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Through Which Medium: The Middle of Controversy

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • February 2, 2011
    9:15 AM
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him him him this message is presented in this GUI scene two thousand ten no turning back on their brother resources like this visit us online GUI scene led to and started here in the morning and should express all for me I am refreshed at sleepless night in .net two general purpose the Ritz started with a second presentation here the second was entitled through which median the middle the controversial Gaza city yesterday on these titles actually nothing recently medicine and incident program at something today were no Bible study on on Jesus essay on liberals and conservatives on all my minors and human and it builds on yesterday 's presentation by reason and we can remember from yesterday 's presentations were making at all time make boys reunion is your you remember something okay for what you remember from yesterday pendulum swinging K okay leaving the center units okay there are there are streets of both sides that there are good if the intervention okay he apologizes it comes to announce you get is plethora of interpretations and what's the root of the matter in the end your lenses and what is the what is a lens how to interpret what K so I'm a firm believer that there are not a multiple other interpretations of Scripture found in Scripture those the multiplicities company human being we impose upon this text appears up to one talks but there is no private interpretation than one interpretation Holy Spirit is the active component he is component for that interpretation before sense of order prayer and ask you future my time is your cell phone is off and that could be per on the present beeper in this day and age is forgot your system off if you are going to take the support of her before she pushes Lori thank you for another day of life father it being the last day of two thousand ten father we thank you for having been with us throughout the year throughout the high book for the high points and the low points this year and will probably power as we ask for one more blessing from for the rest of the state and a wonderful place to be beleaguered as change home help our hearts or minds to be recalibrated to the image and glory and the character Jesus Christ Mister Craig Jesus came in and in Jesus 's data or seven classes of people setting classical modern yes synthesis it down in a seat there's many seats here is a fire you cannot be standing or sitting on the floor or a semi- breakfast I'll think it's much great meeting well presented was just getting the seven seven classes of people those zealots tax collectors BSN the Pharisees the Sadducees Rhodians and there are regular normal people okay at least the people of the seven types there the probably others in government the primary classes are that much of having another song euro little I just want to be issued Bob on the ice is gone I don't want to be a Pharisee because it's not fair you think I want to be a sad seed that so sad to see and get what I wanted hypocrite because it's not hip with it is that when were hippos was had I very need is a seven classes that build me talking though not all of them but some of them zealots zealots who are the terrorists of their day they were anti- Roman to believe in suicide on the end justifies the means me has no Masada in the middle east the fortress made on the rock and the Romans were encamped out there and lay siege on his fortress and all of them wanted to said that the rather than cementing to the Romans they cast lots and two guys of the three guys are from story goes but they went around and killed everyone in on those three guys the cast lots and one of them killed the other two the last guy committed suicide day they were hard-core guys of they were terrorists of their day in one of them is a popular one is anyone whose name is Kay Simon the zealot ease was one of the zealots cakes one of Jesus 's twelve was a terrorist and can just imagine the presuppositions that Simon had when Jesus said hey we're going to change the world use thinking you have however not change the world then in in a terroristic framework and greatly fascinating just imagine internal dialogues that the social disciples must've up on their anti- Roman animated Roman Empire they did everything to disrupt the Roman economy one politics and eventually they are all killed out by the Homeland security Department of the Roman Empire Simon noted that collectors were some things that could result me know Matthew Bavaria that Levi and initial guy named Zaki is an affinity for trees they were individuals were highly highly highly educated on the twelve disciples the two most educated were one of them was Matthew Levi and younger one was not suited to the uneducated the other ten were were are gradeschool dropouts and always defer to these two four oh four the larger new decisions and what the computer because he had a big big condition in life and the one characteristic about the tax collectors is that they'd betray their own people the reason why is Roman empire was very smart when they went into an attorney conquered new people is it hate you can still worship the way you want by all of you have to do military service twenty ten integer dad a Concord on his cousin said Hayden keeper doubly conjoint on things he wanted to all you come into military service guess what Jews are they notify unsound Spidey sundown until center is another discredit do nothing so they were often unreliable military guys they had dietary problems because in the Army are they not have gluten-free vegan new Kosher kosher free all these options of the military know that many give you mice and eat what you like it or not so the judge is always problematic so amongst the empire they said to the Jews okay you are absolved of military service but guess what we can up your taxes because they upped their taxes is like we do it in America if the texture too high people get angry Mister revolting for tea overboard on the Jews also did similar things and they were very anti- Roman there are some