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  • December 30, 2010
    2:00 PM
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him him to this message is presented in GUI scene two thousand ten no training that will have for other resources like this visit us online and GUI see whether or not I had a slightly coming for you add as where it here we thank you for the opportunity many of us have come near and far we thank you for safe travels Lord as we take a few minutes a few moments this morning and and look at the subject of video games father we ask that that you will give us open hearts and open minds and will see him and that they impress upon our hearts what you would like us to do for this time as it is we all believe we are in the last moments of this Earth 's history thank you for hearing appropriate you would be at my time that you would call my mind in the EB of each individual mind here in Jesus name we pray an artificial atmosphere what is artificial they are not real and what is the atmosphere and environment so what were those two words together when we conclude to think environment in the Garden of Eden there was a perfect environment the atmosphere was completely perfect it was almost as this sphere of perfection and then there was this little problem and enter well-developed problem sin and completely destroyed this perfect environment this perfect atmosphere and since then I believe Satan has tempted man can we create some perfect environment in man has try really hard to create an environment that is utopian in nature and how we succeeded no because there's that one little tiny problem called sent and it is prevented us from creating a perfect real environment in an instant we created a fake artificial atmosphere and artificial environment you think you are in control but you're not seeking a start in a soft testimonies for the church volume three page four seventy six days and went away repeat as a leader he has since become a yes audio verse yes the Germans ask individual and I will make a plug now for little light ministries these are on video and I you need to be alarmed soon is among us and it is not seen to be extremely sinful the senses of many of the nondividing dollars of appetite and my familiarity with sin we need to advance near to what heaven or on enduring were advancing heavenward so the objective of today's meeting this this session is to show that video games have links to idolatry in fiction to get counsel regarding these two concepts to show how some of these the most popular games counterfeit Christ character in the biblical narrative and how should Christians relate to this media format videogame system this may seem obvious but we want to look at these issues and it will recognize this logo every nation your has been one of the biggest stable household names in the videogame industry and any kind of toy in the last twenty thirty years Nintendo it has been it I would almost be safe to say for the most part industry-standard for for gaming and videogame consoles and and everything dealing with videogame entertainment now there's the courses as their brand of their companies out there but the most popular one in my humble estimation is than ten more what let's learn a just a fraction of the time about Nintendo 's Dunaway Nintendo some of the definitions it comes from heaven or luck comes from heaven and actually the foundation of Nintendo when it actually organized and came together was in eighteen eighty nine is any of that date around that time sound familiar to anybody okay in eighteen eighty eight there was a peculiar message in a very special message anybody help me out what was that message Chrysler righteousness righteousness by faith this message is the message that is to be preached in the whole world and is seventh evidence believing Christians or Bible believing Christians this message is in Australia what the second coming of Christ and so is interesting how Nintendo arrives allegedly from the heavens one year later and of course it didn't start his video games than the service playing cards in the Manhattan was called love hotels and it's not quite abroad what about something I mean so video games there's gross there is Perot's so not here to completely bad video games will get a few those problems hand eye coordination is increased with videogame by puzzle solving skills are increased useful for training airline pilots and trained professionals like soldiers in fact a lot of the robots that are used in and in modern warfare the acid used a hardwire an actual Xbox controller or PlayStation because a lot of the soldiers that grow up in this videogame era are very familiar with the controllers so why not let's just give them what they're used to use my psychologist to help people overcome phobias when we whereas as we're putting together this battlefield Hollywood documentary we Tom Scott I interviewed a a a position down at the veterans hospital at UCLA and they've created this whole virtual reality 3-D simulation with a change in Vietnam that may put them in this this is stimulated atmosphere and water in this atmosphere they share the same sound they heard back in Vietnam there is a lot of the smells are there they had to give them a a a a John that has the same weight as an M-16 or in sixty and they relive the same process and so they cope with these that the Post traumatic syndrome well that's pretty much it the pros what about the times wasted time on averages thirteen sometimes upwards of one hundred hours per week on average the game takes about thirty to forty hours to complete if you're good at me I love video games but I was not good at them so it was I would probably longer the hundred hour category wasted money average game is around thirty to fifty dollars more on the fifty dollar range modern warfare that the latest one parent I gained a billion dollars in just over a month and a half can you imagine that one billion dollars in almost two months LIBOR state they may have gamer grub supposedly can boost your game with vitamins and