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On What Basis: The Beginning of Controversy

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • December 31, 2010
    3:15 PM
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him him to this message was present and she Y C two thousand ten no turning back to Baltimore Maryland for other resources like this visit us online and GUI see whether or church claims he is encouraged to record it you are in control of events of the church father therapy and young individuals web and discouraged by the politics the church 's way of ideas of what will provide healing this week would we want to go home so father we ask that you revive our hearts enlighten our minds help us to clearly see Jesus and you're the voice of the Holy Spirit freedom anything wrong to prevent anything to dishonor heaven we ask for your forgiveness and boldly claimed the blood of Jesus we expect to look forward to blessing she was sent from heaven this is our humble prayer Jesus thing in seminars entitled on what basis the beginning of the controversy in tomorrow afternoon my mornings is called through a medium and in the last was called for what end of what is titles me I'm actually no idea I just put them together because the program but we needed three titles so they day reflect nothing of what the content is going to be on okay the seminar is to be about liberals and conservatives on relativism and fundamentalism and some of the problems we have in the church that I believed you I see may be one of the answers are not the answer to some of the things we see if you have any questions please raise your hands are per for clarification question of my talk is going to tell me amid their testimony I will listen to another the recording came the pendulum of activism that we see throughout history how many River the pendulum elements of the intelligence was significant in English the pendulum effect is something above of a low center of gravity in his swings from one side and only comes back to the center is a stop in center keeps on going and he had to say and he goes indefinitely this way of ideas follows this pattern we go to some think super liberal the next generation go to something super what the next-generation reactor that is about something liberal came and what happens is those who are in the middle get trapped dessert forced by the momentum to swing one way or the young unless the momentum of the century so strong ask the sensors the weight spot on the present of facts is can be defined as periods of one character or followed by periods of the opposing care take there are in economic terms there are seasons of plenty your remember the nineties when times were good yes Marilyn and he wants it but the two thousand and eleven hits and now we're in Iraq and the economic rationale in times of scarcity liberality verse conservatism activism first apathy there is also in philosophy something called day he he give me an dialectic from Hegel is that but that you have a thesis three by and at the empty thesis antithesis and that forms a synthesis and becomes the new thesis mishap is offered as is boring but that's that's what he's an American politics you since you do same thing again I'm not making any political statement not Republican or Democrat it's just easiest way of the pendulum effect the nineteen sixties you have JFK else LBJ 's vice president offers that station to be liberals his reaction was in the seventies was Richard Nixon which is comes the power and because of his that did the scandal that he did not after his vice presidents Gerald Ford pardoned and people were so sick of this of the conservative side and comes a liberal new Jimmy Carter wanted some of your church guy and Jimmy Carter was the opinion of an innocence but because of his liberal nest the people were sick of that he reacted against in the eighties with Reagan is in the conservative Reaganomics and an total conservative policy Bush Senior was basically an extension of Reagan's policies in the nineties you have Bill Clinton's first-term use of the total liberal Democrat the reaction against Ms. nineteen ninety four Newt Gingrich started something called the contract with America and Bob Dole was put up to be a contender against him he lost to Clinton to care about with his sex scandal came about George Bush into thousands and into thousands of dominated by George W Bush wanted to and reaction to Bush was was who was Obama 's error action against Obama right now recall that the tea party and scenery selections of Congress which is overturned take kinematic and clinical statements produced at a pendulum effect works in this case now this being said young people it is in the nature of young people to get discouraged when you see the sweat yes I I I personnel and not of that nature I enjoyed to see that the conflict and insight ha ha will always what is accessible on an insight calculated strategizing and then and there are there are proms of the have to but but many young people have left the church because they seem these internal politics have been in the church right and so what can we do to provide some kind of healing to this reality is enduring Jesus 's day their politics in this part wasn't there and tomorrow morning will have to cover some the details of that but let me go through North American theology the nineteen hundreds liberalism was King liberal Protestantism had a monopoly in Germany there was a guy theologian named Albert von Harnack he still calls him he had been called at the social gospel the social gospel basically he said Jesus is not coming Jesus is not coming why would he come to a world has all these problems she will only come to this world when everything has been resolved when poverty has been eliminated with homelessness of the limited went under the society here is made better so let's stop focusing on evangelism in on doctrine and on these things let's focus on helping the world Kate in the United States there is a theologian Walter Rausch and Bush who is equipped with Yeltsin preaches social gospel these guys got all the information from Frederick Schleiermacher who is the father of liberal theology Schleiermacher was basically saying in an some of your article easing over cake but that's alright completely expected this is the these individual names they're important because they explain the situation right now yes where we are in history why you're sitting here and we hear freakish thing that you're spending your Christmas vacation here and giving us money while doing okay that is a business social spiritual organizational phenomenon why why you are here and by you being here you are reacting to some of these ideas had been going on