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The Culture Creation Industry

Brandon Mascareñas Scott Mayer Thom Mayer



  • December 31, 2010
    10:30 AM
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him him him this message is presented in this GUI scene two thousand ten no turning back on their brother resources like this visit us online GUI scene led to arrive that's just started here and a lot start with a word of prayer it all our edits it reaches seventy father or ask your spirit to be with us here in this place as we open your word for bringing life to this beautiful message that you have given to us to give the world and I pray that you sent a mighty host of angels to campground 's entire conference and me each person here be richly blessed and see what it is our true purpose you have granted us to co- labor with you in this work Lord just pray for your Holy Spirit to be with your Lord me may you be lifted up I mean on your cross at his things and just thinking that so this last presentation we've entitled the culture creation industry because this is the actual term that the insiders view the entertainment industry as to not notice the attendance was none of that culture creation industry because they know that they are creating a culture of the future so before we get into any of that let's start with the story of Noah so in Matthew twenty four thirty seven the Bible tells us that but as in the days of Noah were so also with the coming of the Son of Man the so if we look at this story about Noah this is a prophetic story is it not okay we are living in a time when all the thoughts of men are evil continually now know this guy 's amazing to think here just nine generations after the creation of man man was created in the image of God men fell to the image of the beast and Noah was heralding this message saying a guys destruction is coming at first maybe some people listen to knows message but soon the enemy of souls duped everyone and they know this guy 's crazy he is off his rocker built the boat on dry land it's never arraigned before the Bible tells us in Genesis six nine that Noah was a just man he was perfect in his generations snow walked with God thus Noah did according to all that God commanded him Genesis six twenty two so no was perfect the Bible says because he did so it all that God had commanded him it also says in Genesis seven one there when God told him to come into the city are can bring his whole household because God had seen that he was righteous in his generation so no was righteous and perfect is what the Bible is telling us what if no it didn't do all that God had said I take for instance the pitch within the pitch without every game all those instructions on how to build the ark and I discovered that these original Hebrew words and establishing there is a slight difference between the pitch within the pitch without the Hebrew word there can find enough in pronouncing these right and co- far okay that you then to placate or cancel to appease to make an atonement to cleanse to forgive to be merciful to pacify to pardon to put off to make reconciliation ditch without is a coding a cover a ransom is that beautiful so what is the pitch represent Christ's but Chrysler so what is the art represent Christ our only ark of safety right in that the message get on the get on the arc a redemption price at me can you imagine the scene just imagine a safer moment you stand there you listen to what he knows last message just you realize it's his last message but all of a sudden animals start walking out from the woods in order to IQ seven and sentenced and get in on this boat Mac accurately not one person gone about after witnessing SCL is it a what were they thinking right look at these animals represent the ideas us people people will be unchanged from the image of God into the image of the beast here's a clip of other guy who got on the arc examiner is over my head I was like okay I'm surprised nobody right now don't go home smart drugs until I wanted to do now is my way of thinking so I receive Christ and the church I went home neglect my daughter footer from the TV I remember around a hundred dollar bill I'll use a hundred dollar bill for some reason pride of some chopped up my crystal meth got it all smooth and powdery and assorted people live in I held the bill I looked up and said Jesus if you're real like that pastor said you got to take these drugs come into my life come into my heart and I just got quiet I said search me right now search my heart and I stayed silent and I said you know I want to quit you know I want to be a good dad this is she lost her mother to drugs and she's losing the title is him I say John is love your music and love and use the world most people have worsened when you see all the going nuts for you advice noted puffs you up inside perform software drugs increase in cocaine or whatever methamphetamines crept in it all came from after drinking for me and my friend is seems like fun in the beginning is alive because it is it turns around on you start the learning personality starts to wear on your relationships and everything is affected by everything there was a a few times were life seemed good my daughter Jeanette she came to the world knows but it was just such a euphoric feeling I thought my life could just feel like wherever you would like to spiritual one and no one is happening is not so much in love no my emotions and not always be happy one I just couldn't stay sober know-how and rock-bottom eyesore that I would never do methamphetamines again because I saw what it did to my child's mother is just super feelings away major lever kit is one hundred and one particular talk to the scum of the earth and the notebook she did drugs like that and let the drugs when her like that I never was the Mickey Mouse again I ended up the him everything will want to me by some to the lowest gutter I did everything I would than someone with you not still be on as I needed to function in human until he sounds it's not in the school when it loses I will come I started losing my mind until my house and nonstop in and around Europe Panama drug dealers reason the drugs through the mail we doubt my hotel room watching this package the US is not my life just like spinning out of control management amount on one of the tours in the US and around announcing in one of our corn zones called the home to be set in him will him will him gently on daughter singing all day I dream about sex and and I thought my real estate broker Eric and his brother not only be weird with you and I hope you take this the wrong way but I felt the Scripture language about it he had never done this before so on really know how to do this but I felt like this would mean something Matthew eleven twenty eight come to me all are weary and burdened and I will give you rest I got a look at the dictionary will wary of the guardians in Iceland the Scripture wherein burn the ninety first from a soul in Billings but a note to Israel but that he will be invited to church a couple couple weeks later and I did receive Christ the church I went home like my daughter got it all him reason you think the drugs from the serves me right now search my heart him to talk I felt somewhat fatherly love from heaven is like I don't continue I love you I love love love and instantly download from God came into me it was so powerful that the next day I threw away all my drugs in the market with cornrows like I'm putting on him raise my kid because my kids like I got the love from the oncoming community humanities and my kitty change the policies are definitely in the face lit up as easily two thousand special in the God user to save me the safer life later on my dream came true way more than I dreamt about I got me more money ugly bigger shows I mean houses cars I tried drugs I tried sex I tried everything to try to get pleasure out of this life and I thought that I can fulfill my life with all the stuff I write having my dream come true when it came through but it didn't fulfill it likewise came in that feeling he gives you the gift of understanding life which is everything was created for Christ and by him were created to be with him and it's the most incredible feeling because you are you belong and contentment is given to or anywhere else in here exactly where you need to be in the question about life is answered I'm Brian and Wells and I'm second powerful because one man shared within one middle seat and then got on the arc now he still got it a journey to go on right any at least a couple of second animal not take this way around and to pray for Brian EB powerful force in this world I now him he was part of one of the biggest metal bands of our time corn cognitive you know who that is but the most therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creature in new creation old things have passed away behold all things have become new second Corinthians five seventeen if you have your Bibles were to be looking at quite a few scriptures yourself this look these up the other animals getting on the art what a scene I degree to see more and more this right to look into the great speakers that we all have learned so much from Iva Myers David Nathan Renner altered by all these guys came out of the world completely of the world and become otherworldly to sit interview I we're all called to be well called to be no pets of the Bible silliness but what really what really is the Bible promising us look up first Peter one thirteen to sixteen I have dishonest painted as you don't have your Bibles but if you do read it in your Bible for yourself see you don't examine him and him and read up about silently behind you guys looking about the Scripture says therefore gird up the loins of your mind be sober and rest your hope fully upon the grace it is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ as obedient children not conforming yourselves to the former lusts as in your ignorance but as he who called you is holy you also be holy in some of your conduct no all of your conduct because it is written be holy for I am holy Luke chapter one starting with verse sixty eight the Bible tells us here blessed is the Lord God of Israel for he has visited and redeemed his people to grant us that we be delivered skipping down to seventy four there sorry from sixty eight to seventy four to grant us that we being delivered from the hand of our enemies might serve him without fear holiness and righteousness before him all the days of our life what is the Scripture promising us what is the gospel promising us second Peter chapter one verses three and four zero witnesses move this forward with its offset the screen his divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of him who called us by glory and virtue by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises through these you might be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption as it is in the world through lust that beautiful the Bible is telling us that God is held nothing back he given us all things that pertain to life and godliness so again what is the gospel promising arts first John chapter three sixty nine were building here Scripture upon Scripture whoever abides in him does not send whoever sins is neither seen him nor known him little children let no one deceive you either practices righteousness is righteous just as he is righteous he sends is of the devil for the devil has sent from the beginning for this purpose the