neurotransmitters if you spend money on this particular gamer grub so it's a viable option to be a videogame anxiety and stress is heightened strained relationships families are broken husbands and wives are divorced of these issues is just it's not a good situation here's a little video I meet people and heard about that the man in Japan and married this woman okay and retreat she is the perfect loving Christian lovely devoted an entirely wonderful I thought it was those he loved maybe it is not character in a game called luck what is the ability it later as I have been the captain not my thing now is moving down nine thousand and eight what is the more you play the more he demands your attention is under his relationship playing every single day in many women everywhere on vacation and before long and he decided to marry her why and what happened there about eight thousand and thirty one and real not revealing Mary I I understand one hundred percent that the gain now what not a legal union anyone thinking humor in their environment and are ever in the middle that I know and we'll want to get a sound that he doesn't want a real girl he was in our real money only one minute right now they found that many you linger about Mary again a something that you and me okay integrated throughout the house that they remember the real world even when women and that women think again Japan's Internet who has moved beyond the later online games relationships and marriages the avatars are now part of the virtual world on salary not answering that popping about you you can even Internet edition many of today's Japanese you can't express their true feelings in reality only a number of fantastic body that has no sign of slowing down happy and I won't close line more online and less impersonal but that was okay and we play games and now how long can this go on how long as you know I think the purpose of this game to enjoy the romantic relationship there is no ending to this day that continue to gain grant young in why any of us that obsessed and this is normal for a lot of people creating an artificial atmosphere we are going on in your action marrying your computer 's little beyond me okay addictive personality disorders can relevant Amazon.com video games the downside and it affects the brain what when we look at the addictive personality disorders that can develop we need to understand how our begin games addictive how do they create that addictive cravings continue to play how can somebody play thirteen fourteen fifteen hundred hours at a time playing video games the way videogames are constructed they have no multiple elements that make them addicting but also it's best based on BF Skinner having people aware of BF Skinner psychologist Katie created for those that don't know he created a a box they had a few contraption and devices and in what he even took a picture or rat and once those animals were in their there was a couple lights in a letter and out of curiosity that the ratification which would either Packer with this is what caused the lever and it would release food of course that started to train the brain of the animal and all of a sudden over time when the light would go green or whatever color it was the animal would be trying to push the lever and an NEC that reward was given when the light would go on and then and then they would try maybe not food every single time and so there was this in intermittent reward you think of an industry that banks on reward and reinforcement lottery gambling exactly how many people anyway what would Danley be successful and in fifteen fifty one what may be addicting but if you won a million dollars every time you pull the letter I probably would not be a viable industry one here's a little this is a commercial for a videogame and explain on this whole reward and reinforcement that's very humorous but it is its content when you write your face what all the same game belonging to something that I don't really multihued when we get like these emissions result from writing these words enemy munitions get progressively harder harder and then we get you want interesting interesting web team we want I like to start the mission start using about the progressively easier and I get all rewards upfront but one thing you'd like the rest of emissions according to a because I'm awesome as well the basic concept of videogames is you play through different levels level two is harder than level one and and so forth the team beat the game and when you're going through the game to the different stages whether it's inside Mario Brothers Castle many are even yes Farmville three phase boogers you have to gain certain rewards are certain tasks to be gained the rewards to advance and of course that's what makes it one of elements makes it so addicting as Tom of new blank slander a little bit in the last talking and we wanted to bring this up that the way the mind works it has four years data in the data out to beta now as Thomas talked about when we watch television in thirty seconds or less reminds which is opening out the brainwave pattern which is a semi- hypnotic state the same is with video games you switch to the semi- hypnotic state and if you've ever noticed somebody intently playing video games favor trying to carry a conversation with men are the worst of personal them all in a multicast begin with we throw video games in the next and what were completely lost on that point but they did I study in Japan on missile concept sent us a survey conducted by Akio Mori a Professor Nihon University College he found that the longer people 's spent playing video games the less activity they showed in the prefrontal region of the brain 's which govern emotions and creativity what is even more worrying is that according to the study brain activity in the people who continually play games did not recover in the periods when they were not playing games translated when they were done playing video games their brain remain out for brainwave pattern we have a society and artificial atmosphere of zombies walking around