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When God Intends Unrivaled Blessings

Martin Kim


Martin Kim

Pastor and Evangelist



  • January 27, 2011
    7:00 AM
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what is getting bigger there is the praise the Lord when you feel like you and me don't matter and friend as we move over the praise on God will fight our battles under the beautiful story and think Michael Tepper twenty were still as bad and now all of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem are going out to battle their faint praise the Lord for his mercy doers wherever the Lord with the other any event as we journey as we can left them a lot of time praising the Lord we are on the order of the common man in and in no time for complaining so when you're tempted to complain where we can praise the Lord take to get together God loves you so much she may have put it together with other roommates that somehow have a way of just pushing the wrong button and that other women just maybe your spouse him and got the money so much because God is not so much concerned about your comfort and you have a good time this weekend is more concerned bombings he is so when that roommate was that wrong but what you say I want you to have a knife baseball and hockey thing praise the Lord I love you doing that together create a lawyer I like eighties you a map that begin with the worker didn't have so much to praise you for not working while chlorine on praise wording is a man who was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor going Lord of the desire to present her to be more like Jesus teaches to be more like just to get out of right by Jesus once again I ask you twice will good morning here about why when you pray pray then one they can go out and turn them upside down you this is my friendliness and used regarding an unrivaled blessing on the photos by Matthew Henry's the first half of the quote get any idea how that vote would end and I intend unrivaled on the connectivity later the Greek philosopher Archimedes give me a lever long enough and upon strong enough I can single-handedly move the world someone has said that prayer is the leper say is the flaw and with them both you can move the Jubilee that prayers that powerful ally has said Jesus prayed the magic yet heaven praying he wept in behalf of me for her faithful earnest prayer will move the arm that moves the world for the believe that this weekend during the night for we can move it on the news the world she goes on to say the minister I pray he would have been bashing from the presence of God the church must trade much if they would walk in the light you get the new pastor of the Jefferson Baptist Church in Oregon and I love them on of his church reasonable much prayer much less than little prayer than a blessing no prayer when he experienced in your life what he wanted to spend this weekend thank you I spent much blessing will you did while we get up early in the morning at six fifteen we had a book for a friend currently people through Moses do I what was certainly one less listings but because of the art which from my I read it a number of places they can't defend revival until people become desperate for a desperate for revival when Edwards in the book revival of the people set treatment he's got a point means his people to the point of desperation before he sends revival only then will they learn that would tell me can you and only then will we get in all the glory and Chronicles seven fourteen if my people were called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face particularly with our hear from heaven open to understanding children friends we need healing and we've got to come and visit this weekend when healing in our marriages stealing in our homes healing in our churches and our communities God enough that if my men with one woman who pray otherwise we can just have a few people often a closet friends of his meetings got caught his people further the time we spent time with God and the print on the parcels of eating we also need to come together as people if we are experienced with only viable and reliable in our churches United prayer is a must and more Christian historian revival that no great spiritual he has begun anyway will him or Christians persistently pray for revival we want the rebounds of the company will be manifest and exhibiting here not my fit it with another power is the eighteenth nineteen twenty Jesus said again I thank you that it sure you'll agree on the Internet and connect it to be done for them by my father I didn't even get together in your home with your family and you have united prayer over two or three are gathered together in my name I am there in the midst of the nest began his promises only the promises made on condition that the United prayers of the church are offered an answer to these prayers there may be expected a power greater than that which comes in Japan the other person yet been trying to get into heaven and the answers on the list in the present because there is far greater power we can begin the power given will be proportionate to the unity of the numbers and their love for God one is beautiful to disseminate you shop this morning for the last morning would be beautiful as you displace all and to have the oval room overflow room also failed people seeking the Lord together a life that a revival after God is among the greatest and most urgent of all earnings this should be our first work x-rays Doctor alter tables a man who believes revival niche community lifting that man a rebuttal to be expected only in answer to prayer is that the show after Zainal can do now the fall at SoCal we decide early morning prayer meetings exhibits and the second optional because we didn't want to shock people is the favorite and admittedly emotional morning good morning before it was the third morning eighty people as our second article will camp which was in May of last two two thousand ten it can