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Has the Shaking Already Begun?

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • December 30, 2010
    9:15 AM
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him him to this message was presented and he Y C two thousand ten no turning back to Baltimore there is for other resources like this visit us online GUI see whether or embrace of your debts galaxies and difficulties in obstructions at all removal certificate of night climate here and I hope that the shaking is due to traumatic before we start the door to precious we found everything to so much grittier opportunity of GIC and your maturity to reflect upon the power struggle of the big controversy it affects everyone office including unit in church and give me the wisdom and the right words to share the experience and specialty degrees in your church and create human for your students in abundance on each one of us in Jesus name amen this topic interestingly here sparked my interest this summer identity gel conference two thousand ten and we was on the floor and I heard many people talking about some of events is that you don't now we believe she has begun I wasn't on and on another's of the shaking out whatever and so when I came home the next month or so before my devotions I do to stop it and graphical system the Bible and the spirit of prophecy I will share now with you is the result of this study which in effect was very enlightening for me we have heard many times about me know if you'll happened was happened already but do we know and you know if he knows we don't need to go into a panic the middle episode of trouble with many of our people is that they are ignorant they are not the regular Bible students as spirit of prophecy against time except maybe on the Sabbath to Sunday night and it's all ancillary now share is about the shaking what isn't angry and said that the states of shaking at first you look from a biblical perspective than from the spirit of prophecy and any draw conclusions and sound biblical pictures give you the ID open earthquake here you find D yet digital the old San Francisco Hall of Justice on Kearny Street a few weeks before the April nineteen oh six earthquake and fire and yet a few weeks later because all understanding and the rest of the neighborhood is completely eliminated but only this but it was a major fire in a style so this is almost the type of shaking there the Bible refers to which this prophecy however is another lovely embassies and you have to degrade very spot of the world that happens indefinitely race there is the product you make a separation between the check in the pure green and that's what you have to where the Bible talks about punitive spokesman of purity of the church and how this is being brought about by then you have the purification of the mental it talks about refining the product and of course but only after of course if your goal and went on the dollar this order throughout your goals you need to and then you separated from the cross now those are some of the pictures in the Scriptures that are being used time and time again so that the first go as good Seventh-day Adventist to the right first to go and see what it is and then you Scripture we turned into a committee battle with you it is a nineteen first sixty one is a nineteen verse sixteen units in a chronological sequence is the first passage in the Bible and reading talks about the shaking out again unwanted version it made and he was seen shaking at the these older versions used the term shaking and so here then is the scenario in that age don't need to be likened to women and it shall be framed and see here because the shaking shaking off the hands of the Lords of Hoechst which he shakes over it and he showed one of persecuting powers or Israel Egypt and he is compared with women what kind of women items women that I have to fail the labor this is deprived in the old persecutors now who brings about this who doesn't your observation is the Lord is a shaking of the enemies of his people so keep that in mind friends when shaking takes place in the church told critics the Lord is still in control of the Athens church Revelation ten the majestic being from heaven who is this is Jesus so no matter what you see announcing when you see poor leadership all kind of politics and whatever the clock who got the and so really if identical think it's happening in the church who constitute Jesus and that will give you the peace that is the whole purpose of this conference that the quality of knowing Jesus now we go to Isaiah twenty four versus fifty and there it is when Gus it shall be in the midst of the land among the people there shall be as the shaking of an olive tree as the gleaming critics when the vintage is the now when you mentioned it agreed at the beginning no idea so here that manned vessels shall be in the midst of the lanthanum to people Shelby and the shaking of the olive tree and as the gleaning grapes individuals is not answered observation is what is leading to the convening this shaking the baby is the Lord 's face the remnants therefore we can praise the Lord for pushing you you see yellowcake got any unit that develops that come in at the end of the harvest what do we do what it is great that I left the family in Michigan we have to believe in the food bill and get all cleaning afterwords don't pay high prices the degree and all claims used during a midday and I think that this coming from the labor of my life been planning this and instead of