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  • December 30, 2010
    10:30 AM
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him him to this message is present and she Y C two thousand ten no turning back to Baltimore Maryland for other resources like this visit us online and GUI see whether or there is heavenly father I praise your name you are an amazing God make you so much for it she likes a conference a.m. each and every person that has come out here Lord made a see a greater picture of who you are and Lord Mayor may speak your words through me maybe not see anything that I have to say Lord I only what you want them to know the Lord be with technology viewing this presentation and maybe impactful in payment the magic kingdom we were asked to want to talk on cartoons actually for the last couple of years and I said hi in all cartoons mom not that bad writer this harmless kid stories when I finally sat down and I started looking into this phenomenon I was actually shocked at how deep and how much they may even attack spiritual truth door or when the Bible or Christ even in the most simplistic cartoons so before I get started I'd like you guys think about one thing Nella start out talking from zebras eleven the eighth chapter all of the people in the Bible that exuded amazing faith in the Bible such as Nola it goes through in Hebrews are asked on sorry Hebrews twelve 's are Hebrews eleven and it starts out by giving you a clear examples of what is true and what can you imagine no one think about this for a minute you do you know this thing for a hundred years on more not ever knowing what can happen that's amazing thing if you think of I think then and now Abraham and Isaac imagine the faith that Abraham had happened to bring his son up there on that mountain knowing that this was the day that child that God gave them to continue on his lineage also want to bring your mind to Christ when he was in the garden of Yosemite Christ was on the ground leaving with God baking with God God I don't want to go through with this angry single thing in my life everything that has come up to this moment I cannot see past this point Lord aided this away from me I don't want to go through with this is what Christ was saying and in fact in Matthew 's twenty six thirty eight and thirty nine cents that he was exceedingly sorrowful and if so even unto death how many of you have been sorrowful all the way to the point that you want to die he was amazingly sorrowful but like it says old father to be possible let this cup pass from me for non-Jews I will but your will notice tells me about things in the Bible there's two kinds of faith are there's two kinds of road that you can take rather you can have complete faith or you can have complete feelings and they're on opposite ends of the spectrum if we were to react in the end times are upon our feelings we may be in for a rough ride in the time of trouble and Christ reacted at this point off his feelings he would not gone through the cross and most of the people in the Bible had they not reactive often there is rather than their feelings locked in the Bible stories what happened differently so they is believing in the word of God believing what God says and then reacting on the back not your feelings in Ecclesiastes twelve thirteen and says let us hear the conclusion of the matter fear God and keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man the Bible and read Deuteronomy is constantly referring to the laws along the law this is what we need to do this is these are the reasons that God has given us this is what life is all about in this law because what is the law the law in the description of Jesus Christ the law brings you to what heaven is like any description of Jesus Christ so want to talk about where cartoons first got their start Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse and Steamboat Willie here are two areas that have been around for quite some time now they used to be hand-drawn and now the review is using high prop powered computers to make every little fiber of these these stories like a toy story here but there's some things that that have always remain the same about cartoons notice the kind of life interesting little violent acts that happened even when cartoons first started happening and if you look at like Bugs Bunny Mickey Mouse all the they constantly live in a world that is very unrealistic there's a lot of violent acts that happened there's a lot of things Wiley coyote constantly trying to take down the road runner these things are not really how were supposed to look like I is him verify any plans the natural law really when the bridge really fall down so we had these things that are constantly taking this law the law of gravity in the law of everything and flipping it around and now starting to make these stories about things that break the law magic kingdom why so many little girls have you had you ever been to Disneyland Linda that how many people have seen little girls like that going to Disneyland just eyeballing every increases and wanting to be them taking pictures of the views are huge impactful things to children and facsimiles they evening you know they are heroes they dress up like an act out like them there's a little voice acting out concealing Toy story okay so this was you I he typed in Toy story reenactments on YouTube and polytheism of all the