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The 2010 General Conference and the Shaking

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • December 30, 2010
    10:30 AM
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him all to this message was present and she Y C two thousand ten no turning back on their brother resources like this visit us online GUI see whether or what everyone is a second test session shaking and we'll focus specifically its impact on the two thousand ten General conference how many of you went to his uncle 's but if you did you enjoy it was quite inspiration but that is the ratio of this series of the shaking and I got from what I hurt among the attendees of the jungle France her son thought that the major should have begun another thought that since had not yet begun fewest about its and worries about it and what I'm sharing out is the result of the a study that I began after I returned home and said it has helped me very much and because less knowledge you have about it choose the most vulnerable yarn to all kind of falls up to and so remember Jesus is the truth shall make you free and the truth will give you peace and again this session you not like to begin without asking the Lord when his Holy Spirit patients have a father we asked you to send your Holy Spirit to us anoint this is the spirit that gives understanding in the important things in life is starting many reflective of the events during two thousand and ten maybe clearly see your hand events and maybe find that your messages and your counselors are very liberating that said it gives is that the perspective of the truth and Marriott indeed Mister prophetic time and that's each one of us and may your spirit talk to each one of us speaks of my words and Amy chose the regular stations in Jesus name amen what is a shaky anyway I go you go first to the vital and nothing you don't know is not as extensive as in the past but that is now summarize what are some of the important elements there is a discomfort during our first presentation receiving a Scripture that yet a few of the Biblical evidence in a first lecture we discovered a demigod in the shaking it is the Lord that is in control the shaking in a good notice now of course we can contribute to it or not and unless you know the more you can couldn't contribute to confusion this came to Angola Almighty Providence reveals that the answer that this marvelous and the Lord uses safety to leave by his people in the good news and this is really now you may get upset that whatever but if you understand the implications of all the stitching that you have done in the first decade whatever you don't need to get confused is shaking his associated judgment on the persecutors of God 's people that it was the outward forces that try to suppress ridicule and Expo Scots people lament the want that the Lords will take care of those people and gods shakes out the oppressors of his people in the church so any kind of difficult personalities it's like to back eliminates the land that the Lord has for your life the Lord took account of sometimes you may have to lose your job to worry about it the Lord has invented jump and sometimes even open it became what you say because so what because your Doctor Lawrence and is being proclaims it should always be in kindness and love but not suppressed using we are called to witness and the Lord takes care of the eye being independent is the meeting them he saw hundreds of baptisms and ended at a meeting only a few basil busy and so definition of God 's people you never talk about discouragement and disappointment and failure because every experience teaches you more about how to work for others bloggers love and care in additional markets said that is not the Lord just Jordan was it is a good message of God 's love and mercy the observation is the enemy 's persecution of Prescott Agnes Scioscia also bought is going on a God 's people nonetheless people now this morning we discovered the following insights of the spirit of prophecy insight shaking his future and I as a result of some of the questions you know didn't say I hurt in the great know his future has already begun keep in mind here very clearly that if you shouldn't sign H in the future the shaking testing tango can't do everyone here he got to watch in regard to the mark that is the final one that Bill really affect the church in great measures because the final test is inept of life and death today is that the proviso that interview that is unless you are a certain Muslim countries but not here I'd has to do with Sunday's Sunday and sat it will purify God 's church and his people so that's a good thing is the diced chicken into body of the building with the you hate decedents interagency disputes brought you begin everything to the Lord the Lord felt they can six we can be in control of it greatly whatever goes on in our schools and universities I meant no panels writing a book about it what are the best things that no the Lord takes care of it but I have to have my witness and if I don't get a good rate this Lorton eliminate me and resort else in this never anything used and so therefore in order to get his bull 's we need to be a great intellect and Latinos we noticed this is very important friends you state that affirmations into Moses and under David's under Josiah Hezekiah Nehemiah tremendous men will and yet you know there was a tremendous conflict and some Vicodin in this evening to let the main and allowed claim revelation eighteen one two arming of looking for the time when the righteousness of Christ of the community feels everywhere is interesting at the same time there is a shaking Mel and keep in mind is shaking to future has to do with the final ultimate conflict about the long thoughts and the law of human beings it ill be a struggle bitterly manifested a gun command is a human beings glossary human beings sat at the Sunday Army that is the final five and however it is the only shaking the shaking began in eighteen fifty was affirmed in the