still in an altered state of consciousness in a very disturbing delete then an AE all heard of the controversy of violence is violence correlated with video games will become so two societies blows in and in violence and and and hate crimes because were still in this hypnotic state we play so many video games watch so many movies and were not spending the time with Jesus that we can't hear that still small voice and so when these things happen over here we could care less because were still focused and in an altered in a different state the review and Herald March thirteen nineteen hundred saint does not wish the people have knowledge of God if he can set in operation games and theatrical performances that will so confuse the services of a young human beings will perish in darkness will light shines all about them he is well pleased so what if idolatry we know it's it's it's part of the second commandment God I send thou shalt not have any graven images cracked I documented the entire divine power to the lower creation in worship such as the oldest honor any other object made by God whether living or nonliving in Revelation five twelve there are seven worships or attributes of worship it says what is the Lamb who was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing is either seven attributes of of of of war of worship you have this recalled worship and on the street there's seven fruits power riches wisdom strength honor glory lessons and they're all part of this whole worship mechanism so and in a practical sense if I have strength I should be using that strength to give God the glory and also to help me play a videogame that's a form of idolatry so for taking the strength that God gave us to go out and glorifying worship him and were using it to do something else as a form of idolatry because remember woman worship anything other than God as a form of idolatry one Genesis three one two three it says now the serpent was more subtle than any other beast of the field which the Lord God had made any certain woman enough God said ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden and the woman said of a servant we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of the garden God said ye shall not eat of it neither shall ye touch it lest he die and the servants of the woman he shall not surely die for God doth know that in the deity thereof then your eyes shall be open and you shall be as gods knowing good and evil and when the woman saw that the tree was good him that it was sent to the eyes and a tree to be desired to make one wise she took of the fruit thereof indeed he gave also under husband with her and she did so how does this play into idolatry or even attributed divine power to piece of fruit seen the devil tempted through the best route was getting give her some kind of power some kind of strength some kind of wisdom if she only gave up believing a certain suggestion that she could be transformed into a God she was performing and an idolatrous by first of all believing and being deceived within actually partaking and wine to be like God and having the wisdom like the course we know she was wrong and that thinking first Grampians ten sixty seven fourteen says now these things were our examples to the intent we should not lust after evil things as they also lust for seven neither be idolaters as were some of them as it was written the people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play in verse fourteen where wherefore my dearly beloved flee to my mythology so Paul was even saying flee from idolatry and ended often times we think idolatry is just worshiping some stone statue that took place five hundred years ago or thousand years ago in ancient Greece or wrong but is there idolatry worship today testimonies the church line three page three twenty four without hesitation or argument we must close and garden avenues of the soul against evil what are the avenues for the sole senses maybe we five weird and got been very well honey people know much about the video can we all understand how the principle of looted all what happens when you pray the vertigo supposedly you can if you hurt the doll you put a curse on somebody else and when you are at doll you're hurting him that person per person but when you distill a little bit further are you being the controller of that person 's life are you dictating how that person feels and acts by hurting the city using this medium this format of a dog in your prettiness and you're hurting it therefore your controlling another person the meaning of a million dollars the type of remote control and theory according to Boone believes which we know to be false whatever I do to this doll will happen to the person I choose we also have forms of remote controls today we have remotes for televisions we have remotes to open cars and start cars and remote to advance my computer screen but it's very limited I don't have complete control on action so I turn on a television program or a movie I'm watching that and the movie program in the television program I've activated that I started that program but I still have control over what happens in the scripted program in order to have full control me truly to truly simulate this video concept you need to have control over what the people on the screen are doing thus the controller and in the videogame model it takes a step further from the the movie and television watching because now as a player you have control over what the avatar that character in the videogame guys whether it's the most the game or whether this went on for the pharmacy you have control of what that character or seeing in the videogame does now is my native liver film is looking at an exciting time at counseling and everything in no way is not easily control the characters you felt like magic to happen ministries Sam I is an excerpt taken from the game produced a number of years ago he is a setting is the cold world Cold War that was taking place between the Soviet United States but that concept if you fear that that in the future people