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Recovery Plan: Balance and Rest

Amy Sheppard



  • December 30, 2010
    3:15 PM
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him for this message was present and she Y C two thousand ten no turning back in Baltimore Maryland for other resources like this visit us online and GUI see whether or in every riding in a separate I also currently in University of Virginia law well there is no I like what some of you maybe I have a lot of experience and will have a lot of questions on themselves I've been doing research to compare myself for what it will be what it will need to be a woman working in the professional world and I think question passing older women a lot of questions and hopefully a magnet with the questions you've been asking with cancer some of the questions on his curiosity before we begin how many of you I just wanted to defend him no little Bobby now enrolling about you is already in the working world are already unprofessional okay maybe half should utilize maybe in college and right now because you think a couple and you are grabbed one that didn't Democrats do I do not believe the mix of people people laughing in question strength to get the same thing on Burgundy talking for the hour about balancing and highly bring balance to our lives but it's very hectic the something is applicable to last winter when the working world are not where they were students who were professional the principles are pretty much the same across the board immediately it was in our life wherever we are ignorant of the young that will help with the program but before leaving in the top and have a way of prayer that will get started differently father I wanted to do so much again for bringing us together his wife he adds is an opportune I have said here words examine principles in the spirit of prophecy to understand that you would have us to do like me now the highlighter not only that they were plot with the price we can ask then all think we may renew glory father especially in the way that we use our time we believe calls many of us to a special calling to things that may not look like a normal calling for a young woman and we just let every new glory nothing to understand how to balance it with other duties that you can we just ask that you make that clear after that your presentation today and that will be able to make applications to our life after things in Jesus name for his sake tell the first million and he was looking at the vision it is enough in Scripture as well as twelve eleven and said lawful under this provision serving the Lord described in a way that we should be living our lives in three different aspects to it we should law law law our business there is a part of our life that needs to be dedicated to work as a part of our life that even dedicated a happy new thinking care of the things that are on this earth is another part of my life have to do with our service to God and his another part of her life has to do with our spiritual life it is different because I liked all the man some time the question is how do we balance the little get into that but when even the importance of balance I think there's some people in the world I thought the London this summer I worked at a law firm for the summer for about ten weeks and it was a very interesting experience for me before it was an academic researcher at Intel services employment of the person I really like the real professional environment and done there were some other summer associate like me who do we get in really really really really early in the morning and if they really really really late at night and we were just entering that point April the machine be putting in the AVI development of the carbon copy needs to put that much advertising in a wink when I went there when I went by all they were doing a summer was working to go home they think they come back to work they weren't doing anything that life was kind of out of balance in my perspective I think that their lives were finding and eliminating public the way that they were spending their time but we know that there's not just one way that we shouldn't enhance and diversify the way that were living our life and shouldn't be focusing disciplinary now the question is what the importance of balance this is trying to avoid one key thing what do you think that one thing is burnout like another short worker burnout stress the importance of balance in its trying to avoid stress in our life and staff as something that can be very stressful I even want to hear the word like didn't even look that nice not like crazy I like only going to make a deal with death as the Winsted new Latino candidate like that or trying to invent by about my nonpregnant important than history the taxiway about that for the first of its more ongoing of the feedback on sanity and help keep our health help to keep our relationship with God solid balance of the pigment private even after that we don't get out of plaque and you lose control a sentient being it is a witness to others in a minute talking about satellite Internet and seminar before this one but the way that we live our lives in the way that other people understand God and I want to share with you a few quotes about that first it who were eighty international it's called dear Lord and father and verse numbers three or four is this interest dropped by the use of quiet and to all our striving these take from our school the strain and stress and let our ordered life that the beauty of a piece written by John Greenleaf which year I remember learning that hand I think my junior year of college and I would think a lot write a parser but one day that Chris is really jumped out to me about that in all our striving copy of the contract to get stressed out the Congress was balancing her life but it's got to give it the ability to remove the state 's Justin that to bring order to our life when he bring order to highlight it and admit he is in a bit of what he is able to do to other people think about that how do we create our life also it satisfactorily that he created about the world living in the beginning of the Spear hovered over the former the forms of water and then got order to that disorder in the family liability for the disorders only think that we have to do is able to bring order