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Nomthandazo Malambo-Amankwah

Vice-President of Missions, GYC



  • December 31, 2010
    7:00 AM
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him I know this message was presented in GUI scene two thousand ten no turning back on Baltimore Maryland for other resources like this visit us online GUI seemed lead time for an alley I was joining in LA you know if I can care and in life how is this I was there I realized you know I come Wednesday's can't go back now to let a budget freeze and getting nothing but experience that I have been tremendously black and even less we made inquiries and I'm so happy to see I fear this morning I feel in it for one small favor on this morning into yesterday grandma around a hold minor on the family difficulties if I felt quite a few on my privacy fence just wondering in the hallways and another as we adhere out asking to be rather than us if there keep where we do that if you see a brother or sister wiring time in the holy land meetings are going on kindly and in the meekness of Christ encouragement to come into the meeting we do that is beyond private keeper message this morning the title is nothing less nothing that another begin I am going going unit will bring the goat there were a lot of Scripture this morning so please have your buyer at the PMI 's job and raising me that they were the one of God 's morning I said with you yesterday my custom linear by clicking a year off it in the campus this needs training program after my sophomore year at Harvard and thinking that you off at the risk of losing my thoughts that living might hasten but how is that God was faithful to restore everything to me at the end of that year off the third did not end there without this it this morning when I went back to heartbreak to finish my junior and senior year is gone and made it abundantly clear to me that he led calling me into full-time youth and campus ministry there knew the word in his providence and an abandoned that he placed upon my heart nine me that God was calling me the full-time youth and campus ministry and I made up my mind by the grace of God bade him not sending back right and so may the eleven and ten commencement week graduation week and all of a sudden they realize they know what I was doing he hit me with full wife in all commencement week and this time and circumstance at Harvard and him mingling with some of the disease of the elites right have the graduates who had been amazing things in their lives and losing them gone on to glittering career in business and medicine in different areas of what this book has been a success and silently a diamond knee that one could do its own lives with the Harvard degree of that name open so many doors right that's what the wealthy it is you know I'm best universities and that we have graduation what I get me one of the most depressingly of my life and friends asking for underwater you get when you graduate can be a missionary and I came back from the graduation ceremony alt. in my gone make happen automatically in my hand I went back on my remitting effect on not fighting back tears and I cannot describe to you that for instance in my mind and thought the questions that Lorraine can get them and I had the light of day why will you call me to do that and thought back to my life growing up and how God had let me down in front of clear academic success garnering up inside the lens and every time with it naturally found in the best year ever a perfect scoring in my IV plumbing found an admission to Harvard and not yet finalized with a chemistry degree and God was saying found on calling you the full-time campus ministry and documents out CLE given that men found that my plan reason show in God when they made so far if you have new weight this academic success in ministry when he and those questions troubled me and I think that experience is a common one in our Christian journey when the will of God take us to places that seem to make no logical human fans when the will of God is so crisp and clear we don't understand why you would call the personally I think back to what comes if you say God why would you ask me to do this any ideas that taught as how to pray that thy will be done on parent as it is and every family pray those worried way saying that if we've given ourselves to God we always ask the question God what would you have me do and when God revealed his will and questioning obedience is entire it says nothing less let's pray together as it became dear heavenly father with common this morning yet again to hear a word from you father is bucking to so many ways already weekend web blasts were encouraged or inspired this morning we seek yet another worried finally free inspired of the fatigue and the weakness of my human frame the Lloyd McClendon 's fastest heat during me that every hearts here with your award from you funnily as they get there it would be a month this morning but if the Holy Spirit ex-husband the truth home to every heart and bring conviction upon all sold the father sent him to be with us this morning speak to us jealous narrative Craig and he chose what it means to be him him to follow him and have a self-denial said this with trade we had a leaving fully asking Jesus not things that this is my offer the German field lies in the book and find out the cost of discipleship that would encourage you to read if you haven't read it linearly with you one could please send that never failed cause at least made me ponder and think bottom of a wrote this when crime calls and then he bids him time and die dad can see that Christ the death of the old man by nature at its call genes of someone to reach young man was causing him to die because only the man who is dead in the own will and follow Christ in fact at every command and see that is a call to die with all our affections and less nonanswer problem of the state and re- commanded to you that is a call to die and that the only person the only man all woman who can follow Christ is the one who had died the own will though indeed that's called a man he bids him come and die and crying himself stated very clearly if any man will come after me if you LOL yes I want to come if you can imagine well have me in time himself and inscribed daily and follow me back at nine twenty three if any man