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How Adventists Discovered Jesus' Model of Leadership

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


Sermon given at the Fairplain Benton Harbor, MI SDA Church on January 15, 2011


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • January 15, 2011
    11:00 AM
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morning everyone is as beautiful Saturday it is good to reflect upon our Adventist had a ditch stay close to my soul and therefore a half first select tips do you have Scripture reading and so that is just asked the Lord to bless especially Lord made it work so my mouth and meditation of my heart be exceptional in your site Lord our Savior and Redeemer he gave me this return to that section a first epistle of John chapter one year job the first was something that he has experienced in a very special way at this is that his experience is do you see your success of our church he says that ritual strong beginning which give her we just seen with our eyes would you ever looked upon and our hands have handled concerning the Word of life the lighthouse manifested and we have seen and their witness and declare to you that eternal life we trust with the father and those many pastoralists that which you have seen and heard we declare to you that you also may have fellowship with us and truly our fellowship is with the father and with his son Jesus Christ this is all rates are so that our joy may be full is a tremendous promise and so where the him give you handouts because what I say here to this half an hour or so that you may lose in the dining hall would have been listening but the meal that is again a discussion of this topic and then you go home again I would encourage you to create fully reflect upon the material that I called leptin because it has to do with the joy in the Lord legacy and so does your boss concerns to share that which you handled it had absorbed because of the obvious life and he felt that if he gets shared this and each one of us has the same expedient because the sharing then it will be fellowship and unity new church is incredible this loss the Christ event Christ's coming to earth living and alive that we should live die for us and giving the gift of eternal life at what happened in California Boston victory over system the member you know what the Lord Jesus did however for Seventh-day Adventist it is something even more precious this is very precious box in Revelation chapter ten receipt of the Lord himself again revealed himself between between Calvary and the second Advent deities that create an mighty angel coming down from heaven close to the clouds and the rainbow on this head his face was like to set his feet like pillars of fire with this again teases and if you don't believe it about the relationship to one able see you honey the revelation of Jesus Christ also there in every singular event in the process see of Daniel Dickinson is similarly events everything changes intervening in unison at what he's always doing about the eighteen forties is coming down and being the second Advent movement on which we had a product in your life and even a little book openness hands each as rightful to the CEO left out of the lad and he cried in a loud voice as a lion roars from theater now friends Islam CV now the mind of Christ duties the Gramercy Christian church what happened very soon depart from the truth you get the right of initiative benignity and inserted downhill very speedily and then still defined Providence the Lord worked of the biggest angels on the life so no sir and the lengthening Calvinists Langley an executive in the revival and information going back again the words and again the word of God 's boss if used into the people and they returned again back to the Bible does not happen in the principal connectivity generation to generation again insureds lost its way and then processes it became Protestant scholasticism which is a sophisticated word that did reformers and the grandchildren of the reformers and great-grandchildren formers failed to go back to the Bible but strangely the nineties of Luther Calhoun not suing Wayne and holding babies came who is writes and how she leads in the Scriptures and in order to break the impasse in the Lord Jesus Christ created signs in sun and the stars the earthquake of Lisbon the dark day the fun of the stars and as a result of those great signs the dancing of human beings again the present world is focused on the Scriptures to defend a position statement productivity of the polls all of those things and people realized that Jesus is coming soon out of this revival God 's chosen man who was not a perfect man but he lasted this person available William Miller and fabulous and when the Lord Jesus Ha he went back to the Bible study this and he came to the fantastic conclusion that Jesus was coming in his lifetime eighteen forty four the cleansing of the Singulair the first Angels message in the first Angels message for those that fear God and give glory to him for the out of his judgment has come to me at that moment came about and announced in a world this final judgment had begun and so friends we were part of its melody and is a still evangelical friends just to let you know of humans to go announced that says that when you look around and you see he is to see all the signs of the times that are the same time he ceded insurance growth rate means nothing to you base with a population that the evaluation over credit event 's impact on the world these are the conclusion that unless that is an dramatic change we will not go please happens inside his friends think about them Arnold has been preaching Christ of God all the while that is sixty years and finally dead make public a statement that if you want to have Jesus got in this generation something that I met the test of English how how did you fail to see this best impersonation of the leadership at this diversification