educated people who said they were aware for the Roman government to collect tax everyone you imagine the internal disputes that Matthew Levi who is pro- Roman would have had with Simon who is the terrorist and Tyra Kate imagined dialogues take Jesus hired a CIA agent and one from all data and he joined the church and the part of the elders board and that's for interest the primary to serviceman a lot of time on this morning are the Pharisees and Sadducees in Matthew three seventy sixteen in that sixty one to two or associate with each other Bible reads when he saw many of the Pharisees and said his County baptism he wanted them or generation of what the vipers and you do realize that this is not ugly pleasant thing to say to people in this day and age of because someone's of the generation of vipers result is thank you you know that is meaningful to us this was essentially the closest thing get to a derogatory square on the Jesus was swearing but if you generation means you are the children of a white birds meaning your parents or what snakes in your son of what it would abort order whatever it is kind of the equivalent of what Jesus sang these individuals were highly caustic to Jesus 's ministry sixteen verse one the Pharisees also the Sadducees came tempting desired him that he would show them a sign from heaven to live in a in-depth study on these two groups the Pharisee the Pharisee comes in the reward publishing which means to be separated from the rest of the group they were a religious political party existing on the second century BC and back then Greek culture was everywhere it is a limited four runs came on the scene and he said hey we hate the culture we have to separate ourselves from the culture and word and develop our own sphere of influence may believe that we have not heard they did not obey the law of Moses and based one mess to think and know how it the modern correlations happen today they said the coming of the Messiah is dependent on our own righteousness are there people here today are not in his room and interest today that believe Jesus 's second coming is dependent on my owner works and righteousness there are people that believe there may be the same thing they study the Old Testament and he said you know what these guys disobeyed entire time that's what God was not blessing them now we had all up to us cross to fulfill the righteousness of the law of Moses Mister sticklers of the law seekers of righteousness and they added to the word had all these other commentaries in and whatnot but I'm using the words conservative and liberal and in the transit we are probably most familiar today but if we take a literal version of the words they were contemporary conservatives but scripturally liberal because I make sense within the structure they added more things to it that's white liberal sets up a big loosely interpreted things this added more to Scripture they were a part of the middle class it were not upper class eleven were merchants and because a were anti- the other guys that Sadducees who were lower class the poor people really really really revered that while you're fixed you're so awesome you're so righteous to ship your your show your show you know whatever you smell nice and then really like you very much after a post eighty seventy in seventies when the Temple of Jerusalem collapse was destroyed by the Romans they asked themselves hate what we do without the Temple and the Jews that we know today that the Jews that we would think of more content bridges or the remaining people of the Pharisees the other branches of the Jews were eliminated sixteen and this is regularly appear that a sixteen verse six Jesus sent to them second the disciples take heed and beware of the what the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees adjudicative context of this this passage it's hilarious because the sense that the disciples and get it they didn't think about yeast the associated yeast with bread and bread with food but Jesus was blasting not bring food in verse eleven how is it that you do not understand that I speak and not to you concerning what Brett don't care about food that you should beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees verse twelve then understood they had that he bade and not beware of the leaven of bread but although what the doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees and the twelve verse one is the same as a passage Jesus it looked a little bit more description here are the last part says beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy this Pharisees had right of components to them first thing is Jesus said in Matthew five verse twenty four saying to you that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven what is Jesus saying you were the Pharisees these these evil evil evil people to a large degree they were good churchgoing people and/or normal conservative Seventh-day Adventist Christians Jesus saying your righteousness needs to exceed the externalities of these individuals so they had some amount of righteousness of Jesus ascribes to them but Jesus says something more is necessary Becky nine verse eleven second component is when the Pharisees saw it descended to his disciples why to use your master would put in sinners Mark seven five the Pharisees and scribes asked him why walked not by disciples according to tradition and elders but eat bread with what they're all about pure geek all about the ceremonies of wash your hands and making three years alcohol wipes and ensure that you needed this one after this one on this tradition still exist today I went to a Jewish college and in the cafeteria there are two sections were you sent one is a kosher section one is the nonkosher section and I is a Gentile come in to pick up a Gentile tray of Gentile knives and forks and Gentile cup have to sit on Gentile side right and have a little Gentile to white training unless the Rountree when I take my Gentile cup and I drink it in and by accidents I go over to the kosher side and place it on the table guess what I've done to the table of defile the whole thing right so then there are kosher police who walk amongst us and the and is the screen now violation of something code