will come after me and that's idea that one could befall life and an guide and begin a study out I understand friends that DNS make this call on the premise of his own example because he stands as the example of what he called us to do and that myths are ready that the will of God taken by most of the gospel of John chapter one five Yemeni my favorite gospel John sent the line one yeah very same men John sent the line moving visit at IDMS at the example am recalled as to follow in your footsteps incoming and dying John sent the last week there beginning and rest the Bible is safe in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the word was God that they look in the beginning with God in all things were made by him and we got him was not anything made that was made and him on the life and the life was then side of men and John begins a gospel here by reminding us about this being he called the word and anything that but the way it was in the beginning it was with God and he was not in the beginning meaning it it's a ninth grade fifth and it was with God being a distinct present of the Godhead and you want God being he is divine I thought you were an author creator according to my three and four in him was life right now having thought about this way John identified to amendment fourteen and that's likely to identify the wedding very clear I think a lot of times anything the war and what mayflies and blogs and beheld his glory the glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace should add that it's being lead the way to a friend on friend visiting being put into my foot and got nine islands even Christ himself and for John's bus but begin by telling us very clearly they see that and God his dominion is very clearly affirms that in the beginning he was with God and he was and that the Bible agrees with this concept but he was not planning to see one instance of this in humans have time and agree with John in other learning Christ divinity humans have the one the writer of the book of Hebrews begins in breast one by saying I we then God bless sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past and the fathers by the prophets had in these last days but laments by his son whom yet the point that it of all beings buying them also he made the world being the brightness of his glory and the express image of his person and so Christ is described in victory as the brightness of God 's glory him him and them got and again after finding Christ in the Navy and then end with a a few mishap the plot itself then Christ's divinity and with a degree but comes in he God say it and that son got a knife thrown all God is forever and ever a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of thy kingdom and to God the father acknowledges the divinity of his son at college institute nine follows that in Christ do other all the fullness of the Godhead why do we do that at the United back in our minds that Jesus was God 's divinity is crystal clear and have been nine six that famous promise called him the wonderful console the mighty God the everlasting father Prince of peace Jesus is God and yet now which is which and is into that the mystery of godliness applied dresses in first Timothy three verse sixteen and keeping in your mind they do that is divine inside Timothy three sixteen billion minutes to get there by was CNN's Eileen then keeping an online ID that is fully God and far right with that creature made the grade in rev sixteen and without Macy Gray is a necessary ungodliness that God was manifest in the flesh justified in the Spirit seen of a dust free and then again I believe that in the Lodge received that into glory it's a mystery to me than the fact that Jesus came down and being fully got the holiday mind love God with us and that you want the acting fully in God and being fully man that God does tell the story of Jesus Christ the man to see that Christ select all underneath the area see God the son and policy that runs everything it's a great mystery that God was manifest in the flesh but the warhead was made flesh and dwelt among the youth being with crystal-clear picture of wiki that is being fully God being fully man but I'm betting this morning taketh to this type of Christ 's life while he unearthed being fully God and fully that said with the power of divinity in himself in the fullness of the Godhead blind belief in him he came down on year and the end I am not a move that an hundred and there the will of his father if you can back now across the lunch on Monday saying how the theme of the father 's will rule the life of Christ outlined yet but that training Spitzer pages this morning I hope it's keeping you awake in John Center for the beginning there and get see how Christ life was ruled by the will of the father him him him him John therefore I leave there highly all their in John Center for advanced study for the season speaking they mind me if they do the will of him that sent me and to finish his work the CMS needs his greatest satisfaction ED and enjoy what you do well on you father and John Sumter five if once the owner in Mercedes the same spirit is repeated in John sent the five and first lady again seeking seems unfazed I can of my own self do nothing and as I hear hygienists in my judgment incest because I seek not mine own will but the will of the father which had sent me he can die from have been defeated not even on will but the father 's will and against six thirty eight and read from yesterday 's events they strike him down from heaven not to do mine own will but the will of him that sent me do you see how the words will end sense of being repeated here do you see that if the attachment deity that rapid synthesis of the will of the father and him that sent me and that Christ came down from heaven not to deal you the own will but the will of him that sent him and that he wants the third being fully fully in God is not rendered himself to the will of his father him and him and beautiful at this end of Christ the run their all rights Philippians chapter two I gently one of the most beautiful and deeds had been in Christ's life and prior written in a study that this morning and understanding Christ's call to come in today Philippians chapter two when you get there these days reading five the violent phase that lines be in you Vincent Fitzhugh and verified