son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil whoever has been born of God does not say for his seed remains in him and he cannot sin because he has been born of God really did do we believe this do we believe that we can live without sin is as possible I mean this is why God came in the world to destroy the works of the devil Satan is a defeated foe Yahoo our struggle is with itself that's our biggest enemy itself and yearly thinkers you know I crucified with Christ what can you crucify yourself know this so work that God is doing within us second Corinthians seven one therefore having these promises beloved let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and of the spirit perfecting holiness in the fear of God this is a work that God is doing within its right is my favorite sexy Ceco thirty six verses twenty three to twenty seven is God speaking and I will sanctify my great name which has been profaned among the nations would you have profaned in their midst you know base biggest joys when we as Christians who call ourselves followers of Christ make excuses for our imperfections in our character at Susan that's his biggest joy because the accused Scott God your law is not just note and follow this but everybody is from Adam although it's about everybody not one perfect person yeah okay Jesus you are perfect but you are God that doesn't prove anything the kidneys people do it in your FE accusation and the nations shall know that I the Lord says the Lord God when I followed in you before their eyes for I will take you from among the nations and gather you out of all countries and bring you into your own land that I will sprinkle clean water on you and you shall be clean I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh I will put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them what a promise or promises but what the Bible 's promising us first Thessalonians five twenty three twenty four seconds turn their dog just beginning to get my head around this when I will write opposite them dammit I was never I never heard this message I was thinner oh you know you got it you look at your sin all I'll probably only felt the price comes perfection is just a carrot dangling out in front of us that we we strive for but will never achieve now we meet with in no would never get a no hundred forty four thousand will never know that their part of the hundred forty four thousand right they were living in the X typical day of atonement what it is let's do on David summit their confessed sins of fasting limbo is anything within my character it needs to be cleansed afflicting their souls in that book that I read a lesson site now in the God of peace himself think if I do completely and may your whole spirit soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ he who calls you is faithful also will do it amen Ephesians five twenty five to twenty seven husbands love your wives just as Christ also loved the church and gave himself over that he might sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of water by the word that he might present her to himself a glorious church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing but that she should be holy and without blemish brothers and sisters in Christ is waiting on his bride to make herself ready and when the character of crisis perfectly reproduces people then the end will come and this work we always need to remember and be humble it is a work that God is doing with Dennis God is is sanctifying his name is vindicating his own name through his people what a powerful message this is second Corinthians six versus six to eighteen and what agreement is the temple of God with idols that's why we feel that God has called us to herald this warning message about the dangers of what's coming out of Hollywood and the entertainment industry the consecration industry that we do not know what agreement do we haven't these titles for you are the temple of God as God has said I will dwell within them and walk among them I will be their God and they shall be my people therefore come out from among them and be separate says the Lord do not touch what is unclean and I will receive you I will be a father to you and you should be my sons and daughters says the Lord Almighty thank you very message the unique message that this movements been given the cleansing of the temple cleansing of our hearts what a powerful message whether it was so we say that shall we continue in sin separates a bound certainly not how shall we who died this in live any longer in it are we truly dead to send it we believe what the Bible starts we believe it is a question I'm asking myself I'm not perfect but the select files promising me while if we abide in Christ we are in here and he is in 's and we yes his life as his thoughts have his feelings were promised to promise Revelation three and me that we need to look at at our true condition we need to understand that understand what the remedy is we all know we live in the kind of latest year right that with the church is lukewarm and an end and people I say on the menu nothing what's the counsel that Christ gives us he says I counsel to you to buy from me gold refined in the fire that you may be rich by women I thought the gospel is free it allows us by the feedback astray no what did it cost no everything is free but it's not cost you everything total surrender that's at the messages we totally surrender our lives to God and it was gold represent we buying a refined character and gold represents faith and faith comes by hearing the word of the Lord and a white and white garments that you may be clothed that the shame of your nakedness may not be failed and anoint your eyes with ISAPI you may see to put on the robe