little kids that would dress up like this and reenact these things why do we act like the things that we see never thought how many jolts watch something and go home and get the outfit out and reenact that why you do it as a child from a dealer near for Tommy 's presentation earlier this morning the first one okay I even humans on it to play a short version of the near here on that we have they have found out that we have these neurons inside of your brain that when you stare at somebody or something else those neurons fire in exactly the same way as if you were we're doing yourself watching someone else do it when science is just a hotel out enough some special circuitry maroons else's improving return on and scientists have an explanation for this reason that it is him him and ask him to laboratory him him him I don't see the harm in putting the brain researchers working with monkey anywhere in your room and seeing greens help them always I need the sound when him and him and he would grab her penis and let all these pieces of however the meetings will be run site is about here is a neuron is essential to motion using moving on your then one day the monkey is just sitting around not moving a whole the city when a human scientist came into the Latin when the site is grass monkeys so find out who was the human will suggesting this here and you couldn't tell the difference between seeing something doing something seen in doing the same or more intriguingly different this neuron watching somebody does something just like doing it yourself imagine the implications of that is that thinking and you guys I know I don't have to skip over the next thing that this is what a lot of stuff that I'd like to cover what we see you guys off access if you haven't seen any of our prayers are earlier versions of our videos and things would allow into the scientific side of what's happening inside your brain what you watch affects you and often we repeat what we see makes sense to become valid the really cool pair jeans on TV what happened I really go down by thirteen is what happens than anything I think about how babies learn they learn by watching their parents Allison and repeat the actions of their parents therefore these mere neurons are firing so what does that mean to demonstrating in fact is people that one Matthew five twenty one and twenty two says he has heard that instead of the other time of all of thou shalt not kill that who ever shout yell and be in danger of the judgment but I think you that whosoever is angry with his brother without cause shall be in danger of the judgment and he goes on to say but I say a view that whosoever look upon a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery already in her heart we all know in this room the decision starts in the mind in fact our brains make sense of these mere neurons that are firing repeating things that we see ex-wife so damaging that the devil has created a device now being you watch other people sin because now all of a sudden he's reflecting people go out and do the same things but they feel like you know what I'm not the one that's doing it they are the one that's doing it so what does that mean when you watch things on TV especially cartoons in the early early age that glorify sexuality this is actually a Tom and Jerry and United in my most indole don't watch this kind is that in a little and that like the light watch these cartoons and so what do you mean to have all of this sexuality that's being overplayed drug Disney we are monkey see monkey do what is him on him and you all know she is an additional business around us one of the important cultural institutions that we had today indeed media and were in and in becoming a mayonnaise finish him and girl are you are you are in rule the people and hanging nationwide communities and eighty five is really all about female radii and got to know his will and will is in him and he is having children in the Magic Kingdom nine thousand children and communities and him the one I like to live like a girl what should I look like a focus on the money and dramatic units if they can see they are necessarily the ones that look like the women I know your wife they don't make them like making a movie putting the whole story again to doing logical compact that into that one slide is okay too interesting as is the land is in which Charlotte is a scene where she becomes a seductress to distract a person who's after I was reassigned in the him to do this for him now is very dangerous because you have the signage as young girls and the idea that the way that you get what you want to use your body the little girls and little boys watched this kind of staff evening in Manhattan what goes on in a little girl 's mind White upgrades this is an you know Brandon shared something with me the other day you have a daughter that's five years old four half years old and humans on the other day to stop the German princes and she said Brandon ours is that daddy is that what beautiful is and he had to say you know what beauty is in your heart but here they constantly betray that the league is an external thing and just twisting what a woman is really supposed to be like to these younger Ron Toy story three has sexual innuendos in its South was written to show our new friends without we started out as a separate discipline is at you as you will learn suddenly there is blown