the expensive bottles released by both a hefty great Jewish with all the polls all the antioxidants and that continues to sell unit of uneasy Ezekiel thirty seven percent so I prophesied as I must command in April besides it was annoying to behold the shaking and the bones came together going to be the Lord gives you the field the original of what is now legal the trombone the then Jesus Ezekiel science and attempted soundly in the neck it was powered of the Lord stood created our brings them together add the observation Denny's the Lord uses a shaking didn't want to revise his something to see you noted in the understand what the Lord is using we didn't go over the hookah is enlarged I convinced that everything is going on in a church once you are in control and that remnants real you tremendous want to lobby not going to hoping he does think that fear and trembling because he praised the Lord for your selfish person I is abandoned the Lord 's creative power offense can do medicals in a church again AZ Phil city eight first nineteenth and I wish that then you go home the duty to hold copies of the chapter because if you read just by itself just for my jealousy getting my final claim right I spoke with shooting in the data shall be a great shaking in the leathers of Monday seeking to Google in a whole Comdex is that the evil powers the Gentile nations are you creating Israel and the market so angry at discussing in the Pentagon the power distorts so friends no matter what happened over the one with the people doctors will eliminate that they have to be great examples and that we are here to the example many people confuse different colors saluted them using drugs with the act into and so here then that will be a great shaking in the land of Israel those that education is the shaky noise associated with the subject segment on the persecutors of God speak the person his uncle 's people they delivered the eliminates uneven oppressors out here to get interesting passage in that Nehemiah Nehemiah five first fifteen now what's happening here I'm God 's people coming out of Babylon back to country some of those limited going to build the country and as a result but there is not something people and limiting them to have to sell that children as slaves to obtain some means of existence and that happens among God 's people still threads among God 's people are consecrated leaders and limited to the recipe the people about the alternatives that are known and okay I'm in control I'm in control and I know what it means I was always a plastic evangelist now I'm an elder sitting on the benches and if you want to do something that you just doesn't have children at a year that you pass to the limited of who can understand and money and stick unless the past reveals the SL seven churches are blessed with tremendous bust otherwise with a dangerous but don't worry about it you do what the Lord impresses and develop weight from Washington DC well identical residuary dolor exuberant human event and that is not beginning to waiting at the finish alert momentum what obstacles are elders finished in his work so unit Nehemiah and it makes the people at this stage and he says that he made a covenant is also my soup mile episodes so gaunt scenics out an agreement from his house that was labor that performers not this promise even does he beat shaping out and antiques and all the combinations this agreement because your dirty whole coincidence we thought leader that was about the loans occurs and got upon the people unless he changed and you are sent by three people that the Lord has to speak it should in powerful ways in the ventilation we better listen to the observation is God 's shops addresses of the people and it had a problem in your church the Lord will send out but it happens only if you have good night people in church it is in everybody's a letter to CMS editor that shirts feel that I unless the Lord you you and you have a typical new friends here the shaking of the schedule it's just so nice what they found in Scripture which is very important first of all the Lord shapes the enemies of his people we don't need to worry about the Lord filled the dish shaped reveals God 's faithful remnant so that heavy initiator that you are integer guns preselect the Lord uses the shaking to the Vikings the shaking is associated with judgment on the persecutors of gospel God will not let his people being oppressed thank God shakes out your presses over this people so that is the hope that his outsider particularly shaken and eliminated and it passes within the church and so you have a church in which basically you find the New Testament model identity the own capital this means that the new unit if leaving the upper works consistently needs and then you get the nice tremendous fellowship because we all have the mind of Christ the dimension that is very very important and we all are saying goodbye I want that I did truth is very very important the important soda more faithfully are God 's words as a given that was the advocacy the more powerful your Churchill become end of the creature instrument to be in the spring of Baltimore now we leave the Bible and going into disputed sausages and they are really amazing now some people get confused as if you're a diabetic since he had to say he is now taking his future is even unit C political donations up dusted the city that is milk in a statement in its context and if you look at things in its complex you see that's bit is hardly but you know in order to discover this you have