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The Good Soldier

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • December 30, 2010
    6:15 PM
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him him for this message was presented in GUI C two thousand ten no turning back on their brother resources like this visit us online at UIC whether or name a few I think you said it is a privilege and honor to be here with you tonight and I can tell you that the CN army of young people come together to be trained to be educated the lift one another for the cause of Jesus Christ really thrilled my heart in fact I'll believe it to be here because a lot of places young people could be this weekend a man a lot of people try to figure out where to go to party this weekend but I pray to God that we could fill a room solo that I really can't see the back of the and I praise God that God 's church still as young people were very serious about finishing the work let's just say amen and let's give the Lord and craigslist does tell God that we love him because God is good with a something we could we did we could go on all night about this but I work in the field of public health and I see young people all the time were in dire straits and afraid of many of them many times and ask them to you'll make wise decisions or to encourage them to do good things some glad to know that I can go back and say look I've seen what God can do for young people and I thought at UIC tomatoes statement if you don't mind turn with me to Bibles the book of second Timothy the second chapter second Timothy chapter two starting at first one second Timothy chapter two starting in verse one and a little read the first four versus from the second chapter of the book of second Timothy second Timothy chapter two verses one through four the Scripture says without therefore my son be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus and the things I've heard of me among many witnesses the same commit thou to faithful men who shall be able to teach others also verse three said valve they are for indoor hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ no man that wore it in kind with himself with the affairs of this life that he may please him with trolls and him to be a soldier our message this evening is entitled the good soldier the good soldier let us pray father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to go into your word I found it on right now that you make me just a rusty old sorry old male Lord Mullinax to heaven at nail into a wall and then upon that made you laugh Lord Jesus that you hang up fortunes of yourself so that tonight Eric Walsh is not seen or heard father God I ask that we would hear a message from the throne of grace this is our prayer in Jesus 's name was church saying that the city of Rome was on fire in fact three fourths of the city wound up burning started in July you sixty four on the night between the eighteenth and the nineteenth Los Angeles started at the southeastern end of the Circus Maximus work flammable goods were being sold and once the fire caught in the ancient Rome it was difficult to stop the fire because the way the city was built that the homes were connected but not only were those connected they were connected and the walls of those connected homes were flammable so once the stating began to burn a City Hall over two million people this is again to burn in rapid succession the fire burned for six days in Rome six long difficult days to die down and environment again for three more days three great ancient historians Kathy feel that Tony is an test of the Allstate that will narrow who started the fire these historians also state that he played the lyre anything I from the palace walls of the city burn it are those who argue that in fact what Nero really wanted with an opportunity to clear out sections of the city sorted he could build a larger palace something that he ultimately does after the fire is squelched by the battalions of firemen building a large pallets that are over a hundred and thirty foot by thirty meter high statue of himself in gold mirror was a sick man then history records that not only is he guilty of killing his mother and him killing his second wife but narrow was the first of the pagan emperors to begin towards Christians when the fire was burning one of the things that happened is that the citizens of Rome began to believe that somehow narrow was guilty of the fire narrow thoughts that had the idea that he was being indicted but even to turn his attention and the attention of the citizens of Rome all of himself and onto another group of people in fact he arrested and tortured a few Christians and those Christians implicated other Christians and so on until the young Christian religion new work to Rome than most other religions which is a religion popular among the poor and destitute that religion if you belong to it before being gathered up and collected and fortunate in fact fastest and passive this is a very important ancient historian there was a time when it was argued that there was no evidence of Jesus Christ outside of the Scripture but the house of his right and I want you to hear this talk of his rights therefore speaking of of mirrors of their borders the rover that role bonfire TV Emperor Nero falsely charged with guilt and punishment with the most fearful tortures the persons commonly called Christians more generally hated for their enormity Christmas the founder of that name the founder of the Christian religion they say he says was put to death other criminal by Pontius Pilate Pro curator of Judea in the reign of