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  • December 31, 2010
    9:15 AM
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him him him this message was present and she Y C two thousand ten no turning back on the brother resources like this visit us online and GUI scene led to a gracious heavenly public come before your throne Lord petition your spirit to be here as escrow asked for extra lesion of Angels the cap round about this program small group of your believers outlines of a protected as part of our hearts to the true Zen that the love that you have for each one of us knew each learned to be an effective witness for you has to say is so well under the first presentation in a series entitled about the Hollywood bashing a program I think it's called by beholding by holding to become changed but holding crisis with unchanged Internet character of Christ that has starts its final that we look at some of these things in the light of these end times see how the enemy of souls is working day in and day out nonstop twenty four seven two to save mankind of this texture have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of the rather expose them when we first started doing this presentation I will not notice those in darkness of Hollywood and what's going on there but as we traveled around given these presentations we learned some things and to see a counterfeit what we need now we need to see when you don't realize and it's rather than just exposing the darkness is exposing the counterfeit against the life I cannot turn on if you have a cell phone you put on silent there are great in the above example exactly why that is before we really get under way out of the snow work here I have to stand back there is a promise is given to us in Deuteronomy twenty verses three and four and shall say unto them hear O Israel he drawn high this day unto battle against your enemies let not your heart thing you are not a tremble neither be a frightened of them were Jehovah your God is he that going with you to fight for you against your enemies to save you keep this text in your mind as we go through these presentations and remember that it's God whose fighting this battle in SA men were not called the stand against Satan and his so I are on our own power I swear you guys here in my he comes and USC you learn more about God and draw closer to him very good answer fellowship of like-minded believers know an outline of the theme this year where we all here to learn the new but our hands on one on the plow on the gospel plow so we're here to learn perhaps in the gospel plow we plowing here and what does that represent spiritually souls of men the hearts of men I is or plowing Jeremiah four three inches break up your fallow ground and so not among the thorns this is beautiful quote in the price object lessons the source of this seed of a work to do in preparing the hearts to receive the gospel in the ministry of the word there is too much sermonizing and too little of real heart-to-heart work there is a need of personal labor for souls for the souls lost in Christlike sympathy we should come close to make individually and seek to awaken their interest in the great things of eternal life their hearts maybe as hard as the beaten highway and apparently you is useless effort to present the same Internet allow logically failed to move an argument be powerless to convince the love of Christ revealed in personal ministry they soften stony heart so that the seeds of truth and taper by Helena prepare working with working so submitting what is the plowing on the minds of men represent building a lot of friendship a relationship right as the farmers doing is building a relationship with the dirt you know it is evident in these companies straight lines there's there's there's no in straight with people and an having a Christlike love for somebody is this thing that is preparing the mind so that the seed may grow right is ultimately that's what were all called new right Kassie this ridiculous industry represents my personal belief in the Sabbath and working in television networks and television for a good eight years and I grow the church left when in the world and meets any of the Sabbath is again and I realize that when I worked on a season of the amazing race and I went around this planet in thirty days at work every day every day sometimes a Google hotel room I would get there at midnight and went before him and leave when even my close up a solid time I spent on all we in the city for just a couple of the there is talk about culture shock when I got back and that I was a soundman would happen the Sabbath is again now in sharing that truth is people is an example in my life personally my in-laws are Jehovah's Witnesses and one of the first spiritual conversations we had was about the Sabbath I brought the subject up and it was as if I went over to the street and I sat to branch off and I get them over the head with it I said she was brash evidentiary as an effective way to share the Sabbath truth is somebody rightly got to start with the growth something like a tree to start with what I see and so what see there is a science to the gospel when we plant the seed what's even planned first what season the planet in right the Bible than the book of nature is is giving us a picture of the nature of the book is his multifaceted bag of seeds right that's all this is season truth and where you start me we would have the master himself right is his art as our example he does so with the good seed is the Son of Man Matthew thirteen thirty seven so Christ is our example is as this seed seller as were all called to celibacy no matter how old we are what our occupation is wrong called to sow the seed that is in the can not sooner because ultimately we will grow something either seeds grow