nine four five seven three nine me take this in and they have to be consecrated little circle where this has contact touched pink after study for years and I'm why receptively contaminated with something going going to lunch but this is what Jesus was encountering I think even homework severe degree in history can you imagine Jesus was not a concern with these things in this context he sang a it's not what's on the outside that contaminates you but what comes out of your mouth the words and it and intents of the heart neck and very enough of the discipline my fourteen decades in the disciples of John saying why do we and the Pharisees what fast once what after that off on me fast often the interdisciplinary and to enjoy the aesthetic this plans but your disciples what Belfast and in addition to that woman five thirty three why do the disciples of John fast often the prayers and likewise the disciples of the Pharisees but your disciples motivated the drink imagine these guys are are are getting up early in the morning to come into more encourage you I see at four o'clock and are praying their fasting in the video these winds whipping themselves in the back inherent headbands and bandannas and their praying to pray in their praying praying and as a group of people who wake up and eat all day and going and it is talking laughing exaggerating but they are known for their discipline and Pharisees also known for the law keeping Matthew twelve to the Pharisees sought to be sent and behold thy disciples do that which is not lawful upon the Sabbath data into Sabbath keeping Philippians three five circumcised the eighth day of the stock of Israel the tribe of Benjamin a Hebrew of Hebrews as touching the law a lot take you see how he does this he's describing himself as when it comes to keeping the law because I have the status of the affairs which means it's a very high level of log keeping it next five thirty four is organizing a gamma whale who is a doctor of law on this label becomes a law keeping that the vote the Orthodox Jews are encountered were were very extreme initiative there are avenues to think that the mentors and conservative legalists up there legalism and averages and does not come close to the legalism Judaism the fighting is that immigrants on an fun time and being legalistic and Judaism seven dozen people using visible in the legalistic date will not cut toilet paper on Sabbath because caught by paper is his work Friday night you have tissue paper along this all and you don't have a role because the role is his work on in our school the school brightest universe they want to we do not have electronic card systems in every other school in Boston as of eighty 's any colleges need to get it the more we can't get our school because insiders if you use the Dean would you what have you just don't you just work so we had old-fashioned what keys are going to the dorm him another key in your room yet another case of three keys whenever you set working is not what you're turning your key is not work sister at that as that is what a card the is and I don't mean to make make fun of them why I did a fun of them when I was there we we discussed the minute so the law but they have all these external rules outside of Sabbath keeping on they knew I was Sabbath keeper and when I went to Sabbath on since I've know the church on Friday night I drove my car to them this was these things be like how can you drive on Saturday jurors of your notice of people you are a Gentile weirdness all these extra rules recruited by all these other rabbis throughout the centuries and he said basically if you start a fire you have caught you have the absurd work if you have destroyed something that is work the toilet paper if you're ripping it you're destroying it so therefore it is work if a car goes through a little scan I think electricity is being fired electricity 's fire at his work he put it in his or any find out if you cause a spark from the friction of it I don't know how that works out but it's recently been cheated out of no amount of the things we do laugh about an ounce even discussion with some of the Jewish friends I had they also left about themselves because there comes to a point was absurd on how to keep some these things I believe Jesus was attacking this form of legalism not some of the things that were funny and archers today think are our discussions in some churches infantile compared by weight the point is that they were stickers to the laundry added to the laws won't provide a remain it are very remaining people in other words say it Matthew twelve fourteen the Pharisees went out and held it what a counsel against to get him an image of Jesus how they might destroy him and him greatly means how children case that there if your group of people who are meeting behind someone back to kill that person your preemie and twenty two fifteen and then went that her season to counsel how they might entangle him in his what stocks and indexes have strategized sessions behind the scenes to you what commences this will say this if he says this in your you mention this Rafe you interrupted and whispers answered for five seconds and we all ended and it do do these things that's really really need to the six were offended often in Matthew fifteen twelve then came his disciples and sent him knowest thou that the Pharisees were what vendor that's a shocker number seven they rejected the counsel in of God and Luke seven thirty the Pharisees and lawyers rejected the God cells number age there were self-righteous you know this in the prayer of Luke eighteen two men went up into the temple to pray the one a Pharisee and the other a publican a public and is not a Republican by the way there some people get mixed up by that apology means is it is a tax collector work with the IRS if you name any occupant of eleven verse eleven the Pharisee 's dead and prayed thus with himself say God I think the that I am not as other men are extortioners unjust adulterers and even as this one can just imagine praying that an seven morning or date for nine there are watchers there watched everything that you do in seven thirty nine benefit when the Pharisee which had bidden him sought state would insult within