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What lens are you using?: The key to avoiding apostasy

David Shin


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • December 30, 2010
    9:15 AM
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him him him this message was presented as she lies seeing two thousand ten no turning back on Baltimore Maryland for other resources like this visit us online GUI see whether or not you start with a little bit introduction topic in turn would mean your Bibles to familiar assets at every Adventist holes here it's found in Revelation chapter twelve verse seventeen and we know this well and this is the concept that I believe establishes our identity as advanced as a Seventh-day Adventist church Revelation chapter twelve verse seventeen and we know it very well evangelistic seminar is very often and the dragon was enraged with the woman and went to make war with the rest of her offspring with the remnants who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus we believe that we are the remnant Church of Bible prophecy amen I am a third-generation Seventh-day Adventist and I love this church and then I hold this church are very dear to my heart and as a minister of the gospel there is I believe on earth not being more precious than God 's church and were going to be talking today about some especially in the beginning of two-day seminar about some things that are happening within our church today that can be a little bit discouraging but I want to in the beginning some basic guidelines from the spirit of prophecy that has really given me a lot of encouragement and this is from signs of the time from independent inspiration insisting gone the dearest object on earth is this one is this chart so we need to believe and we need to understand that our shirt the Seventh-day Adventist church is very dear to the heart of God the quotation actually goes on and says it is the apple of God 's are it is the object of supreme regarding we must remember this when were talking about God 's church that were talking about a precious and fifty younger with that in mind I wanted to think about especially if you are a new convert how many of your new converts relatively within the last five years or so identify someone recently in the wrong party her band 's message to join the church and it doesn't take long before they start seeing that God 's church is not perfect they look around at people in the beginning of their rose colored glasses we come to praise the Lord holy and get baptized in the basement a little bit of time in gone searching Don 's family they look around and there like home now what in the world is going on here there are some problems this person is here that people are an end they looked around it and they start to get discouraged and this is a concept that has helped me to understand a little bit about God 's church and there's two terms that only uses one is the church militant and the other one is the church triumphant in this is the concept that is portrayed in this quotation thing I would like real five has gone no living church he has a church but the church but it is that you your militant not the church triumphant now she will go on to describe what she means by militant and triumphant we are sorry that there are effective member 's in the church militant while the Lord brings into the church and those who are truly converted to listen to this sage and at the same time brings persons who are not converted into its fellowship I wanted a picture this right now during the church militant it is comprised of both converted and unconverted people it is a mixture while Christ is selling the Dead Sea Satan is selling the tears there are two opposing influences continually exerting on the members of the church one influence is working for the purification of the church and the other for the corrupting of the people of God now when we talk a little bit about how we react to this concept of the church militant and there have been different groups that have reacted in various ways now I want us to know that remember the parable of the wheat and the tears that the disciples or the people in the parable said one we take out the cares and you said no remember that and we need to remember that it is not our mission as church members to go up to be going around saying this person is a tear he needs to be rooted out right up to one of my church districts and it was a group of individuals that were on a extermination endeavor within the church they wanted to clean house they want to hijack the nominating committee and get in there and just just start doing a survey individual assassination of different individuals they need to did not belong in the church were told that that is not our mission and responsibility ironically enough I sit this is not our place is not our snap your for now I'm not talking about open Senate and I'm not talking the individuals that have done something and not talking about church discipline were talking about judging motives here it is morning and interestingly enough these individuals laughed and it's crazy how sometimes revivals happen they left in archiving offering when they are high church membership increased an insult we need to be careful of when we look at individuals and say it on better than this person sometimes the Lord wants to reveal some of the things to us and so this is what we need to remember we're talking a inside the church militant as well as a church triumphant it's a mixture of both meet with tears now with that in mind I want to talk a little bit from a historical perspective as to how we got to the place that we are today in my travels you go to different parts of the country even here in United States and there are different shades of Adventism notes that I go to California and these all were California Adventist RI and there's there's a certain stigma some people ascribe to certain brands advantages and the East Coast is it basic it were East Coast Adventist Midwest Adventist or Michigan conference Michigan the advantage