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For Life: Balancing Commitment and the Cares of Life

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • December 31, 2010
    3:45 PM
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him him for this message was present at the KY scene two thousand ten no turning back on Baltimore Maryland brother resources like this visit us online GUI see whether or the art of a life we are thankful father for the fact that we don't deserve to be went where the and our lives are filled with broken promises and commitments made to you in this very place of prayer that up in broken time and time again and so we are praying more that do this man who was about dust in your site that you would teach us how to maintain commitment to Jesus how to know him to encounter him and yet to continue to have personal contact with Christ as we leave this place we thank you father for the opportunity and privilege that it is to study your word and now we pray for your Holy Spirit that he would go from heart to heart and from mind to mind impressing upon the soul the truth that it may have a sanctifying power over our lives is our prayer in Jesus name amen the adjuster 's a little bit pulling out some unsecured loans so little better when I start talking your get allowed some time so all right slaves of God our seminars entitled to I die want to stay dedicated to Jesus till we die and I made an appeal led UIC last year in my final morning devotional message that we would either finish Jesus 's work in this generation or die trying in order to do that that means we must know the science of how to maintain commitment to Christ so I think from this particular seminar today the attitude must first begin with a sense of it must first begin with an understanding of identity so let's start talking about slaves of God a New Testament metaphor for total devotion to Christ so now we live in a generation where there is a problem of commitments did you know that you don't nowadays I was canvassing on I was knocking on some doors in a very moral rural rural area in Michigan it was like two houses per street there were more naps on the street then there were holds and I came to this one home is couple that was from Germany and as we began to dialogue a man and a woman stepped out and we began to talk about the books that I was sharing with them and immediately I thought you know try to be a good canvasser okay so she looks on a relationship that maybe this these books and be good for family worship time as husband and wife now I assume immediately they look at me this why were not married all case oh God suggests you know interested one another said no were just partners partners you know I think of partners as you know McDonald's our nerd with supposedly you know why she partnered with it all amazing facts College of evangelists at the partnership but now there is this attitude in this mood and and and I was about seven years ago that I had that conversation not as a morning society says what's the point is getting married now you have thought it all data painted Wilson at eight open relationship once you know Jesus doesn't want to open relationship with and as we understand that at the very heart of Christianity at the very heart of what it means to follow Christ is commitment in fact commitment is the test of the site which we have a problem of commitment we are a generation that likes options were afraid to commit to something because we don't were not sure if we may still want something else when I thought about that tomorrow the paradox of choice some of us think the more freedom I have the happier I will be yet scientific studies have shown that the more options a person has the less satisfied they are with the decision that they make this is the double strategy with pluralism give you fifty hundred different cards of Christianity to choose from and people become so overwhelmed with choices what is the argument you always here I can't believe there's just one way why why do you say that the Baptists are wrong more these people are Robin churches are fighting churches and denominations of fighting denominations is where generation I like options you know we like to have the option of getting wireless on a cell phone or not I may not shut it on as it drains my battery but I like to have the option when I come to the hotel and have the option of you know do you want to double beds would you like just one large king-sized as what I have the the website options as a result of that that leaves us into a state of paralysis and a fear of commitment because if I commit I'm restricting my freedom later on in business we call this opportunity cost one word of a different opportunity costs and opportunity costs it is a reminder economics that is soon as you say yes the one thing you automatically lost the other is always the opportunity cost is what you could've had had made a different choice that was the cost of making this choice so let's listen this book is in the cards of that young people like to talk about relationships as soon as you choose to get into a relationship with one person the opportunity costs are all the other single women that still exist from I said have mercy now when you think about that this is where some of us as guys were afraid to commit because when we meet a girl was a little prettier one of the girls a little more spiritual what if we meet our young lady that's a little more evangelistic maybe she's pretty strong evangelistic season so what I call a man I made a choice to soon you know those are people who end up never getting married and by the time they get married still not satisfied too many options she back in the day we do have