himself saying this man if he were a prophet would have known who and what manner of woman this is the touches and per she is a services for Merrimack came and despair seem we will later on to be Simon sang a stickings in his mind be highly critical of Luke eleven when the Pharisees saw it he marveled that he had not washed before his dinner before dinner first loss before dinner with fourteen one became to pass as he went into the house of one of the few Pharisees to eat on the Sabbath day that they want it lost it is happen today no you go to a cafeteria and you have some new goods you know you figure hey our SG sedan everyone is looking at you like this is that sheep cheese roll is one of those cheese eaters known anyway Jewish refugees but don't you do what you write attend inside any outside in Matthew twenty three and Luke old leaven things will go typical of you have one of the most caustic sermons or diatribes that Jesus mentions to to the Pharisees if we had time to analysis of entire passage verse fourteen he says woe unto you scribes Pharisees it grits in verse twenty three citizen is anything but in between says he Glassman he's this is not nice loving Jesus here this is our rebuking Jesus and believe he's rebuking of love here for them for their salvation verse fourteen for you devour widows houses and for a pretense make long prayer therefore you shall receive the greater damnation first referring you pain the tithe of mint and a niece and come in and have amended the waiter Matt matters of the law judgment mercy faith these things you ought you have to done these are need to have done enough to leave the other undone what's happening here on the external my new shop there really were really really really good at but for the internal major things what he did absolutely nothing take the disconnect between the outside and the inside I believe this is a problem plaguing on conservatives but on liberals and conservatives is unconverted thing to do virtually five won't you rise first is a great score you may clean but what the outside of the cup and platter but within which the liquid inside they are full of extortion and excess for three six thou blind Pharisee cleanse first that which is what inside the cup and platter that the what outside of them may be clean also first twenty seven want to scratch Pharisees of grids for you alike unto Whited sepulcher 's which indeed appear beautiful outward but on the inside full of dead bone dead men's bones and all uncleanness and Luke eleven is the same passage a corresponding passage in verse twenty nine now do you Pharisees may clean the outside of the cup and platter but in words for the riveting wickedness verse forty three says won't you Pharisees for you love the lot uppermost seats in the Senate will what's so great about the uppermost seats it's all about the externality of things can ever see you and the greetings and markets were always people on it like a very related and considered the problem mean people can't Sadducees Sadducees the Sadducees were a religious and clinical party also the Sadducees with a wealthy men of their day they tried to get along with the Roman government to politics and social climbing these were individuals who said you know what it is not about our righteousness that can bring the Messiah in now it's all up to us us to work within societies using compromising getting to politics and in an hand-in-hand with the Roman government in trying to make the fee did that the visualization of returning to and they rejected oral tradition they held only to the law of Moses and the rejected everything else think it's in the sense they were a more liberal but there were scripturally what conservative Reagan they remove them from the word articles visit their social the socially liberal they believe in the Temple the adopted Greek culture they were hated by the middle and lower classes any believe that the Temple will provide all atonement in other passes in the Old Testament were the Jews assigned a temple to temple and templates always have a double double double honor like gay double double double and disciples budgies and Jews look at the Temple with a simple yet he agencies locate this is crushed and as I'd like to Ms. Matthew twenty four medical report in the world among us and in eighty seventy when the Temple was destroyed all tendencies were were were like distraught they're going to call Monday to know what to do in a deal diet industry they don't did not exist today chassis number one they do not leave the resurrection in Mark twelve versus first eighteen then came on to him the Sadducees would say there is no luck resurrection through the twenties of the same thing I'm a Jew they don't believe in anything supernatural for this sexy say that there is no resurrection neither what Angel nor spirit but the Pharisees confess both basically their principles are if we don't what see it then it does not yesterday afternoon we talked about some of the liberal theology newsgroup three principles but little of analogy points and correlation and criticism this is the same exact idea right if people don't walk on water today then they didn't walk on water in history and if the Bible says that someone walk on water the past and that must not be true and that's up to me to discern which is what Kerry today we don't have big waterfall of rain coming up in the sky and having Monday's global floods there for the past that must not exist either never comes to number three they do not believe in Scripture the sword Jesus was saying and in verse twenty three the same day Camden Sadducees would say there is no resurrection and asked him saying Master Moses said if a man dies having no children his brother some errors wife's residency and whose brother now there were with the seven brethren that this is a a a a for example between those after your care what if story and the first was when he met his wife the season having no issue left his wife of his brother likewise the second third of the seventh last of all the woman died also therefore in the resurrection whose wife shall she be of the seven four they all have to get destroyed as a hypothetical scenario came back then quite levirate marriage