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Nomthandazo Malambo-Amankwah

Vice-President of Missions, GYC



  • December 30, 2010
    7:00 AM
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him for this message was present and she wife scene two thousand ten no turning back on their brother resources like this visit us online UIC web on our mining and how LA joining in LA what a thing edit to be here it aren't all that army of young coupon that is on a mission as it worked acclaimed everlasting gospel to the whole lot in this generation is that why worry here a man in my I wanted to thank you and another had been allotted by a high many people are coming up rain and meet thinking for doing that you have to keep on praying night as they need but for each and every speaker will be talking with you this weekend because we neither an odd part of the Holy Ghost we need the Lord to be revamped and speaks off right each and every time we come here this weekend so it's a pleasure and privilege to refuse the gift of right and in prayer are missing this morning is a type so even as in if you'd like an alternate title in fee to drive their transceiver even as I'd rather have Jesus has him again I want to begin by sharing with you and green commission report I have the privilege of serving as the even find it on Clinton NATO for alive Africans living in the Ivy Cheney be and we analyze our world by this conviction that the African crisis really is fundamentally spiritual that the assets it has to be view of Christ himself right out of business all bright eyed we are alive to the buyer and strain and monumental people in Africa can be effective in evangelism and this past summer if you give an example with the Canadian people from Ghana of our lives are not rising and an alien people up in northern Ghana like the real weakness in intensive knowledge not been gotten I probably than a five-day mission taken at an expensive case because they are get up to over ninety degrees Fahrenheit it's extremely hot and the kind of heat will you get of the being baked in the African sun literally cooked right being hot it intends having a rainfall and top of that mosquito infested every single second to getting bitten by a mosquito and eight hundred eighty young people are griping that all young professional collapse enough and effectively lead right and again a few months it gets any stride they slept on the floor exhibit was due to the heat the rain doing door-to-door peace in the gospel enemy single day for three weeks at the end of that it relates by the grace of God one hundred and sixty five goals about you that amazing MN but even more amazing for me the fact that when the mission ended with young people modeling he had to stay in a manner member thank you misspell why it's as a cruel in their right mind ones to stay in thanks highest conditions and incident on the floor the mosquito of the ranging how do you understand and I wanted to stay connected that the newly baptized for them to keep on speaking the gospel and I was amazed by this five him and that of young people willing to stay and what is probably gone for restoration willing to make those sacrifices we may become that if there of their mind and want to submit this morning that they had on something that was worth sacrificing for and I message this morning believe that they can answer the question is there one thing of supreme value that his wife is leaving everything for our message is even better trade fell again in Senate races father in heaven we have come this morning to hear a word from you father we ask for the presence of the Holy Spirit finally asking that every hard than a year this morning maybe Christ and Mejia Warth directly from you father as he promised Moses in Exodus four twelve when you save him now therefore go and I'll do it by mosque and would teach the web thou shalt me that I teach me what I saw a that this message be yours speak to every heart and help us find their seats surely meaningfully seeing the farm I'd rather betray this asking and believing in the name that she can not reject the name of Christ Jesus our Savior amen you have my vote as he said have you by both men and women in the conference found your chapter one when you get there say amen and any times they have mercy and then made a lot amen I'll be there okay the lookout for it Samuel occurs immediately after the defendant at the time when every man they did what was right in his own eyes and let him attempt away the minimum man named Elkanah who with both had so white the name of one wife Hannah the other question in and write soon felt that that went into my children but Hannah had none and the reason being given in ref five that the Lord had set up when I read print six seven eight in your hearing and I've been very also provoked her sore foot to make a threat because then I had set up a woman and that he did so year by year when she went up to the house of the Lord that it provoked her deftly she went and did not eat then fed up and has been sent her timeout why we vow and white Ian is now not and why the hot green am not a red X CD and find some swear of women in finance position this desire to have a child was in that struggle that she wanted something backseat could not have because God had set up the world right and yet one may think they can even work with the fact that her adversary and in the problem had sort that weighed me that's literally probe what we see to make him miserable reminder every day I did not have from walking her making him miserable and that the very thought with what invests seven that damn place you went and did not eat at one of the last penny was still green you could not be an