into our life and how I get the creation of our everything seems during a two-day conference evokes one is daughter of God the compilation of Ellen White writing on one win in New Zealand in the workplace this input is called let media wanted by Elizabeth Alex is not an advantage especially the very godly woman and both of them have interesting things to say about how to balance your life the first one is Elizabeth Elliott and she said the way we live to manifest the truth of what we believe in that life speaks of a nasty incoherent face seal the way you keep your house away organizer time the care you take in your personal appearance the thing you spend your money on people loudly about what you believe the beauty of nineteen shines forth in an ordered life I just ordered life speak loudly of disorder and therefore the one reason antibiotic that going for the workplace go into our professional full program and we have to stress out disordered life it does not bring glory of God it makes you think white what many different about I believe I know what I believe in your life is different about his life as my butt when God brings that he's in the order to our life it's about understanding that there is something special about this person is not because of who they are but because of who they believe the very way that we live our life talk about what we believe in him then the last close in on our way talking and unless the Christian education about Jesus you talk about when he was working as a carpenter shop that before he entered his public ministry when he was just working at standing down both the Oregon making everything that is out of line this is what she said he was a perfect workman as he was perfect in his character the way to his work life what it would reflect the character itself and so we can see if there's disorder in our life it may mean something to the orderly about deeper down inside it something that if you are being distorted and that once we address that religion issue the symptoms can practical way of the disorder other areas of my life I wanted to share with you she looked very good but I had personally about ordering one was a positive in what was a negative the first was my first year of law while on while the ball is very very demanding you have hundreds of pages to read a week the professor the package of economic racial ethnic class and then the colony and expected to be able to talk about it for forty minutes without stopping on the third asking questions that's a lot of preparation and studying and reading and it really could take all day every day seven days a week for all started hearing that I wanted to work for sunset Friday after sunset Saturday they thought that I was crazy and I hope with all of them were like staying up on ninety five pot of coffee and knowledge of everything that I would just try to stay home I still think now that I was studying more than I like the rest of the year but trying to keep calm and balance this is a question like why do you think they'll work on Saturday again what is it about your life that fascinating is different and a friend of mine has been seen to ask questions over the last three years of lot line she gave me a ride home recently from wealth and she told me on that signal that we hadn't been a good of contact over the summer basically everything to call it with me I love your economy on Friday afternoon so I'll likely write afternoon as I was repairing for Saturday and organized as part of what we do we like to get our home in LA and previously for people to come over and what do you think we forgot that we can enjoy the other day and just wrap is looking a lot I really hope that my dignity and attachments is Wednesday I was raised that way I was kind of written agreement ultimate I believe I should do that too I want to make it that way and maybe one day I can get them and they haven't myself just from the testimony of the fact that I would take Saturday off and she is one point tried to keep that up yourself I don't conceivably think I might seem like it AG can take a day off and out like this because they claim that something like this on the New Age theology at Trinity our philosophy is that you try to achieve balance and peace in life and the like while in uniform she has that but if not because it then because it differently than any other human evil and eventually order our lives and done results she tried to think thinking about it not because you believe in Jesus the discussion about taking a day off would be a good idea and she started getting busy as you know okay I work for half the day okay well I'll only take three hours off and working seven days a week because she doesn't understand that but the way that we really think that was part of a relationship with the presence of Christ the positive experiences of friends who fit in Oakland becoming more open to defend them in my face just because at least encouraging but my life is a very ordered I I'll be honest with you I have not after the failed him in my life completely I will have to happen to me in the spring of this year I didn't realize what was going on at first but I'm getting very busy with school have lots of classwork you a few and they leave a lot to do and as a result and he seemed by myself I think a lot of people do and felt what started happening I would get hungry I feel like I had time to pick up the ball and find a friend neglected there are ways to come over only different or whatever you know what I will eat a full meal I'll just like eat a granola bar or around a few great I'll do whatever it is always a eating a little bit at a time and I think the hunger go away but not really know myself and you don't think it is revealing that didn't think anything was really wrong with that anyone can donate blood I like to donate blood periodically and I've been a vegetarian for a long time and never had any issues with having and what they did and and that even the little time together enough hemoglobin I'm not a doctor I don't know what we can see the incident of iron in your blood to all you're just under a single moving you should eat something you probably didn't get today no but you shouldn't worry about it but I didn't know then was that was the indication something that was developing and over the course of the former and started