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1888 and the Laodicean Message

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • February 12, 2011
    4:30 PM
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are you through one of her and long engine life study found and we thank you for being with us today may we come to see them understanding of what the messages to Laodicea may we accept that message in May we may forward in faith to receive the lottery a lot of cry this is my current is set so just electronic clarification it sounds like I made a statement at one point where I am when I said that Jones and Wagner were teaching the along with the ceremonial law to confuse a couple of people were many clear agenda Mark Holloway three that the long relations with the ten Commandments and him and so that am sorry that I misspoke there is another point in history that I didn't mention is that Ellen White in the eighteen nineties receive light from the Lord of the law in Galatians was about the ceremonial M Morlock 's Elizabeth Ryan they are both wrong sales manager in filtering out more clearly the element of justification by faith from Galatians that they didn't take into consideration how the ceremonial law was part of the law that help people in the Old Testament to come to Christ okay so this is aging eighty eight in the Laodicean message get right into this mess well I'm white says this is the eighteen eighty materials page ten fifty two she says the message given us by H E Johnson EJ Wagner is the message of gods of the land to see in church and well-being of anyone who professes to believe the truth yet not reflect others the God-given raise she has honestly review and Herald April one eighteen ninety several have written the need inquiring of the message of justification by faith is the third Angels message and I have answered it is the third Angels message and Verity and then she says that island but by page one eleven what is justification by faith it is the work of God in Wang the glory of man in the desk and given for man that which it is not has power to do for himself nine then see their own nothingness there prepared to be flowed with the righteousness of Christ like we must see our own nothingness we are not in the brain to the table when it comes to righteousness we must see that we are the latest in people and when we see her nastiness then we can receive the righteousness of Christ and we won't heed the counsel of the true witness to the way to see ensure that is also what Johnson Wagner said just a few snippets of what they said in their teachings Johnson is when Jesus comes it is the take his people and himself in a different present Jim says his glorious church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing but that is holy and without blemish it is to see himself perfectly reflected in all the same and before he comes thus his people must be in that condition and the state of perfection this developing in each believer the complete image of Jesus this is the fashion of the mystery of God which is Christ in you the hope of glory this consummation is accomplished in the cleansing of the sanctuary is pretty clear what Jonathan wanted people just like Jesus when he comes she also says the special messenger vacation which God has been sending us at the prepares for glorification of the coming of the Lord in this God is giving to us the strongest sign that it is possible for him to give that the next thing is the coming of the Lord and there is other things as there's other quotes that I could make that money just for one other statement from Sharon's this relates to the work of revival in Reformation that is going on right now the church is calling for revival and Reformation and and John's makes a reference to what Ellen White said she says he's going her way she says the latest young message was first given to the church in the eighteen fifties nineteen forties is that when it was first presented because it didn't didn't do the work in a short time they said he's courting on why the time housing and so they gave up and message and then he recent testimonies volume one page one eighty six and this is all morning she says I saw that this message the Laodicean message would not accomplish its work in a few short months that is what supposedly good as she does it is designed to arouse the people of God she discovered for them their backsliding and to leave them to zealous repentance that they may be favored with the presence of Jesus and beef for the loud cry of the third Angels at this and message effect of the heart it led to deep humility of God angels were sent in every direction to prepare unbelieving hearts for the church such a gem comes to the inescapable conclusion in the latest CNN message is supposed to help people to be fitted for the loud cry the third Angels message then we need to study revelations three versus fourteen to twenty two to understand what him through translation and our generation anyhow this is not to be done in a few short months a lot of times we think and what if I just pray why not an hard enough the water ran will come upon me and I hope your friend the latter rain I needed you more about myself is not to be just a few short months what we need is to read from our backsliding to have not only reliable Reformation and that message in Revelation three fourteen two twenty two is designed to do that now notice also with an estimate for the message was a God centered on the minor because I wanted their message was the