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How You Can Survive the Shaking?

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • December 30, 2010
    2:00 PM
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him him for this message was presented I think he will I see two thousand ten no training that is there is for other resources like this visit us online and GUI scene led to a light I happen to be on site because I didn't go to the meeting to meeting so it could quickly regarding all was an outline anyway I think it will say about his last section is over the most important section of our series and said let us just as Lord blesses precious heavy father we thank you so much for jujube sharing this precious message and maybe there's courage and strength and maybe see more of your love and care for us it's very important that you would even invest in the very details of life and all the challenges of enough to face the future even before they let the rain is being put out and so thank you so much and since your Holy Spirit and give me the words to speak to Jesus and now we have seen this morning then we looked at the local prep after we have to nuke that the spirit of prophecy and he had applied it to the major speech that is being presented in the and the difficult friends and you have seen that set the aspect of the debacle speech will specifically focus on the application of the biblical disputed property principles and you'll see good in church or whatever you do over the past messages present in the problem comes when you apply is still applicable today or not and to I have had little difficulty with this Indian nation and and Joey for the relief doesn't make any sense and you're going to reflect yes maybe it is something else going on within this testimony is very straightforward I would say accepted and you will never go wrong I sometimes asked to my students you if you make this decision you go get way of life when you mean gzip the end of time what kind of arguments which are being to him had been baby Jesus he had no arguments no measures of abstract to share whatever because he knew is I still penetrate and the complete data in order to be on his site we will receive you to and as of the commitment friends is very important in a gap making commitments yesterday night your future is wonderful but you know the commitment is every time day by day a variety don't forget this because Satan is there evidence and so let us now new content and biblical insights and the shaking a Scripture and these excuses accepted in the Scriptures everything is related to cost church to God 's people and so what is now the experience among God 's people in Scripture the remnant and what is the specific activities of this event they cry out to the Lord beside Ankara and and you look at your own life how many of us to be honest exciting trying to the Lord because of the church only you know we realized things don't go well and you have problems and no roadblocks that site in cry this is a very unique experience I think that if you want to prepare for this using the seven announces go to hunger thirst for righteousness and shall be satisfied at evening I went to the seminary and it wasn't featured on whatever it do wheel long time to realize what it means you hunger and thirst for righteousness and medicine can automatically you have to call upon the Lord to give you this but if you have things when you get up in the morning the first thing is not Luke at Google News CNN the weather the new conservative costs and friends if you don't have this experience call upon the Lord and Joan gave up calling that I enjoyed the Scriptures fun it's interesting but how do you search for something different that you actually tend to leave it out to nineteen James London laments Zephaniah also and then the excuse of the remaining church members three of you have been the remnants I wanted to the rest of the church revelations three fifteen to seventeen yes Prince it's a sad story in a way and here this I know your works you need a cold or hot I wish you were cold or hot but your lukewarm and in the lukewarm situation vetoes it up but the problem is we think you have rich we have become wealthy you have need of nothing and don't you notice your wretched municipal pool of blank naked and a Council gold refined in the fire that you may be a rich and white garments that you may be closed at a shame of your nakedness may not be revealed and anoint your eyes I said that she received friends this is a key but the neat and so again that is look here in the spirit of prophecy insights one is the effect of the state 's festival I was very clear it reveals the condition of a church it is both with the remnant and the rest it reveals clearly two glasses of people goes to accept the testimony at a joint Senate and those who oppose goes on to class and the closer they come to the end I've seen it in my forty years of experience as it becomes clear and clean it because we come to the end in is not that you neglect the others but you've been attracted to the other group black because she had the same basis of understanding the same goals the same way to approach Scripture is very good and if you don't have dates one thousand that we have now several Bible passages out every issue in the church one decisive on the next one the second is all later is any chance it in a way you wish it wasn't so but you can never have intimate fellowship with people between the work of God is difficult to in a way you would never do that the truth but to me it is a treasure to have the pleasure to have a barbarous