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1888 and its Continued Rejection

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • February 12, 2011
    3:00 PM
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him thank you for coming out this afternoon is interesting I I wasn't out of her eight years and this is the first series of meetings that I redone and I said I is that the amount of coming back is another that I still fill very much part of that process is going to be here sturdy unit I get up and curse I will forego that is what I was talking about this morning about revival and being crucified with Christ definitely challenges me personally and I think the thing that really struck me is when I came to the realization that if I need to be a revive and if by definition read Bible means to bring back to life that I therefore need to admit that I am dead spiritually before I can ask experience revival which tells you something about unfortunately our condition largely as a people because you for doing evangelism and we haven't experienced revival we are dead spiritually so to speak and we will bring people into the church at the level we are at and if we are setting the standard for them that is not according to the standard of Scripture then that's how the standard eventually gets lowered over time in the church if you look at their the early Christian Church from the early Christian church in their command was to go and make disciples of all nations in many cases now we are making members of our churches who are not really disciples because we are not because we are dead spiritually and we feel an obligation to at least go out and do some evangelism but we need revival so what we have the author is our own spiritually dead experienced the people and they only go as far as what we share with Seo that's why the appeal from the General conference for revival Reformation is so timely that why they are statement that if the trend continues we have no reasonable hope of Jesus coming in our lifetime it is such a poignant statement because our current evangelistic trends I must was be real here I mean you got a certain evangelistic meetings and am basically we tried to water down the message as much as we can to make asked how it was possible so that people won't want to join the Seventh-day Adventist clause and you're not advancing God 's kingdom I taken that mentality when I want to a series of meetings where the Spirit of prophecy was never talked about people came in to the message or it were baptized to Geneva medical Ellen White was now in reality what you're doing them as you are DC even people and then I find out later what you have a profit what's this all about so when we have true revival we will be unissued on ashamed of our message and it will be a message that has power because the life of Christ the shine forth through us and people will want to we will have no problem accepting along why because what she says corresponds with what the Bible says and it corresponds with how we live our lives the reason why we have trouble with a long white so many times is because we do not follow her counsel and seven new evangelism and you like no human eye would have to do this or that same revival and reformation and revival comes Reformation and that is the greatest need of the seven patents research Seo the cheap talk this afternoon the first part is that it is that the title is eighteen eighty eight and its continued rejection this is the history of eighteen eighty eight and what I hope that you will see in this presentation is not just the detail of the history that I'm going to talk about the evils see herself and ask yourself where do I fit in the spirit of this history so I must start off with a very famous quote from Helen Wyatt some testimonies the ministers page ninety one talk about eighteen eighty eight you have to read this quote this is a letter that was written to the General conference president of Wales in eighteen ninety five and probably many of you heard this quote from Lord in his great mercy set a most precious message to his people through elders Wagner and Jones this message was to bring more prominently before the world the uplifted Savior the sacrifice for the sins of the world it presented justification through faith in the surety invited the people receive the righteousness of Christ which is made manifest in obedience all the commandments of God enough of that statement the righteousness of Christ is made manifest in obedience all the commandments of God many have lost thy energies that's why we need to see Christ on the cross area otherwise we will be crucified with him he needed to have their eyes directed through the line person 's merits and is changeless love for the human family all power is given into his hands that he may dispense rich gifts on the now imparting the price wasn't yet but his unrighteousness to the helpless human agent this is the message that God commanded to be given to the world it is the third Angels message which is the be proclaimed with a lower voice and send it with the outpouring of his spirit and a large measure now if you study prophecy what happens when the crier and are given yet persecution and right after that Jesus up to sale if this message has been proclaimed with a loud voice and ascended with the outpouring of his spirit and a large measure the obvious question is in twenty eleven as I have do we see the outpouring of the latter rain under the wild ride with a proclamation that Babylon the great is fallen is fallen not us were still given the message that it's not being demonstrated as seen in Revelation eighteen which leads to the obvious conclusion that something went wrong with eighteen eighty eight in the history scenario in the history so that's the quote and why makes it very clear that the message was a most precious message she talked about how it demonstrated the righteousness of Christ affirming obedience all the Commandments it affirms learning the words to Jesus 's matchless charms is changeless love and that this is the loud premises of the theory and says Seventh-day Adventists we believe that him clinician of the third Angels message battle we've been trying to do for many years and yet we still have yet to see the latter rain poured out here the General Tompkins is making an appeal for revival and Reformation and the question is will we see that all of the Holy Spirit to receive a lot of rain this time the general toxins in nineteen seventy three nineteen seventy four the annual Council may appeal to readers in Iraq saying nearly exactly the same thing as the twenty ten annual Council appeal that's about a generation ago sale thirty six thirty seven years so how many cycles in the wilderness do Seventh-day Adventists need the children of Israel have one generation forty years Seventh-day Adventist we are working on our fourth cycle so let's take a look at the history so what was eighteen eighty eight really all about you know it all kind of got started because of the long Galatians the added law in Galatians chapter three verse nineteen in verse twenty four and what's interesting is that in the early days of Adam Susan James why Jane Andrews Joseph Bates Urias Smith unveils hot that the law and Galatians was the moral law or the ten Commandments now before I go any further how many of you have never heard about the issue about the dispute in Galatians about the law okay so a handful of people so what happens is Sam Adams initially believe that the law the pulse button on the book of Galatians is the moral law the ten Commandments the schoolmaster that brings us to Christ and him him ran into a problem for Protestant dispensationalism came along and said yeah we agree that the long Malaysians of the moral law