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Amnesia in Adventism: A close look at our face

David Shin


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • December 30, 2010
    10:30 AM
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him him for this message was present and she Y C two thousand ten no turning back on the air for other resources like this visit us online and GUI see whether or want to start off a little bit of review from our last session before you get to art today's presentation I we started with a quotation in regards to God 's church it's testing on the dearest object on earth is his church 's of the Apple design and we also made the observation that this church is divided between two major groups we look at this quotation from faith I live by three oh five as gone no living church he has a church but it is the church militant not the church triumphant we are sorry that they are defective members on the board brings into the church those who are truly converted Satan at the same time brings persons were not converted into its fellowship what Christ assigned a good seat Satan is selling the tears there are two opposing influences continually exerting on the members of the church one influence is working for the purification of the church and the other for the corrupting of the people of God so we said that there is two groups the church militant and the church triumphant and these two are coexisting within the Adventist church always said that the church began with different beginnings I have an end time focus in eighteen forty four eighteen eighty eight it had salvation emphasis and we set in nineteen sixty eight evangelical term and this is what we came up with the term liberal and conservative and then in nineteen ninety we had the worship renewal within the church as well and how we send that something that an impact in our church was the universe explosion taking place around the world law Melinda and Andrews became universities in nineteen eighty Andrews began doctoral programs in nineteen ninety yeah University explosion around the world and so we said that because of the universities and the doctoral programs that questions were being asked at work not pass before we had some questions that needed answering then we talked about the divisions within the Adventist church we said that there is biblical Adventists and they have the end time beginnings with the eighteen eighty emphasis without the turns and I said that the average lay person sitting in the queue today I believe the biblical Adventists today then we have the evangelical Adventist these are individuals that took the sort geological term salvation turn of the nineteen sixties and they're based in evangelical theology reduction of Adventism to generic Christianity and so this is kind of a more evangelical Adventist then you had the generic Adventist liberals nineteen sixty technological turn for the culture of the nineteen nineties and the secularization of Adventism and these are more of what we call our progressive and Dennis that believe that culture and our church should shouldn't integrate a little bit more into the church needs to be more relevant and he believe that our doctrines were starting point but that there needs to be a development in how our documents work then we have our separation as they believe that the church is Babylon and they had independent home church movements many times more critical of the church and focusing on the apostasy thereof and we talked about these different labels moderate liberal conservative right-wing left-wing extreme right centrist fanatic and balanced and will be talking what would that more about that later and this was the location that we talked about the church may appear as about the fall but it does not fall into recent stay on the ship even though it may seem a little shaky at points and so we said that three things that impact how we view Scripture rally how we live our experience and our source those are important considerations when we talk about how we view Scripture are and so we come to today's presentation on the forgotten question of identity why now this is a fundamental question that I believe that every Adventist needs to ask themselves and that is why you are an Adventist and these are some questions that we we arrive at and these are some top ten reasons why this person is chosen to be a Seventh-day Adventist and it's from a more progressive magazine and you'll notice being the nature of these top ten reason these are top ten reasons why this person is a Seventh-day Adventists and that's it some readers correlate with our number one or number ten I don't want to miss Sunday football games are either being a little bit facetious but there being truthful the same time a little bit so they go to church on Saturday that would be the watch upon Sunday the Pathfinder honors not give Phil are using more facetious subject on how to much time invested addicted to super Lynx number seven number six I still have a set of Bible story books and Eric B hair recording of Mister crooked leaders number five one see how the great controversy turns out number for that holistic thing talking about her health message on number three I love my address T-shirt number two I left up United have a lifelong subscription to an Adventist magazine they afternoon the magazine here on number one the people I just love being a part of a worldwide family now I will say that these reasons in of themselves are not necessarily raw acting most of them are okay I think right but