advanced sense however that she was in bitterness of soul and prayed him to the Lord and wept sore when the bottle is a thriving bitterness of soul he was in fact he did stress that interests you could have died high distress you weren't amendment eight alkynyl had a very pointed question and looking to reflect on in a different way this morning and how can I must have been thinking her friends how white the only white even each Y is neo- greens and not I better TV than ten sons night yet was a man who loved a women and if they read this very high know why the favorite wife the one you love the most despite if I can find no children he still loved her and I can imagine saying to her I know that you want children but I am here and I love you and my night that you than ten sons is the fact that you have needs that not enough for you MI not better to you than ten sons if you elapse her and kept on having it despite the fact he had no children now we know how to stare and right but this morning I once applied the story here because I want to hear Jesus asking that question this morning to each and every Friday year and I not him seeing he has from college I believe that if he asked that I question this morning the question being am I not bad I see you than ten thousand I think sometimes you I few weeks we spent our lives these doubting things we do not have and we spend so much time focusing on what we do not have been if I get fully have and so we we we mourn when the business because we do not have a BC ND and all the while crying and the right eye and ask am I not better to you than ten sons and my night better and we forget the fundamental reality that is I is not a bot what we have but about who we have life isn't about what you have and will you have is a Jesus asked the question and nine night at IPU and and I not better I fancy reminded this morning on one very simple reality and that the fact that he is us is better he's better than ten sons better than anything no one has to offer and their many people in the Bible and the students reality and I just want to pick online this morning namely more than he was eleven the Bible is there inhuman Sunday eleven the Bible records and very having icons of Melissa 's life as do the ad and reality that had is either Craig and he was eleven and began everything on front new for the twenty third the Bible of positive that I think mullet that when you have concierge refused to the club daughter Sheila Bingham rather the fact that they were the people of God than to enjoy the pleasure of sin for a season at deeming the reproach of Christ greater rate said and the trade in Egypt for he had me back the recompense of their reward not as a redirect twenty six I think to myself wait a second in the violence housing you and me that modes S F deemed that the reproach of Christ greater riches reproachful cry what greater reach says one of the last time you thought of reproach as written by suffering for Christ as written the vibrant faith motive that is as deemed the reproach of Christ greater riches more than happy with the ring career politically ahead of him he could very well have been the next heating of Egypt and even then being the wild he has one of the walk if nations in the world and the priceless treasures of the thyroid to oftentimes included several thousand concepts your goal your speaking him as I would love whilst I've known for many of us and have had this in your hands yet he get the power the money Villa everything that was had up at a news man and you could have had it he deemed the reproach of Christ greater riches it am their mother had a balance in his mind on the one hand he had eaten and although what hard id. and add unending idea that's not just tried but a reproach while I felt learning the right any reminding state he lost money power birth of Christ and reports for Christ anything you wait the balance in my faith Christ is a greater rate said more than had the world in the hands and he chose cried as the greater riches he is deemed reproach of Christ greater riches night imagine if Margaret had friends cooling you their defendant he was making him I thanked him mind that I Yum my ideas you going to walk away from the power that walked the money of each to go become a lame is that very approach but with Ms. Christ and you call him my life I know when you get the idea of your mind hide cannula await you did from the throne of Egypt and I imagine perhaps you and that would have been yes I walk away because Jesus is better because Jesus is better he chose to suffer affliction with the people of God then came to have pleasure and birth season that by faith Yuba City Egypt because Jesus was better in him away and he said to himself I dry their hands he is not even that it means losing the power and the love of Egypt our drive there and Jesus and my questions this morning friends and in Jesus that I see you is he better and if we had the same type mothers had made Woodley to him over it anything that a lot has to offer is Jesus better as I think about why Jesus is better in the Lincoln and meet of our Catholic this morning in John chapter six with Christ himself and so the question and John subject six the time I speak to the Exxon for the beginning of Jesus feeding the five thousand that markets you and let's hold that the get a few minutes to get there early there probably on their delightful that the day after the great miracle the day after the feeding of the five thousand months accused came back looking for Jesus and matter of fact when they found him not because it's shipping when all the late the cup and elements seeking Jesus and when it finds him invest twenty five they asked a seemingly simple