and according to Colossians Balog got nailed to the cross and more immigration so Seventh-day Adventists are going to that mission wait a minute Halloween prints tags our understanding of the Sabbath which is the fourth commandment so that we will protect ourselves against the teaching that is no way people receive the mark of the beast is a reasonable question I should like teaching that the moral law Malaysians was nailed to the cross and according to the Colossians and it's no longer binding you would have to come up with a good answer well their answer was to say that the law in Galatians was not the ten Commandments at all it was the wall that was added which was the ceremonial law which were the fees than other offerings sacrifices the Malacca stuff and when Jesus died on the cross that was done away with and the ten Commandments is still binding a notice most of what they said is true it is true that the ceremonial law was done away with at the cross and of the ten commands are still whining afterwards that by shortlisting what Paul was getting the book of Galatians they set themselves up for problems and many years later now it's interesting in eighteen fifty six the father of EJ Wagner again I realized there may be a root of the sum varying levels of understanding about this history that she would see preachers of the community messages I recommend forward TJ Wagner in eighteen Germans J Wagner 's father J H Wagner in eighteen fifty six writes an article where she Silas Babylon Galatians is actually the moral law and Urias Matt and James why not variants that and James are actually Ellen White has a vision and she writes a testimony reproving Wagner and in his testimony on is very interesting it was clear at the time to everyone she sends this testimony that thirty years later when the issue in a Canadian income that she nor anyone else could find this testimony say that creates a problem but basically what she says in this testimony in eighteen fifty six she tells Wagner to follow the why that the Lord has given when it comes to dealing with differences of opinion that the best that we know that she said she and as far as she can remember from years later she can remember if she had said that along relations was a ceremonial on or she receives light later on as to what it was so in the minds of the brethren however as a result of that testimony in their mind that settled the issue even though more likely Ellen why would you think brother Wagner James Wagner you need to be careful about how you still rent issues that are not in agreement among the brethren in the minds of the brethren they were saying see we were right along Galatians of the ceremonial law only is not the ten Commandments Celtic and fifty six this thing is underground for a number of years and when something interesting happens in eighteen eighty four just four years before the eighteen eighty eight General conference and this is a very crucial point to the story that is probably often overlooked the president of the General conference of that on I was sure short but overall G.I. the and said second console to write a series of articles in the review and Herald from January eight through June three eighteen eighty four and news articles superpowers that there were degrees of inspiration in Scripture ever heard that the vicinity of seven dollars and what when you read the Bible there's a different degrees of inspiration some parts of Scripture are more inspired than others and when we study the Bible carefully we can figure out what's the most inspired parts and what's the less inspired parts analysis the president of the General conference sailor and we went back to good old days when something happens for such advances eighteen eighty four General crop president is saying in others there's degrees inspirational Bible so that happens making eighty four now this is very important because that series of articles really set the stage for what happened in nineteen eighty eight because even though Ellen White comes out and says and she has several passages that captures a modern read the court 's she had on several passages that basically condemns everything that Butler said about degrees of inspiration she said all Scripture as the Bible says all Scripture is given by inspiration of God said Butler says that degrees of inspiration I want does not all Scripture is given by inspiration of God Ceylon taking a four now for some reason I guess you could say like father like son away so what decided to write about the long relations as well this time in nineteen eighty four same time that Butler's writing about degrees of inspiration of the Bible here we have EJ Wagner he writes a series of articles and signs of the times now I think most of you I mean you've all heard of the obvious review and signs of the times the magazine still exist today now what happened was is in the eighteen eighties Wagner and Jones had then they were the ones you wrote the articles and signs of the times Uriah Smith and Butler and others wrote in the review and Herald Palmyra articles on the now what happened was there seemed to be somewhat of a spirit of competition that developed between the editors of the review office and the editors of the sign 's office gets Seventh-day Adventist coming in the competition on that shouldn't happen in our work should it unfortunately it still does so Wagner she decides to write about the book of Galatians and he takes a different view from the traditional view and he usually has articles made Darius Smith G.I. Butler very unhappy Erasmus was the chief editor of the review jive that was the general conference president said in eighteen eighty six G.I. Butler visits Shippensburg College in Northern California near where PC is now an see is sold that strenuous efforts quorum both strenuous efforts were being made by Johnson Wagner to indoctrinate the students that the along the way for Morelos was like people hey there's a conspiracy here these guys are gone behind your back and there undermine the foundation of our faith now what happens by this point is that in the minds of the brother and this was a subtle issue for thirty years the wrong relations with the ceremonial law case clause that protects us from the changing of the mark of the beast by the product in this professionalism were all good now EJ Wagner sang now when you study the gospel the law is the schoolmaster the moral law is that the schoolmaster that leads us to Christ and now the leading brother and Butler and Urias Smith airlines this is heresy and database felt very strongly about the city this was no small issue mean it's not like him and he used the comparison mommy people have different views about the daily in the book of Daniel and alliances is not a subject of vital importance funny I see people getting the kids heated arguments over even the outage and yet these brethren believed that this was on undermining the faith of them to say at this time eighteen eighty six when Ballard hears about this album I happen to be on her shoot a three year trip through Europe or she spent some time in Europe and helped the rays of the churches throughout Europe and certainly it wasn't like twenty eleven where is your something in the news you send an e-mail to a long line half an hour later you get a response not enough to write a letter by hand finished in the Mel and wait for those of the boat to carry across the Atlantic Ocean in Europe on the Hathaway for her to write out her response and for the boat to carry it back across the Atlantic Ocean so that you can hear what you I say I run a difference what a different era Seo Butler wrote his first letter to Ellen Y on June twenty eighteen eighty six and what he said in the letter was like hey don't you remember you received