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GYC 2010 Keynote Address: No Turning Back

Justin McNeilus


Justin McNeilus

Former President of Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC)



  • December 29, 2010
    6:00 PM
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him him him this message is present and she wife scene two thousand ten no turning back on their brother resources like this visit us online UIC whether a community and in enough not enough questions began how many people were here at the last years do I see I like Chopin 's are a good number how many people were at the opening night last year do I say for a respectable number well then you and I can share a common moment for a second before I came out here I instructed that no old three ABN cameraman come on the stage so you can rest assured nothing Mike that will happen though you really are another CYC you ready prepared even unashamed since we last met just a few commonalities before we jump into the next message there's interesting things about being the president of G Y C one of those is to see the dedicated volunteers and volunteer for G Y C did you know that CYC is built on volunteers just before coming to the conference we decided you know we should we should get a gift we should get a gift for our volunteers at the where adding up the numbers you know it was slightly over three hundred people that volunteered to make this conference happen free bring many of you are not excited about it I can tell the executive committee is dedicated dedicated to the cause of helping you meet Jesus I think of Christmas Eve Christmas Day vacations all spent praying that he will find your creator at this conference will see a picture of them listed in the program booklet how does invites you see them this weekend give them a hot you can do that for me yes or no I don't know how to give a high five hundred ten on the back whatever it is you do what encouraged them there one hundred percent dedicated to their creator and are dedicated to making sure you ever relationship with your creator the other thing that's somewhat interesting is you get a lot of feedback from people that come to Key West the and eight it became apparent to me that on our blog through our Facebook I think it was an and him not actually on Facebook so this was someone telling me that I may misrepresented what a something to the fact that they see what I see calls themselves a grass roots movement but they have church officials preaching that I just like to speak about for a moment where a grassroots movement make no mistake about it but isn't it a blessing that church leadership wants to enter act with the grassroots isn't it a blessing that our church that we are excited about the youth we are passionate about what they have to offer the church and we want to be a part of it what a blessing it is since the last year a lot of things have transpired a lot of things have happened the GC came did you see they look at the landscape of the character they set themselves down we want to see why thing to be represented at the PC session we had a cc session leadership change things were brought to the floor and do you know that the leadership suddenly we should have a delegate from CYC they looked at you around here and say they are doing something they are part of the church we want a part of our delegation and so I went to represent you at the GC delegate what a blessing it was I actually got the chance to speak on the floor almost as nervous as I am now at that time when I told him was the conferences the unions the divisions the local church needs to start having young people involved in the leadership it is a parent said that the young people represented here represented outside of Europe are involved in leadership in our church I told him we have a lot to offer more than just young people that will one day lead the church we had searched we are young people that can lead the church today I think they responded somewhat but the young people on the most recent committee to come out of the DC the Reformation and revival committee they look again at the landscape of the church and thought of themselves we want to see wife's need to be represented on that committee and so I goal as your delegate is your representative to the GC on this committee because the share quick experience I tend to be more of a person of action will how can we get things done let's get things moving and so I went to the first GC reads Reformation and revival committee meeting thinking of myself are we many get a lot of things done in you are our general vice president I hope there Wilson came and spoke added the head of the review ahead of Africa's world radio the head of hope channel that the head of youth world youth I just I sign in now on mass of people that can literally change the world other young people are on it as well so I get into that meeting I'm thinking myself were to do some things until two o'clock we spent the time frame on her knees together before any decisions were made we seek the counsel of the Lord Ike Church is in good hands our church is an good hey it's so why am I here why do I stand here not mad like a philosophical question why do I exist on this earth whatever why am I the president of DY seat and furthermore why am I speaking tonight anyone wonder that the question that plagues my own mind throughout the year I think the most logical reason I can come up with his first stop God wants me to be here second G Y seat is built with a foundation that says give young people can do it I can do that is a that is adjusting to do it at the executive committee can do it at the three hundred volunteers can do it why can't I be doing something today and so I stand here as Israel said not a pastor I went to school at Southern graduated with a business degree I worked in a bank on Monday this following Monday I will back to work as a banker I tell you that is a little bit of a warning because sometimes not all my points come together sometimes I slur you sometime I say the wrong word but I'm also led by the Holy Spirit