relationship with Jesus Christ what is a chase testimony why is this its purpose in his spiritual gifts for you to base to a tasty urinate by somebody's as shown in the living testimony cutting tooth must not be shipped it needs beasts something besides the learning duty to Hartnell it needs to staring testimony to alarm around us it feels sturdy enemy subject and then honest sold to be left to decide mortgage Joe Wasik not what is honest testimony friends many mobility site it was okay you know let's see how goes the seeker by this great testimony cannot be shut and this is the key we may no does the Angels message we may know the eighteen eighty eight we need the main no help people and all the other things but it needs to be something mordant theory isn't it needs to be in heart experience and that only can come from the Lord is and so that this bank Cialis frequently you do free to students with reams of information and if you see how to complete sympathy but another other walk of life and Monday morning they got the seminary wanted to call it a even talk is in the latest expanded the Lord Jesus or the battle between the Red Sox would write bytes bytes inside of the back I'm not involved in those things but I need a lengthy all kind of thing the bulk of the or is it something that a justice coverage inscriptions with the Lord until the observation is God 's mercy is that the reach on the souls these very powerful message it's regarding to the state testimonies are there to separate God 's people to be no more to Jesus is shaking the lead to decisions audiences and that is very very important so don't fear you know that should always be present in the loving kind rate that ought to be present and God 's people who are like the way nice virgins but when I started doing they slept ate slept that immigrants but still they slept and we can be good and it certainly can be rebuked by the remnants and again even dated his data privacy and steel sleep and so this dad is to stirs up and then messages that you will hear at this opens our adapter designed to wake us up if you don't I don't come here no why should you coming no friends why this testimony in a purpose in advance of their spiritual gifts going to page two eighty three and twenty four is a problem soon exist in a church that God hates but they are scarcity that's the field making enemies opposition is reason cherished the playing testimony when the church departs from God 's biggest by debating testimony and complaint opens certain units and harshness be nicer and nice visiting don't talk about it's a set evidence of the lukewarm state of the church as our observation is it is the purpose of the state testimony eliminate sin littermates and because saying the church that a license is missionary I think I think Judge of the church and I came there is incredible to see people living with one another not being married for years on the books and nobody touch because she is a daughter so-and-so will be cut down business and distinction army people will abide even a church member where what where there are ladies at NRC children out of wedlock Estelle includes introducing people working on the Sabbath Leviticus and overseas I was there in churches but people had a great and all of its food sacrificed on a daily basis men of Leviticus and Chris how can God prosper and exactly still kind if you don't know anything friends who gave since they testimony God scattering invitation year this spiritual gifts one two -based and eighty four just as long as golf as a church in eleven dollars who will cry aloud spare not who will be as innocent as thirty proof selfishness and seeds and we are not shunned to declare the whole counsel of God Benevento he or four bit is a nice that God is still people there speak up observation God has not left his church hello but he is faithful who dare to give his whole comes offensive you are called by the Lord how can you be free from giving I was going he here at real estate in the Indian society nothing to make money today and say this the Lord has called for the district of the tablet to live on the type of others and not get the whole truth shameful shameful as it will help to bring the testimony how to do it the preachers calling and reflecting your own churches about you preachers are some as excellent said that the mediocre and send it should never be in an industry here this litmus milk here in spiritual gifts two verse two eighty four and thirty five preachers should have no scrupulous to preach the truth as is found in God 's word that it got IRB shown it by ministers are not more success is been afraid of hurting feelings the goal of not being kerchiefs and they lowered the standards of truth I saw that God could not make such successful the servants of God must cry out a spare not everybody's got that evasive France Québec in nineteen this is one of the reasons by our churches don't only obvious couple of baptisms three four baptisms how are we going to restore those two baptisms Prince the state of Rumsey sees innovation and morals of God 's church in every city every time we had been no any delete a word only other faster guilt that many you look up we as church members but every of them serious the Lord is amended and you will go out and the Lord will bless you right don't fear because the Lord is with you again in a design with you and if you are fearful sent a cry to the Lord is it Lord give me another angel it's an elevated when she was discouraged just more giving an angel and suddenly she says yet the skin around me became and so near the observation proclaimed it to the Baltimore