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Sex, Lies and Videotapes

Brandon Mascareñas Scott Mayer Thom Mayer



  • December 30, 2010
    3:15 PM
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him him to this message is present and she Y C two thousand ten no turning back on both their brother resources like this visit us online and GUI see whether or not father had a lawyer this afternoon once again we come humbly before your throne of grace and father as as I made a sinful fumbling mumbling human being father I pray that you would put Brandon self aside father that you would speak to me that you would convey points that only need be conveyed that as we present this topic today but you'd was in my tong and that you would open the ears of those here fathers as we are bombarded by a media that wants to conform and to store your image we just pray that that we can be transformed into your likeness and your image the way you originally intended father view of this meeting now we pray in Christ precious on sex lies and videotape the first wanting a disclaimer I'm not a sex therapist I don't have a PhD in how you say sexology and that's aware I'm not an honest expert but I have done research which is all available to everyone that's the beauty of the Internet and also the you are interested on tomorrow I'm going to make available and are our littlest he is losing it if you want reference material where I got a lot of my research from references of the distant and black-and-white copy for my ego is digging on the own research create your own presentations and you can just go like wildfire okay here's a topic today that doesn't really be talked about too much and what is a broad strokes sometimes these topics need to be dealt in certain how would I say this female to talk about it in their groups and males talk about their groups in this case were coming together sorting broad strokes looking at the subject of sexuality in today's media and how that's affecting us summary starting to get a little warm naturally as Christians legally like to skirt around the issue of sexuality and sometimes it can be uncomfortable but I pray the Lord will bless today in the book of Genesis we have a creation account is as then God said let us make man in our image according to our likeness verse twenty seven says that God created man in his own image an image of God he created him male and female he created them right from the beginning God created male boy and girl man woman in whose image he is image in his life 's never to stop and think about that for a little bit it is a very humbling thought I be created in the image of the most high and I don't know of any other account of beans that are created expressly in the image of God or the likeness of God Bashir God comes down a need creates mail female and so we start to see a precedent set up that God asked him if she's character not only internally but also physically inhumanity male and female very powerful so in verse twenty eight God said let there it says God blessed them and God said to them be fruitful and multiply this is a command not only are you created in my image but I'm giving you the command and I'm giving you the desire to be fruitful and to multiply to expound and expand the area failure and severely have dominion over the fish and over the sea over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves on the year he was given command and he blessed it told them be fruitful and multiply populate your so right from the beginning just in a procreation standpoint sexuality sex was blessed by God sexuality was intended in an created is a beautiful thing between a man and a woman and God blessed in chapter two verse twenty three and twenty fourth Adam says that it seems almost like famous in a song now mostly easy he's just a static because now he's meeting his wife for the first time you see at this point Adam had been created and he had the heads you don't spend time with the animals and he was kind of lonely but he really can put in your on because he'd never seen a woman before anybody else like him so God put him to sleep in and as God was creating he and he woke up Adam Adam says this is now bone of my bone and flesh of my last she shall be called woman because she has she was taken out of man therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and be joined to his wife initial become how many flash one man and woman come together and become one flash and what happens immediately after this union when we look at the creation week as as as the leader of the exact time it is as the Bible puts it as they become one flesh what's the next thing that takes place set we see time the Sabbath we see a sacred place environment even and we see a holy union between man and woman I was a multiple mad multiple women know one man and one woman and God blessed twenty five it says and they were both naked the man and his wife and they were not ashamed we we know that the case leader they had a robot like Christ's righteousness around him and they were were not ashamed but as they became together this holy union in this first marital union in the first sexual intercourse they were not ashamed they knew each other intimately now when we go out this process today this talk what would you look at only talk about sex sure we automatically think of the physical but there's other components there is the mental aspect there is the spiritual aspect of Ennis Avenue came together in one flash there was these three components all in one and it was beautiful and God blessed the well as we saw from the first thought that I gave an artificial atmosphere there was a false sin came in in in in the and in man fell from grace and since then there's this then this snowball effect of trying to achieve something that's not there to find the ring re-create something that wasn't designed to be over time we see that that through the pagan religions babble babble on Egypt Greece loan there was sexuality mixed in with the religion she got never designed sex to be a way to get to know him better and that's what many of the cold world started to do the Babylon was to the Babylon was notorious for incorporating temple prostitution you see they would have a a a woman that was that would wait there and in any man to come by and he gave her money she was his for the night but that was a