and if I can do it you can do not here because of the B great points that I put together not here because of the be great leadership skills that I have on here because I can spend time on my knees and so can you G Y C is built with an understanding that says that we can do it you can do it frantic time for us to get involved whether it's a local church whether Steve Whitesnake or whether it's even at GC committee God needs us today as young people the better the beginning and list because it's easy to forget will jump into tonight 's message entitled no turning back is as you can imagine the night we want to look through God 's word and answer the question of are we prepared to follow that if they went Jesus comes to us and says will you follow me will you will you bow your heads of music try one more time blessed heavenly father Lord were here again e.g. Y C convention excitement fills our minds our hearts our desires come into a new city new hotels and a new convention center as we meet here tonight it would be a must play for us to invite you when you were here before us so rather than that Lord we open our hearts keeping a message from your own we open our hearts and only that you bless us we open our hearts with an expectation that shall change us we open our hearts humbly knowing that you conform us and mold us into the youth you want the youth you need to finish your work Lord as we embark on a journey to fully understand and answer the question repaired to follow I pray that you bless me bless my speaking take the human portions of the side take the messenger and eliminate and give us a message tonight from your throw changes in Jesus name and it was late at night it was a Friday night shifts phrase recently after last year 's convention we we typically have not talk goes on Friday night and we have company over it's on this particular night the company had gone home and eat the ingredients for the cockles are put away a little cats were abandoned in the garage for the night and all was seemingly a piece at the McNeil 's residence I was preaching soon and so I was browsing the net I was looking specifically for a meaning to a specific Greek word in the process my fingers click across a law and I often don't read blogs but for whatever reason this particular blog excited me and Amy got me into who it was deeply spiritual at times it was troublesome issue with questioning me how my view what am I doing with my life what are my expectations of the future how is God leading up to read and read and read it was late and I ran across this intriguing law of give it pseudo name to resist the temptation of you even searching for him in this arc for him or her in this room is all or her hope seeking it was late I ran across that entitled human limitation and allow me just to read a few excerpts from it hope seeking said that human life is fragile and needs in a very precious thing that we cannot take for granted we must remember that our meekness is what God uses to remind us on what heat we need and only he provide remember that he writes our days we might die in a giant attack we might die of an incurable disease or we may be healed land life one of me for many years or be a short inspiration that lives only about six the examples go on and on so cherish your life live at Green Bay that they were your last make sure you do what you can to make people joyous and happy with what God gave you and then no matter how long you live no matter where you live no matter what you can do live the life I find to the full list stand strong never lose sight of God 's kingdom only the faithful will enter will you will you will you will the question in my mind seconds turned a minute which turned hours and I began to question my life even as a Christian even if they professed follower of Christ and mine living the life God is fine for me to the fullest in my cherishing the opportunity in my will of my give what am I doing with my life will live will you let live life to the fullest well I never lose sight of God 's kingdom what are my priorities what if prohibiting me from living a life of no turning back deducing from the evidence articulated by hope seeking he or she was prepared to lay it all on the lines you get the impressive in the assumption that this is a eight old and decrepit person learning looking back on it that is the best experience and saying to dampen a follow Christ this minute on and about right this second to follow Christ I will follow Christ no matter what I think I tossed and turned for most of the night soon my thoughts are as many times it does turn to you the youth of UIC you what a point where you can say yes yes I will follow you Christ no matter the cost if not do you want to be sold out totaling a ham are you surrendered to him when Christ ask you to follow him will you will you be prepared to mentally embrace that question and can't find an answer into our life I would submit to you we should go to our cleantech before we get there though I would just invite you that we should first look at the context which is look at the understanding as to why Jesus made such a vivid and remarkable response turn with me nearby both the Luke Luke nine and verse fifty seven Europe Matthew Mark and Luke you did to John you've gone too far we're in the New Testament Luke nine and verse fifty seven we get the same man not enough people with this yet Luke nine verse fifty seven public preaching from the English standard version whatever version you have in front to you is fine with me just so you're into the word of God Luke nine fifty seven ordinary SNL Alec got people that they are going along the road someone said to him I will follow you wherever you go where will they follow him wherever he will go now I get the sense that as I read through this and I know Jesus 's response that this person was kind of making a nonchalant comment will attend event that the person did not understand what they were saying that if his native person came up to Jesus they want the disciples are listening Jesus authority what I'll follow you wherever you go to Jesus all make