feeling really tired myself I improved my habits a little bit about eating but not a lot has exhausted all the time I was invited to get into the issue seminar over the father and the last in the conference there a lot of my friends were visiting anyone's ability might hang out afterwards and even after I can't stay I see the Goldblum like I was just I could I could barely look like I had to pull myself out of bed in the morning to go to work the drag without they work all day and I got back home and was exhausted and consistently getting older you know not my young twenties anymore maybe this is him what happened well my mom is a white woman it is a flywheel younger women need to listen to older women in our life using told me either but after you have a physical checkup in a few years just going to get a regular cat and the indirect dealer routine blood work I went back to law cloak that way the last minute and a microphone went back to school they called into the game to get my test into the looking to become anemic cancer and I identified on attachment had developed anemia from the fact that I hadn't been eating quite possibly as an example of the fact that because my diet wasn't valid and effective the whole way in my life was I know I couldn't think feeling rested if I was able to do as much work of these to be able to do enter everything a lot of flak because I didn't take the time to balance my life and make sure with eating the right kind of food that you sent everything out of whack as an illustration of what time I talked about in a harmonious development effort between the body before my and if one of the things that out of whack the whole system can go crazy by the grace of God even teaching me to be more balanced system and I don't have the problems using more and lots of little bit about the solution later felt question is how do we keep a balanced life today that is really the point of the hope that it are that he really have to learn about the relief you could please don't say you manipulate it didn't get anything from the seminar understand that this is how we achieve balance in our life it seems on balance life is doing what you are to do not what you want to do the key the continent in salad plate is doing what you want to do not what you ought to do I'm a little hard good the dirty dirty dirty dirty but will look and see what I ought that we ought to do and I think he'll do that a lot more refreshing but many times the reason that we get in balance in our life where we get stressed or focusing on others with an okay I felt I think a lot of times the weight when you're trying to mount their life it almost a selfish motivation is like oh I don't have enough time for myself what am I doing wrong but the reason we may have gotten in point is that deliberately because were already in itself but concentrating on my duties are to other people my responsibilities are on them only focusing on one area of our life on and why actually had to say about this one page one sixty three there be no bearing of our talents and earth to corrode through inaction of the indulgence of self or futile exercise our God-given abilities it'll ensure our eternal pepper will ensure our eternal separation from God the law of an eternity of bliss these get service don't upon us in accordance with our ability to use them in the white improvement of each will prove a blessing to and will bring glory to God every grant gratefully refutes the link in the chain which find us to have an political activist president that a person is intelligent and self and a refusal to exercise their God-given abilities don't share our eternal separation from God the loss of eternity and the law of an eternity of bliss this identifies to a consultant without a refusal to exercise again and Belinda to think often leave the imbalance will focus you much I felt and we armed we don't activate the abilities that we have actually begun everything that we need to get back up multiple later but when I came into that black seminar not everything that nowadays people of them going in talking with other people using time to sit do their work even better the going Facebook work or whatever you are giving the little bit of time to make things better they're not using the God-given abilities naturally where a lot of the invalid comments on that we're not and when and where we had a little more time than we often think that we deal with the window where using it is not effective so the question is what we can do if we should do what we got not one who wants what I caught that we should do adequately outline on the upward angled back and talk about anyway on the first thing we thought to have communion with God number one B I should only have the opportunity having you the second work got actually does want to do something important to work is actually a very broad term that doesn't mean you have to go to the job to job yet the votes of the hostler for the accuracy of the board of officers reported being an administrator whatever but there is work that he had every one of us to give to exercise rest self-improvement and local church doing an opulent looking examiner little bit what is that even acting out of each of us in the area the personal communion with God on daughters of God pages one sixty three to one sixty four says when we get down unreservedly to avoid the simple commonplace duties of home life will be seen in their true importance and we shall perform them in accordance with the will of God is the communion with God separate dedicating ourselves to giving our life and we completely concentrate ourselves to God he will make clear to what you want to figure out starting to get to organize about tomorrow which is God calling you to be a working woman is he calling in superior on and I promise you are good at focusing on that tomorrow I was look again when we get myself on a vivid seats and the like the simple conference duties of home life will be seen an actual employee will perform that in accordance with the will of God when we properly concentrate on who God is to help us recognize what IRNA said he recognized you in this first initiative this application to the third begins again at what is more important in our life and what about brain help us understand what we begin the notes you on and the consequent fact that the