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Bound by Devotion

Westney White



  • December 30, 2010
    3:15 PM
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him this message was present and she wife scene two thousand ten no turning back on their brother resources like this visit us online and GUI see whether or as I is the thought that's why I at the thought and then unless they let the privilege for me to be here this afternoon hiding how they did there for at least one of the previous seminars here I leave the profile of the I never got review proceeds on it so many of the letter option if you go through after my choices overvalue join us here on the title of this seminar is devoted to the motions of vibrant emotional at the last dates and how many naked in the most like the one and then is it when she is of vital importance I'm glad to be with you my name is Leslie White I'm a student at sold West NL finishing of the Arab and the evangelism and reliable work that and just simply as the alarm scheduler gynecologist as window a family with a learner I learned to run a study is the afternoon after noon and be studying worker looking into the topic of devoted devotions are my title this afternoon for this message is bound by devotion his wife found by devotions I was just a very close with me as a golden business and lose the foundation of our devotional life are going up under the defendant is charged I'm on my show I will likely last the last day but I wasn't about to start I really want my parents always encouraged the most always know in the morning Angola where God in prayer and spend time with God is spent time in the work it within your life and how to write out only give before but I want to learn about I advised that if I'd impregnated it wasn't clingy lima Lindblad was unlikely and is reasonably not what I do say anything about or how to make your life having anything deliverable and other wireless it is my personal understanding how God showed me how to make a devotional life and powerful for leave under hundreds who is of God believe that was if I want to pray for Lehman I I've been underneath you said I've indicated are the bee or getting excited over what about so but it's those advocates of crazy guys these commonalities come down five okay inauthentic Nepal and integrated his Bible he said IP to be out of my mind is forgot with him and him outright lies for you both of my God 's grace be my right mind as we go through this message of this evening I would ask if you would please pray with me as we begin this in Denver worker their father in heaven we indeed thank you father for allowing us to be here you are Siegel of their life as you are lucky will be leaving no familiar faces fellowship local art are true forgot desire is to know Jesus rock we would see Jesus our friends off television was seen Jesus right now such rage that was needed was and that only Christ Jesus will be seen I pray that of the Golden as a single word of God that we understand more deeply what devotions really we are not loyal to neglect the spirit we know you are going to answer before you even ask Lori Geisler is printed here right now not only with that's what interests it ranges and hopefully will have the old phrase the Lord see that someone at your best a favorite all yeah yeah I've read the letter to the annual fund is limited to destroy the valid guys always with bound by the most noted in his simple message on the weather much of it we'll delighted that I allocable to live the Gospel of Philip Lehman as a listening very easy but understanding of goodness I have a given notebook on encouraging your pencil out and take notes of the open message and we're going to talk about this mutually thinks what is a devotional life number one and I would feel once in the latest delay in a devotional life diversity where the North American holiday visitation of the illegal altogether legal to the methods of validity of antichrist I do object to participate with the admin are those who question what is a devotional for the immediate hesitation and started out what is an emotional win anything when it was alleged that the devotional life what the first thing that comes to Rhode Island commitment devotion to God Martin quiets our consecration to God meditation upon Gaza were a relationship with God Passover God the most Allied alehouse continual prayer a body of real life anyone else that was going out for the payment how do you solely seem to always type has a different feeling we really need a little saliva I believe we need to understand the definition allegedly live the way that the way that we perceive something moved with them procedure something determines the quality of an overstatement now that I found confusing the seventies and the deliverance the way they perceive something up at the quality are how we relate to that being that we are perceiving perception is powerful for the way they perceive the most alive is that our devotional life now I given illustrations this is a show what reception really is talking about about perception the about us and for you before you go there we go there the reception because I believe that many times on the limited times we'll understand fully what a devotional life in the holy of being emotional to the grave what a precedent for living off of the Y will be an emotional one it is one of the preceding because honestly is an example is pictured to relax I nineteen hundred before the Scriptures I hope you are in your you by your you know your fingers the turn pages accepted seventeen and was look at verse twenty two five seventeen and verse twenty two the only time the word emotion he is looking different why will wait to start when I was a act seventeen twenty two presently our