good thing in this case and every woman was required to go through this falling fast for their history we come to the sixties and we know that is the sexual revolution that took place in the United States is icing to sexual revolutions the more prominent one was in the sixties and out of that we saw that the women's rights and that in the gay movement and we saw the rise of we know as the birth control pill and all this was to curb and and promote free sexual is when you can promote free sexuality you have no boundaries and up into this point and in its local marriage to the man was a house that was the head of the household the white was I want to say subservient but but she had her specific role and the kids have a specific role and it was a family unit but one that the sixties came back completely turned upside down now we see that as a result of the sexual revolution of the sixties divorce went through the roof marital infidelity went to the room sexually transmitted disease went to the roof because of this .net we don't need to be tied to one person the concept that God created that sex or intimacy between a male one male and one woman but how does that play in today's society with today's media today's any needs it's so ubiquitous everything that is around us dealing with sexual promiscuity and I remember something we want remember the want to this is God 's image what is God 's image and how is it supposed to play out an outline and how does it play in in in the sexual boundaries of male and female well there's what's called an UUNET and they heard a book called the beauty myth by Naomi Naomi Wolf the ring about anybody it's a secular read that very powerful it sits a woman that has done times of research on this this whole idea of what the media and what society says is beauty and what a sexy and how you're supposed to be so we live in a very media saturated environment society and is trying to dictate how you are to look at it at and how you are to be sexually here's a clip will start with physical beauty myth as were were were building the case you some of you may have Artie seen this before very fast I need sound of years him to him to our case Hollywood media this is a prime example of this is that nothing that was set up that how it is every image that you see on Hummers and they're starting to make more of a bigger deal about it are manipulated and transformed a lot of the models or the actresses of the pretrade don't even look like it's starting to create a false image in your mind what you are supposed to look like and has our minds are easily manipulated and how many people here in the first half and and got to see about them on your neurons was that amazing it starts to make sense now why we copycat what we see on the tabloids and what we see in the movies well many of the women's magazines and sexes on every single cover is telling you how to have not your sexist Sony how to look better out of your best body in thirty days even the men's magazines are not exempt from this building arms fast hundred and twenty seconds to leaner looks what about children children are the most demise are so plastic their minds are still developing up until at least age of twenty the media knows that they can manipulate and absorb an attack that is if they can get them under this age didn't have a wonderful and pretty soon you have a society that is created in an following a program that they have created so there is a Barbie meant for children I really really as I him and I think they wanted me to leave in the way everything is planning on you I mean who is the size of magnesium sulfate is ongoing I know I is is is is is is China government is in you is in her people to start talking the last new model delete the second left my last diary and read and this is what is being promoted to children as it is you see that these young girls are having already issues and eggs with a human be having to think about an age where they should be reading and in an and exploring outside and having five fun and in other ways other concerned and seasoning ways outside of the concern of their legs are too big or their body sizes too big or what there for their peers and I think of them because they don't look a certain way and we start to see that the devil has taken God 's image in these distorted and want to distort humanity and how it is doing to the media will pretty recent as a young girl are more afraid of becoming that the mayor of nuclear war cancer losing their parents happened the fourth grade class on a diet is pretty made bullet on this and this doesn't just speak specifically to women the speak the speaks to young men in our young men teenagers college age have to look a certain way have to act a certain way if you don't play sports year year year year not fit to be in this crowd or if you don't have a certain body built you not allowed to be in escrow we see that the devil has transformed God 's image and in each one of us something that was created that we still bear and was created to be beautiful and has distorted and started to transform and in each one of our own minds and eyes but how does that start creating gender issues gender problem how many people think we are effective or start to perceive gender issues male looking like female female inmate mail is that a problem today and entered a Tokyo hotel is very interesting Scott and I were speaking in Austria and when this life came up to the whole audience just erupted in laughter as his banners from Germany and so they could identify with it really well for those that don't know this is a little boy band yes the guy in the center is a guy and he is the lead singer and the first time I saw this and actually really didn't think he was a woman but we start to see that the way care is made the way they brass whether male or female there is starting to be a line of distinction that my distinction is is obviously blurred hairstyles the hearing the same same hairstyles and rats and then there's the phenomenon of the skinny jean governors any gains any as show the next image with caution I warn you these are for men that I swear that Aaron so why why would there be a confusion of gender first of all if if if were trying to confuse men women boys and girls that they have to look a certain way and nearly thrown to the mix that you know what you should look more like