bible school what happened is a dodger number the story of Moses I mean remember Moses was the journalist from Noah's ark rested vaguely but I couldn't I went it is all about and as I thought about that I realized how much sin has destroyed my life but God is able to renew a nine is able to take was broken fix it again well from that prison situation got it changed my life most of the young with the repercussions of the praise got a lot of good things happened we were able to distribute a lot of literature in a prison system one instance I would say about is a time when I was in a federal detention facility how is working for the warehouse we were able to gather the block during the morning and go to the warehouse of old towels in the chemical bottles without anyway sometimes a timely visit the blocks since taking the materials from the warehouse and one day he tells us listen were going to visit every block in the in the compounds about myself what an opportunity because my life is now in the hands of Christ I was excited to share him with whoever it was I came across and interestingly enough I was allowed to get tons of materials in prison now the system allows out of the federal prisoner and you can only have a small amount of things for yourself let alone anybody else but interestingly enough again I have Highland books in my locker this tall and we're always both that God was teaching me prison system used for permit to come home and work for him anyway I had a pocket full literature I was going to the warehouse I walked in and my outlaws the same as McBride he was a Southern Baptist black man true blue and what a great guy I walked in he said Mister how nice of Mister McBride I personally have their massive religion I knew exactly what I was in a new that he looked me up and down the analysis let's go so all is left unlocked and we went from one block to another shopping obsessed of Christ desired features and different tracks in every single block amen God can do the impossible those doors were locked to anyone like me any eligible to get open of those doors with people that have the key but Jesus was bigger than that not only could he open up the door they can open up the door the heart and use those tools that we had distributed in the box I noticed somebody is going to say because I came home and I began by working right away because having experienced with Jesus and I didn't know what I was doing but I did it anyway amen once a place like mission college on my training back at work for these three churches in the local community in Ohio for a while and I was just excited to be a part of the evangelistic meeting and didn't really know what I was even doing that but the church got excited we didn't raise lords only happen I write about that time I was so giving you are given a call to connect mission college and work and I went back to mission college began working in an training and doing outreach and doing evangelism and and for three and a half years I was working at Mission College from there I got a call in the Washington Congress to work for them and I got another call to be a part of mission college once again and I got a call from this generation in New York's income and help us I got a call from Montana the conference is a common help us to come and work with us and God had taken something that was in possible and if possible and now I stand before you changed me human and I think of Nebuchadnezzar who rather deliver the beasts of the field are low on you that story right he was a man who thought he had control over is on life it about the kingdom and he said this is why am and this is what I've done is what I have this is what I have written in realizing the the person bringing love to spend time or allow limited basis generally recognize that God was the most high God he rules in the kingdom did of his life it in the seven years as he looked up to heaven he regains his mind he's praising and extolling and giving glory to the God of heaven and assess something interesting there in that passage in which you look it up in a minute says that his kingdom was restored and I thought about my own life got given my kingdom I should have spent the rest of my life in prison for all the guns and the drugs that I have my possession but God saw fit to give me just three and a half years because he had different work-related surrogate United Kingdom that but the Bible says in that story that not only did Nebuchadnezzar get his kingdom back with excellent Majesty was added and I scratch my head and I wanted what was the excellent Majesty that Nebuchadnezzar was that I don't know technically what the Bible is talking about the state of my thought my ideas this mechanism was given a great kingdom of Babylon was the greatest thing about this time he was given something more he was given eternal life and he was given the kingdom of God you have the excellent Majesty this morning you may have your kingdom here in the sir but do you have salvation today if you don't have it today so they ask for because it's only a prayer way God sees what's taking place in the heart he knows the condition of our soul he knows are we missing those are false and many of these things are what keep this relationship of Christ even those are prime he's able to bring that down but we must allow him to work we must be able to at least say yes to him today he's not looking for an eloquent prayer are you telling every sin and confessing them all point by point until there's no more our minds of the process of Vegas they are always asking us to say is yesterday we say yes in the morning that your desire to be a part of his life and how to be a part of yours is it really reasonable or add one more thing to bring a little bit later this entailed one more part committee that you know that woman that was in the prison with me I became a visiting the prison who fell down broken because of the decisions I made she's my wife today in God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask and I don't know how he did it because she was broke and I did and always looked upon the woman in all of reviewing and see the miracle that God provided for me no longer are we in a broken dysfunctional relationship now both of us know Jesus amen and now we don't have some illicit terrible crazy relationships now we have a solid one that I know will last for eternity the father in heaven thank you so much for what you don't force the salvation he brought forth and described all of my heart Lord God that the people 's morning groove heard your message of salvation your ability to save to the uttermost would just say yes this morning and many of us have agreed that father and I as I looked this morning upon the products of the year spirit was moving even in the tiredness of our our bodies minds but yet I still saw someone who may be reject since you who may have been moved to say yesterday today for whatever reason I pray you touch them father for tomorrow is not promised in today's of their salvation I pray in Jesus name


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