question and I think to him invest twenty five Rabbi when he meant about their ending Jesus him that they really very Afghan to you you can see me not because the thought of and now cause but because he did eat of the love and with Phil and Lindsay is that penetrate the death of family basin he understand that they are not speaking him because of who he is but because of what you can give them time for Riley and said that event if they can understand that these people came making me that for the whole on our own gain they came through the gates of the love and was built for not a reason but they came looking for temp oral gain enlightenment in John chapter six is that feedback is sensory there holds beginning in grade thirty five they came looking waiting for him to give the mob right to give them light things on this world but thinking that gave them himself in verse thirty five feet phase I am the bread of life CNN Sydney shall never hunger and you have been limiting me some have been there twenty nine hundred forty seven verily verily as dancing you you have been limiting me everlasting life I am the bread of life you'll find that the eight-man end the wilderness and as dead this is the bread which cometh down from heaven that a man may eat thereof and not die I am the living bread which came down from heaven if any man eat of this bread he shall live for ever and the bread that I will in my dress which I will give them life of the world and visited to the Jews therefore strong among themselves they are in this man give us his flesh to eat they didn't get amendment fifty three do you have found them very really very of the FNC you said she even writes the Son of Man and drink his blood you have no life in you dismissed for lack of any race seventy three for one minute with me Jesus phase except what you get less and drink his blood we have know what I enter interlocking ironic seemingly leaving but it would haven't even less enzymes the blood of the Son of Man was simply living a life that existed in Christ 's houses to them you think I am the bread of that gift comes looking for some parlor game comes looking for Barak called red I am the bread of life it's in me that he has felt my deep high-fat effect if the media is important I'm yet giving up the deal as the bread of your life and cried hard and very cleanly very friendly and easy method and drink my blood but no life in you if that's in the eyeing me up biting me make me far in the last and best kiss I am the bread of life and by the way Frank this is good as true today as it was when he first spoke it many of us had replaced Christ with that temp are things in our lives we think that if we just study hard in the him hard right ingredients get that job didn't get that they think is valid it will be happy by friends the bread of life is not my knee law education it's not any of that at all the bread of life is Christ and Christ alone not my knee not Howland not well not friends he is the bread of life the family then read we get physically and it becomes they definitely indent on the part of not being spatially that Christ is with not nearly can not that Antichrist down there this monarchy did before him waiting for him to give them the wad and Christ they've guess what they did I once again get it myself because I am the bread of life the greatest gift Christ wants to give us is himself he is a great idea he because he is the bread of life is Christ the bread of your life is he did not happen Ms. Montague had been realized you know and see the phase and that fifty and fifty one speaking that Fannie that only the father leaving him never hunger the first to get everything off in life will leave you hungry and thirsty only Christ satisfies only Christ satisfies at what will you feel hungry and very being and then the Monteith you can even work right think they were quite back among themselves they are in breast sixty many therefore keep it up with any type friend this that the high that he will can hear it the way described for the rest sixty this was not people on Belgrade 's length is that all who had now made up their minds and he begins of thought like you that any lengthy and I think them you will make me the ride of your life it was like and a high Anglican he had quoted an example of this thing it's a high pain why was it hard for them in the bad ages page three eighty three riding a bike this account out tonight right if the amendment could have had the world with cries mild teach you would him there are reasons by fact that this could not accept such a thing if they could have had the world and Christ's it would have gladly followed Jesus at this kind of fairness G that could not accept he could not if they could have had the world with Christ they would have followed that this is not asking for you're telling them very plainly you must make me very last breath he was causing them to choose him over anything that will affect often an end of a sixty six record the chilling then they handed a from that time many of you this five twelve went back and walked no more with him being aware of five foot and again Deloitte 's platform follow what Jesus doing DNS after them and make him the bread of their life making for a laugh and that they state know that the highest paying cannot accept it and they went back they turned back and they want normal with him and they went back because they're that was the end distance had been disappointed going back because they had come expecting the war of an Christ gave them himself and they thought it was a gift small they thought the gift of the last was too small give me the world I don't want him give me that while I don't mind him they thought Jesus giving them