here that before and if so even within our tribes within our country the new photo parts of Western Europe had meant as an is very different in Western Europe Australia Daniel and apricot and soap there is quite a bid on diverse city even within the administration and the question that I want to ask is why you may get to the place where we have all these different labels and brands of magnetism you go online and there's different cortical and progressive websites and they say that we are progressive Adventist and other people think I'm a conservative evidence now I want to go back a little bit in college a little bit of understanding as to how we got to the place that we are today and look at a little bit of our history and we know that in eighteen forty four I did have a chance to change this word because was at its eschatological just a fancy word that some theologians used to describe an time Kate end time emphasis and time beginning we know that in eighteen forty four our church began with it and time message amen women and time focus and so this is our roots and if you are ask yourself the question why are Canada's always talking about Bible prophecy in a time of as well hello this is what is our beginning this was our roots this is part of right identity when we look especially in Revelation chapter twelve or seventeen the meandering assurance began with this very pinpointed and spent his or in time of his holy talk about eighteen forty four they believe that Jesus is coming very soon and that in eighteen forty four began the beginning of what we know as the investigative judgment now in eighteen eighty eight something interesting happen in Minneapolis and so teary illogical to say that but it's a salvation emphasis OS apology has been in times of geology has to do with salvation so we began with an enzyme emphasis and we had a or a beginning and have a so teary a logical or salvation emphasis in eighteen eighty eight notices from emphasis it was not as though we did not believe in righteousness my faith in eighteen forty four but what happened is that we had gotten to the place where our gospel on lights as was as dry as the hills of pupil it got a little bit in balance not that Ellen White did not believe in justification by faith but Jones and Wagner stood up in Minneapolis and confirmed and emphasize the believe in the gospel in righteousness by faith and so that's what happened in eighteen eighty eight now in nineteen sixty something very interesting start happening within our church what you'll find is that unfortunately our church is not immune to what is happening in culture or what is happening in society all many times happen is that culture and society starts coming up with different ideas and then it's only a matter of time it seems like that the church starts espousing some of these ideas into in nineteen sixty there was a psychological turn and we started going the evangelical way on the scribe that will bit more on another slide coming up and then we had to turn conservative and liberal that started coming out and there began to be in these divisions within the church and some people said that they were more conservative and other people began to believe that they were more liberal and then we have what we call in the nineteen nineties what we had described as the worship renewal and the secularization of Adventism I have been in different settings where the worship service in the ideas of becoming more relevant have blurred the lines between what is secular and endless sacred okay and so this was part of what began happening within our church and this is the progression of what started to happen and a little bit of an understanding as to why we're where we are today there's something else that began to happen within our church as well and it have to do with educational institutions we had in the nineteen nineties on explosion that happened around the world and in nineteen sixty we had Loma Linda Andrews became universities run in nineteen eighty this is relatively recent when you think about it in comparison to some of the secular universities in nineteen eighty you had Andrew stop oral programs that began to come up in nineteen eighty and then in the nineteen nineties you had a university explosion around the world in Adventist this is very important because once you have the development of the Adventist intellectual you start having questions that were never asked before because once to start going to the doctor for a level you start challenging some assumptions and some basic believes and this is where a lot of different questions have been asked one of them was regarding revelation inspiration which came up in the mid- nineteen hundreds and people go down to the white estate and they would look at Ellen White's writings I have the privilege of doing that and we had never really questioned our belief of revelation inspiration before but when you look in her writings I saw her actual handwriting on some of these manuscripts are able to go down there check amount in and look at them and study some of the manuscripts and you see spelling mistakes okay some redundancies some edits overwriting where her editable go and say this can be worded a little bit different way and so up on a lot of people that were doing their doctoral dissertations look at life 's writings at all wheat we never look at these before we never question music lights and what do we do with inspiration because prior to this people believed that it was verbal inspiration of the Holy Spirit would say these words dictating to own what you write them but obviously when you read her writings it how can the Holy Spirit need editing this this post some problems and so we have some very brilliant theologians within our church that are rocksolid to have developed this concept the plan area your or thought inspiration is by the white statements of this is where some of our beliefs in common today and it's because of one university explosions around the world and this is not necessarily a bad thing but it does present some challenges