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Risk Management: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Magda Rodriguez


Magda Rodriguez

President, Ouachita Hills College



  • December 30, 2010
    10:30 AM
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him him him this message is present and she scene two thousand ten no turning back to Baltimore Maryland for other resources like this visit us online and GUI see whether or I thought everyone and thank you for it and that we probably serving you in our workplace I have a voice guide a presentation this morning I thought father to the faithful and to be commencing your hand it is morning and uses mainly bring in I praise God for they might I give them tremendously my voice and and nineties when do I get my voice that much now that are written on the seminar is going to be focusing on the dangers of working in a Mike 's upper work woodworking in the non- in all Christian environment but I will tell you one thing to the people anywhere that you work there are many dangers and what we need to be aware of now the last time we talked about the fact that we need to being prayer because the reality is we need God 's guidance when we are in a work environment that is not the Christian environment but let me just meet the Utes a bunch of the page five fifty one effect prayer are often requested for men and women in affliction and belief that they should be bugged him all the earnest prayers should be going to the Portobello 's wire played anywhere in a prosperous with Asian these men are in big grade danger of losing their so in them Ali view mediation we can walk securely while we reverence God and making our trust on the lofty pinnacles where praise is heard where are we dumb and gray knit if it felt that we needed special power and a arm to sustain a min now I will tell you that I have a weakness of these quotes there we go I am praying that I had a bodily friend that I will never forget her telling and I'm praying for you I'm afraid of you and by nature I grew up in an environment where there was no time to playing the time to play with the time to work but they made work upon so for me even if I don't get paid I just enjoy working for me it is fun to do Windows believe it or not you may look at me like you got a be crazy but I had the most memorable sponges cleaning windows in the house so the point I'm trying to make is my nature I will tend to work really hard I don't need they all tie incentive to work hard and be excellent in what I did that that's how I learned that what we should do so in the corporate world I had actually many old doors open and he was really fast when I was climbing actually the latter have corporate world and he was dangerous I was not ready for it but I had a Christian friend and never never never gave up the brain never give up on calling me in cleaning and praying I didn't know how dangerous it was but God opened my eyes and I understand but I will tell you point those that are here for the first one that did not go to bed for spending our hotel you that working in being in the work environment is one of the delays that got easier to share his love with so many other people so I am not by no means undermining the father you on its way that I can use you in your workplace up at for those that are coming into these and inner but I will tell you that is very dangerous to be in a place like I think it's applicable in everything in life you God is not going to be the places they hear it doesn't matter what it is even exists in obesity are of taxation God is not leading you to that is a dangerous statement will actually open the doors we'll will use that opportunity to thank you the only thing that is the foundational that we need to be aware is that we talking the first one what if enough alliance is that he is not application is what influenced by you how so what that means is easier but the sun is up secretary will that make you that affect if in reaching out to others probably not actually get the opposite the most better yet if you have more opportunities sold the pulsation is not what he matters these they influence so we have the Christians our focus should not be in what implications regarding our influence that's what we need to guard our influence let's reviewed quality that I find a very powerful in Christ subject list and page three thirty nine because he did not respond immediately from which we cannot free ourselves our words are asked our address our department even expiration of the continent has any influence upon the impression the old you may bear when results were good or evil which no man can measure every impulse don't think Martin is the song which Whitbread used its harvest it is really in the long chain of human event expanding we know no leader is by our example we ate all others in the development of good principles we give them power to do good in their turn they extend the same influence upon other and they are points the authors done by our unconscious influence thousand maybe less now when we are talking about implementing the workplace we are talking I think both things that makes a big difference we're talking about actually in a way that you answer the phone I do notice that on Monday that experience when you somebody really speaking loud on the phone and you always hear that person on the phone and use yanking a younger one year it is still ongoing but this same way that that person have any brings you even know what is happening with your kids then everything you you know things that you don't even want to know the same way when you are through the phone in a very courteous way when you have a very angry customer on the other side and you just answering in a very polite way you just excel and influence that you cannot imagine and is not universally is talking with the people that are these things around this same way that you can't one think that if it's something definitely was always very important it was that good morning it was something that I just can't understand I come from