into the things what will was the class representative growing faith when we growing lately how it hears or sees class in the minds of men a character we are growing a character another beautiful quote from Christ's object lessons page thirty eight every see brings forth fruit after its kind so the scene under the right conditions it will develop its own life in the class received into the soul by faith the incorruptible seed of the word and it will bring forth a character and a life after the similitude of the character and life of God while what a promise when promise so we are growing characters because ultimately we want to bear what fruit was to represent spirits work I like you shall know them by their fruits and but with the fruit withdrew for when we called to be is the answer here in Genesis twelve one hundred Bibles turn their control of the holy Scriptures that we that we have because it's important that we read these things for ourselves you'll see a importance of reading and how it affects our minds now the Lord said to Abraham get out of your country and from your family and from your father 's house to eleven I will show you I will make you a great nation I will bless you and make your name great and you shall be a lot a blessing I will bless those that bless you and curse those who curse you and in you all the families of euros from the glass we are called to be a blessing as the fruit is the best way to share seat assembly is to share a piece of fruit with them and they even know what this taste really is amazing and you don't really tell you about where the seed of that blessing came from and in that fruit is the seed right and this beautiful garden of truth that grows within men's hearts will bring for this character that's after the cemetery of God so I might hear now pastor another train speaker is the guy who grew up in the church fourth-generation Adventists and left but then Brandon shared a video with us he sent us a couple Walter my videos from his total onslaught series and all were my doing a totally dead asleep here and praise God that the God works in Brandon 's life and to work in the lives of my brother and I is we were completely lost and going down the wrong road this is an enemy out there trying he's sowing seed as well but he doesn't do it in the way that God has his teaching each of us to do it he's artificially implanting his seed and in these last days he has a mechanism that is so powerful we need to understand the the devices that the enemies using against us Matthew twenty four twenty four for there shall arise false Christ's and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders insomuch that if it were possible they would deceive the very elect nearly all think it's all that amazing what you just grew up with it television movies but if you took somebody from just a hundred hundred fifty years ago and brought them into the kitchen and took them into the theater and show them avatar they begun not try what is this revelation eighteen twenty three tells us that the merchants were the great men of the earth provide guidance door series were all nations deceived we know that this was sorcery comes from the Greek word pharmacopeia where we get our word pharmacy is a basically sorcery associated is deceiving mankind here and at times anything that medicates our minds so that we can follow the will of God right rebellion this is the sin of witchcraft so anything that leaders away from following the will of God could be considered sorcery not just in order not to talk about movies about sorcery retirement about this as a holistic look at the range is from here the front third of our brain is called prefrontal cortex of the frontal lobe right it's our command center it's this place in our minds it is the seat of our spirituality morality and our will is what it's where we decide right and wrong this is the first thing that the devil is trying to hinder interests if you look at just the medication of our hall the first part of the brain that infects is your frontal lobe the more alcohol you consume the more the frontal lobe basically goes to sleep if I will get to the point where your operating totally on your subconscious and eight I remember so it's vitally important to understand anything that would medicate this part of online and hinder it from doing the work of choosing between right and wrong we see this primarily in the development of the brain and children this is a fascinating area to study these effects because the frontal lobe is developing up until what age seem in a huddle of is the last part of your brain to develop in its continuing to develop until twenty about twenty years old twenty to twenty five years old so your brain is still developing all the the twenty this quote here from the and are an article called weapons of mass induction which is taken from a book by Doctor Eric Sigman are entitled remotely controlled when children watch television the frontal lobe is not doing anything with the result that over a period of time this part of the brain does not develop properly a study in the world Federation of narrow audiology outlined concerns about the impact of visual electronic media including television children because of stunted frontal lobe development which also impacts on their ability to control antisocial behavior right to choose between right and wrong playing and interacting with others is recommended to encourage the fibers of the frontal lobe to develop and to thicken and to make that make stronger connections to neurons the more you use your frontal lobe the way that those those axons are strengthened it's called myelination is a mild live myelinated process it's a fatty protein that covers that the neuron and makes the electric poles the ghost of the neuron faster and stronger and by the