Tiberius but the pernicious superstition price for a time broke out yet again not only for GG through Judea him originated through the city will also were all horrible and disgraceful things flow this makes it clear and of writing the little boy when the city burn any speak negatively of Christianity of course we got to speak positively of Christianity would admit that he might've found himself being tortured but here's a few things in history and history the fact that not only did Jesus exist but Jesus was put to death by Pontius Pilate and I submit to you that the other ancient historian that does this Josephus are both important because even Josephus says that Jesus was the Messiah and that he was a Jewish historian so I think you'll that out of this misfire from the torture of the Christians but it also meant Christianity in pagan Rome as a religion how horrific was the torture of the Christians as the sap of the city burned it was so arrested because they want a Christian and I they would put them up on states that would take animals infamously ripped from all of the bodies of animals and the Christians up in the animals independent release upon the Christian hungry doll so terrible with narrow who wanted desperately to be a great charioteer that Merrill would take the Christians and sometimes you would put them on polls and he would light them on fire and at night never would practice his chariot racing as he bobbed and weaved in between the human torches that were Christians but no matter what they did she was mama how tortured the were one of the helpful things that happened in the Christian church only gains in strength and not have to defend something profound is that the average citizen and see what's happening many of them began to feel sorry for the Christians at a Christian you have even had their on the way I found out out of their parks miles song of praise to God in America being a spectator and watching as one of these Christian died and no matter how fierce the power of the Roman empire and upon the group no matter how pointed and directed the attack no matter how hateful and slanderous words yet this group of Christians only continued to praise the living God Merrill realized that if he was going to do away with Christianity you have to do away with its leadership so for the second time it goals any arrests a very small feeble older gentleman by the name of Paul and Paul was strong in and thrown into a dungeon unless they are to suffer narrow trying to make an example of them trying to squash out this religion after all while they no longer said that their crime was was burning down the city but eventually the crime leaves being simply burning down the city and I just looked at like this because eventually there at a big human rings we warn young people that if you want to be a Christian economy of humans alive the enemy is going to try to live the world against us it will be seen as barbaric as appointed out of touch out of date is slow not that smart actually if not these pernicious lives have been done in a very sophisticated trust has already been sprung on the Christian world is not much of Christendom doesn't realize this fact has been sprung when I look at individuals like Sarah Palin ordered that that that that that that lady here Delaware is difficult I recently ran for the Senate seat in United States by dispensing with and which you know is that what they do with him Sarah Palin is and and and and and O'Donnell are asked if they believe in evolution or creationism when the questions I posed them there are commentators and pundits that now say listen I remember hearing and Arianna Huffington said about Sarah Palin she is not qualified to be president of the United States because he believes in a fixed daily creation not many would argue a lot of reasons Sarah Palin may not of been qualified to be president of the United States but I hope you get the truck was being set if you can come by certain elements with Christianity and make anyone who is a Bible believing Christian seem as if they are at odds with science and progress use either the truck is being set all the rest of the second time while is in the dungeon is asked what it is that he would want at the end of the book of second Timothy he says he wants his cloak he wants us scroll to want something to write with an plot begins to write the book of second Timothy to give you an overview of the next three nights were going to go through the book of second Timothy in three parts will look at the major players out of the book of second Timothy one of course the apostle Paul himself second of course limited Timothy Bussard we will also look at narrow the Emperor and the Roman Empire what if all from a different angle tomorrow night will look at all of the profit will look at the comparison that I would widen many great historians draw between Nero himself and Paul the apostle over the next three nights will go deep into this book looking not only at what is in Scripture but trying to build a historical context because I believe this book was written for three separate groups of people what the book was written for Timothy himself obviously Paul wanted to make sure that he left with Timothy final word of importance that I Timothy would be armed and the deal with what he was an act of faith estimate the advantage of becoming a bishop secondly of course this book was written for us in fact if I could name the methods something else I would name it a letter to the last generation Paul is truly warning bells of us would be alive at the end of time is warning us prepare enough evidence at the five difficult