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For What End: The Goal of Controversy

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • January 1, 2011
    10:30 AM
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him him him this message is presented in this GUI scene two thousand ten no turning back on their brother resources like this visit us online GUI scene led to other things for having been with us a father if there had been anything ask you erase them from my mind and from everyone's mind a rectifying your own way Lord father just pray that in this point in history two thousand ten soon to be two thousand eleven tomorrow Lord we want to go home and we know there are many every day Earth issues that young people and old people go through especially inside your own church inside your own house father help us to clarify and rectify some reasons for the power the Holy Spirit Hopkinson Jesus came humbly in the third-party 's call for what end goal of controversy look at can 's of my concerns and liberals but fundamentalists and liberal of our relativists the two modern versions of of these things in our society today the first presentation was a a survey to church history the second presentation was a Bible sleep to what Jesus was going through this one is a sociological study on on the dynamics of us wanted to the process and if you want to leave by all means were welcome to this seminar is not for the beginner 's UIC or beginners of evidence this is a in-house context for some families have been for a while there is a need dissension within the church between liberals and conservatives we hope that my Michael is true some open dialogue can help heal some of the burned experiences that who may have had on our desire is not to promote one agenda but the other but allowed Jesus to be clearly seen in this a lot of the political issues and traditions are going on a separate on it it is not that that's not your cup of tea by all means please you can leave I will not steer you down and whatnot on there are a billion other seminars here that I think I'll be rather be going to this one but have to be here because I'm presenting but I can bless your hearts for being here as well and all the controversy in the age of globalization we are forced to interact with each other in two ways I'm using social ultra terms of receiving all the understand you what globalization means do mean the whole globe is becoming one I discover South Korea two days ago South Korea is living exactly like North America if not the same not exactly say because they're Green and Dave they look green in a speaker in lots of Thomas Friedman talks about the was becoming flat and now the world is essentially not different cultures but it is America and multiple Americom 's K different different economies of America around see you have America in India America in Korea America and Europe and America all over the world and everything essentially everyone is living like America now you know America's not number one one okay this upcoming generation is the first generation that will see death earlier than the previous generation the less educated goby unhealthier all our future is disbelief for us guys North America is on the dock and if you guys are pro- America I'm sorry that reality that China is is coming up and Titus Gary the Chinese are everywhere as a damage has restaurants are enrolled in an age of globalization this means that the world is becoming one and now that because there is more is more air travel is more at as of ideas through the Internet there's more homogenization going on there some problems that will occur because of all this one is relativism I as I spell is our yelp basically says you believe what you want to believe I believe what I want to believe we say the same things make sense to get all these other people coming from him from a highly metropolitan urban area razor heads take iffy if there's better streets in New York that has a Muslim carpenter on ones and the next Reuters was Puerto Rican grocery market next to him is a Chinese restaurant and asked him is a Korean new window onto a job center annexing him is a a you know yoga studio with you know you people whatever now we haven't before never had a problem right Koreans just handle Koreans live themselves out or he does have no blacks on the Blackwater the whites in the Whitewater stage in their corner the DD Argentina don't want to remind their hand by themselves but in an age of globalization everyone is just what mixing ink so are forced to interact with people we've never interacted before and after says Howard interact this person this person speaks Spanish and he worships Mary I speak Korean and I worship Buddha how do I interact with this person I don't know all one way is you believe what you want to believe I'll believe what I want to believe and what guess what were both exactly the same or both right K S relativist his fundamentalism at the other extreme basically saying I am right you are wrong and you better believe what I believe before quenching drink that's what Scott is happening fundamentalism takes into a extreme degree and he uses violence anger addressed methods are methods about controlling the other person because there's distance going in the Royal secularization theory this is a psychological term basically the theory back in the eighteen hundreds early nineteen hundreds that said now that rationale and logic and modernity is is is being throughout the world and science more and more religion will disappear people embrace science ill be the age and enlightenment will have will believe in him and dad and in any evidence and lot of this supernatural stuff will be eradicated or guess what happened in the nineteen fifties a sociologist Peter Berger says this is completely gone wrong with more modernity coming the human condition is I don't want more of this modernity on striving and yearning for something more spiritual in this spiritual rates the Pentecost the church has grown more in the genitive ever the Catholic Church is grown more Islamic denomination is growing on the New Age movement is growing the indigenous religions of the Third World are growing spirituality is all the more powerful now after science then before science is so secular they should improve wrong is more than his passion world modernity but has been proven not to secularize but it does floor lots Canadian look at what I mean by that and it is not removed God put it caused us to interact with plurality people what is pluralism it's multiple cultures committees religions situation was different ethnic or the just groups coexist under conditions of civic peace and inner interact with each other socially in this group