the sacrifice all a lot go or you want me to go up to about about whatever and I will follow you I don't think they meant to I get the sense that this person is making a comment like you when I hear in church most Sabbath you been there you walk into church to get there there is the smiling greeter they say good morning and if anyone go to church they come in you come and you walk in the greatest of the morning and happy sad what is happy Sabbath even me ever thought about that and furthermore when you say happy Sabbath do you mean it I think the person making this argument when we make the comment of same happy Sabbath we do it because it's comfortable and you and I will keep going on saying happy Sabbath not because it's bad not because we do or do not mean it but because we've done it in the past front I just wonder have we gotten too comfortable with saying that will follow Jesus we continue to say yes Lord I will follow you simply because the daunting in the past thing I guess I will follow you GUI features absolutely I'll go join a local Congress that congregation absolutely no to a youth conference absolutely go to an Adventist Academy will do go to a habit of calling you back and then when were asked are you a Christian are your Seventh-day Adventists are we too quick to respond in deed I am goaded me that as we embark on the sure and to answer the question of how you when I can turn back or not turn back that we may need to have our foundations are biases and our preconceived ideas of what it means to follow not that it could be that through the process of this like the word follow has been watered down to meet something that Jesus did not want to give me go to beat up through the process of this weekend you and I need to understand not what it means as a human being to use to use the word follow but what Christ himself means when he says follow are you am I prepared to have the misconception that biases in the preconceived notions shaken we don't allow God to define it what it means to follow him friends this is not just another G Y C it otherwise we would've coined the theme probably follow you if you are feeling edgy or even postmodern maybe just follow maybe just you but it's not it cannot be it as we are not appointed our accessories what you and I can be afford and afford to be sitting in a living room doing absolutely nothing were not there anymore this is not just another DY seat so we came up with the theme see in nature no turning back we think about it how could we in fact how dare we think about how Key West he has grown over the years G Y C at its inception a bunch of young people risking it out you know they actually put the first conference on a parent 's credit card Alistair 's paralysis in Minnesota notice student who died tragically on the way back from CYC think of the outreach experiences in a one year we actually sent out an entire bus with no maps but amazingly by the grace of God when all the buses came back everyone had a map and were suggesting that would consult far as a movement at a mass of young people that at this point we must not turn back the theme is about commitment to Christ who incidentally never turned back it's about sacrifice to our Creator coincidentally never turned back to say to our Creator I have found you I know you the old life the past experiences are dead I have met you and there's no way no way on our on going back to where I came from no turning back when clients ask you to follow him will you will you back to the story of Luke recall with me that this would be a disciple approach Jesus with a bold declaration here she thought she was prepared to follow Jesus anywhere but we have just suggested that this casual in Lister is not through the has not thought through the implications of the declaration and notice how this point is even more developed as we read on Luke nine M in verse fifty nine to another he said follow me but he said Lord the twenty first let me first go and bury my father let me first the detective did you see the inside of it Jim is about the level of commitment of this would-be disciple let me first translation translation Mark let me first do something before you are now all quality right but hold on just a second busy before I follow you I need to do this I need to accomplish this I need to attempt this and then I'll follow you for this would-be followers or her first priority what something else infinitely front this is the type of mindset that is at the heart of what it means to be looking back it is to delay the call of the Nick Berg it is the delay the answer of a call from Jesus it is a here and appeal and say enough I want to but let me first obtain my degree build my bank account get married have a child go to school speak with my pastor speak with my counselor the list is seemingly endless but there are times when Jesus calls for a decisive answer now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that some of those things aren't OK it's not bad to have your degree five not bad to have well not bad to get married and not bad to have children of your ready for the status of the really important on a one thousand and over to take the second I should this notion this year this year very quickly this year were doing something new at UIC fire managers for a second hold 'em play for yarn blew called your thoughts about will you follow Jesus this year we're doing something called total church on Friday we want to inspire and train young people on how to be involved in the local level amen here at CYC you are going to learn how to be involved at the local level were to bring you in order to teach you about the Seventh-day Adventist church right here as a large group of a large class we eventually going to seminars where you pick how to be an elder how to teach a Sabbath school class how to teach even cradle roll prodigies Pathfinders etc. etc. I am ecstatic about it you need to be there in any think of that when I set having children because we have someone affected to be teaching a class on how to teach cradle roll for us to say that that only elders only deacons are