and leave the results with stupid you are doing this the Lord will pick so how do we need testimony virgin call of leaders to restraining where spirit of God is even now being withdrawn from the world hurricane storm step aspires to let disasters by Sealand although each of the Greeks is without the headache today so what business this is in heaven is somewhat spirit of God Mintz a growing majority of the coming as it once I be doing cooler to currently enrolled back going to discern the purposes of God 's ended judgment about about the follow-up of the doomed world you won't fear and tremble for your souls and for the souls of development burnished their hearts mending anguish would like to have you would read the report in the optical passing is good and plan things testimony filling six first quarterly rents you secretly roll back your seasonality disaster set apart about that noticed this is the drawing have you ever thought about revelation fifteen sixteen and seventeen laughs everlasting you know what is coming the most dreadful without any mercy in numerical you workplace or your friends lamented since talking has done another without even shedding any of this information will we must have an hard heart to keep this for ourselves one silver ejected us speak about their loss in the Boston individual NASA is that you know how we should simply be difficult but it was invented the working NASA was eight hundred nice if you know no problem as it but about the seventh of what casino I've never shared that I've is the seventieth and his men anywhere in fifty seven years and when Jesus looks at about you must move with think about having to understand the last links and you know that this French how can you not be a evening your nose in December 's sole reality how to bring the customer called to report souls review now April twenty three nineteen oh eight the work of the faithful minister is no child's play burnished untiring activity glad to wrench the great from the hands of the enemy whatever the trials and difficulties that the investors of Christ they have to meet it is his business to carry them all to go you can read the report in the author obtaining standardized people oh Lord and give more than an Adventist reproach and bite his study of the Scriptures and burn is the wrestling in prayer he may become a workman that mean that the machine right he defined the word of truth and friends when we shed his message people will dress the advantage because the message in the all the dates the findings we call it in the cervical people for your the NGC to the Senate and a special prayer we don't do it anywhere now still people come for Pilates and or any other special needs to give special April I have been waiting for a dispensary but his ERA from people here that this probably because because there's the garden apparently the pentacles but it was easy with you at least ask you the objective of the season component but when it is a call to repentance and mission in Korea with a lovely note it is a total different mentality that doesn't buy new mentality where are we today and so will survive the shaking let's now look to to connect this season though shaken up testimony forty five page eight the days are fast approaching when it will be great perplexity and confusion that remains of talking to me blowing an incident the church is not no Chevron 's supreme on March to science falsely so called will not be deleted then Joseph thrust into indolent genies and talent will not than standard ahead ordering info self-sufficient independent of God and he can not use in salads and observation those interested intellect and talent I simply used symbiosis and therefore if you don't have any degree or any type of education at you your daughters will think of those meetings the law can make you the standardbearers in the future regards that's possible friends in London Paris and green man he could be a Daniel and every woman could be nested you think about it but you can but God can do with us even if we had the buildings and their eye and the seminarian and a lot of material to seventy bucks is a lower intensity to working stable and so will be shaken out those who are not covered by Christ I believe of testimony page eighty one are you coverage by Christ in this time the goal will be separated from the north of the church through boxing is really clearly distinguished from the appeal rings and some of its many a star that we had that neither for his brilliance even then go out in darkness all who assume the ornaments of the sanctuary pretending to be sent to you just members they die coming on Sabbath doing housework and over the all who assume the ordinance of the sanctuary but I don't close the Christ's righteousness will appear in the shame of that old Brittany 's and so those two are not close to Christ naked really shake up and we haven't many many people that have done it if I go to my seminary experience in ago the Blessed that were there with me and training sad to see some of those people that make the bands career outside the methods revealed Brockway going to position then you started the end of my twenties buildings so that but don't vote your hope I think if you tell Moses how are some of the best evangelist engaging sixties and yet rejecting Gaza spirit of prophecy and being in bank to reason that spiritualists he became a spiritualist and he wrote the spiritualist by a major contribution perspectives but a sad departure from us gun rights he wrote the book against spirit of prophecy because our church and his book as being D Young then lastly open having a Methodist