something them was against the small and they went back they turned back and I wonder this morning as some of us think of Jesus as being so wrong honestly speaking duly I had the best thundering irony in my sixty six C&S does nothing to stop those lips heading back you go if you think the goal back goal but any attention it follows that swap with a any Saint Simeon Rice sixty seven was also go away Willy also like him I think it would also go away and he and seven by fifty eight Lauren Phyllis Sally go now had the way of eternal life and can affect in any way could go south I'll loan Sally go and fan an ad saying here is that street that we must take one this morning yet see that is better yet he is best buddies also the only does know at a time that will sell you go out for the weather report will be like try and see you will have to drive in the right of my pool now wish how you go PF ignored to whom shall we go now and I loan has no words of eternal life to Charlie you know the book of John is built around that I I am statements doing on in John six we thought afraid I am I am alive the bread of life into a nice swallow I am the light of the world in John ten seventeen night I am the door on it she in John ten eleven to fourteen I am a good step ten eleven twenty five I am the resurrection and the light John fourteen six I am the way that should know what the light and John fifteen I am glad that you find I am that you find now look at note I am the admin with me he is the bread of life the life of the law but good separate the door of the sheep and only through him he is the way that she would end the life by being the life thing is everything that reads only got not because of Christ because he is the light our a lot more from him but from him that and not life and I reason with me friends a gene and at the bottom of the eye and I am handsome salary go into enough and they quit IM website and its affiliates you can back in there and being anything you and I need that Christ is not offering is there anything we need early findings he is less is there anything I was so long for an mean that Jesus is not is there anything in their massive respect and I can send their German activist nineteen speaking about the irony of training from the life giver cannot do this thirteen hundred and speaking there with a profit Jeremiah God talks about how these people have committed two evils I'm an evil to evil can save my people have committed two evils they have forsaken him the fun never meeting water and healing them on systems grown insistent that can hold no water not me look at that price with me God 's people turned away from him the fine same old love line with the living water and they went to drink from the system will in a land that can hold no water is there any sense in that tiny thing away from the Fontaine all live with them they want and try to drink from this is been back cannot even hold water if nonsensical it makes absolutely no sense nine zero nineteen Mbytes even we are an easy and how I've been doing ten hour away from him and only advanced highly can always find him will can satisfy the deepest learning home how do we can only from the gift giver is a gift he had a zone can give how do you can only how do you walk away from them in wine and broken my neck can't even log why friends can impact training back from Christ is very vital that you know what I said turning back to you that is suicidal if Christ is who he saved he is planning back in the cyano inmates not ask no wonder then coming Jesus asked Peter in John six fifty seven we also thought we get access denied to them shall become an immensely because Jesus is better not that I hear back and he's the only any friends if we are not convinced by that reality is Christ is not much that it's I think anything that will house off back is because we have not understood who he is get is when you pull into your best as if we could look for an thirtieth face it went against seeing him for what and when he is willing to guide nothing out the sunlight and phase him him your eyes upon you that the whole of any of the wonderful days and being them I will draw string three p.m. and the light and glory and great if we just cannot size on Jesus cannot Jesus this is very simple question for you to answer this morning is to you that better see you is he best if he only have we understood that in no way for an ten Jesus as a close I want to share with you my all is even if experience and victory Saturday but as he was rebuking us this morning in my sophomore year at Harvard University the line called me take a year off and go view the campus missionary training program member thinking that you're off in obedience to God 's command and facing the very real risk of losing my harvest scholarship and education anyone can submit and my year as a campus missionary that crisis it really hit me take him home to say though I think these are complications that because of my taking a year off from school to be a missionary any of that publication did not get results I would basically not be able to go back to having finished my education and amendment limits so him and read it why am I going to go wireless Manhattan that I had this all paid by including the president to heartbreak and I delete away for campus ministry strikes million and at night time in Bucharest and in my mindedness of life if I don't go back to them that and got classy lifetime now would you rather see them in an admittedly living harboring would you rather have Jesus even if it means losing your dream glam scholarship committee on friend is hot and if they know it's hot and declared yet all is happening to regain you cannot replace in your life they