born of the church is a huge mistake we need godly leader that can do even cradle roll so he brought in a young maiden sitting on the front row right seeks is getting tedious that don't miss it having children is a bad beach things are important but my point is this if Christ calls for a decisive answer to cheese thing that stands in the way of that call anything that compelled us to delay his response to turn back Jesus is beckoning for a decision a decision from you to follow him do not delay no matter the glaring accomplishments you think you need before following him and not learn things just like there's always tomorrow but for most of us in our lives tomorrow is another code for never obedience delayed his disobedience we sat five our eternal death and evil ice empty Dave's gain of any of the bird is no obedience when Christ interviewed to follow him now and you do let me answer the call it is good is not obeying him at all tomorrow or later will never come is why the Bible repeatedly states today if you hear my voice today if you hear my voice today if you hear my voice harden not your heart perhaps one reason we are not willing to follow him if we are not willing to sacrifice certain things we are holding on to read the thesis BV climaxed the pinnacle of no turning back sacrifice what will you sacrifice for him for some of us seeing his to give up something tangible today something we could see something we could taste so that we can feel somebody can listen to but for others it's giving up something that we may attempt or may try to attempt in the future for many of us if God calling us to sacrifice a carnal nuclear desire clearly in this passage from Luke Knowles who were called as with all disciples were being called to sacrifice something what it was present or future tangible around tangible they were called to sacrifice something to follow Jesus what are you willing to give up to God forever not one year from now not one month from now not one day from now not one minute from now when I went in for now what are you willing to get up to God today we give to God with no expectation I'm receiving it back when Christ ask you to follow him will you will you undo our theme text Luke nine sixty two Jesus said to him no one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back at for the kingdom of God dear Jesus give an example of a man plowing is just listed out some troubling criteria for following him and any give us an example of what it is like to follow him and notified me something this man it actually is loudly not too insightful but that is to say that this man in order to not happy not the jury that he had to be working for crack it I can't help but wonder if this is what fueled the disciples that we read about in the book of acts in order to not turn back we must be working desire of ages the classic about the life of Christ be inspired and page five twenty three only those who will become coworkers with Christ what are they what are they only those who will become coal workers with Christ will be a good knowledge as sons and daughters of God going to be a son of God going to be a daughter of God only those who are called lurkers with Christ ought to consider what needs to designer having a yet to turn away because of the conditions laid down think of it think of what it means to say no to Christ the Savior offers to share with us we work God has given us to do he offers us the office to use the means God has given a very following work in the world only only in this way can you save us Jesus tells the group gathered around him in order to follow in order to not turn back you must have your hand to the plow can't help but wonder if that's what fueled the disciples soon after Jesus told him these words soon after each crucified on the cross we read in the book of acts it is absolutely littered with accounts of the disciples going out old ball I spoke to the Sanhedrin bolded both of the Pharisees bolded I spoke to large groups bolded a focus small groups the only faithful even when the light was on the line but something had to happen first before any sermon was preached before any Bible study was given the disciples had to have an upper room experience can anyone recall with me when the disciples were in the upper room initially can hear you there scared the third something scary hunkered down somewhat ashamed of their beliefs the Bible and the spirit of roughly told us that the disciples were scared for their own light but tolerate with me tolerate with me this book picks in the upper room in its early stages with about a hundred and twenty or so of them out there they're thinking about what there to do their praying about whether to go to Duke and I picture in my mind someone comes along and South Jeff had a stroke of human brilliant the reason Jesus was was crucified because he was a little brash encounters picture the wheels turning Clinton perhaps he didn't really mean what he said perhaps we should soften the message a little bit it yet I think here's what we'll do what's soften the message shall make it easy to the Jews and the Gentiles no point in getting people to work out we just want to comfortably blend their friends could it be that many of us today are hunkered down our own hypothetical upper room could it be that we are chanted to want to live in this this Utopian lords acceptable to be Adventists call isn't it so sweet to be an act the world loves us what's that you don't believe in going to church on Sabbath Saturday at its okay no point being abrasive or confrontational but believe what you want to be embraced the Christian message if abrasive to the world that screw scan message antagonizes the learner gets abrasive in nature at every human being Cork there is a desire to stand to stop the you got and we are coming into the world to think that if incorrect you need a Savior you need to worse event you need you not see it is a bracelet it is not comfortable but it is what we have been called to do we need to stop hiding behind our own truth in our own on sanctified opinions we need to stop attempting to hijack God