for a hundred years hundreds of you take the excessive display a context a checkerboard unless you are not Frederick Schleiermacher was the father liberal theology basically he was re- yeah all this is just my retirement our people is in the end the most important thing is the one is the experience can have a baby has been to a church or to age at meeting or our sermon emphasize what you need the most important thing you need is an experience you now is that your faults and doing need a religious spiritual experience absolutely what happens is when you're reacting against one side what happens is you have to don't come back to the center you do it so burned by one side the swing the all the way to the other side and so sang a weenie dog and experience together because you been pummeled with Doctor urea is overreacting safe all we need is what an lot of experiences in the church and an apology of the church ours people have been burned and what did burn K so in order for a friend in the years that you guys are in the majority of you are young people any young people have never been burned yet right you don't know your experience is fun and that's one thing but if you're like ninety years old and you've been in the church when you hear doctrine some people get like a distant second in a coma visited the seizure I am because of the burn case get flashbacks or some people in his experience they do convulse in the floor because not to move ahead on the marksmanship but one young people come to the floor for the first coming why these people freaking out right and this is what churches annual quantity if the guy is making sense sets sold with lives it's my person among personal ministry agreed that the missions you I see issue have young people in town turn the gospel in its purity it is pure sense for what it's worth not as a reaction to what or what what techniques of the cake does not encourage me as a man okay if you don't know what I'm saying is not anyways pretending away saying only erupts in the encouraging and always will bless you now what happened is liberalism was was was superpowerful and in World War I World War I proved that liberal theology wasn't working why can we make a little better we make the world better World War I out of the world not better the world 's horrible know the world is all end of the world is here take the social gospel doesn't work someone will want demonstrable Protestantism are some guys who attempted to restore the fundamentals yes how do people like Richard Bieber Karl Barth and Rudolf Bultmann unit and Emerald rumor this three B's the club previously hasn't called neo- orthodoxy and they're basically saying hey let's not go to the left let's bring the old true things in a springing up again Kate and then we can go on for a while but I won't is there boring they rained for forty to fifty years and then after they die after they died in the sixties and seventies in evangelical theology no dominant person is really on scene anymore Kate there is some think of process theology theology of evolution situational ethics feminist radical secular hope history evangelical there's this whole hodgepodge and basically right now everyone can choose what they want I am a girl so I'll be a feminist theologian but not like science sold a little bit of feminism with little bit of evolution and I like holding a can customize your own theology cake process theology one what that means basically God is in the future is exactly like us it's in the openness of God and of the PCs he's anticipating what choices will make this as much as we are a prophecy goes out the window on situational ethics basically says there is no ethics all you have to do is most loving thing and God will bless you case if you want to murder your husband because you love another person that's okay believing Muslim think secular theology says you doing theology without the belief of God K this is interesting that's a theology where there is no God and our phone theology theology of hope the something that's pretty much found prevalent in that ministers for while saying that looking to the future and I will be gone some things will cover limit later liberal theology was him articulated best art Curtis trolls he had three things and when we encounter liberalism and its actual resets there is three principles are involved the first principle is the principle of criticism and principal criticism uses meth a lot methodological doubt me when ever I encounter anything I have doubt about Kate so is the Bible true well though is just as well as did Jesus do well in it everything must be first doubted second is principal in the knowledge analogy this says the present experience is the basis for all truth so if I read the Bible says that Jesus walked on water but today in the present study can I walk on water no therefore if it's not happening the presence then he could have never happened in the past and therefore that is incorrect and must be reinterpreted in the light of the present King since everyone the third one is a principle correlation meaning it's in the first things at issue are related increased importance of truth obviously this was pretty much the fee the paradigm that all liberals have present OES have your Bibles with you take our open your Bibles and sink masking revivals the job here to open your Bibles the first pastor he said it will have a small morning there is a huge difference in and in this presentation were not talking in on the round of information were talking a realm of presuppositions but for some reason I feel like that's just sugar work order this means me were not talking about what you see or talk about what kind of glasses you wear make sense there are some people out there that say that the Bible is not truth but it contains truth wisdom and you know the difference between those two statements are the Bible is not truth but it contains truth resenting what is what is implicit in those statements there are fallacies and soul what it is up to the judo who the reader to what to interpret and to determine what is and what is okay so then the job is not for the objectivity of Scripture but the subjectivity of the reader okay and this has been a lot of me a lot of preachers onto the other denominations into this and this is even a lot of administers unfortunately it is a lady named the liniment she was a hard-core liberal hard-core shoot she was hard-core into this trip and she came out the book on historical criticism of the Bible teaches us on the first liberals that actually said hey to what liberalism is empty the wasn't is nothing but searching for man's wisdom in the midst of nothing and the chefs cannot the other side and look at some other other methods