by age ten years old is in enzymes released in your brain that dissolves all poorly myelinated connections when you're when you're born you have billions of neurons in your brain and you can make trillions of connections is why child to learn ten languages simultaneously as they have the capacity to do so and whatever is not used by the age ten is dissolved and an end if you don't use it you lose it first printing three sixteen Paul tells us that know you not into the temple of God the Spirit of God dwells within you in the very fibers in my mind that God is communicating to us since according to understand the development of the mind and to set an guard well the obvious to the soul millions of Americans are so looked on television that they fit the criteria for substance abuse as defined in the official psychiatric manual according to Rutgers University psychologist and TV three America board member Robert Louis heavy TV viewers exhibit six dependency sentenced to more than necessary to arrive at a clinical diagnosis of substance abuse these include using television as a sedative indiscriminate viewing daily loss of control while viewing feeling angry with myself for watching too much inability to stop watching and feeling miserable when kept from watching medicating them are so the question really is then what is happening in your brain when you watch TV what's actually happening the first thing that's happening is you going to a semi- hypnotic state I'll thought related patterns are exhibited the same that are exhibited when you are in a hypnotic state the other thing that's taking place in the squad of existing place actually got his left and right brain situation they got your left brain which are analytical critical logical side of your brain your right side of your brain is the emotional artistic dreamy side of the brain and within thirty seconds as couple minutes for those of us have noticed Honorable Wilmot most people is only about thirty seconds we go from all brain thinking to predominantly right brain thinking the left side of our brain shuts down for only thinking with the right hemisphere is the sum and difference is here between the left and the right brain left atmosphere dominates when a child reads writes and speaks it specializes in analytical and sequential thinking and step-by-step logical reasoning it analyzes the sound and meaning of language and manages fine muscle skills and is concerned with order routine and details the ability to comprehend science religion and especially geometry and philosophy relies on abstract thinking characteristic of the left hemisphere and even though we emphasize which functions of learning are performed by which hemisphere there is a crucial connection between the two hemispheres called the corpus colossal it consists of a large bundle of nerve pathways that form a bridge between the left and right hemispheres it is one of the brain 's latest maturing parts the left and right sides of the body learn to coordinate with one another through this pathway gross motor activities like jumping rope climbing Circle games and fine motor skills like drawing needing pottery origami woodworking embroidery breadmaking are crucial to Mylan aiding this pathway and lead to more flexible manipulation of ideas and creative imagination of this pathway provides the interplay between the analytical and intuitive thinking and several neuropsychologist believe that core development of this pathway affects the right and left hemispheres communication with each other and maybe a cause of attention and learning difficulties so right there we have this problem with attention deficit disorder in this country here's the reason why because that pathway that connects our two hemispheres is not being myelinated properly because we sit down and watch television notice how your brain is working as the right side not really interacting with the with anybody right was happening when you sit down and watch television there is a multi- dimensional sensory deprivation situation happening element in three colors first off culmination of three colors do not seeing the whole spectrum of colors that are out there not being touched right not not talking back to the television or possibly just watching it they did studies were children who grew are touched are spoken to are played with their brains are the massive membranes is decreased by twenty thirty percent actually a loss of brain matter because those pathways did not develop as you need real interaction with people for your brain to develop properly this is Kenneth John monkeywrench and in the in the developmental process of the brain by age four both core which is your action are your brain and Olympic is the feeling party Arena eighty percent myelinated after six and seven the brain 's attention shifts to the neocortex which is your thought brain with myelinated beginning first on the right side of the right hemisphere and then later joined by the left hemisphere the right hemisphere is more intuitive more intuitive side of the brain and is a particularly response to visual images and draft holes shapes patterns and focuses on the big picture rather than the details indirect drawing and painting and monitors melodies and harmonies of music it is especially this especially was responsive to the novelty novelty and color and it is the dominant hemisphere watching television that's why you know you can still cry all your emotions are still there because as an emotional side of your brain this is being played with but were not analytically and critically analyzing the information coming into us to our senses so you know as you see now listening to me another group that are made a move that you using your whole brain only sit down and watch television he discussed so now the information coming in your