of righteousness is not our righteousness is Christ's righteousness but such a something to put on continuing our sin Augustus can forgive me on Friday as forgiven us for this coming a time when that for the arts in a close as could be too late at that point behold us at the door and knock if anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in and dine with him and he with me to him who overcomes I will grant to sit with me on my throne as I have also overcame and sat down with my father in his throat he wasn't your lead in here with the Spirit says churches are we listening do we hear this message is beautiful quote from Alan light the Lord invites people to become workers together with engine rebuilding and receiving character according to the true standard of moral rectitude coal laborers through faith in Christ we are to be re-created in his image is not beautiful Jesus says behold I create a new thing in here apostate menace to be recovered all of humanity is to be elevated thinnest to be pardoned sinners are to be saved that God may be eternally glorified the treasures of wisdom which have been hidden for ages are to be brought forth for the enriching of the lost all what treasures of wisdom are to be open up to for the view of the world every divine resources placed at the disposal of Matt Ellis every divine resource in order that we may become a co- labor with God nothing has been withheld when God gave his only begotten son to our world he gave all the treasures of having what power what glory has been revealed in Jesus Christ the greatest display of majesty and power is given to the world the only begotten son of God with this power in our command I asked the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth why is it that God 's people do not await their duty why is it that every individual does not become an example into lean the work that the time demands in first giving himself and then his talents and means that abilities of the Enlightenment and salvation of the people who are in the dense darkness pitfall and most deplorable ignorance the southern work page thirty one why is it that we are not awaking to our call maybe it's because everything around the site sky said the music industry as created the atmosphere around us and this is the message we do what we want to do here's a clip this is from a documentary entitled they sold her soul for rock 'n roll and is about a twenty minute clip I trimmed it down to about seven minutes so there is way more I mean this is just a little smudge across the top of the true message that's coming out of the music industry are you are him daughters I feel sorry for him to engage in any activity through the whole thing is not really worried about her health will make in your life for me to do this thing losing or as I'd send all their earthly carnal pleasures the center world is reborn and cheery world were the instantly intellect will be complementary to one another rather than being at odds with one another in which we follow laws of nature instead of just the rules advanced radar for the regular him choose as we would himself say any sense they would be right it is a form of self worship me via there is no reason why this table just before leaving over and said they found themselves what religion are you here is our disciples and people are saying this is her first name in a complementary way on the very wealthy people that is as good Christians for other hand they will instinctively pursue the very same things that we are always a list is a you is is is is is is is is a is is is a you with this is good for each leg will or God 's will Satan is the man if you like your close attention I mean like if you want to do when you want to do is to put any friendly half a god or goddess with the ultimate standard for ethics meaning purpose and destiny you got it whatever you feel is right in my heart I love all my being my heart is true that I have had problems with about worshiping yourself because you are responsible for your own good and evil power to defy what would you find the things that Bush himself was being itself him I was truly stated this way it is infamous book of the law every man and every woman is a star for a goth band as we saw earlier to without will still be the whole of the law basically every thinker whatever anybody wants to do whatever they want as long as I live by myself it is by my own values and how those present have you done with those morals and values are as do was write for myself my declaring that each person should walk in their own light discover and do their true will love a Manson along with meet you and others have simply been at the week the father of all lies the one that goes back to the very dawn of human history then the serpent said to the woman God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God knowing good and evil Satan is the essence is simply each person looking through his or her own eyes for meaning and direction has her own god or goddess free to do as we will theologically this worldview can be reduced to a single precept found in the fourth chapter of the book of Satan to God are my own door to put in the more common terms the quote triumphant strains of a song that Labadie and his disciples view is one of the most tannic of the twentieth century and him and him snow is that incarnations of new artists who became living metaphors for the inevitable downward spiral of any culture that embraces I did it my way theology him and my way to the finger to help and omega of the Rockville you is by way has expressed himself in so many ways by so many performers to buy my way out of things that I know many songs interviews and concert performances one could easily argue that you would