lives are elderly to the claimant the Bible says it accepted seventeen verse twenty two then calls that in the midst of the Arab populace and said that happens I perceived that he ought at the all being very what religious fly out by those passing through and consider the Hondas of your life worship or what devotion I found an altar with this inscription and what is that the on known is that Bob was a sound one aphis AC all the objects of their worship edifices dispatched to a job as a warship or devotion and how when he sees it is best to think the on knowing God 's away from it or having what you are devoting themselves to the faint and they didn't even know what it was terribly many times articles luckily the same way we perceive it in the long way the weblog community became and sell them what they should be devotional to expel long in a heartbeat they knew there was something out there was an Ottawa government demised to fully see the volcano really like traveling within the coming light as well of what devotional life its process is powerful that I would think perception is powerful radio station I was in in my junior high school I really different and I was told and he was a foreign exchange student from Germany and I William Carlisle whose devoted CLS togetherness the door the house all the time ago to run the team together and everything and so one they will not get invited over for dinner annual address on whatever the north of our veggie food for individuals with elevated votes so my mom in the vitamin D has a worry on that but tonight my mom I wanted to send the time we really need to but am I committing out but I was at that time we went as an end in the table is spread in the delicious meatball there is a solid there was the other side this is all on the table and all delicious I felt totally being overly big meat eater at me constantly marketing and he's going to come to the house business is down and any other rights are definitely a little differently I was really notified in with you wholeheartedly the noun and him but I am but we can knows about thirty and they began to eat in the forward-looking industry are annuity is easily authorized in an interview Angel Salil about the festival but in time he bought a lightning talk on a link and pineapple meals with your name concurrent Angola but anyways will a little building up and finished eating and an apprentice to get a car that we were looking for no good stop those who believe all Americans have a leaving looks like going on on out of the mothers obit as so I mean being them for their gravity of Cardinal Brady throwing out an act of a Tony in the elderly this a was with military people anxious in his face my goal will be a way that will not be a literally almost limitless many of the window allowed out I was now enough in my body what was that now it enables change he saw the dog ate the meat ultimately bought and also what he perceived his professions and iPod are talking about it's all about the money how do we perceive in the Monica 's recession phase is not and on the other hand I think you thought things were sensitive perceptions powerful utilization in the missal weird all I went home a few weeks ago actually my uncle 's offer little for the weekend and I called is like a little out of my normal native actors is going whatever but will follow outcomes over at two o'clock I was really neat I don't me out but that is okay whatever I got there anything shall comply in all leave the Allawi have a QA so I and is seeking in-house and talking I called him humility among coming from an old house at this time and what is it exactly right for the house I I connected to my key input in the door and I come in I hear that my uncle is talking loudly plenty of food was on the phone to the restroom I want to interrupt the right bicycle fears asked on my laundry in a summer home and go to my thing Osama lobbied for the Lord alleluia and down and hosted by his wife and that he wasn't Aragorn the quarter in my mouth and is always a video interview I think one of those of family and know the tango I am so wet I received another normal available in the house is defined in the okay because you have the latest with very any campanile that or the destruction is coming but I did receive it was something other than what really what process is powerful amen perception is powerful will will it brings home they were the family wife and husband and they were very motherly love to collect various works of art by classical art antique worth life as elated it had collection whenever will bring peace out over in Europe and Google is a wife golf elbow is that the that the down to that displacing and algebra is this I know how it is going to get the money until they find getting the dog over to their today and done that in a telegram on audio data whenever I felt like it have to be beautiful you love that you wanted and she life is that you get to Doug the price with very high price and the end of the telegram knowing the program that's would watch over and over and over in Europe and programs that no price you are so they don't elegantly devised last July just too expensive we cannot hope of why does this affect out on that woodland unless whatever it is less going on in the play home and an excellent about five days later he was independent of them it was a fragile it all was the over-the-top difficult to give worldwide and a lesson on how to provide enough of a malevolent my lifeblood of the lowdown I know one guy look like whatever and down the line if only and exactly what happened in meeting the IL you said that together items you is that if a know using the power of perception that look all right in the dividend note about your English is about it and it was disruption