be grown organs because the argumentative optionally I treat everybody not everything that is not who we had anyone in hundred hundreds of the people shown but we want more than just that early morning United prayer time you visited a much prayer and as much blessing I had been more prayer we thought about having this idea of having a room set aside and having a friend covered team on an individual frame the whole day in Albany and one for the speakers upon attendees I don't happen with electrical not to send out an e-mail we needed about forty fifty people to help out the perk of working in order to my working schedule one the day of that camp on the first day we had about four five people praise God anyway as we came together like we can't have these for quite individuals in a principal cognitive contact also to the message of the God we must give conducted with this idea of encouraging every attempt to stop by the perm during the four-day conference and sometimes we have avoided additional at other times we had that twenty minutes we saw God 's amazing things we saw marriage as they missed the mark was helping people set free from addiction hearts being broken being set free and set the him him we said we were anchored at the attendee to come by the purpose is and the menace when you are simply back in August two thousand and four the flight if I were thinking which will print all sixty president compared to breeding and breathing well are you breathing while spiritually only the rest of this is the sacred spiritual power and that is the secret of Army success she goes on to say no other means of grace can be substituted and a half of the faculty present friends we are a people of the work and wealth it is very important in but we could never have Bible study the place of prayer and needed out of municipal changes witnessing also the sixties leading to the kind of prayer she goes on to state fair brings the heart into immediate contact with the wellspring of life and strength of the senior and most of the religious experience that powerful is the health junior high school she was at our last article she's from Paradise California and she said the prayer room was the most amazing and these are her words to develop greater than that and as always attending meetings in the past of knowing our doctrines and professing to have a relationship with God however something was always missing it was never really nice to read her testimony on the screen are you thinking in my experience I've been to church for so many years I thought that they present I know that doctors but something is missing she goes on to say after coming to the program I realize what had the power in my life I was listening prayer I was missing a genuine and powerful perlite after experiencing the program one she said with a minimum from what I've been to busy looking on enough she's not quite there than one hour and the next day she spent eight hours later was going on I think she wasn't breathing she started to develop the art at the moment pastor and tell him what had been now I'm starting not one but two purpose Mary is only happen if we all went home and took driven experience that tortures would do another program because they're unable to implement like so many years and being banker just need to make this a daily part of my what do we read earlier trimming the heart into a meeting contact with the wellspring of life and strengthen the sinew and muscle of the religious theory in order and except for a book like a hospital I love the way one one Brentwood she says the way I have been described as like the spiritual the dying or being resuscitated and we call that when the dying descriptive I have been exhausted we collect revival you want revival of the scope and butter of brother Freddie in spite of fates of Frank spent hours in prayer rather neglected friend is not great rather fast and is reckless dinner tea and supper and sleep to did not and we must not talk about permanent praying right the Lord is near he comes softly while the version number by the lakefront I think God for all the great presentations followed with seminars lined up for you this weekend being what they are available on a verse in our website to access later but other teachers he goes to send me it also announced the more Robert Davis is maintained I know you want to intense spiritual struggle to double that I want him in autonomic and we know that the government don't so much energy people coming here and he is all alone in the struggles he comes this is the program these are the never had a friend like I had her while God be praised I've always wondered what Jesus is prayed for so long when he was longer not anymore the time passed quickly by posted by having this experience in the program as I live because of how our as we are praying the Holy Spirit people and whether much of the Holy Spirit in what you'll find you'll find much prayer is the vent of the Holy Spirit in the dirt for whom it is a little of the Holy Spirit side effect of the Muses unable struggle so much to try is because we have so little was much Holy Spirit much for the Congress is also true with as much per it would be much with Ms. Lincoln and to bring people Robert David goes on to say there such a special unit to a bonding of hearts is praising requesting completing the miracles of this is been such an encouragement for my life I will never ever be to say I just want white person to have this kind of a powerful experience that he heard other people and their presence troubles they're going to be frolicking on the loan while going through this again is the victim Robert Davis is not really glad to see the photographer had been very stable provinces I got deficit that was a mechanic from the mark this is a shortcut money because I honestly have no interested in the program because I was kind of really hungry ha ha but once I got paid and I will make the hunger for food and filming went away and was replaced with hunger when