mind and just a big chunk in holes just patterns you seen the big picture that's why when we watch a movie or whatever you walk out of the out of that experience a look back in New York when I remember the plot but you don't remember any details you can member of the characters names were at all the little details you you forget because your mind isn't concerned with those little details this reference is from a a woman by the name Doctor Susan Johnson and this whole article is posted on our website and is a fascinating article to go to our website of the light ministries .org and and read down there it's it's really fascinating she works with children and she wrote this article are called strangers in our home TV and our children's minds and actually called this Leo wanted to interview her for the documentary that were forming out of all this material he found and was the first thing she said to me was the biggest problem he sees and young people who are exposed to a lot of media is their inability to imagine really losing the ability to use our imagination and what a loss I we should intimately should spend an hour a day contemplating what the life of Christ letting the imagination grasped the scene because the thing is imagination for us it's all amazing in this and then losing the ability to actually imagine informed pictures with in our minds this first clip is an interview with the Roger Marnell is no Roger Morneau is attributed supernatural and it's interesting to see this guys given us a picture into Satan and his evil horde and what they plan how they plan this out so noticed these three things that he brings out here I believe seventeen hundred said the high priest in August it is equally general counsel with one purpose in mind is to prepare the industrialization assumed right on the independence of the also force-fed and that her age that was to follow that the tremendous scientific discoveries made me by people in one eight two eight he is changed everybody leads even all closer ushering in times and imprisonment on a person-to-person good and evil and the present him that he and he found the data in the form but even someone who is not a sudden increase in the dignity of the half without a state customers to chase them relative operation in the second and improvised Rabbi people disqualified themselves from the members of Christ and uses them in the time and the rest of the group six or seventy people live the plan 's benefits on the people who had revealed to him and that I find it fascinating that the had three major policies were good for another secret that humans would be moved to believe that he does not really exist now the next thing to do in the past policy had adopted the second one has finally made I believe that prayer is not and that would be done by taking hypnotism I don't have an energy juice is the science for the benefit of mankind now that I might have most of their decided that he had chosen person to initiate distinct and phrases Messmer which was an Austrian physician restaurant as the priest tells you all the potatoes you are capable and messenger television including heart and magnetism in the wrong him medicine that will administer the balloon is present but that is the that such persons have influence themselves to speak that would cause them to have over one hundred persons that affect them directly but that was what was described by the nonvoting okay Jay and I was a strategy on that time that an it was very interesting that the regional Council it was decided to see the shooter child and I would personally in setting up and the principles of is theories of motion was triggered when Lucifer and sometimes and find it was understood certain this is because it is understood that the person doesn't believe in evolution and life stride company in the event the patient in the Bible missionary and is and will ensure that the money is recognized by the standards as it was agreed value is and was very special option completely self powered engines spiritual blindness to convince and convert capacities and abilities of the theory that is not all deputy says that Satan is the teacher is between the roof in addition to the site and have the diocese assigned to him than that at all the remainder of his life and identified in heaven and I think even bruise on his and his workers on mankind mailing out the meaning of their devolution is taking the world by storm and rain nature show you see every scientific discovery this is not always done right I'm its even infiltrated into our very schools there was a marked change in my thinking by going to last year and I was taught evolution as biology one oh one novice novelist and five this is what they think or theistic evolution but straight evolution as the truth as scientific truth anything exactly what he said it destroyed within me to believe in the six seven-day creation and the plan of redemption followed men so it wasn't just my involvement I was addicted to movies all through my my my adolescence and into college I couldn't go we cannot see a movie or two or three of everything you do on Sunday would be to get all three episodes of Star Wars and watching back-to-back so nice closure these things and and and and definitely the theory of evolution for sure was the second thing there that he talked about hypnotism businesses and we would be brought out of the realm of vehicle incident science as a benefit to mankind Simmons is a more ammunition table who are undergoing open heart surgery no medication just hypnotism painless childbirth stop smoking lose weight getting you look on the just finished as a vendor Google and all this stuff will come up and there's all these benefits that you can benefit from from hypnotism siliceous hypnotism for a moment it's interesting the the term hypnosis