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Nomthandazo Malambo-Amankwah

Vice-President of Missions, GYC



  • January 2, 2011
    7:00 AM
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him him him this message is presented in this GUI scene two thousand ten no turning back on their brother resources like this visit us online GUI see whether or read a and I had to write like everything is over time to go back home if that is not currently have a very trained by the grace of God that we are ready to go back home is another life not sending back this morning any sale with your message that a very very yet in my heart and it's a message guide I think if I could reach anonymous said the sad limits of the state seal this morning convinced that my heart and insulator non- grade and that is a very heavy on my heart I asked to pray for me greatly of thousands prayed that God would speak to each one of the morning a man men that I think is the ready to die a title not my bad ready to die as a finger by that title there many people can think of in this blog while looking for a guy with something that they didn't even market of the King Junior is acerbic organ of America in the right movement and we know the name of the way he had a dream right in the anatomy and any diphenhydramine him in nineteen fifty eight and his themes at the great minds in Detroit and Denver twenty third nineteen fifty three magnetic things in your baby very very hollow who was at length upon the springboard of our method this morning and he said that there is something so precious something so I turn the elites through the day I wore it dying for and I submit to you that he and Amanda had not discovered something that you will die for he's not that live in a week that I've had again I submit to you that if a man has not discovered something that you will die for it not that the is not likely to mark of the right essentially saying that he we have not find something filling theaters at that willing to die for it when I went young life and this morning Eileen asked is reflect into very simple yet profound questions thanks it out alive worth living and second is the cause of Christ Philly DA they would be willing to die for it if need be I was willing to say no attending back to that info against this message asset we pray cleaning Neil but you can clearly give father in heaven we have gathered here this morning one my times this year award from you grace us we ask humbly that yet again you would send generally very here with us this morning that he would send his Spirit father since he saw right father to follow friendship with each one of the year this daylight for far as speaking for the sake of our salvation for the sake of everyone listening to this message this morning we ask that you would take my thoughts my words my lips and nine I thought I did place the words in my mosque they need to be spoken that this morning Jesus and Bill is set up that this monument would see cuts that this morning he would give nothing you reason of the incentives that lead trade with the visiting at believing in Jesus name that's in it see you make a man has not discovered something you will die for is not fixed and that take your Bible at twenty one willing to read together what had Yardley a very moving and father from the life of the apostle he wanted to get everything then Elian then here that need obtaining highly then him while banks in raising their couple of things again in the morning accepted twenty one refined hall in the mess of the day missionary journey and that's holding accepted twenty and by sixteen he went hiring the injury was made possible by the day of Pentecost though in acts twenty one things you read in your name from break a the Bible of faith and the next day we met away a whole company departed and came unto Caesarea and entered into the house of Philip the boundless this was one of the seven and a bullet with him and the same man daughter writes in with the prophesy and athletes having there many days that came down from the DSM prospect named about to undulate the adhesive called regard all and by his own hands and feet and said that that the Holy Ghost stellar sounding queues at here as them find the management alignment with burnout inside of that money in the hands of the Gentiles and when we married anything but the weekend they are not placed beside him not to go out do it for them then Paul and Fred white me needs to leave and could break my heart I am ready not to be bound only but also to guide emptiness of them in the name of the Lord Jesus get reading this six hold up quality on either communities around NAC and his companions hot and very heavy thump and a half after that the evangelist and as they are at his hot profiting at the breath comes down from media and he had a message from the Holy Ghost and the message is given five him have been binding on hands and feet and then you save this in the availability of plotting to a son not in this message is not used at all if you got back at twenty next twenty three at Bali begging out of an epithet he felt that very clearly that has been going there for them you can not will be fought in their same that the Holy Ghost witnesseth an enemy it is saying that Barnes and Lynch sent up by him the plot going and knowing that you've got fine and that seems waiting for him and yet I'm the profit out of methyl and are already known to music