a study culture so he was lonely day without even when my mother hot in a gilded pot before you get when I came to the US that was one of the things that I need the most it was actually to hunting I just could not understand why people do not want to hunt me by I will tell you one thing when I have found a working I is not time I was working for Pratt & Whitney I remember that differ in the minds I do not bite away when I consider you as I do not speak English so I started my job they hire me when I finish my MBA and in Puerto Rico and I remember that they said that they hire me because of potential I had any knobby videos so I decided to follow your lead learning is that's what I had in mind that there was something is wrong of the part of the problem with me by I would tell you that after two months I was so homesick I was so together leading that I was age is going back home and cry leisurely drive for hours my husband got to the point where he said you know I want to see you complaining more you know it was really bad but I realize that one would think that was important for me it was a haunting part is actually that big he was called he was just think you know that stopping your a big launching in the actually depositing on the I realize because I cannot understand how they will express that they carry you know that that they they were grateful for what I did and at that point I was mature enough to just think that I needed that why I was not focusing on what gone with the economic bod I will tell you one thing he's had a huge influence when my fault once I realized that I didn't say a word but he came unnaturally touch me it was like I was here I was like that's it then I realized that a way that they express actually that they care it is with a good bloggers and things like that when I was finally that this is so haunting and I just let my husband bought me an benefit I was fine with that but to be my one think not that I am encouraging you do want but sometimes some people have specific needs and just be sensitive to that and we minor think you can make a huge difference in people 's life I like the new good morning I'm just be very polite I work using empty liking the words that you want certain to make have been like music to people for years I don't think I'll think I can make what using blends of noun one what a weirdo be talking about here is bit different truck that you can falling okay I'm deficient when you can open white and because I just stopped counting ten but a reality both are the major ones my eyesight is not that different is that I'm going to present to you I will tell you that I will call it foundational that you're taking they will go straight to the extent because the heat engine that time that you need to worry about anything else you can be just working a pretend that you're sharing Christ and that you want to reach the people part if he can get into the spirit just you could just just losing all the effective note a influence that God wanted you to do the first one includes senior dependence on God when you get a job one of the things that we look for when we hire people is that they are what computers they just really understand they feel confident in what they do they understand that but as Christians we are called to be one deep in and upon God trust in God with all your heart and lean not unto your understanding how can you reconcile those that think how can you reconcile those the things the tenders and got both of the medical self-confidence do you want to go to the doctor wages not sure if you should take his medication or the other that I'm not sure if these one would be better than the other you had a doctor talking I hope no I really hope no a usually gone I'm getting to get his medication and he can make you feel that Donna we just trust them when you think it may be happening any any any profession you expect that when you have an employee you can just tell them you know I need a currency by Tuesday I don't want anybody to come here and she is talking about you know something that's just not good now let's just be clear about and be specific into what we are talking about here an example that we can find is actually an example of Daniel God is expecting us to be confident in what we do communicate what I mentioned before I went I be talking more about it the patient on the gentleman it is important at outreach to reach others development immediately what important to be excellent and what you do and any professionally expected to be self-confident awaiting to take the risk that an auditing you need to be willing to take risks but as Christians we are called to a higher quality to trust our God with all our heart and not to lean into our own understanding this basic question we need to left they it to God and intricate part of my duties responsibilities that were defined nine is a Mycenae unused power to guide every step of the way you do you will shell and holy pumpkins nodding yourself putting in these will attract people to the source of your strength and confidence I will read something all I said I also mention about God Daniel it says remember the example of Daniel he's go immediately God was not a secret you realize that it was not a speaker at the communion with God all those who Daniel wiping contact new that Daniel Scofield was not a new self lighting that God whom he served it is the difference between self-confidence and a confidence that God is guiding your steps but back computers cannot call him only if you have a connection with your creator only body part integral part of everything that you do now it is easy to say about the homicide release found by look like it is just when you have an opportunity not only in the morning putting today when you have faced difficult equation and you raise your thoughts when you buy a prayer God help me what should I do it a few weeks ago I had a challenge when I was working on we had a difficult situation and to be honest I have no idea what to do but it was not a time to just share with others that have no idea what to