of interpretation of anesthesiology well my goodness you have and this theology in eighteen eighty eight there was a silk urological crisis of urological just a long fancy word for theologians to seem smarter than one ounce of it means the process and across the study of how to be saved and if you know at his theology of his history in eighteen eighty eight there was a crisis in the Minneapolis and people wondered a what is this will save the righteous by faith and in all these things next fifty years the church was focused on mission in this fifty years the church which was seventy five thousand people group two to five hundred thousand people there was unity basically in the church there are some problems regarding Robert Ballenger and W of you fortunate states and carinae in Europe who had caused some problems in the nineteen fifties basically when all H E double hockey sticks broke out in the church K before there was one should generic kind of uniform avenues church but after Q OD which is a book call questions on doctrine came out as the Christological crisis people have different opinions about this whenever you get into the specific time in nineteen eighties there was a guy named Bob Ford this is not Henry Ford me the car this is a another individual and he came up with the idea of denying the century doctrine amongst a month on other things and I think Doctor Dansk if your urine is produced presentation talking livid about this case a minor sending is at an end those of you are older please do not be discouraged a lot of you are not alive during this time nineteen eighties we we we I I was born around then and to discredit gals professors when I had to run about into my history book says about places but he was a person who had a powerful impact on some tennis church my nursing is a third of Adventism 's intelligentsia left the church at we are still reaping the reverberations of that crisis now again a lot of your young people your even brainwashed by by secular education you looking at this as a PowerPoint information your notes but no one has to just suspend some of your brainwashed tendencies in and understand that we are all living in the context of all these effects minimal and that is a clear case when some people are saying that some people can't do that the pulp in it we need to see Jesus on the cross the coming from a context Katie may be reacting in something and anyway this we need to be I think as a Seventh-day Adventist future leaders and future adults we need to be aware of what the top contacts were entering into the nineteen eighty there is that individually Richard Rice is currently a professor at Loma Linda University he came up with a book on the openness of God basically saying that in in in these theologians that I'm mentioning I'm not pointing them out as you know these are the evil men of Adventism let's excommunicate the same there they are aberrant versions of theology and and I think they are sincere individuals on the question of salvation and whatnot but they do are bringing creative versions if you will of of of of an image of God illness and goddesses basically God is not in the future he does not what happened and he does not cause suffering he doesn't know he uses he's honest to be those wonder what you do just as much as if you are and the proxy goes out the window nineteen eighty two Jack provides as a book called you can go home again this is basically moral influence theory by this is a theology from long time ago there is a guy named Graham Maxwell features recently passed away yes basically saying that God does not kill God does not destroy everyone will be saved there is no such thing as as as destruction of the cross Jesus did not die the second death he's just got to show how much you loved us saw him such as the process across the blood blood pressure know what software power of the blood moves you be free from the burden of said there's is no power in the blood this is there that this theology singers know how the plot has no salvific effect yet it is not Sadie from anything it is a mere manifestation of love from God to us okay I do understand in that that that first some people that that that intensifies the picture of all the love of God that testing you you can can you understand how much but if you swing the pendulum to the over that too much what happens to the justice of God what happens to the redemption of what happens to be the law of God what happens to the character of God it is unbalanced effect and they have to work out repercussions of continue nineteen eighty nine Richard Hanna witches who was the second president of painters University came out with this saying that hate why can't we be theistic evolutionists as seventy evidence now do you understand if the integration ever evolution issue is not about stupidity of her science day if I'm smart I'm sizes and is evolution I'm dominant mutant snakes then I'm good that's that's that's clearly not the issue were looking at a comprehensive systematic perspective or Scripture if you deny the creative power of God yet saying that God does not have the power to be clear lots that additional salvific redemption power cake is all theological arguments of his non- drama science but when he comes out on this and says that hey why not embrace the establishment of inches and the late eighties there is a incident organization called HPS ATS says for the Adventist theological Society they are currently in existence today another group of analysts and firm who are reacting against some of the fee more progressive ideas out there the nineties were the worship wars is run praise music came in and some cabinets to be about ten years behind behind evangelical trends and toppers Ms. was about in the eighties and now dissipated is a new concept this culprit is missing let's is upsets him and now the Internet were only five years behind in others but nineties was a rough time with contemporary Christian music and whatnot drums etc. etc. etc. but ninety three trust driven has the idea of social justice wonderful magazine calls spectrum of the seizures this is been recorded as a way he wrote an article on particle called God 's justice S social justice no he's basically saying redemption is not the center of theology it is it a social justice is about community it is about thought about heaven and on these and other things at sports making what's happening is were going back to the eighteen hundreds and gone back to social social gospel again came I do ninety nine Ranger Bruce Mc comes out and says evidencing Catholics do we really agree with you really need to reevaluate whether the beast and the Catholic thing if that's reworking out especially after Vatican II not at