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Five Principles of Life

Richard Marker



  • March 11, 2006
    10:00 AM
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work with our morning about some things which I think are very important scripture I understand the new people coming in people who've been here for a while the students that are growing is starting their lives to have people who went to run these meetings are now some perhaps visiting here and so as I pray and wondered about some of things that we need to talk about today I felt that if you search the Scriptures there are five principles of life that are very important for what to talk about today is five every morning when I get up as soon as I gain consciousness I thank the Lord for another day of life our first principle which is one of our own natures because man is mortal the gift of immortality come from Christ is a we only have one life you find other people to the priesthood you come rapture to maneuver in second chance of rain but Bible teaches we only have one life in April nineteen twelve there was a ship that ventured itself from England to New York it was the largest liners of the day the engineers shouted in human arrogance that was unthinkable I think you all have an idea what both in talking which on April the fourteenth of the year nineteen twelve it some people say a little bit to the south east southwest of I went down into a half-hour very fast many many ships take much longer but to have hours for what man playing with his greater is that mode was thinking about the percent women were women and children will bring lifeboats praise God another seven hundred were later cited by about fifteen by a few hours later but there was a very renowned person on that vote because many people from Europe people came from the United States that maiden voyage his name was John Jacobs his wife became more famous Lady Astor and you probably heard her British history of John Jacob Astor was very wealthy and very renowned backcountry at that time was on the ship but he was not put in one of lifeboats as the lifeboats went away from the ship and is sinking in the fall several people heard shouting in my arms when I get you know every morning when we didn't wake up by God 's grace and knowledge another chance I praise God for his liking as a second principle and that principle is our greatest duty before God and man is that of self-development brothers and sisters we need to grow we are go for a return to grow in Christ and the Holy Spirit is there for us everyday the love of God grace of God what is the plan Titus two eleven access this raises been given all preferring the Holy Spirit and so our greatest duty towards God and our fellow man in that role how many of you are in school here in your study many of the developing study all both in Christ as well as in your temple work that you must do on this earth as I think about that I think that there are really two purposes in life one purpose is that we grow and their characters become better that we become kindly come January more loving more patient and as a result of that the site becomes reality possibly become witnesses for life that's the purpose as we have in life otherwise what we can do as Christians when we accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior and come into a saving relationship with him we can lay down and take the underground but we continue to live because he wants to allow you want us to grow and become better than we are today was Abraham Lincoln once said I have not bought much of a man who knows more yesterday new more yesterday than he does today spiritual house we need to continue to grow in Christ as we grow in Christ what does it say it was in tell the person I have I have not seen and ear has not heard nor might see the things the Holy Spirit the third principle in life where I am unlike way our greatest thing is that of self development for greatest duty towards God the third principle you can become what ever you choose to be some of you are studying her medicines from abuse by nursing some years studying to become whatever field you may did you know that if you spend the time and I feel you will become you it's within your computer so it is with Christ and with our work as we abide in him and his spirit and that is we can become one of the greatest Christians ever in history if we allow God to work with as we continue to grow we have one life self-development this is is that which is our greatest duty and number three we can become whatever we want that's the principle now the next two principles I'm going to spend more time on those because those principles have a lot to do with what would become the first principle is found in Galatians Galatians chapter six verse seven it has three parts do not be deceived God is not a lot three whatever a man so Michelle now a lot of people think that we can logon and we rationalized only that that this is the way we can dollar this is the way we can go God created and as the creator knows how we are to live for success in become all that we can be and as we grow and continue to grow the greatest manual when you buy a car you have a manual this in the glove compartment shows and operate the car with gasoline change the water all of these things that we do to maintain Carlin preventive maintenance of the car can run as long as possible and give us the greatest service as possible God our Creator has given us a manual these the manufacture and is the manufacturer you know what is best for our the things the precept that he has given us our precepts which are the best for living in the greatest for developing and functioning as a Christian in this world of sin so we are not a model that is that people will themselves would become self-esteem they rationalize and so as a result of this we mock God and go to a really busy after not whatever