why the along the way nations is the ceremonial honor the ten Commandments so Jesus riding the province and pedestal beside her these young guys here in California cousins in trouble we need your help set them out of a restless man on sale Ellen why immediately responsibilities and letter thing again this is interesting she writes a letter that somehow never gets received and nobody has ever found it all she knows is what she wrote the sheet you have it she sent a letter somehow didn't make a copy of it as she often said so she knows that she wrote a letter and you suddenly I send you the letter you never got what happened so basically what she said later was all she said was she wrote and it was actually addressed the Johnson Wagner and she was protesting against undoing contrary to the light which God has given us in regard to all differences of opinion which is actually very similar to what she said to J H Wagner nineteen fifty six however the letter was never received this is a committee six so Johnson Wagner keep doing their thing about the long relations being the moral law and so in the summer of eighteen eighty six Wagner published a nine part series and signs of the times in Galatians three and regarding Galatians three twenty four which I may read to you what Galatians three twenty four says my configuration three twenty four which says therefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring Christ that we might be justified by faith Wagner says in this that by no possibility can this refer to the ceremonial law now in all honesty was a in the best wisdom of Wagner to strip this issue perhaps not perhaps not the way that he was doing it under the brethren felt that Ellen White had settled the issue at the same time I think Wagner was very sincere and the other thing you have to realize that he read the series of articles that nurse primary point about the about Galatians was not whether the law was the ceremonial law or the moral law to sell it was just a logical but it was the moral law but his main point was what justification by faith was and just so happened that he believe the moral law was or that the law is the moral law the ten Commandments not the ceremonial law so she was just trying to get his view of the gospel out there however the brethren didn't see it that way and of course if your butler he arty written Helen Y and you don't know that she had sent a letter that never got sent your wondering what's going on sale August twenty three and November sixteen of eighteen eighty six she writes your again so that by now he's written three letters and in his letter November sixteen he told no one like that he planned to call are good signs brethren chewing accountants in the Magner for the way they have done in reference to some of the disputed points of our faith and on Galatians and now you see this all out controversy and by now leading up to the eighteen eighty six General conference Seo the alert he hadn't heard anything from Alan why energy Center this latter days before the eighteen eighty as Jesus General conference session sign-on although the time printer account for what they're saying and what is he due policyholders your account he passes out and eighty five page am entitled to land the book of Galatians is it the more long or does it refer to such of that system of lost peculiarly Jewish and unfortunately modern autism typically have titles that one that he is basically declaring war on Johnson Wagner ninety eighteen eighty six General conference session to some weird understand by the way marks a long Galatians is the ceremonial law and how dare these young guys from California Villa Ganz what we have Artie known to be true so in this pamphlet he rebounded Johnson Wagner 's views as the minority viewpoint and pizza shop that their quarrel Johnson doctrine of justification by faith not the problem which has the doctrine of justification by faith that James and Wagner 's high album White would later endorse of the third Angels message and rarity so sure you have the president of the Java conference now actually coming down on the wrong side of justification by faith is sin those guys they had this much vaunted doctrine of justification by faith and then that wherein the other leaders of the church orchestrated things where they form the theological committee there they passed a resolution that for the publication of years contrary to the fair majority of people unless the views of the next examined by brethren of experience they also flashed for a resolution to censure down from the resolution is not Seo you can see that eighteen eighty six was also a very contentious General conference session and then on December sixteen eighteen eighty six about a writer again and he says hey we never received any reply from you and the churches been waiting for years to hear from you clearly about the long relations why are you not reply to LMI replies in a letter that she addressed the Johnson Wagner in eighteen eighty seven and she attached copies to Butler and Uriah Smith and what she said it is interesting she says I have not read the position from either side can either read Butler's eighty five page and what I haven't read Wagner 's articles and signs of the times so on I haven't read your positions she says she's fine she had been shown in the past that JH Wagner EJ 's father she thought she had been shot in the past that his position was wrong but she couldn't find the testimony she had written nobody else could either in her mind was not clear on the issue and this is probably why she took so long to reply to them Inc. Butler keeps writing her page on the minor teaching the law and relations a ceremonial say something say something say something matter after letter after letter and in the meantime she's probably working for that testimony from aging fifties and she can't find it and at this point time the Lord hasn't given her a clear view so she finally writes back because Butler so agitated is likewise better say something and she didn't write earlier in the letter then lost now basically what she says she expressed concern that the cheerleading you are sorry sorry this is really guys grow up signs and review writing articles in rebuttal to each other I mean that's not a good Christian spirit so she's not happy about that and and you know she's reviewed in Johnson Wagner and she's rebuking Butler and smacked that they are in contention but of course that learns not think that they are right so in their minds they were just standing for truth take it or leave it down then she said Johnson minor worksheet self-confident and less cautious than they should be and she feared that Wagner had cultivated a love for discussions and consumption righteous father and she said especially at this time should everything like differences be repressed and the entity should be sought no one he read to you the other part of that letter that is also quite important that seems to often not be mentioned this is what she says we have a worldwide message so in other words what are you fighting over this the command of God in the minds of Jesus Christ of the burden of our work to head the unity and love for one another is the great work now to be carried on from the holy of holies there goes on the grand work of instruction Christ officiates in the sanctuary we do not follow him into the sanctuary as we should and then she says there must be eight zero fine of the soul hereupon the years in harmony with Christ cleansing of the sanctuary in heaven there we shall see more clearly as we are seeing we shall know as we are not zero she sang her luck on our focus should be on is what Christ is doing for us in the sanctuary in heaven and we were to do that our lives would be ones from sense because in order for