options amen options there was no Internet dating it wasn't as you know whatever the Avenue 's relationship website is visible on a singles cruise it did not exist so now are going to the Bahamas you know she looks good with to make in the background and easy-to-follow love on a tropical island we have options but it may be actually hurting us and thus leading us into a paralysis in a problem of commitment even in marriage and relationships now you have people who when they get married it really doesn't mean much I'm sure if I took a pole in the survey in this room how many lives have been impacted by divorce it will be more than half the egg I want you to understand something if you've ever been affected by divorce my mother has been remarried three times my father twice the breakdown as to why all that pain came into your life was simply a failure to maintain commitment and you understand now why God hates the guy will never divorce you only give you a quick snippet when you look in the life of Jesus is one interesting fact that you find Jesus never walks away from one person in the Gospels everyone who leaves Jesus is because they left him the rich young ruler Jesus thought right there it was he went away sorrowful the Pharisees came Jesus they leave them they walked away the man who brought the woman caught in adultery they walked away guess who state the woman caught in adultery guess which changed the woman who's been the one who was willing to maintain commitment as a result of this was right some of us even in our early relationships you know you people are thirteen years old is gone with him you know I just broken with my girlfriend although you thirteen and he started found all the issues you know we are communication was that him and your communication what you have a great vocabulary things is that a workout she says some things on Facebook I did like in one thing led to another and I'm sure those of us on Facebook understand when talking about person makes a very bad comment one person responded another person responded that you went from three comments the fifty four and his actual Facebook argument in attendance private messages and that's when it gets really ugly helpless Lord should thirteen years old talk about communication problems but really what he's doing is he's practicing divorce and I can tell you not having grown up in the church I understand starting years old would have to help me was dating this girl was sixteen don't ask any questions just be thankful that the Lord found me and him thirteen years old making it on the coolest thing that ever happened to Chicago because my girlfriend is three years older than me and she was about three feet taller than me to the fifth but as I think about all the relationships I went through before finally becoming increasingly recognizing the biblical understanding of marriage which otherwise is when the divine principles are recognized and practiced in this relationship marriage the blessing it restrains the evil of the fine but when the devil has you growing up being trained to break commitments get a girlfriend like that she was cute you like there whatever the case may be and then all of a sudden when the real commitment comes in campaign so do you learn the lesson I remember bright yellow smile with a girlfriend when I was nineteen and as we're talking on the phone you know conversations that's escalating escalating escalating in a cancer that that that little awkward silence I written the Whitney and everything in my mind I guess so as you want honest and wine I said to her Lord forgive me a shout I don't need a girlfriend for stress this is a voluntary choice so if I keep you in my life and this is stressing me out on bringing stressed into my own life monitor now that's true is not trying for Christian and I'm not endorsing it when we go on recording and see that but at the time that was the mentality commitments can be easily made and easily broke this little picture I found success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let see this little cat you know some of you like at some allergic to the pitcher since the seminar we find in the Christian life that is not how you begin the Christian life it's how you finish we like they are a powerful testimony but it's not about how he started its how he finished not affect its if you finish with the seminars about I think about it all the time Sebastian intercooled cares if you have a powerful testimony who cares of this is all the more orchestrated things to bring you into the church if you don't make it to having it only makes it greater more sorrowful to think of the marvelous things that God is not in your life and you still don't make because it's not how you start the Christian life it's how you finish and if you fetch time with me goodbye posted the book of Matthew chapter twenty four short Matthew chapter twenty four when you their statement could not does have mercy on Walt Disney the yes no no okay and adjust the volume on the evening yes without any problems you will thinking in my mind all right check check check Matthew chapter twenty four Matthew is moving the New Testament twenty fourth chapter and these are some of this on in time as we find Jesus so now deceptively what an element of the life of me something very interesting the Bible says in verse twelve and because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold now I'm in which he is a word used in the Bible to represent repeating intentional sin is never the same the question about not missing antiquity is a constant since Levine this is like taking us back to the things on the wall that every imagination of nice thoughts were only evil continually gotten it so he says