and some questions that we have a difficulty answering and then we come to this part right now I broken down Adventism into four groups there you can say that there's more but these are all what I believe is of four basic groups with inhabitants by his number one is the theological divisions within our church today we have what I believe is the majority of our church I believe that the average antennas sitting in the pew is a biblical Adventist I believe that all world church for the most part is what I consider to be a biblical and earnestly had the anytime beginning of eighteen forty four they believe in that they believe in justification by faith and they don't have the terms of the nineteen sixties or the nineteen nineties and I take heart as evidenced by our last General conference session in which the world with resounding support for a literal six-day creation amen and so this is when I look at that as a praise the Lord all eluded God 's church on the majority are biblical they believe in the Bible and spirit of prophecy they didn't believe in all these things and this is up a plate of encouragement now we have another group within our church which I call the evangelical Adventist may have the salvation turn of the nineteen sixties and is based in evangelical theology and it's essentially the reduction of Adventism to generic Christianity I talked with some of my brothers and sisters that are Adventist and usually works like this they have a negative interaction with a local church would somebody and they turn a little bit more evangelical industries the adoption of nepotism to justification I believe in justification I believe in righteousness by faith but they believe it is to vindication of some other elements of the gospel okay and they believe in him minimizing of of standards I will say here standards should not save you okay that the whole of the presentation itself but standards are not save you but standards is an important part of guarding us right there I would like a offense that keeps us from falling like Paul says I keep under my body and keep it in subjection so that's an important part of the Christian license of this group believes that justification is central and that everything else is minimized and not peripheral many times you'll hear this concept of than saying this is not salvation oh issue right now I believe that there are certain things that are not salvation only should 's but I will say that there that is not the beatitude that Christians should have when we approach doing what is pleasing on site and when you track it back then we have no I forgot to take a minute out what we call generic Christianity another group and these are very progressive I had one of my professors that pretty open openly a progressive evidence and usually people that are more liberal in nature or more progressive in nature are so nice interpersonally North challenges the conservatives have good ideas when difficult person never get a group of conservatives together I mean it's it's wow I is is is very difficult but liberals are individuals with bad ideas the great person is many times and this this professor I would I would love to sit down and have lunch with them I can't say that about the conservative people that I worldwide say biblical individuals on I agree with them but but hanging out with them would be a different situation of the understanding okay so so don't equate character with theology and I had a friend of mine that sat in the class is always so nice and and the spouses of theology because he is hard to separate the theology from the person but I had to Jones in Ezekiel listen to what he's saying he may be a nice individual but what is he saying what is the future newspaper to know as Seventh-day Adventists we need to have vote I know a lot of people that had the truth but did not have the right spirit Jesus said they that worship nature worship in spirit and in truth that you are together little something about their they are soul bound up in the truth but other unconverted and Linda's other individuals that have their baby or more Christlike spirit within on the truth we need to have both syllabuses are more progressive individuals and I would categorize that these individuals in this category are more prone to believe in the stick evolution as well as the nature of homosexuality is not being a moral issue okay so that those would be a generic Christianity in that category and then I have this last category here are what I call the separation are I may believe that the church is Babylon in other words these individuals have reacted to the concept of the church being militant and a look at the political apostasy within the church and they become disenfranchised and save on I want to be a part of this the church is is no longer the remnants we need to come out on the remnants and we have independent home church movements that are happening even within the United States in some parts of Australia in a bleeding Western Europe different laces because they may have the mentality we need to separate ourselves from the major group now it's ironic because when you go into some of the settings they may end up having the same problems of the church has to because human nature is the same right of these of these are the basic groups that I've gone out with it perhaps give a few other labels where the biblical Adventists which I believe are the majority with evangelicals which is a basic reduction advantages of evangelical theology then we have generic Christianity which is our very progressive Adventist enemy ever separation us which tend to be on the whole very conservative heavy emphasis on Ellen White but usually have a very critical spirit toward the church and are not very constructive in dealing with the remnant church as well all right so here's some labels that we many times throw around I hear this before moderate centrist I'm a liberal conservative right-wing left-wing only have we called the extreme right I have these labels are thrown on extreme laugh I didn't put up centrism some of these