message to the latest in church and receive what does the latest in Chattanooga the shaking this is a famous quarterly writings page two seventy I asked the man of a shaky nightstand with Shannon that would be caused by the Straits testimony class forth by the Council of the true witness to the way understanding out a lot of times is not as I've come through on this message of the third Angels off your people that say we need to get a strange testimony and they say it just like that well I want to find the straight testimony the Council of the true witness to the way to see in church which means the strange testimony is found in Revelation three fourteen three twenty three so it makes sense if they wanted in the Straits testimony to stay Revelation three fourteen twenty three and out is what happens this message will have its effect upon the heart of the receiver and will lead and to exalt the standard and poor for the straight truth so you will receive a message that they will receive it and they will again the strange truth is what Sam will not bear the street testimony in nineteen eighty eight variable rise up against the end this is what will shaking among God 's people Cialis I thought the shaking she will organize study away at the end message of Revelation three fourteen to twenty two people who come in with understanding for four straight truth and then others will say no way and I don't want that message don't get that to me that's what will cause the shaking among God 's people I saw that the testimony of the true witness has not been happy if the solemn testimony upon which the destiny of the church ends has been lightly esteemed if not entirely disregarded this many things that we can save in this book what I want a mouse was just go through Revelation three fourteen the twenty fifth the latest in message let's let the Bible speaks for itself to understand and I hope that you will see things in a way that you have never seen them before and because of the interest of time I am going to condense some of my thoughts are also excited verse fourteen under the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write these six things saith the amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God Laodicea means a judge people and the faithful and true witness of Jesus Christ is announced into the judgment Howard Church a judge people by the way I'm creator sale you wonder why creationist attack in the judgment the faithful and true witness of Christ is being attacked he is the beginning of creation to create God the Creator verse fifteen know your works that you are neither cold nor hot I want you were cold or hot we know this part first sixteen so then because you are weird one and neither cold nor hot I will spew you out of my mouth now we don't know yet where the Laodicean church when we work we just need to get warm fire for Jesus and monster but this is a lot more kids are not in reality first of all says Jesus once you know the way it stands out of his mouth the words speed of course means a long which means that only interested in condition is nauseating to try I've never thought about the possibility that your spiritual condition can be nauseating your Savior but sober I is it that Laodicea is nauseating to Christ and verse in the Indian number seventeen and this is where you and my work as a physician there are other physicians that are here the worst thing you can do to education is to give them an accurate diagnosis and say someone comes in with cancer and they come through and you say that bigotry you have a clean bill of health to them etc. now you just sounds on the truth since she says Kuhn now is our true spiritual condition he's telling us what we are really lying and he says because you say I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing you don't know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked now there may be some people in the Seventh-day Adventist church in the way to see in church are in their Laodicean condition because they have so much money that how to lose their love for God I may be churning perhaps here in this room that was the real here are some of the items are so rich that is causing the loser walk with God I guess you could say Americans are in some respects that is Jesus really talking about literal money here or is he talking about something different here she's actually talking about being spiritually rich she's talking about being spiritually increased with goods and if you look carefully inscriptions the round is going to can condense things for the interest of time to be rich and you can find this in the book of first Peter in the pavilions to be rich is to have a so if you say I am rich and increased with goods I don't need anything out you are saying phrase the Lord I have very I am rich in faith I have saving faith I have righteousness by faith and I don't need anything else Jesus is now you are wretched miserable poor blind and naked and if you are naked you don't have the covering of Christ's righteousness which means you don't have his righteousness at all and remember what I quoted earlier today about seventy ounces sixty three percent say they have an intimate relationship with Christ seventy three percent say they have assurance of salvation and thirty three percent spend time with Christ everyday thirty three percent what has happened to the seven patents church the same has become all and all and you can see it is assurance of salvation that we want now is as long as I have salvation health matters to