if you are married to her which I did a guy with a graffito on the guy is a vampire primary to you by married to the girl and I die then it is the duty of my younger brother to marry her right then he dies and I don't know what kind of genetic diseases family happen all the seven brothers die and finally the two -year-old boy after married this is thirty -year-old the cake and then he finally dies that on the resurrection morning nursing hate what if what it what's the what if 's and scenario if you know on the plains of heaven you know I see my wife were running towards each other and the wind is blowing and work are embracing each other and as I'm pretty sure my final Brothers of Mercy me in a new level minimum of seven but is crawling along in it my wife you know how does that work in heaven how does it work and verse three nine Jesus answered and said and then this is the radiant brilliance of Jesus Jesus never gets into their what-if scenarios cake now I know a lot of people have what it questions don't ask whatever questions they are we say there is a pastor what if that that never happened and never happens a what if scenarios I always answer what if you never asked a question that easy just paint Jesus were rarely if at any times answers what do one of questions rather he sees through the question he addresses that step so use it when people ask a lot of questions it's not the what if curiosity that are trying to assuage its business something is going in a heart in a swing in the Holy Spirit else out for three nine he says Jesus answered and said unto them you do what Eric not knowing the Scriptures nor the power gotten acquainted actual discussion of this universe thirties as for the resurrection evening Mary Erskine won a trusting the resurrection of the dead have ye not what renting a point in Doctor Scripture knowing the Scriptures adversary three when the multitude heard this they were what configured so much that his doctrine of course there can't such as the report they were what unconverted the Pharisees as much as a problem they were to Jesus in the book of acts a lot of them were converted who were the two most popular Pharisees who joined the Christian rank one of them was John chapter three Nicodemus and all the risk I was named Joseph Murphy and because of these two guys and the early church was supported financially by the these individuals not only them but the question records as many of the Pharisees believed to start believing and accepting Jesus they had this wealth of a bank of knowledge the entire Old Testament to draw from say wow Jesus is the manifestation and the good climax in the entire Old Testament of the Sadducees were super mortals Liberal they did not leave all of Scripture there was no basis work from when they saw Jesus there would often ones that persecuted anymore and acceptor for as they spake unto the people the priest and the captain of the Temple and the room Sadducees came upon the amount of Sadducees did not jump on board the Christian message to the group there's just the basis of acts five seventeen when high priest rose up in all that they that were with them which is called the sect of the group session were filled with indignation and continue persecuting one of the other Christians am actually free you're familiar with this vital love this passage because Paul is awesome of verse six when Paul and Paula right in the middle and he knows that though the political of fervor it's in the background for six and Paul perceived that one part or statues and the other were Pharisees to cry now in the Council if you look at the context they're not persecuting him on the grounds of resurrection belief at all take there the topic is on something else altogether but he says he cried out in the Council is crying out insane that magic word of scrimmage everyone that men and brethren INA Pharisee imagine minute he said that all the phases are saying a reason he's one of us and all the Sadducees what is not one of us and a son of affairs which is huge in the Middle Eastern culture nation culture who your dad is is is determined to your men he wanted his bloodline is one of us although hope and a lot resurrection of the dead I'm called into question the reality is called in question for believing Christ but he adapts that he brings in the magic word resurrection through Pharisees yes we believe in the resurrection also Sadducees know there is no resurrection are in bother fighting on this note goes away the first seven when he has a sent there arose a dissension that the mildly we possession between the Pharisees and Sadducees and the multitude was what and I believe as Christians we should know what the politics landscape is not to play the politics we should be aware of cognizant Christians was going out the scene running the politics I'm not saying knowing the Republicans from the Democrats I'm not saying we should will look for Obama or Palin ordered nowhere whenever I'm talking that the issues involved in church that have relevance to every church member and is a clear case Mark chapter eight the Pharisees came forth and began to question within seeking a sign from him from heaven tempting him verse fifteen this is the same as that story about the bread first fifteen and Jesus charged them saying take heed the wear of the leaven of the lot Pharisees it we read in Matthew and we read in Mark Luke Wright 's clear clear in Matthew he said beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the what sentencing down the passage in Mark which is the corresponding passage Jesus says beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of who Herrick is there an error in Scripture there are some individuals they say that this was an error in the accident the audacity to remove Herod 's name and guess what they insert their Sadducees because they say that Matthew is so much more awesome than Mark then some guys on the other side saying on oil like Mark because he smells better and Matthew is older so even take Harriet and women who race Sadducees for Matthew and insert heard there instead can mask whose right who are the ProNet electric units who are the pro- marquetry how do you know is going to say and are not resilient at