is this reason off now I want you to know is the nature of these that most of them are cultural in other words they like haystacks they like then she links they like Adra and they may like potlucks and coming together with EMS community and so forth and they like the cultural nuances of our church and I like I like our culture I think that some good things but is that is that an opt what you get when these things disappear and so when we talk about this question of identity there are certain groups within our church that believe that hey I appreciate the culture I grown up fourth-generation administered by growing up in Adventist community I like all these things I want to keep the culture but doctrine lids was change some of these doctrines and so this is this is kind of a undercurrent that's happening in some circles may be appreciate the hospital baptism but they want to take away some of some of the things that are more core in central at least what I believe scoring central and so if you take away our doctrines and our beliefs and can you hold onto these things are there's no reason like we can just melt with the with the corpus of Christianity in except we eat veggie links a case of so is there something more now I want to look at this when we talk about this question of identity this is our high graph of our world population divided up by religious groups and so you see that Christianity is roughly a third thirty three percent includes Orthodox Catholics Pentecostals were in their then you have our next group twenty one percent Islam with a different subsets their nonreligious sixteen percent Hindus and you have this group right here Chinese traditional Buddhists and then you have other and so this this describes aware our our religions are today and these are broken down into groups here on Christianity two one billion Islam one three billion in atheist one one billion and they include secular nonreligious agnostic atheist induced nine hundred million Chinese traditional three hundred ninety four million Buddhists and seventy six million then you have the African traditional hundred million and six his am twenty three million these are how you can break up Christians two one billion Christians Roman Catholics one one billion and Orthodox two hundred sixty one million and that goes down and look at where we are well his older slide the sex and more right work I regret seventeen million right now Iraq yeah I think I lost a lot yeah so this may need a little bit of updating but on the general hole if you see that compared to some of these other denominations we are barely small relatively okay nonproblem the seventeen million that we have but in comparison with these all at once a week we are we are in the minority the question is why have you decided to be part of that crew versus these are the growth and income outside of Christianity in a gamble corpus of other beliefs and the question is why are you here at the very fundamental question and Mrs. a question that many Christians Avastin in Minneapolis about the anatomy of Seventh-day Adventist to be saved on anything yet our IRA on the qualified is not known no leave just yet are all right the emptiness of the medicine he saved I maybe say no all right I need to know obviously has a decent bike I honestly know right away knowledge that many people in heaven that aren't Seventh-day Adventist I may be shocking RIAA the data had there not been any authentic then minutes now the question is if you don't have to be a Seventh-day Adventist to be say are you are you looking at this question year if you don't have to be a Seventh-day Adventist to be say the wine via Seventh-day Adventist at all market and you are okay to stay with me it sure seems like were going to a lot of trouble for nothing why invite a Seventh-day Adventist why are you a Seventh-day Adventist if we talk about the salvation question and we get to the very root of it which is salvation in you you just answer the questions that you don't have to be a Seventh-day Adventist the B Sabin what is the motivation for why you are where your brother more why should you doing evangelism the Lutheran is particularly aimed in a relationship with Jesus why walked the ball in shattered the whole world lenders say because we believe that the moment that you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior your name is written in the Lamb 's book of life amen when agreement year whether your Seventh-day Adventist William Methodist weather here any other Protestant denomination or I would daresay even a Catholic the accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior your name is written in the Lamb 's book of life so why are are we here why do we find we exist what what what is our identity what is the motivation for why we are we are and where the sense of urgency for why we should knock on some doors like me to do this Saturday afternoon blades this city when many of those people are in a loving relationship with Jesus Christ is an important cause or should we just do it just the way because how what that end this is the fundamental question that we need to ask ourselves is this truth really matter okay this truth really matter and how it relates to or relating today right now we talk about this concept of truth we many times think of it in propositional terms with the truth as a theory and a concept now on turn in your Bibles to John chapter fourteen verse six and this is so antithetical to our creed minds in our propositions are true than in Jesus makes this in credible on profound statements