the sanctuary the London him God 's people must have our lives when the sin here on this Earth and you guys are just fighting over the long Galatians and neither of you are being sanctified by the several trips in writing Johnson Wagner and attaching a copy said Butler and Smith was to try to get everyone to realize that they were not entering into the sanctuaries they should now jump in Wagner were taken by surprise they haven't heard anything from home like that they reacted in a very conciliatory matter now masters how many of you heard that it was the personalities of Jones and Wagner that caused the brethren to reject the message many people have heard that an time when a show is about that is not a completely fair assessment there may have been a little bit that in reality that was not the major issue Johnson Wagner promised to make changes after they receive this letter they basically so what were sorry we shouldn't of been stirring up this disagreement about whether Lawrence and we promise to learn from this experience and so they searched the review as they should have Mrs. eighteen eighty seven early eighteen eighty seven now Butler received this letter and you can imagine his response phrase the Lord Johnson Wagner have been in their place and my position has been indicated that as long and so Butler and Smith get away from that letter feeling very good about themselves now that I happens after that is after all my rights the letter the Lord 's revision him who wrote another letter this time to Butler and this is well online says just as that conference eighteen eighty six was presented to me in the night season my guides that follow me I have some things to show you to let me where I was a spectator of the scene that transpired at that meeting I was shown the attitude of some of the ministers yourself Butler in particular at that meeting and I can say with you my brother it was AIDS terrible conference sailor Bellarmine overjoyed quickly turns him I guide them had many things to say which left an indelible impression upon my mind his words were Solomon Ernest he opened before me the condition of the church at Battle Creek a time trial was before some great evils would be the result of the Pharisee -ism which has in a large degree taken possession of those who occupy important position in the work of important positions in the work of God she then stretched out his arms towards Doctor Wagner NTU Elder Butler and set in substance as follows neither have all the line up on the wall neither position is perfect out dollars of stock that Ellen White and settle the issue and now she sang out neither of you have all the why now remember this is George Butler G.I. Butler who wrote a series of articles in the review that said there are degrees of inspiration in Scripture so guests what if you think there's degrees of inspiration Scripture when the entity without one one dollar now thinks himself Ellen why is contradicting herself she said while in JH Wagner in eighteen fifty will to do what he was examining and now she's saying that we don't have the rights of all the Y Cincinnati saying our kids I'm not sure I can trust everything to seventy degrees of inspiration to her writings as well this is the president of the General conference this is eighteen eighty seven and then something else unfortunate happens in leading up to the eighteen eighty eight General conference at this particular time just the minor were up in Oakland California and really why and how and why it happened and even in the Oakland area before the Minneapolis copies of eighteen eighty eight and one Butler's allies and of I don't know who it was maybe someone here does the anyway someone in Oakland 's sons that were of water and says an online person willing Jones and Wagner have come together they are conspiring to come to Minneapolis to drive home the point that the long Galatians is the ten Commandments or the moral law not the ceremonial and you need to be on guard we need to stand by our positions because Ellen White has changed she's teaming up with these new guys that are undermining our faith and it's up to us the leaders of the church to hold the guard so that's the precursors to the eighteen eighty eight General conference and yes you are the morning devotional speaker EJ Wagner Seo you have the makings of an explosion waiting up to Minneapolis and in this conference EJ Wagner gave each series of talks on righteousness by faith from the book of Galatians and you have your Ryan Smith admittedly there was and everything that he was saying was true but we wouldn't say a man because we are waiting for him to bring the punchline of the long relations with the moral law say with sure you have this powerful message that the Lord had given John Wagner to bring that has charge to prepare his people to receive the outpouring of the latter rain and instead you had row power seeking envious can not evening leaders of our church who wouldn't receive a clear message from the Lord because of the issue the long relations and in their hearts and you have in that conference in the in and at night time this the ministers were get together just as nineteen eighty six and they were cracking jokes and having a spirit of levity when what they really should've been there was getting down on their knees confessing their sins thank Lord forgive me for the evil in my heart towards brother John's brother Wagner for saying that they were like this you like that again they are giving a message that has been traced with conviction that is showing me of my need of Christ ensure you have Christ being lifted up and the brethren go back to the rooms in their joking about Wagner effect there like basically Doctor Wagner was a short man and so they would sit around and joke about how he was such a short guide Yankees this season that they would actually said to him in person actually really hurt us filling feelings in the four-man jury is trying to give a message from the Lord and his brethren that he works with are making fun and that was happening at the Canadian problems one of the day that happened over Butler G.I. Butler of all things was sick so we can come similar to himself and she was such a frenzy that by the time Minneapolis came around he wasn't well innocuous so she sent a letter to the brother on his side and he tells them to stand by the way Mark and so there were two men in particular that were our licenses JH Morrison and Brother Kilgore and Brother Morrison plans to come to the platform and proposed that they block any further discussion on the issue at hand before she did rather show Gore comes to the platform and he says it is so sad that were having this discussion about the long Galatians when our president Elder Butler can't be here the next day along why gets up and says it's color to show Laura was guided by the spirit of the Lord he never would've gotten in front of the people who made the statement that he did the other thing that happened throughout the conference you have Ellen Weiss sitting on the front row saying amen over and over again to what Wagner sang just send there is much like here and of course the breadwinners and yet she conspired with them they're here to pound home the long relations mingle more along it here Alan why is sitting on the front row saying amen there is much like here and so the conference closed some good things came out of it that the work that God has designed to take place that not happen soon after that conference what you have is a crisis in confidence of Ellen White the authorities not only now for bother me he had a team that influences your riots nothing in I always root Rice has been the author Daniel and Revelation now my endorses advocates again the yet in eighteen eighty eight he came down squarely