days of the Christian flap once again to live who better to write that roadmap for the end of the world than the apostle who bore the brunt of pagan Rome 's torture finally and maybe most interestingly in some ways this letter was also written to the Roman Empire itself in fact on Saturday night I'll show you that I believe that all hope that Nero himself would read this letter but first let me with Timothy second Timothy chapter one starting at verse one second Timothy chapter one starting in verse one the Scriptures of the plot apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God according to the promise of life which is in Christ Jesus to Timothy my dearly beloved son race mercy and peace from God the father and Christ Jesus our Lord in the third verse of the book Paul is in a dungeon he is probably hungry it's probably been beaten but what about just the reverse is involved as I thanked God whom I serve but we submit to you that torture didn't sleep all allegiance to God as being hungry and being alone is being tested to belong to that even in the worst of situations he wants to thank the living God we gave them but some of us are Fairweather Christians were happy to serve God when everything is going well but when we're faced with adversity all Christians and quickly began to backtrack and question oh we have the faith of Paul McDonald we would view every difficult situation we find ourselves in as an opportunity as an opportunity to lift up the name of Jesus Christ Paul says I think Don West serve from my forefathers with pure conscience that without ceasing I have remembrance of the in my prayers night and day in fact he says something profound in verse five is introduced as this young man Timothy says what I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in the which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois and thy mother Eunice and I have persuaded that is in the also if you go in with an interesting young man his father was a Greek as mother Eunice is mentioned in chapter five with probably a Jewish it's clear from the book of second Timothy that Timothy was well-trained in the Scripture is not one of the things I like to tell young people based on that verse of Scripture is that many of us would been raised in the church like Timothy was raised to know God have been raised with a legacy of faith we have been raised with a legacy of faith and probably one of the most disheartening things that I see in the church is when young people take that legacy of faith and just throw it away all the advantages of being sent to Christian Adventist schools growing up in homes where alcohol will then allow bearing the word of God preached from week to week in churches and Wanda Clay of friends like that growing up would every weekend search thirteen and fourteen years of age when the mind of man when I turn eighteen brother Armani I'm escaping this place they follow the charts as a J complex job that I've lived long enough to see many of them that ran out of the church running shoe they found that the real freedom isn't in the world in addition drugs and illicit sexual I think the Almighty but real freedom comes in you can only ought like the Jesus Christ of money on a favorite but unless I've been given the legacy of faith and challenge all that you want baritone or will be very that we found in such a way that if Paul was writing about our child you can write the first of March the unfeigned faith that within Eric Walsh that is now been passed down to his child legacy of faith has been given up all those already looks look at verse six is unaware what I put the can remember that I'll start the gift of God which is indeed by the putting on of my hands for God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind if you are going to survive in the last days you will not be able to survive the last days living your life out of fear fear is a very poor motivator studies are pretty well documented that just scaring people with top black imams from cigarettes are not enough to help people to be motivated to quit smoking fear only lasts one little while and in fact when you really read the Scriptures carefully there is actually the opposite of love because love doesn't want to cast out all fear the Christian ought to operate out of fear if you are a seven administration and your relationship you later one upgrade that every day when you wake up one awake up and messed up and make mistakes if you're operating out of fear something wrong with your relationship with Jesus Christ because God has not given you a spirit of fear that Apple wanted to be afraid but don't want to be afraid that you won't make it Roger Reynolds last book of big fan of Roger Munoz when I wrote a trip of the supernaturally act admitted it was Lord will speak that night with savages been on a summer you will admit that I was admitted for you but restful beware of Angels is a powerful part in the book where one of the women would come back to God in us and and his women have been dealing with the McDowell get into the story I went time with them and deal with the demon issues and and and one of the women would come back to God that you know how Roger minority interviewing her in prison you know the only time the demons come back is what I question watch this one I question what ought not God has actually forgiven me for what I've done since the price of a white want against the idea that when you when you're what when you look at it and trying to send over it if I get in the spirit of fear don't know anyone that can honestly given you become now we get to watch to the power of the blood of