here in this room here I'm assuming that the majority of us are seven date of stress is not sometimes were all Christians at least this group another some not have the search my seat we can use a certain window here yes haystacks I think if you're laughing we speak the same language if you're not laughing thinking what is a hey hey I imagine going to a a a football game portals and screaming out loud Al NY of what happened nothing know if their people know turnarounds in the you know that there was some doubt as a hidden Sabbath school quarterly I want on my brother alone woman died and collects data on Walla Walla are you going to tweet retweet what all part of this is community Day but in many weavings UIC and you go back to TSA in your airports what happens you're in a world of what non- seven p.m. to write and I think a disadvantage where we were to small communities we like coming to big advantages that we feel like for the first time where the majority of migrants coming out and all I don't to Jimmy over Jimmy I'm saying that if they take the minute you step out of this context out of this context eventually and vision it is a false kind of its it's like it's like when you explain it's like this in error racer and assault he put someone read in one of when it comes to your faith it very difficult explain right and then each young person today is news has to encounter the question is our religion right if it's right how do we intrepid people who want to write a quick sense of one discipline that we all have history may doubt popular it said that thinking was the same thing as doubting and by the way there some people who think this is true today Kate thinking is not doubting that some people that think you'll be sure as long as I'm critical of this that and I'm a smart person it is not smart you dispute his daughter Kate they basically are saying that nothing is certain that the system ties into a philosophy called scientism speaker science is not one of the weight not one of the ways of thinking the same but the only way of thinking and they exactly theorized and predicted the modern reason will kill faith passion will and who got the phosphor name Frederick Nietzsche coming from Irvine Katie Kamman says that now God is what is that were living on the job that the sepulchers of the divine objectivity certainty necessity meaning essence and being are all lot idols and science will remove all these things now incomes modernity and people thought McGarity is the ideal science will show everything will Dominic be flying flying cars will have little little transporters a little drum machine the title you want to materialize and ice cream and food enlightens me as a science escape Kate did that happen what did his majority created one of the worlds most things weapons called nuclear bomb of your list case we are forcing two thousand ten we are not the nuclear generation but there was a generation before us that was afraid of nuclear bombs all the time you see in the black-and-white movies where they said hey if there is a nuclear bomb coming and you high underneath your what your desk because your desk is made out of super super scientific alloy of the radiation cannot penetrate you be safe underneath his desk a B facetious here is what really it is not water right out of it no it's a regular wooden desk in this fooling the masses and it caused a certain fear of nuclear nuclear of the nation of illumination annihilation what happened after Bob Garrity is what postman to us many basically saying you know what can't really know for sure if we can know for sure why the box right no one has truth let's just cut a deal with an identity so what if it has one urbanization came in the realm of of of of science would happen is coming together and working together and brilliant cities became the big kid on the river missing refinance take within the seventh day of subculture urbanism is looked down upon by because we like the nature is where God communicates to us and rural living in and apps country living is is the ideal of migration and traveling is huge because the the increase of the transportation of airplanes and how many of you had traveled in the last six months using the point the authors seek to keep busy to help maybe fifty years ago this event possible he simply did not leave your home you live inside a house in Wheaton for your town and you grew up he worked at the mine or the factory in town he married the girl from the town and had kids in town and you died in down right now days you go to one job anyone Internet to get another job in the city note in the next date if you like Terry married a girl in Canada and then you have kids and in importer Rico and then you retire and Siberia hut he would do that I don't know there is high level of literacy in a illiteracy a literacy game maker reading it is amazing that people thought that the video to YouTube would kill all forms of of of literacy on until amended via the little Kindle came out and now it's the coolest things and reading document and kick and wanting more information in its making or more flat lastly there's more technology K phone radio movies TV computers and now you have cell phones that are all five listing the same time you call someone a watch TV in and listen to radio women in your paper on the phone is an okay what's happening in the church the church has to deal with modernity outhouse was happening in a portrait shopping right because now they get all the churches are online because you can travel to any of the church that you want to because everyone's driving each church has to be competitive in their own right to find out some convicts in each church access their marketing to people where this is not the case before you are allowed to go church shopping young people oriented church shopping cake this may be some of the day you move into a town so you want on the sea which hurts I like codirectors of the question it went before it I moved into a town called Belfast I'm going to go to the Belfast church because it is the only church in Belfast was now not take up Belfast Central Belfast Eastside Belfast North Side no angry Belfast churchyard and I have it there okay LSU 's church gave Belfast you know contemporary Belfast in medieval whatever it is and now instead of the lead team trying to go out and due to community work inserting an inconvenient active component the church now the clergy has to set the lathe lady come the lady can't even remotely right that's normal church people take clergy means the we are people who preach in front that the lady is commented that realizing what I was church shopping and I liked this church so I'm when membership year and now for me to stay here pastor you