in John chapter fourteen verse six and Jesus said to him are him the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father except through me I went it was that first party says I'm the way and he says I am the truth notice that you doesn't say the truth is about me but Jesus said I am the true in other words truth exists or is talking about his person or not I can't say I can continue to change the truth of God can save art but notice that Jesus presents truth as for more than a concept or an idea are you falling meter so when we talk about propositions are true Jesus places it in the court this up on his person as this is so profoundly when you think about at the moment talking about truth were talking about not an ideal but about Jesus are you following me and impunity for pastor don't preach doctrine preached Jesus now I will say that we should never preach a doctrine isolated from Jesus every dog and I think that sometimes we done that now but this notion that Doctor is antithetical to Christ is really a misunderstanding crazy is that they asked him this question is do you believe that Jesus is coming very soon thanks home anything yes what are you a doctor is not as economic delete of Jesus forgives you for your sins as well there you have a doctrine of justification one to believe that Jesus is right now and have a sanctuary interceding on behalf of user mediator yes their younger doctrine is a one-way talk about produce a lot of talk about doctrine Jesus presented as being his person and so this is a very compelling thing when we talk about truth is that Jesus presented in a relational term for those of you that are married the truth about that person it's very important in front of my neck got married to somebody there living a double life actually he should thought that he was a outstanding businessman and they were going to in years of marriage this it would come home from work every day and and and it would have dinner together and then suddenly odd years down the road her whole fantasy of her marriage it was really a maintenance it was a façade came crashing down around her because she found out he was actually involved in the illicit criminal and a whole lot like what the charade known the truth about her husband matter to her you better believe it I think it's shattered world and so when we talk about Jesus and we talk about truth truth becomes very important and it impacts your relationship and so this is the fundamental fundamental thing that were talked about and talk about truth is relational now there's another Ellen that I like to bring out the sound in Mark chapter four verse twenty eight this is what many people miss understand when it comes to true number one they think the truth is just propositional any other one is that they don't really realize how important truth is for their lines the Christian life their day-to-day life Mark chapter four in verse twenty eight and when there are a for the earth yields crops by itself first the blade then the head after that the full grain in the head but when the grain ripens immediately he puts in the lot the sickle because the harvest has come I want to look at this concept were told in Christ object lesson that is a really talking about the Christian life of the Christian life is equated to the growth of the plant it says the first you have the blade then they had and then after that the full grain in the picture you all there we go our Jesus uses this metaphor to describe the Christian life in other words when you're born again that's precisely what you are you are born but after your birth their comments grow praise the Lord amen thanks that the Lord Jesus I came to him a lot of problems I like character deficiencies bond issues but except for me just the way you want and then we come to him just the way that we are just facets of Christ fellas but he loves us too much to leave us in that condition and I praise the Lord that I when I look back on my Christian life I am a better Christian today than I was ten years ago or five years ago meaning that my character by the grace of God is becoming more Christlike I'm not a long way to go but day by day my step-by-step there is there is this element of growth involved in the Christian experience I have this Journal that I've kept from the beginning of my Christian experience of every month beginning journal entries I just shake my head in Medina just like all Lord of wall I just had ill and is interesting because if I read my journal issue are entries Pioneer surround a look at the veil to shake my head again on the leg work because there's growth in the Christian experience now I want you to notice this at there is this element of growth but at the hands notice what happens there is a sicko there's a harvest that takes place in window you harness aren't you hardest year in a younger garden deployed to sprout comes up you bring out that sickly like I'm ready for the harvest is the item you wait till that that that plan comes with certain point of what maturing then this is a single concert is one falling me as a Jesus says that the Christian experience is like a grown but the harvest is when the entity is is mature is right now look at this in Revelation chapter fourteen verse six it's interesting what happens when Jesus comes Revelation chapter fourteen verse sixteen when there so he sat this is Jesus so he sat on the cloud and thrust in his wide single on the earth and the earth was reaped in looking verse fourteen and I looked and behold on a white cloud on one set the Son of Man having