Jesus Christ at the least power consumption enemy against you with a something most of you put bleach in a washing machine a limited five hundred oh back and check halfway through cyclic but will likely get clean it up more faith in Clorox and five injured when the blood of Jesus Christ let me warn you that you will much we can like it if you live your spiritual experience upgrade of all we always read John three sixteen the lungs are present humans on three seventeen seven for God sent not his slumped into the world to condemn the world but that the world was unlikely what because something I don't because I have a strong belief in Christ ability to easily fit in the devil 's ability to take me and it manifestly requires the bars God is not given us the spirit of fear but of power Christians ought to function out our pride of power for today's webinar are obligated to this tomorrow night a little bit more but one national committees and I went to recent meeting the national meeting and then they brought in on a high ranking Catholic priest to represent the bishops and they brought in people from the work to focus on the family always different on the right-wing ideological areas found out the Catholic priest ironically was so far left I couldn't find at as I'm sitting there and I'm hearing what the US government prompted little more tomorrow night it is planning to do you are a you can around sex and sexuality I began to pray and not obviously not as we do because I'm in the present the people walk walk on Google and the dignitaries and run the vision that is that is these neutral but they log like Daniel now does it now at least make the people of America will don't know that demonic forces are at work to change the policy of this great nation person doesn't function that he and the times when you got standup and say right is right and wrong is wrong way too many chickens in the church to any man be put in the yellow bellied cowards running around in the church anything you wouldn't want to offend anybody if you look for Muslim school and those of us that we a lot happened in our schools I have a body now and unilaterally over everybody nobody respects you given it must avoid the more night for what is going to say given of power animal the church on a function out of love started over the past week when we meet together we played basketball in Southern California were talking and I said you know we want to do community service and we shouldn't committee service but what we argue community service simply because we love the community which went out of a no strings attached I do committee service and expect by default belittle me back to the church is working on a feed be more hungry in our community simply because they're hungry and we love them him anyway even though the generator of Germany the football ten of fifteen years but we all how will the people around us all morning for wanting Timothy that function loan-to-value function of the last twenty seven percent as powerful the lasting effect of his God is not given us the spirit of fear is a but of power and of love and of a sound mind the physician wanted things about interesting is how many people would come to me when I'm used or get her to get worked anymore Mrs. shallots the long faculty about the oncoming and all is complaint would be the anxious they're afraid obviously people and they were afraid of both options Melanie explained that young lady anyone want me to take them because they were afraid to get married but it will operate as a single that people afraid that they could stop and afraid to stay unemployed we live in a society of fear anxiety disorders have taken over and people come in and asked what SSRIs serotonin selective reuptake inhibitors the most famous of which is Prozac anything if you were in the prescription of a magic pill all their problems will go away penalize the new price loved over the form of work and Melinda can't get my prescription pad I get a copy of the books of the Christ our right of the prescription pad right to a better medicine than Prozac and outright second him the one in verse seven I wanted to take this team I be with me three times a day at at at at at and you don't have to take it with food in your barrel thing when you take this medicine by some kind is what we need but we live in a time when people are so addicted to substances that at an media and pornography and and everything else in the study will talk about the idea from one of our great frequently without that letter about the body of the template and when I went into another position on the frontal lobe of the brain and in the human brain is thirty three percent frontal lobe and when I looked at if you will the sanctuary to mount to the body the frontal reasoning part of your brain will enable a newborn it will be like the most holy place this is where all of the most complex reasoning where were Catholic dopamine acetylcholine adrenaline brought these neurochemicals are releasing a break below what making a habit of being your sensibility makes you think the envelope of your brain where cocaine and alcohol and caffeine and nicotine are out there that auto Mrs. this is where all of them have their effect on what you do when when people become additive get on the substantive as mild as caffeine is considered to be worthless as cocaine is considered to be what you actually do block the most holy places made forward to for the Shekinah glory of God the follow-on the reason the devil wants the while addicted to substances the pornography of movies and music at all objective dimension of family you mind if I do part