eighteen sixties the emphasize in the eighteen eighties and the early nineteen hundreds now to early shakiness some people asked no yes the buzz is that element is a divisive and mighty shaking his comments just because a shaky among all the evildoers it was not the shaking among the Seventh-day Adventist people the Millerite movement in the thousands and tens of thousands of people after the disappointment dramatically shaken and five years later only one hundred people in ancient due to prophetic mission like Susan 's vision of the audit that type of the world to remember some of you and God 's people walking on its end and be propelled in the back by the midnight cry which was these prophetic message of eighteen forty four at a distinct and absolute ingenious this was a hit and I feel full of the prophetic lights and look at Jesus they are right and we should give it tonight they put easily all the prophetic messages you know and then eliminated simply put a plastic who gave those messages but visible revelation of Jesus Christ so if we love Jesus shooting of the intimacy of the impetus they want to reveal and if I don't speak with eighteen forty four who remains stubbornly to the prophetic message of eighteen forty four and in a fourteenth those who remain to the message saw the glory that have essentially you see so it is the prophetic messages David picked clean firm understanding of what Jesus is doing how has to they and enemy go out to the world we bring people out of the confusion and got the world into the very presence of the power house that recently many people are connected to that powerhouse a strange no if you like the midcareer civilian still friends what we are doing is so precious so precious but not have been amended the rest of the rights if it is big enough and what happened on the church about seventy thousand members here just about seventy thousand people there who it is by following the councils of the biosphere the prophecy that you get a great lights and the Lord will cause us to walk until the friends that was the mighty shaking now a similar shaky SMB was a young lady singularly echoes and it is shaking them completely synthetic unity of different people making forty four and other one will cover the effect is what's he talked about a future however in the meantime a special sooth that the Lord has revealed that both crisis situations limited crisis situations thirteen and that is especially speak about this and I talk a lot about dose of his famous personalities they are the nobodies called him and so you don't want to be with us and so here now we are focusing what it's happening this year about to let me just go on here this is an interesting shaking vision in the eighteen fifties fifty seven it is a first testimonies page one forty nine through one eighty four and also early writings to sixty nine to seventy six very interesting it shows you now takes away the curtain from the engine is world is a few of the mighty power struggle between a heavenly angels and evil ages for the souls of God 's people Buddhists also each one of you with distributors to very powerful struggle and that and so it shows you the vision the XP 's of the agonizing leaving members U big jolt to you who cajoled to producing their fuel through verse fifteen six seventeen note attempt to Zion secreta flask the sacred December the dead people sanctified and coordination assembled elders got even to children the nursing bakes that the guidebook amount from his chamber ended right from the dressing room that a priest who ministered in the Lord Lord we between the porch and the altar who did you say they're your people will and do not get you a headache it's the reproach that the nation should go over them why should be saving the people with musical theater is a unique excuse in changes in the same thing cry in economics economics yes it's the use of it in different details members will be revealed but also in a fallacious Sievers fifty to seventy one A Cedar or yes Lord redirects these are nothing we can see the value on life make the reset and so this is the message of God 's people in the field and a goodness of God 's own people and so that this then one being the agonizing people and you know in the last lecture I will focus on the agonizing because very few people according to organize that's what needs to be done as simply because you don't understand if you have no knowledge of the things so even if two groups of people gotten a leading member but Scott and at the same time the indifferent funds they receive lukewarm multiple antichrist is known as filthy as a new floor against and so the ones that seem to be a neutral seem to be in this and any kind of stopped like this in ACS fanaticism but it don't stir up the people you want me to do want to continue to sleep because that is if you don't start out on Spiegel they completed the shape and when the new preacher comes in a teleconference but they bumped into breach and they in many cases Tricia the bigger churches they don't get the person that they want with ability needs and enables get the litany that is staying here would be very short cause initiated by physical shaking division continues in the United States two seventy this is the will because I want the state testimony goals for by the conflict with Mister C ends the United States destined one another what estate testimony is unadulterated do you still have its effect upon the heart and receive I will leave them to exalt the standard and poor forth this great instead of eliminating the standards it will exalt the standards of what is the design of the Holy Spirit that the exalted with you exultation syllabary estate testimony people rise up against its and this is what calls to shoot him think about if you connect estate testimony and the reaction son will not like it's an reason and that's when you go to analyze today the dam of the state testimony to rise up against the and this caused a shake among God 's people Jodi observation then it is caused by a reaction to the state