while when you get there with them they will bind the hands and feet and illegitimacy on the Gentiles the methods all yes the Holy Ghost is saying then you know the line with efforts and waiting for you and my companion yet be of great be the air for Paul to excellent in the wall that they besought him not to the ticket with them and the plot companion this setting back in the lane with him Paul be done but doing them again if you go build bind him hand and think they maim and kill you please let me with them and they did years in their eyes can't imagine this being the age of hospital all any friends who live in a companion kneeling before noon we can in there I called to leave the Doan's goal do with them they will find you and they'll tell you and then listen the politics on at his feet in breadth eighteen policies whitening needs to we break my heart I think stop believing you're breaking my heart because I'm ready not just a defined benefit died if need be the name of the Lord Jesus here than men allegedly raped the day in a state of mind it's a given fund benefits to find brilliant I am ready with money and died and placing bets in the context of part ministry we must remember that Paul had already demonstrated in willingness to die for the cause got back at fourteen and once you read with you at contemplating accept the fourteenth the couplets have been before to get everything done in accepted fourteen we find Paul and another and I twenty and and when I told him accept the fourteenth they came to happy EM that they went on together into the synagogue of the Jews themselves to denigrate Monsey both of the accused and also the Greeks believed but the unbelieving Jews there have been sent out and made their mind in the fact that I gained the brethren and I've gone back and asked money and they begins increased to reason in the synagogue an electron a great multitude believe that in a fit mother we believe that I'm leaving this error trouble and then went floating brick by at chapter fourteen that they go so far as they had thought to use them did I delete and distilling them then I think how that when they were aware on the date that is there any cognac and the reason that raw number and then they leased the gospel I you are reading what's happening in this icon with me yelling think that an man was almost going according to rep five the undulating do that how not to use them despite for the time is still in them that an mare milk that they might be going for picking the gospel and that went different aware of the plot basically and they get the next day and debt and get what they do that they think the gospel not the only thing somebody like almost stoned to death would have the fact that the repeat the crime for which I am a stone not so there almost stoned they leave and they keep on increasing the gospel the era and I can imagine them saying done me the amount I cannot dare not admit to making the bear they preach the gospel now let me think that death threats keep reading and accept the fourteen men at times he gets press nineteen yet hold that there can be the threatened use from his job he him up and say that the people inhabiting lowland hall during him I visited the whole agreement he had been dead that they actually did a stone and granite nineteen Epicurean the city 's upholding anything that they did not just take some small related content item at him they were trying to tell him an enema present time but they only do you not thinking he was dead so that time they don't memento they can then him feel one day and then in the fall growing leave the point of death dull and increasing the gospel and they drag you not thinking he is dead and then how they identify both still ignoring the body he rose and came into the city and the next day he departed with us today and when they see the gospel to that baby not being taught something reading about somebody was kind of reminds you that to anyone that there may think the gospel and event planning the next day then you have a neck date yet I think that being a bad ruling from the zoning to get to the next day guess minute billing thinking that not all is that volatility is blown in the mathematical life don't it just yesterday yet if you have bleeding probably if he had in front of any of writing but that was not enough to stop him freaking the gospel yet the man who was ready to die done me in my care only a few minor I will be keep on preaching the gospel yet the man was ready to die mighty King Junior and code again if the man might not find something that you will die for is not fit to live at five and then my evening emotional than ready upon it died for the cause of Christ he was beheaded and Paul doesn't standalone many of the evidence that will suffer the same fate Andrew the broad Peter treatment agent it was Iraq that could decide on a Christ's use and the ways in which they can see in the ground may not even affect the skin my dear don't think that what freaking very tiny baby live the gospel arrive in Canada with all in that if you cannot supposedly had done all the street diagnosis treatment and we intend their others and are more recent history David Livingstone died leaving me is in the missing photographic having given his life and he you to bring the Gospels I reached people groups enough in nineteen fifty six Jim Alea and his missionary friend died in a jungle of Ecuador you know how they died they had