you normally when you want to wait all the way what I wanted and unwanted I have assurance of salvation I'm good I'm rich I'm free to do and I don't need anything else raised the Lord I have salvation that sound like our church today we think that we have saving faith we think we have righteousness by faith that we don't need anything else and were adequate actually recognizable poor blind and naked so the question is why do we that experience that Jesus is the answer wretched miserable poor blind and naked that's our condition this one ratchet analyzer for appreciable sermons Mrs. while over three years ago so some of you men nonlinear the word ratchet comes from the Greek mortality Perez and it's found one other place in Scripture which is Romans seven s wretched man that I had who shall deliver me from the body and this and that this is the map around seven crew and verse fourteen says I am carnal sold understand meaning you are so understand you are a slave to sin and in Romans six you are either slaves to righteousness are slaves to sin Romans seven shows you what it means to be a slave to sign a do the things you don't want to do and you don't do the things you wanted to add later on in the chapters is that you are brought into captivity to the law of sin and death because when you were a slave you can't do the fans that you want to be your slave master tells you what you need so the man of Romans seven note in his mind there is the law of God I want to keep it I want to follow Christ well nobody wants the Navy done the things that he doesn't want anything to us all wretched man who shall deliver me outweighs the amount of Romans that announcement is about twice the name address away to see if things and you've heard this because I heard this in our pulpits are pastors many of them teachers Romans seven shares that as long as we are here on this Earth we will just keep sending them falling over and over again that I praise God through Jesus Christ our Lord that that is the experience of righteousness by faith I am assurance of salvation I just keep sending them falling over and over again just like the amount of room in seventh and so praise the Lord that is my experience on the way to happen no one has to this is your conventions that you can have that kind of an experience and how salvation that you have salvation you have assurance in Christ you have the experience of Roman sun ascending over and over and never getting victories but you know that I still say then when the message of the true witness to the later scenes and cheers as he straight into the heart and since you are not saying you are wretched miserable poor blind and naked meaning you do not have my righteousness the effect it has that it will have our people will be several except that they will rise forth and they went forth for the strange testimony with our and others to enjoy their carnal existence will think to tell me I'm wretched don't tell me that the Romans seven experience significantly needs to be channeled that I want to hear that what I want here is that Jesus was man will say we now matter what and that is what ways of the shaking doesn't and our acceptance of Roman sun has been part of the gospel as a prophetic salt fulfillment of Christ describe your condition now in the interest of time and money to get through everything else I won't mention that to be miserable in that word is found only in first rankings fifteenth were also is good in this life only we have hope in Christ we are of all men most miserable and Christ the single antecedent the reason you are miserable because you have this false assurance of salvation where you think you have hope of Christ that will give you eternal life but in reality of the false hope that is only for the present line in your find out that you were on the wrong side and again people are innocent don't tell me that I know that I have salvation I know that I keep sending them falling over and over again that Jesus was just governing even though I keep on sending and retention sending and retention and this is the message that Johnson Wagner brought to the way to seem scripted yet the Laodicean church that he had missed church in eighteen eighty eight page top that Christ was to be announced that she could give us the power to live his life here on this earth and that we would be living demonstrations of his church in the world to see this concept of assurance of salvation and not it's good to have confidence in our walk with Christ that has to be based on reality not here here having confidence of salvation is fine as long as it's grounded in truth although no one actually says we should never say that we have assurance of salvation because we must die every day and if you say I'm saved say it tends to present your men to die to self every day the daily process and so that we need just to get away from this model of basing everything on assurance of salvation and go back to the message that you are running needy in with a child is the most important thing is the vindication of God 's character to the universe there's hot that assurance of salvation is secondary or in material sent to me allowing God ship for out to spirit through me so that I will rightly represent his name to the world and those are the kind of people that Jesus is going to say the people who care about the glory and honor of his name much more so than them in the insurance of their own salvation because here's what happens when we get shroud in this map be sure of assurance of such returns a assurance