worker has concentrated himself fully to God is diligent in prayer for strength and heavenly wisdom and grace of Christ will be his teacher and he will overcome his death back and become more and more intelligent in the things upon as he continued to pray and seek God for wisdom he will get my fat within and I'm understanding to know the things of God know what the order that he's trying to bring our life this is the first that it doesn't happen on the begin with the first appeal I cannot find will become busy I think it becomes very easy to think what you cut out for my life that's a little bit but I do take some time a lot of my people to go back on their devotional life and people from having whatever the longer period of time that they had been in time in prayer and study of the word of God is initiated down a little bit I think I'll make it up at the end of the day but the end of the day never comes she's evil and all my area we didn't adequately and even gets off on a vicious cycle that doesn't end in a good place on but that's not the person that was back at the last thing that was it something that we should never cut because of the hunt of understand how to organize everything often our life the next thing that we ought to do is work on with these of his new computer on as you said this the kind of supporting men and women in idleness but highly gifted church money encourages learning wrong habit but that's encouraged people to do nothing this question becomes she conscientiously avoided every man woman and child should be educated to practical useful work also and learns Comtrade I was making admitted from other business also be trained to use their powers to some purpose and got ready to increase the capabilities of all who authenticate themselves investors happen we are to be not possible in business for a great spirit serving the Lord God will bless all who will guard their influence in the first learning how to work is a good thing and by work developing practical skills that will help us in this life on that was not in the package to fourteen countries to thinking she says the money list and hot take care of herself is also fitted to take care of others she will never be a drag or a burden in the family or society reflection around it will be a place for her somewhere a place where she can create honest living to those who are dependent upon her women should be traced to some business whereby she can gain a livelihood if necessary having over other honorable employment every girl should learn to take charge of the domestic affairs of home to be a cook housekeeper a seamstress she should understand almost things which it is necessary that the mistress of the house should know whether her family is rich or poor that is reversed and cons she is prepared for any emergency she is for any emergency she is in a manner independent of circumstances felt she doesn't think that might be a little abrasive to me like she should learn to be a housekeeper Cocoa seems to have been admitted at legal not only affected the home but I think that nothing can take away is the principle of the matter that we need to be developing skills we need to know how to work in such a way that we can be independent of our circumstances that no matter if we look I'm a lawyer or I'm almost a year and I live in right now actually the law field is not doing very well that not very many John is the recession has hit hard if I find a job as a lawyer do I have the skills necessary for you to be independent of that circumvention of the law is a very cerebral well I think they need in your life and you have a Bill Clinton is a you is nothing to evaluate as regular education market dries up and there's not a job for me do I hope the best deal I'll be able to provide for myself and I'm on my own and provide for my family and I have a family on our contribute to the provision of the family it if I'm not able to get a job in this area the work is not just going to work every single day but it's knowing how to do the daily tasks of life half of life exercise remember that man must preserve his God-given talent of intelligence but keeping the physical machinery and hardly harmonious action daily physical exercise is necessary to the enjoyment of health it is not work the older work out that break people down endangering the life forces those who overwork soon reached the place where they work in a hopeless way out of the back page one sixty two and is like I said was very cerebral and when I read this quote it it needs to the heart to think that bring workers should give due attention to every part of the human machinery equalizing the taxation physical and mental effort widely combined will keep the whole man in a condition that makes it acceptable to God the first fashion our field like mine where what you do is you got to work to sit at a desk and you read all day and hour later he got back home enabling but asleep like that not a properly basket life we need to be incorporating some sort of physical activity and doing some reading on that and actually in movement and a lot of workplaces to incorporate exercise or not exercise that going to the gym and running on the elliptical machine but on getting these people standing that when you're not sitting down all day actually standing up in the health improves people 's ability to think in their creativity while or burn calories in the burn more calories setting up needed sitting down also they say things like don't ride the elevator to your colleagues office if you are talking them take the stand that little thing that you can do to increase your physical activity but he only seemed real if I think that and the fact that you are going for a writer whatever the leader you depend on we caught up in time to exercise on making sure that we live and work within her brain now you may have very thinkable to turn others like everything I can do anything being a lifeguard or for people who made two cents January or other doctor in nursing and very fit to be very physically I think building on the time but if you don't get the user might have certain way because you equalize patentable woman reading friends in time studying thinking doing crossword puzzles and problems as the something you isolate the balance between the two it recently exercising your body but also exercising your