on the wrong side and she's questioning her authorities that were questioning her authority and there was another figure that is not often talked about his name is Daniel and seek through the time the secretary the General conference he was on the general conference executive committee and those men in their minds they could not harmonize along wine saying that neither side had all the way and so therefore they questioned her authority Allen Weinstein however the brethren aren't you receive this must take the message to the people said Jones Wagner and Allen Y is a camp meeting circuit beginning in eighteen eighty nine twenty South Lancaster Massachusetts you read the reports people had experience of repentance revival in Reformation he had a cat meeting in Ottawa Kansas in May of eighteen eighty nine it had one in Pennsylvania in June eighteen eighty nine and unfortunately in response to these canned meetings that alert and Urias Smith write rebuttals in the review and Herald awarded on the minor teaching mechanics Eleanor Johnson Wagner going out teaching the message of righteousness by faith and then you have Butler and it's not concerned with what they're saying in the review and Herald and if you look at the history from eighteen eighty eight to nineteen hundred you have a continued rejection of the message and Johnson Wagner then Jean Georges mentioned Senior Reisman worked together to block EJ Wagner from teaching the covenants at Battle Creek College and others was part of the message of righteousness by faith in Christ not in the brother and talk there was one cut him she phases him you have the first thing in the second phase one hundred ounces weight and not there's actually two different covenants there's the old covenant and the new covenant will covenant was where the children of Israel said all that the Lord has said we will be with you dear God you just follow the cheap attack command we will do it and wait just a minute long thing now don't you realize that the Bible teaches that righteousness is apart from the works of the law you can keep the ten Commandments in your own strength righteousness is by faith Morgan again to the nuts and bolts minutes presentation and save this and the new covenant actually came before the old covenant God made a covenant with Abraham and then at Mount Sinai the Israelites to it upon themselves to say they can keep the law of God that the old covenant and so God comes along in the new covenant does not underwrite my law in your hearts and minds that you can do it in your own strength in the idea that you will be empowered to live my righteous life and now that was a concern she can sit to settlers Smith and Dan Johnson and so they blocked Wagner and Aji Jones from teaching this at Battle Creek College however Ellen White and yours EJ Wagner 's view the covenant that led to a problem with Van Jones she was in charge of it he was the secretary the general conference to teach Western what she said were what she said was well what Wagner 's teaching about the covenant is correct and the spirit has been wrong and the opposition that has enough as it went down Johnson was like oh okay I again I'm sorry I have had the wrong spirit truth HD Jensen EJ Wagner note forgive me that you know what I'm still right about the covenants in the long Malaysians and he still held those views and she not very long later she manifests the same opposition where he's walking them from speaking at various meetings so the spirit of opposition continues even though he initially said on so sorry for having the wrong spirit so the spirit of opposition continues and then something interesting happen and this is actually jumping back a little bit in time that's what happened in nineteen ninety one why would Australia now when I grew out of sight while I won't why would Australia and that's where she wrote the desire of ages and in she did a great work there and she did and did you know that it wasn't God 's will for together she was supposed to stay in Battle Creek she referred the message that God had sent to go forward when the brethren gave her the hall the American dinner or any white one where the other he was in essence allowing the brethren to eat the fruit of the revenue they were rejecting Ellen why they were rejecting the message is that God Center Johnson Wagner and with the brother and realized was like hey you know what we should do should get along why to do evangelism on Australia and build up the church and their MSN and we can do the same thing with EJ Wagner we can get Nvidia get evangelistic work in England and serves in nineteen ninety one he does the angle and outline is Australian and Asian jungles Sultan Battle Creek and so the three people who were united in proclaiming this message of righteousness that was to usher in the latter rain and the loud cry were separated by the brethren who were opposed to the work that they were doing and their history is spelled out the result him for the good work online in Australia that if the earth and enlightened with the glory of righteousness by faith Australia would've gotten the message anyway say that was what happened in each ninety one now as I as we now look at what inspiration says about what happened on track to fly through this year Mrs. Ellen why what commences volume one two thirty four to thirty five thanks citing that opposition Satan succeeded in shutting away from our people in a great measure the special power of the Holy Spirit that God long-term part of them then why that is to lighten the whole earth with its glory was resisted but clear it was resisted and by the action of our brethren has been in a great degree Captain away from the world is pretty clear and better fifty one eighteen ninety five God has given brother John Brother Wagner a message for the people we reject the message born by the snack you reject Christ the giver of the message as she wrote that statement in eighteen ninety five there are people that say the eighteen eighty eight message was only given in eighteen eighty eight and anything after that the Johnson Wagner started to teach was erroneous yes seven years later she silently reject the message you reject Christ the giver of the message and as I said earlier Ellen why was heard over and over in eighteen eighty and Minneapolis Singh a man there is much lighter in eighteen ninety eight she was still speaking of stubborn defiance disunion and rejection of white and noticeable she said in nineteen ninety I have been instructed that this terrible experience at the Minneapolis conference is one of the sad him the history of the believers of prayer and presence race has nineteen out shoe fourteen years later she sank as one of the saddest chapters and then was what Willie White says he says the most serious feature of the disaffection with the fact that because sister why urge the importance of the message of righteousness by faith and because thereby ceasing to be upholding these brethren Wagner Johnson contrary to their judgment the brethren it grew into a spirit of rejection of the testimonies of sister why do you wonder why we have a rejection of her testimonies today it started way back passengers in the last thirty years and this is where we can achieve a vision that Helen why have January five nineteen oh three maybe you've probably read it at the vision of what she saw could've happened at the nineteen oh one General conference which was the final opportunity at that point in my error for the church to accept this message January five nineteen oh three address to the Battle Creek church Monday at noon I was writing of the work that might been done at the last general conference of the nineteen one session and then positions of trust have followed the will and way of God lives you have had