all cabins are reading the Bible could it be that the beast can be some other and and subsequent to this individual there are others were upset maybe it's the that the Muslims with double terrorism maybe it's the the green movement whether it's the Obama you know whatever it is okay but there read about recently six two thousand four was the size of faith and science conference of the cryptic temperature to get a long time to get together but the exit sat down and in Colorado they did talk about some of the deep columns in the church pastors and theologians were teaching one thing and teachers and professors of science religion another and how the church is going to reconcile this two thousand eight at two thousand nine the creation evolution issue comes to a maximum climax with David come out with a letter of blogs going out called educate truth of which is sweet fix the stopped circulation but they have faith that the church officials not to know what's the two to resolve some of these things and into thousands you have the key lysine phenomena K G Lessie phenomenon is is interesting this is a grassroots movement there was no one from the top down to who created this now there are individuals who have conspiracy theories and if he has them into Canaan I have plenty of conspiracy theories can tell you that say that this person this person got together in the along with the pope and would be instant and not in the wildest stuff together and rejoicing this is not true I believed you I see was raised for a time such as this to find young people who are not having been bothered by some of these these issues of the past and clearly just want to do God 's will and not worry about somebody's political contexts a this is where where were headed in nineteen ninety four having us today magazine there's a guy named Raymond Cottrell he wrote that there are four streams of Adventism I believe this is interesting and imprinted corporate event no literal one there is evangelical Adventism and basically this is the stream says there is no difference between Evangelicals and Adventists the evidence should be evangelicals meaning they stem from the fort crisis and have a solo focus on one aspect of the cross and that is what is justification alone a second this is the smallest stream in our system the second stream is progressive Adventism this one is saying basically that revelation is progressive and constantly changing we have all these beliefs in all these doctrines theology of history is a a belief that stuff is always changing and we need to reevaluate and I've always change a the old is out in the new comes in each embrace and adapt in and what not and Ellen White is outdated to take her stuff and updated to change it in and keep it up-to-date get two oh three oh and get the Windows updates to the spirit of prophecy and three as historic Adventism this basically says that Revelation has ended with the pine and revelation me not the book of Revelation but the inspiration Park has ended with the pioneers and everything basically now the church is an apostasy and everything is wrong right now we need to go back two eighteen hundreds were the pioneers were and that's where the real absences and is at and number four is mainstream conservative Adventism this basically says that this is the largest group and this is the group that's kind of clueless from school church Sabbath goes home represent by getting two books called out handbook of anesthesiology and second one is FDA's believe the latter was written by previous speaker Doctor Dembski was just year all of these four methods all this for streams study the Bible differently and this is what will one emphasize G Y C takes a special emphasis on Bible study human now there are different ways to study the Bible and the reality gays liberals study the Bible a certain way conservatives studied the Bible another way and ultraliberal ultra- liberals don't study the Bible and ultraconservatives really study the Bible really really weird Kate really really weird how you study the Bible will determine how and how you will end up in at an end at the end of the day except so what were saying is this young people do not get this that there's different versions of avenues out there it's not because the Bible is professing for versions of whatever stripe profess we have is for different kinds of what glasses but determined for different things that you see it's up to us words are but relativism and fundamentalism later on it is it possible to live in a church with a variety of opinion what is the that the space in and in the pliability of the church and how to young people function in this country jungle and methods of Bible study I believe that I want to go to this website HTTP annoyance of the ring in a number of has this .org leaves less other documents other four four Eastview didn't write it down but you did later on this is basically general conference of Symbian 's executive committee and Council in nineteen eighty six and is a document called methods of what Bible study there is a proper way to study Scripture they is improper to study Scripture by opening your Bible randomly and say Lord speak to me and then just you open to the Malachi turpitude pointer finger my guess you know why have you robbed me alone roughly about a there is another version of studying where you take out pieces of Scripture and in and you may take this word here in that word here in the switchgear and he create your own ideas and there are people who take conspiracy theories in the smash it into the pages of Scripture in China makes Scripture I squeeze out some useless conspiracy theories and there's others who say hey let's just open a word of God and let's just opinion eyes and discuss and see what kind of creative ideas come out from us just meditating on the words these are all different versions of Bible study and the all the results and believe all of them will result in deadly theories in the bill cause you to leave the church and you have huge spiritual implications this document talks about free things one is presuppositions out on whenever going to this because you have gone online and finds herself is a bit is a dry document is not happening the graphic friendly document is drawing this what happens if you will get together for a right dry stuff but I want to ask you I believe all your intelligence to read this document and Clyde ask yourselves represent positions the positions are what you should bring to the Bible before you study with Kate to have principles and three are methods and I believe these methods are sounding you will you cannot go wrong those are different methods of study Scripture and they will lead to different theologies the