on his head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle you look at the send this when Jesus illustrates the Christian life as a growing experience and when Jesus come in second time and he hasn't had a single what I question is Jesus coming for these calming or outright Christian he's coming for a mature Christian right now I believe that every person that follows the line of the Christian experience given time will reach a certain state of maturity it's it's along the process that we engage in is called sanctification syndication is the work of like that but notice when Jesus comes he's coming with a single right now follow me here this is from Christ object lessons gnosis the germination of the scene represents the beginning of the spiritual life in the development of the plant is a beautiful figure of Christian wrote as a nature so ingrained there can be no life without growth the plant must either grow or die as his growth is Simon imperceptible continuous celibate development of the Christian life notices concept of perfection here at every stage of development our line may be one person many times we think of perfection and as a state but the Bible presents perfection going to the spirit of prophecy here that you can be perfect in this stage amen as long as you're living up to the light did you have in Europe where God needs you to be no granted not want to take you in a certain trajectory right but at this stage you can be perfect at this stage it can be perfect this stage you can be perfect and when Jesus comes the second time he's coming for a people that have reached maturity with you that were better because perfection is really dealing with every stage at every stage of development are like maybe perfect get involved this process will build there will be a continual advancement sanctification is the work of a lifetime as our opportunities multiply our experience will enlarge our knowledge will increase we shall become strong to bear responsibility and maturity will be in proportion to our privileges now I want to ask you this question what do you think helps you to grow as a Christian that we did say here at the beginning that every person regardless whether Roman Catholic Baptist Lutheran can accept Jesus and their names written in the Lamb 's book of life but that is just the beginning a man there's growth involved what helps you to grow it there's there's several different things but obviously need the Holy Spirit you need all these of entities that come into play but you know what is the fertilizer that helps you to grow at a rapid pace as a Christian more than any other setting you know somebody that I know someone that's like this for the excepted Christ and in a short period of time it issued up even talking about I know one person that the predominant minister today that that is a relatively new and Dennis but the shot up there's different factors involved in this but I believe that the entity that enables the Christian to grow at a rapid pace is this element of truth bottom of the education for thirty two noses there is no sanctification means growth there is no assigned from what truth John seventeen exact to the truth thy word is truth thank you and so when we talk about growth it is directly proportional to true in other words if you you have error it will stunt your growth as a Christian in development is very important when we talk about truth that if you want to grow as a Christian not only must you understand the truth but you obviously need to learn the truth as well as a person that has shot up very quickly there is number one becomes true but their interaction the truth is that the always following the matter how little or how great the truth is their attitude is whenever and as I'm going to do it by God 's grace and that enables a person to grow there is no growth without truth is that's very important to realize and notice with Jesus coming at a time is coming for a Christian that meets a certain state of what maturities coming with a single okay so in order to be prepared for the second coming of Jesus follow me you need to grow as a Christian but there was no growth without true so you can knock on the door this Saturday figure launches a man willing to share with you some truth that will prepare them to me amen amen that that's that's compelling that's very important because there have been some errors out there is stunting these peoples whose names are written in man's book of life but if stunting the growth as a Christian because truth and growth are directly proportional and football in the along these lines that you want to grow as a Christian needs to want the truth we know the truth spread important thing now first we talked about that truth is not just propositional has to do with the person of Jesus second we establish the truth has to do with with growth now this is what I believe is the most compelling and as an Adventist and this is why I believe we need to do everything in our power to evangelize with its business third reason right here now there's people out there that say that all we know we don't need to do evangelism is leaving whether at our why rock the boat next to criticize our methods of evangelism not granted we can always improve but this is the most compelling reason to me of why we should do everything in our power with every breath to share this message right has to do with us right here in Revelation chapter fourteen verse six we know this well Revelation chapter fourteen and for the sake of time let's actually go down to the third