have to do stuff for me they serve me think what happens is instead of the priesthood of all believers out of pastor is now gone so catering to all the personal needs of all the church members take wrappings in the community goes down community nothing serves and is now the sole person serving the church think what happens is that the person is the media not met guess what they walk up and go to another church we can do more church shopping and compare in what way to shop around for the best experience for themselves in society becomes consumer driven what the member wants and not with a member what needs is a huge member want normal number needs number needs him there are mega- churches though popular in the nineties some of the markets are called Willow Creek Saddleback outdoors are like compound to words in only blue River rolling hills and in one update and these cottage churches have grown exponentially not because the truth 's sake not because of of of of whatever sake this is because they have what people what want and that's amazing that will creatures and ninety two or three years ago Canopus audience that after twenty years of this model we realize that our church members have not matured to progress in their spiritual ethanol it is maintained that his captain and Houston for all these years and of different ways to continue this to shop for morality to come to one church in the passage that something offensive or something Trish Trish Strong again on the street does it for me it was a morale that needs it take for happens is that people aren't being fed to just kind of going to a buffet of all ice cream and get fatter and fatter and fatter thank him to choose her own lifestyle and wellness accused of leaving to their ethnicity to go to one church in August of that too many white people the church was at me black people this one right here at many babies are screaming all-time investors estimate you know when it would order green people because my garlic whatever it is there and also now understand Nietzsche can choose your sexual identity Jane and there is a multiplicity of sexual identities we found from biblical precedent that there is only one sexual identity one-man one-woman call heterosexuality not as homosexuality there is multiple sexuality eaters sky grow grow grow that guy multiple and in guiding nonhuman and short of it we need to be sensitive with all these people go to Toronto Iran the results certainty becomes harder to achieve and there now becomes know what no assurance I want to just sink let us think this in your minimize for there is no thing as assurance I'm asking you today please think about this the common response more young people today is I don't want I don't know a wine because we've been accustomed to YouTube 's walk-through card said Kirk Gutenberg Hoa will replace the current day that we think about Madame Shannon Sosa socialization the factors of the nerve roots because of the reason I bring this up as this is I believe USM people are capable of thinking that these deeper issues coming instructing these issues because once you turn twenty years old we are we are adults in society 's eyes and we are on user used by God for his work at age thirty that Jesus was was is starting to get it restaurant take a position of leadership in church meant in the Third World the average age of the church members thirty years old deacons at age twenty and elders at age fifteen exaggerating but North America yet to be the minimum seven years old become an elder in and the funding facetious on sort Scotland welcomed that basically says we agree to disagree you cannot morally condemn what anything can the men and many of them anything you're now saying that you're judging me and you know what the number one bottle versus being bet that every American knows it is not done for sixty K Johnson sixteen people don't even know John three sixteen now the thing is assigned the people put up football teams Kate and unwanted governmental bodies is is the corner desire to run on the list it is Matthew chapter seven verse one okay but don't judge me don't judge me don't judge me fundamentalism is basically says you just don't get it produces you resolvable conflict with those who do not share its beliefs basically Peter Berger who is the most famous of scholars are now into this in alley and every relativist there is a what about to be born and every fundamentalist there is a relative 's wedding to be liberated Belton this spring if you bring some form of moral outrage than they become what a console instinct is to the relativism that you want there is no more truth anemones fine the mapping is a moral outrage okay what everything is okay for me to scrape your baby more after I raped out you'd think something is outrageously disgusting and from that person like whoa that's wrong while that's wrong between the become a lot a fundamentalist fundamentalist to bring in some form moral failure they become what relatives came for Melissa like this is right this is right this is Ryan's a mule what about this situation it's not right anymore the whole system without missing to the other side and there is no moral truth were the other side down on paying this picture because it's like how this would be talking pendulum swings back Becky swung back and forth this is happening in the realm here both are reactions to begin on a minimalist number one they attempt to restore or create a new taking for granted body beliefs and values case because living in modernity and if so much as all the stuff going on take some of you like this I'm a view of the resilience is it a first review I see in you an auditorium their seven thousand young Symbian we never seven thousand people before and you can free download who they're all happy this will be is a freaking out to the fundamentalist freaks out to this and there's all these ideas there is good is amended as Muslims and there's there's there's theism and atheism atheism agnosticism and panted Nancy is another God step that said I go to create my own world for myself they're always what reactive the variable type up a little later they are inclined towards intolerance and then unbelieving is a threat so we can eliminate the threat of all nonbelievers there is also secular fundamentalism which believes that God does not exist in a boating is absolutely to push it on others take it off for individuals called for horsemen of Apocalypse are going around yet over they are Richard Dawkins Hitchens yes I do for them the snow summer they are looking for certainty doubt suppressed communication must be controlled and there we creating what it can be greeting reality in some versions of this are Asian communism as agent nine hundred years ago