all the reality is both passes were inspired how do we reconcile these two passages could be a Jesus mentioned beware of the leaven of the Pharisees Sadducees and Henrik Methodist sediment in the first two and March submission the first and the and Luke just mentioned what just want to Jesus if you are eleven of the Pharisees and them at the eleven apparent what it what it orients there are political nighters take their to one's shoes that next Erin in the China mooch off of him and and am trying to use nice words to make them feel nice and warm and fuzzy they were Romanized years they wanted to be part of the delete of the Roman empire in the fall of Rome are in this 's and his followers Mark three six Pharisees went for a straightaway to counsel with who her Rhodians further for Harris perspective Jesus was very very inconvenient he's drawing the the love of the people away from the Emperor and his bringing a theology of another kind of condemning the Roman Empire they wanted to kill them Mark twelve thirteen they sent unto him certain of the Pharisees in the Rhodians to catch in his words to their part of all this in Mark six they also pride review verse twenty Herod feared John knowing that he was a just man and a holy man and observed when he had when he when we heard and heeded many things in hurting gladly so Harriet John the Baptist a good relationship and guess what happened a number of people personally want convenient day was come that Herod on his birthday native separate was Lawrence high Captains chief states of Galilee and here comes a girl no wearing some kind of Christina Hagler address and when the daughter of the said roadies came in and dance and by the way when she's dancing she's not in the Macarena she's doing some kind of dance answers and all drunk dear and please tired and then that's out within the king said unto the damsel asked of me whatsoever you will and I will want to give it to you between five to go talks for mom she came in straightway would hasten to the king and at Saint I will you give me buying by the charger they had of Pastor John the Baptist can you think this has been so yes Kate this is his own pastor in verse twenty says he heard him gladly but for three six fifteen was a little bit sorry towards us is exceeding why is exceedingly because the person that you know okay and this were any other context he would said no girls sit down and compose them conversely six yet for his what his own sake and for their sakes which sat with him he was not rejected there are some people who are so cognizant of what's going on we're taught by this anathema in the session right after this the call and centrist for their congas and what's going on the left-hand side there Cong as I was on the right-hand side and politically find some kind of balance in their compromising to make sure they get no one adhere here it is on getting one that is left is getting with pride what is you do he chose John the Baptist as a result this is one of the most beautiful passages of Scripture that the upset Scripture the spirit of prophecy that has helped me a lot Jesus was in the midst of all this came or we in the midst of of of Sadducees and Pharisees in our church today as young people we can be easily discouraged by the two sides fighting instinct and young people if you're under the age of thirty or twenty five or our work you do not realize some of the burned factors of burnt people in and the factors that I'll be burned after the eighth thirty forty fifty sixty K Lotto be the team to victory although we seen the church is not because they're there there are this is from the Bible is the church it's because they've been burned by one side and the pendulum swing to the other side I believe the answer to the older folklore burned and it's a younger full full but no idea what's going on is the Jesus 's example in the sweetest little more in depth Jesus was it what perfect pattern of what we should be one emphasized the perfect pattern no other character in Scripture is a perfect pattern just because David had multiple wives is that mean we can have multiple lots and one just because Moses Gill does mean we can give it meant kick do not use a Bible character to justify your own ethics the only person is who is Jesus Jesus was a perfect pattern of what we should be he was the one district this observer of his father 's what net ended right there we were all called Jesus a what a Pharisee and the legal list and the conservative and the oval eleven alive heretic a Republican there's always one in every country from perfect fit politics comes up cheeky was the strictest observer of his father 's law yet he moved in what perfectly now let's say we take at the first lines that Jesus was a Jesus moved in perfect freedom what we recall that liberal what else this is figuring anyway I wanted us on asking the sink down in your soul how many young people do you know and want to be free I want me free from the church the one I just do what I wanted to is it possible to experience freedom in the law now I would say this experience is a rare experience in church either people want to be just free for freedom 's sake or locked into the law Jesus was completely free in the law is that that's the experience we should be striving for it meant he had all the fervor of the busiest who would that be why the liberals in the church the happy ones why do conservatives will conserve is the one who problems disgruntled to just wish frowning on time it's because he saw the veggie meat that we eat is not enough B12 and cause them to be depressed or something liberals in the meeting whatever they want to get you other he lost up there and she had all the fervor of the busiest yet he was what content and you see the balance in this passage is unlike Prince now depending on our personalities are temperaments you may be one that's more sanguine in your life your leave there is a Heligoland you're the one under the pure the people that in the lobby that we need UIC starts arriving to the other side screaming the whole time embracing some of the other now while there is those type of people there's others when the sidelines and their Kong and the present in your shaking their heads at the