of your brain what Holy Spirit is supposed to plug in an Atlanta Bible says the love of Christ in spite of but because if one of those chemicals in your brain that what is working right at the Bay properly in the constraining element alcohol and marijuana both the release of guy but the envelope thank you Eric how my being you the holy place and the thing most holy place in the sanctuary if you will accept you effects of the living God in your life and the Scripture says the drunk will not inherit the kingdom of God because you can't have found my unit our young people more and more of them are getting caught up in a double slit it wouldn't get some of us with with with marijuana that gets a little alcohol but the tragedies selecting the caffeine filled beverages and Italy's fact that even if you need to stay awake at night the breakouts of Mountain Dew the real laughable guiltily laugh member list and access to understand the disruptive understand the challenge is once again mind every one of our churches to have a way for people who are addicted to receive the counseling and the help they need to get off of whatever substance or behavior is the object of the him him them three if we don't have that you bring people in what index in the Olympics and what leave a door open for the devil but then we get them both at the mercy be not thou therefore say of the testimony of unborn nor of me his prisoner with data Paul was not a free he was okay with being a prisoner he understood the importance of suffering for God in fact when you jump the chapter to him and on down the verse three of chapter two three times a chapter one verse three of second Timothy policies in this dungeon writing this letter to Timothy he says in verse three of chapter two we set out therefore in your hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ is a measure that would be able to take some lists that he will be a soldier no and that war and lift himself with the affairs of this life that they may please him Webb told him to be a soldier limitation when you join the church of an eleven week we comes Mister 's right I think it's important to the church as social aspects I think it's important that we have potlucks and fellowships and and and and and other things like that I think that's critical because it's important that we don't need we can find what we need in the church in the above the button were looking for something else these are important that things like UIC when you win every time walking with you I think that's able to talk for blood flow when you join the church out of subfolders of the notebook that they could go one something wonderful beautiful different ethnicities you can do with double rotation to reinsert this week potluck Filipino charts next week will be a potluck the next week Spanish but good luck club will join the Army will join the Army about living as important as soldiers in the Army of the living God we understand that this car is not our home at a friend with an Iraq that he wasn't Saddam Hussein's palace e-mailing me your ears back and tell me out of toilets with gold encrusted in all of the fancy things that were in there thank you and he said one of the things we learned in combat but even active combat that when you actually fighting I mean you are the it's a terrible thing to think about home while you're fighting what if I is only beyond the fight also said that with a look at what I do not make the earth you hold the applicant off on here yet I walked and started moving up the corporate ladder more concerned with how good-looking your spouse is this a money order statement it also must be due to genetic surveys of individuals who forgot how good it would look about children under the new soldier in the Army of God the earth is not what catches for days about the burying relatively the last for five years in a row I can tell you at every funeral my ballot cast him to put a hold that Maud Don from me on a daily basis there is nothing in Mister that can be offered me a place is what God has in store for me because he won't be a soldier is still don't know numbers fifteen the two authors study to show yourself approved unto God it worked when the knee is not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth is that the sun the sun profane and vain babbling that they will increase until more ungodliness sounds like Paul knew what the top forty would look like in two thousand ten at the end of the year the music of this world today literally is almost described here it is literally profaned and they everybody writing about what they have and what they can get who they are how much of a rock star they are apply to that study to show yourself approved unto God rightly dividing the word of truth everything you do your studying do not have a television program you watch every movie every book you read everything and we were constantly at always studying the human brain is so complex that everything we take it is permanently filed and stored as a big laugh why can I get back what I want to take a test what he was leaving the reason people can't retrieve information for testing a storage with other jumping from the stuff they need to get the come to church once a week to be filled up at a ball back to be filled up with the world the other six and a half days only want in the stuff you need to get you what you need to do with his body the cellular level through them and what the Don seven verse twenty in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver but also avoided overt something honor and something dishonorable man therefore purge himself from these you shall be