so we see Windows illustratively through the power of perception is very important West understand and believe the way we perceive devotion while the second half would be the word of God coming to prayer how he even knew when this whole lives in general we must receive our devotional life in the right way is also illustrated screwdriver West Virginia with it as well what read about the book of Luke twenty four twenty four and relative or thirty I love this story I guess I'm later and I were really beleaguered life difficult I mean this is powerful the twenty fourth verse thirteen we together say that the Bible says there now will hold eleven at one eleven fighters doesn't crucify Uganda's grave is the first day and in the walking back was very fat for thirty nine the whole two of them were traveling that same day to the village called and they wish with what many miles from the village and they talked together of these things with it happens in an analog analogy of salad and will request a liberating and in that you know you even doing that would argument is that it was a sad threat for mercy for this end the president has little to do so it was my fifteenth while they converse and reason the Jews themselves what do you love vinyl is a beautiful thing that when we were in despair and sorrow and sadness at what God needs and now and I was other trouble of the leaves hopefully have nothing left is what is enlightened age Latin nuclear to be close to us to be difficult to implement I love Jesus I want to leave you here and went with them to delete on every gold with inner weather I know what rich were strangely that this did not know an end as they think they couldn't receive with leather could you like and the president went in knowing innuendo about that connect tomorrow morning without my wife there are no vacancy is not in my family that they could perceive that he was there to Jesus and he said November seventeen what kind of conversation is good that you have with one another as you walk and our staff annual and then the one whose name was filled with that answer and said to him are you the only stranger in Jerusalem and how did I know that it would happen here in these days my dear you are you an elitist way to restrain a regular thing for land why how can you not know what's going on how can you not know attitude basically is anything an inattentive and what things you like what will so they said to him these things concerning Jesus of Nazareth who led the public might be indeed a word before God all the people at how the chief priest and our rulers delivered him to be condemned to death and was a body and vote but the Louisville related Eagle oh cognitive how he died it was a fighter the group found it gave a rating alien called diversity and we thought that he will quit fighting of the new rating we value exhilarating as we went ever since I live yes he had been established is partly kingdom here will be free from the Romans free photos of the local bodies and organs afraid that I won't reception of -ish and what price and all will and slow to understand all the puppies also as a part in all of the nonpartisan smoke so that their one percent Seattle five mission along with a reasonable question in the Guild affected their understanding of the work bears an inscription perception affects how we see the worker out of it with a few of these the way the devotions occasionally happy listening to both in both the class is wrote Allaire how can you aim on emotions what will I not do well enough for me for twenty minutes every for thirty minutes of the pray for our integrated with classical devotion was how it is viewed as an batting practice the for the real world settings and you have the answers objections in an apologetic for knowing what you believe in what is important to you as a dilutive event development is important but all that would all devotions it am no fan is a good view of landlord school in the mornings this impetus feels so good writer with good feelings is good on me I was in the Holy Ghost it is a good feeling talking with his father talk about that audio is coming to the timecard and all ability doesn't on a milligram hour in Angola literally when I was trained at orders communities are nowhere always the notice restitution over the guy that always goes wrong at all or the bad things I see that I'm not involved on the right way so I hurriedly printed for public on this well don't you only knew it when a way that legato acid when you think you know anything anything at the time and about the light on eigenvalue got the wrong idea about the guys that I shower every as our thing we learn out whether that is the notion of the formula to what truly is the most how I know that one how shall he receive our devotional a lot one is both alarming and a lot of good answers and a lot of empathy I believe that there are a lot of work right and left and what I believe this is that devotional life our devotional life with the last few what is your devotional life all about these are not universal and not living a life of devotion devotional life is the most alive I think I was on the link wasn't intuitive or even displayed or even his organist valuator to share a devotional live in our devotional life the life of devotion a continual daylight a moment on the room when you come here and the goodbye with a prayer user deleting all your devotional undertone on the morning could cause you to be landing a life of devotion and fast food devotional living a life of devotion wasn't with him was elected between living a life of devoted committees a passion for the island of a settlement my question is this how or what will cause to live a life of Wolcott leaving him a whole identification the guy will cause me to change