away at how beautiful she is and five minutes later is what he asks Ari Palazzi dear Ms. Spears Malone will come with me my dream was crazy I don't just check your movie enjoyable joint is going so wait a minute let's underwent just been here five minutes later in their life they wanted to come live with me in my dream house right we think it's funny but you know what the Bible is pretty specific about adultery is pretty specific about the law in a saddle saddle damaging way in fact in Proverbs six twenty four it says to keep me from evil woman from the flattery of the time to the strange woman lesson on after her beauty is in thine heart neither let her take me with her eyelids for by means of a horsewoman the man is brought to the piece of bread and adulteress will hunt for the precious life be careful be careful that there are these feelings in are you better than more Americans their men for beautiful things but yet we constantly would try that it's just an external thing and doesn't know anything about Barbie and Deuteronomy six seventeen said he shall diligently keep the commandments of the Lord your God and his testimonies and his statutes he commanded he is constantly telling us keep the law keep the lawn you know what I found Walt Disney constantly attacks the law constantly attacks this idea of fighting against the law and going with your wife your hearts constantly so here's how they do it resell you this image any wrap it all in these pretty packages of the Prince is getting the man in the fairytale tower but let me show you who are these princes and who are some of these princes that there actually after two which was one of that one of the princesses from China and God this second version of this cartoon has a very interesting parallel there is a little character that I can show you right here and that they term as the savior of China I see I is a on a roll and each time it strike anybody as interesting in this room that if they are in a little red guy when I'm lying then Leslie that's the beginning of the movie begins way worse and this is going to remind these things are not the new guy named in the locations felt in this name this character Milan this is the princess along and that he is her guardian a dog and what advantages you will at audio on June thirty the guardian of the whole entire set up and he is her most trusted brand move so they sat up but this is she is going to marry a prince this guy are that general she wants to marry the general and the Emperor is wanting them to escort his three daughters to and arranged marriages each one has an arranged marriage of these three girls here are Dunagan is arranged marriage but Milan have the marriage of her own choice which is this general that the set up of what's going on here now this is where it starts to get indoctrinating if you will this is the part where the Princess season who is extremely happy in her life and she is supposed to marry some guy she doesn't even know or have never even met and she's now going to ask Mulan for advice on is wrong to me is sure I just went to mention here is still raced to find stationing Army thank you Julie was at home but you have told you bring them home is between you and I will guide by following my feeling doing the right thing because I know my duty is to my heart night and in dinner one time talked about earlier today planting seeds the network is the printer also nineteen tears in the children's minds following your heart is the duty what is Jeremiah seventeen nine say about the heart the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked can know it try knocking your heart trust in your phase studies character gets a little more interesting now moved to the guardian of the world find out that the lawn is getting married and he decides that he's going to wake up the dead to help with this whole marriage at in fact he had lordship over the desktop in man and in the data are very excited about this news because he doesn't know that if the marriage actually happens he loses his position as a prison I have a real live like in your five things that he will change the one him as a legal help I will I will read NAB will will will and what terminology is that when this marriage happens you will lose your position as guardianship over there is duration how many of us know that when that wedding day comes when you want to be there my wedding day a man I want to be there so badly that this type of theology is is is crazy so long here I see the little dragon now because he knows that if this wedding is his whole focus shifts instead of making her happy now he's going to destroy the wedding range will not want to be his monkeys we are in an ideal world everyone would prefer the conscious mind and I were talking about you know you'll hear you out somewhere you know you can't tell you what I think we can that is also becoming busting them apart and here's where you start to see the character turned more into the devil that he does MoveOn 's friend begin and end in ruling and I know nice and smooth just man I can tell him to an old and I shall use any links that all the setting aside the knowledge wake up the other guy and get them to fight against each other and looking healthy human police raid this character who let me just call them straight out the devil whispers in your year 's Celsius Macy left until I saw back is self-control losing