gone back trying to bring the gospel the hostile Indians tribe and it would be a death in the year is light enough via there was fear to death by that same tribe people who are ready to die and we think that these that ancient example of the negative of that happening today you him but I'm missing anything impact them in kind of an acronym inspired missionaries are claiming advent of Christ today impact on the Mexican mission last year to year the going two thousand and nine Novak now the value one of them it was written all areas ever completely and dexterity and if the kind of place I cannot even count on their you know a lot about forty eight hours do it about it and get on the base the gospel on top of that walking do it in Valley delegates that I've got your snakes and crocodiles at the cross the river together and on top of that they do in English and open at night not noting that wake up the next morning when he yeah he might like me and just like you are directing their lives to bring the conflict environment money thirty they couldn't have died and are living to go anyway and I may tell you about the impact you in two thousand and ten alone it is dedicated missionary who went out of the second century administration via at least two thousand five hundred people have been baptized I don't think you certainly do I see that a man with seal week suicide than five hundred thousand we need for it will allow why do they stop at nothing thank God nothing if it means risking their lives they're willing to go they stopped at nothing anything about these monuments if you let Paul Stephen Peter is but it is evident talking about an impact on the their human beings just like us they could attend that they could have given up when the threat of death became very real at any rate he could die recent monograph fund of the voice that matters has this for a fine fixation to say and now you're really busy not likely reciting the free but only that be easy ready to die for the things they believe I'm not the things we say and sing and write up on the things they believe I think that we are ready to die for in simpler times is when ready to die for Christ we don't believe in him if I'm not ready to die for him we do not believe in him downloads actual combat aircraft the generation templates files you want to share with you that kind of follow life that Christ is acquiesced in the morning right revelations on me than anything different his wife and me Cox is the essence of with you people aren't what they live for revelations father married their ninety fifth Congress eleven in the pilot phase envisions Fontana and I heard a loud voice saying in heaven knowledge comes salvation and strength nineteen am a lot vitamin I get his mind rendering is passing on which I seen them before our God day and night and they are electing him and him him around and by the weight of it has been many and these are not there alive and stupid it happened that very they do not I'm a death that is you and me that the people in right angle was to be a part of their lives it was something of a lab more than their life and that was crazy they did not live their lives and that is death if what is it that is what it took it will really and so yes we must be ready to die and you know we talked of ideas on Friday morning this mindset of sitting to be a slave of God the other half and do lots of medicine lifetime commitment what is it what you come in and and you say it's getting to be a slave if you do not feel that you have a half of the coin and visited a hot apartment this morning then yes it must be ready to die but you cannot simply listen for this very closely you can not die for something that you have not been there for idiotic that was wicked is that young top of that yes politically dicey willing to die for Christ but if we have not learned to live for Jesus we can night I think either we can have diabetes him I see how this has taken half minutes p.m. on life in acts twenty twenty web quality sticking out of the FFS if it is at times being them and had a message of one hundred proof by them you think to them and in reading and hearing and make money to enact twenty and now people I got bogged in this area and safety within them not letting them think that's solid befalls me there saying it goes witnessed something and reached eighty eight lead on an offensive by me but none of these things move me need not confine my life dear unto myself that I might finish my course with joy and the minutes it had received at the Lloyd Steve that I can't help all the grace of God and Paul is saying here that I'm going back and I know that I think his advice in the advent twenty fourth save in nine of these things move me yet Amanda was expecting one benefit that you think I'm not even move not want him either that means he's not even affected not even worried in the Newsnight and move why it if you can't not elect you and himself there is one thing and one thing only that Paul config dear and that was the ministry that cause the name of the nineteenth if he had think she was between finishing the minutes effects given him and preserving in July followed to the ministry he designed what I think the biggest bandwidth I can't not my life here and you South or not my life here and see myself if I was ready to die for Jesus by Paula stated that he says anything that if I get hit with morning Birmingham Jesus I think that every time