and is still being in only infinite and everywhere and nobody's against his quote connect while the contribution it if you read the explains of his death it was agonizing John Harvey and the cornflakes and Ali Gardner galloped back to Andy's brother yes many stoppers does you left he must do one and when I says you once about of the health of apostasy and Nancy cringed each about what will happen in our church of the variance when you have the only no again do we reflect upon the six yes he is a brilliant individual and the law could use a as long as he stays faithful to many that are in this fortune went down and now his beautiful your palatial hospital is one of the federal government building what a contribution to the federal government but not to year invested for I was English of you I reason for them in vain and you know he left the left and run some of our bilious students as a medical expense and you may notice individual you may not know using the NT is now in the top echelons of the most important Christian weeklies yes various still a brilliant kind man but lost robots very nice Anthony can go on and on and on who really shaken out the question is if you want to determine is whether you are all or some of you is what is your attitude towards the word think about faith delivered by HC thirty six as the storm approaches a large class who have professed their faith in the third Angels message but have not been sent to fight to obedience to the truth abandoned that position enjoined events of your position by unite the wind the world 's and partaking of that spirit that come to view magazine needing the same lights and when the test is brought happy back to choose the easy popular site they become the most bitter enemies of the woman that anybody cents and so the observation is you will be shaken out if you fail to be sanctified by OBD regions the truth rental Bay of Bengal we noticed some just an opening trust and open no literary trust building is old friends will you be shaken up what is your attitude towards you until noon the books you read the people you admire what is it off they can not be invested in any man we need Christ righteousness we need Jesus entered by our site is a rock it is diabetes this night that you can conquer at night is righteous as of yesterday C men exalted and praised mixed all as almost infallible I noted in a scrimmage and will shoot in so those who trust in human temp folder Christ's righteousness is out of it my friends are Enoch Church of blogging more human talents I be applauding this is to the sing amen praise the Lord and more more and of course you know me you cannot blame many of the people because me that the television and television is the performance is same like Sunday morning it was a late amazing how many people except it even looks to the spiritual realms it and then of course they come into our churches they are so dissatisfied with the pitcher because all ministers gently cannot match the best beaches in the nation and gradually step by step by step you go to the next friends we have to be very great things but this phrase to the Lord Opry preservice from those subtle things you know you don't jump immediately do don't go step-by-step Amy Comeau on a more familiar with the non- this lease programs and then our church and of endorsements but if we go to church no simply bought the ticket out of taking Jesus Rivas and ensnaring what the Lord did last week but then years ago the last week in a unity that is what he needs and so therefore you're going to church to encourage people even if the preacher in a loss not prepare the claimant and eighty and really I'm disturbed about it read one of the songs appraisal well additionally at least because you looking a viable friends what can be called to worship the Old Testament worship money to people who the all assessment people worship for four biblical worship is you state yourself in a almighty W Temple eighty three Dolores is that of coming unless noted she was a little hard to friends this is the reason can come to the Almighty we are humble and NEC from him the beauty yes who will be shaken up what is your attitude toward the truth review and Herald March nineteen eighteen ninety five lastly event speech months of the study the Lord is soon to come in a spaghetti signing when he approaches every church for that on amendments we could do that love the truth will go now friends and even phone with Linda Prophet who said that you are you would bet you that you know in the state of Independence Hall and I would see me saith United oh yeah you don't conflict but in a latest dumb steeped the paper raising you how he's been many inexact wicked man among us how is it really surprising if you are preceded up with you you would censor Wing Commander the Adventist church and create all chemical fusion sensitive seminarian and and and and and and and gaze difficulty in useless compositions and discussions all of this so here observation those who do not lock the two relevant you know in seconds and slowly seven chapter eleven a power of deception that comes it is affecting dogs doing about the truth so that it will be condemned in the judgment to think about your luggage are you willing to give your life which you business to see and this is something friends that the needs greeted the Lord and be locked in because Jesus loved truth is the personification of the tooth as a waiving of them it should be illegal to Jesus that is the simple logical reasoning who will be shaken up what is your attitude to God 's call with any ninety three fifty and fifty one a night fishing is