predominant one of the liberal side is the historical critical method this method says that the Bible is time conditioned is not applicable today the Bible contains truth but it is not what is not truth him there are universities who use spouse this view in their universities that teach this to their students K yes all you need to you all back okay yeah thank you all white talks a lot about the historical critical method she does not call it the historical critical method she calls it higher criticism Kate is alive in the eighteen hundreds very much and she had much to say against there is another version of citing Scripture and it's called you finish writing it you're going down the good with the funds the historical grammatical method and is based in the Bible is true and if you want to know some more about these things it is found out recommend the book by doctoral semi- participant one of our speakers here and it's basically called of receiving the word came on what basis you have two sides here one side says that emphasizes the X essential ecumenical culture sensitive floor lives in syncretism interfaith postmodern inclusivity relative in the latest hip word is the word what emergent not of these words are different there they're axing all the same it's just every every ten years the keys are different word K basically says that all truth is is relative and it just doesn't matter what you really believe the emergent movement was popular and evangelical evangelical circles in two thousand and three sexy two thousand three Q I see is any mission talk about this no one ever does and what this was about and in two thousand eight just hit it it it splashed in right now it is a a very popular belief basically saying the emergent church is the end of all distinctive doctrine why do you have to be right and I have to be wrong fight is a reaction to people find Saturday Sunday Sunday Sunday not know what stop fighting lustrous worship on all what happens is what happens is is each denomination in each religion actually have something to bring to the gospel since AA in order to learn about conviction and sacrifice let's go to the radical fundamentalist Islamists and learn about why they're willing to give their life behalf you have something to learn to about Christ's humility is go to the Buddhists from the Baptist let's learn how to baptize should have thrown from the Catholic guilt what's happening is it sounds appealing doesn't it wow like everyone's got truth and an Avent is immediately we only William Savitz 's we just take a little bit of the buffet at old country buffet you come in and instead of enjoying all the little side dishes by themselves to get a blender and just and you drink it and it's just a beautiful experience as they say on the other side you have exclusivity the remnants present truth foundational doctrines and distance medics transported fundamentals and timelessness a timeless truths and is interested is interesting then depending on an even this route there are some of you who have come from a conservative background and in your your your your actual spiritual bent is to lean towards the liberal side that some of you that come from a liberal background and your you want to lean towards the conservative side but you might sample my my my test my money on experts I grew up in the MS church where we did not know would Ellen White was simply hide no idea what she wants spirit of prophecy I felt was some kind of Halloween the spirits of all of your Christmas Carol the spirit of the past is present in the spirit of evidence good of prophecy on another I had noise I did I'm not exaggerating my needs were now sixteen years old I went to the church library because I was bored and I open the cabinet and there was a book called the great conflict what is abridgment of the controversy in on the front and I was into science fiction was in high school in the front door stars and Paul landed the great conflict McManus is a cheesy seventies cover but it looks like a great sci-fi novel and I picked it up and started reading why couldn't put it down and Adam a while was reading it because he is going through the Reformation honey redbrick transfers gate cannot raise your hand you should go home and read a great conflict right now because I resurrect only hated this is great this is a great book because I can't understand why waste he decided no I does this make sense on one of the United persecuted the is a sanctuary in heaven there's a sanctuary in heaven like a church to church like our little that a pulpit upstairs and his staff and I discovered new truths of enema blasting my local church and any means but from the pulpit there all I heard was that Jesus Luz beaches love you amen is that true absolutely no one is denying that fact at all Jesus loves you he forgives you he forgives you present right now for me that that that was a very is is is awesome message it's it's it's it's it's it's a good message but I go and I go through the week and accent yes you know it's like a duty that they want to come back and I pay Jesus loves me this I know the levels resolved and he forgets you're missing in this visit and what happened is that it does produce a very blasé just almost fatalistic spiritual experience fatalistic struggle of the sin was okay because after reading a spirit of prophecy I realized as a whole New World I got into the intake ministry can't take your case you guys rectangles next he touched that the digital and in and there is there is like film inside and winds to circle is on document the other ones on yes everyone's like wow you touched it anyway up as it was back then it was called American percent ministries and have some great messages there and I realize why it's useful before what what what does that mean at heavenly sanctuary while the spirit of prophecy is like one she has more books my schedule people do not go and there is this whole new world of Adventism that I was not annoyed in milk the concerts they came from was from a beheading abandon our church we believed in in in free grace free love free free everything every popcorn on Fridays and and and and victory basically no victory overseas K Novick or rescind and salvation assured so just to do whatever you want to do and I do however superficial level if you don't think if you're too drunk yourself not think that sex a very good religion you but if you're thinking individuals are concerned on the furniture cons of world events and then interact with society realizing there is a certain level of dissonance with that kind of religion and a desire to get some deeper cause need to embrace absences while in Adventism I realized there were individuals there were young people for the grown