mind on anything and everything our society if usually exercising the body that we forget to do more rest is necessary and specially for women she says that there is a danger that women connected with the work will be required to labor to hard without proper such taxation should not be brought upon the workers someone might injure themselves or others who are conscientious will certainly overwork her breasts are necessary for all I specially for women and I think that another because I have friends who believe the three or four hours I lost hope in making the printer if taking a day off quickly buildings are under that name takes out a thought and I'm getting the rest of the needs of their bodies never retard in their mind work on pocket than the last one local church no that's not enough until the bank on the particulars of it beforehand that she said but let will license from this to be a felon wanted an opportunity to the training that of Isaiah in order to become proficient the more I think with those who had opportunities to obtain knowledge neglect to improve the privileges placed within their reach so we need to take time to learn how to use our time we need to learn how to become more and more efficient we need to learn how to improve the privileges that we had in the way it seemed that the practicing with little thing it can become daunting to try to figure out how I need to become a better handwriting to become better at like balancing between like my brain life on my body life in America like all the thing when really one but I think the overwhelming but the way we learn that the practicing with little pain little thing she said that the conscientiousness conscientious attention to what the world turn little things that make life a success little did the charity little act of denial is simple worth of help with watching a duplicate this is Christianity a grateful acknowledgment of daily blasting a wise improvement of daily opportunities to diligent cultivation of interest the talent this is what the master called for new development in little ways with respect to improve how to improve ourselves how we are people it can be character development agency to develop our time it can be learning new skills for work or knew of guilt for any given area to talk about learning how to improve ourselves to be better people to be better Christian now the last one local church she sent an education page two sixty eight another obligation to Auckland Auckland lightly regarded one that's in the youth awakens the claims of Christ needs to be made plain is the obligation of church relationship loyalty to Christ demands the faithful performance of church duties this is an important part of what Cheney administration viewed with monastic life it only directly affect for the world without education creates to go I think some people think I know I definitely different to think the Seahawks have to be at work right from the vehicle for all I know people who think you miss a full-time band I went to configure the possibility that your distant money going to tricks and techniques you is one that Eric did not have to do anything but that's not to work for each and every single one of us to do at the local church will I felt that I only decide that were not an attorney and an obligation that comes along with the obligation to serve the body and weight are able to do that if you faithful service in our local church saw operator little plug-in extreme onto the total church sessions are happening I did learn how you can become involved in your local church on many different ways but very important for us to get out and found the Kurds when one of these nicknames enlightened given insufficient attention on it given too much attention self-discipline is the path of learning what we ought to do over what we want to do it how do you know how to prioritize the things in the proper order I do activity with you that will be on paper or your program booklet there's then there's a notes section and the fact that you can fill out and I was sequencing them up good to let me take about five minutes right now I want you to do something interesting five minutes in your banner right down your daily activities for your average week felt don't think about last week or the week before but it didn't make a composite week earlier like they might think I actually did a guilty mind down in a couple minutes here but think about what you like with like me for the last three months of equipment like the average week what were your major activities at I think everyone is afraid that on about five minutes of paper everything that you need anything any area of life but what you do from day-to-day and when you wake up to when you go to sleep so I could show you my I started doing about it how many I do you have and evaluate it what proportion the length of the path again they were communing with God at work if I read self-improvement local church though they remember that I gave you where your unlimited they look completely different really the same whatever the atypical week it never happened and I finance you know I had to budget in the morning I usually work on average you might be I cook in the cooking every day but an appropriate approach I'll cook like big like a lot of food and breathing and went after a other days of the week to study I actually do eat every day even though it ever think of everything you study and running air and Monday that have devotions I go for a run study design which I did stuff around here and Tuesday devices on the collegiate ministry of Doctor venture so I go to the collegiate Bible study on study for school the class cook taken on Wednesday that devotions run study class at the Wikipedia didn't get me on Thursday's demotion study class work on the wiki and Friday emotions run errands cleaning cooking great about twenty dollars Google busy fighting between right and that I'm the political future of pictures of pilot school Fellowship recreation go for walk in the park and the men rest in the evening like I recommend version of what my typical week of hiking activities were pretty much there every Sunday Monday Tuesday whatever as compared with the wind what were some of everything on how late I met Eric that regulators what writing demotions you have no idea and I do have some devotional time with