to be at any of those twenty five how many of us that everything got admitted that Jesus had been and still be up right that is according you cannot diet thinking that if you have not learned and then I him and him alone he had a faithful in their leaves is faithful also in much many in last place I run see that now and then we think that one day great day of child kind will at least have them Morrow Christ did die an exception method exception how can you think you can dive to see that if you don't even community have to spend anything out with him every morning devotions how evening and I think either when you are not human enough to walk away from the Downing thing that I felt thankful to him since then and I'm not what I think he that hello currently thinking back to him when you allow cleaning up the back to yourself every day how can we die when him friend when we don't you think hair about those carries the Philippine guide for how can we do right by him dying to see that begins with sending thank you that they think that Jesus it's something is worth dying for it must be worth living for that's not what I put into thinking that we can beat my dad could see this done in a unique act twenty in new Meetup hot ministry and then we'll is allowed to use us keep from you invent twenty that he cannot not ask the fact being that profitable and to you but executing events much you publicly and from house to house testifying what the Jews invented me he had in mind will let you see that as he got on and it's happening how do you invest twenty six and twenty seven twenty six I think it zero quite this day that she often the blood of all men by have-nots John did a great and see you all the console of God that anyone via the wives and remember about it faith of UEFA is not warned everyone at night and date with EA yet a growing matter fear in his eyes warning people to think Jesus he manual that a diva that night God an online map are led away England matter of fact here at twenty one twenty one anyhow Paul continues on the word right my reason for living including the NYSE May twenty one Eileen there is a very simple very and I know I need taken posting your wallet in your face with state offense it is the rule to live by food against one twenty one days I leave there fighting me to live is Christ and to die include on that statement and keep pondering Suzanne Christ and to die is gain yet no other reason for living beyond season moving a crazy and have you think about lighting and then is Christ when he gets enough pointing at experience when everything you do if all one great object everything you do is someone perfect and one purpose only in mind and matter of fact Fred I want to submit few this morning that for you and for me at present it at many young people we had neither reasons in this don't look very against them out amazingly hot states this incident Corinthians chapter five him a series effective interface and have you even have it with me second transient chapter five and a lengthy redress fourteen and fifteen Audi there the Bible explains entrance and five ten sixteen flood a lot of Christ Christina because we've got guys that if one died for all men with all that and that he died for all that they would student forth in that I did and found that the human guide for them and rose again is a alive take a break the team again he died for all that those who live should not alone to live and view of themselves but I think gambling guide for them and rose again in primary reason incorrectly this verse seems to say very clearly that he died to give as a kneeling reason for their he died while all that where the flow with it if the hour that not ultimately find him who died and rose again that when he died to save it yes biography given a new reasons and then before we make five found and not if we believe that people get resurrection went to live by him and him alone in a menu must visit as he did deny Christ and we think how could Peter do that and yet when I submit you this morning that if we go through the him they any have no reason as in Christ that a acting Niceville of Christ's death and resurrection because Jesus died that we might have a new reason for this enlistment him and him alone and when I say let the Christ come not saying that all of us need to quit what we do and went the full ten minutes you know gotten a call but to do that but for the rest of us that means they are increasingly doing and make the link do in life mine before Christ and Christ alone don't look if you get a degree and get those perfect eighth yes like hot excelling at those eighth at use eight full Christ event domestically done by the West distant and hatred and that promoted yet what cried the accident employee but you get accident for Christ delivered quickly in the Indian example to make Israel for you I felt it was I went the heart rate people place you on a pedestal all hot arguments before my end of the second is that the people have a hard pregnant and maybe write it so I don't know I get my plaintiff morning God is no a wreath at the apartment degrees he is not expect that white fabric to God he got his weight down I thought if I can't have a purpose of know nothing of that God when I get to heaven God is not going to Canada that wins in heartbreak at the water table data analysis SOC thought hobbit graduates absolutely not the only reason clearly the only way the only reason my heart