to be bought since realized that we like to have the answer just on the fingertips but friends sometimes spent hours hours days weeks and even morning regards councils and is ignored to be the reason and connectivity the more confused and this is not to see Senator you may get both used after the first lecture by the answer given the next is either but I'm telling you this is a story now is disjointed Bible the spirit of prophecy story then you focusing on the Jell-O and explains their and the last on his how not to be shaken out because initiating wheeled computer neighbor Lupinacci maybe it will come to you you continue to make up every charts technical sense and the gophers there's nothing that is in a hypnotherapy for shaking and lordosis so let's not go here the progression this adhesive future and you have an number of statements that deal with the future shaking as she wants you can then get out of the kind of an inductive method the shakiest future the first one is really in the eighteen sixties now what happens in the early part of the sixties by the eighteen sixties that was a struggle if Shelley had organizationally look at organized and effective nearly every disputed prophecy of the visions but illegally divisions on the accepted or rejected in the Arab ride that you get the misprints in the charts of golf seven days and then December the event is about it if I feel uncomfortable with us you can always go to church about seven days you can drink and smoke no greater freedom freedom to go on to draw weight that goes to what British but we are choosing for an different truck until he again is spiritual gifts forty two page two eighty four new fighters I viewed his church in a more dangerous condition and it ever be experimental knowledge is that known by a few that say not assume the place to purify the church so the observation is here the shaking of the church this type of thinking is in Egypt you know the problem is they don't have any experience with the veterans are experiential religion the shaking of the church in any future so here we got been the situation in eighteen eighty two testimony forty five pages eighteen eighty one is interesting enough the first time and the loss spine at the left of the videoconference date issued a proclamation for the day of Pentecost albeit they are fasting prevention is not a pleasant granite fasting forty cents spiritual conditions shortage can you imagine the leadership in Washington DC issuing a proclamation open a faster because guessing that infant Google but there so and that is fear the Lord says the days of fast approaching when it will be a great Mexican confusion when someone talk the bill be blowing it we had the today to the Lord is faithful servants would initiate and I think I will be disposed of you we look like it resides however today and so does a fast approaching she says the shaking testing time the time is not far distant when the dust guns never show the mark of the beast a leader it's a bonus in this time the goals will be separate from the dross in the church now interesting here observation again signs of the coming shaking kind of the country got been the future is an talk to local fusion sink so you have to dig them through the church today she will relapse this is an and fifty years ago where are we now where we now see I don't fear death it isn't but this is also associated with the dark dreams of confusion come through every church in every manner there is then the imminent coming of the mark of the beast army guidance in the image of the beast of that among these are not kids not the mark of the beast is forced but that can take place very quickly all layers already anything if you want to assist in the reading you reasonable Sunday's coming I absolutely is a dynamite was okay I use it all the time in my lectures on on greatest examples of the powerful material Sunday scanning so this got me a candidate in the ABC market is and so here then again this situation in eighteen eighty six is a significant release number eleven and at this time the year seven of the Lord is in Europe but that cc the problems as he says are they going to be vested in any man we need Christ righteousness we need Jesus by our science he is our rock it is by his might that the program by his righteousness of your saved when I see men exalted and brings asked all as almost infallible I know there must come a double shaking do we have any problem in a church to all faiths and promote dependence of people and admiring to applaud them establish a human scum however when it is a hell Jesus nine parasites and if these are sites that heavy and approach group at the action of the rock uses the production must think and it should not intended to diminish raise alarm and so he again one year later the situation in eighteen eighty seven it allows the events page one seventy three you reads that there will be a shaking of the seas as of anymore because the Chris make no earthquake event notices see staff must be in time separated from the weeds because iniquity abounds the love of many wrecks called it is the very time when the genuine will be the strongest so what is then the observation is shaking comes to separate church and not having this is a very very tragic event I I wish I would've your submission I see similar statements by still be careful to get the devil is selling a limited release for everybody but you know this is determined eventually we talk about unity rights they are sent these of you we are like a great umbrella and is