overlap fanatic never heard that before their off-line now and you'll notice that this is very loved very relative because I bought in different settings and I going to like very very very very extreme conservative settings and they considered me to be a liberal right then I don't do very very liberal settings and then unlike cultural rights and so it is very relative when we throw around these led to these labels and using your centrists but a centrist relative to want and so this is what we need to be careful of when we want to talk about labels in that their very relative and when we look at Dawn 's church today I want us to make sure that we stay on the ship amen don't jump off the ship member Paul that illustrations as if you stay on the phone won't be possible if an application if you stay on the boat you are safer then all the book and that's what we need to remember in this quotation gives me a lot of hope the church may appear as about July as a bountiful influence from all human appearance is when we look at Dawn 's church it will come to a point in the very end of time that it's going to fall but it does not fall I do not believe that we need to come out of the run and start something else this is God 's remnant is going through duty and and even with all these different factions and divisions in and discussions that are taking place we need to remember to stay on the boat stay on the ship arrived now I want to look at some pointers here for the heart of today's presentation and asked the question why are we divided this is a very important question to ask ourselves because even if we believe a Seventh-day Adventist eight in name there there's some divisions that are taking place below the surface in where known as people of the book and why is it okay people ask questions and incidents and meetings and why do we have one Bible and look in the phone book and so many divisions are there so many different denominations but even within the church were people of the book and yet we have some diverse city we have some divisions and this is something that has really irked or been some questions are arising into how we interact with the Bible and this has been an assumption that many people and when the approach Scripture we think quite the Bibles here and in the Bible projects it's information on to me and if I have the right methodology if I approach Scripture in a certain way if my practice good biblical methods of interpretation I will come at objective truth that's been a common understanding that we have seminars on Bible interpretation we have seminars and Bible methodology and I believe that those things are very important but one thing that we have not talked about when we talk about Scripture is that not only does the Bible project on office information but we printer on the Bible presuppositions and assumptions and and biases as well so when we interact with Scripture there's there's a relationship that is taking place not only do we need to have the right methodology when we approach the Bible right principles of biblical interpretation but we also need to take note of the person that is interacting with Scripture I think that there's this misunderstanding out there that if you're intelligent well don't get me wrong I believe that intelligence can be a gift but there is this common understanding that if you're intelligent what you have a certain degree that you are more capable of understanding the Bible then a person that is not but as will go through in our study here today will notice that there is a relationship between the tube between the person and Scripture and I'd like to focus on these first two points are about the person right and make the observation that when we look at Scripture there certain things that color our understanding of Scripture and this is one fundamental reason why I believe that there are some divisions within our church because even though we approach the Bible the person that is approaching the Bible has certain lenses never do this before you talk to somebody and you show them a tax and either a the text doesn't matter or be they interpret the text differently and so you're showing them all these tanks but it doesn't matter to the individual because they're coming from wholly different perspective they have different assumptions same Bible yet there Washington from two different paradigms and so this is what I like to talk about and three sayings at in our first presentation your today that impact how we view the Bible on this one reason I believe that we estimate revisions today and the first one has to do with morality are right now when we talk about morality notice am not talking about methodology I'm talking about the person and I believe that your morality impacts how you view Scripture more than anything it's not worth how you are living I wanted appointment today you want to understand the Bible better than any time before in your life ask God to get rid of the secrets and a man that that's the fundamental rock-bottom basic because if we have seen in our lives that will color our theology that would collect on talking about charity soon so if you're cherishing sin in your interacting with Scripture you will come up with erroneous theology that's the bottom line furthermore you will come up with a theology the fans your lifestyle and so that's the way that we work when we come at Scripture in this is the bottom basin you can have all the right methodology in the world you can know Hebrew and Greek but if you are practicing sin cherish seeing it will impact how you view Scripture and since important part of morality and elected a look at it case in point 's talk about the Pharisees but today Pharisees are known in a pejorative sense if I call you Pharisees on comp I will then call me person but back in Christ state of Pharisee was the intellectual elite of the day it was a compliment at one time believe it or not right and the Pharisees what worked brilliantly have to go through a renderer of biblical knowledge and biblical understanding from six to ten they would