great while I have not walked in the line the meeting was closed in the break was not made amended not humble themselves before the Lord as they should have done and the Holy Spirit was not imparted I had written thus far when I lost consciousness and I seem to be witnessing the scene in Battle Creek they were assembled in the audit or go there was offered to him with some flair was again offered most earnest supplication was made in God the meeting was marked by the presence of the Holy Spirit then worked when he and some present worms being allowed out ever been in a meeting like that arose from his about positioning so that in the past he had not been in union with certain and have felt no want for the event now he saw himself as he was with great solemnity he repeated the message to the latest insured because you say I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing in my self-sufficiency this is just the way I thought he said and now is not the power wretched and miserable poor and blind and naked I now see that this is my condition my eyes are open she had a revival she realized she was spiritually dead my spirit has been hard and unjust I thought myself righteous but my heart is broken and I see my need of the precious Council the one who asserts me through and through continuing the speaker turned and threw been cranking since we have something to do we must confess our sins and humbler heart before God he made heartbroken confessions and then stepped up to several of the brethren one after another and extended his hand asking for forgiveness when asked to the question have you ever been to a meeting like I will never have this to him he spoke sprang to their feet making confession asking forgiveness and they fell upon one another's necks weeping the spirit of confession spread through the entire congregation it was a Pentecostal season God 's praises were signed and farmed in the night until nearly morning the work was carried on the following words were often repeated with clear distinctness as many as a I will I you can chasten no one seem to be too proud to make heartfelt confessions and those you lead in this work were the ones who have influenced these are the leaders of the church that had not been for the church to confess their sin there is rejoicing such as never before had been heard and the Battle Creek tabernacle sounds awesome then now I wish that this must I hadn't hadn't been written I wish that this really was history then I aroused from my unconsciousness and for a while could not think where I was nice and was still in my hand the words were spoken to me this morning and this the Lord was waiting to do for his people and heaven was waiting to be gracious that's what could've been from the Canadian message it could've what tips people that disagree with each other who were at odds with each other felt that the other side was wrong my got figured out they don't I'm so good they are not they could've come together and said we forgive me I've been a complete jerky I treated you like you're just not I should've been lying is I don't have and I want you to forgive me I want to be your brother that's what the Lord was trying to be an just as I thought of where we might have been at their work been done at the last general conference and agony of disappointment came over me as I realized that what I had witnessed was not a reality she later said that after the general compensation the church locked and bolted the door from the moving of the Holy Spirit and that was all as a result of not seeing him as righteousness my favorite talk about our next session where Christ was lifted on before the people but they held onto their cherished predispositions of opinions and they were not humbled himself to confess their wrongs of their brethren and say what the Holy Spirit tried to mail the Holy Spirit was ready to come down on seventh Avenue in nineteen oh one at the Battle Creek general conference and the leaders of the church resisted the moving of the Holy Spirit nineteen oh one and Ellen Weiss on vision what might've been in recent years there's been a major attempt to create that while some of the leading brethren rejected the message in eighteen eighty eight most accepted it and even the opposers later repented in Canada want in the line as a result women told our church eventually accepted the eighteen eighty message of righteousness by faith women taking in every sense of a good online save this message when you look hot for the outpouring of the latter rain I would lead to the loud cry that would usher in the second coming and I'm telling you that is not how and that vision of the nineteen oh one General conference session shows the rejection from that generation of leaders their final rejection about message and by nineteen twenty six eighty Daniel zero zero prison for many years he says the message originated has never been received nor proclaimed nor given free course as it should have been in order to convey to the church the measureless blessings that were wrapped with nineteen twenty six nearly forty years later a generation later in nineteen twenty eight and nineteen thirty seven Taylor launch rail two separate editions of the book called the Exodus and add that movements and he was the first to make the comparison to what him to the experience of the children of Israel Al Qaeda how application on the transpires come back ten of them say we can't hope we can take the land aspired to drain with you so we can go and delay their injuries into the promised land for forty years cellular banshees looking at history and in nineteen twenty eight uses a candidate in nineteen twenty eight on this went on to inform thirty years like the children of Israel that was the message that would've gotten us into the promised land power in twenty eleven you have just what do you think the leaders of the church to reject the message but they claim to have accepted how and how do you think they liked hearing that eighteen eighty which caters more to the end of that happening is what we call revisionism of history revisionism of history when he gave you an example of how this started and you have the men that did this as far as I know maybe very fine or stable path to the rest of the noticed how they established a chain of authority to describe what happened in eighteen eighty and one essay this the thing I have mentioned after nineteen oh one the outfit crisis of pantheism in the church and unfortunately Wagner went out with Kellogg and Jones that as well and so the brother and looked at Johnson Wagner nice to see those guys are all out that in reality online it's that if Wagner Jones ever works you apostatize from the faith it wouldn't take away from the truth of the message that they gave channels predicted what was that of course these brethren had you are always so you try to establish a chain of authorities first was long enough to buy the name small hero of several volumes about the history of the items church and she quotes an offer by the name of keys PE ASC for reference to several authorities and he wrote this book in like nineteen forty nine he's courting from a book written four years earlier the funny thing is a nineteen sixty two this author perceives to write another book about it he talks about age eight and this time she quotes all the good qualities and as his authority to describe the personalities of Johnson Wagner and other mechanisms she's right the first thing about the personalities of Johnson her yet he was the first one in Spalding says I'm so thankful for PCs to help me to understand the minor then peace comes along again write some more following the same spelling is help me to understand in the market I am 's not very clear to me then and then somehow the name of Amy Olson