the world I believe we shouldn't be here today even oddly pleasant longtime dilemma already happening print out near I wanted you have young battling the private desires of anyone who comes he wasn't the devotion of his people why have a happy what will cause the two of alignment of all positive as of yesterday and I will work on one answer this question in my ancillary libel and the result is a question pool in the Bible was one of those the vote in Illinois got what is it that links into you that love Paula Daniel devoted it is not David Waimanalo the Joseph Wendland today at one of most devoted that I can work I like the most now let's quickly a feed you were not definitively was looking for a little and got an endless election scheduled for the acts chapter thirteen and I will quickly through experience upon receiving a dimly lit like the most revealing the most of them and eleven the motion was empty at acts chapter thirteen so we figured that is pretty much after Baltimore's industry was the last that the next time we see Paul and Julie Seeley Antioch a prison guard opens up how old powerful sonic that many given Bible for the job at November the shop right but admitted that he became back now the next Avenue to work on reducing rates so that he is a powerful time for you where God is given what God is doing powerful things and and basically we see here is that in verse fifteen the delegate math it is a and what is a particular purpose the rest of you says but the Jews start up and about probably women and the chief men of the city raise of what persecution against Paul and Barnabas expelled them from their region places on the fifteenth against that and can I call you already know President and founder of our life that we would all really do work currently when I call you and appointed you violence on the part of rescued in an editor about the next guy calling now leaving only begin to present out there and that the law divided about the number three number four hundred numbers for the multitude of the Jews over the field of the city was divided by type of the Jews in part with the apostles and when life violent attempts were made by the boat view of a determined grief with their mother the deal is and what stolen so easy that I populated the gospel AA is predicated at the top of my feet and for the next I don't I call you at a particular in a violent and stony clinic over the next he would visit after roasted at eBay they became aware of it and floodlights and Darby and likely enter the surrounding regions and their preaching the gospel where the gospel in Paul's hot event letter where he went housing a parts kit our countdown is always presumed the gospel to those in now we're looking at over seven fourteen seven fourteen MST when I was giving the movie on his present also continues on and down here in the city you have a amazing confetti filled and it'll happen and well out in front they want to Josephine God who was part of my feelings and anywhere air holier God whether they know were not burned under the lease and there well after who is crazy but it was fourteen fourteen adverse and solitude but when you were fifteen and saying then why are you doing owner the adverse devastating narrative providing they visited Graceland only didn't even try to find by Philip and him and I think that then Jews from where and where came in the air and having persuaded the multitudes they did want stone wall in the malware water came from November the first let aware and younger than regular I call you that is a film that also angry up while they follow him I get more people got went in front of the meeting killing but we have to feel and what they do based on blind drag him out the city the poll you persecution of a hot day went up they can't even that valid on the country a theme of your letter and it is not ready at him and he'll be here bye-bye car and any intermingled not flatly the living it argues that the law and it is messed up and look how the militants but as an unmanageable the point of death among how messed up the you the universe however when the disciples gathered around him he arose up and went into the city created what they were wearing what he was dead and now is going up anyone visiting the weather had waited for the twenty one and when he had what he preached the gospel message posted appointed that you you will all around them and how within the party by love and gotten when the unbelieving men who both Nepal loving you always onset and eleven are right around with a overly scary guy I want a dog that's okay and with those of anyone the life on Windows and the nipple dedication devotion the way up almost that Y I will last be widely investigated how they are day-to-day why is anyone other than those in our lives today we think we know and see the bipartisan meeting to understand why we seem to understand it wouldn't emotionally if you look at a lot of individuals and the world upside down where we want to leave them why is that we cannot have the same experience my question is my question is if Paula Stone devoted to the point that he learned in Corinthians eleven read less and less apt is known as Julio compared all the Paul enjoyed the Viper goalie accurately right now going to get back my child lived with forty lashes minus one intelligent and have always think he was divided out why in the win I've seen it alive today by the Reverend in spirit positively related to the Holy Spirit and times more than maybe both ten thousand we are with the one show hall through the life of devotion was what caused the cellulose without realizing I will will and commitment to his amazing and I will like and I know what motivated while one will involve one thing led to vote and what was viable I cannot believe I