do it is time because I was not appropriate to do but I did beyond if I raise my eyes from just a thought I needed time I actually could timeout timeout is like no time I get a severe unit just need a thought I need to print but I will tell you that I was not the story of my life that was not in the passing that I would jump with self-confidence and to God what worked for me just tell you got a so so so great he would go to use sometimes your mistakes but embracing orders but I will tell you I have one thing here and I quote that I liked it that you goes along with this he said he will serve under the bloodstained honor of the men was a mental health business from accident also page three sixty two will have to do which work will call and you're rolling a right therefore it and patient endurance but the soldiers of the cross stands on shrink rate in the forefront of the battle the enemy presses the fact that against him he turns to the strong walls four eight as he brings to the lawyer promises of better word he strengthened for the beauty of the hour he realized that these needs of strength from above that the jury that he gained do not lead to self expectation one coffee including more and more heavily on the mighty one relying upon that power is unable if they enable to bring the message of foundation or on my if you think about it one of the beings that you think I will try to get you into that evening as we looking to rock your communion with God be seen it is not only think that putting your work up on your time we got and now I am talking not about auditing that your personal communion with God at times when you need to set boundaries there are times when you need to stay these are their line I started working at eight o'clock I am not reading my e-mail before I'm not opening my e-mail I'm a beginning you may stroll or a maid look like shocking to others but I will tell you one thing people get used to that I may know that you open your e-mail at eight o'clock and they know that it will not contact you neither club whatever he decided it for me sometimes a six o'clock in the morning to you because I would like for popular morning but I will tell you that for me there are two things that are important right now is going to bed early on were wake up very early to have my communion with God okay now I will tell you that I was not a stagnation it was not the case I noticed the difference I noticed a huge difference self-confidence comes when you lose actually your connection with God and you start doing things on your own that's not what accretion women should be like you should be our strength comes from our communion with him that he leads us into one these should we should do during the day okay so let's talk about the other one carrier planning versus endowment funny how we talk about that in the other thing are actually we should strive for extra money never reading that we do he's not it is one of the best witnessing tool in a world that is full of mediocrity on your additional development is according from God you have to keep opportunities is a repeat person here but you have to keep up with your professional development why because God is calling you if he calls you to be where you are you better be prepared to or what you're doing on not only that is not actually it is expected that the world isn't moving new information you may think especially many thin it would be with every organizations but when you talk it also again before sending fact that you need to keep up with what is happening you need to be intelligently enough to speak with somebody so they can listen to you so your team was in the brother you know so your personal development answer your professional development is important but as I mentioned before they read it there are two components is the professional development of life the other one is digital development not only your personal communion with God one how to reach the water on the track that he is going to get you into it actually the trap of your professional development becomes your world even if you think about news what is going on in the world you can spend hours putting the bank is finding what is going on the world it takes everything or get the time the only thing I was go to tell you it can easily try to put you into the competition you know that I mention about everything the bar everything will year one of the things that we do is what they call development running solely none organization they actually look at every year you would do your development funding that means why are you not be learning again these year what are you what areas are eagerly focusing on basically they take your gun away you are today and you actually decide with a cherry if you want to develop and then you putting the paper wiping our unit due to develop those area and actually date a percentage of your time at work that we have to be spent in your development professional development now when you are thinking all that statement is going to get you because basically you can spend all your life in the vineyards of you will never know enough but how do secretion the stool focused on it needs to approach that meant one of those that did very well at that says but in order annually nationwide but in order to do these of all workers would have to keep this up all the way high-level intelligence they can not do these work and think down to a local militia being that it does not matter how much they gave our why they say they will have to sharpen up and be armed and equipped in order to present that could intelligently on to reach the higher classes if that is the nineties and pays five eight six so we know that actually part of our development is actually develop rapidly did reach out to others being able intelligently to share actually through with elders that is part of our development that we are responsible to God so how should we respond let me just tell you something you have to not trust God there are some boundaries that he needs that also I need to trust God I put up with your advanced and