going as it will go on and on until be shaken out were not willing to take a bulletin unyielding stand for the truth at this sacrifice of God and is called do we really realize what the feast of sacrifice God 's cause and Joseph Bates to whom God gave the special insights into this habit and sentences he was a wealthy sea captain retirement is whole retirement assets improved in the intuitive thought and ten eighty forty four that you thought anything left that he discovered this was another some of the center-right America might then as I said look there's been any system goes on dates I meet for pound okay I said I get you for a visit Joseph we always buy in bulk for Powells yes I did in New York she leaves all I all I have amount is deducted as well Joseph was unable to do as he cries it is attributable to provide you what you posted this was a letter that is open nice sum of money for its development to deliver in his heart is in the Bible of believed it with you there he'll especially for pounds and then the rest of the money people make a down payment on the publication of a spur seven ten you mentioned that if they does incredible yet his watch and retribution to think about it when he approaches I cried to God 's the Spanish people similar fainting and dying said the angel also in this enlightening book with the move dose who will not be moved by the playing truth of God 's works need a wooden Angels mystery that is the condition of the people that are not really to take a bold stand for truth this is so even if an angel from heaven who got so don't think that if you share this message behind the tremendous University are not from communion are you a version of the distance and angle to take don't worry about because angels of heaven on the books of that is the plain truth and then go to people who are open to look for openness open open to their event and be nice to them because this is all they have observation though status don't vote the order truth and sacrifice will be shaken if the locus Christ's sacrifice account home that she did for us how much are we willing to sacrifice for it that is the question who really shaken out what is your attitude towards divine light the light of God is given a spacious and the spirit of prophecy in the eighteen eighty eight manuscripts page three hundred and thirty one this is the reason through one of the antennas of the conference who did not accept the glorious message is that message thence reading was allowed by message sitting in slithering you may as an excuse for disseminating veteran who had not accepted all rejoiced in the light given in eighty you have intercepted the themselves between delight in the people that it should reach them but they must answer to both put a position I'm sorry that you are in such a great license that you are unable to distinguish the voice of God that you set to think about it how outpatient addicts to reject biblical truths that you have had it I have edited and that you you come to the truth and you go on any Oscar committed any domain a go on and on and on none of these fancy they don't from now on I only go further in the acceptance every Bible study you should have an acceptance of the truth otherwise lovely as usual that the shipment and don't waste time on people you a given argument after argument the ability the needs of the good person but I have learned many important this meant people at the stock people with items are they willing to commit themselves to footage business made it I tell you something in the back at visiting your life are you willing to follow the flight I really scratch or is it okay Québec repeated again I feel really because if you are not willing to you may wish to offer you yes Jodi observation is those who don't accept the light from heaven will be shaken who really should have busty attitude towards the work of the Lord six final testimony basically if you want to think that he is the only knew what is before us we won't not be so military and the work of the Lord really shaking time to time and everything that can be shaken shall be shaken the Lord shall not excuse those who know the truth if they go to their words and deeds obeys now what is dilatory think about it intentionally delaying someone or something intended to cause delay game time or need for this mission the magnetically are we dilatory or are we different it he made no effort to exhaust of Christ we shall be held responsible for the work we might have done but did not do because of our spiritual in Chile some of your friends get lost you are responsible and in the last days new type of federal dollars people out moved the agony because then a difference I think you know what all job why didn't you tell me this stimulates yes John but I was I didn't know how you would fix it and you know it's been every days and because I have any will she used to souls will be in the yes the observation those who do nothing worked and the big how do we dentist at times when I says and where disputed but when Michael made all to block this piece comes to me I need his voice be still and noted that God I seated the time is come and everything that can be shaken really should when we headed the shaking time be assured that only dogs who lived at present of Christ working out and the practical life will stand the test yes friends working out is that of Christ means being sent to a UB Institute as a result the United more never before observation ghost without the chair impractical Wilson IV shaking what is your attitudes toward the spiritual doctors about it so the church is one another's even the darkness