we get in again as I just wanted to say I never acquired a public prayer for this day we see grown men just break down and weep the Holy Spirit touch their hearts and bring conditions something some new is old guy coming together city mistakes I share with you one more testimony from the menace this is these the wards the dental assistant she came with her husband as she said this was my first Perl experience within Nelson in the first meeting I was shocked I thought the best of fifteen per hour was enough they cannot imagine praying more and missing the speaker that any of you to come a song that defines up on the walls this is too much on Cardona sixteen the morning friends on Friday night we plan to have approval on June one because the agonizing prayer become loved ones need a purse location that will do something when his people if they can do so much to keep his people come together for prayer but obviously lies into our minds but how we cannot come in how we cannot pray in public and how we feel embarrassed it is whatever you can I know that when we come together and pray it is game over the Internet everything tests to keep us so busy that he can come together on light in the book you have a business page eighty two she says are the mighty power our adversaries constantly seeking to keep the trouble fully and it shall have been made homeless think there's more to be dreaded by Satan and decree that can manage that powerful Lisa goes on to say in all honesty my husband came first I asked how what is often I wanted more info I was even kind of ridiculous a more descriptive like it myself which I was sure I would even like to pray out loud 's other secure than Melissa said nothing to him I'm thinking I have a horrible life and these people are now going to hear me sing and we pray that help lend a sense of being preempted out instantly be high I felt like it didn't matter how likely I think I'd have a pretty long but I needed I came back later that day and felt convicted to twelve my heart I can't say enough how much this weekend how much this has changed my experiences my weekend and my life people actually do like them afterwards I felt like only start a relationship with and wonder how many brothers and sisters our churches still exists in the missing still like there is a disconnect we have a lot of people saying that after the perm coming us strangers elitist them health integrate revivalists have said nothing more than a part of Christians and praying together never do they love one another so well as when they win the outpouring of each other 's hearts in prayer there's shouting to get a feeling of union and competent highly what is the church between the Hellenic Christians can ever be otherwise been united behind the habit of like putting together and when they had had hard feelings and differences among themselves these are all done away by uniting your semi- God is calling his people to come together to pray about it then we had throughout the time people just to dig into the word of God or and we had over sixty five people shop in the program in an agency that one individual and in the middle of the long-awaited heir at supper of the Lord and he sure does have money and that this friend furthermore gang bangers months spent time in prison and the next morning he shows up with his Harold kite his again Army shirt convicted on thinking of what you are mine you need to look like a possible order to stop looking like a gangrene anyways got the tremendous influence that we can add new metals accounted for atmospheric and just since I had thought that I would experience the spirit of the New Testament church can we just wanted to with our point own dollars to support these young people to go public and programs again then and often they came into support mission work and to support HR in other camps altogether the offering and pleasant weather that weekend was over a hundred people with five hundred fifty people in attendance else because there goes the wind got intense unravel blessing on people is that the first of three degree ago want to bless us here in our Republican while hurting this morning for debugging need grain people in the Northwest to take programs around the world Long story short army was invited to the GCN of counsel in the fall to an approved their were all the division leaders model and then a number of division leaders invited on McMillan Nelly is in the right corner there she went off to South Africa it's an effort in English division to run a program there is an inverse mother having their year-end meetings southern Asia Pacific division invited Melissa and others and this is a spreading this is what you cannot just really amazing a month ago a number of us from army were at UIC which is a generation of youth for Christ conference is in Baltimore with over five thousand people in attendance and a new assay convicts that the program will show you are my favorite testimony sticking out of the Jewish paper after a session of prayer document to me and told me that someone had forgotten to take a watch was sitting on a chair and on the watch was this note for the epic that the wife's big note and the message on this note this watch is not considered law is rendered I should not have purchased it and confess it is becoming vital to me I knew better trip on United and no longer exhibits God revealed to me it is only one layer between him and now have one layer and those of the program expenses a lot Howard Howard God reveals more and more layers that need to be peeled away if you want nothing between him useful life energy join us in the morning this is achieved for me both in our economic two three four hours Laura SoCal championed this past summer and a candidate millennium program for ten days after the first few days we saw people conduct the third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth is a amazing because healing people were experiencing the program developer program at USC it's really