because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold loneliness roll it'll eventually become pulled a knife through his people sin against you the harder it is for you I know I live in Boston I moved to Boston and Michigan are thinking you know is the usual way are you doing on the streets of Boston although unlocking on the street you know it was Michael visiting from the country and I was really moving into the city asked the young lady walking on the streets was in Cambridge and I said hello are you as you is just a army kept walking I said okay I will got readiness to discuss that while talking to have ever been so Herzog innovating was just person event that the sunshine someone else on the bus and subway prisons is looking not often sitting on the subway he said hello how are you the person does not respond and continues to get you into your stop the what was once the home and recognize this is not and why that is so far only because another five minutes on once he wasn't treated to what made is assumed to Boston people in the same thing over and much of us we live our lives I will fear of pain or is on the Bible says because iniquity shall abound the love of many will notice the first of these in connection to the previous birth this is what he got shower into Clinton ally in the same shopping what there is no one who will enter the proceedings in the last days did not influence the ability to maintain commitment and spine of a negligence abuse in a world that was lacking in brothers and sisters this first when you lose everything seems like mother was never there for me emotionally no excuse the same shall sometimes we may have to endure a decent mother and stepfather about insisted that his jealous coworker that are interested in our benefits service members behind our back is not contingent on the little time many of you may want to come to my seminar with our individuals are it's like a life mission the bigger homes additionally women's not understand it is not visiting as many people as the medical and the Bible says in the last days the one quality that if I is the ability and those are the ones who is so the expectation of Jesus is that you can't look on her system which we believe based on science hereinafter reformulating in that time so if anything he's not remaining in the time of the science and autonomy in relating atomic endorsement of the parallel something we must not only study what Christ something we must not only practice but less than all possible problems difficulties compositions perplexities and broken relationships and say Jesus 's failure will cause the animals are still here tomorrow morning in the conference the other people in sound school voluntarily shared her heresies go through it all the boldness of a person is innocent in the Adventists who say the things that people say Oldcastle license lectures early in the same meeting we are criticizing the only reason why I'm not coming up in your face right now and that in doing this and thus my suspicion is because many of us have not studied and made it a priority is will my feeling distinct communities the word commitments is an obligation or duty that restricts what the freedom not to raise SS with freedom it would only make sense that were not too happy with the cause of a civil commitment and obligation to restrict freedom and only uses what all the time maybe some of the things informally with a St. Paul illness the proxy click on busy in our ministry operating on Switzerland whatever around December twenty ninth you know what was what's your schedule is sorry Hassan Pryor commitments something is on restricted my freedom guess what decision becomes really easy care making maybe you have any other means available are you with limits on the story on axioms in the stories of the spotlight I should probably concern all familiar with the surprised when my favorite books inscrutable top refresher you desire in your something that's enabling incident but you are leaving home well and safely without a console log out of your life is your promises and resolutions on the rules of said familiar familiar with the area reason is completing his life he is funnier because writing a right time with your family but will you come back and read the statement your promises and resolutions I like Rufus you can not will you cannot control your impulses you cannot control your affections the knowledge I broken promises and even Clinton's meetings are companies in your own sincerity I'll be speaking at what you just felt revisiting the same I thought you said you never go to your start questioning whether you're even convert that I really didn't change into my seat I think any in California last month any sense of that last year at here is stunning but now I made a commitment and you made an invitation to give meeting overseen out struggling with pornography in response to that appeal I believe that Jesus could give me of what will this has now been posted since I praise the Lord with Mrs. Weston when you if you do not refuse to go back to you you begin to question the instances over the second responses causes you to feel that God cannot accept mail anyone will enable gay brother sister Ginny reached immediately what is the will of Allah this is the only committed not all right again this week not doing so holding this week but maybe it exactly honorably in my devotions every day copyrighted information really and encourage informal the Bible does not hide the states of the tubes David Solomon Peter Paul you look at these and you understand something very paying up to Jesus and me within ten minutes you want to cry Blessed are you Peter Lord and I wanted across getting behind the mercy you just have nothing