a man sows social theory that is something that was established in creation but is turn to Genesis chapter one will take a look at Genesis chapter one must go through versus Genesis chapter one we can begin the first principle of creation in verse eleven when I read a few verses here in this chapter and God said let the earth bring forth grass the yielding seed and the fruit tree yielding fruit the news whose seed is in itself upon your and oneself first world tells us the earth brought forth grass and are nearly well be its own high and then we go and we read in verse twenty one but I will save you ever gone out to an avocado tree a lot of California advocate on the abundance of energy and each according home by each produces its own but continue to rate verse twenty one and God created great whales and every living creature that movement which the world run waters brought forth abundantly in their own kind and further on down we read in verse twenty four and God said let the fourth ring forth the living creature after his own kind cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth after his own high horses do not give birth to child her creation verse twenty six present among us make man after our own name image and after our own likeness there is an object lesson to reaping and sowing showing the afflicted chapter five chapter five you haven't noticed this before but it says in verse one and the generations about in the day that God created man in the likeness of God made he looked down at verse three and Adam lived a hundred and thirty years and begat a son in this list is own likeness on sinking in the world is right and the only thing that Adam could pass on after his own crime was fallen sinful nature each producers actors principal along of consequences that exists in the universe and universes for benefit man can turn it in blessing is resulting in person but let me training up with I can take one currently planted in the ground up comes a stalk of wheat and girls of the identities of those kernels so from one kernel of wheat I can ultimately plant a million acres miracle of God is not one but on the other hand we can turn it into a curse for example let's suppose that you him while people greet you believe showing love and kindness and patience you have a lot of friends on but what if you're angry you mean cruel and hateful in negative we haven't run whatever we saw really principle of God it will all consequences were we see that there are blessings of God in the sowing and reaping there can be curses as a result of what Manley do I want to talk about two things that are misunderstood one is the love of God and the other one is the wrath of God both of these things tend to be exhibits case exhibits of his the result although all consequences God is the creator is another the love of God and the Bible are many rewards from in the Hebrew and Greek and courses to three chapters and Daniel written in Aramaic integrate therefore words this one started which often refers to the love that exists in brothers and sisters mothers and children are essential this is the kind of love that is natural to her being in fact it's called in the Bible natural affection that second Timothy three you know it says that in the last days would be with our natural affection and you know you listen to the new using all crimes would go on families always required between the children of parents with parents killing their babies and all this we know that where there are no in the last days without natural affection is another word in the Bible will which refers the kind of love that exists between friend here you know I'll peter disavowing free time and after that he and Jesus went up on it and he asked him three times eleven the word was another word he said the love but the only answer that Peter could do was lay down I love you as friend but not the way your suggestion of the third is arrow switches are worried that the Greeks understood to be the love between a husband why different kinds of the law the Bible there was a word that was used little known in literature the word is let's do a short little Bible study of that because I think adopting important because not only is the kind of love God has for us sometimes we misunderstand God 's love in others some religions that believe that the there is a God supernaturally keep people alive for billions of years to torture you believe that well we have a God who is gotten the word is present me because it's important to us not only because it gives us the correct understanding of God but the kind of guy that we worship is the kind of person we become an also the Holy Spirit him on the person got most of the applicable the first one the first suggestion is found and of course the mere fact that his human beings we need to be around you like something is trust there were more or or we we we like things that inhuman ways are considered materialistic beautiful or low human nature needs arousing we God however is different while we are ugly Winston-Salem Romans while we were yet sinners Christ died for us and of course prior that it says sometimes somebody might die for good when Christ died for the ugly of the numbers that's what unconditional by doing so don't give unconditional love mixed up with unconditional salvation for people believe that the difference unconditional the medically argument what we do it was unreliable in this particular country more than half the marriages end in divorce every single one of those individuals said I is an Morgan talking amended about that God 's love it says you know every wedding I can just about that I have attended they usually read first Corinthians thirteen bring loved her birthday doesn't love you for the guy never fail complementary in the kind of loving hearts never fail if you love is based on works you earn people 's respect right for people to like you need