through if it is abrasive find of what God has called us to do achievement is uncomfortable line it's what our Creator told us to preach you had to be a noxious about it don't be arrogant about a loving delivery is necessary but make no mistake the truth will cause discomfort to send it and say it should not if it is not water down it will call for radical change in people 's lack you can't tell I have a strong problem with the notion that we can water down the Bible 's message to make it accepting as if somehow we can besides it enough to where everyone will love us I have news for you would never get to be loved on earth prophecy tells us that the Bible points to it we need to stop caring about what people think of us and start caring about what God thinks of us is again to be uncomfortable at times that follow Christ's intermittent no turning back absolutely will it be an unpopular thing to do you better believe it Peter and his first book employs these words first Peter four twelve first Peter four twelve beloved do not be surprised that the fiery trials when it comes upon you to test as though something strange were happening to you because selling us a warm enough to be expected that try the fact you expect me to five in the world expected the world not to except he was a Christian but then he lays down a striking appealed directly after in verse fourteen but read showing to the extent that you partake of Christ's suffering that when his glory is revealed you may also be glad with exceeding joy of detaches that extremely strong word for Peter to choose surrender that statement reading Sean not only should we knowledge it will be coming not only should we embrace the fact that the Christian message as antagonistic in nature not only should we ball to proclaim God 's truth but opined away when people don't like you when they laugh at you when they make fun of you at the believer when they call you biblical Christian Center conservatively are not unique rejoice that it no turning back capitalizing on this line of reasoning Ellen White states these words great controversy page forty eight why is it then that persecution seems in a great degree to slumber the only reason is that the church has conformed to the world standards and therefore awakens no opposition and that was that old she said now the religion which is in the current in our day is not of the fewer and holy character that marked the Christian faith in the days of Christ and his apostles it's only because the spirit of compromise with sin because the great truths of the world of God are selling differently regarding is there a cell model might ungodliness in the church Christianity is apparently so popular in the world to catch that her words not mine it is only because of the spirit of compromise with sin that Christianity is apparently so popular with the world that you tell this let there be a revival of faith and power of the early church in the spirit of persecution will be revived a thought about it I've prayed about it the practical application of this point TV versus the spirit of prophecy we just sent package when you think about the practicality of these points I realize I realize that what I'm about to say could be missed understood but I also march forward fully realizing that it could be cast aside trivial law passenger use misinformed but I also realize it must be said there is a movement from within the Seventh-day Adventist church to soften and at times abandoned parts of our message make it more comfortable comes under the guise of being postmodern and trying to appeal to the postmodern mind comes under the guise of being user-friendly our appealing to you many of you for all of us actually the reality is we are either part of the current or we are not any other reality is this especially with church leadership at whatever level some of you have the capacity to either support the movement or stop and when I need to say I say with the conviction with the boldness but also with a heart filled with a lob in a passage of the Christ comes to don't allow our believes to be hijacked don't allow others to do it please stand up and be counted understand this is from the perspective of a twenty six -year-old you I've had the privilege of preaching are distinct doctors around the world for the last ten year I've seen it firsthand our message is changed life I've seen it fully and I believe that this message the message ordained by God is affected especially at this time in its history we must not turn back from our message or our mission in the world that reads that GUIs he continues to grow and groups like UIC are popping up all around the globe is because young people want to follow all the way they do not want to turn back they are not satisfied with cheap watered-down messages and standards they refused to turn back they want together all they do not want to turn back I believe with all my heart God is great need an army and you leave large bodies of young people are a testimony of the appreciation we have for the truth represent a chloro of committed youth but a saint to others say to our leadership in saying to the world know turn back got a room off the van one of the most unique experiences described in the Bible I can't wait to get to heaven is fully understand what went down on not privy to all the details but some of the things we do know is that they went in hunker down and they came out filled with the Holy Spirit we would be wise to have a conference on the Holy Spirit would come to you we don't know the details but the disciples when and how Shane scared for their own existence and came out preaching boldly they came out of the upper room chance of the plow clearly there was no talk of turning back we needed you when I need an upper room experiences perhaps were afraid of the world were hunkered down we clumsily proclaim I will follow you we don't understand the implications of our declaration the only way to fully embrace the truth in this Bible the only way to internalize them is to love them appreciate them and let them change your life Jesus says you want to follow