a girl you should look more like a boy he imagined the mine job that is doing to people and what the devil is doing again is transforming and manipulating this image that God has placed this does is such an honor to have the image of God to bear that and when it's confusing distorted were doing God service but with that in mind as we advance farther where are we really learning about sex we learned from media movies television video games tabloids are we learned from the violently learned from church we learned from families in today's society especially in America it's at least a little while ago sex talked about in any improper terms in the house was almost taboo like parents were too embarrassed to talk about what sexual boundaries were what proper biblical sexual boundaries are now anyway where we don't really know what those boundaries are those boundaries now this pertains you as long as you have protection it's okay instead of educating our young people that you know what God created sex to be beautiful to be shared between a man and a woman one man one woman and it involves more than just the physical act that involves a mental act involves a a a difficult greater sphere of actions than just the physical component and because we are not taking the time to educate our young people we are resorting to media educating our young people at the house will him to the image that she cannot live most of us was sexy that deals with the development store she was his sexualized Lolita schoolgirl is a powerful punch because of living sexuality someone saw a way to take some really pretty innocent looking America's sweetheart grown and turn her into the accident are giving too much away I wanted her girls wanted to see her in the air as an individual that really didn't have a choice to be like somebody else preplanned act for and how many people remember the phenomenon that she created when she first came out and it was huge everyone in ways that everyone wanted to be either with her for life and it is this party is pretty sad what ended up happening of course this is many of us know from the tabloids she's had a very rocky life well it's very interesting this was put in literally about thirty minutes ago her single baby one more time has anybody ever heard it played backwards no yes okay I suited to pick us up at place twice and remember what that commentator said she was almost portrayed in such a way as is they in the young sexual temptress him to instead sleep with me I'm not too young image it again him and in this poor girl was marketed in that way and that is playing in our minds what is starting to do this she created a eighty it was created it will entourage of young girls that followed her and his view look at this girl 's life it's a show must have this innocent of parents and that she advanced further in her career she became more sexually explicit the course when you have monkey see monkey do start creating a whole entourage of fans that follow the same trades distorting God 's image and plan for biblical sexuality what Miley Cyrus his nine -year-old sister is launching a lingerie line for two says this website here and visits are down here with their friends on a separate bowl and I don't think I need to say anymore Crystal young brats at what age is too young to start implementing these are young children and what our children need to know about love sure they don't bombarded of how to look sexy and how to act sexually and then you throw that the Hollywood version of what a true love story is any drawn together and they need me to come together in one big crash starting young with Walt Disney being the beast or something equivalent thereof any progress further to where you have your romantic comedies currencies meet movies the notebook twilight big phenomenon and can progress even further it's the more explicit films to our senses are so non- that sex action becomes a joke that's something that God created to be beautiful to behold me between one man and one woman becomes a Joe and now the devil is laughing and laughing because while we may be fatal to our wife or husband these movies still appeal to us because they make us one and were taking the beautiful thing that God created in this almost this command this command he didn't get to be fruitful multiply and were making a note of no importance and here's a little ahead is a little click dealing with how the producers and directors the creators of American high franchise had an object axes me AA has something in mind to to transform the minds of young people at the two children now and see hundreds of materials for one insider this brought by the Hollywood machine market is more awaited movie audience too young to go see at him and I and he working in a single incident since and that all is well let's leave him in a very living in an old where children will lose influence is facing to pick up every once it's like playing a supply own table and picks up every kindred and they don't even know what that was again if you can get them young but by the time that will be completely change their morals and their values you can put an end of phase image of God and just a short amount of time one is about sex TV free sex scenes per hour on television and eighty three percent of the episodes of the top twenty shows among teen viewers contain some sexual content including twenty percent with sexual intercourse so were bombarded week I decided an immediate today is so sad training with some kind of sexual overtones we've heard the adage that sex sells right who is not a river that it doesn't makes sense that that that some furniture store with a naked woman but we are mine are mine and puts together the naked woman and and and a couch need to go together because sexual inserts these new sexual intercourse is pleasure and so I buy that house destiny pleasure in Sonesta line of thinking but yet logically doesn't make sense of it should be a naked woman next to account doesn't that sex does sell very effective so if you can continue to saturate society through media on on sexuality you can start to change the values and morals and then we deal with pornography because it's a slippery slope once we start to get case even if it's young age or middle-aged or older age of of certain images although someone a little bit more and a little bit more and pretty soon