Chauncey will move will I imagine this is what it really like right whispering thoughts and I had I said about you go to that person the delays that are not to make putting this in children's cartoons that is when he gets found out this is the part that he decides to come clean at the matter is that of those who don't evening his job are to give him a call problem anyway you him you sitting in the movie ends with this wedding ceremony happening and down she's supposed to married that prints and general that she was in love with he liked supposedly died when he came back to life I don't know quite how to explain that and so there's little on this little malicious character is going to try to fix this wedding so that as you shall marry the right guy the general and guess what you use is using the nine oh to speak through everybody believes in because he's speaking through this idle buddies really Americans the speaker 's general release he will not keep him will him to you all being in and into the bearing hall my old scene on Raleigh Spears is out there and I wanted you anyway so in the eighties and what is now his marriage is fixed in years that really the crux of the whole matter they are coming into the temple right now and remember the marriage is the little dragon loses its place but it actually doesn't and like his name being watched and see what he's doing to me as I is him will meet exactly know for me yeah I didn't eat your vendors will all have silly combine that example they combine the theology and everybody's happy mentally and moving on a related story as it interesting that's just one princess so Jasmine am not going to this whole exclamation of this Adalat in okay you got to listen to the songs enlisted in the words that are in a song at you have a magic carpet ride right here here is what is actually singing to her I usually will world which is shining and shimmering splendid sounding phrases when did you last let your heart beside I can open your eyes when was the last time you heard something being said that your eyes will be in Genesis three take you one hereby wonder over sideways under on a magic carpet ride a whole new world a fantastic point of view where no one will tell you know or where to go whose theology is that when an equally Latin was his John Deere member is a thief who existing tinnitus print design in love with the thief and he's got the whole love story is all about in fact this whole idea of going against the rules and going to the lot happens quite with Disney this is a movie trailer they played in the movies for the Peter and real-life Peter Pan story and not just listen to the words him a a a is in Florida we were to eliminate her as a standalone as ten to do with you while limiting in place we never have any rules you never have to grow up only thing you have to do is leave behind and you can never ever come back so many officer that exact same thing to all of the Angels in heaven aren't you tired of working for God is too hard to exactly think home along everybody supposed to keep anyone just don't to a place we can do whatever you want that's not God 's theology and witches who Peter Pan is is an old ancient Greek Roman God in fact this guy is where we get our idea that the devil looks like he has horns in the households in and goes season on MSF is really look like this now but pandas always been worshiped as an example okay so I find it interesting that their love story is and and and popping up in nineteen forties fantasia they claim I burned the unicorn here's Hannah and Hercules as Hercules little sidekick in and in Chronicles of Narnia the language in order of your tanning and family Guy case of Peter Van obviously given in a way that he is and from Japan's high and they have courses theologies is a lot more like the devil so what about Latin and is little Jeannie and Jeannie thing that shape shifts and turns into people and animal forms if I get a little baby names aware to the genie comes from and not be defined as quite interesting it comes from the Arabic word Shannon is just from dictionary .com subject without you want on your own and here's what it says as she is in any class of the spirit lower than the angels which is capable of appearing an animal and human forms and influencing humanity are good or evil and just where the origin comes from a demon so interesting here at the Aladdin the thing that makes an famous and popular give them money which is a demon in his origin who all work well so here we have all the leading characters that are starting to pop up then demons and devils that dragons these of the lead characters in a lot of these movies now focus on this as this life she talks to the spirit so she always consult the willow to listen to what the willow tree tells Pocahontas to view relatively low can you time I was in this last one he and Mary Kunkel couldn't quarter as soon as it is I know I'm not the right will will tell my mother asked who is a CPA he I told you to the last serious time is at is as is listen to your heart you talk to the spirit as they will guide you are these children's themes what I found the Bible say about seducing spirits versatility we know that there are seducing spirits out there from this verse some will give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils we know that there are spirits out there but who are the spirits Bibles pretty specifically