wrote something to share with you that says I would encourage you to watch what did you do you wait them out on DVD super your job sometimes one of the investing got done doing my life is actually I use the comment that he gave me I don't know how but he actually develop antibiotic anonymity sometimes we just have to go with a situation where we half what shall I send to walk and move forward but we had we need to use what he's eating us that time that he has given you you have to put it to work completely surrender everything and use that he will give you more antithetical point in our development that comes from God okay so you need to trust him he can give you a new time as long as you have been a good stores of the time that he has already given you many people that I work with I noticed that they are really afraid of even trying to use everything that got eaten by my experiences I put everything in the author and all of a sudden I have more time on pediatricians in your work and always strive for excellence according to God Stephen Abbey you know you do your best don't try to measure yourself based on orders one of the things that we used to do IDE is that every year and a half waiting for you to move from committee print job within the company and they did that for one reason they wanted to develop your skill set they said that that creates more well-rounded leaders but every time that they see me every year and a half actually is up to you with a few delegates the opportunity to take their lead at the simple life that I remember that going to an area that had local anesthetic I really had no clue how things will work and and he was very stressful but I will tell you and that's why almost my eye just enjoying my walk with God when I use just use what I have a normal design I not only understand what I'm doing but only normally that I felt that doing that is not because I trust the Lord advise them to give me people the only here you will give me the skills to just you know resolve these issues so they know your development there is body part at the moment just think of thought is your development managers in the on I would say something about your Eveland because ID just remember something I really wanted to share with you on I used to be what a calm after I built some of you know idea what it is but is actually a quality title Saturday evening people that lead actually in each of the displayed money or bring more money to the company and usually when a bariatric goal every year you know I've been thinking twenty million dollars anyone very stressful work but one would think that we did it we deal a lovely consultation you know we buy companies that one way that companies due to grow that in way that they grow it that they actually buy other companies they buy the competition in a Glenn they buy them they actually need vehicles will be to consolidate their customer service preparation payroll everything so I remember that I was one of the toughest job that I have leading on the consolidation because I will be involved in the leucine actually any knitting shops changing people around and it was very stressful it was something that it drains me everything I need to deal with that because I knew I was impacting people 's life and family life I was just hard on one of the beings that I used to do and he was so much fun he was I will look at there any visual shy when I was going into our organization will look at organizational chart with who when my job when I look at EN it was not I who was who what and when that was leading the area many times it was not actually there one that he was an organizational chart it was somebody else and firstly you need to find what they want anything for linking department you have an experience of people that do not application but I must even when it's health what is going on without them realizing on that's how powerful the main point of your life so I would just make sure that that person was dead body and that person so I can actually do what I wanted to do because either by any chance that person because my aunt Amy what will happen you will fail every single sale so the first thing you do is you when you go to a group like that I would beam with eight the person that influence the most and I always thought of all that that should be really Howard strategy also when whipping them out abundantly than five was the first amendment the most influence in a group on work and publish on that person because whatever the person dies you just get spread to others okay I just forgot that I like to mention that when we were talking about it was felt that the development of a trap that they can look within your weight later issues on their noun one of the B button the preparation the limits we tend to do and it's by nature we do that at home too we do a lot of planning where are we going next vacation how might have been a what do I need to book buying groceries and things like that the good thing when we are talking about work you just you might get canceled with my meaning to the five ladies here at the house the payments everything is just everything goes into thinking about the future on I will tell you one thing when you work in a new star Aaron even you get into Atlanta that you can afford many of the luxuries there is your you're probably was surrounding surrounded by luxury and gadgets that Mayfield was not encouraging I'm the beginning but remember that the end of those things in life destruction when we think that they receive then in your mind you know you almost when you want into an office that did not get enough of the building with all of it around you notice is not badly of United Avenue touch in the real take on nights that are not yet been wanting to a night remember I worked until late at night but not limited to building users and they will cut every single problem thing that comes into the run on any of those idiotic and always in Windows are clean you know those windows glass windows are beautiful your carpet everything is always so neat you know these being in