reviewing with this monster Hunter and it's a very big monster while pornography comes from the Greek words for anger fee and which one later literally translated means the writing about prostitutes the writing of prostitutes and that's essentially what we have today you know I as ever as it has developed in and through technology was the magazine format and video format now if so easily accessible by a few clicks of a button and were completely lost but is there dangers of pornography see so many people out there say it's actually a good thing because preventing multiple partners and is preventing STDs in the remaining all these things but is it really harmful to us I should be a no-brainer but here's a few statistics progress on the website on the Internet are pornographic that's about almost twenty five million sites three thousand dollars is being spent on prominently every second twenty eight thousand Internet users are viewing porn forty million Americans are regular visitors upon sites and one in three partners are women and it's interesting over here you have the lowest day of viewing biographies Thanksgiving I was watching football in the highest is the day when everybody is in church the ironic so yet pornography is a huge industry on the fourteen billion dollars annually it is interesting as technology is advancing with HTML that they are actually starting to come out with three-dimensional pornography out of the house at the work that you start to think about where that's taking humanity you realize that Rome fell when it was at its most basic lowest point where we are in Earth 's history as America is getting more and more debates are we about to fall taken from the book wired for intimacy William Struthers ethnography takes human sexuality out of the natural context intimacy between two human beings and makes it a product can be bought or sold when a person views pornography become then bit into it and now trees people not only as human beings children of God Manaus objects and as we saw the statistics that one in three men and women view cannot be the predominant people that view property courses mail and what that starts the distress rewire in the males mind how the UN so now it e-mail is habitually looking at pornography they cannot naturally look at a woman as a sister in Christ he has to look at her as an object to be had to be thought so this beautiful image that was placed and asked on this person is not been a race taken from volume to the testimonies page three forty seven the song who make a high profession do not understand the sin of self abuse self abuse zero note that trimmings masturbation and his sure results long-established habit has blinded their understanding they do not realize exceeding sinfulness of this degrading son which is integrating the system and destroy no-brainer power moral principles is exceedingly weak when it conflicts with established have solid messages from heaven cannot forcibly impressed the heart that it is not fortified against indulgence of this degrading vice the sensitive nerves of the brain have lost their healthy tone by morbid excitation to gratify the unnatural desire for social intelligence the brain nerves which communicate with entire system are the only medium through which Kevin and communication man and effective in most line whatever disturbs the circulation of electric currents in the nervous system lessons the strength of the vital powers and the result is a deadening of the sensibilities of the mind in consideration of these facts how important that ministers and people who profess godliness is what clear and untainted from the Solanaceae vice event in the payment of the medical journal here she was talking out masturbation this is the absolutely cripples the mind and destroys the body and the thing that goes hand-in-hand nine times out of ten with Annan 's masturbation and we usually don't want to bring up VMware but it is a huge problem and is Bible believing Christians which have no hand in the so to speak we should not even entertain the thought many many people today promote that is a safe sex way out of multiple partners and STDs etc. but you are effectively destroying the image of God in yourself through masturbation while is all what happens in the brain and Outlook anyway that wired for intimacy is a fascinating book I recommend getting it is actually a great read over time these past week on this is taken from the book over time these past become wider as they are repeatedly traveled with each exposure to pornography this is talking about the neurons that they go through our brain the different pathways they become wider baby automatic pathway through which interactions with women around with each lingering stare chronicling deepened a Grand Canyon single words in the brain through which images of women are destined to flow repeated exposure to pornography a one-way neurological superhighway or a man his mental life is over sexualized the narrow its handling in on either side by high containment walls making escape nearly impossible addition to mammography is one of the Dixons is probably one of the hardest to kick have you ever created pathway through tall grass where it was kind of hard to break that pathway but we need to keep traveling halfway and what what becomes of it becomes easier cracked and pretty soon you have a nice clean path through the field but what happens if you want to make a new path how easy is it you come back restarting have to to kind of wage to this tallgrass in the tall shrubbery to make a new so it is with mammography it's only by the grace of God that he will give us the victory to overcome pornography and then I'm I'm kind of bond chatted by your cruiser have a whole seminar on overcoming and I wish it wasn't necessarily conflicting with this one but they had a powerful message I believe from on high on how to overcome sin inhabitants Samuel on all war he was a Gnostic and occult guru this guy was very high knuckle world and he started this is not universal Gnostic church and it's very interesting what he has to say about sexuality because he had the three different types of sexuality and the third one is dealing with almost demonic possession and he was it was he promoted in a negative light that we should stay away from this first name and I'm now putting his name not Hamas election there anyway