testimony and let us know I asked the question why because elemental expects to know know know in future my dad at certain ideographs certain episodes certain here is a status is shaky she speaks about to see why why are so many shake and vision of the final safety those are the ones in between how is the testimony of revelations the receipt again early nineties to seventy I saw that the testimony of the door witness has not been needed the solid testimony of August did best in the church angst has been much lightly esteemed him not and highly this regard it this testimonial work deeply dented and all who truly receive and obey it and be pure but I feel here this loss about thirteen fourteen years after the great disappointment that brought the most pleasant and meets this majestic demonstration of God 's power and its divisions one of its most needy and highly musical about it it isn't that I want about today Army you legally wrestling with those things in reading that day by day but Alito friends observation testimony the testimony results in these units these units because not everyone will receive it in the late acceptance lead to repentance and obedience the city got reached a shaky to set will have been debating to the Lords the unique experience they rejoice in its whatnot Alonso did and that this tragic I've seen it in ankle Pam and I graduated in his sixties from the seminary and I go now and look at the open of faces and where they are many idled with good because you think you go to seminary and you can learn when only a few deep independent journalists and fortunate is the lowest the cause of the shaking now this is about the thirty years later forty years later in the eighteen nineties that is Christ triumphant dates three sixty three various police and human rights people it will be the result of refusing the truth presented the result of refusing to present this little rebellion of Dayton in the diagram is being a repeat annual meeting of the coastal mating of other thoughts they never the earth shook and opened and swallowed them up this rebellion without the earth opening up at the notch dying to take the time to have any values at the six that nowadays any net is only just beginning of the mission resulted about it very easy hit nothing can be hidden anymore in it goes all over the world and its effects are the divisions in the church identified at last they then and seventy three thirty observation is that it is caused by a rebellion against the truth the state 's testimony was of the shaking began in the eighteen nineties and business testimonies to ministers page one twelve God Spitz has illuminated every page of holy writ without those upon whom it makes little impression because it is in perfectly under students when the shaking cups by the introduction of false theories these surfaces research and could nowhere I like sifting sex if I do any position to suit the tenor of their feelings on the turn in the tragic but again it is because of the false teaching that the being introduced and who are affected by the false teachings that but it's a listserv fish me seventy hundred one oh one quickly debits and I've only only only little but friends how can you have it at the discipline of one you will be staged in your deduction plus feelings in assistant cents wanting to instead of Bible readers in what we have is we go to depth order that the evangelist with updating evangelist to that theologian eleven when I want to have it I want to read my bank I don't even want to have any comments I want to read things created along and passes without any human input what the Holy Spirit has decided to NNN now you may have your Bible you regulate his same testimony as text a you me read something else it an underlying fighting the Holy Spirit your mind into that portion of the text and I had a message for the as is a licensed study for vital readers quickly and I have been fast it is a Bible in one year you read this message pray about it and asked the Holy Spirit the Christian is that it I don't have anyone who thinks I read it now sometimes I can have difficulty in the critical Missouri or spirit of prophecy and of the first advertisement promising any bits that sourced and how many look identical to the first of the Scriptures now sometimes I discover in them then exactly what I discovered so what I can because I discovered it I didn't have to be battled such as such ten and that is the key the Lord loves his Democratic species every day and you only get it now to everybody else so this friends that this cause of the shaking we are superficial readers we need the commentary so matter how bad it could be our outline don't go to first-order go first in the Bible as an observation it's caused by the introduction of false theories that affects the surface reader of the Scripture then cause of the shaking a seventy it is caused by a reaction could cause a testimony to testimony results in disunity except as lead to repentance and obedience disregards these dual beans in cold it's gone many value because it just its cost that introduction of false theories that affects the service leader of the Scriptures which faced this general that means on bitterness and so with this background I think of your able to look at it don't go into thousand ten and see what happens and there year the impact of the two thousand ten jungle want to place it is called Prince election of new leadership by a very small margin no a very long snarky effects of the good executive officially reshoot the whole discussion about hyping if you have a margin of ninety percent plus one as they discuss think about it what is the message of the new leadership and let us now go to the analysis of present text and see Wilson Sherman go forward on Sabbath July three twenty ten Gulf War the call to respond it is fitted of Christ culture TV talk so much about the outcome too distant uncle Junior that any candidate is in our culture again nothing is it unethical to know it abundantly had one overarching culture that is Christ culture only now that you know that this is even ideas in this objective and is a licensed clean is the unadulterated truth the Holy Spirit spoke through man exactly how we wanted of course the men of their own personalities but exactly what the Lord wanted us there and he is the author of confusion or falsehoods but there's so much influenced by the bunch but that's everybody friends accept the word as it reads so I said and no one will ever be lost in your criticism begin any question you cancel within this life during the thousand years of thousands years gosh all the question so can we be patient the patient we noted these on seeing this message is to use the patients say they had me on a patient and he was frequently visits diamond and now is the time when investing investment what businessman of the living and Al Qaeda thinks the Lord has revealed no chronic student feels the need to be harvested instead of creating a medical diversity of church so the first statement he was very significant focus on the message of the messenger is the presence of children that will focus on the message and not a clause like using a performer in Sunday morning look at all the performers and churches as has affected our church to the managers issue no affirmative millionaire if you want to be difficult if you're very wealthy usable size and coming in an uncertain world are absolute golfers is an word of God 's eyes the foundation of our beliefs identity and mission the seventieth insurance of the remnants of Revelation twelve seventeen this mission is the proclamation of revelation fourteen verse six twelve and decided to be sign of than bodies then he cruises with this now we should be sent I thought I sent this message no but on what I'm not going to show you friends is not seen this three percent of the sermon and then I will show you seven percent that makes headlines all over the Internet the first gets things out of perspective you really have to look at what the messages of this now what follows is ninety percent of the message but the salaries of easier than each of the state 's messages in relation birthdays of message books but it created second Angels message opponent against the Sabbath received everyone and a third lesson in the third one is dealing with the marketing to sell patience and grace of Christ unity of what Christ does for us gold is justification and a nice sanctification is a unity in our church so much that they want again undoubtedly yielded at Metzenbaums Satan in the United the unity of Christ atoning blood of the cross and is atoning ministry in every century both of them are important I only hope God of hope is in Christ the righteousness that is imputed to us justification and that is imparted to us through the Holy Spirit simplification that is cleanly salvation not by works so Christ through faith in Christ works are simply the result of our love relationship so spewed offices of Michael didn't it should be put under the table revelation seventeen over seventeen is explained in a place in nineteen testimony of Jesus was not the spirit of prophecy the rankings of the spirit of prophecy one of the Lord 's greatest gifts possible that testimonies not update the relevant if many people does it all got excellent testimony forty nineteen century will it continues to develop and even if something is local nineteen seventy the principal sculpted they had any spinal insights about Scripture prophecy health education relationships mission families etc. impossible for me follow his counsel in relationships I would never have one of my life the best only before the real for me freedom followed them shared that is never made like all of this night of no effect that is very very important they then remnant lifestyle building is any problem with instant and no problem myself in the life of humility sounding out a simplicity remembered that the a unique heaven initiated movement with an evangelistic mission event on information and that slip you have to do it out at what was set up in every church in the same building it was a nice sermon and never talk anymore about this event revelation every institution in our church and implement its but the only deaths thirty seven anyone know implement oh six and you know you won't be implemented but it's really that some things need to be changed to want to presently doing all goods deleted scenes the reform and that makes us out on our conflict zone but if you want to go to dynamic moment Jesus Lord take me out of the conference room for that if you anytime up to God 's amendment is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs are selected messages on two one is it still in the door is it only the nineties of a concentric Stanley's friends in fact I think of even more needed to let the rain in the outgoing Holy Spirit that something needed to buy the same time be any form why it's because anybody who doesn't participate in any form interpersonally for will not be particularly listening at the mind of Christ but it is two five when his characters introduced in his people he comes back to real presence and I've studied this extensively by somehow make it go to how can we do this rent only the Lord knows he can chase me to be more like Jesus I presently have this audit difference would it make in our churches go for this and from Israel's exodus out of Egypt is also many obstacles of whimsical decorative flat spots in Egypt back what one biblical teachings for as we need to understand what happened in our history that I needed to these very important because then you will see people men and women who thought it sucked the banquet and then receded but we do is hardly anything as pioneers that the Chinese instead of findings seventy administered that the gift of God is looking at the moment and how he will lead it to victory is no failure to move the voice of God speaks clearly go forward to the present to efficiently devil who wants you to take this step backward to each go for but every step all rights is frequently so that the obstacles