over anybody is exactly that there's no man regarding whether you are an illusionist what a creationist payment even a short chronology and sixty laziest one that this is we have an umbrella notice of the concentrated dénouement end of the meeting on Doctor to allow the freedom but it caught some remnant church allowed that freedom if you even destroy it seems as endangered because people are looking at other people and we had meters administer as scientists friends unless you have the humility all a child you will not enter the kingdom and its fun I have to say to myself even if I don't understand it I don't understand usually within don't fabricate all kind of interpretations that harmonize the world of the church impossible impossible and so here again to shaking and deceiving now the famous year eighteen eighty eight and eighty seven gotten the four volumes of eighteen eighty eight the segregation should have what if you have them on your iPod or you have it on the iPad dark you couldn't get again and then indeed mediate material hundred and eleven is if there is very interesting statement Dan will be an army of steps unbelievers who will stand this firm is a drop in the last steps but the manner in the Army are those who have been standardbearers some of them are not there remember there will be met with Arnie we look for them but in the tiny mold the shape they have to being unable to stand unable at half past over to get anything you understand eighteen eighty eight and the light about this given that would allow crime A tremendous and want to did a majority of the leadership you eject even if they are not sure noble sincere individuals have produced books that he has accepted his message no friends it is not if you read carefully the efficacy don't read books about ADHD if you want to read something about a DVD a difficult difficult who was there in four volumes thirty five dollars tremendous deal now you know it'll get anything but I tell you any eighteen hundred pages any of you read it is to misuse predation but certainly to me is not the noted that a brother you have exited message the question is that I accept the message delivery but others do I went to church every day if rejected I have to accept and therefore I responsible it is in that I have accepted the message I hastily never have been agreed in nineteen eighty eight and was active that the seventieth is theology and I didn't even know what it needs to design no I have it on with all the books and when I see you'll get beautiful bonsai winter has tell you it was a tremendous life transformation in my life as a by them she cheated most of the fences fences things you know I have been a plain Jane Bertuzzi 's guess is that and so is your readers read it as you look at it to you it's this is inevitably no announced officially that she does not even Army Lawrence Yun this is the caliber of people who drink are you and me okay so Danny continued to conclusions then the time of the shaking is in the future is in the future and here we see an army and I think this is in the Canadian Italy or whatever but then understand the banners rounding of friends many of the common ranks will take their places because as an administrative and all they stand for the many ways to compromise to do this incident but we need people that don't know what compromises on the and so here then a few years later in eighteen eighty selected messages for you to page one eighty days at time of travel coming to the people involved in the endnotes to keep it comes in before the people have rain about as to have the title still before him is to be a shaking among those people but this is not the best interest of dedicated churches there is I know that one the Golden Turkey jerky jerky contributed while the SCSI is an important topic in the study for yourself but you don't need to do to make people confused about all the things and so here then your observation the comic shaking is not the passages but it is something that if you understand that it will be a great blessing to situation eighteen ninety four the Lord is coming soon that must be every finding winning the process three church for that I want the members want wicked man who would love to work on lastly seven one seventy three percent of that in your own church with the people don't go to church and will and those are as frequently the flesh and even agonizing but Snelgrove a Lord leaves them because you and I have no developing efficient and instead of fighting them we should pray with them and maybe we should give them make a nice local bread and give them you know or something that white because this life is all they had the last days of delight behold Jamaica's reportedly editing the day of visitation and appraise your because of its fantastic is that the dizziness causes of the best of the observation is the shaking will affect at church in which Ansonia them the situation one year later in nineteen eighteen ninety six selected this is going to page one fourteen the patient's will come in the church to party still be developed there we can advance grow up to benefit our Atlanta want to try to reconcile others you compromise it will be a division observation do not easily doubt be developed the church and we can attend as a close second again tonight no distance since I've that vented the beginners of the administered nearly and sixties and I was a secular individuals from the world community church everything seemed to be so beautiful and after the time you see the things are not this message