and radical Islam are some versions of this their intolerant to other religions they are a reaction to the world to modernity to fragmented nation organization and relative position reaction against higher criticism we talked about that holiday and the word fundamentalist comes from axial Christian context the nineteen hundreds when the world was about being World War II was coming about some Christian Protestants came together and Susan what we got fight against liberalism we got to go back to the fundamentals is in hate what is the that the core of our beliefs is it we got a hang onto this and he started the fundamentalist then their reactionary and fundamentalists are not the original but they claim to be the original but at best PR defendant family resemblances to the original had a very strong culture and their unattractive and in practical came to have such high standards and the turning forces on everyone that lands of visiting the unattractive they need external threats this is what happens upon a mentalism they need someone else to bounce off take the bill never walk into a room same thing they just walk in Germany look like memory time you were taught your skirts too long here it's too short your glasses are too thick a Google around and they need to attack something in place values on other people if the others if there is not enough to react against is what happens they are doing they need liberals anyone any liberals take they are the sole existence is to attack liberals think what happens is as if there are no liberals don't find the most liberal of conservative start attacking them in they target enemies and they have a mode of resentment and what bitterness and now it is this that is a heart problem I believe is a heart problem they been burned by one side and instead of allowing Jesus to heal that burned for a baby keep it down and or and in a convert with that that that the search for truth and the preaching of truth how meager familiar with individuals that may have some these components in their lives and is very very dangerous they are anti- creative and high art and high embarking on new ground there are enough fear mode and if you have written if you ever decide to like go on something like hey can we try some no I can't draw picture no all and all about meaning assurance we need certainty and it's about retracting back and back and back back back I think the dissent with everything some fundamentalist movements in history auto hobby move in the Middle East feeders India Libya Hinduism there's versions of that Islam and ninety six his was a hard-core version of Catholicism in the Third World on the mentalism is on the increase the fundamental score space he says the research of certain industry thinks in all this is automated or easy greetings ontology epistemology and he reality ontology -based space we says I am an epistemology is on I want no genealogist it will happen this is what the folks not the core this is I am a human being I am a man and I'm a Christian I know absolute truth Jesus will come case studies is that at all I will but is it possible in the search for certainty you can overdo it and you can feel the person next to you try to be so certain about it you're so insecure because you have certain needs the minute someone else makes you pass has some uncertainty you illuminate them from your lives in some dangerous relativism basically says that all religions are what true cake the emergent movement today is a modern version question version of Christian relativism subjectivity and dispositive of the philosophy of truth beauty and good basically is there any truth no you determine your own truth is anything beautiful that was beautiful known us is anything good ever determines their own good answer from writing a baby there's there's there's there's some version of good that has to be there somewhere think until we culture and by week I don't mean that it's it's it's by week I mean it's it's it's heart it hard to keep together a environmentalism is so strong that just this year is together relevant bits is a fluid that if you leave it's okay you're you're you're okay because the weather here here they are saying anywhere if you wanted to go and buy it there's no ethics Disney notion on how to live because I live this way they look that way it's the same anyway so what Wyman Wyman talk about whining whining teacher there are no values take there is not funding it better than the other it were with all the same it's all in this this this Glock a group of of wickedness there is no future and now is this tomorrow tomorrow yesterday tomorrow is today being yesterday the mapping is not better anyway in a different because were all the same and an smile if this is all mixed together there is no motive for action fixed hay guys let's do something now why not better than now is this the fund-raising okay okay yeah it is GD flatline everything is what and nothing is this is probably the last two sentences because of everything is not true then is that statement true what I think is part of everything is anathema to the nets that must be fought with its fault everything is true just keep thinking about enough and you might get it simulate breakfast okay both of the two different dangers secular humanism is coming into the church and basically now there are dozens generation answer saying why do we have to argue about things in the church yes I leave that church board or elders find the church discouraged about the hardware setup color carpet I'm talking about you hard-core issues there is a generation that same ignore I don't want to fight anymore I don't like the mom in a fight to stop fighting can we all get along can't we just all get along a highly good from the generation he removed us from Kate just only some of us shows my age secular humanism is coming to church nearly benefiting the MSM in if this people go to church church is not about truth any more terms is not about a proclaiming the gospel evangelism it's just about helping children just about love us to sit here and in love with Jonathan of individual behavior of seventh and go home now you receive your daily dose of luck that the Catholic Church been reduced to take were still afraid of saying anything right I am in Munich are you sure human being I don't agreement be left at about half own so great I don't know of a human being does not benefit the units and the church James Weinstein says I am and I know for sure the other thing that I don't renew and I'm not going to say that this is possible yes if you guys agree with the abridgment of the gospel Claymore systems is more influenced three-part by Graham Maxwell saying that all we need do is is what is love cake the gospel is