sphere of influence which includes fornication adultery and prostitution and Lilith spirit will let it if you do any research on vampires Lilith is supposedly the vampire exiting the demon that started the whole vampire phenomenon but will its sphere of influence a category which includes homosexuality masturbation abortion and so forth and any other use of the sexual energy so he saying this is a bad but it's pretty amazing for somebody that is very high up in the whole world the same is and that when you start to distill this down when you take these particular demons that are in charge of these types of sexuality prostitution masturbation homosexuality it starts to link two and two together that while it pornography and masturbation part of my life and my worshiping demon to be taken far enough for worshiping a demon who are we not worshiping in a week ultimately edging God 's image are about one when you break it down into two different categories God probably healthy sexuality one hundred feet on healthy sexuality this list is acting quite longer but just a few of them here on the left side carrying on the right-sided using honoring shameful godly healthy sexuality enhances your again the other compromises your again emotional bonding emotional separateness biblical boundaries are set up the other side has no limits involves all of the person beside his visual congenital this site humanizes it beside objective five and lastly honors the image and imaging of God in you again and lastly this honors the image and imaging of God as a ring and this so close as we see that originally God created as we saw men and woman in his image and I believe it was for reasons because one man and woman come together in an sexual union in their incident with one another it was to show in figure picture of the bigger mosaic of his plan for humanity as we see in any Ephesians chapter five wives submit your own husbands as to the Lord for the husband is head of the wife as also Christ is head of the church and he is the savior of the body therefore just as the church is subject to Christ so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything husbands love your wives just as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for her in it he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word that he may present her to himself a glorious church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing but that she should be holy and without blemish so husbands ought to love their own wives as their own bodies he loves his wife loves himself seek God created this is beautiful union and his sin came into the world there needed to be a solution and so we have this picture this analogy that Christ is the business the groom and his churches who the bridegroom and they are eventually to come together at his second coming and we are to go with him but if the devil can manipulate this this idea of of how we are supposed to act sexually hours the the feel what is that doing to our relationship and relationship with God and God created sex to be beautiful does that give us a better understanding of what God had intended or intends for his church and his people because remember sexuality isn't just a physical act but it's a mental and spiritual act as well in that when we bond closer with our why our spouse we get to know them on such a deep level we know exactly how they can react to what they might say next we almost sometimes finish their sentences that's how leaders posted be with Christ and Christ with us and when we behold these things whether it's Internet pornography or or movies that we know we shouldn't watch and it's manipulated we think that you know I don't necessarily believe that that's getting seared in our mind to such a degree that eventually our image of Christ in our relationship with Christ becomes fractured into story and so I want to appeal to you today that while while we deal with what were bombarded with with what sexuality should be like we just stand as light bearers in a darkened world to say and show what God intended for true intimacy and many of you may not even be dating anybody or even be married but let me tell you God friends has designed something special for you and if he so desires Terry God has picked out somebody's California is not our duty to think that personnel it is as well in pornography is an issue God has promised victory for those that so desire to overcome these are real issues as Seventh-day Adventists were not exempt from pornography were not exempt from from the movies that portray these type of things and if we don't deal with these issues not only on a bigger scale but also in our lives how are we going to have a relationship with Christ and how we can have that loving intimate relationship with and eventually with a spouse so I leave you with that I asked you bow your heads with me as we ponder these father had about thirty creators has as emotional loving human beings you create us in such a way that we are to interact with one another that we are to look at one another whether male male or female is her brothers and sisters as as children of you Lord there may very well be people in this room the deal struggle with identity in the way media for trains and says we have to look many in this room are sung in this room may have an issue in addition to pornography but we know that you are bigger and your strawman you can give us victory we desire and we plead because ultimately filed he wants to being a kingdom and he wants to have the joy and and and and desire to be so and we all knew so father I pray for victory and praying for your guidance Lord I thank you for this time I just pray that you will be in each individuals they go to other meetings as they enjoy the rest of their time your UIC in this message was thank you RC is avoiding the issue is behind us CCC inspired many young people I have a base price in January download and print 's other resources like this you then let's make you lazy and don't be busy lives when done with them and you might see when done with you also reaches in mail box seven eight six Harbor Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is licensed under a creative Commons this means you can share please attribute this recording device whenever you in my resale and alteration in


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