one day you cannot enjoy it but then you get used to you could use it then you go to work and then when I talk a bit topic that they talk about it in nice places to eat the talk about the computers apple like that delighted the iPod is that that's not that that's really true that's what they then went that the topic I worked on in order to meet the reality that's what he did then your mind gets used to that and used harsh reality you lose touch with reality I will tell you one thing that is not reality in the form that is not every idea or I will read to you one call and then I was share with you in experiencing on projects and profit page two forty six mold had been instructed in regard to the final reward to be giving to the humble and obedient servant of God I worriedly gainsaid deletes propers insignificant in comparison the magnificent palace and the monarchs thrown where health all I got in those meant to Moses but he knew that they seem full pressures and make men forget God where in Houston nor should heart he looked beyond the gorgeous beyond them on our crown to their high owner Deb will be bestowed the main and most highs in a kingdom on a taint on untainted icing he saw my face I think perishable crown that eighteen of heaven were praised in the brow of pelvic former paper that seemed to turn away from we hardly want on Pierre we have to have a mindset that all those things are not real enemy of the Lamb say that is because by nature you will start losing contact with reality on one thing that I would recommend to people he's always getting involved with something in the community for example when I had that shines have now had a health issue that I was just American when I was working I actually if you notice I'm running trolling my voice but I actually I was lost my voice and it was one of the most painful situations that I ever had I actually am a close look my life but I will tell you that after I recovered from that is almost like everything falling to perspective into what was really important I was really completely blind to the needs of the people around me and after I be clever from that I decided to start working in a mentorship program in a public school and that was one of the most beautiful experience to help me to stay in contact into what is really important in the corporate America's very hard because you will lose faith of what is really happening around you I would recommend you that anywhere that you are working only can you at least once a year if that's what the Venetian trip or at least getting involved into mentorship or any type of community service when you need to dear Buddha people but are you being around you get on up the building in that environment get off and you'll solely think touch with the needs of the month around here that will definitely help you to keep perspective into what is important to spend your money on help with things that are to actually build treasures in heaven not in their that is one of the dangerous track number four as human beings we always like that personal recognition and we are looking for approval in our inner being we have to be says of the need of approval in need for knowing that what we are doing is the right thing to do and need the approval that what I did it was good now one of the things that we found that all the satisfaction of work you got chilly day in ability of the money to eating feedback to their employees for that reason when you have money hearing your hand then you have the opportunity to be the manager one of the things that you make sure that they do is just having good feedback that their employees they used to give a lot of bonuses but they found that is not really that what caused people to work better is actually that most of the feedback that you know what you did last night it was I really appreciate that you know you he was really a good job what you did but he have to be on his feedback and things like that but I think Krishan early just so he would work for human beings make mistakes I waiting Zen people doing something can never be the upper-level any other man I meant to do a good job it cannot be because I want to the nation are always empty because we work for a master and everything that we happy to to him and should be our only still actually do a good job they trap that he's only getting to it a team to you is just the right to perform him perform in performance search for that approval that is manifested not only outwardly manifest there in your personal life do it was hard for me because it was recently actually asked you what I see when I realized how dependent I was in people 's approval how do you know what everything on you I see that I been to a place in the lengthy it's almost like autistic anyone's that fire delay gave not only for protective of him as a very young person 's life stopped actually I think you are not agents of this is meant helpful either I did I will always pay within elevated if I don't know the guy whatever retired veteran I think not scary but it may be is what I wanted phases asked here last year I realize that part of my satisfaction sometimes came from expecting from somebody else to recognize what I did and I realized that the creation we never should we should never never never never put a group of economically needy just have to expect that a person will these recognize that we do I don't think that if they call you know we have I think we have to actually view fall into that trap of only leaving based on the red expectations that somebody else is there to give you feedback you will work in different ways for you you could be anything there for you at that point off doing a better job but at the same time it was just turn you into a person that would do things based on all the people expectations and that is a big risk that you no more easy to make thy will try generally trap anything to get you what people separately upon actually got the approval of approval L and remember things can come in a very small and you know it and in the things that the implementing things