my education will not air any ten eighty it when I get things happen I can save father because I went to hot again our best yet other people that came in the kingdom because of my time at Harvard friend that I liked it about that but like you are ready to die and ready to live for Christ and Christ alone is no reason to live and did not worth anything permanent advantage from this foolish idea that we can live the ordinary lifestyle than twenty something friends and said and not on January when not only married people the seventh of those iPods that is not a statement and I want to read this in your hearing and hunting beauty hear every word of this page 45s he reminds us thing in a special session Seventh-day Adventists have been set in dialogue and watchmen and the like they arrived to them had been instructed the last morning by perishing world on them is signing one light from the light of God they have been given a weight of work of the most style them important the proclamation of the first second and third angular messages there is no way of so great importance that allows nothing out to absorb their attention do you understand why him why MSM they had Ms. Smith then God has given to you and it will go widely read this we've been cooperatively gotten given the last whining by pacing love to make this rockabilly person on this morning God has given to you the last whining for your classmates your perfect that you call and your neighborhood got has given you a work of the Microsoft them him quite know what great employment and then humans alike being an automatic you not going in there you can never be ordinary and worse yet when a lot enough ordinary people we don't need anymore of them with any animal I have a feeling that they had enough of them said they had been since I'm not ordinary we cannot go back to ordinary lifestyle nods when you have a work of such great importance not when God has given this message and wanting to a parenting world not writing it pains my heart that I think of my high dedicated Communists are a new book dedication and leadership Heidenreich and what they think deities painted communists and how come it gets up every morning and hear and breathe and move but one thing on the Internet communism and communism is not even a cause as far as and then yeah I think they add Memphis will actually have not a cause of the greatest clutch and again the mankind can feel the world and big vitamins that are meant to be upon that very reason why climb you to be my dedication and the absences reason nice for me and you is not about going to school and getting up and getting night and having babies building bank widens and that's in this life for life great objects if you go to school go to school to the everlasting gospel if you go to work at the wife advise the ever lasting gospel if you're married married to the ever lasting that's what life is about you are the seventh day and I think sometimes friends that this cause of God is everlasting Gospel it doesn't cause you must because we don't find it again what they had done to the heart of God I don't think we remember friends that God feels my pain right got your pain got to the pain of everything the present in this room that is the pain of everything the president and that is the face of the earth what do you think they can not been yet and have done to the heart of God are those of the eight hundred thousand people perished nevermind and finally I got from their pain things you must do that in the Holocaust and Doctor Payne and Romanelli 's reign and these happened that some kind I got that pain and yet I've been wanting to advance the height of my friends no fighting no lady year and put it and have a great con exhibit a modern vibe that nobody in government and twenty one painted like that picture of that medicine twenty one in riding a bike and when knitting you have been sending you are living you have anything you are an evidence when you want to read for Taliban and we then that God is sensitive that God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes to that shopping on my desk because I meet so that the Avenue Montaigne for the moment things are passed away can you leave them on inviting here any minute and of this country yet even a day when he will live away all the extra money I mean ERI to mankind Ms. Sand bed to put into how I can have a great impact in Haiti in nineteen and dry don't be to go to Alaska many think that plans to live for and any claims of the enemy claims allowed women missing all how I live even though I made and when he had gotten off the visiting for hospital in the claim for ECL a separate and cannot you see if I really do hardly anything to be reunited with them again because I from a distance is difficult if not and I think it out but we fail in God and when working as hard as we can to hasten the day of my reunion with God anything will claim on its way last time you would see them as he sees it and if we love God we would stand his heart would feel that he feels approximately beam will fit and it constantly from the Clintonville home friends I miss how you something God has not called us to change the world that's a part of it but you know how it accepted seventeenth the battle they cannot be a plus attending their life upside down for its even deeper than that because God is calling on and the world to get what I said ninety twenty four fourteen and this gospel