are going to control peoples and movies and there can be some form of control is interesting couple years ago they came out with a movie called gamer on people heard of this movie and the basic concept was there as is individually to see them breaking through the first phase this kid that controls this individual via a video game system and of course Xbox was on the first to endorse one those of us that maybe are very familiar videogames or maybe not so familiar paintings we can all say that video games there's a lot of cold themed videogames as you see her Castle mania on this one death smiles which is is a very fascinating scary name decile into the world of Guild Gil Marano a kingdom plagued by hideous monsters and poor consoles choose from five Angels with unique daemonic familiars and battled against a storm of enemies pouring out of Hells gate so now in control these angels that are very familiar with the whole demonic realm and I didn't of course you have to fight other demons and on the name of good course this is a pretty obvious one Diablo God of war leaving over God award okay I do yes you're not the released parties as images in a small but when one of the versions and got it working now they actually is based on Greek mythology and they actually had at the release party inquiries they went through one of the that the rituals that they would do in ancient Greece where they would sacrifice and this is very cold they would sacrifice a goat here and then they gathered the blood in the past the cover in the course they had just the whole drunkenness and debauchery as part of this release party in honor of this game what about the innocent games because as many games out there that that come across and we view them think they're in a sense it I may not play God of war I may not play Diablo I may not play on these other games but what about these simple innocent games one of the most influential men in video games is Mister Mia Moto he is the creator of super Mario Star Fox legend of Zelda Pokémon etc. when we are playing these games what is hidden how many people have not heard of any of those games okay you you are not her super Mario that it came out when I was there when I was pretty young and was probably the coolest game besides Mike Tyson 's Punch out and super Mario's was awesome but here's a little video comment on that initial creation of Mario and and and how it transformed into this large I sizzle machines that you use again to the ingenuity Wednesday July the reason he was made in ninety sixteen six oh he cracked do you have any three pixels since that wasn't enough to make my coffee when he jumped to attack them you'll make him seem to run thought we needed to make his arms very physical so they had to be a different color from his body so that it will be able to escape from the humdrum everyday well I'll get up Dominic but as a shrine media dedicated to a fault on this box couldn't convince my mother that all people so I had the idea of making a false reply to all teeth him him and him and start on the last little bit of that you can hear the creator Mister meeting new Moto had based the game start off this greed I haven't seen his Japanese Shinto god this little item A/V notice it's it's it's so similar that may have been the red scarf in the stands of everything that is the box was a God messenger seminar he was almost like an angel so to speak him and bring in these messages and then all these this information to this guy so the thought is based on a real rate of Fox is used as inspiration for these games just to name a few star Fox sonic the hedgehog legend of Zelda see here to see this character doesn't place on the hedgehog and also legend of Zelda he's popped up in the game so we only look at these games it seems so innocent what is the root of these characters and effectively if if if we are playing an end in adoring these certain games and characters are we adoring in fact this idle so many people have bowed down to worship and is unaffected to see so many kids as Thomas and it are critical thinking our frontal lobes are developed at least twenty how much is that affecting and him sitting in their subconscious when they tensely may not fully understand what's going on in second Corinthians three eighteen and says but we all with open face beholding as a glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same image from glory to glory even as by the spirit of the Lord so by beholding the week you what would become changed by the luckily become changed and formed an image of his major man can so educate his mind that sin which he once load will become pleasant to him as he seizes to watch and pray he ceases to guard the city know the heart and engage in sin and crime the mind is the base and it is often possible to elevated from corruption what is being educated to enslave the moral and intellectual powers and bring them into subjection to growth constant war against the carnal mind must be maintained and we must be aided by the refining influences of the grace of God which will attract the mind upward and habituate it is you meditate upon holy things so this may be referring to actual violence and an end to sin open Senate were partaking in but as were going through this process of being a controller of controlling somebody else doing these actions when we see other people that go as far as wanting to marry a lady on a computer screen how does that fit into this equation by beholden to become change by beholding little Mario attack certain little elements by beholding these demonic occult themes do certain things are we being changed into that same process and are we being a nun to violent acts in the real world one how did he come up with super Mario you realize that super Mario Eric Stephen Mario at one point was more familiar across the world than Mickey Mouse is how popular this little character is having rigorously analyze what exactly made people want to play one more time I sketch out ideas for five games at this point Nintendo was licensee for Popeye I asked if I can make