but you are not alone the majority of heaven is that you only wanted to be happy angels fell to cities that you visit since diminished we have a legion of victory in the knowledge that it in any culpability stated nothing nothing nothing to stop you believe that Brazile golf notebook however note these items listed during the most talked about seven minutes of this now infamous inaugural sermon because I found the based on this and this is the most infamous Serb was they didn't even talk about all those ninety percent this is not a talk busy this was now the application ninety percent of the sermon was dealing with a broad principles of the Bible 's been across but now how do apply needs and various governments note to what happened where stripping existing methods what ever we got your church adopted a church that everything but arms was these of the problem what is a survival to belong to the testimony if there is not so and don't like it is a okay these are a few like a light of flickering no win no time at this time the world 's spent with flickering lights we needed a full blazing lights don't reach out to known at this moment that promise spiritual success based on faulty theology avoid nonbiblical spiritual disciplines rooted in mysticism so it's just contemplative prayer something grand and emerging struggle no point in its incentive industry for methods based on biblical principles and a great controversy the LSI many years ago and it was in seminary and know what we did is we went to Costco workers at either end that an event book of evangelism step by step by step when I was a full-time evangelism and initiative agreement pilot begins very important at friends if you do this you nothing to fear it may not be as many others do or mega- churches to I don't care we look for quality not quantity of numbers and a beautiful quality and follow the Lord 's principles the Holy Spirit report on twenty human events so friends since all excess and noticed one Christ centered biblical -based worship and music practice entered service don't you scope using bacon settings when music and worship become so focused on emotion and experience and not of gods words worship focus the rest of Christ Buddha himself worship methods should have simple sweet reflection of a Christ centered biblical approach I reflected on the holiness of God 's presence in the Bible the Holy Spirit will guide to what you believe that the only single-sided observance how many different effects to be having a church one additional event is is is is any member the son of a business remember the Sabbath and keep holy and you want to know withholding as you study the Bible and hundreds of references that I presently doing this the spirit of prophecy thousands of references now if you really want to be in business out of holdings that's what you study if you don't have time to go get the San Benito summed up in the Internet without witnessing you go to the home and studied is in the United States and small groups there stands footage of what happens for don't accept any new theology that under nineties the landmark shopping consider how did biblical foundation of about us donate at the beginning of our work by prayerful study of the Bible and by revelation we have nothing to fear each of us in cadets how God is less in the past and is the seems to the simply marvelous problem is that the teaching favor every phase of heresy has been brought into a cloud summary regarding to what got especially dissension and industry changes messages but the rain marks are to be preserved in harmony with the words stated using that visits and so in spite of the incident command you follow the councils since firm on the literal reading and understanding the word of God don't misinterpret Genesis one to eleven what other chapters as allegorical immediately simple creation story teaches six little consecutive configures 24-hour days Northeast revolution as a blessing that our present is laced that was out because we has simply not been a mental least six days but your mindset that created that people can accept this statement is still believing theistic evolution how they can do what I it's mind-boggling to me but therefore we are now working on an update of its fundamental beliefs and then we have to face it like this so that there is no loophole it's magic that the become the kind of a lawyer mentality in daily images of everything in the believe if you have to make up an event of any court of is abundantly building along the papacy we haven't independent abilities that you think you can believe anything you want no so do we have to vote everything that the act of belief is nonsense you do see that we are better thought is nice of you if any definitive links riding evolved into the now it appears that you doesn't mean save it as a theocracy during the development of the belief that the affirmative and not the opposite my what a legalistic site in Mangalore delivers the seventy seven just shoot called leaders and educators and administrators about accountable to a believed based on the little understanding of the Bible 's own interests friends if you hear something on the pulpit you'll need them not to be quite botanical I asked the bastard to explain it it abounds in Varanasi in here teachers and whatever and then dumps it backwards as always will affect my grades lesson don't worry about the consequences if you do it in a nice loving way they can fold to know some people don't want anything but through this so here is their continuity of leadership and in the leadership cannot be accountable to the next session you can vote of elitist very simple and balky knee his coach 's in first selected messages one seventy 's beautiful coupons is not doing these interviews of the Bible say take the Scriptures as they know its peers are lies in wait of things if you do that you can't remain in carnal mind and interpret the Bible but let's that's good to be its own interpreter rejecting historical critical or high critical methods of understanding the Bible as