of people that reach their eighties and nineties as I see that we have presented all our lives and he did not come up by the tell you if we go to the beginning of the Christian church I received that you let us that if you include all the twelfth brother they do Google backs as they turned the world upside down upside down and since that was supposed to go to all the world you find any colostrum stripped of one judge of relationship to the all this cleaning this implies you don't understand the city in Colossians one twenty seven if indeed you continue in faith grounded as steadfast and are not moved away from the hope of the gospel which you have heard and we just preached to every creature on the open I call it and so he will stay in Mexico screeched Matthew twenty four says and this gospel will be preached to them in the and industrial development on another with yes you can be a solution finding tools film English office when this gospel is preached to bending and investing is to the cynicism blended together and here you see that that goal by sixty seven eight eight eight zero outside of the wall and see you later and confusion and enjoys nation extra expenses because the world another message had to be false as the older world Christ will come until then missed the opening bell university years been exhibiting the test in Austria all that was given to battle he foresaw the object of his first initiative in the him evil will be revealed in the mechanism since families and traumatic brain toward a Christian church and reformist new and nearly a million people perished as a result of the persecution think about it overruling of realizing that this is all legal bill and a gone use that affirmation don't bring it back to the gospel of Jesus Christ that I presented two hundred years and the only after studying two hundred years from things that need to hundreds years later the problem prophetic movement of the defamation stack maintenance and you get the bells and scholasticism and they focused on the rankings all people sometimes and not anyone undergoes a grand diversion develop the controversy developed are Seventh-day Adventists hold endangered over the BCC WCL County discussions about the plastic and an evangelist and a theologian and irradiated books more than you reads the ghost Jesus Christ had been caricatured as sense of our destiny sat on the other still restore all through this and that Jesus will come as of therefore I think we has Adventist lists an important dimension and this seemed the same VA Khalili that we have gotten our heritage including loading you have the evangelistic meetings that the eighth amendment of the Abbey proclaimed people accepted to hear your name and being baptized and what do they know from East see anything that will basis clearly we need to hear the testimony of the pioneers and community boundaries sure that they know how much it costs to sacrifice for the gospel axillae know how God gave us the last message of mercy the first second and third Angels message how much do we know about the six defensive effort I thought this morning it is going to reflect upon how long run is together because when we left the other churches because they reject the first Angels message I then she was moved to the second Angels message which was not followed that with an excel at that time because it's useful to last days must be rejected by official Christianity and all charges whatever the bed will Google fusion of all Eagle Glen Bledsoe conglomeration of all the other churches they fell at a bedroom did not follow these no biblical foundation within the church she was a fabulous fall we are sure God 's people that go to the multimillionaire pinouts to wants to do even the effort is left over and that is the foundation of education foundation a consensus had been of course we were persecuted religious fellowships as some of his left teachers voluntarily and now became there yet the Presbyterian Methodist Anglican Methodist which are developed definitions him but all that you don't open command movement and any studies because even disappointed thinking forty four why did you actually studied this study and they discovered it after the first Angels message addressing a book of the second Angels message realized that if the Angels message they had a complaint see how they go and just you know first my message but ejection they are going to see the second is the message and that they seem to morning worship God exactly as he does message other matters worse and worse yet has to be proclaimed to all the world by seventy NSN and the others are encouraged to go together to deliver the worship what's happening what's happening usually to worship leaders instead of going to get a church is to learn how to worship that happen again I would humbly suggest you read many of the box then how about lateness and that is as morning sleigh wanted to address nearly in regard to this the cost to hold nothing basically is half equidistant bended Jesus modeled leadership and if you want to get a sort of study you go to the ABC invited the extent this succession is executive completely devoted to do this however and so this morning I like to address it how the Holy Spirit and let at the Vista discovered Jesus Mullally 's anapestic a model of leadership that we have to change the location so that means that the United churches of Babylon we were not so what do the best that you have organizing again because the new organization the only creedal statement and whatever we don't want to sell in the beginning we were just talking and our people called your lives organized on the modem in the gunbattle and so that he and his ColdFusion eight eight six the prophetic gifts manifested in the vicinity of abstracts and their the message of the Lords saw something she says that everything in heaven bus in perfect order said the angel no heat Christ is that moving order move in order happens meeting that means