comes from the name hit Nellis the ancient god of dreams and it knows was the Greek and Roman god of sleep from his name is derived from hypnosis hypnosis was the twin of Santos the personification of death both hit nose and patted toast lives in the underworld so death and sleep are twins and we doesn't want to believe any negative sleep tonight it knows this is a heightened state of suggestibility such that the suggestions given are accepted as being true and effective beliefs habits perceptions and behaviors of an individual in varying degrees according to the depth of gnosis jeer basically saying I cancel smoking so we use strongly suggest in my mind why shouldn't and basically you go into this semi- hypnotic trance and they attach negative emotions negative feelings to the act of smoking so when you pick up cigarette you feel all this negativity on you want so we also feel that people smoke as they like the serotonin rush the children the feel-good feeling and in first Corinthians six twelve Paul reminds us that all things are lawful for me but all things are not helpful all things are lawful for me but I will not be brought under the power of any we shouldn't give our willpower over to somebody else right it only person we should give my willpower to his Mister God here is a kindly ask you to malaria without any sentencing here's another thing that's taking place in our minds and this is fairly new science of CSS pretty interesting content is into nearer and what you see well I see my face of course in my face icy moons I see she is feeling we humans are really good at reading faces and bodies as if I looking you feel when you're feeling I can learn from you and link to you love you endlessly is one of our finer traits and when it happens it happens so easily perhaps because of this is brand-new science is just out of the lab we may have some special circuitry in our greens that helps us whenever we had each other as yourself why do people get so involved so far anguish such as fighting tension for him to him why a recent Sunday as long as I will loosely at his house in explanation is renewed ability to its new in the middle be found on the cellular level as the brain cells down on either side of the hip among all the billions of long raising cellular membrane these local Muir neurons have surprising power is the mechanism that underlies something which is absolutely fundamental to the way that we see other people and well I can't entirely by accident and laboratory him him him we don't see any harm in bringing researchers working with monkeys anywhere testing in Europe the green zone and always fired me this town when him and the monkey ran for a penis of that is peanuts and whatever the monthly meetings will be run with site is not here's a neuron that is essential to motion and move your new then one day the monkey was just sitting around not moving a whole the city when human scientist came into the Latin when the site is grass monkeys so find out what was the human will suggesting this year and you couldn't tell the difference between seeing something doing something seeing and doing the same or more intriguing him his neuron watching somebody something is just doing yourself a headphone talking the failure by the fire but it might get upset something Lancaster Lisa is almost unbelievable it was surprising because this salad is a boatload of planning for the monkey set up to be interested in the movements of other people as well some people monkey see monkey do Iran's of the name of Scott 's new room here on them to bring seems to me over the movements he sees this accidental discovery by scientists thinking more test instance increasingly for this is not just a monkey that people bring to we don't know that humans learn by looking and copying that's what you look into that as you watch and copy and learn the Senate will only happen in your head as I you see somebody else doing here the experience will they know the will you build moves in with them if you can use the views of training that you yourself are learning learning to walk and letting to eat this is an incredibly rich set of knowledge that you could apply to the problem of actually seeing what's going on the mirror system is the way that you get into the way that you harness your own abilities a project the house into the world is good at watching and translating when we see them just as moving dots of color on your no trouble recognizing these preliminary activities are more tests are shown when a person sees a movie like this of his own him as his own why sports fans into the action is in you and I and you are firing as you are giving a whole new meaning to the brazen I wonder that's why assumes him to evenings during Iran's plans not just other people 's actions as a you try to emotions is what this is there is to demonstrate he put me into these very powerful MRI brain scan it into your e-mail to the brain while he's working and he gave me some goggles we can show me pictures when I was in the value of the and once she had you into my brain has the right but not supposed to arrive in Beijing okay I will show you a bunch of faceless men for each phase I want to imitate so I can than he recorded my brain and my facial muscles as well as of the same faces of this time I must just look so when we checked the result in I've never think my brain is definitely says that the part of my brain is working wanting the things the same parking is twenty C six him him he is I remember feeling uncomfortable and bad it was easy as they will know better almost at the moment I was looking at the things my way is my brain in that instance of in many areas near shows activity in the emotional part of my brain when I was demonstrating happy faces look like an even bigger response this is acrimony is a consistent