from Jesus don't you know that I feel needs Jesus is illegal brothers and sisters what happens when you come to that place in human messing up that week falling short on your spiritual permit me to the call a system he laughingly domiciles are you thinking of findings I conspiracy all in all the problem is that you are surviving worthy because her nipples Wisconsin's righteousness by works you think I called unity sounds good because if so spirit eventually causing the presets out of because I was so specially on point at that time you know God likes to use those moments for us in the reason this is because there is no danger you think illegally to yourself not one ounce of it is when you come down like I was blessed are you thinking of minus one have mercy and I hope all analysts on average one time I felt so distant from the Lord I went in my room and I just keep right after church locked the door turn off myself well that certainly was allowable and my line of thinking for myself you have no idea talking been where the right seminar the Bible doesn't find the mistakes of the it shows that God uses faulty failing bumbling but you know why he continues to use them as the committee they go nowhere unwillingly not because I feel worthy but because you asked that's where we get into what it means to be asleep of God now what's the importance of this cause of the slave of God Doctor Joseph posted nineteen eighty one see little too active okay I is vice versa we always make fun of my hands as the life of a psychopath my body is when someone was knocking things down solid 20th-century this is what he says in twentieth century Christianity we have replaced the expression of total surrender with the word commitment and slave with service when there is an important difference a servant give service to someone but a slave belongs to some recommit ourselves to do something but when we surround ourselves the sunlight we give ourselves up the Madden when he would go to leave as he would say can you introduce me as Doctor Joseph Poston a slave of God and this was because of the NIV translation back in the nineteen seventies they were looking through how to translate the words in the Bible and when they came across this word of another look at it a little bit one of the work the Greek word is due to loss things that were doing loss and a notice that according to Greek literature and other ways that it's used the word actually means slave but because of the stigma of the words slowly you know you want to be a sleeve of God this is like talking about in a filling of the Holy Spirit as being possessed by the Holy Spirit Gunderson when I meet weaving a possession you don't think the spirit of God amen estimate a strong agreement with soaking maybe some of them possessed by thumbnails you don't know me as I was being possessed by the Holy Spirit giving of yourself of being filled with the Holy Spirit by invitation I emptied myself so he would go around and challenge him right before he rings the party said many people will not introduce me as a sleep of God especially needing an African-American an understanding slavery in this country what if I got up and said introducing as a sleeve of Jesus Christ yeah you know brother Sebastian down in the south things are still a little touchy and you know as a Caucasian I wanted developing call you a slave slave was speaking this morning do you see him created but we don't want to interpret the word slave in the minds of the eighteenth century and nineteenth century history when interpreted in the mind of Paul Peter first century Christian now or of slavery in the New Testament of course explain what a metaphor is I don't assume anything so I have to go to this a metaphor is a figure of speech that describes one entity or realm of experience in terms ball rolled from another survey technical definition you'll have to memorize it but try to wrap your mind around it for a second leading to much for lunch now is the one example of this new moon was a gleaming coin that's a metaphor now the elements of what you would like to compare the mean to a gleaming coin is one the fact that they're both circular that the similarities another element is the fact that double shiny from the word doing and thirdly it's from the fact that the most long they needed more than really small in the sky like a gleaming I following me so far now what we don't mean is the fact that the movie as a means of currency or commerce are you understanding their side of things in the analogy in the comparison that do not apply to the comparison there's a hidden in our hymnal caught like water to the thirsty maybe you know that one of my favorites were actually first was released from a testimony activity about being in jail last year was the first song I sing when I walked outside like sunrise to the day so was my Lord my living with so was my loyalty like water to the thirsty my beauty to the eyes so when you when you have these cause of the findings that apply from the metaphor slavery and other studies that will not apply and that's one of both of that so we saw them only when required to both circular shining small now labeled by the first aspect of the metaphor in the New Testament is the fact that it suggests exclusive ownership by the master number one exclusive ownership by the Max I will expect to know these by the end of the seminar so don't walk off and leaving your brother shoulder number two total availability for the Masters use this is asleep when talking about number three complete dependence on the master notice there is a word that's in every one of them what word is a master so it's three aspects of the master but do you understand that the slave sees himself as a slave