memorize the Clorox the clock is Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy I'm in you know a ten -year-old going around according the whole book of Genesis from memory they knew the first five books of the Bible by the agent and the Pharisees were brilliant individuals by the independent memorize entire Torah and completed what is known is that before then you had better how much now the best of the best students would continue on that's how much meant house of learning roughly from age ten to fourteen the back comments you would memorize the rest of the Old Testament by the age of fourteen they had memorized from Genesis to Malachi they knew it backwards and forwards and the best of the best became Pharisees you're talking about brilliant minds brilliant memories theologians it would make our scholars today look like kindergartners in comparison so I want you to think about this from an intellectual standpoint of you these individuals were more capable than any other individuals on their generation to recognize this and are you following me I don't know who else knew the Bible better these individuals had been taught it from there and in the face to face this is what baffling they look at the phase with God himself all you shake hands with Jesus you're shaking hands all we can think about your face-to-face with God himself and you don't recognize I am not baffling I had just blows my mind that they had multiple PhD 's and yet they see Jesus and you know the start they crucify so it shows you that there is something more involved in the biblical understanding and intelligence MN with when we approach Scripture we need to take account first and foremost our own morality our own life own sins our own sins and so forth this is a picture of where they believe Lazarus was very and I want you to think about this Ritalin desirability of the fiercest weather a man has been dead for four days is clinically dead they know they know he's dead nope no doubt about it and Jesus calls out to Lazarus Ellen story Lazarus come forth the Masters comes out Jesus raises the dead man right before their eyes at the very least the Pharisees should say that Jesus is unique Jesus is different and may have the evidence walking around all homework now a man that has been dead corpse is now alive I want you to notice the reaction of the Pharisees John twelve birthday so the chief priest made plans to kill Lazarus as well it's killed the evidence and this is what I believe it's not the lack of evidence but the hip-hop pursuit of our search the Lords they were presented with information that conflicted with their own carnal desires and so they're likely to kill the other and this is what we need to understand when we approach Scripture and Jeff on the interact of the Bible is our own hearts but we really want to know the truth regardless of where Levine and that will impact how we view Scripture and how we interpret it Jesus says it's having eyes you not see and having ears do you not hear and you do not remember that he does not go to this people and say you will keep on hearing but will not understand and you'll keep on saying but will not proceed so Jesus presents this concept up in the perception when it comes to spiritual truths and spiritual understanding now this is an important point here in the reality of this is blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see notice that the element in being able to see God just cannot say was the person that has an IQ above one thirty because LC got says less pure in heart they shall see God for Jesus what impacts your spiritual perception is a purity of heart and then we come to Psalms fourteen verse one and notices it says the ball has said in yes where are there is no God many atheists say that I thought my way into atheism they presented as an intellectual concept but the Bible says that is not an issue of the mind is an issue on the heart morality Aldous Huxley says I want this world any sole pieces I want this world not to have meaning because I'm meaningless world frees me to my own erotic and political pursuits another presence I was reading a commentary and he said it's actually liberating that there is no God it's liberating that we came from an evolutionary process because now I can do what I want to do as you see that really when we talk about these concepts is really coming from a coronal perspective on this is from an unknown author the atheist can't find God for the same reason that a thief can't find a policeman all right and the bottom line is we see what we want to see we understand what we want to understand in John seven seventeen the Bible tells us in any one of wheels to do his will he shall know concerning the doctrine this is a very important passage when it comes to how we understand Scripture in that intent is prior to content and truthfulness in the heart precedes truth in the objective world and so when we come to Scripture one thing that really colors our vision is our intention all right sets of Christ only skipped this one can second time segment is for verse three but if our gospel be hid it is hid to them that are lost on this is a very fascinating quotation in a great controversy five ninety nine which illustrates this as well many of Washington Scripture which learned men pronounce a mystery are passed over as unimportant is full of conflict and instruction in English been taught in the school of Christ and Melissa Spark one reason why many theologians have no clearer understanding of God 's word and I believe in good theologians of leaving scholars but notice is one reason why many theologians have no clear understanding of God 's word is that they close their eyes to the truth they do not wish to practice you notice that it was their own morality colors their vision and she says that one reason why they can't understand or have a clear understanding is not because they have the right doctor for a degree but because of their own personal line they close their eyes to the truth they do not wish to practice as understanding the Bible truth depends