a game using Popeye the basic concept of Popeye is that there is a hero in his rival who manages to turn the tables on with the aid of Spanish it's identical to pack what happened he gobbles DE gobbles around any of these go such a summit he has enemies goes every once in a while when we eat that special little if you will just like Riley Benitez and John on routers it started with a simple idea I wonder what it would be like to have a character that bounces around in the background should be a clear blue sky I took the idea to a program and we started working on it violated up being too big so we shrank and we saw that from the last video then we thought what if he can grow and shrink how how would we do that it would have to be a magic mushroom wherewith the much where would a mushroom grow in a forest we thought of giving Mario a girlfriend and then we started talking about Alice in Wonderland search starting to see these links the Popeye Pac-Man house in Wonderland Mario brothers how they all connected wealthy job simple diagram we have outlined all it the Spanish which gives him his power to get stronger to defeat his name is enemy Mario we had the male hero character with the distressed female peach and we he asked each a Muslim to grow bigger and when he grows bigger stronger ability to jump higher and conquer more enemies and ultimately he fights this Dragon my character in the end bows as we know Mark Cooper Anna Paquin same thing that the male characters Ms. Ms. Pac-Man and then he eats those special thoughts and inconvenient logos you see movies and video games are very similar I never heard that in and in the film industry there's only really five scripts that all the movies out there based on the same as that video games are or how many scripts are with videogames but there's only a few and you can just keep repackaging the same story people will buy it because putting different flair here and there and people will go by the same videogame and movie John fourteen section six says Jesus said unto him I am the way the truth and the life no man comes unto me and I'm the father but by me all these characters are using other means of gaining truth and access to greater vigor things that Christ says that he is the only way John eight forty four since you are of your father the devil and loss of your father ye will do he was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him when he speaks a lie he speaks of his own for he is a liar and the father of Satan is the father of fiction can we say that fiction is what the life 's not real anything that is not of the truth is the opposite of truth and so when I tell when I went when I decide not to say the truth undersigned to lie to you because as soon as fiction what is fiction the readers of fiction are indulging and evil that destroy spirituality and eclipsing the beauty the sacred page we have in our possession a book that is a lie how many people believe the word of God is life that is a breathing organism that revives the person and enables them to overcome sin a man fiction cannot do that in fact I think there's only one book that can bring like the Christian or to the human that is the word of God but it's as is a is this the administration says that even fiction destroys spirituality what here's a little bit of fiction from the beginning eating a fruit of the suggestion of the serpent the serpent said in the fruit and he will be in power Alice in a mushroom at the suggestion of Caterpillar and Mario needs mushroom under the control of the player below the result in the real and the real world the real-life application he was told that would make her like God it didn't happen his fiction but on the flipside Alice's told the Mashable maker calling this does Mario when he eats the mushroom he becomes super Mario is this taking fiction as glamorizing insane than is possible for everything the result Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden Alice is condemned to death by the red Queen but rebels and list and Mario fight the Dragon improvement was trying to kill him and wins the battle you know that Cooper be translated to English in some versions you know what Google means me the great demon king and so you start to see and will start to advance in this direction you're starting to see a lot of biblical spiritual ties to movies and video games and especially in my start to see a connection with biblical narratives and biblical themes but first we start to see a a flipping of biblical truths Popeye again we we look at these in this chart but it began only plug-in Adam and Eve and and and their little political power boosting elements it makes him God no it went against God 's principles and have the reverse effect so all these other elements Popeye Mario Pac-Man when the easiest elements that are told they are done there to make it be made into a super human or super entity it's almost like taking the biblical truth minutes flipping them upside down as ingrained in young people 's minds by doing this you can achieve this by plan is videogame so much it's been achieve certain things in your mind and raining almost a Gnostic view of biblical narratives these stories and elements that are counterfeit with the biblical narrative let me just say no effort should be spared to establish right habits of study in the mind wanders bring it back if the intellectual and moral case has been perverted by overwrought and exciting tales of fiction so there is a new disinclination to find the mine there is a battle to be thought to overcome this had a love for fictitious reading should be overcome at once rigid rule is to be enforced to hold the mine in the proper channel who is the greatest eminent enemy that we fight self and when addiction takes place is when the mind has complete control over the body so when we are addicted when we only follow these fictitious stories what is that taken us away how is it taken us away from the sacred page house that taken us away from Jesus and his word minuses were told we need to be diligent and we need to to to spend