is a form of identity are you with you and make a commitment to his master are you understood is not like he came back which will look at in a moment when Ethan looked as a slave that's who I canvass that the fact the idea of leaving is not an option in my mind now for some it may be that the Naomi Masters but it suggests these briefings in the New Testament now what actually explore some of the verses that deal with what are the advantages of being a slave of God are you ready and hosting by the end of the seminar if you're willing ready all right the first great work you do not some Greek to me I know some of your life back into me and you're right K this work is doing all I need is the plural form of loss and and feel is what we call God a week to fields now you're ready so let's look at some verses that talk about slaves of God in the plural form in the Greek are items accepted to verse eighteen accepted two mercies enough to move fast to be flipping to many verses I didn't put them on the screen intentionally begin these people are people of the screen only I saw the first on the fifth light known as you see it in your mind a man you don't know what people are talking about you to check them out by the word amen acts two verse eighteen the Bible says and on my wife know what's in the learning slaves very good on my slaves the Bible says and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my spirits and a shower prophesied being all in a prophecy comes from Bible scholars will send what yes Phillips opted to now shows up in June this is a prophecy that was about talks about one of the verses we used to establish the spirit of prophecy the fact that you expect some prophetic workings in the last days I went on to get into that difference on what we're talking about Pentecost and Peter is explaining to them what is happening here at Pentecost and he says do you know what this is the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecy that in these days gone on his silly you can use a different word on his fillets he will pour out his Spirit people who are not slaves who are just people in a contractual relationship blessedness and I'll continue to serve our only goal of the mission fields where there's going to be some respect I only bought a mission field if they have a nice comfortable Hilton Hotel and beautiful beaches with me to visit Sabbath afternoon those are the only mission field I choose you are serving enormously assuming says I go over my master told me to go tonight because the mission field is comfortable why I went I don't get to choose where I serve notice of acceptance for verse twenty nine ask for verse twenty nine neither statement is only one page over surveillances have mercy ask for verse twenty nine the Bible says this and now Lord behold their imaginings and grant unto God what slaves are catching on quickly grandfather by slaves that with all boldness they may speak thy word noticed this is Peter and the apostles playing after they had just been beaten by the Sanhedrin for preaching the gospel and it came back and said when they saw the boldness of Peter and I want to follow the goal back and accept report analyzing it look at verse thirteen would accept a poor verse thirty the Bible says now when they saw the black eye candy they saw the boldness of the show that was involved in this action performers new Opera they are satisfying reading big comeback enigma anything will graduate your service boldness while he has been blessed enough a lot more boldness and he said no swings grant unto yours 's people were totally available for your use people who are completely owned by people who are completely dependent upon as a slave owner these individuals give possible someone we sauté until you receive the lot outside accepted based on Joel you receive the Holy Spirit here we see what is not being asked to give his slaves boldness I listened another one accept the sixteenth act sixteen verse seventeen acts sixteen or seventeen the Bible says the same this is not about a woman in verse sixteen that she went to prayer damsel possessed with the spirit of divination met us which brought her masters such gain by sluicing the same followed Paul and us and crying saying these men are the one slaves of the most high God would show unto us the one way of salvation notice he addresses them these are the slaves of the most high God can you imagine you read the Bible in use the word sleep seeds only times we read these verses and that is so thought I'd always had one salmon is brushed over but the Lord is actually three and hear the woman confessed by a demonic spirit these are not feelings of the most high God would show the way of salvation steamrolling school about revelation chapter one Revelation chapter one alleged a notice with the Revelation is written to when you say that the Bible says the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto him to show unto his slaves with the summer you arrive there the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave to him that Jesus to show unto his slaves that's in the book of Revelation is written but it gets a little deeper may be afraid of this when school into Revelation seven Revelation seven the Bible says here Revelation chapter seven inversely are you there and then hide the Bible says saying her knocking her neither lessee nor the trees till we have sealed this know what Holyfield in the last days slaves of God how serious is this video wonders the undergirding of commitment has been removed from you by the English word service and we may study in our churches got hit on the seal of God need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit link to reproduce the character of Jesus in our