about loving each other and in the end everyone will be saved anyway there will be no one how can God with the God of love destroying one and all the passes for the public destruction and judgment and condemnation and annihilation are just analogies of of how God might react or as a and and as an illustration of what could happen but that's not what happened everyone will be saved so while we're on the serve assist Conseil advocates Hugo King loss of cosmological consensus Jesus Christ resurrection in the century basically there's a sink drain having who cares what does that have to do with me on this one good church shopping and just have my ice cream in my pew and drink some coffee with decaffeinated caffeinated don't care anymore because all relative and was just hang out and listen to some sound Christian heavy metal for her present morning I suspect all mushy music law there is no significant Jesus ministry on our behalf the century Kate yes that's a true message eighty thirty one Jesus goes up to heaven aged forty four the most holy place is judging our names right now many he stopped going where back out and his people we confirm outside the sanctuary where his people 's people are here on this is our right that's where it were living in a in a tenant and context of that message to me this has no meaning this engagement with the world society politics media and economics of why should I help people and I get the politics father fighting of bomb a change we can believe and hope whatever and get all mushy but there is a third option Kate glanced me look at this this this thing here on the top of the top party at proactive people and yet the people and unless I have absolute shoes and relative truth people who believe in absolute truth and are reactive when we called fund analyst take fundamentalist cannot cannot exist by themselves there they are mooching and speeding off of those is reacting to the believe in absolute truth then you have people who are proactive and the good they want to express in and in and go forward and printing be progressive but they believe in relative truth we called both of it okay then I would as a third option where I believe we should be proud proactive in an inconvenient band of rogues and suggestions about and believe in absolute truth there is a third option I don't want to call it did on him I'm suggesting this morning and then the fourth category is the X K coordinate these are individuals who are what reactive and believe in relativism K these individuals tend to be the harshest of the harshest of the harsh cake in Adventism a lot of them have blogs and have their own magazines Kate and they are relative to believe anything absolute for their waiting for someone to be proactive and don't jump on board and attacks K I mentioned yesterday yesterday that conservatives tend to be angry people on liberals tend to be a nice people take in general I think that's true but there are some of the most harsh people on both sides in an and to say that talented argument some quotes John fourteen fifteen if you love me keep my what now again you were going back to the Corrigan human beings have a tendency to only focus on one component yes yes of the morning session that the Jesus US had a balance of the two in John fourteen fifteen if you love me people and the virtually care and to focus on what love love love love love love love love love love these others that take the my commitments and elegant that part is he does manage management agreement remains as a no we had to go to revert to two parts and what putting together in Jesus if you love me keep my commandments Ephesians four fifteen speaking the love in our speaking the truth in love a lot of us like to speak the truth yes honey let's begin the registered then you better break up with that boy before I stopped out out out out out if we like speaking a word with the truth but how many of us are softly speaking the world the truth the only aren't allowed to talk to only use this moment in the balance as we speak to choose in what they love their component there is a reduction despite I'm I am as conservative as the lot the word of God and as liberal as the love of God in the end they are the what the same if you are not the same this additions in or experience we need to rectify that right away calibrate calibrations to occur between restricting securing a belief in the end of this is very difficult unfortunate for me to say because it makes mopping but what we need in the church is basically conversion event we need converted people we need leaders were converted we need young people converted what this means is true is in the inner core of our very being were not gravitating towards liberalism or conservatism because we want to or because our personalities gravitate towards them will be leaving her at once I look to the other side we need a follower truth it issues are being belief in the love of truth in a second Thessalonians it says that those who had the love of truth be saved who love truth this week the patient's love and understanding we discard here we must be convicted of having standards and ethics and Doctor positions make us what happier and more we need to be convicted if this doesn't happen we need to reevaluate our experiences until it does happen if not we must get the abusers out of the past church experiences in misunderstandings or see a what reconversion experience and not just a graduate diploma from some empty Bible study program and sometimes I think hey I know all doctors are memorized all twenty eight rebounding we grab some agreement there should promise of happiness just because you know it was a meteor Cynthia needs to sink down into groupware in your heart and your Blu-ray fiber protein politics were not beer I'm not to be centrist politics and theology do not have the same axes and it's want to see this just because you're a conservative Islamic Republican and not all Democrats are what liberals this is this is not only significant about the decision what if I'm a conservative I believe the Bible is inspired and I believe in John McCain gave if I believe in change in all then I'm ominous feel liberal and living from California and must like Obama to these are two totally different axes altogether Kate do not mix this together I believe he can be a liberal Republican and conservative Democrats in and can be confused and interested it are some things called Aven 's shibboleths this is a word that's very difficult to say in Hebrew and end in the book of Joshua Richards Joshua they're going out and to determine which tribe you were the asked Jesus word shibboleth some with a shibboleth was a similar new determine who was who on which side are a lot of issues