to be nice to write people are attracted to certain things and so it's based on works after people have been working at the call of legalism by the way of good and God 's will I love the delight you guys know there's nothing wrong with that it's the motivation that makes me right so so human being is based on works but God is based on the gives the computer you because you expecting nothing no agenda no angle to his love interest law not like people they usually have angles urgent right now human beings usually want more you know it's it's like when most people get married they have a tendency to say he'd you that's one of the greatest expressions they think they need to eliminate .net than willing to love is not based upon selfish I want one for this based upon servitude how many people get married the site I will be there for you I want to serve you I want to make your life better help you also humor love basically to get right down to it is Erica were as God 's love is humble boy you have to do is look at expressions of statement in Isaiah fourteen have limited myself upon the high I will become like God whereas Jesus the humility where it says let this mind be in you which esteems others better than themselves which is willing to not consent to consider the quality got nothing to the grass and willing to come down down down all the way to the cross that's what all pagan religions God is seeking man is seeking after God whereas in Christianity to Christianity God comes all the way down to see you were not and the paranormal I see he is willing to go after that one washing and it tells us in Jeremiah thirty one two and three that I have loved you with an everlasting kindness and I have drawn with everlasting kindness and we read in Isaiah thirty twenty one whether we turn to the right or to the left there is a voice behind is so safe this is the way walk ye as we said earlier Titus two ten says that at gift is been given all there are some nonwovens he talked to Leslie and every one of us I don't care everyone in the room no knows that you have heard before you ever voice sometimes we hear the voice and the like with the voices say when they join the other direction is not right with them talk about rap because that's what crap is all about but basically God 's love is is is one which is itself there is also some lack as opposed to the self-seeking kind of love that we experience as human beings that's the reason why we human beings have difficulty loving because our parents try but their human and and so genuine Christian love we have not known except that we may experience it in the night reflected to others as well reflecting it to others that we may also experience I was talking on the other side of sowing and reaping okay that has the wrath of God there are two major scriptures and dealing with an understanding of that the term wrath of God is actually mentioned in Romans chapter one verse eighteen thousand drop about because all the New Testament writers had a tendency to write a backdrop of what they knew in the old and the backdrop is in Psalms eighty one Psalm ninety one verse ten basically all you can just hear God pleading old lesson please listen to me and then down in verse twelve thirteen he says but my people would not listen to me and whether they turn to the right of the map my voice is there my people was for your memo follow their own devices is the most awesome thing that God who loves us like many of our parents whose kids go astray and I believe in freedom and free choice then created us with free choice even though we don't read the manual we have free choice as I got usually available here because the because of that choice recently others understand religious liberty I praise God for an God gives us the choice but he also is spirit works with us but when his Holy Spirit is working through us and trying to help us going the right way and we consistently rejecting consistently reject this was okay I I abide in which you with choices in life and therefore always be alone with you and be left alone and that's what we called the spirit and compassion healing we hear the voice lesson last and the wrath of God is vividly mentioned in Romans chapter one verses God reveals himself to us through nature into all the ways of New Year's and but yet if we choose to believe a lie our minds become useless foolproof of fuel seventeen James our minds become futile foolish hearts become dark out if you think back in life before you knew Christ you probably recognize what was I thinking back in those days right on the mind become darkened and foolish in twenty four one negative where one of the things that leaders in the state of not giving up his materialism loving things one of God and Ashley as we go further on down and we look at verse twenty five twenty six we see that another thing that causes this is rationalization talking ourselves into thinking it's okay not okay when the voices telling us know and the third one is mentioned in the end of chapter one of Romans verse twenty eight and we think was worthwhile I know God they didn't think was worthwhile relationship is going okay I'll never leave you alone I have been really low like a young man who pursue the young lady in May that young lady is not really interested in eventually he goes ahead well okay I guess I'll look somewhere else only problem us God has also gone is the philology so is it too far we see the love of God the love of God that drawn to force himself on as he draws us with his love and who you on the other hand and pushing them is essentially the hassle of that is a lot to do with Sony and weeping now let's talk about the fifth wheel in one way our greatest duty towards God and man is one supplement was number three anyone here can become when everyone in number four whatever when will you now the greatest thing dealing with that has to do with number five principle