me your hand needs to be applied now to stand on not talking about the becoming a Mark Finley or a David Ashford to preaching all around the globe but my wife and I as a result of this message something that we've been talking about Morgan a Holden evangelistic series in a small church this fall were trained him for one or two to be baptized Inc. I'm even more real with you were praying at the last name will be McNeil us you were not at a point in its history where we can afford to be sitting in our living room that had a sign that bad Matthew twenty four you probably bent many times Jesus is coming again soon Daniel Cuyler right there at the very told that the cost of eternity Jesus is coming again so he said that you want to follow me put your hand to the plow either feeble effort even if it's just a small effort to find one or two that would Christ ask you to follow him will you will you save yourself so committed already by the comment and she was seen for the last three five eight years uncommitted I'm immersed in my local church by the way here's my handy-dandy list of responsibility maybe her pastor your preaching every Sabbath you save yourself on turned back maybe or even presenting here G Y C order on the executive committee set yourself on their uncommitted this theme is not really applicable to me if I built yourself a little hedge out our lamb and so the message tonight TV theme is all irrelevant to you and if that's you tolerate this for a moment everyone at this conference has left things behind their life as a relationship a bad experience moments of glory and there can no turning back from them they are left behind but could be could it be that some of us through the process of this life have left Jesus beehive like Mary and Joseph we need to turn back to Jerusalem to rediscover something we thought was with us but is not let me give you a great friend to real life example the creation evolution debate rages war on some of our campuses what a shame that staunch defenders of the church in truth march out with their text since there is a prophecy quotes and had earnestly ready to pounce on any suspect your unsuspecting victim honestly with the advent of the Internet you could do it from your own home and remember we just built from the foundation of truth we can't sacrifice that we can water it down it's abrasive we have to understand we have to know what we have to love it locked did you ever in the process of your carefully articulated attacks stopped to pray for the person you are attacking to just study the creation doctrine to discover the beautiful creator behind was a good and some ammo for your next attack I would submit to you that some on the creation side of the dialogue the absolute right side to be I've have lost their salvation through the process followed to its logical cool conclusion could be that a person in the Stanford truth desperately calling others to lose their salvation do so while manifesting a spirit that will cause them to lose their salvation maybe none of this is resonating with you perhaps it's just for me because I've been was in the creation evolution debate that's just an example but through the process of my life of leaving things behind and marching out to do the right thing I've left Jesus behind in the process for some of us we need to rediscover something we thought was with us but is not we just assume that Jesus is in a caravan are alive but tonight through this conference we may discover other why thus we need to rediscover some loss values we need to rediscover Christ what Christ asked you to follow him will you will you whenever you're addressing a change or a big potential change in your life it is vital vital to understand it's a look at our Savior 's example Jesus left his home in heaven he lived a perfect life here on earth as our example and many died on the cross is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the work genes of this to be our example in every set of our lives so I would submit to you I would ask you tonight did Jesus turn back did he act in a manner of no turning back like what we should do tonight is within the context of the last day that I like to approach that question for most of us have quite a bit of emotion attached to the last day you think of your last day of Christmas break or or summer before returning to school all year long to be back in those days of the good time for the professionals in the room week we think of our last vacation the day before the last day before going back to work we long to be back on the beach shore on the mountain on the island wherever it was our vacation but soon the last day then the last days that require a celebration the last day of academy or college the last day before you move into your new home or a different car as humans we are all too predictable we excitedly close that chapter of our lives and open a new one but it's always met with just a little bit of fear fear of what's to come fear of what the next step is fear of acclimating to the new environment fear that we won't make but Jesus who shines in our example and braced each last date with apparent confidence and thus a lack of fear think of his last day in the carpenter shop before going to the river to be baptize date of his last embrace with his mother before dying on the cross they give his last day with his disciples before returning to have a before Annie of the last days there was a last day that happened to our Creator inhabit imagined with me Jesus his last day in heaven the unfallen representatives are surrounded in a bit of curiosity embrace him one last time we actually go the Angels bowed one last time to their master before you laugh at some point he embraced his father one more time before embracing humanity and that would have been portrayed in the background of his walk focusing on earth the human race he departed having think of the sacrifice he gave a e-mailing the reticule e-mail you'd be laughed at he knew the double preaching of the gospel he would be hated he knew it would commented on would receive them not you knew they'd spin on beat