clear on who these institutions are also in a warning to us in the big Leviticus nineteen thirty one as regards not them that have familiar spirits neither seek after wizards to be defiled by the Lord your God we are to get our different direction from God not from the spirit world famous Cinderella Lomé someone else who is he should say peanut peanut if you like I will be in the office rules how I should look how I should dress on do it however I want to do it any wonder why were still here when this is constantly being pumped into the world the song she sings says who's to say that the rules must stay the same forever more whoever made them had to change the rules that came before them make your own way show the beauty with and when you follow your heart there's no part that you cannot win them and then let's get to Wally mine home and I am I'm sorry I don't highlight but let me tell you remember we we we are in a war an example is the most subtly created being on the face of the planet until you say something from the bottom of my heart I do not trust Walt Disney with a hundred million foot pole so anything that has Walt Disney 's name on it I don't trust it asked me that my opinion on the research I John I think after whatever it's worth I nominate any staff that you know what you're making gospel stories the lion the witch and the wardrobe using a company called Walt Disney to make the biblical story and ask questions about person talking to Wally I find it interesting bright conspiracists out there that he's in a circle with five points and it upside down so I said where you know when this Walt Disney I know you been involved in this occult stuff for a while so here's the opening scene of Watley it shows you a plan is with all this trash around the planet nothing on the planet at all set for only one thing on the planet went in their effort to be a time when the planet is completely destroyed and nobody is on the planet except for one thing in way would this Walt Disney where you go this so everybody is up in a ship in the sky interesting and on this ship what is it laughing where everything is seventy two degrees and perfect and everybody walks in line only guess what their fact and overweight because I remembered the devil woman never paint a true picture of what happens to be like you have heard somebody and he has to music hate to go to heaven I never heard people that don't believe in God and so while I want to do that it be boring right occultist think the same thing so here worth seventy two degrees and everybody walks in line and everything is perfect these are all I'll read this representations I should say of what heaven is like okay so now back on her all humans are waiting to come back to earth who is in the Bible it says and we go to heaven and there so you sitting on the earth by himself someday God will take us back down here and revealed arthritis so here the humans are sending a probe out to see the Saints go back to earth in this probe is called Eve staying in the Gnostic view type in the word Gnosticism and Eve and you'll see what pops up the Gnostics are huge and difficult evening so and of course flipping the biblical stories upside down and back so even if you're just a search for life on this planet now Wally find the little tiny plans legalization impress even shows her SLR she like take this little plant and that's her sign it okay and safe for the humans to come back to earth so she gets sent to this ship I sat I needed to show your so she is sent back to the ship that everybody is on up in the sky day they are given it is now the ship while he catches a ride on the ship to go back into this this planet and the camera and and show you the name of the ship and they obviously want to deceive his name and so I went to dictionary .com and type in the name see him and here's what I found axiom of the seven self-evident truth that require or a universally accepted principle or rule or law them so everybody all the human beings are often the perfect paradise environment which is defined by truth and the law and hear Wally who is this person been on the planet all by himself i.e. Satan is coming into this perfect environment for the very first time and that's where you hear so wobbly on his way to the environment all of these robots that come from an outside world via a shack and cleaned mighty little cleaner guys now notice how these only moving when the guiding light tells them to move in that subtle subtle little things they do and everybody walks and they get to the place where they are actually getting clean all of these robots now Wally accidentally gets grabbed and so as I said in a clean energy checks wildly needless anything a lot of percent contaminated who is a hundred percent contaminated Satan so here we got everything contaminated situation of this guy coming into this perfect pristine environment and this little guy tries to clean and to no avail of course and because Wally is not cooperating the police are then called notice however that he always is on the line never stepping outside this line is just messing with and now discounting my third on it and grounds a notice is that as these police are coming to him how do they take evil he's in love with in the background and then he decides to follow leaves cutting straight across the lines which which you leaving his dirty trail and office cleaner robot which seen