thou wilt find the very soul of rock 'n roll him to have him and him to him and he is more to see each other or him and him him him him him will will completely they are the unwanted do nearly as long as mildly as identical as soon as he is a him and without will often resonates in the words of the popular mantra do your own thing and will integrate for you is that they really think that people down and spend doing ill thing means doing you know they know exactly what is the doing what suits him him him him and provide the foundation for the ever popular believe or trust in yourself and him that to him serialization is him and nothing is going to be absolutely debuted for yourself yourself him to send us perfect and incisive expression in what has become one of our culture 's most popular Fritos that will trust your heart is in him and him him and him and him him him and he is he is him and acceptance speeches all are two Broadway musicals will wear a way and he children studio and will but I certainly don't feel good wisdom that has become the great laws the only politically correct and then there is culture wherein truth is relative to think maybe we need to write man is good and God is whatever you want him/her or it could be this darn no absolute truth I mean even God doesn't work that way I got some absolute standard of right and wrong what's to keep acute children saw him to the lowest murder in her and beat a dead horse there you can see the that counterfeit to what the gospel is going is your your own Redeemer trust your heart dislike about he pointed out all that cartoon is something that has just saturated the entertainment industry you trust his own art is a full Proverbs twenty eight twenty six the heart of amended people above all things who can know it Jeremiah seventeen nine every way of a man is right in his own eyes Proverbs twenty one two there is a way that seems right to a man that in the end is the way of death Proverbs fourteen twelve trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not upon your own understanding receipt the world is preaching a message to follow your heart and the Bible says now we not up on your understanding the only upon the understanding that God is given us him amazes forest habitat where you went how did this all come to be right and he is thing is training us as a culture and favorite time of the culture creation industry this culture that we see in the world today where a look at this clip here are talking about a mentioned I got Edward Bernays okay and down it's an interesting shift that took place in this country during the you restaurant after the Industrial Revolution was America's corporations will learn as you are now millions of the production will find him as I will charge you for this consumption basis of an image luxury goods and working-class Americans necessities and sanctions toppings will will will will him to all the other is a the corporations realize they have to do is transform the way the majority of Americans problems when leading role street bank Lindsey you got for Christmas was shifted to emerge from it needs to design him is to learn new things and avoiding time-consuming misshapen new mentality in America on the design is overshadowed as we that is over because of losing market worker is American over the manufacture they say that they are the afternoon when the people shopped for what they needed and will and may have that demonstrated me most people do not have as you will live that way you happens if you actually need as well as opposed to meet the man who did the central changing mentality corporations as the guy states more than anybody else who's who brings to the table psychological theory is something that is an essential part of how from outside of how we were going to appeal to the masses effectively models merchandising establishing concerns and sales establishment ready for Sigmund Freud and they already are understanding what motivates the human mind him Ensign 's news is so massive she any provision which was across America in the mid- seventies is an and many of the techniques of mass consumer assumption on him tied by William Nanda is a funny that him him him lose as is and is just the sum of the communes comes into him and find trespassing upon itself as symbols of male sexuality psychology is usually put attended independence and wilderness is a him and celebrities is not just the need to express your concerns of your self so train culture needs to be trained is a that you need desires must overshadow our needs is that not what has happened in our RJ age anywhere in the room what is this the demeaning Eagles generation now was Generation X outs me I I my iMac iLife better Brian did you put it this way movies are powerful good or bad they tinker right inside your brain the eleventh upon you in the darkness of the cinema to conform to social attitudes in short cinema is propaganda they know exactly what power they are wielding his next couple closer from submit this little clip from nine exposé on on not Transformers and Armageddon both created by the same person and movies are known as predictive programming is predictive programming they did show your stereo it's all in this heightened emotional state and they're banking on the fact you see enough of these that when a real situation takes place in the world you to react similarly to what you've been predictably program to react this is Transformers star child of and Fox news the good news on the government group is assisting me as the one of the most popular of all time movies teens do with the cosmic battle between good and evil the data weren't allegedly good robot seeing double out of us for war with the Leslie bathroom it is called to step the