Angels message Revelation chapter fourteen verse nine minute third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his Mark on his four head artist hand he himself shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out for strength of the companies in the nation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy Angels in the presence of the land of this part of the three angels message of the third one now in a nutshell the third Angels message says essentially that if you worship the beast are you are seen as marking your four had in your hand you will be lost right life and death message now hold that thought and go back to Matthew chapter twenty four and Jesus is looking down to the end of time and the disciples in asking this question regarding the sign this coming note is the first thing that comes out of Christ now be speaking to the Christian church this is lots this is a message of warning and look in Matthew chapter twenty four and verse four and Jesus answered and said to them this is the first thing that comes out of the mouth of Christ event no one was the Bible say this emu in other words I want to think about that's Jesus is looking down to the that a lot of things that he can talk about what his primary concern for the Christian church is this concept up deception he said later on that perception will be so great that if possible to deceive the very elect now the question is why why is Jesus so concerned about perception of disruption is directly related to truth amen it was if you know the true democracy so it is it has to do everything to do with truth Jesus looks down to the end of time is longer the Christian church and he says do not be deceived nor let no man deceive you and the question is why this is the reason the price of deception in the end of time will cost you your salvation of following me in other words right now I don't believe that it's right now but it will come a point in the future when if you believe this lie no matter how sincere you may be in believing it if you subscribe to this notion you will be lost and if your name was written in the Lamb 's book of life believing in this line will cause you took for it your salvation your name will so right now we live in this era of kind of love we have this we have the true church and then we have now other entities out here and then we have this blurred blurred area of this gray area it in other words if you are a Baptist today and you believe in the sanctity of Sunday received within any written lambs book of life and you die today you have a great and but there is calming a point in the future when those that are alive when Jesus calms there's going to be uphold arising in the world between the truth and a lot between what God desires and between what man desires and the envy of forcing up the ranks and essentially if you believe this can be lost and this is where I believe this this message becomes so imperative this how many of you walking the streets with people knowing that persons can be alive or not when Jesus comes you don't you have no understanding or no idea is if that person can be a line or or or pass away before Jesus comes in so this concept of deception is very important when week we talk about this and this is the crowning at the perception as the crowning act in the great drama deception Satan himself in person in Christ the church has long professed to look at the saviors advent of the consummation of her hopes now the great deceiver will make it appear that crisis in different parts of the earth Satan will manifest himself among men of the majestic being a dazzling brightness resembling on the description of the son of God given by John in Revelation we know that before he is the second time in the holiness of Jesus based the basement ceiling double face-to-face are right always nothing appeared like that we can appear like a son of God the glory that surrounds him is on first unsurpassed by anything that mortal eyes and get the hell to shout a try and brings out among the air Christ has come crisis the people prostrate themselves in adoration before and while he lets up his hands and pronounces a blessing upon them as price less the disciples when he is upon the earth his voice is soft and subdued yet full of melody in gentle compassionate tones can present some of the same gracious heavenly truths which the Savior uttered Scripture he heals the diseases of the people and that innocent character of Christ he claims that change the Sabbath to Sunday and commands all to follow the day which she has blacked out I want you to notice the goal of this deception becomes an independent beautiful package but then the thought is this element here he wants them to hollow Sunday why because he knows that in VN this deception if they follow this day that everyone who follows it will be lost now when asking this question who was this deception and that the Saint of the lost obviously obviously the same those whose names are written in the Lamb 's book of life and this is the point that becomes very bored he declared that there was a persistent keeping only the seventh air blasting his name by refusing to listen to his angel sent to them with my entry this is a strong almost overmastering delusion and so this is a very important question of my anything that we need to we need to grapple with this is unlike and death message it has salvation implications written all over it so when you knock on the door when you interact with people froze becomes very important because truth will be the determiner between the