that you can live expected measuring grayness according to the world triathlon high profile case that is what the world looks for what expiration we should focus on being faithful to the opportunities that he had to put on our way is to base our great debate on what service they got not titled what is likely to be looking for influence not title influence not title so what happened is when you get to that point of title and is looking for title you would get to a point where you lose actually does your mission you lose that the WH and sell in your mind when you are thinking about what can you do to them as you influence public on the title public on the respect that you gain from obtaining something now titles are not important and actually postseason site not important we need to make major grain is based on the leader things that we do I want to share with you when I was studying the stopping example that came to my mind it was actually day example of Elisha remember Elisha while its job and Elisha what would they work that he did at the beginning when Elijah he was a servant he was a servant even what he said in part Europe and keep off it and keep a splitting title X I profile opportunities are what the world this book is not a good life they believed in leader things and Elisha was repainting or later trust Dave Hyde they know practically experience he gained a business or have broader brought the broader broader higher work he learned to start training learning teaching learning also how to instruct unruly visit monies for all non- and know why maybe Glotzbach was in heat equipment but all may be certain that faithfulness is a leader of the is the evidence of fitness for greater responsibilities many times of work we get some assignments that are not fun they're not at you know what you call it impractical but in reality those a small profit loss of splitting our great if some sometimes bothers you when somebody else by nature some people like us trying to get the best and then all of a sudden you are the one that just is left with what is the only thing to do and the government maybe God is calling you to do with maybe God is calling you to deal with so great and if you can measure and what I was great a measure by their leader things that you do faithful just think about that example the leader things that you disabled there is not such a thinking glasswork there is not such a thing as levels are more important work all work is important on his side of it though now these one day the next strap the measurement time you need to move on this is one among the things that concerns me the most for Christians when you you work in a corporate environment there is a great temptation to start competing with each other to try to show widely prosperity I know that somebody okay based on what car do you drive way delete don't you think that you experience it and I tried you to getting to that point where you can expect competing with things and small things that site and you know I know many think that that that will be anonymous it's very but I will tell you one thing is Christian we need to be able to be free to move on that's how we close at lifetime in only meeting you have to be free to walk away when necessary you need to be free to walk away when it started one of the things that actually limits your ability to walk away just being in death I was share with you when I was leaving corporate America I decided to leave I was I was actually you might be two thousand and five and seven eleven fifty I was calling the direct quoting from God to the delete to actually teach to students that are going to accident and things of interest of Bremen Washington Hills College and it was interesting because I was a conversion experience that you may see two thousand and five and I am when I went back this is very interesting when I went back I went back to my office and two weeks later we went to visit Washington government was when I started reading about the work of education we fall in love with but I will tell you that I don't know you heard about executive bonuses the unit of other words recently while I was in executive bonus program on my executive bonus was due in March at the margins was January so my husband and I decided to move the watch at health qualities but we said we were not say a word not a word not a word of what is happening on the reason why we decided that is because I didn't want my bonus of being back in March such as a receipt my bonus I just leave well after that they noticed because I am very emotional you know I'm trying to be that I just let you know when I'm even working in the present incumbent to you I will put my emotions into what I am showing to you they noted that my emotions got off when honey was normal I was just looking at something else you know they pilot interview with the competition they really thought I was in the related completion cycle man they offer me a job because they want they thought I was I needed sometimes so they were going to consolidate their operations internally some FF rendering California and they wanted us to move through the noise delete that they call me I knew what I was scratching my head like no wait don't tell them anything you don't like it would not be quite dependent if I will not let you not to they predate the call me again I had no choice I needed to go with it in what there's nothing wrong with going anything let me just tell anything to what they need to offer and how to get my big smile pretending and things like that but I was not if they were you know nothing nothing nothing while I was there but I felt that it was not only it was that conviction will most likely just breaks my heart so I went for one of today's more and I said I'm not going to say anything but at the same time I was not completely meet you have to think them but how am I going to say something you know you're going from areas these letter with salary December ninety nine bottles in all I really need a bonus so what happened was when my week really talk about it we figure what