know what he knew what you cannot do or failing to act on what I see what he's always been Mark F-14 but I want called upon how did the book and I want help closing them I wanted to learn Allen affiliate I'm not this is a message from England and then I was presenting theophany on in your life I need here I I negative eleven miles on things like the one about how your how to follow devotional life not a inevitable to live by what a life of devotion of seven hundred one negative can't get the goods with the Pollock rate his craving what it was about the writer in the first chapter four verse Athol is still doing what you really want now previously you do unconsciously that measure without thinking when you're waking we are on your way when you're asleep you always what breathing though Paul recommended up on this on the guideline of killing the father part window when you think that I was dreaming in feeling about killing and putting these people imprisoned and they do not and all the Loma now what was I going to do whatever my litter they are developers were going to rescue and letters of him and of the synagogue are you that if he found any core of the way whether men or women he might bring them down to where Jerusalem as he journeyed he came near Damascus and delete one hundred a light shone around imprimatur and he fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him Saul Saul why are you persecuting me and he said wanting more glory the Lord that I is a you are persecuting it hard for you to kick against the goat was friendly and astonishes the Lord what do you want me to do the Lord struck me know really what I believe that story what happened he was going really off let me off my notice copy of a letter to the truth they are illegal in any health club and you come to the even larger than whatever but now suddenly the thing would happen before like you he saw the light of Christ Jesus and for what I been wrong for who are you and then once you want me to be the key to unlock the last day available to the limited what will you surrender at last best left for Macmillan as well but we see here that the light of place transformed an excellent investment as well but all that is high fidelity was sharing why do only what he did he went back to this in an earlier sharing of the FAQ wouldn't start and I think the glenoid FAQ eleven is powerful is the web goblins on the will halfway through athlete whether they are birthday I went to what we had their famous the Bible says there now how can I journey came near Damascus about Newfoundland great what a label I had installed around the time of the Reinhardt a boy fatally shot out why IE prosecuting the Brantford who are you Lord and I'm Jesus of Nazareth whom you are persecuting and then the economic trans- what can I do more a fit in your life to go to Damascus and we told all these things which are pointed for you to do what it is that when telling a story explaining why they were in the waiting captivity and then a lot I saw a light on the advice is not for me I told without prosecuting lineup default without presently have I found the volume value funds are able to look at one related to honor their cathartic it's a good after the reason we take out is that that that vision of events was in France a plan that wanted more as always if they would allow me oh three August twenty on you and you do so does both good condition reviewing physical viruses on his previous spiritual life and he always ologies in order to laugh when he went to the river accurate estimate of twenty two and a love letter to a strange story shame went twelve to life of a crazy fellowship acts seven twenty eight access of foreign act for the twenty third the breadwinner father asked twenty six games before the king any other town why why you are probably doing this week while year if you are visiting all open house and emigrant by banning of arms is on the wall I hear Paul why is standing before me on reporting that at midnight O King along the road I saw the light of writer that has done shining around me and those who journeyed with me and what we all has fallen to the ground I heard a voice saying to me and saying that he would drop Saul Saul why are you persecuting it is hard if you go like that who are you anything I see that whom you are persecuting out in this affectionate and a little bit more detail eyelids while other more experience now in our relationship with God in any new work what kind of cognitive and very hard information verse sixteen the Bible says but why there is a particular something all you and persecute him and wounding parting we know what you are looking on the rise and rise and stand on your feet I looked here before for this purpose to make you a minister and a witness both of the things was what we do what Waziristan last had a thing that I will reveal you found the Army contractor on the copyright in the first two thousand and seven he saw a live television and that neither Chamberlain let us know when this one I see you'll do dwindle away your feet and will continue to sell you that I got a new outlier with devotional that are not being what not to fall one five of the on-field glimpse of his ease everyday is minimally a meeting lawlessness is simple all we have to do is look at all the biblical origins of run out at the festival but if we are truly the holding Paula vigil on the facility only that there are holding what we think of a holding place within the legal holy Jesus is not fully what he was talking because what he thought quite what you have each a favorite entire existence everything is in and out of a noble individual and little is said that even though I bring the gospel living a life along with elevated devotion to the book of the pain and see that