up in the context absolutely opposite from me for me after church we would go at the 7-Eleven and hang out and need and in and do whatever I did not know if the screen Sabbath we go watch movies up after the church on Friday nights we go party and in the nose okay get how call is fine in moderation drugs is fine in moderation this this is that though the background and from now did you understand the pendulum affected my life where I went from you know what we call the more lackadaisical spiritual life because I'm reacting is that I swing all the way to the other side I got into it and it is in my spiritual life what all I did was memorize Scripture and is nothing wrong for us to Scripture but our memories passive spirit of prophecy and then fleeing the met people yes I know you've met people like the Avenue if you haven't in your one of the start on one of the federal what he would wear spiritual experience become so negative and you get that furled brow and inherent in your liking diet reform trust reform wallpaper reformulate every reform possible and it is standards get so high in an inlet and what happens is eating it showed that focus that Jesus is gone there to yes that happens is an and him looking at all my friends and were worse we need to decide and then we we get too much so we swing to the other site and each swing gets even more dangerous swing back so what would we get burned by the law and the legalism of it so I can know what let's go to the other synovitis foray for all whatever he wanted to what happens is you'll swing so far at one point yourself out of the church three in a momentum of the pendulum and I believe Jesus is the center of the Bible is the balance that we and Jesus was a free and as as as dogmatic dogmatic truth than any other human being in general sister yes I will share with you a quote this repost one year before morning is as wonderful quote meant that quote gave me ultimate freedom emotional we need to be conservative and liberal at the same time was about how have works out okay it's interesting to see this this thing here that those who will lean towards the left by the way ways the terms liberal and conservative left and right season will loosely because we we define liberal and conservative in different weights it's interesting because everyone things there in the center right everyone things in the center don't think Seattle liberal elegance of on the center your liberal left in the human world of those who focus on the left they focus on the Holy Spirit okay to feel the spirit friends how we want to spirit the feeling location of the event I felt to him and Kate for those unable either some personalities and and temperaments that that kind of wink that swing towards that way and the more emotional right you don't talk about Kate if you think those are the people are knowing bigger the other side your people who are cerebral and on the work we need the word all we need is the word have we spoken the word today we haven't pray before the word to get you in on about a really fun of people in Scripture no what is the sternness storming fun when proposing to this is not to look at people as liberal or conservative but will look at people as a means or not me Sandy funny I'm saying that as a reality check can you be conservative and be really really need to be a liberal and be very very mean what we need and we need a generation whose eyes are focused on Scripture and Jesus are and why the number three okay and Holy Spirit and it meant about a father and profs who behooves to focus on what's important and can dialogue both sides and how I know this may sound run some people but I believe there are some things of the conservative side we need to retain meant conservatives know much standards enough Scripture they know about duty honor commitment I don't want a smile yes and there's some things on the liberal side we need to embrace redemption grace love how each read each human being sometimes but maybe some of the way they interact with what the truth of Scripture is questionable but tomorrow you look at what what Jesus has to say about these two sites K what were saying is this there are Liberals and the Conservatives and then in the middle you have compromised yes there are bird people on the left and there's burnt people on the right because they burn on both sides to see what I'm many right in the middle the conservatives say I need to wear long pants liberal secondary men wear underwear miniskirt somehow aware of you know right in the middle of ends centrists and their burnt by the bolts to realize all three groups their motive is feared it up if you know what I'm saying is this to be biblical means on some things we need to radically conservative on to be biblical on something to be radically liberal on and something to be radically centrist on doesn't matter we don't bring we don't want up belong to a certain political party beautiful dresses say Spirit of UI Siena we cover this the first time I wanted was little more deathly one is a respect for Scripture as the foundation and test for all teachings and practices what this means is that you did genealogies of a first and second Chronicles are just as important as Romans one two three four five seventy and now we may not receive the immediate blessing after reading first Chronicle seven one but it's there and inspired Milton Holy Spirit would we are not here to determine what is truth and what is not art this is his art our objective is to hear what the Holy Spirit SC Scriptures which are his appreciation of the spirit of prophecy and I want to emphasize this I believe the spirit of prophecy is authoritative it is inspired but it does not replace Scripture cannot replace the spirit of prophecy is a flashlight that allows us to go into the basement and to find breaker box to turn on all the lights in the house that bigger light is what the Scripture but sometimes they get to Scripture you need the what the battery-operated small little or no LED light can make sense and are some people who don't want to turn the lights in the house all the one he uses the little booklet quest for biblical holiness through and daily prayer and devotional strategies and a commitment to following his work I believe this is a given but the objective of devotional life is to experience real holiness practical everyday too many of us we read your Scripture as a checkmark or how many never done the thing were like you wanted to read one chapter of spirit of prophecy a day checkmark or illegally reduce devotional books soon a one page a day is especially token Bible verses and less but you need a phone to the web oh no idea why do my devotions thank you geezer speak my heart to beverage immediate