God on looking from a list of a few of the devotion and air pressure to work a lot of work there right studying and studying the paying class spending remained I gradually have an update on the work and work pretty much every single day of May we could remember and then what's next there five exercises demanded they managed to begin on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and any other improvement over other however there wasn't that many times a day the next rest I'll look into that and take a nap I said that the rapid Vatican the day of rest and I guess I should probably put in everything I lead by China sleep seven hours a night in front of more like that but you can't write like it's actually a better life by I value it a lot self-improvement belt evidently a little bit about that and I was struggling with anemia though I couldn't started cooking more than I used to coat the back of a good three to four days a week now is more than what it used to be and God and I was learning how to cook more nutritious foods foods that would give me all of anything that I needed help in all its work that I needed to do it was also an active type of improvement and shopping talk about of improvement where we were talking about on the fact that we can live in the circumstances sometimes you telling me I have to be somewhere I think interpreting economy so on we learn Internet circumstances from right now I think all were not married and we don't know what I situated on the again on the look of a single problem I get married I have the skills that are necessary for being alive I think my children very different anything over that life I need to develop both the field and myself right now but then I don't know what the opportunity to hear me right now you know that the field if you don't know what circumstances and life as well we need to be able to live which ever way self I needed to work on learning how to cook more than he apparently hired and build my own fire in the fireplace felt to take care of myself in that way but I wanted to tear the family very well learning to cook is one of the things help on self-improvement will will go into this into a second in the last local church yeah I I help run the collegiate Bible study into phases the collegiate level plenty of fighting these at my house then I have put together a case I traded the time with the local textile like marathon along the at least one each of the Auckland the list but in what proportion and I think that's right I have a lot of work right a lot a lot a lot of work on and put this on your own now okay there's a lot of work and there's a lot of right but there's not as much of on self-improvement yet that they put some improvement I think I will probably go if you like to connect even when I and ended by the axis I three days a week that money was then receiving treatment every day down in the area click okay even on the uprising in my life to be proportioned they may not be balanced in proportion to where they should be but I went through the exercise I add my favorite self-improvement there even if they aren't both improvement is because when I was first starting off by temperament of the reader every night for about an hour ignorant emotional blubber biography or something that was not colossal textbook and I wanted to improve my mind didn't even hunt and not just learning the law and have a quick thinking your level of building the amended ear I had a deep impact on that I know there's more I can do for self-improvement I know cooking more food than is easy to start contacting other stuff felt I can chat for raster from work independently like that a lot and I do a lot of work by Tuesday afternoon experience right like I told you about seven hours a night you really need much more sleep not a big development not remotely mapping because I can do other things that I like more widely I think a little bit of rust out on I think the rest of the rest should say but then work and work down but considering how to work down what I need to get all of this worked on this much work to do it's not like I can't do it for you lately didn't even reduce the workload because of other regulations that have that much work but unproductive and possibility the other thing is what my notes in the earlier we need to become more efficient with our time I think I have a five minute break learning on Facebook letting it continue chat you may find that I think finding relaxing we use the little bit of time throughout the day to get our work done out but in the Elizabeth Elliot book she talks she would write ethical questions writing to her daughter issue with her that when her daughter was little she was working her daughter went than hundreds attention for something to keep working on one side and try to get her daughter on the other side she said I had to turn my complete attention from my work and turn it to my daughter that sometimes what we stumbled what the reason why I worked a long the multitasking something that you can multitask into efficiently but other things that we multitask you end up really compromising the quality of work that you're doing you just need to make down and get it back I think I went like a strong believer in multifaceted conflict with the law is realized as a tactic that anything is reading otherwise have to go back and read it again and they're just too long to reply though you have to learn how to complete the concentrate felt on other areas of life like communicating you can put something in the microwave and preventing on the stove and put them in a minute into the body much of it some people maybe shouldn't get me pregnant with you but their mother and her worker can do more harm rather than actually helping us become more efficient like I'm about how do we make ourselves more efficiently to get back to work that we had gotten in the last times of that then we can go for another work at on felt the question how to accomplish balance the first one is this would like to encompass balance spending time with God again with everyone I have to study his word as we pray and work we'll talk about that a lot more tomorrow he makes clear to us what our purpose and our calling in life is to make clear to a where we should be spending our time what we should be pretty good about it got the master organizer I went along tonight you look at Genesis chapter one you realize that God created the whole entire thing they are good that they've gotten pretty good management of your life are you not know little blend the color white into existing he determined on the first day White House and the second date the third day before the age of their own things to happen in a certain order life would not be able to exhibit me know it if I would have treated me in the exact order that he created the new wing to do what he felt that the time on getting ahead of a definite time I went through the work and compress everything I had to do and I and every day what do you think it was what I thought everything that he did was good if we can to spend time with God and that is where you can even when the note I can most effectively and he doesn't do the same thing and he is willing to the next thing is I have been times he worked at a public hearing on about that as well Andy coming in from the book on if I held away the great exertion to accomplish just so much work in a given time and continue to labor when their judgments help them they should rest are never gainers they are living on borrowed capital they are spending the Bible more which they will need at a future time and interesting you were living in a day and age where economy is not a great situation people were living on borrowed capital financially the situation were in the economy ruin people can find out our e-mail not valid for the thinking can happen with our own lives if we put where when they shouldn't be something that we need not concern ourselves so much we need to give ourselves a certain time not work beyond the doorway his work important absolutely but we need to put boundaries in our life and felt appreciated about my mom she worked hard really really really really really hard to wake up very early in the morning to confirm late at night and she doesn't get that much sleep but she doesn't try she tried her hardest not to bring work home with her she's been in school for late hour but Wednesday that work that's where work happened when she got home that the home of people they need to work at home or ignoring inconvenient for their lifestyle they do have children or whatever to be able to have worked with and I think don't work at home but for my mom is helping to actually put visible panty in her life where it worked and I work on in the home and never the twain shall meet on the I really cannot let that it will be very thick and come home earlier in the day specific format on LA we just need to define the specific kinds know what happened to our I'm just not going to work anyway I like to do a mumble of one of the reasons why I like the chief somewhat of a balance when people are starting to recognize the question I was a you know what kind of the network after nine o'clock at night he currently lives in indicating that late-night reading after is not help me I'm not going to think you're not enabled and glorify God by actually being able to do well in the big dance again while writing this paper and if anything and I on you not benefiting from the activity but you cannot work past a certain time and but when knowing I only had to step in and out of time I know I have been working on site Google and the length of the deal is a wind leaking about it that's visible in the Sabbath commandment think about what the government learned that remembering the seventh day to keep it holy six what labor and do all my work so we need to get all my work done and what they are going thank you for normal people take seventy we have to did not think that boundaries for us and how we should entertain that the Senate they can be found in the Lord our God is the principle that he taught it in a natural way by the way to organize our week and he can to get the same thing in a microwave highlight that is a definite time that we should do things and then e-mail the following time for each of those things avoid selfishness in the field I was actually very surprised that it is research that you a lot that imbalance in the light under the result of selfishness I stipulated that the and the way that we think of it like only leaving him a pretty good especially for me I think that when we get busy with work they forget about our type of network purpose by focusing on ourselves over forgetting about the people who are around us and done I think that every connectors of the Christ the only pleasure sounds walk with Christ walked whether we eat or drink or whatsoever we do on the done with self out of sight and God 's glory you every active I had that influence upon on a therefore every thought every motive is to be under the control of the spirit of God on all must be done with self out of sight and God 's glory in view because everything that were doing it for the glory of God I think that the biggest thing we forget God in the mix of everything and nothing you can also become out of balance we forget our bodies were bought with a price and that as a result we need to take care of them in the proper way believing that we can distract your mind and do whatever out at work forgetting that leads to care vertical themes as well or sometimes you have disclosure but I know that's the next thing yes this we see the vigilant watching for the coming of the fundamentally the diligent working as well as waiting is required it must be a union of the two that will balance interesting character making it well-developed and tactical we should not feel that we are to neglect everything and give myself attend meditation study or prayer leader only to be full of awful and hurrying whack neglect of personal high eighty waiting and watching and working hard to be blinded we connected being out on biblical Seventh-day Adventist I have to go be a fantastic not like that at the convent and if you pray in thinking and writing for the rest of my life that honor God with me me feeling like I was not what you command of the figure we can continue to happen in our life wavelength antenna different way than just sitting around doing nothing at the same time as we get LMAO him and how it handles are possible by avoiding on my remembering our life is dedicated to guide and ordering and wait and hope for the blatant obviousness problems that are fairly self this is in relation to other people I really like