of salvation or the we say in Michigan said this is a salvation which here is a wrong is an and evidently the one we asked that question when we come to our decision about whether salvation were not American it shoes the lower standard are we not so in the salvation wish you well that God loves me I'm saying anymore I'm sure and seven the standard gets low and were not asking the right question because the question we should be asking when an issue comes to the table is what my decision bring honor and glory to God 's name before the universe him that words like more selfishly concerned about our own salvation that the people that Jesus is going to say either people that love him so much because of his sacrifice for them they will do anything they will want their lives and that they will do anything to vindicate God made before the universe there is grace and power and out of the Canadian message now again my time is limited but I'll say this there has been an effort to define the eighteen eighty eight message and there are certain teachings that have come into certain groups that really are hard to square with Scripture for example they have tried and picture that Johnson Wagner were changing that we were all justified and saved automatically on the cross already and that salvation just that consists in accepting that fact and so it's easier to be saved and many lost American thing and now it is true that we receive salvation across South eighty six five for example teaches that the Lord is good and ready to forget is ready to forgive us that it wasn't often that is not automatic it was already there until we respond to the drawing that he is getting serious sales that's probably one the main issues and an interestingly enough the same group one of their leading on teachers on trying to be sensitive she teaches at around seven experience is the experience of salvation on the way to heaven so unfortunately you have a group of people who want to understand the immediate message better and yet they come around seven and they get it wrong and so the real message in eighteen eighty eight was all about Rice living out his lines why are the lives of his people that we would demonstrate this character to the world now I read you a few other quotes from Jim Dunlap is making crystal clear with a top actually before I do that I think would be useful for me to dealing with the issue justification by faith is the theology that all present there is this debate in the church over whether justification is it doesn't declare you righteous earlier doesn't make you righteous all the way I'm first going to explain this is actually simple English and write a few words now the first word here is pacify the second word here is verify if there were serious Shira five and that's just define what these words mean to find means to make treaties right to verify means to make sure to share FI means to make it here yet Christians teach that to justify need to declare righteous own arthritis were now justify justify by its very definition and English names to make righteous or to make just as God works in making man just to simple English year Exodus doesn't inform you a ceremonial and a couple years ago says the scholars all agree that to be justified is to be declared righteous only what I can give you a few scholars disagree with this for now all and withhold the needs for now anyway for the wet dolomite says Bible commentary volume six page ten ninety eight by by receiving his initiated righteousness through the entire transference of the Holy Spirit we become like him so and should righteousness as justification we become like him and this is even player selected messages volume one page three ninety four in ourselves we are sinners but in Christ we are righteous now notice this is the key having made us righteous having what having made us righteousness through the shooter the righteousness of Christ shed righteousness of Christ is justification everybody agrees with that instituted righteousness was justification imparted righteousness instead is sanctification and how my essay having made us righteous through the imputed righteousness of Christ God pronounces us adjust and EJ Wagner says in his book Christ and his righteousness to justify means the night righteous so in eighteen eighty eight and with Ellen why they taught that to be justified it could be made righteous by Christ and here's the point if you are made righteous you are righteous what many Christians teach today is that if you are justified you are declared righteous only but you really aren't living a completely righteous life Christ simply try reviewed you continue to send just like the amount of Romans seven and that is what they say is justification by faith that what Johnson Wagner taught about justification by faith with we are made righteous and I says to be justified to be made righteous so there is a disconnect here and Christ the great physician bench witness to the Laodicean church is telling Laodicea and he was very you have assurance of salvation you think you have righteousness by faith in your name to because you are wretched because you have the experience of Roman Senate I need to be zealous and repent as a general minor settlement I've read these quotes in several sermons even have heard this before this these are statements by General Martin in all of our Christian experience we have left little loopholes along here and there for some man never dared to come to that place where we would believe that the Christian life should