but now the Lord is in control the Lord is in control and we suit not wow the work was assigned to spend time and I'm a kind do work with people who don't even appreciate all the things while Billy 's of people out of their have not heard the message and so lucrative fields of the harvest light and what are we going to do about to let you know the computer bag of distractors nineteen hundred situation to grasp election in one fifty four a great shakiness the professed believers all the sooth our sleep they need to await this shiny new message of the angel the third is now to be given to all parts of the world it is to be the harvest message and the whole Earth will be elected with the glory of the Lord you see about what happened now amazing to be given business voters in partisan message is allowed to dry message the first sprinkling of the A started more than a musical the loud cry and then ten years later she has to say you now need to be given and what do we get today is think about this is a mandate over a hundred years ago where is amended today still there friends observation is the shaking that terrible shaking will lead to a revival on Revelation eighteen reform the whole world W light didn't win the glory of the crisis of in the context of this thinking is messages within a nice antichrist because the Baptist o'clock and is not but it needs to be a message of Christ by faith with the bank units the site is seen as messages by this bite that will be a savor of life life eternal or to death friends we had a precious truth incredible tools what are we doing business four years ago I lost it also by the Mississippi Angels messages powerful owls and so where are we with Ali lives even as I lead to the version of it is a yes delightful social for this stunt but it might still wake up now what about the shaking now so before not the focus of the future now this e-mail today effect in eighteen fifty those addition received in a state of New York and it is an early nineteen stages fiftieth fifty one thousand repeatedly developed a special testimonies and recording a two way thirty one eighteen ninety two he says that M night C Haskell Manso Google on and all will be shaken out one knots willing to take a bullet in his building stand for truth and sacrifice who got and disclose I want is a mighty safety if you understand the type of the minute it was a movement and you had that fifty thousand people in the churches tremendous army but the darn by the author for the fault and in eighteen forty nine billion one hundred people at all the multitudes that still believe that anything forty four was in the house during the observation the final judgments come Christ move from the holy to the motivation and now you have invested hundreds left she is addressing amusing if you don't understand the background music it teaches in the future and all monies the magazine was right down to fifty thousand four hundred thousand will not affect and only a fraction remained faithful a number of the closure the simulations into the left rental must travel for the first of the activist published about a Sabbath the left and others Morimoto more yes friends the observation mission has begun and will go on so there's no use talking about this shooting is not talking about a shaky when the Mark of the beast still be there it is a myth of life and death unto the Jonah situation now in eighteen sixty two testimonies volume one page four two nine year again it is indisputable of unification here at becoming any thank you together accepting and examined the evidence I saw that the now industry time Satan is working with all power to rest souls from the and of Christ and cause and that the political dissent about Connecticut is being developed angels of God away moral worth this best in improving his people and so hear that in this context you find that did not take the base we are in a shady time situation in eighteen eighty nine at its one year after the glorious Mrs. eighteen eighty eight you fight is a gated materials based the better thirty one I've started speaking to one of the leaders I'm sorry that you're such a great blindness that you are unable to distinguish the voice of God from that of the enemy I have repeatedly presented before you and others that it would come to shape the time when everything it can be shaken will be shaken and that those things which cannot be shaken may remain we are now in that time at the unit as an individual entity saw the light of eighteen eighty eight didn't accept the looks of the leadership and what happened then as a result of rejecting since what happened to this individual but it did go he became going well distinguishing the Lord of the Satan from the cost of the Lord is a tragic actually tragic and do you want to be in that situation no we don't answer that sloppy I'd especially dissent presentation to this morning we all arrested this afternoon will be how to prepare food of things and not to be shaken up until year than the observation is weird machining time and frequency suit Jason then years later that is if the releases volume twenty one page three forty six February to spirit identical meets all to go out his speech comes to be argued is voicing be still and noted on the I see that it has come time is gotten wet everything that can be shaken donation finishing time be assured it only those who lived at that of Christ working out in practical life will stand the test so again it is a recipe prescription if you're worried about is that the object and especially