claims the autobahns in search of the original cost for the responsible for all of life called the all Spark became up with the American military and the human race help them gain victory they potentially the world scenario which is lacking the connections at the top is it possible that Michael Bay has taken a page out of the revolution and the related Richard inside out as the characters are gourmet people in those early evils are many good and a run-up scenario the battle of Armageddon and Michael Bay 's growing farm again we are told that it is based on the cell of origin mentions the viable as a president United States in the movie first the Bible in each of the battle at hand as are changing a massive asteroid where are you wearing grave this challenge is five Holocaust essay Armageddon in the whole thing here the first time in the history of the planet DC him him him him so I'm existing you notice right the first time in history of the species we have the technology to save ourselves right at the message twenty twelve I does all this high twenty twelve total scan I've even heard some people say that the there's the my account doesn't really end on twenty December twelve twenty twelve twenty one twenty twelve so but again is a little little propaganda him him him him him here to remind how the time who per on the twenty first of December two thousand twelve I believe this is what she will sweeten the list soon at him and him him us him to him to rule on him him and him to her friends in the world what it says that now here's the easily this is the end of the movie here where that Doctor Tessier but they built the scene shifts the MacCallum arts that all the seeds they brought in all these animals everything in here again the governments of the world are banded together they built these huge arcs and they saved mankind from the coming destruction now you have any any any effect on people what sets the most zealous in his around the corner of system resources also in the two thousand twelve the lists have begun to prepare West Berlin was a national inventor is looking woman on the capsule which he says to protect occupants from just about every disaster parties and him to decide if I is raining down in California breaking away from him before thanking the house is in the area of pain him him him him movies in Hollywood I said adding that the food at the was is not just the flood is busy with his physics chemistry and mathematics as of the twenty twelve flows from over the years and this is going to want to do the photos he speaks of other natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis which the Mayans predicted would trigger the beginning of the end of the world just three years from now and in the layout and I'm going to be a suffocating rescue I have called VA is out of her mind and only upon a tightfitting according to you and once it goes into production him him and now I'm not all that is broken and virtually indestructible design would survive the financial NASA losing weight to carry cash and even the effects in the world for roughly forty days while in board that will dynamically but they knew that what you does on his boot and cannot be destroyed what is Ubuntu eight zero is already a similar model is that the Russian inventor says it is a more enhanced emergents typically surface of the depth of water and float on Mama while eight ago and knows a lot in a world County right so is is a clip from Walter vice new series called repeatedly to Reformation it's an amazing series and is a little piece of real propaganda that the governments of the world without notice how many languages and then I is a freeware easy to use almost from the way is wandering the next five yes the reason driver propaganda slogans on him and him and is five to one hundred and you always are when I him this is a access is a very is a and he is not a man he is a is a him and so is a mess is as a fantasy and in a zone is a is a is a him us him us as soon as an estimated thirty million environment and I is is is is is is is is is is is time we drive so that he is a fan is not the same as hard as you will a reality or will and will you and is is is is is a will is is him and you are and at one singer I will be a loss he means you are as bad as is the Senate and so on and on all this talk about inability and what we been trained like I consumption can subject away not as a problem that we need to be tested and I have nothing against living sustainably and try to come up with alternative forms of energy and all that but this is what's driving the world into one world situation you know that before I just melted this left open to hear at school are very last one year they say that that that in one winter at all the all that stuff and in an inconvenient truth about the poor icecaps melting and everything in one winter that ice reconstituted in the coldest winter ever and it reconstituted one winner the sizes of command said we were paid to Doctor the evidence so I really really happening any time electronic monitor something global events something science can't even comprehend here's a clip from this concert that Scott was talking about this holographic concert that played simultaneously around the world and and as you get the youth involved in bringing the rock concert I him to him him to an as is the defendant into the student on a inconvenient to the United food and then he is a brilliant gentleman in a bank you will I tell him to an a him to review and verify that it is down that ingest these recently that I we have seen the invention of technology that enables and instantly communicate our ideas and inventions and feelings with people on the other side of the cause of the communication channels and technologies