lives all these things are true but you must stop to understand a sense of identity who is sealed is the question who is able to stand when the lab comes they are not slaves on the those are the only ones that are sealed not people who are fans not supporters now people just attend in the back of the seminar with no Bible no intention of applying just going for a social reason slaves on the Angie Y C would be a completely different function it was full of slaves of God the messages wouldn't be radical enough in order to both of the next level we must start by changing our perspective of our relationship with Christ to recognize that how to maintain commitment starts with understanding you in making the commitments you were born I understand you know when everything else Lord I can freeze like it will help us Lord not just forgot my train of thought yes when you play sports I like to play tennis which I just started playing for the first time like eight months ago and I remember going you to score one time with one of my missionaries and what we're playing that is where wrapping up in the document 's mom and he was like holy Disney's want to practice with like okay no problem is not dozens will never see on a tennis court is handling like this in the Balkans that he so fast you have time to swing any second-largest envelope of the ball on McKinney to see the ball is a lot more out there is both of us versus him and him under the score lower out there trying to get all just give this guy gets a body to be there so he can practice his serves season people walking by you know little cage with the tennis court is and what was a lot like to see this guy just a synonymous constant along the boss is going on inevitable runaround collect all the balls go them back to him as he was walking by and it is even looking is watching is getting completely demolished and all you can see his work that and I just got home what I didn't realize people use that terminology so this is new terminology I guess in sports that when you gave me severely they say you just got owned my own yet he owns the on-off following but now understands what they're trying to say is you work for him you stand there while he practices him and you got owned so you are in the same sense brothers and sisters that are two hours contending were not a match for a in so you can either be owned by the devil or you think you can be owned by Jesus but we have to completely revolutionized our understanding of who we are we taking to a couple more text and then when I jumped to my conclusion not sure exactly how much time I have left but will it work with what I have let's go to the book of Galatians chapter one Galatians chapter one when you say that awesome Galatians chapter one when I look at verse ten Web verse one chapter one book is for you neighbor who may be asking what would you say what chapter the Bible says in verse that this is Paul talking for do I now persuade men or God or do I seek to please men for if I yet pleased men I should not be the slave of Christ in a live to please men you are not a slave of Christ now that means that life that becomes a division in the church there are people who lived in please note they're not slaves of and are people who live to please God and Paul says and I started focusing my life and I started focusing my energy my ministry what I do and what I don't do based on I love you this is an and doesn't qualify mom and dad are included young people they're not labeled law a man were not a slave of that some parents may think that is true I used to clean the house mica slate Cinderella was like my autobiography I this is how you feel sometimes as a slave of Jesus but the issue is not a slave of my boss he tells me I need to come in on Sunday am not your slave I will continue are you understanding you don't belong to the University of Massachusetts you don't belong to Southern Adventist University you don't belong to your grandmother you don't go to your pastor or your conference president there's only one person who bought you weren't redeemed with corruptible things as of silver and gold but by the blood that means because you are bought you are a is only two hundred people that are bought and sold slaves and prostitutes were not prostitutes amen slaves in the Bible know ye not that you were bought with a piece that you are not your own those eyes are not yours to watch whatever you want to watch on TV come on women to get into the specifics now my hands were not meant to advise her that way they're not there hence those want to listen to getting this person a net builder not just pizza while that we those are not your thoughts your mind listen to me completely all completely dependent and completely available for the Masters use the master tells his silly mobility a barn does you can come and say hey master you know I don't have a degree in carpentry or architecture the master will say I'd ask you if you have a degree I asked you to build a barn and Jesus says I wanted to go to total to be a missionary you don't say Lord I never preached before I ask you if you preach I asked him about the global and spread the gospel of the Lord tells you little sister I want to to go to this University and I want you to start a movement more on that later on and after viewing you are a slave of God this is not an issue of all contractual commitment is an identity in an understanding of who you are this also applies to trials and difficult some of us are weak and feeble in our ability to handle problems in civilization comes were not sure that what is in our favor the understanding you get damaged your his property are you with me there were there wasn't enough in the explain something to you I told you