in regard to signing a crying and I will deal with this in the last temptation because I part-time to find anybody who signs in Christ today because you don't even eligible nations are adopted because elimination to the abominations in our church Orientalism doesn't not once is the only you don't hear the dentist thing only knows who want to live that is good of course the oneness joined seventy two and how is this one is the accomplished with almost sanctified by what I did to end-users it shows that sets you free free of sin all the Babylonian remnants that the FAQ but I do not abandon friends having to use a using it up but I love interchurch people and response courses only and based on the year sizes of the awkward improvements are vaginal dolor took it away got me little step-by-step percent and that's not enough to many of us are that sets by Babylonia thinking and you can never be sure that and so that this could just be still and know that I bought and the Lord will take care interview observation is wearing the same time when it is taking time and that will be taken up one year later testimonies volume six pages thirty three that he wanted the city to ideology no watt must be for us we would not be so military in the work of the Lord when the shaking type the time and everything that can be singularly shaken the Lord but she was those who noted if they do not they were indeed all beggars cannot those who belong to the Lord 's kingdom must work honestly for the salvation of souls all they had to say lots in the words and deeds action actions there was only profession I'm a seventy evidence people since it wanted he vaulted so observation we even shaking again here situation in nineteen oh two Bible commentary volume four page eleven sixty one just as soon as the people adopt I see enough for its NEC home market can be seen but is set waiting incidences both intellectually spiritually so that they can not be who difficulty and used to send this innocent well it is a message of victory and the amount of sending that takes place in your life is associated in proportion to what your understanding of the truth there says in his letter of certification act of faith about your faith virtue knowledge is the knowledge is important that builds you up if you want the perfect law you need to have more knowledge on to avoid all the pitfalls that is very very important things just as soon as the people of God are sealed the epic dance and be bad for the shaking it will come it needed has begun already the judges of God is now called the land to give his warning that they may know what is coming the law spells it all out Chris is the on the holding note else thinks we don't have any fee are you ready as early observation is yes it is not a begun it has already begun and who continue to continue and so after shaking because the casino the future and well-respected about the market-based but his presence is enough today has to do with connecting out as village understanding of the truth all of those things out by the board all friends I wish of every day we would tap on Woodward fund worship the Bible enough evidence that abortion is fitted on the day by day basis of the vision of her Spanish it will seem on the undoing know in the morning Sergeant is only and are many good books to read operating house is full of good books but in our family has only only paying for the best DataDirect very very important if all those books that are goods takes the place of the best introduction back to me how many hours do you spend with the inspired word of God no we don't so therefore make a niche in your you in your worship free survival jet that I kept my chapter that you don't understand going in the zip of the Bible the again take the price of the item through the prophecy hundreds of books that are available how many know you and the rest of your life going to the other she decided here and now I'm going to do it it'll never happen you never think about this is not the needs friends God 's help in those matters and so what do this presentation immediately about love about what you think what is the reason I love about what is and only shaking he takes care of everything is in control and initiating takes place nobody on this shaking because the remnants killer in the deleting fields and hopefully you will stay to his enemy 's account know whether what happened so you can see friends initiating presentation that the Lords is so merciful is reluctantly simply the fields all the stores of music raise and lower and so there will be a shaking the future we know instead of is that a shaky two thousand and analysis will be the next of the story renal focus a lot happening friends and allies it is okay the reaction to it and you and William Constable who was in what time he and I working as friends connect and we will again what time it is in twenty fifty minutes right eleven thirty that they got that there's a lot of okay I did have any questions you can come you mean Eminem this message was thank you I see forty minutes you sent me as she lay cc inspiring young people as the lightning I have a base price and delivery download or purchase other resources like this you then left making lazy and donate his wife's laptop and you will see what I see when done with also reach us via mail box seven eight six Ann Arbor Michigan eight one oh six him me this means sharing please attribute this recording device everything is keeping my resale and alteration in his


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