not so much on the pounding intellect brought to the start as on the singleness of purpose the earnest longing after righteousness so this is the bottom line if you are living up to the light that you know and by God 's grace he's giving you victory over the secret sins in your life nothing that we don't struggle blessing that we don't fall but that we're living a life of surrender you will be able to have a clearer understanding of Scripture amen this gives me a lot of hope as as a Bible student that hey I don't have to necessarily have the degree to come to a clear understanding of Scripture and if I keep in mind my morality when I come to the Bible but that will impacted much more than anything else as we continue on this point turn would mean your Bibles the second Thessalonians two verse nine ten believe that this illustrates that very well second Thessalonians to respond autonomously close here and fifteen focus on the four components of the long second Thessalonians two verse nine and ten and I want you to notice this very apparent notion about how we received truth the coming of the lawless one is one according to the workings of Satan with all our signs and lying wonders and with all unrighteousness deception among those in parish because they did not receive a love of the truth that they might be saved and for this reason Don will send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie notice that the reason why these people are deceived and in the time is not because they did not have the truth or access to the truth or the intellect to understand the truth of the Bible say they do not receive a love of the truth I and this is when we want to make a little bit more practical is that you how do you relate to truth in your individual life into rack and that's important that we need to understand all right so three things that impact how we view the Bible number one reality and number two is experience I think that all of us have a certain experience that we that we carry with us when we interact with Scripture or we interact with truth and I've known individuals that they go through life and then suddenly they have a negative experience perhaps they interacted with legalism or some fanaticism on one angle and then what happens is they many times they swing the pendulum to the other stream and we call that a biographical theology or experiential theology numbers you have an experience and so that colors your understanding of Scripture and I think that all of us are in one degree or another loan to haven't experienced the colors are theology and this is just a part of being human not when I did evangelistic meetings or the Bible worker you deal the hardest people to convert Adventism it wasn't a Catholic section Catholics make great ad but the most challenging one and we did I think fights dental series in one year and really convert one of these from this particular denomination and that was the Pentecostals and nothing is impossible but it is difficult because once you've had the experience of speaking in tongues you can shown so many scriptures but that contradict their experience but that experience was so real and so moving that they choose experience over Scripture that's that's what happens and so this is an important thing that plays a part and there's something called out of body experiences this is a quotation from one of those race was shaking with fever in terrible pain her body was as friendly as she was rushed to the hospital she immediately was ushered into the emergency room the positions gave her very very little hope her blood pressure was dropping rates describe your experience later she said that as her blood pressure dropped and she was very near death appeared that she was slipping out of her by audio it appear during the something unusual and strange was happening it appeared that she was ascending to the ceiling she seemed to be floating up to the ceiling scenery looking back to the physicians and nurses that were attending her she described her experience as a journey of life in fact Ray said this I began to feel the most incredible warm loving feeling I was in this light and it was a presence slot and people have they said that seven million people in the United States alone claim to have had what was called an out of body experience and this supports the doctrine of mortality in the soul as you can see how experience plays a role in all these things into and I want us to go to a couple scriptures here this morning on very quickly about how experience relates to our understanding of Scripture second Peter chapter one second Peter chapter one let's actually go back to verse sixteen second Peter chapter one one in verse sixteen how this experience play a role in how we do theology second Peter chapter one verse sixteen and Peter says for we have not followed cunningly devised fables will remain known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ but were eyewitnesses of his majesty so here Paul or Peter that matter is making a point about how he had this wonderful experience with Jesus was real any uses this term he says he was an eyewitness of his Majesty are seventeenth received from God the father honor and glory when such a voice came to him from the excellent glory this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased and we heard the voice which came and we're with him on the holy mountain are so Peter is basically talking about the mounted Transfiguration he sees Moses and Elijah transfigured before his very eyes and this was enlightening experience in verse nineteen the Bible tells us and we have a more sure word of prophecy now I want to think about this is just talked about the amount of transfiguration and he says that there is something more sure than that of the Scripture and so in Peter 's mind he placed the Bible about the experience I've been sick of time very quickly here what God would have a people upon the earth to maintain the Bible and the Bible only as the standard of all doctrines in the basis of all reforms the opinions of learned men the