with it also in Christ Jesus will be in the form of God thought it not robbery to be eco- with God but made himself unknown reputations and silk upon in the farm of his servants and I've made in the likeness of men and being finding that soon as and then he hung what was and became obedient unto death he and then the death of the cross should you reflect on sleep in sympathy with a morning that cried from investment became obedient ceiling will and then the point of death on the cross inside what alive and not my will but thine anger and I may very make the redneck nothing less than radical and didn't feel it at will of God even the point of dad on him half as I think I bought him in Gethsemane think I'm binding me in on the ground trying back crossing draft five that it could be possible that come from me yet never that not my will but thine do not think for one minute that gets him anyway even it was not that many were beneath the nomad select great job of that if it easy I wasn't leaving even if it makes it painful he demanded that the crossing land and and of being men in their back the thing that crushing weight and things that could go back that's an safe and not from going back to heaven Christ the rat and that wet at the main and if a father not my will but thine it could be possible that this cup pass from me at a discount cannot have from me next that I drink it that I will be done they want to copy their beating him there's anything and his face yet that's limited that in your face I hope not and I don't think any of us would have you adapted it to bed and our presidency for example right and here were these human beings bad things in the fate of their creator spinning in the face of the land was sustained to verify and gave it down there being full and God 's time and how it is out there and get on suffering get the Westfield only God but not my will but thine see him being on the cross and nails piercing his hands dying the death of the condemned criminal and all the while you will regard any had the power in himself to come from the cross but not my will but thine he chose to give himself over to the will of the father he gave himself over and in part explains why in Philippians two verse seven anything about Christ surrender he has a wide lead make that surrender in May seven policies that he made himself of no reputation and settled onto the farm on the service and was made in the likeness of men D UCLA experiment in my seventh fitness habits to know what servant strangulated them it is not in the Bible is a great way to the law that way everyone do lost a great way to not let good luck means they bond men that when you implied somebody who is really in himself all over I'm not good will someone that she learned that CBS later somebody else that it's never boring it's a choice to become delayed to another and sixteen Beth made himself of not recognizing made into the name of God please shall think Iran had come to the father as well as the name of God and selling these are called the man when Christ called me and Ginny called at the same kind of surrender on the first of the example he was with the name of God and if we call ourselves to find both if we caught that I see that Christ like that going down the path of radical abandon to the will of God is a very good got a conscious choice either any dissent with it Jesus this morning then nobody will follow Christ in the footsteps of are there except when the crisis morning if any man will come asking me deny himself take up the cross daily and follow me in the past a servant should that happen get us the path of radical reckless abandoned to God will spread in the cutting points friends Lauren Jesus did not have to surrender we actually have to and you know why is it that say choices do a lot for us has two and only two choices and those very Christo clearly stated economic chapter six Romans have been fixed will Paul again uses the word and as it tends Romans have been fixed then there am I indeed said that the Bible is full of examples of men and women who understood Christ and made it their own did you know for example all colleges in the name of Christ they Romans one one one five is an experiment of Christ then when you do not labor and see that and many others do the same thing to an erroneous if they ride in for you me Hall had this to say Clinton began in various teams are we there Roman sympathetic and by fifteen no idea not that typical you yield yet found that I see on a huge famine the crew will update when I've been on feedback I would be Indian and soon righteousness by God be back that you were the servants of sin but he am obeyed from the hide that from adoption which went there they make you being then made free from sin he became the famine of righteousness in verse twenty four when you are the seventh of January free from lights right the things that way in breadth sixteen seventeen nineteen and twenty do you see you fail experiments that do not elect them and there is in the Greek anybody can't forget the thyroid the way server and in print sixteen seventeen ninety nine twenty is a great way to do law is a born John Paul is saying here friend that went like so feds and only escalate since then all with late civil cigar into Christ now let's elect the fact that in my I very sorry for my fifteen years p.m. beyond South at the sermon since then I haven't forgotten about you thought that you UNC on Wednesday against them then I think they are your thoughts about useless as I ran back again to get them motivated primarily the will of the end of the will of God in there and try in their view not convincingly do I see and dad and there and in the ground in any grave knowing okay so why do so also got been to music via slave to spend sure we all know kinds shot by habits controlled bypass and we can not break and guess what an amazingly God wants two three yes amen thanks freedom comes at a cost being then made free from sin the Tempest twenty ten Romans chapter six but now that's funny to being made free from sin he became like seven to the God can't yet see that the example of the loss nonsense everything in anything that will love God but even have to fund the inquiry you consult the habits of sin that so I think I have been with me that a lot of Romans think they very clan friend if you are not linked in God