and incorporated it I we need to encounter the Holy Spirit picture no matter how long it takes every morning sometimes it instantaneous for the first verse you read sometimes it just takes a long time okay we need to familiarize a familiarize ourselves with the dip into the DNA of Scripture in four months vibrant worship experience one that's characterized by principal reverence and the court I believe worship is under attack today yes I believe there are practices that were were were having an interest in the not because they're inherently evil but because were embracing the entertainment model K when I'm here before you you are not the audience would otherwise audience in a proper liturgy liturgy Capen please looking at Catholic board it's not wash worship the speaker and the congregation together R&D or before one person who's that God and we worship on Saturday because all of heaven and earth Ashley joined together in the midst of worship that is a functional worship worship is not a large congregation we hear the pastor speak about something funny you do that at a secular venue at a comedy club for a theater or whatever sports menu whenever but in a in in in in a worse experience the person who singing they are not singing to you in an addition to the God and because they are very good at singing and because we are not that person is representing who all us because that person this person words don't let that person 's words are our prayer to God is happening is when a person comes and sings people I want to sell beautiful thank you so much that this concert hall is that appropriate dissidents in a worship context you're taking on the applause it is only meant for God has horrible to think about the ramifications of the pastors preaching it is a a my offering him her project my offering to the Lord is my sacrifice and when you're all listening you're sacrificing a lot prettier here's what it means you're listening to what I have to say they or Weber is a pure when you're offering your offering is not some membership fee that you're paying for the church it is your one yourself of the visiting sense take or hoping by a proper recalibration of worship here at UIC not to cast judgment in saying that we need to get all those you and whatever whatever whatever but to provide inspiration and say hey we need to restore or speaking in our churches and we believe that young people can do that right we believe young people are sure and smart enough to to to be out in churches and to get that across the principal reference and acquire passion for lost souls animated by personal experience in the setting of Jesus and desire for his imminent return evangelism is our ultimate motive write it it is evangelism is not more so for the person reaching out to the more for who for us and if we don't have this passion yet the Lord give us this passion why is the past necessary for salvation no the passion is indicative of the heart of Jesus in alliance in cane cultivation regardless I talk about the dishonest person emerged in an exemplary and abundant lifestyle recreation and entertainment dress and health living notices this is where this is where condition time we believe here in the future just as it are closed she would like Jesus our diets reflect Jesus and what he put before our eyes and ears to reflect Jesus yes now there has been a trend in the church to just emphasize this and have there been young people who would been abused when this is the only thing that's been emphasized yes right now as a reaction to this some people are saying a lot it doesn't matter what you wear come to Jesus is that true to the Greek structure right but after you have Jesus in your heart it should change the way you dress and we eaten all these things and that's between you and God alone right but that there is that there is a composite effect inside and the outside together a website there are ways that that emphasize and give evidence to the Cape enthusiasm for service through care for the needy service to the committee promotion of human rights in the stewardship of the environment this I believe friends is where many of our liberal friends have a monopoly and are doing a very good job K when some people have been emotional barrier to Jesus we have some people call to put down those emotional barriers whether through counseling whether it's too sitting and listening with a caring and loving France whatever is it helping results in the emotional barriers some people have intellectual barriers to Jesus it's what we do apologize for helping people you think are the thoughts or getting books and information material you may renew this intellectual barrier some people have physical barriers to Jesus DeJesus remove this physical barriers while he was on this earth is how is someone a come to Jesus when you have AIDS and HIV and their five children in their corner surely knock on their door give a Bible study baptizing them didn't even be should only be on the front edge of of social justice issues and helping people not for social justice sissy but for the salvation 's shake up your focus felt that although the Liberals also have this is as a is a monopoly just because route there decided to change the world and make the world better place because Jesus is never coming anyway or what you're all here by ourselves a week service of the committee promotion human rights and surgical environment all of you should be saving water when you're in your hotel is use all the Taliban Philemon on the floor help save the environment by some of your some of your smiling because your guilty knowledge doing that don't still shampoo and go home with it you know think of different ways to save energy and we are called to be storage now there is that has been hijacked no there's been some Buddhists and some new majors who say no we need to worship mother Earth MSP on the green movement take him just because you're saving energy does not piña your Buddhists just means that they are limited some ancestors a Scotland shirt for supporting appointments voted present organization leadership status am with with a lot of a lot of people have been discouraged with the church yes the church is made up of human individuals we need to pray for church and the Lord still uses his people in his church meant young people are very sensitive I believe to see discrepancies in behavior and since it's arrogance sensitive to hypocrisy or sensitive to did this connection somewhere I believe the Lord still works for his church but we do is pray for his people okay how it works is this start when you point your local church pray for your pastor love your past it is a local preacher pray for your practical pastor to pray for him while he's