loss to the save in the end of time and so man what a motivation to go out this Saturday amen all or even in your workplace because you know that this will impact their salvation in one way or not now with that in mind the second part of the seminar is called a close look at our face and Asian Adventism birds are dealing with but we haven't really grappled with their own questions of identity and we talked about this concert the truth is not just propositional but it has to do with the person of Jesus and also has to do with the Christian growth as well as the end time message the life-and-death message that we have to deal with but a close look at her face I'd like to delve into this question of where is the center ever asked yourself this before or perhaps you thought this of being a centrist home he survived and in you notice that everyone thinks that their balance I yet I I never met a person that honestly thought that they were in balance everyone else is extreme in everyone else's right or left but I'm just in the center I'm a moderate and this is a concept that really is is kind of flawed when we think about it when we talk about balance it is unable to a lead person in the balance here that before what you think I wanted to one thousand and one what does that mean we brought around this time that we have these labels that we talk about and I think illustrating operators with moderate which is the same or will be because we have liberal conservative right wing left wing extreme centrists but adding balance and when we talk about this especially in relation to our church and in some people it said that up the cry heard it before anything owed G Y C is -year-old the use of pejorative term in a relationship that UIC or a because it's all people relative to certain perspective and when we talk about these things I I want us to really think about what we are saying when we use some of these labels now granted I don't think it's wrong in themselves and use some of these but I wanted to think of some of the assumptions felt when I took a philosophy class I study this guy named Michael Hagel is a right and how it was those fascinating went when he presented his concept he said basically have thesis on one hand you have a tentative thesis on the other hand are on and then and then you have synthesis in again these extremes on one end and an truth is somewhere in the middle it's kind of bringing together these two entities now we normally think all this this can't be right has happened in this but misses this is what happens you have what people describe as the extreme laughed then you have the extreme right and then you have it's basically this concept that we get from this this philosopher aren't now I want to think about this because it's it's relative to look at Psalm and more right what is the extreme left and Solomon the more one can even imagine but let's not go there it gets immorality the lack of a better term are no idling is extreme left because I was I want one side okay him around on the other side the extreme is is abstinence if you are a single person is Solomon Tamora and you don't practice all least sexual divergence and and you practice abstinence you are an extremist you're a fanatic know what you want to find more and said I'm to be a centrist what would you be all I just have a couple of relationships are not extreme I don't belong to that and I'm certainly not that I like you I discount you relationship someone is up for and so when we talk about this these labeling system with what happens is that people look around them and look at two different perspectives and say I'm that under the shoes the center now is the quotation here that's coming up okay I don't have it but I'll eloquently now this is what we need to be by the grace of God we need to be centered on the work and then now culture will change the low back and forth and hey sometimes the center on the work may actually be the center okay I doesn't matter what units are and sometimes be centered on the word me you may look like an extreme left okay being centered on the work they look like you're on the extreme right we need to use that as our moral compass and basically look at this on this really made me think when they reach the standard of the Lord what habits reach world things will regard Seventh-day Adventist as on Cingular straightlaced extremists I want to think about that in other words if you're using the world as your standard always been to be off-center when it comes to the Bible and this is something that we need to think about that if your standard in the world sometimes the world is the you you as an extremist as a fun and as just like overboard and this is what we need to remember when dealing with these terms is that hey if you're anchored in the word but the labels all wherever they may be I doesn't matter I've been called all kinds of things are right but don't let that shake you don't think all men but it as long as your centered right here are anchored in the point was not use culture and society as has our relative voice but Domino people upon the earth to maintain the Bible and Bible only has a standard ball Duncans recorded this earlier in the basis of all reforms that the opinions of learned men the deductions of science the creeds are decisions of ecclesiastical councils as numerous and discord as are the churches which they represent the voice of the majority not one or all of these should be regarded as evidence for or against any point of religious faith before accepting any document preset we should