a deadly enemy of our theology of mission in first selected messages seventeen and eighteen the Spirit of prophecy warns against criticizing the Bible Corinthian Bible reads stop your criticism music on which validity and obeyed the word and none of you will be lost now when asked by class how many think that I'm mistaken about two minutes when I went to the Senate forty eight late a few has made things have changed things have changed but simply a new cases is that people have been exposed to lecture us that say okay here is a difficult to meet the goalie 's right to find harmony and if I don't find a harmony I had to show in other entity who depressing their any already thirty years forty eight percent it is really amazing how many questions I would think of herself I still have questions but I'm patient because a note of the millennium will review many and remember the word of God will be studied sloppy eternity can you believe because it is indeed dying my needs is behind us I never will be able to expect everything because it would be equal to God so we need to be hugged and use of the understand and the Lord will give us that our users become education and I don't worry about it distasteful instances I don't know I look at this late prima as a yang always a great amount of what else I like what else go to the Bible Madonna there's no frame okay I extended to those you love the greatest disturbances in the Edmonds church they just not put it past but even more important for future diplomats Cleo inspired councils to eight an application the Bible to us it is a heaven sent kites disturb the church in how to carry out that mission and work among the risk of amended blessing prints a reliable guide to our application that will choose it for today and until Christ comes is to be event belief a blight and promote Isaiah good appraisal than mended to go forwards in fifteen of Christ as his righteousness and proclaiming God 's grace secondly in presenting to see Angels messages in the learning island information if following the Bible as its ingredients in meeting and exceeding two thousand spirit of prophecy in proclaiming to the world the good news of salvation and the imminent second coming at airlifting up and then the public evangelism and finally integrating evangelism and we aspect of our life areas related drink see rates and evangelism I will what is the impact now all friends if you would have seen that the parties in Atlanta the church overwhelmingly out there's just us but there were websites by several independent of his organizations and they sent this session will be remembered for some clearly drawn lines in the same as a right right for the beverage finished twenty seven is a former secondly you don't include a few days but ensures the regress fifty go backward before the millenarian gets hurt else yes he fell backward to defining experience of connectedness not fifty years because the doctors on the bed with even the sixties and preseason all these kind of thing I know people back to the finance and kept innovation and cardiovascular somehow delighted with invasive traditionalism of others are a lot better the alliance we are not going to quit anymore on position opening Jackie Mason and even some divisions that in certain divisions openly voted against some of the things that was a small group and we can help us people Elvis people and every year because I have I do break on the particulars of year-to-year and so you heard of heard about it and your church groups within and you want to have information you can open me back there every time and I go there I have an audience that looked at the site and ID exporters anybody they all know they did in the majors and two hallelujah but that is something against you are fundamental ethics expedience that is hundreds is going to but I think that this sermon has been great in fact independently coming home believe it or not I received an e-mail from our late people and am now in January the Clanton Dale fasting and prayer is the only dealing with its four Google version of the latest I you know maybe this gives you some ideas you know where you work but ill be our leaders need to be faithful still and some have special leaders that have fantastic another one centimeters that's I haven't seen the lights until they do go back and get you under lights rights and so has the shaking begun is a shaking database in two thousand ten one o'clock that he executed to sprinkling very positive for the majority as well is very negative for the minor how should you deal with this donation is very important this critical if how can you face the shaking even if you don't you your church building on the edge of how can you prevent no basic announced because some of those are so simple and mistaken could get hold of him he doubts the day-to-day for the rest of the story see the next session current challenges or how to vote event being shaken up so we will see you back at two o'clock but don't eat too much otherwise the classroom that is great thank you heavenly father for your best things that you've given us a clear and evident senior leadership that gets seen show during two thousand ten praise you for the message of the gel conference president and father maybe keep in mind the application of those messages can be very painful at times but we have to stand up for truth and may influence creates a revival of information and the output of the length of a neglected in our lives Jesus made his name in this message thank you I see the support him him doing easy to inspire young people by the rival base price and delivery download and print 's other resources like this you been blessed making lazy and donate this is why this was done with CYC when done with you also reaches you mail box seven eight six Harbor Michigan eight one oh sings this recording is licensed under a creative Commons this means you can come here please attribute this recording whenever you in my resale and on three hundred and


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