him and eventually crucify it got chose to stay in heaven where the Angels would worship him but he didn't because Joseph and heaven where all the unfallen beings lovingly obeyed him but he didn't when he walked out of having to come to this are thinking of nothing but you wasn't looking back to Gabriel the holy city the Angels the unfallen representatives he turned and looked toward the human race towards you Ellen White in the desire of ages pronounces that Jesus did not consider heaven a place to be shinier while he was here with Jesus left heaven he given when Jesus left having the employees no turning back and all the sacrifices and nuances that went with it friends when it comes to his law Rothstein never looked back he had just one desire your eternal destiny would Jesus ask you and I in Luke nine to follow his commandments when he asked us to put our hands to the plow would not look back it's not like a human say do as I say he's asking us to emulate our Savior is beckoning for us to not turn back because he already did when Christ ask you to follow him will you will you was a cold day in the middle of February was in Minnesota and the wind was blowing the temperature was far below zero for your night was a day like any other it probably went by without any ructions interruptions before my aunt Tracy it was a days you have been daringly and lovingly approach her son to my little cousin Weston had been a battle with cancer he been out of the hospital many times through the chemo treatments through multiple invasive surgeries at times in the process of seeing the West and was winning the battle against cancer but on this particular day in February March and had to tell her son the battle was over the cancer was terminal and soon he would die shortly shortly after hearing the news West Bengal for laptop even blogging throughout the fight Weston logged in for Linda ended up being hope seekers last posts it was it's one of those posts I like to read with you enclosing may have been his last it may not have been sealed Seeger was an old man carried on the vast expanse of his life he was my cousin Weston a twenty one -year-old and would you and I would conclude to be a rough life when he was three was involved in her renders car accident he was airlifted by helicopter to the Mayo Clinic in Weston barely survived with his life but he suffered brain damage that left the duration of his life as if this wasn't enough in the East final year of his life he was on with a eight battle with cancer it was one of the most aggressive and rarest forms of cancer that that we know what is even a time I had to go in for surgery and his face was manipulated skin was grafted from his leg because of the brain-damaged coolest half at times fitting and seemed awkward so I read another posts from Hope seeker I won a one -year-old boy all too familiar with the pain and agony of this work the dangers and tribulations will be coming only by living with God and living by his standards we will be alive and well God 's ways are two great and Chugai for man to comprehend the way the truth and the life will never be tolerated in this world but never lose hope and stand strong in the truth and your calling care your crosses to the end of the road and God will make it well I myself am going to many crazy and freaky trials and I know only by trusting God and following Jesus example I will be able to live well and say I personally am ready to be a martyr and died today for the calling of God and do the right thing I only want to be and have these strong and well in the Lord and remember his promises he has a wild and ninety calling for you are you willing to go there we just got to sit around and do nothing you won't tolerate that another either just so you know may God open your hearts and make it all well and have you able to enter the kingdom in his glory God bless all your souls and I only do what I can to make all well in the low Weston died a few days later at stunners gravestone the words you so poetically proclaim I have no regrets for the life guide chose for me I have no regrets for the life God chose for me life is tough but I have no regrets for the life God chose for me was then fully understood sacrifice he fully understood what it meant to surrender it all to God no matter what's going on in your life for still remember the last time I visited him in the hospital my wife and I entered the room in the his family was gathered around incidentally they're not Adventists men unnecessarily even Christian at times but they are gathered around West Indian and he he was boldly proclaiming messages from God we walked in there he's preaching from his bedside his family nestled around listening intently there were three friends from the school that came the nurse it even stopped from what she was doing and came to hear and Mary was on unfolding the truth in the Bible proclaiming God 's love for him proclaiming as absolute trust and faith in God despite what he was going through ever met I'm getting to be and then one of the boys said you know Weston knocking at the go to church on Sunday that is sir to which she replied with a little dissertation on why staff at visit Saturday was a day to go to church him what I knew wholeheartedly what it meant to follow him even at times while it was uncomfortable and uncommon yet it's good what it meant to sacrifice it was unashamed about the Bible truths and even boldly proclaim them everywhere he went he knew without a shadow of a doubt Jesus was with them every step of the way I only want to be in half when Christ came to Weston and ask them to follow him he unequivocally said yes when crisis asked you to follow him will you will you will you we follow him we call you to leave your friends and your family maybe the security that you know and ask you to go to the mission field will you we've follow him when he begs you to give up a particular job and leaves you that leads you to break the holy Sabbath will you even if you don't know how you survived William when you follow him when he bids you to enroll in a particular college university a