I'm defending by faith you got to say something I went back I decided to say something I finally explain what I was going they were like I'm not sleeping it would be the only student you have I was just like avoiding that question because for then staying your college that had like thirty five students is like your height of your mind in knowing what is going on they don't understand so what happened was it was a most beautiful experience because when I when I told them they were shocked they try to work something out to be back at work some base with them you don't something they were just trying to find a way for me not to leave but you know sometimes when you make decisions you have to book away and Alex I felt about the right thing to do so we went black I went back from that week and it was amazing how when I told the experience the secret beginning on how to handle it I didn't know how to respond to it as they do anything to compete to offer it was not money it has nothing to do with money and what I wanted it was they could not offered Bethany so one of the leaders came from Germany and did you feel the General Counsel of the organization and should very strong woman and she said that she wanted an interview when she wanted to talk to me so cheap on me and I went a very nice upbeat than she has like sofas and infect that's okay when she set me up that area that means okay it's time to talk us crazy but I will really need to understand what you're doing so she talked me into that do you really know what you're doing and I said yapping I know what I'm doing and then she said you know what he means for you because when you leave that leveled off there and there were any station home market and possible this is impossible to send them I think you know if the car I read in the Bible is true uncertain about it my family stories in the Bible that I read their true is single that took care of those people he will take care of me I will not leaving the prestigious places where I used to me I will not drive the latest model car I know that for sure but my dad on my food for them I wish you could see her face it was almost like it was a conversion experience it was like something that I cannot I was not expecting one of the things that she mentioned his reach I was dreamed to do something like that she said if you'd only thought is a work for your find something for you but I want to say is the only reason why she could not do it because her financial commitments I went back After Dark wide-awake all the time that they sped away I was witnessing because everybody was like one hundred and then I was just happy killing everybody but not fine in that question how many students at school hot knowledge like Neville Island all of them I would just change the topic because he was a bigot will not understand it at that point a website with not a great egg unite like one the blacks of the website yet I'm not there yet immediately on belly the first thing I did when I was going to write that were collected that have worked in the website are run by one of the things that and I just want to tell you is that it was a time in most of the people that I talk to they had always been a somewhat like God was calling themselves something higher but the only reason why they could not make a decision it was because of there there were big financial commitment the financial community in orchestration I appreciate I really encourage you need within your meet leave within your means I do not fall into that trap it is a dangerous because you have the nastiest of a financial commitment just have to find another job and you're free and that's not easy so just and word up powerful watch out for that my computer continue working now funny because I work how many of you know what exploit the support of the others that feel committee received that either Rudolph of the audiotape is the issue of money ancient which can happen in any relationship where one or more of the parties involved using direct means to achieve their goal in the workplace interview up happening then please bless you parable at the expense of their quality web resources badly needed for only the people apply for one promotion they might expect this election to be made all Mary where one often people believe that these will be put them in how to do that by this they may use other means of portion or even when the board themselves into a advantageous petition but he probably did something that we cannot escape from investing for world consecration you have to be able to visit the DVD to identify when plaintiffs are going on and walk away from it never getting bulk and Boise speak the party because he probably didn't actually in fact to influence when that issue is under your influence is old management the people that were against you in that moment it is so beautiful when you mean when you meet people that can stay neutral in situations like that you actually gained respect for them and the reason is because it requires mutual and character strength to stay away from parties okay what child because things can come up in a way that you believe the expected no party takes in the office something that is very dangerous on the one thing that we need to be aware and I want to read the quotes but I think we can find voters things of God page one sixty two remember that man the most recent there is not even pot until the intelligence by keeping deputy scenery even harmonious action they give you to collect this type is necessary to enjoy good health health is not work what all their work without these entities that participate important it is not work what owner were without that breaks people found endangering the life forces those longer works to reach the place where they work in a hole this way they worked on who the Lord is done in a cheerfulness and whipping with garnish God wants us to bring spirit and life and hopefulness into our work so that either the questions of you know what little there worked there for you now I would actually do with the topic and what she got healed we