everything said the angel behold you know how perfect how beautiful the Northeast senators regardless appeal to go back and look at heaven in the Scriptures as seeing the alloy that is we got continuous computers people because of it I feel never finished about message and so then in eighteen fifty two preestablished gospel order and the Council of us here now in these last days well being his children the unity of the faith this is taking forty four there is more real needle boarded and ever before for escorts unites these children Satan 's evil angels have been very busy to prevent disunity and insistently so you had a great controversy unless the amendment that as a result of the Council go back to the Scriptures and whatever this authentically important because he had a number of issues facing the same issues first issue is that people volunteer to take charge of whatever and him they were called to sell and sends men David and Linda Dominguez just we don't do it and then the counselor 's men out of courage into the fields with the wisdom and judgment perhaps literally melt an old house multilingual government over the fuel that God has given into chocolates will get a few capable of having charge of the book teaches clearly anyone that the leadership that this first look at the cost that they can keep their homes again and the children that this will affect children is gone once proven leadership and agenda proven expertise you better do something else you can still get Bible studies of another but not shocked or a church others had owed and holy lifestyle that the only but not spirituality here you can come to visit against daily online within those fantastic things instructors in the nineties only friends is no use against the spiritual dimension pregnancies are more important than feelings and friends through education if he died to give it will resulted to spirituality but I cannot tell you that everyone in my classes come to spend the mid to late of the lower and an easy sympathy cheating is going on in my mind of visiting vintages they will lose salvation as you know over the years so this fact six centimeters ring I got a letter I got a letter from so many way on the other side of the world recently and he said to forget you deserve and costs us plagiarizing vision is not a citizen and battery I've also spin open-ended and you know you're going to give it your because you got your dividends you know why this person did it because he was in evangelism and he realized that he didn't have the power of the Holy Spirit because they suspect these lines it is recently ideal that a great things I prayed to the Lord Lord these help to discover something that people need to change their thinking and seeing how God sometimes impresses me in a completely sexy things because adjuvant visible in this little spelling mistake and David the motivations and then you see a strange spelling mistake and you compare so offensive spirituality is completely different speciality and then yellow and black alternate that had a call from the Lord box it is the goal of the still it is difficult to do the Lord has called them yesterday let sound judgment patient reasoning posting the old themselves in a certain many things which they can improve from the words sell listings where they are never problems in the early jurist integers and so how do we discover this and again it out of the lower cost of fossil lungs I saw that insurance should feel that responsibility should carefully and attentively at the lives of obligations and downpours of those who profess to be teachers made unmistakable evidence even if God has called them dependent and will always have been a big enough this call is to give adjacent to act and let me know that these verses and not another sixties of the PB vocabulary of the Senegal medical potato I field as I like to be computing controls to wonder Jesus Collis to be servants and control I do work I do work this is the only two courses in church can take in order to clear his name is better and affordable indecisive is still hollering about the unites that is avoided because it is nervously how can you use again how can you be united and I think it and it has these the procedure still today is still full of the world word about the church necessity of God 's word and become established about gospel order which has been overlooked and exact CNN the early Adventists the moment thing about by going to the Scriptures now after eighteen forty four we should continue with the Scriptures are you with me physically and so this is how we can unite as he says here I saw that the no more ships you were from false teachers now than they were in the apostle stay by needing to do more we shoot dates and special measure as they did to secured peace and harmony and union of the flock we had an example and students follow all those synthetic stations that say that conform in early writing speech ninety seven two one hello that's okay how can you define the correct leadership in the church you go what fair statement DC at pages one that is the also behoove you to ask this chapter six it is very very important NAV realized what happened there near the apostles were doing everything the image editors and whatever here there and you know do you number means that at the time and ended throughout the verse two seventy melted to the disciples as if it is not desirable that we should leave the word of God and serve tables that will benefit us seek out from among seven minimum vegetation for the respect of wisdom whom we may up going over this business but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the miss of the work so you see a different bill at the diversity of all services that will deal specifically with the words the other one with the business of the church and the leaders of the church should not be involved in doing all the kind of little things like the secretary being you know Desiree being community service