of this nation learn the United States two seventy I saw some with strong faith and agonizing cries cleaning the semisolid date that participated his work with agonizing up the base seat in different resisting to God 's and went around them and show them like in the collapse gaze of God lefties and went to the eight of the irredentist claim a observation those who are resisting the darkness with strong faith and agonizing cry and feeding the box yes friends that's close to this will survive she how to survive it progress gaining on the highest priority what do we need baby nephew for emergency you will not live by that love and everything comes in spirit and soda food to eat at one meal business exercise whenever we must daily practical foods sold we must daily eat and what about the life of the soul may be getting you in dollars and feet constantly upon the word of Christ upon the word crisis for the hope of glory and they direct and resist any Godiva Briggs but spiritual self starvation high our high calling H2O nine vendor this crucial as long as the neat day by day a meal I could have said to know after my second lack of fiscal gall to sit in reach of violent weather he was a crazy we need something now you have a team day by day as we need our daily bread so we need babies or children eligible and the descriptions and why because online is very quick to forget every need to repeat anything that we garlanded photograph of memory of that a few additional photos of memory ideology of testimony at the recent because forgetting that more and more observation daily Bible study of the news the life of this that's of the needs how to survive the shaking focus mainly on the highest priority first testimony race on the deployment I saw the human old neglected Bible and if this was you speak the Methodist Church young and old neglect to state Bible especially at a young guilty gold this neglect most of them are ready to find plenty of time to reach almost any of the book worked that points to life eternal life is not there links and baby step that this is important that a student Justin in the last day is scarcely studied observation do not neglect the student but now you may say of the United out of Puget Sound statement attached all the silly assignments I never I don't have that I have all the hockey times the readable today needed Francy got in the ghost is it worthwhile to neglect critical it is better to drop a course and spent more time in coursework and study maybe next year let's see the big herbaceous new which will then neglect I said it to many a student I can count on one at Mister that the meal is only all the denials of the seminary and then I sponsorship of the so what any work done for your income is vital to talk to publish press and if he has any objection and come to me and I talked and I never need to talk to them because every student that people more time in the seminary because of family circumstances was allowed to state long since we don't believe that office can help us and if you look at my office Venable piles and piles I just simply focusing that no every morning person anytime syndicate of the foregoing but it will look me up this morning at five o'clock in time to the work because I need that if I don't need it I have no guarantee that the community is you definitely need to spend time with the Lord spent time to go and then we go see mother doesn't a lot better filmmakers men and women who cannot be bought or sold it to video as needed physical and so here is one assignment that can be a richly than that it's confessing to you your you have William Miller on the left and Joseph Bates and act and the state of Geoghegan isn't that interesting councils read the early estimates experiences their accuracy sets on big screens through which the people of God Boston University about work must be republished is that the modified nineteen of sleep next these of million Miller and his associates of Captain Joseph Bates and other pioneers and yet the nest should be done before people matter one oh five nineteen OC greet the divorce of the findings in a work who knew what the cost of search for the truth as for his investor and who labored to lay the foundation of our work review and Herald May twenty five nineteen you know nowadays in our evangelism Bible studies regards it is simply a fundamental beliefs which fund is a defining nothing until people are coming I know you don't accept the message and whatever then make the mutilated if I decide about fifty percent what all these efforts don't be like it is a evangelist like a high but so used to help eliminate and this comes in more powerful and efficient what is our foundation we have nothing to people to future unless you could get how both business until year then it is a treasure house it's a pleasure how does it back understanding to choose the last days before Sunday's protests against the last big deceptions the standardbearer select all and that I could speak some dirty printing of the rankings to bear to testimonial but constitute to choose what is going joke as you can see that if you don't redefine years what did I just be logged in this after this event is that excellent people know people at the how did the depths from being a Presbyterian Seventh-day Adventist and through the buying many something from the depths other from the Anglican Church of the Disciples of Christ with even all walks of life events and movements stick together and discovered which how did God do this what right did a fantastic friends unbelievable and so therefore you can see in appellation ten Angel Jesus Christ leading us into the and so what goes into the stupidest time redefining news WN X visas in a message of your power to withstand the masterly ingenuity or Satan 's deceptions how many of us know what Satan is doing because Satan never is out of ideas anything don't know the past maybe I'm most likely to repeat the mistakes of the veto no I don't save you comes in the same controversy the same things over and over again at Adventist to haven't studied this are likely to be gullible receptively yes friends how to survive is seeking accept the messages of the spirit of prophecy is a testimony settling of selected messages based ADC eighty four how many of us really believe it's how many of us one hand for the regular all I see more hands raise a record video this is very important for easier then they get up scheme after scheme and the enemy does seek to seduce to souls from the truth but all openly that the Lord has spoken some sinister like and has given out and message will be safe from what is authentic and then many delusions that the crab eating these last days instrumentalist tremendous and so friends this is sick and don't forget don't forget observation don't accept these masses are perfect because love is a delusion and its Matheny is not the needs now the next thing that is really incredible device the state has done in the last couple of months the Allen's you might complete the right are what is great how you know you think of David and a technical data missing no window technology today's incredible year you have the iPhone and iPods and all the other things and what happens now you do this you greater than my iPhone marketing that you can follow dissociative gain higher education means to follow this worked implicitly it means to walk inclusive of Christ who practices virtues it means to give up selfishness and to devote their life to the service of God and not that is what you get elegant all your fingertips and it doesn't cost now I ended fellow driving for because I like to do this on it but I like the reading elected by so and I like the recent night at publishing houses in the states he has told the life estate that it has no effectiveness people still like to read a book as of the events but you know when you're out to liberal when we travel you know anyone to share your newest dividend you know downloaded that you showed it it is no excuse anymore for not being a specified address is a you know you have no money wine of the Eucharist as they are then this is your friends and relatives friends is not free downloads from the app store and now in a few days the app store stocks on January sixth free download houses I should go is an ideal regarding the significance of Christ focus on my calling in life you want to know it to the wake me up in the night prepare many women present my topic the way I write the way to produce you know that I had to act they can all google but inveigled me to just sightseeing out its focus the monuments of his men and women who died in lock to death are we really did say because before to time with couple comes to be of benefit this time of the and many according to implement not enough will be killed many other people because of our unity on and so friends debut neediness that studies of the Scriptures are you willing to maybe have not been set yet be so busy and then at one of our study of disputed prophecy dating in our family but is a video one worship the Bible that on the state of is how real anonymity and more time over read other books there's nothing that was on the initiative shall I do not mandate that all my books no don't do it but first things first the best things first and if you're still time over the other good things very simple but you will have to win these last days you have to keep your priorities straight a hypnotherapist they unit evolved at all getting good things that are stealing prepare for the future and sell real estate Iraqi civilians at this time I would make an appeal all those who from no boarded the universe Bible and see about and then you can read whatever you want but are you willing to focus on this trailer Tennessee hence a new covenant of those people less than an boy stated above this is so now we have seen this friends if you want to have this presentation and data available for downloading GC divorce as well as business DC doors .com and you will receive a URL or you may download goes in PDF form like a UU youth okay the Sprint precious Lord we thank you so much for having the business year we has to especially good for you spit upon those who attended the sessions and made a share your beautiful message of loving care that you are selling business that you should all the details of the obstacles that you have to overcome and now he can relax in a way that we don't need to be a fearful footage we know how don't think they survived expects and maybe been instrumenting your parents to hold the truth to be a revival of information and may very soon received a loud cry and the awkward in the Holy Spirit and the A in Jesus name amen this message was thank you I see this important ministry as she lay cc inspiring young people need vitamin I have a base price and him as resources like more humans left making what might donate busy lives when done with more e-mail info GUI see when you also rejoice in the mail box three seven eight six Harbor Michigan four eight one oh singers this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you can share please attribute this recording is every reason to keep in mind resale and on the range is


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