I've not seen quite like that but I want to enter we must be a light in the visible development and when motivated and what pushed you to do everything that he did a deal believed what was the word of God is cooperated in the third prompt Elizabeth I flip off the stage to forty seven she said at the time of his conversion Paul and inspired with a longing desire to help his fellow men the whole Judaizers and found a living the mighty defense form and if they henceforth with only one devoted to a effort to restrain the love and power of the Bible what usually I like to think I'm alone and do not do they have the freedom event why I love my life anything my life financial on the progress of limited to give the words are as a shout of victory above the water in the afternoon finally confronted a unionization of their problem is talking about his appearance before a group of wasting assessment is what are the seven digit above the walkabout he declares the left the cost to which he has devoted his life to be the only cause I can never been building their parents the gospel another goblin and distrust as suitable for many who are that they look upon him as saw the faith by faith as it had been the phase of our and Paul goes something balloon juice found in a special accumulated I believe we as an act that is running for the last it must be able to wiggle we got the a cause in the motor is not seeing quite a holding any affiliate of this power and what process the meaning in the amount of blessings phase one oh seven she said that it would correctly perceived price all of selfishness would be renounce it up they rightly perceive the love of God all felt that this would be renounced we left the student quite what we really are and that will cause a civil iLife and I believe our morning omelette without it after Lucifer zillionth time that suits the researcher break the time we must even think why they can figure my father is now causes that I only have a devotional life well lived a life of devotion alcoholism to let the weather quite the oftentimes with the devotion as we do a little reading in the morning as Metallica and read the Bible we pray meditate and Mozilla of violence and let more than that you advise us to get the website is laid up in an excellent on the returns goes like I get all the more you praise and devotion as a child for life as a mother nude and all your money is not a separate brief missing him is like this I was approved here the plot this is very more flour I will come even before knowing about it in order to what causes the dynamos and we'd love I felt like that because I felt they had how you get up in my live on and and and his reading reading reading and and and and and and Sedona will wildly give the most of Osama more pop over how we got a bit limit the level that it is a quick good-looking book of Philippians chapter twenty three we have your business could do more what all old postal power arena compliment a lot of powerful living three Philippians three okay the busy with a note explaining your life for the tablet is not die already what I think or am already what prevented by Prez on that I may lay hold of that but was quite see that had all the luck and hope to have a prize hold out a lot of the credit and laid hold of deformity knowledgeable and well my question to you is what is in the hand of the one we lay hold of Wendy holding onto what motivated Paul but Isaiah forty nine and if it wasn't I did when I was fifteen sixteen was in the hand with Nintendo of our bar of our state predicting they'll be there amen I want to say this for fifteen can a woman forget her life nursing job I have an compassion on the federal Charlotte is a forget but I will let I will not forget the Y C I have in squat on the lot on the prom alive about a Paul visit Ibis Guadalajara on the other palm I had laid hold of you I look at unlabeled and you do now it will be added on the look of a hundred free like I had that been the opening and I've held my head I'd lay hold the nuclear knowledgeable than me Jesus by the drug she was drawn we are bound by his devotion when he did on the pop about five hundred eighty looking upon them of hope he inspires hope the price meeting them with confidence inspires trust I felt bad so ideal he awakens toward attainment of desire as they enter the president 's goals been following realized and they still wonder and a along to prove themselves worthy of his regular life bounded with art by kind of love and devotion to those levels are devotion to yet is important yes illustrate how guidance with Craig yesterday we must meditate but what is the foundation Jesus devotion to us heathens why the palms of his head and understand that the ortho president for you partially individually will never let hospitals on it will happen we usually yourself we must understand the present of luck clearly my fault populated by the ball very well appointed first and then feed what we can do it with volume revealing himself and went who was Arthur usually he initiates the contact Anna was not now how does this tie in Las Vegas how do I find the move because it were living at it we were helping me get a opinion poll A- and must affect the last date as well Rebecca Eliza message now this is honestly meant Willie last a green and little of the havoc with Malachi Malachi chapter four in response we got it for the liveliness of eleven that eliminated the last days Malachi four reply willing at this amen the models of the whole I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord and he will turn the hearts of the fathers of the children in the heart of the children to their fathers lest I come and strike the earth with regard so we feared dead about the livelihood would come into play when brought up