deductions of science the creeds are decisions of ecclesiastical councils as numerous and discordant as other churches which they represent the voice of the majority not one nor all of these should be recorded as evidence for or against any point a religious thing before accepting any doctrine or precept we should demand a playing the same the Lord in its support that you have experience we need to go to the Bible and task that experienced by Scripture not the other way around say hey five and experience in a contradict Scripture we had a faulty experience and we need to remember that chapter twenty formally build your very quickly and so on and make sure that I cover all the material here this morning list look at Jesus Luke chapter twenty four this is known as the walk to Emmaus and it's very puzzling situation there's two disciples walking on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus they're not well known disciples on one of them is not even named him his name is cleared this end or discourage their downtrodden and it says in verse the working on people behold two of them were traveling that same day to a village called the man's which was seven miles from Jerusalem and they talk together while the things that happen and so was when they conversed and reason that Jesus himself Junior and went with them but their eyes were restrained so they did not know him and he said to them what kind of conversation is this that you have with one another as you walk in I sat I want you to picture this they're going from Jerusalem to Emmaus what is the problem Jesus is that anything that uses that now I want to ask yourself this question why would Jesus go through this process and walk up to them and fail his identity and he says what are you talking about busy know what they're talking about yes the most efficient way to solve this problem is a calm down your shed a little heavenly line and perhaps an angel saying safe IMGs hands and they fall back dumbfounded as a Honolulu yet Jesus is alive they run back to Jerusalem but instead Jesus goes to them and engages them in the conversations is what you guys talking about notices it's very painful verse eighteen then one whose name was clear that answered and said to them or you'd only stranger in Jerusalem and have you not known the things that happened these days and he said to them what things Jesus Letterman the other kind any over and over again in this conversation but he just kind of had them on he keeps asking them these questions and then they go on and talk about Jesus and notice in verse twenty five after their conversation and he says to them all for which ones slow hard to believe all that the prophets have spoken on not Christ that's all these things to enter into his glory notice the concern of Christ what the prophets had spoken look at verse twenty seven this is why Jesus did not reveal his identity right away verse twenty seven and beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expounded to them all the why all the Scriptures the things concerning himself he gave them a Bible study so in the mind of Jesus he wanted their faith to be grounded not in the experience but in Scripture that you see in the mind of Christ the thing that had the utmost priority as far as the foundation of our faith was Scripture and then have to give the Bible study he was basically done as well but they they grab them and then later on they the realized we watch and so Jesus places the priority in that order that Scripture is to supersede these other things that are to read this quote all right we come to our last one year would be in the compass are three things that we impact how we view the Bible and gives his understanding is the widest of any visions of a amiss church in one rally numbered to experience I number one we need to take account of our own personal life number two we need to make sure that our experience is not superseding Scripture but is corresponding with it number three R 's source or notice I said our sources now there hasn't home in our church this concept I when we do theology we have the Bible plus other sources and is known as this concept of becomes in the lower later but we have the concept of theistic evolution of it is the evolution basically believes that gone used evolution and in the process of creation and so it's it's announcing of Bible and what is known as note that the latest signs of today not the question that I had when I heard about the estate evolutionary Adventist songs come interesting but all is together a resident art of theistic evolutionary avenues which we were not the only exists in the church today theistic evolutionary and his death was up the question why or how all are on one white male but generally it's like it's like trying to Milne knocks he is in with entrances on evolution and an Adventist and I came to the understanding that the reason why theistic evolution came to be within our church had to do with this concept of of our source or sources and it's known as the Wesleyan cloth okay this is a I think that you'll see on some of the blog to see heirs and progressive Adventist websites it's known as the Wesleyan quadrilateral now the West Wing quadrilateral a Qantas for and if he are actually taking it beyond what Wesley intended I believe that Wesley is not intended to go in this direction but I'll tell you how it's being used today Wesley believe that Scripture was preeminently said that some of the things play into how we do theology but we talk about the Weston quietly say that there are more sources in how we do theology one event is Scripture one in the tradition of what we've done in the past no one is a reason and with the reason is science and yellow in his experience someone comment on understanding of any doctrine we need to take into consideration these four and all of these four have four equal votes when it comes the theology now I will say that Wesley intended for the Scripture to be aground predominant one but once what happens is that let's say that reason comes up with the concept of evolution that