a vessel unto honor sanctified and me for the Masters use and prepared unto every good work the great houses the church outlawed people sometimes we come to church expect that everybody to be kind and loving and very Christian Paul is warning Timothy anticlotting us that interacts their people are made out of gold and silver spiritually but there also be more bit out of what it looked like in fact the people of Atlanta aware and involved in some searches out what happened to those people if they want wrong warranty any and all actions people run away from church the leasable understand that the devil is going to send his people to church as well but I like what Paul does your virginity because blogging is the people want in charge for the wrong reason can be saved watch this he says in verse twenty four and the sermon of the Lord must not strive but be gentle unto all men teach patient in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth watch verse twenty six powerful and that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil what to him by his will the good soldier is a specialist in reconnaissance the good soldier specializes in finding bold in an effort away from God given up on God the soldier called on reconnaissance mission and I forgot what's been lost but there's been so insulated when we don't want a lot of me that sometimes you got to stay away as if it's your old in a place used to be maybe you won't not be wanted goes back don't be afraid to somebody else will somebody else will get to the nephritis somebody else will get to your old friends from high school don't be afraid to go back we talk to them since state of mind we are looking for people who can be redeemed why because we have been redeemed and desolate of God can redeem a wretch like me I have full confidence that there is nothing on this planet no one on this planet that cannot be repeated the good soldier is on a reconnaissance mission and a good soldier loves to see when the devil had someone God is able to bring them back to him stories told of an earthquake that happened in Armenia a father was taking his son to school one day and of the fathers taking his son to school and drops the young boy at the front of the elementary school father normally cannot get back in time to pick up his son so this particular day the young boy says that he promised me promise me that you'll be back him they are a young boy 's name was Armand father says I'm on this I will be back to get the father lives that is factory begins the work the ground begins displayed in the building begins this way the factory is damaged the father runs outside that surrounded most of his coworkers are okay but as he begins to look around the city and begins to settle down you see that there is serious damage the month of the buildings around father decides that anything will back the limit for dishonesty without the back across town over the rubble to the school to get the school parents have already begun to gather around the building where it once stood now I will result in five his father stepped back and looked around for landmarks what ever left it figured out when his son 's classroom was admitted on the top of the rubble and get the talking begins to take one piece of relevant time to throw it aside there is a lot what you doing up there you crazy there are all the data they might discontinue tossing it aside Bierman believes the vibrant faith I think it down he ignores the costing the rubble of will follow later building sixteen out of later he's still there 24-hour later he's still there is now bloody from within the Renaissance level it keeps going it aside parties sit silently a father and hungry thirsty working to remove the rubble a in the Army signal Holloway all seem to London while some relevant thoughts and decided to see the dark rate of the Latin mouth and was mildly sound thousands of all our I a small voice from inside the box and try back out and to others that amount are you okay for most of yesterday were hungry some of the billions it daddy but we're here it were all right the room around us daddy while this does give me a heads up that people realize that no daddy that I don't want to get out for some of them are because I told my friends don't worry my dentist on the back to give me when we tell you the sense of vengeance notice world is all messed and I know it seems like it's noble sometimes but I promise you that he is coming back again we just draw near to him he will draw near to get deals on this song are you want to come down for running your life Jesus Christ and that I do like is doing enough father God we thank you those were moved out of their seats and come down for a father God draws near to a log we just appreciate the site this world won't last as long as site design that is comes in yes helpless to be good soldiers on the list to be loving and kind while the same time more powerful serious father God a disaster for out of blessing on those about seals father God Jones that we would be in army since to serve the King of the universe this illustrated Jesus literature save them this message was to make UNC subordinates you sent me CCC inspired many young people I have a base price and very download and purchase a new resource enlightenment Newfoundland making lazy and donate busy lives when done with them the GUI see when done with also reaches in the him he said he thinks Harbor Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you can't share please attribute this recording device everything is keeping my resale and alteration in his


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