you I implicate nothing flat thin number twenty three note twenty three him upon and had a nice saying no way offensive line I think of him God is eternal life is not any line simply breathing human being but today there exists in MS length of God I'm a safe and I think Brenda and Eddie Lazaro MI and the reason things it then leave me to death and God give me the gift of its life I think there is to do what it says God can say I'm been a great free by the grace of God and make myself she know the commitment of a slave of God and so I leave you think that that is not made of ground but not a defensive stand on either you are in the camp of that camp one of the other even got has all of you doing I have hot and mining it I can't blame a you estimate the sin nothing less than a complete do not experience event I expect that you know God can not accept anything less than that enough about because if you just accept that and that it believing that incident rates as soon it is no middle ground friends but no middle ground filling season of cold command he didn't come and die it isn't from anxiety and the kindness of these on example and the call is a clear as clear can be in steps to Christ page forty three the seventh of the Lord right LR fan I think South is a great adult that was ever fought they yielded myself that rendering on the go with them I require in a struggle but this fellow might submit to God before taking the renewing and holding we must admit to God that rendering all to the will of God and his thinking and by my that I shared with you the graduation rate standing there thinking how could God asked me if it must have a degree and an salvage and become a full-time work and campus ministry made no sense but the point is this frantically made online the money I give I spent to the will of God when God commands the government I be yes Lord and you don't and NY become man and God and it implemented being inflamed human eye and say yes and I think that some of some of my friends being that God always act Nathan we think that God must explain to us why he does what he does is Don God does not see the end from the beginning I know what you doing then why around all is he God some I think we can talk about his job worse yet have the full racist thoughts than we could do better than gotten I we think we know better than he knows friend God who will doesn't always need to make sense because if you've got you not I just obey him why don't they choose to have a deal lots mindset only options if that is a racist and leaving it to death this sense of this dance to Christ eight forty six God does not require that they give up anything that he thought best interest CA retain in our guide says he has the well-being of the servant in view man is doing the greatest injury and injustice all you fellow when he thinks and acts climbs from me to the will of God did you get it that said they tend to act contrary to the love of God is bigger than a grain of any diary and knew this to your own soul is the greatest injury and invest non- real joy can be far in the past forbidden by Hamlin knows what is best and who plans for the good of his creatures is not real joy to be found in disobedient to the will of God God will accept things that men have the same of the mind of the high beloved and themed high-end we still get control of the Lord right now you can bring something that God will not accept it is a simple read that China comes the garden with the mindset that spend a lot he will not accept it for two reasons sorry because Christ's example was that it do not he wants the steps ungrammatical abundance of God 's will second reason if we had not delayed of the Bible with me that even and God does not want either you are need to them in life of slavery said that the existing debt the minds misuse embodiments highly give itself up to the will of God and I think sometimes we we struggle because we don't stress the heart of God we think that God if I fifth paragraph what do you have any imagine if you are married and you thought your husband alive but only that it hurts you one of my glass but even if the Bible we can yet we think that God who went down the most amazing thing and beginning to crack in fact rising at an eclectic statement we think that I immensely I think I may not yield you shall live on film I'm going to try and will come with them ain't got no God expects nothing black and better yet he had nothing that entrants in the air on the premise of Christ example and blindsided givens for God expects that is very nice thing that they give you a rule to live by that rule is given fairly succinctly in John sent it to verse five one married a man of deep breath and struck the servant of the season the wedding account into saying something that's simple and is the role of life by Christian underlined that Burris right on your wall for your Facebook status make the role of the other John CMX five Mary saved what I have very these same feeling I is that simple it is an attempt until I got my fact so just deal with you God enjoyed if they couldn't chose been to give yourself to God it's a simple rule to live by and I do make that commitment Dunbar M at hiding the sustaining genius that is sustaining even begin the good work in you is faithful to do what completed an survey of Christ so Christ will sustain the commitments that you will I raise you make that choice you make up your mind and why such as God commands it when I'm not you and deal with the yes what away from admitting area with a high degree of the ministry L don't ever need to make them to deal with baby voice of God that the word of God enough for you don't ask why don't ask why God save the asset nightlife got said so isn't there it don't not like I for busy front matter in untimeliness in bad faith I didn't do it don't ask why the question you must ask is and has documented a new God has commanded yes Lloyd allowed Spitzer big as forty six that's not ask the question that asked us this morning in the chapters six and May forty six Jesus asked the question that bears repeating Phil asks as he did that was this morning i.e. there in the sixth at forty six Eileen and Jesus says and why call ye me Lloyd Lloyd and did not think things which I say Heidi answered Jesus how do you say why you calling Lori and don't do anything that he saved if users