comes along he writes in nineteen sixty six Q Spalding to get his impressions of John Wagner and the list goes on and on and basically what you get is you get this circle of authority where the circle is within itself is saying this guy writes about it in the next seconds long quote sent from the other guy comes back the other guy who recorded so the question of where were they getting their history and they of course had nothing good to say about Jonathan Wagner there's an agenda minor were very egotistical they came across and about an harsh way and they were the ones that were the problem then this is interesting I'm getting close to a very close to you will take a break from the right friend comes along I currently write for the firm was the neighbor and shaker of the questions on doctrine and down he also wrote the four volume set called the prophetic faith of our fathers he also wrote a series of books called the conditional fathers which expel those volumes did a nice job at defending our prophetic faith in our prophetic physicians and so forth so and I am nineteen fifty seven the book questions on doctrine was published just so happens that around the same time wrong there were some missionaries in Africa women and we went in short should did some reading and they read well once about a Canadian innocent man this sounds amazing on patient hearing about age ninety eight to allow tribe message and sale there's some send letters of the General conference that friend happened after he was the one to respond to them now at this very same time that we learned in short are coming into an interest of the agency 's message that questions on doctrine has just been published mama and industrial that I have a presentation on our neighbors called the history of questions on doctrine the basically the church changed our historical beliefs of the needs of Babylon the remnant the nature of sin and the nature of Christ midterm changed completely and human people today who send more to those a point acknowledged that friendship things too far like he said Jesus did he check human nature vicariously didn't really take human nature I mean each examination of the question is which measured any change and friends think the check of vicariously and he says that Jesus bore our sins vicariously knowing that Jesus bore our sins so for a number of issues with the questions on doctrine such a person unintentional injury is and how many of her and she of course became very upset about questions on doctrine so she's writing these what a series of letters letters to the churches and surf from to in reality created the massive questions on doctrine is trying to fend off Andrea sent at the same time now these guys are coming along that we learned in short who want to know about eighteen eighty eight and so she's fending off Andreasen with one hand and starts to try to find off we went in short with the other hand the questions why because what he had to really sure what he wrote them letters and sent our you know what thank you for your letters and of inquiry about the Canadian message I went into the alone more involved I looked at her letters and everything 's fine the right they write about great shows the evidence would love to see it and he wouldn't do it now the question is why item that I can say is this you remember AG Daniels here in nineteen twenty six right here at the Chrysler righteousness and it was another piece of the message and never been received Daniels for some reason hand-picked Leroy furnaces protégé and she got room to promise that he would bring the eighteen eighty eight message out now the question is not an Daniels ended up dying sometime around nineteen thirty seven when the era don't quote me on the exact date I'd have to look it up but sometime in the nineteen thirties Dennis passed away and room had been given the charge by AJ Daniels to bring this eighteen eighty eight message out to the forefront will just one fruit finally decided to talk about the intermediate message we sell nineteen seventy one forty years later his commitment destiny now just what he said about a Canadian message and destiny said in the eighteen eighty eight General conference marked inch turning point in the history of the Seventh-day Adventist church up until that point we had been traveling with realism we accepted the message of righteousness by faith and we've been preaching at Everson she loaded several witnesses could bet that Congressman Dennis he interviewed these witnesses in the nineteen thirties he publishes was in nineteen seventy one if you read carefully the levels from the eyewitnesses you were there there's never one complete sentence from any witness its partial sentences while the way through of his witnesses and slipped picture that he paints is one of victory that it originated ensuring the history of the church and we've been on a victorious course ever since the movement of destiny praise the Lord and stopping when he talked about in the end the question is why did he wait forty years in the unfortunately he's not the only one that has continued the revisionism of history and we have unfortunately modern revisionists of history especially of eighteen eighty eight and I say this with all charity I want to be careful how I say this because these are human beings who are still alive and on Donovan is actually a family friend of mine I am and that is the reason George nine Woodrow when an order would naturally roomed with my uncle in college and seminary and my wife when she was will him also were off hunting my mother in college that is as a person I like him very much so please don't take this the wrong way I'm just evaluating objectively that they say Jordan I wrote about from eighteen eighty two apostasy about Aji Janzen he stated that his objective from the very outset was to show the eighties Jones was wrong from the very beginning let's have a problem because the light was endorsing John's enemy was saying written has written a biography recently called usually Wagner from physician and it needs to agent a division of Jordan I also wrote user-friendly guide eighteen eighty eight but the siege is that the eighteen eighty eight message was only given at the eighteen eighty eight General conference said that since there is no record of it is a lot general talk with related take a written record of what was said after he donated us again what we better write down what these guys are sign on so unfair fight we don't have a natural written record although the glad tidings by Wagner is is a repackaged version of the notes that his white wife took during the time served since there is no record of it we don't know what it really was anything after is not the eighteen eighties message and that this is really the heart of the problem that to me is problematic with wet night wind siege to say Wagner examines really crystallized the teaching of Christ in you the hope of glory from Colossians one that is part of the health of pantheism wording of telecom that God is in everything so huge huge that Christ is living in you that's actually pantheism and if you accept that leaves of the Omega apostasy that's a problem because the unfortunately George Knight and Woodrow Witten are the most read authors and the Seventh-day Adventist church about the Canadian him change the history to make it look like Jonathan Wagner were changing pantheism with a message of Christ in the hope of glory and from the Bible Colossians one twenty seven and I say well just metaphorical language now what may share you a few the statements that they made better traumatic and this will be the last part of this presentation shows night condemns those who accept the Bible -based message of John Wagner saying that it you read their writings and accept