this thing it's his job to clean all the dirt he's never been off the line before so he looked at the line he looks at the various fields of the line he contemplates what a consequence of getting off of the line is to be an all of a sudden there's no consequence in no consequence for stepping out of line you guys just realize the subtle psychological mind tricks that they play in these young children's movies so they take quality to a psychiatric ward and core writing him in the psychiatric ward is for all of all of the things that don't don't follow the laws or don't work or whatever you want to call it that all the broken plastic toys but you know what I know so many of that was quarantined for not doing the same thing now while he things that are hurting Eve is and so he grabbed her arm accidentally shoots Leon that security thing and now all of these guys are let out of so-called prison or jail or whatever our police again a comment and find them I noticed however they still want the online announced that you have chaos entered into this perfect world as Wally is there zero for bringing chaos okay so now here's the police then I was out on rebellion breaking out on this ship and now they're in a fight against them I want to point something out here the very subtle also noticed a little cleaner robot is now on their side and noticed he is no longer clean is now dirty even those little tiny subtle things are just works in the moment all I also wanted to point this out what color are they wearing guess what color they were wearing when it was a perfect environment for new wide blue lives the law is all of a sudden is chaos in the environment happened is that when you see everybody change outfits and now they all want to rebel against this ship and go back home to Earth and Wally is their leader and in fact they go home to rebuild Earth known to tell you that's a very cold view of the world is hope green movement facility in your earlier today and his family have this really great green message you know that occultists are also green object to the whole mess awakened that that driver on electric vehicles does that mean that that's a good thing so a new world we already know they're wanting to unite created this whole unity between all of us and what better way to do it then save the planet that was the whole reason that that save the planet seen this movie now minimize just now I literally days ago or something then it I also want you to know I don't watch movies anymore that comes up a lot demobilize you know what they're saying in Europe they wanted to a lot of reading about it and when I have to sit down and pull clips from thing is I literally know exactly what I'm looking for my toggle through it and I grab the clip so all of these things and I show you right here I have even seen this movie it's just from the trailer within two minutes of a trailer you've been telling us that we who in where and what you say to you so this is what were trying to do is make an awareness for you guys that you can make proper choices what you allow into your mind make in mind here's the story let me know when any alarm bells go often in some years I had there is a war in the galaxy okay and all of a sudden this character Megan mine is now passing down to earth represented with a nice lightning bolt on his chat was very similar to him how glorious rivalry is gold in good to goody-goody tissues and outgoing anything is all right yes when what they ironically on Christmas Day the same in a not think Christmas is like today that he gone there but just wanted to know this is a psychological thing than doing them just what mastermind gets sent to the criminally gifted prisoners who do not know the two characters are right about the devil and you've got Jesus okay now this is the Jesus character may have married natural man all grown up to see is is is is is is a once feared one is actually hailed and even make a day after them that they say happy natural mandate was to stop intervening classic story between good versus evil which is not a lot of themes in today's names he's the villain he's a good guy right but let us out for all use things out there what's he doing in this case shocked this is a two-minute trailer am showing you should roll a spiritual themes and so here's the crux of the story okay here's where the indoctrination starts to come at your cells on humanity is change my making awesome music to getting right so we eliminate losing his mind trip there's a war going on now there's some new problem on the planet and guess where Jesus is nowhere to be found in that they're making some new things and finding his energy so guess who gets to step up to the plate is the Savior of the world him the hero is that I is a spring and him and will help save union and the call and they know it the battle between good and evil it'll blow your mind is so him and him to be kidding right expanding and went two centimeters mixed together I would hell and loving you I may have been psychologically preconceived in your mind when you hear that an amusing so good at what they do they're so clever at what they do that is so difficult to pick this stuff out it takes a lot of studying of the genuine to even be able to contemplate the errors that are being thrown at the public absolutely mind-boggling and how they do this is I think Brad Mark Twain SpongeBob SquarePants community seem