be a sinless life we did not dare to believe it or preach it but in that case we cannot preach the law of God lonely why not because we do not understand the power of justification by faith not your ways justification by faith with sinless living and how often you hear that creationism then church that can bring a shaken I guarantee because people say our justification as if the legal declaration of no change in Mrs. Jones Christ is the pianist just as God within him and his character and the pianist just as God was inherent in the cooperation of the divine and the human and mystery of God and you need that in the third Angels message here's Jim's eighteen ninety five General conference in Jesus Christ as he was in sinful flesh God has demonstrated before the universe that he can so take possession of sinful flesh out the manifest his own presence his power and his glory instead of sin manifesting itself then God will so take us and so use us that our sinful social not appear to influence or affect anybody that God will manifest his right to sell his floor four in spite of all of ourselves and our sinfulness and that is the mystery of God Christ in you the hope of glory God manifested in simple flash and writing their you can see that in the eighteen eighty eight message the messengers taught that Christ regarding the nature and thereby gives us an example of how to live that same life here on this Earth and unfortunately the issue of the nature of Christ is like a taboo topic topic now because people try to so fiercely over it that you read the Bible the spirit of prophecy and totality and you see that Ellen White never wrote a letter to John the minor condemning them for their needs of the fallen nature of Christ she wrote a letter to Baker as best as we can tell us teaching of you as adoption is and that Christ actually send and then was adopted becoming the sun got that the area that she was combating the error other of the bank a letter which he says don't set them among the peoples one might ourselves someone who would send continuing on this is John's consecrate a way to Christian perfection perfection perfection of characters the Christian Gulf perfection attained in human flash or flash in this world Christ detained in human flesh in this world and thus made and consecrated a way by which you can every believer can attend and then Wagner nineteen oh one but before probation ends there will be a people so completely in half that in spite of their sinful flash they will list the most lives in a live sinless lives in mortal flesh because he has demonstrated that he has power over all flesh lives in the way is you must live him her sister that is the message to the Laodicean church and you have many other people have been here for a long time since eighteen eighty eight and there's been different remedies suggested others have revised history to say that aging eighty eight with a great turning point in which the church is the home of victorious path ever since and yet the reality of it as according to Christ the faithful and true witness that our religious condition is nauseating that we are ratcheted that we have the experience of Rahman 's son and that cause us to be miserable poor blind and naked without the righteousness of Christ and so he says as many as I love I read you and shapes and the question I have hidden it are you willing to take the reviewed in chastening of the Lord and Jesus goes on to say in the lesson message to Laodicea she gives us this wonderful promise after reviewing to go through all these things without him he tries to buy gold tried in the fire modules the goals faith among you can present the Scriptures well that you may be rich that's my first Peter talks about the fiery trials that we must master it can testify white raiment so that we will be clothed at least as many as I love her rebuke and Jason a notice versus twenty and twenty one behalf I stand at the door not the Jesus standing at the door and monitoring third is that in relation to us as I'm outside of way to see it that's a harsh reality we claim to be the remnants those entrusted with the third Angels message together the world with a loud voice and yet we you are right on the part of our lives and we wonder why Christ when Guinness is such a harsh assessment of our religious experience that we are wretched miserable poor blind and naked natural essential Christ comes goes out soon from the price goes out she says the whole lifespan of the norm it is any man hear my voice and open the door I will end in hand and will sup with him and he with me and noticed first twenty one this is the message to the Laodicean church is treasury says in the Lord I have assurance of salvation I have righteousness by faith because I have the experience of being declared to us by Christ even though I sent over and over again at least I have assurance of eternal salvation at least I don't have to worry about overcoming son 's life for Jesus in verse twenty one to Laodicea children cannot overcome will I grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame and sat down with my father in a surround to see how that connects with what I just read from John the minor crisis saying I overcame in human flesh in this world and you can overcome just decided and if you do you will sit with me on the throne and that is the message to the Laodicean church now I have a couple of four-story one to share you to notice what happens daily rinds this is where we read about the shaking this is good to seventy one from the