right before going to the trouble was so therefore it alleges with a plate and we have the claimant which will buy their property but cool cool cool follow that method a lighter shortly after or not I went with a letter that is again John the Baptist scored a look at the worst seventeen Brooklyn theoretical brings the quote loosefitting blue chapter one verse seventeen please visit the delight in message must be preached before the end of time in lucky to claim Luke chapter one verse seventeen weight of the famous now we know this is not done about the verse thirteen in the area context originally were seventeenth the Bible says he will also go before him in the spirit and powerful allies in the frontal hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just tomato ready to be ready if you've ever been there for the Lord please believe that that that that that died in the field claim now lives in message and you will and will will and when Darwin questioned why why in Johnson the one in Hollywood we responded avoidable client wilderness with a win what I he understood his identity according to try read the Scripture he extends that understood the word of God and he understood and identity in the light of Bible prophecy as I understand on this and identity in the light of what probably no one upon the downtrodden of the left after what will the government when I come from a villa and avoid the right-of-way this prophecy they just got this with the filling is found in John chapter forty A yellow iPhone and Isaiah forty nine where Paul and the John that enlisted giving blood agreement idea forty and verse three we argue that payment the Bible says the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord they strained it it definitely makes me the desert a highway for our God every valid subbing what exalted having on the Rob Lowe the crooked places shall be straight and are left with what flew the glory of the Lord was not sell revealing of LaSalle what he together now I hear my last August a lightweight wide awake why would the valleys being involved in an announcement about who will eventually form produces no work what so all will available than when we were and what is Donna was positive thing and making a ways away response was that the landlord shall be what revealed and all flesh out that the methods of allies and Mrs. John was filled to all practical purposes it can the character will Belleville Michigan the weather there ever is not old I will bring what was I the gospel to the new window type it up and I knows it always was look you will bring good tidings but it was a straight live it up be not afraid they can many of you know what the Hall ELR Allen and him and on about this book may put Hanalei the people can freely wherever you need this the field wife eleven and have alive and terrible misconception in their Live Oak descended on the table laden with goods that have a way of making the claim requirement on the boat and meaning are legal in the Motrin ad so I will widely about eleven last night we must be Jesus we really are in order little light on the boat and with one of the most outdoor seating outgoing director and guess what this is what LOI calls the last rest the last those who await the humming away the right of away hell maybe always and I don't hey man it is those who wait for the Bible is coming on the same people lack the hole in the last debate unless like the one the last method of working to be given in the world in a way of revelation of his character I love the children of God to manifest the glory in our life and and and character to reveal what the grace of God has done for the review individual that last message yet it happened that Bobby Kennedy was a Revelation and Daniel located within the last method in the revelation I was on the airplane of who Christ is while I read that back to you as an is the motion is about to see and taking that into the war now in tomorrow to speak about why the project pages we are getting the word of God is either close out a blinded read description it is absolutely can't really grasp the meaning of it as a nice save your life who examine why that is and if they look live a beloved holiday bizarre he died out only to have a devotional life with bizarre life of devotion the sequence were clearly meant that the desire to divine heaven we thank you from that you have revealed yourself to us from my .doc file oftentimes they can understand it he was easily distracted lately in the world it can not seeing clearly father and I believe in prayer pray that that we all can agree with them he once has seen Jesus but not only to say that you always say all the time now is a classic life alloy onto our lives are manifesting the ball we went to see Jesus Charlotte would actually mean from the along to be here anymore I was working on with the article also pleased with leaders in the path of life is the reason the Panthers five and receive workgroup I think about it from offensively what is needed enjoy and be blessed and be convicted by the US experience meet the heart of every moment it is not made us up here when he was in the meeting with board while whole lot of please keep books uniforms bring him this message was thank you I see similar diminishing his pain as she lay cc inspired young people I have a base price is very downloaded fringes other resources like this you've been blessed thank you I like to donate visit his wife's laptop NYC when done with him also reaches in mail box seven eight six Ann Arbor Michigan eight one oh six this recording is licensed under a creative Commons this means you can't share please attribute this recording device whenever you keep in mind resale and on the range and


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