will let us know that calling and that I think has been a couple including a church out when we started out because different and so what we follow here we followed the lesson of the Judaism church is not identified an extra two six the model about churches the organization of the church at Jerusalem was to serve as a model for organizations of the churches in every other place within messages of truth soon twinkled but of the gospel acts of the apostles speak ninety one this was most appropriate and I was husband James Wright picked up immediately and they will avoid unit is a design for the new destiny sufficient to organize the Church of Christ the more aware need at its mood had been given by inspiration delete visitor in the Bible in all other things as you know we did some bad what are the qualifications for the leadership of the church again games like we just occupied us all in the cross-border review and Herald December twenty eight nineteen fifty city and is the first and seventy seven he says many seem to desire the office of a bishop or Al Qaeda who fail in many points names United Hospital he must be blameless vigilant sober vocational brawler he must read well his own house how is it possible that the Holy Ghost to make a man and overseer the vicious block to go over them who knows not what neglects the government 's juvenile your home life friends is a blueprint for success and to he and their possible appeals to reason that it seemed the greatest absurdity that section mentioned because the religion of God 's God doesn't call them he will look themselves to risk millions she helped force publicity by Vivian no no room for those people that you can do I think but not claim to be the leadership of the church that's only nearly administered to the two types of leaders and they went back to the Bible you have the apostles and evangelists and in the second density at the Al is the Bishop the bass is the deacon seven of the day I be elected by local church and so in the local church then you have to will do so officers elders and the scene is in the grip of the bishops pastors and overseers the other was to supervise and bastard local church by the elder shows that it is another teenager in a facetious these and similar experience the bishop integrated mentioned that oversee union of you who conduct in the past three note that while they did a heck at Shepherd 's ability to note that counsel the flock and all those staying where it accumulates in just one person or one person because the Bible always tells you that the people that appointed to elders are going on just one Elvis it's a group is just one individual in our churches has always been on the half down although most are to do it note the first of first among equals this concept of having the wrong person besides that is the goal it was the early Adventist church there had better be cited for the business is that what you think in essence the Knesset specifically the lead working with the women and all the base of the church visited with the deacons and how did ministers Fellowship community church here ministers were evangelists raising of churches training of devotion under the leadership of local elders we visited the established churches they visited the service churches training church members and give guidance David administrators of conferences devoted to that goal this is accountable to them note that the churches they were not the settled pastor 's in charge of local church like no seventy and its churches when they could base a big clue date of churches that are considered to be will do well Ms. believe they were unable to lead duties and charges they didn't have considered to be golfing this investing isn't that just the early Methodist Church now in time you know we always like to become more and more organized besides you know why not showing up temperatures manual and spell out all things so that you did it again fastest to come back and fully manual and then the order uniform are everywhere as Go Daddy so they established the committee any study that for one year and then schedule submitted to DoCoMo presenting the discussed the purpose is to of course you thank you did you hand out to your and then this Church manual activity gloss uniformity and inject about some test failures of the abyss helpfully also nobody's of any rejection and anyway yet they were important that an element is also present on that committee that was to be no listings this is it is the first step towards it reads increases everybody has to submit to those interested everybody submitted me know in the last junk offense that the decision is made of every church member should follow the treatment of entity beans the executive coaching would use it as a giant unity just mentors instead of the Bible that this began to know seventy Adventists churches have done this and became formal as spiritual lifeless we don't want to go many of the churches we need to move door simplicity formative the Bible is that of a liberating and defining every podiatric management and church ordinances that is from the jungle review panel November twenty eighteen eighty six pending appeals of the jungle has risen up you know you will write an article by me didn't want to have to streamline and disturb many set the Bible contains only created this thing thoroughly furnished a man of God to all goods works and what is not revealed in the Scriptures concerning church organization management and the responsibility of church officers and ministers should not be strictly defined and drawn out into your specifications for the sake of uniformity but the economy left of the individual judgment under the guise of the Holy Spirit ministers are constantly placed where they must feel that helplessness and in need of seeking God for life rather than to go any church manual for specific directions in place then I rather uninspired that interesting to see all of you want to dictate you have your