is antithetical to Scripture as a basic science has a vote says that evolution began over billions of eons ago and so they take that end and they read Genesis one and he said Genesis one has to be interpreted symbolically or allegorical or that one day do not really mean a day document eons and that it's actually a metaphor describing you know back to the arcade mind of those generations they're trying to describe what happened is you see that went when these individuals come in Scripture that coming from a totally different perspective because of the sources and this is the reason why it can be challenging discussing topics with people that use this methodology of the Wesley and why because for them in doing theology you are coming from different perspectives are different data and the data that you use in theology is very very now I will say this pedicure Seventh-day Adventist the only conclusion that I come to personal is that there is no other than on nation in the world that uses the Bible as the sole source of data for theology no other denomination now I will say this there is no other denomination the world that have a more brilliant logical theology and the Roman Catholics if you use Scripture and tradition you see the data makes it different if you Scripture and tradition enter data you logically must be a Roman Catholic we actually had very brilliant Protestant theologians call and become Roman Catholics because they studied the theology and that Roman Catholic theologians have done a brilliant work and so logical so consistent all the way down down from the philosophical angle only don't fix it if it is just so coherent and he looked at Protestant theology and trying to Scripture and tradition is a is as incoherent presently we claim solicitor terrible we have all these other things that are not biblical and fleas under the Catholic so logically Catholicism Scripture tradition but I think you will use the Bible as your sole authority is no other denomination and this is what I believe is like at the heart of why become a different conclusions because we're using different sources so when we approach Scripture they have the Bible tradition experience and reason that we have this concept of Sola Scripture very very important as the Bible and the Bible alone for determining every doctrine ever practice are right now we do use other things and when this is what we call prima Scripture I know Sola Scripture on one were doing theology we're talking about things happen to do with spiritual matters we believe in Sola Scripture now we have this on the concept of cream of Scripture and that means Scripture verse which means that you were talking about things that are not necessarily spiritual or not necessarily explicitly found in God 's word we say I choose Scripture first in other words if science says one thing and it doesn't contradict Scripture we believe in science we have some funds medical institutions and so forth and we believe that it's incompatible with Scripture we we adopted the practice of but if any time it contradicts Scripture we say I choose Scripture verse right and this is this is what I've come to another's I have more questions than answers when it comes to certain things especially when it has to do with some these questions in regards to origins and so forth but I say no I don't have all the answers now but my day I'm going to choose Scripture first and I believe that if time lasts long enough that Scripture in science will be in harmony RI and if I die or we don't live long enough young planet Earth that I believe that when we get to ultimate reality in heaven that science and Scripture will be imperfect on event and so that's what we need to believe but until then we we need to go with this concept the Primus Scripture and so when people come and what about all this data in dealing with geologic columns in all these all these fossils and so forth I think I don't have all the answers to that but I choose Scripture first as the data that I would use all right sound when go very quickly here I'm going over okay let me read one last quotation here on this review three things that impact how we near the Bible morality experience and our sources and I want to a close with this quotation for fine testimonies one thirty six I believe that this time is coming in the future it's as when the religion of Christ is most held in contempt when his law is the most despised men should our zeal be the warmest in our courage and firmness the most unflinching and listen to this this stand in defense of the truth and righteousness when the majority forsake us to fight the battles of the Lord when the champions are a few this will be our task at this time we must doubt that warm from the coldness of others courage from their cowardice and loyalty from their trees I believe that in the end of time all of a sudden be tested to the very core of who we are as to what is going to be our final authority and I pray that all of us will have that firm resolve that sound for every point of doctrine will demand a plainness but some arrowheads and sweet to close the session our father in heaven we thank you so much that you regard this church with supreme law and that it is the apple under high we believe that this church will go through to the end of time but it's not the church triumphant just yet still the church militant we printed it helps to stay on the ship and use Scripture as our only source in our final authority we pretty bless and keep us to than in previous seasons as him this message was using my GUI seeing for diminishing his pain as she way CCC inspired many young people whose views I bring my base pricing is very download infringes other resources like this you've been blessed thank you lazy and donate his wife's laptop and a GUI see when you also reach us via mail box seven eight six Ann Arbor Michigan eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you can share music should be missing in July seen whenever you keep in mind resale inauguration


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