their message is reading the Bible through the eyes of Johnson Wagner which is a careless mistake service in the region of the minor 's teachings and accept their children such a perilous mistake because Ellen why only upheld these men because they were relating Adventism Doctor Christ and the Bible not because they have the final word on theology or even how to theology with which he fully agreed not to try to wrap your mind around that statement and why does they gave a most precious message and she said that their message would lead the loud cry of the third angel and then nine says wait a minute if you read what they're saying that's careless the only reason why Ellen White said they were good and because they were relating the church back to the Bible and to Christ that their teachings are perilous why would a prophet of old teachers whose teachings were paralyzed and when we get sick entity omega of apostasy that makes absolutely no sense at all and that's the spend that George mine has placed on intermediate history is not the only one on favorite of Desmond Ford Desmond Ford condemn him Wagner for him in place ensuring much value on sanctification they didn't understand the Reformation gospel gospel of justification alone to show you one of the other problems again we've been told that it was the egotism of Johnson Wagner that helped lead to the rejection and George Knight and Woody Witten quote from a letter supposedly written by Willy why where Willy why supposedly says that yes Johnson Wagner or egotistical there's only one problem with my wife never wrote that letter service sheer source of authority that mine wouldn't hang their hat on associate Jonathan Martin had about spirit he didn't even write the letter it was actually written by DE Robinson who didn't even go to the Minneapolis conference and he wasn't there to see the attitude of Johnson Wagner and what is Ellen White said about the spirit and Wagner at Minneapolis she says and through the presentation of his views Wagner presented in the right spirit a Christlike spirit so analyzes Wagner presented the message of righteousness by faith and Christlike spirit and now were told that they were egotistical on Papas and not why everyone rejected their message actually not Wagner presented the message in a Christlike way and the brethren rejected the very different view of history on my last one of my last example more clothes this meeting in Nintendo this is where him now I don't know where George and I was looking at when he did this but on his present to you the facts and you can take taken from your own conclusions George night for the letter again by Willie White him he claims that Wally Weitz says on picture I get this right okay here's what Willie White says this is George Knight speaking of accordingly wife's letter William White's substantiates his mother 's position he wrote to his wife for Minneapolis much that Doctor Wagner teaches is in line with his mother was with what his mother had seen a vision that have led some to jump to the conclusions that quote she endorses all his views and that no part of his teaching disagrees with mother and whether testimonies than he has an ellipses pieces I could prove all this to be false similarly why is that sank I could prove that all is it's all false though my mother agrees with Wagner and what it will he might really say no Willy why really said was that he was riding to Sean after the charge that Wagner 's views were in disagreement with the testimonies of the long one and he was saying I could prove all that defaults that's a very different interpretation the first interpretations that I could prove it to be all false that Wagner agrees with sister why the second interpretation shows that all the people were saying that Wagner 's views disagreed with the testimonies and Willie Wiseman not false so we as a people unfortunately because we are many times merely thinkers and reflectors of other men's thoughts we just take the books written by men who have an agenda the flesh and in what I will say about this is George mine what he wouldn't very clearly we salvation justification that is a legal declaration apart from any heart change and sanctification is not part of salvation therefore when they look at the writings of Jonathan Martin Jonathan Wagner very clearly teaches that righteousness by faith include sanctification and complete victory over some very necessary no way we can accept that and because down the modulator phosphatides and I accepted the teachings of pantheism they come up with a clever idea that the teaching of Christ and you have a boring waste of the studio may have apostasy and yet Ellen why uses lovers frequently throughout her writings as a legitimate verse that we need your experience so this was a more historical study the next message will be probably a little bit more preaching that what can we learn from what can we learn from the history the community will number one business we are still here Jesus is not come which must mean we have not accepted the message and I haven't even really gotten into what it is yet we just look at the history and understand the people at settlement history so Jesus is not time yet because we have not accepted secondly do we have the same spirit of the brethren who have the Spirit affairs is so that when Christ sent a message through brothers Wagner and John and Wagner presented in a Christlike spirit of our hearts ready to receive that kind of a message from the autonomy of the messenger there are are we going to be part of a group of people that will beast spinning things in revising history so that we will say they are the group of people on here they needed us why not a little bit of the other virtue focused on Jesus coming against down surgeon and risk the more where they are and you have whatever and do we have a spirit of opposition towards each other that doesn't need to exist yes we can conjure an agreement of what truth is and how to use truth to reach the world around us we can comments you may unity of faith in others not so many different ways of evangelism and outreach and I'm getting our message to the world and the Lord looked down this church right now he says let's see I like to pour out my ladder ramp my people that you know what they can even agree with each other on how to get the message out there so why would I give my Holy Spirit and if I get into my Holy Spirit what would they bring to be bringing people into not to be on diluted truth or what to be part of our message with the hope that maybe someday when we would share the harlotries with an later it is true that unites never forget this ever the lines when you look at the vision of our churches because an error truth always unites believers in Jesus and wheels God 's people it's past time to accept truth so I would challenge you said makes a Canadian year study were to get into the nuts and bolts of the messenger next presentation let's take a ten minute break and will come back in ten minutes and in the next presentation Juergen I want to be here because what I'm going to gear is on the share how the eighteen eighty eight message is the message to the way of the sea ensured that the Laodicean message is the message that prepares people to receive the latter rain and the loud cry that will fit us for translation and the reason why we are still here that we haven't really studied and understood the latest Siena message which in reality is what you will always be what we are going to see is that when the ingenuity message the latest Siena message is given of God 's lines for Dominion it will lead your shaking the church so you want to be here I was covering the shaking innovator in the next session as soon as


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