result nearing around he can send messages to the emotional system in ivory so it's possible these neurons help us truly human and drug is the rats in strong than that for the last election that is level your thing there's a place in my brain which job is to live in other people 's minds with other people 's bodies that's right I and reading actors instinctively know that if they put feeling and drama into their bodies and in their faces will respond in a retrograde and does not expect any misusing that movement is filed the rings in the people these are the experts and nurses had intensive social creatures we literally redeveloping the life affirming events I think that Philip is when you talk about you but what we do knows as Ramachandran is that healthy human beings are intensely social what is the monkeys being independent means to connect reinvent advances and handshakes and games to play we together we meet and talk we talk a lot in there what makes humans running that fixes the problem is you can say you were relaxing by Pat language Sutherland group of this culture a lot of culture comes from imitation watching the pictures do something and while no one is claiming that new neurons are the key ingredient that makes us different from other creatures one of these neurons do suggest about this seems almost self-evident PCP is a sports bar they eat you architecture down ourselves we are built together to the variable point in having a versus unit of your ability to having a digestive system in your living good point in having the movement system negatively run a good one audio visuals distributed under the thing of having a mirror system the mirror system is the most basic social rights is a point system which has no point in having if you don't want to entrust all relate to other people but we do like to interact and maybe now as never before will understand ha ha I is doing this whole thing to say a from the standpoint of evolution as a whole evolutionary part I clip out but is a sneaky even though it's coming from an evolutionary standpoint is that they get away from the fact that they said no the membranes were built to be together right as regards Bill Mister Newton is a community of people is why we have this this amazing ability to learn from each other near each other's feelings and thoughts and characters by beholding to become changed their science is proving that difficult from the Edward Bernays propaganda the conscious and intellectual manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country is this not the leaders that are present governors and that are really molding society it's an unseen mechanism manipulating society and and and governing it right he says we are governed our minds are molded artistes are formed our ideas suggested largely by men we've never heard of is the logic and logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized to be heard of Edward Bernays was a river describe a few one person is Sigmund Freud 's nephew and he was the first person to take his uncles ideas of psychology and use them to manipulate the masses in a propaganda films in the forties and thirties and forties and and then moved into advertising and because of the second time I'm a minimum on the skin over the scribbles tell you about it sometime sixth he he God women who smoke in this country because there was a a taboo against women smoking men had put in place a tableau it wasn't when proper for women smoke in public and George Hill the via present in the tobacco corporations came to us and how can we get with the aftermarket agreeableness no and so he used these techniques either from his uncle and basically what he did was he had some women in a parade in New York Easter Parade a group of suffragettes they were called high-class women dressed in very nice clothing he told them he had had them all three cigarettes concealed under their clothing entity given signal from them they were all there were plenty cigarettes and light up dramatically and then he told the press Avis is when you pull up the cigarettes and smoke in public as a protest and Internet light their torches of freedom and as as as a protest for women's rights equality type situation and the presence of all these pictures and the next day the pictures are sworn in the New York papers they were across the country and around the world from that point on the sale of cigarettes women start the climb with one symbolic act otherwise I hated that I would be equal with men totally irrational right a rational feeling hates torches of freedom to do this thing but totally irrational does women make artists smoking make women more equal to men or in any fully irrational nothings happening this guy created on what's called public relations how was related to the public this is another Alaskan bonuses while it be is also behind putting doctors out there it is to say that in eighty seven the doctor states can smoke there was a follow-up same thing with fluoridation of our water supply for his goofy right it's not it's not it's the second most toxic substance known to man next Mercury in your system and he innovated they attach a doctor to visit a doctor 's superset of our waterless country so chlorinated is not a pharmaceutical grade fluoride comes from the waist of the aluminum industry and so instead of having to dump in a toxic waste down the good integrity trucks and shipped all of the country and put in the water spices MPG this is just a quick booklet from suggestions like consumers content mocking and I think he from the documentary the Corporation and advertisers know this you can manipulate people to manipulate them into wanting and therefore buying a product of the games a psychological game the advertising industry hires the top psychologist that we have are all about trying to attach