didn't cry and hot bread baking no possible comparison is better and only the habit if you don't I can't not be addressed in either a comedy you well and it was a painful lesson to learn I got happy being me that the case a gene that is very fast and best in a very real sense at TrackBack that because he looked at it if you have CSS and if he is a great IM with the air no one in whom all things consist Bland living things however the line will all things have their being if you can see that you have read being him mapping out upon from him he ever I believe it's for the resurrecting that the great step by Deborah life and if you have anything handmade thing somehow why thousands events joints why bring back from him and existence consists now the landing after teaching the lesson with everything on it behind back the hybrid phrases name and I graduated this past me but the story didn't end there with another continent that has more morning but for now and here having learned the lesson that Jesus started last and best incentive we haven't realized that Jesus is better it would have any realize that fat is much than anything that will have to give when not treat Karen to be Christians e.g. that is not more attractive to us and the world when I read in Christine and Christ himself said this very closely highly in the Chapter fourteen and number thirty three in Santa Barbara for Namibia the combat was a large lot these mornings in a very clearly in the fourteen track athlete he laid the facts and speaking skill as a part of the necessity of counting the cost in as the fighting there is a God that caused a disruption commingled by begin reading tags happen it's powerful but for thirty three do that these sunlight life was Amber he be of you that is sick and not all that he had he can not be my disciple did Jesus say are all event all right and at times already can not because I cannot implied impossibility of that right sides wet my feet had to forsake all a cry that is need be we can not be the backlog which in turn yet did UIC apologize up his again have US patent number had been looking good we can come here the thing is that everyone does it looking like a fat book of Christ but it will not remain my back and need be it is made be with my fake at me then for Christ's sake we can not be impossible it's impossible and hot of why impossible friends is because of Christ on the example that we think it's too much of a sacrifice of leaving everything from Christ if need be that's remember Christ self developed ages page one thirty one and I write this that not only became an exile from the heavenly court I think the risk of failure and the eternal law will have he became any advancement ahead in the court and took the risk of failure learn an external loss in its applause I'm not doing anything a lot implies the ability to turn all laws implied CMS had an addendum ballot in his mind that Larry I think Cheney he onions right and on the other hand my four things they read said soul and crime is an emphatic slap at them even if it means leaving a tiny key and rather think them at the same time though even if it means losing the glory of eternity his sacrifice detaining people in even mind when we landed at us as you he valued at automatic glory of eternity the adoration of Angels everything he had friends he couldn't have life and I became done you understand that he couldn't have lasted all seeing himself eternal loss and failure that was the risk but Jesus said when you take the risk that their faith I am going to take the risk I'd rather save them even if it means losing eternity being locked myself and then Lee Harvey I doubt they be with you flawlessly thirteen February consider this world over Christ one Christ so I will learn the glory that needs training see how dare we hi Gary and I struggle and an ID that shows me he looked down and saw my a reticent time that I drive have have timed out that he actually be and now we failed they address and then went wrongly easy enough to ask over a community how do you know we not shoot him and him and that the contrast to we had rented for the naked blind mistake and an crying and that the great IM he chose the former retina and mechanics in the fullness is not easily recognized saving up and we failed sincerely no one altogether lovely with therapy cured you that how dare we he was willing to the average being to save us are we willing to do everything to please him if you sacrifice mean anything sore the answer must be yes I'd rather have Jesus even if it means losing everything I have even admitted visiting Harvard living my conflict my what camera had arrived and I believe that it becomes a deeply in experience that when placed upon the seven humans should retain crime and by job a crime and that relationship I would take you away from Christ they type must be cried because they've been crying and everything else that I know a lot about he is back then and only primary keys in friendly meets who looks for all into Christ they understand that great I am that we can know it he then know that if we can from him that in no way it turned he is the best and the only known one was started by a deep breath lying on my phone he's the only interface the students became University in eighteen fifty seven David Livingstone on one of my heroes current ninety tags his heart for Africa and is a great investing in my bones for the past couple of years is that it leads people talk of a sacrifice I have made in spending so much of my life in Africa tend back because as sacrifice which is simply played back at a small part of the great dad all links of God which we can now him to repay him by saying I now learn made a sacrifice I