same quote all annoyances I heard this the armor speak for the truth with great power it had an effect I asked what made this change the angel answered it is a lot arraign the refreshing from the presence of the Lord a while and try of the third Angel is the people who receive the straight testimony from the Council of the true witness the latest insurance they now how to exchange they had received great power the latter rain which enabled them to give a wild cry of the third Angels brothers and sisters I want to be part of that and I want to live to be part of the loud cry and the latter rain and beating him in testimonies volume one page one eighty seven this is from a chapter entitled the way to see and church as well as the poster every point and stand in recess and overcome the rights what it may have heated the Council of the tree witness and it's better to hang on those without will intestate on every point this is AIDS testing message instead every test we overcome me the price what it may to the Council the true witness announced they will receive the latter rain and the defendant for translation from Laodicean message of Revelation three fourteen and twenty two is a translation message and the reason why we haven't been translated yet is because we have the experience of around seven we are satisfied with it we think that we have assurance of salvation based on false promises that God will declare us righteous even when were really not and were actually saying that we will make God a liar God does not lie he will not declare you righteous unless he has made you righteous in and so what we need is a peaceful to every point and him reads that and overcome the price when it may be honest about what he says now that is not the case is now love not out of anything else there are many points for each one of us and I'm speaking to myself they were not willing to attend the price whatever escapes were not willing to see the Council of the true witness and so the Lord comes to us and he Joseph clear counsel from inspiration such as whatsoever things are pure and lovely think on these things and yet we set out assignments and we said are you getting out of the movies everyone's while and I don't even go to the theater I just wash them my home I was a little bit of an rally there right now whenever I meet are mature enough to be able to handle that there have everybody else in the church is watching the Super Bowl so when we have a Super Bowl party at our church let's get together custom sheets and popcorn and lets Shira Martinez they sure each other down with the most incensed competitive spirit possible and let's be honest here Emma and I can say this because stress is an issue in my life sports is not bringing glory to God it's all about human pride the elevation of one team over the other or one person over the others it's about the glorification of men and the aging agent message of justification by faith is about language glory of man in the desk how to watching sports how cute someone the glory of man in the dust all it does is create within you the spirit of competition and try and leverage the time in our church where we need to see some high places torn down I was in the days of the children of Israel the righteous kings weren't willing to tear down the high places because they were the sacred house would cost too much opposition but the Lord is looking for people to come with one of Christ with a straight message that will convince hardened or we will see Jesus on the cross as I talked about earlier today we see Jesus on the cross looking down on and since I reach us I really think why I gave up everything and having for me but I just can't give up spores where I can cannot my jewelry or I can give up my magnet or I can give up my meet her I can do that that's just too much I'm the defendant is not for this world they are aware are we doing as a church really where are we are we willing to give everything that Christ are we willing to receive account of the straight testimony of the true witness to the Laodicean church and don't get me wrong I'm not advocating that you all go out to start one fingers people over the head sank C see what you're doing raw honey Norman was just saying this in your day my mouth on talking about you personally examining your own heart and looking he's an ER on the cross and if you can imagine Jesus on the cross and you see him hanging there the blood coming down and you see the look of love in his eyes that he knew you would be lost if you didn't do that are you that what are you willing to hang onto ninety one thing you're willing to hang on and by the grace of God when we surrender our lives to Jesus Christ completely tries to come into us so you will find this to be surrendered to him so that when we come up to each point something you will come sorry I haven't seen that in the spirit of prophecy before praise the Lord for revealing the stimulant and not enough to reach out to every point him very well be the price what it may and by the grace of God will be fitted for translation and not I just challenge inherent heartwarming I never know when I made it or not in many cases will will will will come before I see some of you if I was in the next year praise the Lord that I challenge you here said the standard high don't buy into the argument that in order to view evangelism effectively we must lower the standard to reach people where they are it is true that Jesus reaches people where they are but we don't compromise truth to reach people who sell