always meet every of you that the mistake does not even bigger profits in some topics that when the students leave we can get together today's study and just laughably coming from questions that we have an organization at the top few weeks ago two weeks ago when we met that was that the one of the topic is just workable and a niece used a simple because sometimes you feel like everybody's working so hard and it was very interesting because we were expecting to find a specific article that says he known the nod over work first thing is working the level of work is an individual decision that you will make we all are different some of them can handle more some other list we should not be judging anybody else for one of the things that made thinking that we found that tropical bedding bath bid appropriately we find is just big on balance and not being violent and not having enough rest of the frame type of activity for example these you have mental work you should stop and do something probably become some others will exercise but you may be working in the garden you may be doing something completely different that is not overloaded in your mind so you have to be keep in mind that it is your response to get the Christian that you need to keep actually about hunting there was a bit of work that you do you know you could be using the only time to help somebody else to clean something in your house it was funny because in that meeting I was just explaining to them that I just feel bad people think that I'm a workaholic but the reality is when I leave my work in the other school I got home and I do work but is just work of cleaning off doing things in the garden and things like that and I'm just feel bad for others that may think it's like I just enjoy this I don't know why but I was any problem with it but the reality that I learned that there's actually you could work but is it different that the work so just think about that think about doing something probably different you have to take care of your health I want to get to know him and surely it couldn't be that woman the issue lies in the lineages emotional roller coaster there is no think I'm the one with you I believe I do influence but the emotional roller coaster I will not we tend to be changing our emotions we are describing today and all of a sudden half an hour later we just wanted you know because these things happen and each is as well I went like that but in reality we need to control a leader that our emotions will be in the middle of Spain the middle you know hide if you need to cry sometimes you know but my point is just be careful on your emotional roller coasters it cannot be not everybody understands that any lonely being and I don't have any common for these twenties relationship you will be spending most of your time with people from other gender I want to warn you of something be careful just be careful we need to be able to we influence we need to be able to reach out to others hearts they can easily try to get into a relationship probably that is not the right relationship you need to put God 's counsel and cost expectations up up any type of emotional relationship okay it is very sought to be dedicated good intention Christian professional that he doesn't take that long they're going on the people that are not sharing the same fate I will tell you I am convicted I know that's what got told off that's what we should do I have seen the consequences when people just follow engines follow their emotion and they forget the principles I thought you thought us did not get involved to not get involved in a relationship that will emit the inside advantage potential that you have also actually sharing Christ your workplace but that you will be there just trust me you will be there the temptation will be to bottom-line what measures need in these days of bail is that army of workers who like all the independent South for usefulness will have a deep experience in the things of God and Warfield with the earnestness of real defies self-sacrificing men are needed men are needed then who will not shot Sean triumphant responsibilities men who are brave and true name in whose heart right this form they hope of glory and would lead spots within holy fire will breach the word for one of social workers the coffin got his languages I will tell you one thing God really need each and every one of us but God need those passionate workers that are willing to share his love knowledge anywhere when he leaves tend to be okay so I waited my greatest morning that what we share is something that you can not only apply to your life that you can share with others the articles with the word of prayer and will have a meeting this afternoon continue with a copy are happy father we want to thank you for the opportunity that you have given all students see the ways that our influence and being pregnant we want to ask that every one of the people that were here can be actually use in a mighty way that the holy angels can protect them as they share your love with others and father we wanted that everything that we review here since they actually undermines any of their hearts and that they can remember father that these are warnings of things that Satan uses to actually impact our influence the dollars we want to ask for your Holy Spirit on your protection as we continue to this weekend at CYC and that our hearts can be in harmony with you and our hearts also can be open to reason to you all the time just as they remain in this message was thank you I see this important issue the same thing as she lay cc inspired many young people I have a base price and very download or purchase other resources like this you then left making lazy and donate this is a season left on their own GUI seemed less than one also reaches in mail box seven eight six Ann Arbor Michigan eight one oh six this recording is licensed under a creative Commons this means you can't share please ensure listening in ways every as in my resale and alteration in his


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