Bible if you feel helpless you only break the restraints is this guy don't save it up present manual but infinitely seasonable but I just see how you how to live by because I is a rejection of another fifty years before we finally got the pictures that you identified the problem is that for twenty years and only in the fictional flexible you seem to see how Howell reinvents and so Dan immediately after the token of what is now one of the things he regarded this Church manual friends procedures manual indicates it that they're not they make a distinction between two groups of ministers not according to judicial lonely window and estimate Ms. and invasive judges as event is presented as a member to go on but there is another group of ministers adding the duration of the church they don't know what to do but they would in a news station to station so why not use God 's people in other cases you know thinking administrative and other SL debt burden is settled pastors like all the other churches seven ounces immediately after that time here you find the servant of the Lord speaking out the gospel workers in eighteen ninety two page two thirty eight minutes and horse show two educated churches that he'll be necessary to call the ministers of the Goldman 's from the field to settle difficulties in the sense of the judge did so if you constrain not be tonight if you don't train churches that you have some pages exhibits but if you train them well that they don't need to constantly call for ministers I even read so training this is exact that you have to hear the unions of the testimony phone seven page eighteen God has not given his ministers the world 's actually setting to churches in fact no sooner does work is done at that entity then it has to be done over again church members it just looked after and labored for becoming a religious weaklings the authors recount this blessing because his people have worked in harmony with his directions don't you want at all the blessings of the Lord behold and so we have to follow the Council and the expediency of the early Xmas church friends the Lords will since we have nothing to fear the future unless you want a way you are back safely and that his teachings user testing now in two decades before we had died basically the biblical model and now over time that another six years with there must be lost now I think the best asking him to bring this and I think the time is his wife he chosen because now the jungle music and is only valid information so you think what needs to be reformed this is one of the things that certainly shouldn't be left out when you say nothing about how it all works this afternoon we had a discussion appendix legal so discussing out how to work a bastard also began participating in the government because we need to be all-important and ability galleries what a jerk what if everybody needs a little act of the Doctor Ellen any sport simulators and it happens often heavy that image is if you give me to fast because in most cases basses how to train for this but they do manage and nobody can you search but the range of the blog thinks friends with everybody so but the debate Vincent was at least best of dollars in grant is do you division he feels that this is important because otherwise you never let me speak this can I need a seat continues here in that the review and Herald June eleven eighteen ninety five spiritless litigation this quest was interesting many churches collectively and individually have been so far removed from God so separated from a spirited that they have left souls to banish all around them while they had been calling for workers labored in the church this lately has been granted by the impenitent in this scene had been dropped open messages the Lord will have given that in the business the work should be going through those people that are lost instead of working and working a working foothill churches all the time that a negative point by the spirit of that it is certain of the Lord rejected it as a negative impact on both ministers and members please let exciting review and Herald June eleven thirty five the gross physical vanity nation people and ministers are not the devoted labor so invaluable and churches which notice was both ministers and people knows not that following this method of labor they go to evangelism face so you can do with the existing has a negative impact omissions people have had great length yet much of a ministerial force is exhausted on the churches teaching dogs who should be teachers analyzing those who should be going to this finale I will have to go out right then ministers of the public over churches chemical this new bulletin April sixteen nineteen eleven my heart has been filled with sadness as I've looked over the field is seen embedded places who feels the burden for souls penalty seemed in some fields is brought to them so how will churches and the Angel of Mercy was making an effort to save souls think about kids will be going back soon as you see the unreached areas produces me churches testimony four seven eighteen and nineteen and we don't notice for a minister span expand their own debit time and talent that should be given to the unconverted so long as the church members make no effort to get others to help him and then create spiritual feebleness was the result that are belonging to be strong audio the only community hearing giant signatures Army chief that is not independent of the service and that means more time of yours spent and were developed and get energetic instrument yes event it is and bases reduce a central facet that spiritual growth of members ministers would get out of me and they would go forth into new fields the members would be obliged to bear responsibilities and capabilities would increase I visit arranging until the assets death that needs to be done now is worth it is important that the Lord called to announce a okay pastor me pay you your salary you know so