the standard of truth high and when we share our message in a loving way God will bless us and I challenge each one of you here down to the meat of the message that you've heard today and think about all the other people that should've been here I challenge you to go home today Jesus and Jan and ask him to reveal the year that things are in your life that are preventing him from pouring out his lottery power on you because God designed that we should have gone home a long time ago we shouldn't be here in twenty eleven and fifty cents about what our message really is our message is a message of termination is a message that will foot us as a church out of business so to speak because when we do our work that will be translated and then we will be with a sense from all ages and is not to be such a thing is that the pre- cross church in the seventh answers we are all given the saints in heaven you have a message for art sure job in settle Christ this can continue to send appeals to get to the General conference call in his back to revival and reformation of our said earlier to be revived is to acknowledge that we are spiritually dead because the revises the bring back to life with the latest interest we are spiritually it is crystal clear that is why Jesus does not show there have been saints and isolated pockets here and there and there always happened but we has a church we had been part of that legacy in spirit and I'm not just talking about people that are out there that don't even believe in the phone for voice of the church and I'm talking about us to know the truth and were not living Seo I just challenge you today that challenge myself that we would see the Council of the true witness that we would hear the voice of Jesus speaking speaking to us today that we would surrender everything in our lives whenever high places there may be a better life in our hearts that we would surrender everything so that Christ will do his work through mobile window for example Iran and unimaginative yellow this time I'll make this short we need to wrap up that if there is anyone here today who would like to come down to the friend this may not be for everyone this is for this is a specific appeal and this is for Jesus for no one else they are now then there are things in your life sentence in your life that are preventing Jesus from pouring out his Holy Spirit upon you answering myself and when assessing Elio all those other people are doing in Christ I was in the language of Christ you say the Lord I want to give my life to you completely lose all in those areas that I'm struggling I invited none of whom were in a special prayer this is one or she it's time for us as a church should humble ourselves before the Lord some of you after this meeting managed to get to some other people in this room or elsewhere and so you know I'm so sorry I have had a wrong spirit for you we don't want to be like that letter testimonies volume eight where Ellen White saw what might have been we want to be the generation that history will look out throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity and said this was the generation that decided to become crucified with Christ this was the generation that decided to see the Council of the true witness this is the generation that decided that enough is a not with this world where the attraction than was in charge of his life now I am giving everything that Jesus no matter what all the time by his grace and simplicity so many of you that come forward and I know that God is his moving as we see the water rain they gave shelter revival Reformation and the call for the lottery I just challenger each one he remembered this work isn't to be accomplished in a few short months when the patient that's why expectations of the sentence and the persistence that we won't finish third I really believe that the Holy Spirit is moving and I really believe that if each one of us here take this challenge seriously we will see Jesus comes him a few by the grace of God every day surrender to Jesus one hundred percent and at every point they had every test be the prize-winning father in heaven I thank you so much for each person that is here for the decisions that are been made for how you have spoken to rest today I thank you for the message that you sent to this church so long ago and that you are trying to bring back again and clear distinct raised and that revival and reformation are stirring the hearts of your people I pray for each one of us here that we would allow him not understanding the way of Christ in our hearts that we would allow Jesus to come in on that great and glorious day when Jesus comes in the clouds of heaven may we be on long the hundred and forty four thousand the last generation here on this Earth worldwide to see Jesus McLeod and when he comes we will say well this is our job we have waited for him and he will save us and we will be able to live with and throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity that we have that experience could join us for our Laodiceans deeper our wretchedness are miserable condition of being poor blind and naked may we zealously return each and every day from this day forward and may we demonstrate your character to the world everywhere we this is my prayer Jesus now May God bless you it's been a privilege to be back at her and I pray that the Lord will bless this ministry to accomplish the work that God designed that it should then may we meet in heaven someday soon


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