because I'm doing what I think I need to do or my living despite the late doing what you think the last link is learning to say no I keep meaning this is a common problem with women in the hallway I have this problem I don't know how to say no actually happened into a few from hopefully they will go back and listen to this recording but you can e-mail me can you present okay I think it's December everybody needs you to do for any of the Christmas week of the day before Christmas and my family 's inability from Michigan and Virginia and the Chinese are you you recommended an article talking no I should say no when I don't do it outflow is not true there are so many of the world who can do the work for you you know think think of the okay that's it I doubt that one of these areas of NES in it and then add they know there's another person in the world that on no one and I think I'm being unified it might just know what your limits are and again this is not anything I'm perfect that this is something I think we continue to learn as a book about life as he learns management and better we learn how to say no on the person they know about things that you really believe in it it'll take late mother and example given I've been very active with on-campus ministries for it I found the last seven years I would think that he semifinals and incidentally do anything when I went to law school is starting e-mailing me again after taking UNI looking for this letter Bible study for that anything that is something I believe in time from the past I evaluated them like okay I live in Virginia now this ministry in Michigan by how will help people the world that I spent time the Final Cut is now I have the time to prepare for the collegiate Bible study and I will again at my local church I know my local church is the value that I have information that you don't think there's anything wrong with final studies in writing that he I know they know in this instance but it's okay to get a imprisoned opportunity to learn how to do that and also be able to focus on this possibility I is that they don't help anyone to pray about it is just wasn't something I could do right now with what I on the even more ways that we can begin to accomplish I think that we happen out five minutes left I know that this is something a lot of people have questions that could have been the direct man answering it was helpful to both my questions about talent yet so I open it up if you still have questions because I know that it may not have been the way that people would expect the net on ahead and open them up arcade answer the question what has began Hillary I think that's a great question on those when I murder question is if you recognize the different balancing your life and that kind of going in on everything something has to go but you still don't know where to get the time to figure out what needs to go that he is a little bit of time to figure everything out and on personal I think that for that reason were able to make the type of time to do things that come to do a single one of trick-or-treaters something it's usually in the basement I've taken the time to pray about it think about it the message is easily impacting practically forgotten healthy start to evaluate both areas in my life on the first thing they can think of off the top of my head I guess anything is like you think you are thinking that you thought they felt like spending more time I went on and is learning to make that a priority and if you make it the first thing that you do and that they the rest of the day was working about and everything else that for the time being you have to get done will fall into place I know I can testify to that personally but just taking that extra time in the morning and let God even though I didn't think I could afford time for whatever reason other things would fit into place I think the weather that means you and your husband spent time together in the morning having worship and pray together and to think like you know before we go to work before we figure out without we just want to consecrate this to you against the compressor up-to-date what think we can affect cut out I think that would help you but the fact that you are doing to help Kathy and you yeah I think that ideally make appointments for other important thing but going to the doctor and this is going to a different kind of thought Eric and I think that God will wipe away all of her and I got back later to think that a single definite time defending certain time either any other questions right right I yeah right right yeah I think that I is one more question I political had was a crack in the father we do thank you for the Council that you give us the fact that even in your own example you show us that isn't possible for us about life like we know that something we can do on our own only to your help and I didn't pay for each and every woman in the room that you will help of my Seo take the time to examine their licensees areas that may be out of balance once that we need more attention needless attention as he did not like that help us to to order in our life and that my life become more ordered and less hectic and FriendFeed that the world will be able to change a difference in who we are of the year keep living your life as a result we can be more faithful witnesses for you I just pray for those who are struggling with how to balance everything in my life right now that you think is special it is my feedback social that are areas on a map as they go into the new year that will be able to make real changes and be able to make our commissions anything for myself as well again we think you are much for your example if Naples in this life and your loved one and just pay to help us to see certain him this message was used thank you I see this important issue the seventh day Adventist she likes easy to inspire young people I have a base price and delivery times to download or purchase other resources like this you been less making lazy and donate this is why seems that you like to see when done with you also reach us via mail Thomas seven eight six Ann Arbor Michigan eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you can share please attribute this recording whenever you in my resale and on three hundred and


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