to show that if the law right it is marketing field there are lots and lots of little people executives will mindlessly trying to watch a couple clips another way oh boy in some parts of it is you find this funny okay it Harry Connolly May quarter and having at colonies meeting of the good neighbor lies to light a I will him away he is in and in and be president of Bikini bottom in Louisville and I is he while I is an insider and logic to an entity 's things and in the Reagan funeral was about masonry any secret society while anything the very common theme actually like to wear pants is a totally different order totally different scenario and seven seen him to remove the Republic of the reaction are running on time but I would say some of the dangerous occult adult content but also sleuthing there it's very subtle but also keep in mind children lots and lots of children watch these companies here is SpongeBob watching porn and him saying him sitting in the ha ha I will tell you I recently searched long and hard alibi and somebody Photoshop that negative zone Bonnie Neely I thought the clips on YouTube of people actually holding their video cameras at home immediately Nancy needs and they were appalled by this any significant night in the bottom corner this is very real and you wonder why a lot of people have one's neck area in fact Tom and Jerry they have made sonic situation is now as I sit here here one vision for the remaining slide super race at him and got him out of this show at the things that I make a documentary outing topic in his hands he is going to have an in each other around to reading it today it just keeps going and going and going in for hours and hours visually like that crazy things that your cartoon after cartoon that even a license in the course of the no-brainer right so I had to show this DES is wholly sonic like I rejoice you want to see this evening we have it on my visa visa who is wondering if it was you know I know there is anything we are doing this conflict is a lot I think God right is lots of people they don't know what's going on I wanted an illness Clinton and I must apologize you guys before this is a extremely awesome is that but I want you guys to realize this and very of this okay this is extremely extremely how can we support anything that this guy does and here it is clear this is Jesus at the supper of these guys I is him him how I am actually glad you're all here tonight I want to tell you that one of you will betray me that I just didn't act a joint meeting Ms. Dori is still are at our so there I was they just beat me senseless the thorns in my head nailed me to a piece of wood shop is fungible and bigger in my mouth and killed me then they put me in a hole with a rock in front of it for two whole days to come Sunday Pam I rise from the dead Janice sounds like I'm not a weekend my contact semantically Monticello just like on set account rightly know what you are chosen as was the Chronicles of Riddick several whole thing went up you can get home when you know I lost my glasses that you want Jesus zero is designed to help you is killing housing or I don't want to say how we know you're really Jesus can you perform miracles sure about this or why today is how I love you to fill in King they're talking about he is my Savior and pulled me out of Hollywood I was amassing guys on nice these cartoons that create the devil is in the lead character is any need I think there's a world of people that just think it's funny but they're planting seeds inside their head the God that I serve the team down in humble himself so much to come from his team down the to come down here and save you and I that's an amazing amazing story itself and all he did when he was here was to save and heal and be with humanity when the rest of the universe was saying only the human race they're amassing never been saved he said you know what is only one person that can save on the next and Jesus what was he doing he was down here teaching teaching the law why the law why showing the law is the law the description of having a good description of Christ is a description of what we should be living as Christians every day he admits being undermined and constantly attacked me tell you brothers and sisters this God guy Howard on that cross please don't support these things that constantly attack in Christ he's your best friend he loved children so much he never wanted to turn them away in the meantime race my heart that Walt Disney Hollywood wants to destroy God in children's minds of the sisters of our ancillary degree seventy five thanks so much for dying on the cross our death if you so much for coming down and teaching us in being with us and giving us this opportunity be called sons of God Lloyd may you be with his Chile seat and may you bless each and every message that comes out of this place value on this message was thank you I see for diminishing his pain as she lay cc inspired many young people in my room I have a base price in January download or purchase other resources like this you then left making lazy and donate this is why seems when done with UIC when done with also reaches new mail box seven eight six Ann Arbor Michigan eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you can share please attribute this recording is everything is in my resale and alteration in his


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