demand a plane Saint the Lord in its support so that we just need to be centered on the Bible that's the bottom line now this is a question that people about what framework in the Bible keeps a centered and I think that this is something that has not been appreciated as much right and it's it's quite evident some seventy December thirteen says Norway is in this tincture where he believe it or not the sanctuary will keep you more balance than any other structure in the Bible I would illustrate that in the minute but I I think that people do become imbalanced if they would understand the sanctuary on it it just brings out such beautiful harmony all the way through it's interesting enough you can find a century from Genesis to Revelation I it's it's it's a theme that runs all the way through so when you're using this as a center it's not like you using some obscure text somewhere it it is harmonious all the way through and this is from great controversy that illustrates as well the subject of the sanctuary with the keys which unlocked the mystery of the great disappointment if open to view a complete system of truth connected and harmonious showing the thoughts Hannah directed the great and that movement and the revealing present day as a brought to light the position and work of his people I want you to notice this year it opened to view a complete what system of true so when we talk about the sanctuary it brings together a lot of different elements in Scripture to present this great system of truth this is as Israeli theological language people say they'll might just emotional this is just used acting are presenting a theological concept when she talks about this system of true systematic theology in regard so she says that it had been as this is what brings everything together like illustrated here economic picture coming up so here we have a birds eye view of the sanctuary and I like to show just very simply how the sanctuary gives us bent down balance when it comes to just does the concept of the gospel right here we have what we would call just location in the corner that's when the lamb was slain that's where forgiveness happened this is when Ross was justification in the court now your evangelicals camped out right here the cross I believe in the cross I believe in the beauty of justification but evangelicals and Lutheran theology its center on the courtyard experience everything else is peripheral and when you center something in the courtyard are positive things become minimally following along this lines up and when you remove their theology he minimizes ethics that minimizes human behavior not that he doesn't believe in human and even minimizes the law why is that because he believes that this is the center of theology now we have the next step here and this is sanctification this is a Christian growth you have the lampstand the table showbread altar of incense and I want you to notice the progression here we are outside we come in but notice the goal the goal is is here incidentally when out of many sins or before an incentive they were able to stand face-to-face with God union saying separated us from God somewhere out here in the sanctuary simply portrays how the process of how God brings us back here subject camp out here that's that's a part of it but it's not everything God God has those the concept of bringing us to then you have sanctification over here and you can't sell over there or how is a very handy sanctification emphasis it's our friends Roman Catholics very happy sanctification of this is in fact the sanctification by works I was like and that the sacraments that come into play and so with the minimizing of this now what about Adventists give you this theology is that we say we can open and we believe in this experience but we believe in this experience as well justification sanctification glorification and that is what I believe brings out beautiful harmony and balance to the Christian experience now there have been people that make emphasis or or camp out in different areas in your even within our church right but we need to keep in mind that this is a very important thing incidentally on your next presentation this afternoon I'm going to be looking at the most attacked doctrine in order this sanctuary and looking historically it seems like in every generation all within our church every several years to come someone that stands up and challenges our notion of the sanctuary array and an audio stream that in our next presentation now when we talk about the sanctuary I just like to illustrate a just way and just one way how beautifully balanced the sanctuary was even in the little nuances of color here and I want to invite you to turn with me to numbers chapter four verse five and six behavior numbers four five and six what time I suspend eleventh or old why okay what you grant me me this little bit of a overtime here but I understand you believe our numbers for finding success is not to say very quickly help beautifully illustrated even in the colors of the sanctuary how how God present the gospel and numbers four five and six when the camp prepares to journey and his sons initial take on the covering veil and copper the ark of the testimony with her member the Old Testament sanctuary what a portable one of these the first Mosaic oneself as the pillar of cloud move on they would have to do have to pack the sanctuary and gone to very specific instructions as to how they were to pack the sanctuary up Levi's would go and follow the specific instructions and they would start with the ark of