guys the story last of all my brother and my shoes hundred and sixty five dollars shoes out at the time that was expensive mechanization of the four hundred dollars now I can comprehend that is not pursue whose but the reason why I was so angry was because I bought I understand so when I buy something and I learned it to someone else I'm very concerned about how it's treated I understand the Bible out and buy a car on very concerned about how it's treated what kind of gas to put any what's driving it for an just the ways that you can get in an accident so immediately in all UK California Moscow as computing your driving abilities mean you you seem a little like a speeder hoping this is a good idea why could the risk knowledge to understand following IDs my only begotten son for you you think a little pushing and only upon giving him to let you go into a situation where government begins in our train too much to let you go down to some nonsense listen to me you can be walking the streets of Baltimore ten criminals are block dental expenses this is why not only would he not let something happen but he will caution you do not put what is so expensive to me in the way of danger why would you take what I spend so much money on it all in the family my aunt my aunt Judy has like a room that is only for guests the furniture was covered with plastic as the cabinet full of links that are only used for two holidays a year I don't like because she has set it aside for this purpose now do well in their think of Boca burger ketchup mustard and grab one of those plates and plop yourself down a living if you live him in an cumulative to tell the story she will usually say you know how much I paid for those plates are inter vivos plays AVG burgers on now that's a trivial example to try to establish something in our minds when Jesus looks at you he paid so much for you I want to track this with me if I pay so much for something it only could be used for something very very very important to make a statement from the design features it brings grief to the heart of God when we place a low estimate upon ourselves I will say that one more time it brings grief to the heart of God that we play such a low estimate upon ourselves what would make you think you only go to make Scripture reading when I sent my only begotten son for you are you finally what I'm saying it we were not expensive now you with the right of my cozy intimate and Neiman Marcus are one of these expensive stores in Saks fifth Avenue whatever they do whatever the cause I can't even step foot in my cost money just while the North but according to the walk in the door in the first rack are the socks and discards not remember going with my mom and me in my buses were looking for while these are some nice functional we just let me know about your norms of their stuff was not nice I'll be soft on when I get us to get the socks whatever whatever flipped over the tag three hundred fifty dollars unlike in their massager and you are you understanding like inhumanely if I close our page related to get off the knee socks on way right now many of you don't even pray for you to repent to waste the money does not prop three hundred dollars for socks three hundred dollars as a missionary ticket to go somewhere are you understanding sweep the Angels think when they come to you when he turned you over to see price tag is the blood of Jesus what is the same company how can this be the sole expense there must be some use there must be something contained in it's not all brothers and sis and is not a joke brothers and sisters and it's not just wrong and wrong wrong language this is what I say the Lord sees a new something you do not give you her adjustments message last night Jesus did not consider heaven a place to be designed while you were not there got a process that I don't want to be happy if you're not there is not even desirable who cares on the glory if I can have and this is how he feels about his slaves Exodus twenty one was the prime don't ever say that the speaker to be up all night for nineteen items slightly over someone and you Exodus twenty one are you there I want you to notice this the Bible says in Exodus twenty one and verse two if thou buy a Hebrew servant now you know that's asleep six years he shall serve and in the seven seas shall go all three for nothing if he came in by himself he shall go out by himself if you are married then his wife shall go out with his master had given him a wife and she had borne him sons or daughters and the white and her children shall be her Masters and he shall go out by himself and if the servant shall plainly say nominal policy formal miscellany how does the approaches because he added that he could not pay and the way it worked in the Hebrew economy is the kind of you campaigning that are going to buy you for what you all in your served six years to pay off your debt I be great if you could do that for college that I be serving till I die to so you'll come and use army and we haven't called a sabbatical year in what is called sabbatical year and in the second year in your sleep you go offering only no matter what you understand you could be a bad slave you could be a good slave but this is how profitable and he says when it's time to go out whenever you gain while you are serving your Master belongs to your master are you with whatever he gained while serving his master belongs to his whenever he came in his WikiLeaks the Bible continues to say in verse five and an assignment shall plainly say I love my master noticed two of the lungs my wife was with you up my children I will not go out then his master shall bring him unto the judges and he shall also bring him to the door or onto the doorpost