that we have to service you only pay your salary to win souls I even read this illogical and illogical and then believes most of the Bensalem ministers review now May seven eighteen eighty nine Juneau the dental ministers do all the work in your church enabled this out to seek the lost sheep members have to help them church simulating themselves so that they can think of themselves as members of the dental gauntlet administers the greatest Sabbath to give it up people didn't do the work of God at the event on him not on ministers that I spit it is facing for a minute system since you gave on the Sabbath answer to short short discourses for life level the church members are not expected this sermon every seven fingerprints in this unit is that it is seeking one in girl instructions are given in broker methods were followed every church member who do his work as a member of the body he will do Christian mission anywhere but churches are dying and game won't administer present they should be tossed that unless they can stand alone without the minister they need to be covert and affect us in the they need to be born again so France if we cannot catch again the blueprint of God wants our church and in the middle of this year you have a great baptism of all those who are weak this was discussed in advance of the loan that until you want to believe at times we need to change as she afterwards advises foolish to did to me that the budget he told me commuting that dice is against the spirit so friends and not to administer doing an organized church just as soon assist churches organized the minister sent to members where evil needs and they will need to be taught how to labor successfully administered the drug more time in activating and increasing a very good rest at home and friends here establish your churches with the understanding that they need not to expect a minister weight eleven at the vehicle didn't mean feeding them again difficult but April sixteen nineteen oh one and finally evangelism stated to me this is to focus on those that wanted her to truth on ministership that wisely as faithful stewards should feel that this is not the duty to all relevant churches already raised up but they should be doing aggressive evangelistic work preaching over work and doing house to house work in places that haven't yet ridiculous and you know why that is so important it is called investigations that need to come first he changes this morning I knew I had read this wasn't than a good investment in our industry need on to finding the fountain of braided alone and I got the state it is today's challenge the Lord test alters that his work is to be established all over America in every city a memorial for him is to be established I'll be ready for his work and think about Julia 's churches is immoral to the Sabbath in every every value is well to how is it ever going to be done think about it logically is impossible that the visa bags of filled jungles and a dramatic change friends if we as members of his church unable to sustain annual event is the work of another said that if I spend more time for inventors and then much more memorials building establishing he got even found I just don't have anything that you simply visit my friends it is releasing the gospel force in a tremendous way so that they are finished to work but it does now that my generation and the notes of your division were going to be the swift guys that they draw penises that should occupy all the new judges know it's even possible to occupy every town in America with ministers we noted about it we don't exactly know that it's just can never be done but if our churches able to work as the Lord wants to look like the early Christians defending America upside down then are you seeing a vision is clear adhesive question this afternoon goes to discuss with you this is the burden the burden for a total change of non- lethality at times I suggested something to say that is it in a idle thing about this is you want to tell you something I think about it you don't where is the earliest and finest minute how can we do it Philippians four thirteen Wednesday he and I began to all things a lot and I know I have to correspond because Bennett is established in the stunt I got a number of the bastards you know after couple of years showing the result of what it meant to them is so demented that I added I was only leaving the du jour is now remote searches and I feel for you to ineffective and it was there noted people design in America you know you have volunteered the fastest in Minnesota and the people had sixteen sixteen twenty ten changes once a year the bastard this is a member of a zoning that is definitely great to start strong reason developing nations and here you go to be with the Joneses because of all the things maybe mortgage ourselves completely delusional upgrades I spent so much of anything to say these difficulty these are is our home here now friends I wish that I had the palace of eleven but I went into the heaven it away where they eliminated the property don't worry about it that is not better than his work on the Lords work I would like to go back to that model of the other church visits to raise alarms grace alone let us thank the Lord illustrates how the economy thank you so much it seemed to commitment of the many hats if you see in this church Saturday evening we don't see those things happening in Michigan itself may discharge the example of what can be done oh father weekend and we got ourselves we need your help we need to position the Holy Spirit we need the output of the Holy Spirit in each one of our last Anthony's father helps we are helpless read we are we meant to convey this endeavor maybe shouts to have an green team is not revive us and maybe following a pattern because Julia Revelation ten is the leader of this movement admits he was a leader nothing is impossible in Jesus and


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