that determined that we reused at axes as difference in points one is the health message yes you sit down with the person we see what easy and we like wow he reached all on your tofu you're a liberal wow you're putting black pepper on your tofu you're not even enough just to know I take no I'm not not criticizing then we should any black pepper and I breathed strip off our stuff and is being viewed I don't know if we got adopted good but what do we do we make a help message as a shibboleth to determine whether this persons of the faith are not a all your vegan or you must be gone on record four thousand brother came in there are vegans out there that I believe they're illegal listing the things out there and I'm shopping with woman at Walmart in the reading the back of everything and as long as that and have anything animal products and we could have like a hexane and propanol and G six two five four three two one your chemical oh yeah it's needed it's healthy for me a note note unit and the principle of health message and this is confirmed by Spirit of prophecy it is not health that is the goal you know that it is holiness that is the sometimes we supplant off if you're holding a healthy the two single line but the others did you notice healthy people than seventy having this out when the world should know that the southern heresy and I know nothing of the DVD davits DVDs it doesn't say that you but their healthier people is health our goal yes absolutely what is the larger goal than that anyway Mister Christ is another one that people use the nature price issue is a huge one and I believe every young person should study for yourself the Seventh-day Adventist church has not made an official stance on the nature of Christ I believe that every young person should believe in and in victory over sin and then that is coming from the doctor note of the cross up to believe that Jesus was was pro- slots variant prenups varying in height of absurdity and that is not a of a means work for disfellowshipped women's ordination is a sensitive topic they there are many who have been burned by this who understand women's ordination to be an issue where it demeans women take are there some people who say that when women should not be ordained because there are incompetent unfortunately there are individuals who say that our name height absolutely not we find in Scripture than men and women are completely completely equal dream is to say that they were enough ourselves take the what is the issue of women's ordination women's ordination has been often repackaged into some feminist agenda to say that men are trying to downplay woman and I will arise and a half in a Marxist perspective the proletariat will rise and downgrade men and many women will arise in in in in in in in seeing we are the champions or something like that there is a old larger now I want to be sensitive that have has there been a over and balance of the genders throughout the decades yes there has been a but England comes the ministry men and women are both the minister it's very clear on gay and anyone but when it comes to the specific task of ordination is a wholly different issue altogether take it comes out of a hermeneutical issue is not based on the competence of a woman or competence of a man but is based on interpretation of Scripture cake unfortunately are there women and men on assignment to get hit by bullets in it yes there are but it is not about the ministry work warnings that the state is how to interpret Scripture that's at stake and I believe everyone who is serious about this issue everyone knows that men and women are completely equal in the sight of God and are capable in ministry and evangelism doing all the things when it comes to ordination ordination is not a superpower ordination you don't start flying of your gain in August things take a lot of the issues behind this come down to taxation comes out the legal issues comes out to other things as well and accomplish is very complicated what we need to do is this do not be senseless do not go J here here is your maybe fifty percent over in the middle do not be emotionally sway by one side or the other just have her eyes in Jesus and the Lord where he won the aunt on decision in the Bible is very clear when it comes down to what the Lord 's will is taken in one homosexuality is another key issue homosexuality is a sin is very clear in Scripture that being said event the alternate scene of no forgiveness cake that has been portrayed that way now the search if you're homosexual were to cut you off and you can be mood moving in Siberia and you are subclass of human being and you don't even deserve loving grace now homosexuality is a sin and then we need to be agreeing on that cake I was going into the scientific augments yet that's another topic into the organ altogether bought to treat someone because they do have sin one way differently from another person who has a different sin is absolutely this goodness is congruent pili I am a sinner yes that is equally as dangerous and and and and and bad bad as as as any and any others and in and is a clear case now what I'm what you say is that with these issues look at them clearly click them biblically look at them with Christ 's tank becomes the diet the diet is the same thing as Huffman said unlike that of their dress I believe we need to be dressed for the address reform him I don't believe that I will gross wear dresses is I believe that you know some people say the woman wears panties a sinner and I'm a hard time with that Jesus WordPress beyond okay you are dress that is the reality of the matter but I believe there are standards and there are principles that we need to follow from Scripture and a woman should look like an unmanned so what like a house I informed itself I don't ask me I don't know what you close to where the net on board about what to say that you know what the elders visited the sleek year does not sit there and this is Abdul hired to sit principle oriented as we need to get across hermeneutics we talked about yesterday and social justice and social justice we talked about something that the V how many people who have have been burned by evangelism had been taking office I think we need jump on that to my point about of the later music and worship is a huge thing you believe in him and guitar or or and no workarounds will not let's look at the issues clearly and not just follow culture wherever it may go in and racism is a huge problem that simply because some people believe that I have a light to worship with the people of the same color as my skin take the finest justification nowhere in Scripture think we should believe if you were spin your own language use CEC accommodations for