people who are so emotional now what I see here is Jesus was enthusiastic and on the same time isn't this the bounce we should aim for payment he was elevated above the common affairs of the world whether commenting a snob yes who does not condescend to the common level and is not it is kind of stays above that whatever he was elevated above the common affairs of the world yet he did not exclude himself from what season with the people it is a separation factor to does not make himself common in need in and get himself into dirty jokes and and and is that the base things yet he's not a snob and distances himself away from people in all is a balance to visit there there's a certain certain dynamic Jesus had he dined with publicans and sinners and he played with who little children you know what little children are their little children there is flow is coming out of in all times there running around and that their sticky know exist the Jesus played when you can play with young people at shows a lot about your character Internet and when young when little children like you to show you sunny but your character varies to some unplayable china church how does one of you here have been the most awkward things to watch the Christian NOAA mommy and he took and then in his arms and you really do less than Jesus grace to the wedding with his Jesus also shed tears at the grave of Lazarus he was a lover of the beautiful in nature and use the lilies to illustrate the value of natural simplicity inside of God above what artificial display used occupation of the husbandman to illustrate the most sublime truths I love this easy you'll never degenerated into what passion can we be zealous without being passionate about his passion meaning between the baser passions to understand sometimes we cut upset on supplant our lack of zeal for anger yes a lot of times we find anger on the conservative side as well as liberals and when you look at that a lot more in depth in our next session but we need is tempered steel only found in the spirit of God and sometimes we get insecure because we don't have is the spirit of God which has supplanted with passion instead nor his consistency into what selfish what can you read these words as if you don't know what they need what's often seeming stubbornness being Jesus was flexible while being consistent at the same time his benevolence never savored a weakness nor a sympathy of what sentimentalism DC to balance their Jesus was never overly sympathetic as a as a Hallmark card always that is at present is only going to I'm so sorry to reflect on Jesus is not some big purple dinosaur he had a principal benevolence about in that that I just slept and never savored of weakness nor sympathy of sentiment was he combined the innocence and simplicity of a lot with ministry he was an adult department salon sees a man misuse strong and masculine care same time he had the innocence of a child he combined an all absorbing devotion to God with what tender love for man will look at some of the component Ensign is to decide the church one side is into devotion and commitment and honor and integrity and principles and decisions and the other side is into law and grace and happiness and and and enjoy Indian art these two things a sense of the same the church is wonderful not just the church of the human being this is as wonderful and taking a little coin and slice half insane that they had side is completely different from the pale side of the reality of it you put the two together it still one what is one and we all join devotion to God with tender love for men he possessed commending what dignity I love that commanding dignity of a military admiral or or or or Royal King combined with a winning grace of what note he manifested under unyielding firmness with gentleness I love this inch across time to prayer here may we live the only in close connection with this her affect faultless care we have not six patterns to follow nor what far we only have one and that is isn't this what we're missing the church and what happens is this before missing one component we end up going swinging one side and because a get of burning screens we swing to the other side next to swing harder to the other side and we single out too much and get burned to go to the office and we swing to the other side and guess what happens we have this really chaotic pendulum thing going on eventually the clot breaks down in the print of the way to swings on K Alaska this one happening you know church renouncing crisis what is the crisis of the church is it because we don't have enough members is it because truth isn't being preached hard enough is it because we are start rebuking people from the pulpit more is it because were not professing grace enough is it because were not really all in enough because we have too much cheese in our HotDocs because the length of people skirts are too short because men's haircuts again longer longer into knowing that what is what is the problem in the church I would say if we haven't correct image of Jesus the world with flaw in the church seven a.m. this message is not only true and right it has the clearest vision of Jesus you know that all these doctrines that we have doctors are not used as some kind of test there are to elucidate our vision of who of Jesus that's why it's right because it's a picture of Jesus and that draws people in liberal people wanted remove the doctrines and conservatives only one of the doctors removed Jesus over and over supervising these these these things Jesus says beware of yeast motor that reads recover first one is sadly seasickness there's a third one is corroding a if we put this into the language one is the right one second of the left and third is centrist right in the middle why does Jesus use the image of yeast used a small imperceptible it's no taste it's dirty why does Jesus say beware of the sugar of affairs salt paprika and the Pepper is to take why doesn't you Jesus summons other things he always need is what a little bit and eleven the whole whole lot when I was in an infant apprentice University is a Jewish sponsored college on every day every year at Yom Kippur which is the day of atonement people would clean like