the covenant and he shall put on it covering verse six badger skins and spread over that clock entirely of what color of blue initial insert its poles and so there we have the specs on the screened onto the testimony was to be convert in the color blue and so this was is an illustration of what it would look like as the priests were going from place to place they would actually see the blue conquering on top of me are very specific as to the colors in which the sanctuary was to be packed Jesus or God goes on in numbers chapter four verse nine and eleven if you read there they go to another article of furniture and he shall take and their numbers chapter four verse nine we shall take a what color of blue cloth and copper the lampstands with light with its lands its weight tremors in his trays and its oil vessels which they service itself not only were to be covered that part of the company but it would also cover the lampstands with blue as well and then we go to verse eleven over the Ark golden altar they shall spread a blue cloth and cover it with a covering of badgers initial surrogates Paulson so you see that these other articles of furniture were to be covered in blue as well the utensils were to be covered in a blue cloth now we look in the Bible in the Bible actually tells us what they were to remember when they looked at blue and so go to numbers chapter fifteen verse thirty eight and thirty nine numbers fifteen thirty eight and thirty nine Godhead a something they wanted to remember when Wendy bought or looked at this blue-collar numbers fifteen verse thirty eight and thirty nine speak to the children of Israel and tell them to make tassels in the corner of their garments throughout their generations and to put a white-collar doublet a blue rag in the councils of the corners and so went they were to where the specific or clothing the Lord aware our hand these blue thread in the tassels of the quarter and social you have the tassels that you may look upon it and remember all the all but what does the Bible sick all the commandments of the Lord and do them so the Bible tells us that they were to win a blue cloth then in every time they look at the blue clock go to remember the Commandments of God so we have this illustration here of the blue thread and this is a picture of a modern-day one year and the Commandments now the numbers chapter four verse seven and eight inns interesting that when they come to another article of furniture that it was to be a little bit of difference in the packing when they came to the table showbread numbers for verse seventy on the table showbread they shall spread a blue cloth or I same thing and put on it the dishes the pans the Bulls and the pictures for the pouring and the showbread shall be on but they did something a little bit different in verse eight initial spread over them a what color a scarlet cloth and copper the same with the covering of badgers skins and they shall insert its polls that isn't it interesting when they come to the table of showbread which represents the bread of life they were covered in blue but over the blue they were to cover it in and read and we don't read represents the blood of Jesus and so you have no discounts of the justice right and an mercy all together even in the coverings of the arc of the common initial coverage with a blue cloth in a scarlet one as well now when we come to verse fourteen it says initial take way the ashes from the altar and spread a purple cloth over it this is talking about the need altar in the courtyard and this is an interesting observation this where the cross happened to me and landless lane and when you mix two colors when you get blue and red and get purple silk just interesting perspective as to how justice and mercy are our together and on some chapter eight five verse ten Mercy and truth had met together righteousness and peace have kissed each other and so we do see that here in the sanctuary that the D entities come together and it keeps as balanced as Christians we have our afternoon session happening later on today and it's what every admonition no behaviors that makes or breaks Adventists and this is what I believe that every Adventist should know and be both defendants I'll be going to see passages and I'll be before that going at a historical perspective as to what doctrine has been attacked the most and then be delving into this this concept that I believe makes or breaks an dismissal was our heads together as we close the session father Henry thank you so much for for truth and that as an menace we have a reason for our identity a reason for mission and we pray that you would motivate us with the concept of truth being your person and he would motivate us in the relationship between truth and growth that you would motivate us in knowing that truth matters most in end time context that as we interact with our family members and her friends are perhaps not know you that you help us to get a word in season for them in a loving Christlike way we has seasons and cheeses from him this message thank you I see similar initiative the same thing as she lay CCC inspired many young people I have a base price and delivery is download or purchase other resources like this you've been blessed making lazy lazy domain this is why this is done with them the GUI see when done with also reaches in mail box seven six Ann Arbor Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you can share him please attribute this recording device whenever you him three


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