that but if everyone is speaking the same language is as this is justified institutional it was institutionalized racism in the church we have black churches and young white churches and I'm speaking from our opera territory that is highly rigid between the two sides a nominee being Asian to navigate this little bit more easily than other people might buy believe how can we wait for Jesus into different camps how can we be accountable to the Lord Jesus so yeah he's a different color from the seas over there and I want to worship with it his eyes a little smaller than he yet he's over there that offer somebody's balls I don't like all people trees are aiming criticism and want talk about killing that left two years suggestions John Bowman says resentment is what you theology is hard what we need is young people who have clear minds clear hearts and to look at these issues theologically and not with the resentment and a lot of us have present in young people it were easily resented easily resent the easily in bidder in an cake falling is one of adults say you're dumb like that's it I'm leaving the church and I just imagine if it were something more dangerous and King Carl F H Henry the long quote is so we read it I degree enthusiasm if historic Christianity is again to compete as a revival world ideology Evangelicalism must project the solution for the most pressing world problems in this offering formula fun you will mileage spiritual ends involving Evangelical affirmations a political economic sociological education rounds local international the redemptive message has implications for all life gains yet that basically lets stepping proactive let's start going out into the world not becoming part of the world of being in the world in transforming for Jesus Christ yes too many of us we retract me some evangelicals back in nineteen forties at the supplies from us now sometimes we just want to be by ourselves we want to be relativistic it on the fundamentalist Taliban is be myself and about myself I wanted you with us yes the gentle universities in one interact with anyone was even in the public workplaces you and you give cubicle is like forced good off everyone else long there are credit educate just that I love this quote the critics are always write about what is wrong the problem is there was wrong but what is right he's a cool guy from Iran's absolute in the business are six suggestions that write these down not all that which is the one that you like and the second woman these right away first one write letters to church leaders gave every person you should get to know your conference president gets in your pastor get to know your union just like to donate a elder what so what's what's your name you know I don't know you are but I've sort of your best friend you have a Facebook account with regards all of the fun to get to know the get to know what would all about and didn't be nice to interact take a proactive perspective if you have a question talk to your pastor if your pastor 's five hundred years old to get another five hundred of your Google person case and do they have refrigerators not where you are alive yours is a disaster this interact take this a happy facetious if you are an elder person forgive me for insult and not the unintentional but the interest the reason I says McGarity is called stratification of age groups you know that the fifty -year-old is doing out here for your review and thirty somethings are here twenty euros and be here and tenure zero here we go tonight at churches DW got your own age bracket worship session take and what happened to the church body of Christ it crumbles in every churches are expressing this effect when the adult school year it should be over here and it's not the body of Christ and us this bifurcation you need to start repairing some of those quick mouthparts of four young people can afford to make mistakes just don't make the same one twice beat a church body liberals and conservatives or individuals and undermined corporate quality to church we get a start maintaining unity faith not compromise of unity were like at some some some suggestions for that being a voice against selfish desires and motives masqueraded as national interests or corporate interests listen our status this is huge was once a listen if you can listen you have the power of all of heaven on your side is exaggerating Jesus had the power to what John chapter three he talked with an individual and doctor before you talk with individual disease two chapters on opposite ends John chapter three Johnson before group John chapter three meeting what's on tonight did not girl what time neared guy was super high-class grow was super low class got Oakland chapter three the guy came to Jesus except for Jesus came through the girl is it is a polar opposites yes but in both instances Jesus did what he listened to the one twenty doctor and she's under Allen has a lot to say one to one experience if we as young people commission to each other and even when we disagree just want to shut up and listen and zip up about it another niche in this list and even upheld a heresy that your theory just listen the reality is that human beings just watching how they want to talk this want someone to what was in the more you invest in open listening the more the other person is going to be willing to also what the cellular and minimum learn the art of argumentation and I mean or not isn't some trick the goal you don't like him some some conniving way we has sent the avenues have to learn how to argue yes we can argue on a Christian level with my brother Sam and I we may not disagree on something but because I save them because he said because we love each other we can argue on a certain level handedly as freely and take liberties without hating the person right surely beyond that level but there's something that happens when an isolated churches assembly Avenue 's worth rates argue you what I like the color blue you don't like the color blue to what I wanted Richard there is reason behind this kind of infantile immature reaction to arguing we have to learn to deny self and to learn how to argument is that if the Jesus argue that she did take arguing is not always bad easily be dead when the director read read yet renew everyone everyone gets certain to have a review that can read some magazines recent blogs there is a blog out there that is one of the most left-wing blogs in the church I believe as done such a wealth of help toward church K Clifford Goldstein put up a comment there and agree with him wholeheartedly he said this blog shows the church where we could go where no one wants to go someone got stays away from Kate so they didn't provide a service and need to be aware