number five because the whole thing is my mind focuses upon that's what you become what you spend time with us what you become what you like to study what you like to pay with that's what you become and so the principle is by beholding to become one check you become changed whatever you people if we spend time with Christ if we spend times studying the spiritual things that's what we become John said behold the Lamb of God taketh away the sin John also wrote in first John behold what manner of love this is that you and I become one something to just briefly income and the subject of beholding a couple of stories Eliot Ness back in the nineteen twenties was trying to apprehend a criminal by the name welcome home you know the story a lot of people see these movies about alcohol and you get a lot of almost twenty five years old gangsters were young again for young today a shortened work in and gangsters but it was like five years old and was put in prison is thirty one and he had this big army during probation you know the story of blood let's is leading the streets and all that who was a government agent who is trying to track him down race his own army findings reversing finally when it was finished and components samples NASA was going to go back to Washington the things they look in the mirror and started thinking over the last five years and he thought about how he had done one thing I be sorry a little older you probably remember a book written by Mike Warnke the site and sellers Michael P was a satanic priest in the famous Hotel California that was slung about sixty in San Francisco the satanic priest became a Christian and he wrote the book site and sellers and talk about all the things they used to try to win people to Satanism he happened dimensional phenomena that has been underlined this consequently hold that every time a particular crime was perpetrated on television or in movies that particular crime statistically tended to rise inside within a matter of days after the depicted on television he also wrote in his book that that during those days there was a very popular program called me with and as a result of that young people become dabbling a great deal in the call Time magazine two years ago wrote the same thing about a series of movies called Harry Potter by the holding of what changed interesting choices on spending times in the secular things as opposed to be home by the beautiful things in the journal psychology and I kept an eleven month nineteen eighty three there was a very interesting article that associated sports bar by the way from you women nodding your head University Massachusetts in nineteen ninety four and Jonah from the medical students know Jim the Journal of work American Medical Association nineteen ninety four associated along watching soap operas with marital infidelity but holding with one check back in the seventies there was a man by the name of Ted Bundy of the order that me it was from Ted Bundy was that we get the term serial killer in crime and he had killed an estimated fifty two hundred women over a period of years he began in nineteen twenty six and this went on between nineteen seventy four nineteen seventy nine and when he was finally convicted he was on death row for ten fifteen years in Florida he went on nationwide radio and confess that as a young man he got involved in the kind of literature that young men should not get involved in his result that he became working out and became my beholding what changed second Timothy four eight ten Paul mentions that Venus had forsaken him having loved this present world I is a pastor have been in ministry for two decades now and I have seen people join the church love the Lord and I've also seen them this narrative out of the church in the future and it's because of what they have chosen people demons left because he loved the world more than his work we also read in the Corinthians in two different places although I consider all that I have to and I am all that I have all but Robert compared to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and finally he writes in Philippians four eight whatever things are true whatever things are honest whatever things are just whatever things are pure whatever things are lovely whatever things are good report think on these things why is that because whatever the mind focuses on a lady holding we become not have one life think about it I have one life self-development is our first duty and you can become whatever you want to do I don't care hold your start now whenever you come stifling remember to principles the next two whenever we saw in line that is what really God wrath of God as a result of the long by the holding we become Che the father I want to thank you for all that you have shown us the guidance of your Holy Spirit in their lives it is guiding us constantly talking to us later in the depth of our conscience and therefore sometimes restrain the other way but out of pure love you try to keep drawings patiently loving and kind it brings people in ways you introduce us to articles you do a lot of things to keep us in the right direction we thank you for that their Lord we know that we have free choice and we know that ultimately we can do as we wish and I because you about that you have created us as robots there were thank you for your love we know you're rapidly the result of our own doing as a result of pushing you out there hardly can become whatever we wish at the greatest Christian we can become highly sure we so it really we want to behold you in whatever you have us do in life there and keep here let us behold that we become the best the excellent one in whatever field remembering these five principles of life will will will will help our minds focused on pure and lovely things and most of all in contemplation of your son Jesus Christ and


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