time having God bring us back into harmony with him because these fictitious stories are so detrimental and we may not think of it we may not think that it's it's it's it's any harm but if we are on the sanctified walk towards heaven these little bumps turn into mountains pretty so we can't see the face of Jesus starts with a little character will serve as primary life you shall not surely die and second you shall be as gods a staple of and they don't really die because you can acquire extra lives with resurrect when you make a mistake how many how many understand the medium world you know you can get game Genie or whatever there is in you can get a million lives or you can get again she'd like ice cubes I could be a lie on and you can does it infinite at young infinite lives and never die and essentially that's what the videogame teaches you you will never die but what about Mario going back tomorrow how is that like the God of house of worship of God incarnate Mario in fact become a God we look back to elements of Egypt Egyptology the plague of frogs Egyptians believe in Efron got called a cap thus judge is giving us God judge their idolatry by sending a plague of frogs down there in the lower right he can see it there was this frog God and of this particular God was the goddess of fertility thus I instituted a colt that sex cult very much in Mario there is much the themes of Egyptology mine becomes like a God puts on a frog suit and now he can he has certain powers this is very fascinating I forgot to mention the beginning my associate Crisco beta he is actually the one issue beginning of presentation but that she has done an amount huge amount of research and he put a lot of the majority of these the research and finding together he came across this one called the ten components that bring about anybody potential Clement Kuba is this is great we maintain as well that Mario fights against him that his Little Rock it was a part in the Mario Martinez manifesting him to see him to come at you will women will balance out I will not be as soon as it is in so as to a young developing mind maybe anyone in there not to understand the biblical whipping this season ten blog said that King Cooper put our even in the shape of the ten Commandments that we know and even starts thou shalt not thou shalt not so what happens when a young person grows up watching as plain as he comes across the biblical ten Commandments says wait a minute I watch something when I was little and told me that that was that we think of playing a little Mario and Luigi is okay but if they're all tied together there all of the same family is not like this once distinct from this one they all run together owing and speaking cartoons Icelandic a plug associate Scott who is a prey from these given this was one now but technical difficulties is actively working to get reconstruct the slides but he's doing a talk called Magic Kingdom dealing with the modern phenomenon of cartoons today's society no one is the Mario is also shown so God can you believe it can censored for obvious reasons to be a God of gluttony bruising and rest of the restaurant tears is a shape shifting magic so enough cultural demons are known to be able to shape shifting and take different forms much like vampires as a whole another subject the whole vampire phenomenon but this particular God can shape shift into different forms as a God he resembles a raccoon in reality he is a real breed of dog native to Japan and here is a little in the sensor inside the genitals of the new here often single words to show that he's been oversexed often idles until he had been out have an outstretched hand meaning that they spent all their money and her begging for more so we see Mario he puts on the little raccoons outfit and my interns this shape shifting God and even replicate into a replicate of the idle is vital form gives him temporary invincibility and we see down here at certain points of the game he becomes a solid statute which he's invisible IP notice he has been outstretched hand begging for money so as we take a little bit of a divergent year we've been talking about Mario what video game character is being described bullets look not enough price that crew is going to resemble Christ start of his life as a car Carpenter he came from another world Israel should reason Jesus put down his carpenter tools to take up a new profession one in the whole process of redemption for you and I began exhibiting abilities beyond human he started raising people from the dead turning water to wine all power given from God the object of his affection was a woman wearing a crown his bride the Church a fiery dragon attacks the woman in their receipt is all great controversy taking place the man saves the woman on the back of his trusty steed we see in Revelation help when Christ comes to redeem his bride the woman he has guest any guesses Mario is Mario the counterfeit or ripoff of Jesus Christ while in Mario originally he was chosen the carpenter we know them most often we known as a plumber but he started out as a carpenter an effort to reflect that as a character he was ordinarily a hard worker he later became a plumber Mario came from another world as he is just in my left is that profession for plumbing at the suggestion of the Nintendo design team might begin to exhibit abilities that are beyond human like flight or shape shifting into animals twenty eight the Muslim wiki jump them grow bigger when he put on any of the suits he can do certain things of the frogs thought that the Mars affection is to a woman he why not crown a fiery dragon attacks the woman Mario has to savor my essays the woman on the back of his presidency Revelation one sixteen says then he had in his right hand seven stars and out of his mouth what when a sharp two-edged sword and his countenance was as a sunshine and industry this absolutely floored me know when when Chris is starting to share this this this comparison between Mario and Jesus Christ is like and that's a pretty similar Acer to show me other biblical analogies