of what's out there cultivate civility classiness and sensitivity give those three words mean K outcome could be similar to interact with each other I think those who are relativists want to be sensitive want to be stable want to interact and want to understand we need to get that from that relativist the same time we can have smell a level of of of absolutism and also cultivate a sense of honor commitment integrity and resolve into apologetics on how to prove the Christian faith how to learn from some of the fee philosophies before us Bible study and evangelism everyone here should learn how to give a Bible study someone else learn how to win some of the Christ and absolute basic skill set if you're getting without we tested price some families have the edge two semesters you know that are set and then this institutions to be the best education institutions on the world wiser there were were were are often often struggling with that K were certain with enrollment sometimes from the closing down cake just because we're the best excuses does not mean you're the best SAT grades were the best were number one and barons of list whatever boat but the standards for education are totally different and if you guys want watching the screens read the book education Ellen White did you know the book education is not about education we had a family message sent to have a family suite of best sellers in the world it looks call Kevin 's home and child guidance when people think of an awesome family this ravenous family wise they don't be the one that wants more of them as and when one like this were to weird people think that a but visitors in his room the best thing to do is pray for your mom and dad and trading community best son the best daughter depressive Everson is not the worst prepares to space you honor them repair church abuse I like we're doing here in the Senate I believe we want to see church abuse of church abuse means you up for church no one abuses you and all your your difference in your earlier human being and the integral to reduced we need to disabuse itself health message is the healthy everyone is meant to the class that human rights we need to learn how to ask it for human rights where will your we believe I believe that human rights can you wonderful transition point for the gospel message to if people don't have the freedom to breathe Howard and alerted by Jesus Christ and we need to remote human rights around the world to do that for Facebook as a minimal you think yourself or your bed where we wondered in the mission gone omissions that go out there into the world religious liberty and in liberty of conscience those you have a legal banks or going to law school or if not into Roseburg religious liberty there is a wonderful magazine called liberty magazine is by church it is awesome K Jordan to enter politics and whatnot 's wonderful way to not get into politics officer can't believe of sanctity are two things here the garden of Eden had two things that was today one is December seventh along with outcomes on creation life in time the second thing is what sexuality the church should be eight eight the voice in society for those two things on Sabbath and what sexuality did you know sexuality is holding it is the one adult is the holiest thing that saddens to the rehab from regarding the these are the two things that seeing also attacks the attacks Saturday he says the Sabbath assembly is not something some days the first things first is set for Sunday and he says sexuality is not between one man one woman is between no every counts take one of those marriage and family favorites are advocating for those two things justice and compassion into healthcare extreme poverty age starvation sexual redemption abuse sexual trafficking there is also nothing there to bring world peace the subroutine doesn't want peace we need advocate for world peace what you pray for it where you get on the NGOs are your own and he'll we need to have conditions for peace not for Pete 's sake but for what the gospel needs to go forth all the world and then sell the and cosmetic reformers fifteen K when you add it from North Korea North Korea's get back to South Korea North Korea is the last country where the Gospel formally hasn't been inserted into a country is a lockdown state we should be asking for the downfall of North Korea not for North Korea's sake not for American ideals and democracy of the summons above is very good for the gospel 's sake in creation care not you age stop using a lot of water known to get a hybrid genome the newspaper and on know your stuff MSs anti- conspiracy theories spiritually three people are reacted by nature conspiracy the people are anti- rational irrational let's say mouse anti- rational the world is not round the world is flat well noted that announced the absences of Iraq while Magellan around it's a conspiracy of one yes four doesn't mean were all distributed are critical upside down off all connected I even pay pictured here showing that the less happy when the other speeds in the new auto financing Jesus was advocate for any ideas on how to be classy novel some demonstrations this morning had he been inspired in one way to be proactive for Jesus Christ yes having one implement right away tomorrow's two thousand ten Hollywood make a New Year's resolution right now visit to set up to ensure your week but so the river acted proactively management salary what in heaven we thank you so much for for hope in and and creativity he was sure for progress toward there is a seeming engine here and when it's inspired by the Holy Spirit so much summation which was potential to explode father we spray cleanses the blood of Jesus Mayor mine speed be directed to the heavenly sanctuary any we use all of our being to figure out how to make the gospel of the everlasting gospel to screen this message to believe throughout the world father forgive us for our myopia are our monocular this we just want to to user are or what are all the gifts you've given us our eyes are questioning components and may we in two thousand eleven resolve to do all that we can not turn back this is our humble prayer Jesus and this message thank you I see similar initiatives as she lay CCC inspire young people I have a base price in February download and purchase other resources like this you've been blessed thank you I see you donate his wife's laptop and phone in July seen when done with you also reaches your mail box seven eight six Ann Arbor Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is licensed under a creative Commons this means you can share please shouldn't this recording device every as in my resale and alteration in


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