never made a sacrifice all that time my friends I think I gave to Christ I never made it was not even a fight friend that I think the cry is not market price if you once you know what that could thrive in the deck called Barry learning the mind of that right anything on Caleb and Harry and the David and they never made a sacrifice because think about it when you sacrifice your choosing a greater value over and about your rights the institutional sacrifice belly gave that there is nothing that you could choose is best that no sacrifice I'd rather have tried in the sacrifice is now in a time that now learn and we must be prepared to say that drive their and Jesus even if it means the world are you prepared to say that this morning it is a veteran is he better not convincingly to me breaking my heart is even better much better but that can only does nothing other than Jesus him five five the field for Linda his face see cool NYC is and ensure the main info if they are rather then made three very simple app here a very simple appeal invited to file ahead my first appeared last to realize that Ricci chanting that is not an option even if we wanted to turn back there is no way to ten so this morning we we once asked Jesus to help us understand that there is neither can that turning back is not even an option and is that you value your estate in Jesus at half five the one my soul desire to live I cannot turn back it is not an option when you stand with me standing that is not an option because there's no way to tell family to get even more specific because some of us have sold it to you that out we thought it odd for education jobs relationships anything what has you sold him out and this morning by God 's grace some of us think that we thought the iPhone must come to the author because Jesus is not for sale cannot be freeform and then this morning if you recognize something you told Steve that out for and you want to bring it through the author comes in the front to my right and come quickly Jesus is not for sale this means hostility in my fun must come to the author this morning I'd rather have Jesus than this thing vessels in my fling you not acting as may be a job in a simplicity and a release of the benefit was to be in whatever Jesus is not for sale and drive ahead Jesus and rather have Jesus and I'm bringing this one thing to the author to say this morning that even if a man deserving and me being even this one I will cherish I can rather much rather have Jesus and has either closed and I had the bod my final appeal over ninety percent amazing young man in the Latter Day Saints choice take a year off they take two years off the gold and a full-time mission when they get no salaries not being goal for two years and be a full-time missionary and they don't even have a message worth preaching to my final appeal must need to give God one year is one year the goal is not him our friend Randall Amico close one year school is not going anywhere to still be there when we get back jobs was still be there while and I give God one year one year and then somebody in long lines to give God one year I invites you to rate young and comes in a very far left of the stage somebody wants out give God one year is a semi- disgrace you have give gone when you give Gagne school was still be there jobs was still being and not going anywhere a God is neither one year came in to give gotten one yet yeah yeah one at the God is one year maintenance hide out give God one year out give God one year to go anywhere he sends do whatever he saves one year and if you raised your hands up Billy Ray three state that elected trade with you specifically those elitist but free how beloved father our Lord we have come this morning five that we stood up to say there is now in its hearing turning back is not an option Fido we ask that he would help us to see them you him maria Fuji investment has come to understand what he means off oh five purpose in the analyzing we cannot live without him they can surely Santa is rather rather had keys suddenly wait for those of come for a those that that's something that sold you out for the broad distinction authorities say I'm leaving it here address a half making things that I plan them that Cairo is to walk away into run to you grind them five that there is no turning back experience as a lead chair this morning let there be no going back to what they have sacrificed for you and finally finally trade for those who raise their hand casino take a year and serve you full-time for one whole year five that help them understand that one year is not even a sacrifice it's a fair village to save you and I they make this commitment father grant them Carteret 's faith in video concerns defined in addition for you to serve you to go in a sound to do whatever you have to do you collect and read the Allied forgiveness for not seeing the value of Jesus and help us farther CMF he is the love him more than anything the world has to offer will you rather have Jesus than anything though I could give because Jesus is better he is best you are missing his name that would friendly ask believing this message was thank you I see supporting Michigan the same thing as she lay cc to inspire young people I have a base price in February download infringes other resources like this you've been blessed making lazy and donate this is why this is done with them you will see what I see when you also rejoice in male months seven eight six Ann Arbor Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is licensed under a creative Commons this means you can't share please attribute this recording whenever you in my resale and on the range and


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