we know that the book of revelations the revelation of who Jesus Christ this next picture absolutely floored this was a game for super Nintendo super my RPG legend of the seven stars in it we have in this picture seven stars in the two-edged sword with a beast with two horns Revelation thirteen we have the woman of Revelation weather was that the bride hear only are the before and of course we have this Italian Roman former carpenter counterfeit of Christ all packaged in this one game in a racing this picture okay who is especially married and his Jesus say here is an enthusiasts this next picture Princess peach holding Mario is the Savior can get here in the back this game is intended for children but contains scenes similar immune read the rest of the him him him him him so that in mind that the Japanese name of the character 's assistant with so interesting that there are so many complaints of this portion was so ardent players convenience of days of the creators make it so Mario does almost becomes possessed he starts any you literally put the controller down and inserts one night when he gets possessive is because he saw from the beginning this election just put in literally right before I went out as is found by Chris's cousin and that very fascinating and Gore who is this going to Mendes this compliment character gets the keys to warriors home this is also character from my brother this is taken from a comic book in Germany in fact a lot of them that the Mario propaganda literature comic books and came to America were very censored so he went in yet a country you would see the real deal that he affords what it really is so anyway this comic book Mario is watching here with one either and NYU is making to deal with this demon type character and the symbologies you should speak volumes he's getting the keys to warriors home and you can see I know why they're in there but in the top right there is the demonic dog tracking and there's Jason from Friday the thirteenth and in a few slides down and in the comic book there is this imagery of Freddie from nightmare on Elm Street of course all these other kind of demonic monsters so what is that doing in a program that is designed for kids and are we supporting this machine by thinking of candidate we as a paradigm and by the Weaver exercise in for my kid I want to give them some occult phenomena get a Mario by throwing money at Mario brother galaxy are we effectively perpetuating and supporting this and that is the case where does our allegiance lie if we can have one foot in the Christian church and one foot and Mario land how does that translate and decode this together logically know so why do we do it and are we giving my fees to somebody other than God are we allowing giving axes willingly over to the devil to come into our home we bringing game systems into our home that have nothing to do with Jesus Christ and his were looking at and in fact counterfeit into our home and so when we play these games and we go to certain seminars we hear Pastor Mark Finley are we here tied to meet with these powerful sermon but they do not sit from mine because her mind is still here we need to cut this off before and continue are sanctified Psalm one oh one one person reasons I will set know what you think before mine eyes I hate the work of them that turn aside it shall not be to me and lastly testimonies for the church line seven page sixty four say firmly I will not spend precious moments in reading that which will be of no profit to me in which only unzips me to be of service to others I will devote my time and my thoughts to whiny fitness for God 's service I will close my eyes to frivolous and sinful things my ears are the Lords and I will not listen to the subtle reasonings of the enemy my voice shall not in any way be subject to the will that is not under the influence of the Spirit of God my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and every power of my being shall be consecrated to worthy pursuits while that was in a creed might feel to you is this if we are claiming to be Christians before claiming to be Seventh-day Adventist Christians should be taken seriously should we take that perfection to the next level and we had any business with fictitious tales in this context or the document reading that there was no such thing as movies or video games of the nature we have today but accepting the semi- appeal to think of these things carefully as you believe different things from CYC is such a powerful time to be here as well learning to to get a closer view of Jesus let's implement these things in our lives that we can advance further on this road towards heaven amen Matthew Geiger has impressed father heaven Lord thank you so much opportunity to be here but we love you so much we want to be your children we desire to be your children as you call it what is many things in our lives in my life personally better on that that that that potentially argument Barney from your kingdom father Lord we pray that you will make those things plain to us that he will give us the desire you will give us the will to surrender it on your altar and that he will give us the victory and the strength to put these things away Lord as we are advancing forward to having his time is about to close we pray that you will help us to make decisions for that which will take us into your kingdom that he will seal us with not only your spirit father but with your character Lord this is our prayer this is our last Mrs. William Longman is this message was produced by G Lacey who e-mails you sent me as she lay CCC inspired many young people whose needs vitamin Bible -based pricing is very kind download infringes other resources like this view then let's make you lazy lately donate this is a singular done with see when you also reach us via mail box seven eight six and Harvard Michigan eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you can not sure please attribute this recording device in every heap in my resale and alteration in


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