that are now available this menu at this very moment is connected to the entire law you are communicating right now the well over two billion people including all the while is in Sydney Shanghai Johannesburg hamburger London Rio de Janeiro and New York and the broadcasts are not seeing on television and over the Internet in the one hundred and twenty five the human race is also connected by the climate it is a global problem that transcends boundaries languages and culture the climate crisis have an impact on everyone everywhere on if we were living on Wednesday it will loop all coated with a very thin layer will dedicate it to jump on board right your charter as a declaration of fundamental principles for building adjustment sustainable and peaceful global society the twenty first century created by a global society endorsed by thousands of organizations the charter is not only a call to action but motivating force inspiring change the world over this is the Wizard behind the curtain here Al Gore says man this guy Maurice Strong as secretary general of the historic United Nations set Earth conference in Rio de Janeiro the real goal of the Earth charter is that it will become like the ten Commandments is in Hartford he says that he hinted at the overtly pagan agenda BF feature of the Earth charter when he opened the address at the real conferencing that it is the responsibility of each human being today to choose between the forces of darkness and the force of light and no Alice a Bailey and Madam philosophy both use this terminology in their writings force of darkness it is a term they used to hear to this outdated Judeo-Christian faith goes to continue along their separate paths the one true God the force of light Lucifer is their view in their view is the inclusive New Age doctrine of pagan pantheistic New Age religion in the new age of Aquarius there will be no room for the force of darkness and then he goes on to say this is his intro we must therefore transform our attitudes and adopt a renewed respect for the superior laws of divine nature so elevating nature above is not a man in nineteen eighty two English painter he is took out full-page ads in newspapers around the world declaring that Christ is now here for more than twenty years now and has traveled the world telling all nations than the price he calls Shreya is about to hear is a good and will and will we caught up with Mister grin in August two thousand six you just come from speaking to an independent group at the United Nations he had this to say to America is good for them to respond to unclear and to accept that the it was on May fourteenth nineteen eighty two and Karen held a press conference to announce that the Christ trail was ready to emerge the fourteenth was also the date of the rebirth of the nation of Israel in nineteen forty eight with all the bloodshed and conflict happening in the Middle East we asked Graham he thought it might take to bring peace to the region at all with that it will fit like a social prophecy teachers warn that the current roadmap to peace followed by President Bush is really a roadmap to Armageddon meanwhile Graham says the solution is the universal Christ which he claims is awaited by all religions to love six hundred years ago but the public is one of the simplest at this time would come until the ball is another village public alike the result by name and by dint of his extraordinary spiritual section would galvanize his father 's analysis for beautiful symbolizes this is a righteous jet is the name of my thirtieth foot folding all the religions of the week is over I went to each of the dog of hell who only pay the I hope when I talk about future of the food that is quick to know basis in the John the Baptist and Christ is been heralding the coming of this guy ends up the trail and you see what's happening here in the world there's is a crisis to take place something to happen and when Satan comes as this false cries the Lord to be deceived to think of them is the solution to bring about this golden age of humanity where we all get together and we live in this one world situation we know the truth is only one truth is get on the arc and we are all called to be no a and to herald this message because the only solution to the coming crisis of the love that is about to come on your is Jesus Christ Sicard each of you to that week between the porch and the alternates plead with the Lord to reveal to us this character in our own lives so they we can uplift Christ in our allies and all men will be drawn to an end so I forgive you guys little longer but the door probationers about supposedly want to be inside the arc meant by Idol in the me just say quickly November for you go and come by our booth and say hi I give a seventy father and I thank you so much for giving us a roadmap for these enzymes Lord may we take the heart the urgency of the time as there is no time left Noah built the ark from hundred twenty years and here's been hundred and sixty six years since you've entered the muscle in place but we know that we are on borrowed time please come into our hearts and renew us and strengthen us create a nice new character a character that is molded after your all so that your name is thank you I see as important issue since there is USC's season inspired many young people I have a base price in February download and print 's other resources like this you been blessed making lazy and donate his wife Susan when done with NYC when done with you also reaches in mail box seven eight six Ann Arbor Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you are shared please attribute this recording whenever there is in my resale and alteration is


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