aren't you must be willing him correct shell of the accreditation that breaks my heart to embrace my heart correcting them many others in this place and condition today steps to cries that Christ taught that lesson page one hundred and eighteen night rides his varied snail things they commence and if you listen to not be affected they cleaned the lessons of this that would seem to always be seeking floor they had in the Perl but they do not make any five yes I read about that Roth had they do not die to self that Christ made is in them therefore they do not find the precious pearl they have not overcome unholy ambition they do not they do not take up their cross and follow Christ in the five thousand being Nigel and sacrifice almost Corinthians what Corinthians but not for the Corinthians they then telling me that the kingdom of heaven but they cannot and said there almost but not completely fade means not almost but completely lost it again I just read there I found my who don't take up the cross daily and follow Jesus in the hat itself deny your and then there is the at the end identifies something friend they know that they get on the end e-mailing or when not work on stage but on a means entirety is i.e. finding friends a link to them not by the great admin go inside what is that but I think they mean completely permanent money and I feel like a glutton and become and that commitment with a no they haven't made up my mind that we had a lot to say that God almost say almost Corinthians lost completely a lot and break my heart CYP SSM this morning that almost see that nothing in at almost any malignancy and I don't want to cry but yeah employing friends with kinds so far I deal with these of God has made in the arithmetic obeyed him family obeyed him God has spoken how we think yes the Lord are we walking abilities hallways all most any in reality completely lost my train and train the bottom of my heart that God would dry as dust cards in the mind of cry I know my number reckless abandon the will of God etc. and I'm finding itself to anything abandoning assault to the will of God is the safest place to be friendly guy knows what he's doing God 's utilized to be discussed and as a songwriter writes God is too good to be unkind it will his father best and the best choice will get asthma may the most sick call and a very bad Santa could ever make it to make free commitments that whatever God they live and where he saith unto by his grace would say yes with the best possible choice and is the only site that makes sense because Vienna half of the client does not make tonight signing back required in mind that stays out militants had any given myself to the will of God I am a duly lost as the name of God and that slavery had many negative meaning in our today but he can glad be afraid of anything the estimates of God because remember the only place I have the right elements since I spent your safety and go back in late so why not do everything what do you and I'll let you go yeah I think you are hoping the Atlanta God is Christ's example and when these are him in the event coming down the same way he died the path of them influence the path of your life to God if any man will asking me he must deny himself take up his cross daily and follow me in the past self denying the music playing not to make one very simple appeal if I make the appeal and then he gave you a limited time the body I had an thing about the implications of the way to do a lot think about it me and him and God is causing it to do what Christ called is because the call cannot be changed Frank and as it is for each other even if you are going to come to Christ you must do a lot of different crimes that the call the body and hat and think about it in Southend for a minute to think about it we thought about it can we thought invited me have we not invited really understand what he means to say yes really I miss you and we had that kind really and then a and are probably prepared to come a weekend is not always become very non- elite we had a equally inherit that sand is that I think I can the own needs we are people that occur I ask that you get the parents attempt and only if you had greater yet they had to make its height I evening meal get on I need him we had some pundits is that Christ had in my health and I find that using you and I want to remind that she liked the that I kneeling where turning gotten the rest of this week will be different on this is not that I'm not all the news that God makes you laugh I even worry will not just be a yes or a happening deal with in this saying him for the wind and rain that given my thinking we you may like me can we I mean that and give to you the ride is very odd that I thou merciful you are dealing with how great since you are alive simply give the announcement Monday gracious father think given by thinking me know that having a DMSO refusing to make the best possible it's like we could make it fun I like coming to say we want to be like Jesus we want to be like our Redeemer you could do a lot ask that you must so see you completely and bring their ability and father we cannot sustain this commitment so that hadn't been done with good will recognize having given us the grace to make the choice was made by kneeling before you we know that you complete this work in our hearts we know again that you would sustain high yes experience furnace of fire the grace we need apply the faith and the trust the rights and the Yukon and we will do it thought I would never trade leave that in Jesus name do we believe that when the arrive from this thread will be our experience because he afraid a new van so that is the name of Jesus him you cannot be satisfied we believe in maker for life he says to be like give us the mind of Christ for a new name believing this message was thank you I see supporting ministry sent me cc to inspire young people B vitamin Bible -based pricing February download or purchase other resources like this morning you been blessed thank you I'd like to donate busy lives left downward e-mail info GUI see when you also reach us via mail box seven eight six Harbor Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you can't share it please attribute this reporting is every reason in my resale and alteration in Dreamweaver


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