training program of study if it's the only way you can eat you or he can be reached in a particular class of people we doing we follow him when he calls you to remain single and faithful for many years though you desperately desire Mary what if that's what he wants you to say we follow him to throw away the CDs and DVDs the MP3s that contain not edifying music and messages we do it even if it hurts we follow him and giving up a particular piece of jewelry a relationship that's just pleasing to the Lord will you we follow him to commit your life to caring for a cancer patient the chronically ill and disabled child or a parent will you will you if that's what God has for your future we follow handling doing so on and it inevitably brings you into conflict with those who have authority over you will you will you follow him by spending time with them each morning and devotions and prayer before you check your Facebook or your e-mail tonight I ask you will you will you do it for Jesus what you doing today what you do it now it treats enough times and you can sense conviction in a room original times and you can see on the hearts on the faces of people God is speaking to them I'm an American appeal to the just another G Y C the stakes are too high not a place in Earth 's history word can afford to say no to Christ's when he comes to us and asked us to follow him assess sacrifice you have to give something up we must do it today tomorrow is a code for never my first appeal that leaders among us church leaders pastors youth pastors and some of you have been attempting to hijack God 's message you've got yourself my church could be bigger my youth group might like me more the world might embrace me if I soften the message knock and ask you to stand and not the master to come forward but some of you God is placing the designer on your heart a conviction in your soul to win races massive show how would it be good call as Seventh-day Adventists to take the message to the war just as Christ instructed us to do now there are those among us who are leaders and we been boldly preaching God 's messages may be our entire life is my appeal those of you that are leaders maybe you have been freaking bold messages maybe you haven't but if you'd like to you want to tonight you want to commit to say I will make a stand from this day forward by the grace of God I will boldly proclaim your messages I will boldly teach your messages I will boldly inspire other young people to tie your messages if you are a leader here tonight if you want to say no turning back I'm going to embrace Adventist Methodism want to teach them I just want you to stand tonight your leader your pastor your preacher God bless you all you're willing to take a stand and show other young people that you are ready to embrace the message is God has inspired you to preach now on appeal to the young people and of your leader standing at young praise the Lord praise him some of you God is getting you to give something out that something in your life that God has placed seen on your heart to give up could be music could be a relationship could be a direction I don't know what it is and frankly I don't care God is placing the desire on your heart to give something up to sacrifice to stay from this day forward I will commit to serving you and I'm never no way am I looking back on what I've given up some of you God is convicting you to give it up and ask you that you join me in the front is not an easy thing to do is not a popular thing they do God is desiring you to day to give it up come to the front comp to the front who will make another feel some some that are still sitting have sent her I will give them think about what you let a God is calling you just this day to day to give it up again to come back to him find that you please come forward please come for her clear on the very turning what a shame to miss out on a Re: maternal anemia is something that was placed in Iowa you come press for her is one more piece some of the moon some of you in the process of giving things up in your life Jesus I will be going forward doing the right thing but the pain in his agonist is recent and noxious the process of trying to do the right man you've assume that Christ has been in the caravan of your life but you are you comfortable and classy to a eye of a fresh will I do this will him free for all who are now see those of my made a commitment learner 's own biceps and work in a bold leap dreams your gospel to the world no matter the cost no turning back some of us to press forward because we recognize the process of life left something behind that if you assume that you been in the caravan am I my you've shown us like Mary and Joseph need to turn back we need to rediscover a loss found in no training and more there are others of us will rest the devil is angry you place something in our lives maybe something tangible maybe some hand you know what it means to a lot of us here tonight our Lord is giving it up whatever it was that with pain in our relationship with you were giving it out not to be easy the devil will work hard to put it back in our lives were saved by the grace of God against today by the grace of God we given up today sacrificing sacrificing its need to never get it back a we know no promises have your Bible reading something better is to seal our commitment and I want to try this on the process of the evening devotional 's morning devotional seminars prayers in the hallway Bible study and night devotions in the morning Lord through it all this teacher shall have no spirit that says no churning butter sauce together a payment business is making Lindsay would need to send me cc inspired young people these recent memory downloaded for use of the resource and lameness for you then left making lazy domain is in place and done them no and you might see when done with also reaches new mail box seven eight six Harbor Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you can share please attribute this recording device every as in my resale and alteration in his


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