crazy and whining clean they would clean like crazy they take out all the books on the bookshelf and take our rank and make sure that all the dust not only in the bottom the sign was gone it's executed in the ball on the edge of the window wall meets the ceiling and they get all the dust in the court in the corners they go inside the cars and take a Q-tip and they go inside the CD player and how maybe when you drive your car you know there's just been there for you to even acclimate your eyes not technology discussed in the shape it's thirty three record what they do is they go through it because it's a DOS audit of the entire rooms a member of dorm room in the storm and ask a what were you guys doing why is going all out to clean guess what they said we cannot have any letting your household why not were preparing for the day of judgment it is the day of atonement is here we make sure that we are clean the longer all the clothes and a fast and make sure that they eat nothing and have used it they don't eat anything and anyone brushed her teeth just by chance a little speck of yeast my common fall under toothbrush and could pick up the toothbrush and brush your teeth happens to the entire body they define an entire body and have mouthwash themselves sometimes seven I don't want to do it that you set up on if there are people who are literally preparing for the day of life that Jesus is saying hate don't worry about eleven eleven do anything do you know but it's not about eleven it's about the doctrine of the watt Pharisees and such could it be now that were living in the anti- typical David if you have no idea what that means your dimension seminar down the road now with a new day of atonement shouldn't we prepare ourselves the second coming of Jesus in a similar way not physically but what spiritually how many of us have a little bit of fair say is in us originates when you have a little bit of outside to inside disconnect you have a little bit of epoxy you have a little bit of how much you want other people view little bit up I am better than you my righteousness will save me more than you how may of us have a little bit of Sadducees in this little bit of Tao we would encounter Scripture reason you know what I don't like this passage X this out I look at this that I like this must supersede this passage this seminar and then yesterday summarize preparing the ground for the summer after this case relatives and some issues in the church I was so young people we look at these issues afresh we know the answers given the previous generations have been burnt because of the Pharisees and Pharisees in Minnesota Susan the Cantonese dishes clearly I believe the third eleven is what is heroin in her Rhodian is among only child I hate it when my parents fight I've learned to be a centrist cake my dad wants to take his car I'm almost take her car of that okay let's compromised adult Walter and you want to eat this morning that is put in a blender and when they do the same thing to that but the political thinking and try compromise and get both sides happy is also a form of yeast what do we have to have before our eyes always the left of the right of the center neither of none of those things was it the Jesus meant anyone having one beer balance Christian has done a believing question number one how many acknowledged you're not balanced Christian to begin with in reality doesn't want the job balance Christian right in the middle eases and I were going to people in the middle and one other than the five first to acknowledge I don't want to be in the middle the center I just wanted where Jesus and then on some things Jesus is on the left do you know that is totally their on other things he's totally in the right the right side over there some things you need a little and seventy five percent on about the three five percent uneasy me fifty percent wherever he is desperate we have to be in an support father in heaven Lord your son came to this earth and spent some time in telling us to be where of eleven father in our modern culture where were we don't bake anymore hacker kitchens we don't know what this means the father our science tells us that yeast is a organism that makes things bigger causes gas to bubble up and causes bread to rise and and Gordon first criticizing cause a pop-up father in heaven I ask for the creation of a new generation a generation that is not hasn't been touched generation with a certain innocence that can encounter the truths of God 's word and can navigate to church issues and can bring the gospel to the rest of world in a certain Gospel apostolic purity father are we asked for the redemption of previous generations are more maybe learn from their example we thank you for the road that they have already paid before us the father of this church now that we are living in a day of atonement caused eleven to be purged from our lives Lord help us not to see things in terms of liberal and conservative help us to exist in this context but make our eyes be solely focused on what Jesus is father we had been enamored with the character of Jesus as delineated by your servant Lord help us to have that at seal that is not being that's not degenerated into depression help us to be strict observers of the law have absolute freedom father help us to have smiles on our faces and and have that spiritual experience of grace and love and being been classy with some questions while the same time having a secure radical commitment and having your on or before anything else in our lives what if we have Diebold from where you want us to be forgive us but as a wonderful shepherd lead us to the right way we Jesus this message was produced thank you I see supporting mission is the same thing as she lay CCC inspired many young people reviving rival base price in February download or purchase other resources like this you've been blessed thank you as you donate this is why seems when done with them as well as you like to see when you also reaches in mail box seven eight six and Harbor Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you can't share please attribute this recording everything is in my resale and alteration in


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