and his master shall bore his ear role within all and he shall serve him alone for a the Bible gives us an illustration we were purchased by Jesus your own by Christ whether you want to be are not your Washington now that the challenge comes in is the same point that this late constant and the point many times would you know what you can always leave Jesus you're always free to go now and the question is what nervously do what here's the stipulation whatever you gained in the service of the master belongs to him and so he says but if that servant says in his mind listen to these words I love my master first out of love for my master love for my wife love for my children I will not vote I would rather be asleep with my wife a sleeve with my children asleep with my next this is the place that I want to bring you to write it always frequently she's the only reason you should say is because I love him there was a study number thoughtlessly and will be the there is a study that showed that ninety six percent of American women eighty six percent of American men would not marry a every single quality they look for in the person if they do not love unless you think about this if you have every single quality eighty five percent off sale I will never marry why Kazaa loving even though the person has everything on paper now my suspicion is I can get up here and tell you the glories of Jesus on paper I can give you every single quality how can you not love Jesus he upholds all things hockey and I love you died for you he gave his life for you and him are hid all the treasures of knowledge and wisdom that was compared to Buddha compared to Mohammed does that make you want to stay know it won't even convince you to marry someone how much more someone you can see someone who doesn't give you a hug when you get someone who doesn't cook dinner for you Jesus could have been every single quality and some of us are sticking around because it's logical what make like condos that would world can we go you want me love is the only thing that endorse all things this is my story a gentleman was at the beach with his son a lot was at the beach with his son 's son loves that collect shells and while they were there so I start this at the beach as always Verizon Belgrade and the starfish and a son Connor ran out a little bit in it turned around to thought maybe my son 's little league is that it's okay son you can do this will get the start his son ran up a little bit farther than he came back son was wrong you can do it if anything even self son you can make it to school had wrapped the star official whose son with a third time he was right on top of the start didn't pick it up came back and why was walking back to you was his thinking as my Muslims interview went for the rest of his life never to be able to achieve any any pool the sun assignments wanted to get the starfish was wrongly afraid he said no so wanted to grab the starfish he says because I have shelves in my advances he learned a valuable lesson as a lesson that he had learned was when my son had already said yes to the shelves it never entered his mind to give up the shelves to pick up the stock in his mind I just can't do it as so before we continue in the morning this is the note I want to end on being a slave of God is coming to Jesus saying yes Lord and now that my hands are failed with Jesus some was okay go get this you look at your hands Re: how Christ I have one master and I love my next and I love my wife and I love my children and I love my church therefore I will not go out free of certain friend sleep over every head is about every eyes closed perhaps this afternoon the Lord is such a hot and you recognize you recognize that you'll been dealing with just the decisions but now you're ready to make a commitment not to Christ before particular identity if you are ready to say this morning this afternoon I'm ready to be a slave of God already missing this Hebrew slave as I reflect in my mind at this moment do I love my last therefore I completely belong to him I'm completely available for districts and I'm completely dependent upon your ready to say yes Lord might you expect as we put every head is about every icicles I'm ready to say yes Lord I am easily of God completely owned completely available completely dependent upon him heavenly father these children of God are standing with me this afternoon simply to say that this Hebrew city seeing that God pours out his spirit on his sleeves saying that God grants bull 's seeing that the revelation of Jesus Christ is given to Jesus to show unto his sleeves saying that those who will be sealed in the last days are slaves of God Lord we are making a decision to be slaves not because one of the sealed knot because we just want to receive your Holy Spirit not because where were just interested in appearing to be dedicated but because we love our next and even though we are free to go we choose the state dinosaur throughout the rest of this conference and throughout this night until we meet again in the morning to continue to study how to maintain commitment to Jesus Kumagai this is our prayer and we trust that shall help us to be our experience we ask in Jesus in their own list message was used by Chile seeing his voice diminishing his pain as she lay CCC inspired many young people I have a base price is very download or purchase other resources like this you been blessed thank you I see you donate this is why this is see when you also reaches him mail box seven eight six Ann Arbor Michigan eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you can share please attribute this recording is every keep in mind resale and alteration is


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