preaching and pray for your newborn to pray for your elders pray for your leadership when David was selected to be the king of Israel who was still king at the time saw the date in March on into the palace and saisons get out of here I am the chosen one you get out since Saul is still the one she is still the anointed King and until the Lord put them in there and also the Lord what takes them out on this one away the ticket counter and because of that difference that leadership the Lord protected him walking when she was in the same position the myriad of other things that could've happened to look protected for granted he also got himself and a lot of problems himself right is whole new that you believe when you support and uphold its principles or organization leadership and I believe the Lord this year is is is moving Swiss church meant and what this means is this all of us should be concerned with what is going on in her church that means all of you read the advent review magazine yes get the minutes from the annual Council and read up on what's going on talk to your conference press this world were union president read the union paper if you don't know what you paper is go look it up on the Internet and gets a subscription cake called the often say hey I'm twenty seven years old and worth my paper and I'm concerned for the welfare of the church I'm thinking individual I am a high paying Jesus loving evidence and I would encourage you right to your magazines dear editor this article rocks write more of this dear editor this article each vers here are whatever we can do a week and get away with a lot you know that because you say I'll have to do no one young dumb make a mistake once you get learned from the mistake don't make the mistake what parts and wincing is this weird we need this this is this bird is my heart when you look at our church all the fifties and sixty -year-olds in twenty -year-old in twenty years there been a die and for those roles ago forgive me for saying this because it is a reality check you're going to die I don't know why you're shocked it is a logical fact that's why I believe we need for Jesus coming to more right but in twenty years for those he rewarding your teens in your twenties guests will be the leaders and leave if you have the commitment and maturity to come out to youth conference is this when you're at this age how much more responsibility in expectation of the Lord have for you in twenty years this is the future of the church and I believe what to do powerful things if we have a new group of young people quit not been burned by the side and sure glory of Jesus himself this is the spirit of UIC active humility and cordiality busy to clarifier to give a defendant biblical teachings with some canisters this is beautiful I just sought down the this this where are we and where we are far away from your world down the hall is awaiting she came out of the seminar room and God she shoot one of our leaders but hey what's wrong with you what similar was full so I left all our suicide at it I was asked at a seat but I just felt there might be another person who might've benefited from this seminar more than I would psyche that seek up to them always thinking some how I did it willingly and then she joined to all the seminars and she with the semi had a least amount of people and she sat there to encourage the speaker because there is not enough that level of humility classiness cordiality is a rebuke to me and to everyone I believe that that was their right as is one indicator the attitude of that is something that we all need to espouse contrast that to another older gentleman who put his foot down and said I demand my money back in the big front of never happen but in essence of the happier QAC right I came away from from California and I want my seat in the seminar are not wanted you know the needed we need to not only believe in Jesus and love Jesus but also in Munich his humility Parkinson's meant some some some this is a quote from alike Ms. Ross Fisher and reviewing our past history having traveled the reverie of this every step of misrepresenting I can say praise God as I see what the Lord has wrought I'm filled with astonishment and with what confidence in Christ as leader we have what nothing to dear for the next that as we shall forget the way the Lord and let us and is teaching in our past history my morning look at the example of Jesus and how he dealt with liberals in his day and how he dealt with conservatives and as well and in that one after that were in a sociological study and how to work with relativists and fundamentalists in the society again I mentioned some some tough stuff here that half but but but street stuff I don't need to be critical of any individual at all but this is where were at and issued you westward two thousand ten Alaska have any thought you've ever been two thousand two thousand ten in the flying cars and my transporters by now and it hasn't happen only and as iPods and is not a great the story having you want to go home and have me want to drive this shirt get into the driver seat and if you notice but UIC has very high expectations of young people from age twenty to forty five future the church let's start being the church in father in heaven we want to know what today was it wasn't really a sermon or seminar or workshop for a study the father I pray that despite whatever opinions I may have or objectives this organization may have but your spirit speak to everyone's heart when you all we're only already were all over the map here and we all need to be realigned to Jesus Christ 's father take the scales away from her eyes at the specific glory of him help us to see the liberal components of Jesus at the sixty degrees third Jesus and help us to see just every aspect of in the parts of you chopped off what we has you jumping off and to cut our hearts if necessary is for Alaska special blessing on each brother and sister of mine in this room or less than blessed the future leaders whether it means future elders and deacons future writers of magazines which are mothers and fathers Lord help us to be the church now is the rooms on this message was thank you I see this important issue send them out as she lay cc inspired many young people I have a base price since February download or purchase other resources like this you been blessed thank you I like to donate a visit was let down when you like to see when you also rejoice in male box seven eight six Ann Arbor Michigan eight one oh six this recording is licensed under a creative Commons this means you can't share please ensure you are twice whenever you in my resale and alteration in his


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