of the kingdom shall be free in all dialogue as a witness on LinkedIn and then the attitude 's outcome the preaching of the everlasting Gospel brings that world then in France with the new form in their high-octane with living for is that you actually go through life saying God and Samantha ordinary life when we have a walk and have awarded the most important country in the Pentagon would give us the benefit I got it give it sure and allowed him because it will not team friends willing to need to win some extreme mind after doing vandalism at the witness for Christ at the seven possible not to go to school do they added together fifteen and he said and number remind you to go to work it got been a good of everyone even if we have to but we even though we need a conference that we need when it's something to remind you when you let them the name and why you didn't remember any of them when I don't know how it can mutate and communicate beyond get a we can not go back to ordinary life that comes easy way to move and inspire in remains Italian I fear some of us will go back in this go back to life as if that is what it is get up in the morning yet it works you go to school you come back to sleep DEQ may not be our experience may not be our experience if not turning back because cutting back is not an option because turning back is actually thought if we're not turning back we might as well go all the way if I'm not glancing back with my head up without hands of the plow and go all the way review and Herald July twenty first eighteen ninety six big grades on barring of the Spirit of God with your life for example a parent with his glory will not I sincerely have an engine light for people that know by the areas what it means to be lame dress together with God when we have in five yeah all Friday cries that crazy all cried God will recognize the fact buying out for remote teeth we thought may say that this can not be one of the I was having serious I'm not laboring together with God web training for he is buried to be deployed on and she reminds us that it will not happen as it would have been higher cold Friday climbed the recent service of lack of entire consecration in delaying the very thing that a work training for the party finances and I think friends it's it's time isn't it time for us to live for Christ and Christ alone is the fourth phone line the great object we cannot be long enough to drag our feet long and maybe get the point where even if they are beautifully finished this way our guides will eagerly finished six I mean if I had time to be healed by some of the other life not doing and living in obtaining the unlike Kenya and I've gotten out I find that I are you yeah conversely very no hair and the Italian people like crimson AVI seventy nine ninety big deal I even had me off my husband my husband is wrong what would North America be within actual army of my husband not Congress attending an army one of the Woodland and meet and mobilize them even on leave then went to all the world with injuries will North American be if one already died and the head me know I'm even getting their diaper I knew there are a it was my idea is in and breathing moron can we intend that he is not going back on we cannot point you learn not only in one nine nine Amy Leo but I'm afraid of making the p.m. connected at one point gap will respond what I hear anything new lately with me crazy and will gore in January will be financed acutely by the second mind where half feeding method bacteria and if I wanted to free this morning I went to defray anything that can thought Lelia could give a clue how to bring him for him I don't keep an eye everything a few went the lamb of God and when they had the rating is an indictment on top of God and keep on digging up my anatomy I am then not coming he would die on the ninth two thousand and eight when going through in life that can regulate the employment when unwavering ally delete when the meal was amazing that in the way to give out loud for him when he asked him to give it he buried his head in my hands and let me know and find somebody next to you and raise and train and see fungi you can for him but back to help you be ready to live me and guide quality traffic girl it turns out there the idea being your last name of my battery I began to privately nearly quarrying mining the foregoing we had at the movies that this morning with him threatening storm I thank you given us life online there even is an excellent and never will have the right silently as they sleep that night helpful federally I cried because I'm selling it I know to allow him make you a man moving related to nearly had fatal and not let at rest that Ewing and when you go to live a life loving the new live life witness singling you a cake and you and me and I even need but if you are bilingual and then I arrived in time for you are clinically trained in the intervening in a business was used to make UNC Foreign Ministry sent me as she went CCC inspired young people in my time these rising very download and print 's other resources like this you've been blessed making lazy and donate this is nice when done them no GUI see when done with also reaches you mail box seven eight six Harbor Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you can't share please attribute this recording device every as in my resale and alteration in his


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