a lifestyle to their products that's it there's selling it is selling a lifestyle or not to sell your product your emotional mind is saying on many I want to be on have all the girls on have on the good talent no it's a lifestyle that that the SLS will pardon while I hung in there and start talking and now feel that relationship when they're younger the method known some I asked in a limousine that is manipulating as well yes I don't know you are pro-life initiative and new product and we know the new product with certain creative execution claims and asserted immediate and wind energy to build a relationship with them and they utter there a relationship and I really but that's what they did as an and you have been as an adult there many ways to talk about television but in a business perspective let's be realistic basically GFI 's job is to help Coca-Cola sell its products for instance to make advertising to make the advertising message well received the audience 's brains must be available our shows are here to make those rates available to entertain it to relax it to prepare it between two messages overselling the Coca-Cola is available human brain time Patrick relay the CEO of tears by the name French television channel there are some facts the average household has two seven persons the number of televisions for households two nine to more televisions and people in this country just in our households but not the TV of the gas station in the supermarket billboard and the average hours better more than four hours a day the abbeys W thirty three hours a week working hours on any year you watch two four solid months of television the number of as seen in the year twenty five thousand the time spent watching intent in the tenure except as average of two solid years of your time people talk about it on a time when we spending our time doing or wasting time are we killing time the most advertised product on television with him against fast food fast food with the second most advertising on TV pharmaceuticals and that you have it the food and drug administration right is a is a Fuji TV this is it we says okay and he gets sick as a drug you take the cover of the symptoms are failing and that money that's big money there's no money in making people healthy there's big money making us sick so definitely this the system is broken and think on your health message right that entering wedge that again the book of nature gives us a clear picture of the nature of the book here's a clip from a show called mind control is an example of how easy it is to manipulate somebody's opinion this is called neurolinguistic programming with what what this guy 's doing and basically that you read the subtitles across there and you'll notice that to send an certain key points nearly missing program is a way of speaking and using slight body language gestures and things to bring emphasis the things you're saying without the person consciously being aware by Leslie you think of the coming of seven extension outline like this will presence of the crime and this is found on the seventh of the maps on the phone when needed as somebody who's the rifle on them but I do is wrong then we saw the same solution time is wine on its acquisition of funds received I got my by anything I learned that lesson from the number they are creating something exhaust developed instantly sent a thousand bucks they get was an attempt to help you know that feeling is you are describing that being excitement and enough women think that I got pregnant announcement is that if you have a particularly understand others is the feeling she's going to be so extreme that it can replace the memory she wanted to let you to eliminate said by them that is not the really nice to be in order something about femininity wanted suddenly now I think that was what the Bible is only sensitive yet it is so you have anything you believe is right now when he asked aesthetic heaven be on the show he told him right down on a piece of paper and sealed in an envelope bring it with you in your wallet what you want between present any and there is a lot of you another area he wants Moto box of them there's even spiked locality while free on things I'll read you notice in the background there's cementing circular Aaron Latourette in the Roman okay all this plays in two strongly suggested this person and what he really wants is a bike BMX bike but what he wrote down the acid is so really was right on the second ROW so no not needed probably not the case tonight tickets are always one simple popular pickles out of the this is letter jacket and he's totally baffled recently noticed not one of you that's my handwriting is really freaked out about so the question then is good parts of our police system is still strongly suggested to us that we forget what we originally believed this is no an example of how powerful hypnosis and nearly was programming in these things are they the movies have given Americans and acceptance of things I don't think they would have embraced says executive producer Harvey Weinstein maybe they were tricked into it my son citing marketing campaign when they came out they came out different they realize that they are molding and changing the way we think about life our belief systems this message was used by Chile 's support in Michigan since then as she lay CCC inspired many young people I have a base price and delivery download or purchase other resources like this you've been blessed thank you for donating this is why this was done them G see when done with also reach us via mail box seven eight six him me posting this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you can't share please ensure this recording everything is keep in mind resale and alteration in his


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