beautiful that evening we had a really special profession especially for this one guy who just lost her father scrounger and literature alike speaking of the disciples in the upper room said while their united prayers worth anything in heaven the entity the place where they were assembled with shaking a new film the Holy Ghost they went forth to their work speaking the word of God but convincing power and there were daily large additions to the church when it should pop an apostle was brought suddenly and with convincing power before them thousands were converted the disciples they spent ten days in prayer they go out degrees for ten minutes until an end this day and age without the other way around the spent tennis of her and Glen preached ten days plane is thirty days and we rejoice because they get a handful of decisions and the Ghana income earnings I think people were calling my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked way in hell here from heaven forgive the heel there is a way of Army does not promote nonbiblical special disciplines or methods of spiritual formation such as contemplative prayer of the centering prayer or breath occurs in on developing called labyrinth and all the other negative is that are rooted in mysticism and a cold practices nineteen eighty that stuff on them a lot of us come into the church under the umbrella of information and on runs of interest that enough for every good thing to have a child and now enters this interesting more prayer beneath all the strings and integers approximately and in the beautiful thing about the perfect format is and as you heard explain the morning note to the short allows us to unite go together injury together for decades when researching Jesus at my house of the call health yet all been are asking IHOP international health panties delegate it there got a lot of stuff where the one thing you can expect to find a picture package where you want me off to get a prime and a helper praying people what is the one thing you're not finding these new technologies for an ugly that's a lot the reason why logic to ensure our closing the door the fourth of just the guy a sound notice we never pray for both the gossip about how we never got will pray for her and so what happened people constantly pray together for one another by the way you were the greatest thing is you can do for your pastor I believe it even if not morning and evening prayer the grade if we had on my something behind soon afterwards ninety support the work in the printer Databook page sixty is that the divorce rate among couples who profess to be Christians is twenty percent divorce rate among couples who pray together daily is less than one tenth of one percent minimizing but couples who pray and the author 's squire was not and we want to put together a a forty date for a challenge and they had twenty four test couples married twenty two years of American longer than five years and after couples to come together for forty days to pray is that despite of the day and even an lesson two weeks time all these couples came back on expanding about the positive changes happening there was a slight change anyways in his book to talk about this on the study carried out by the prestigious Medicaid psychology today in the late nineteen eighties by quantitative wanted to do it but young nurse to see if there had been a shift in marital fidelity and and the study with trade up a Gallup poll and the most astonishing aspect of this study was the revelation about couples who pray couple to pay together were far more happier in the following data on the show you on the screen really says it all wrote the couples who spend a little time together as couples spent a lot of time together for him anyway I like to take the American different than eighteen percent seventy four percent of the ninety one percent take my spell is my best you want your spouse to become your best it can happen in fifty four percent for the thirty five percent say they agree on how children should be raised forty two percent of the fifty three percent of the couple say they try to talk together without interruption fifty nine percent presented ten percent say myself makes me feel important and thirty nine percent versus six a huge thirty percent difference agreed that myself you like me and anyone present for the ninety percent agreement that have to do it all over again doing their innocent person would you marry the same person all over again but her name and author for a fresh challenge what if you look at the pretty personal he married Ivanisevic Ivanisevic and the beautiful thing about the performance of easier as you can do it to people the conflict between my wife and objectivity what is financed or twenty minutes together was a beautiful we look at time of printing got Dana was wanting to go to confession guess what my wife spoken harsh words need in the day or treating me and someone else death of the Lord brings it to her she confesses it and you in computing to face so much money on marriage counseling it went together pretty good and we can spend that money on support mission work in I Jersey what you want within a negative single printed on bringing a friend procedure type one upping my life what I find most attractive on my way to get the early morning mist than anyone to go in the morning and when I get up a theater just you are that to me is just one of the most you think so they are not someone has got the connection Martin Luther great man for his want at twenty past four tomorrow because I'm so busy I got a begin Monday with the first infantry great car it was said speaking up Martin Luther it says from the figure is about prayer came to power shift the world and the great commission and he says I can believe helped topple and what is able to effect that those who have learned by experience you know you cannot every morning and you could hear all these messages out her the power until you begin to pray Priscilla you will never willingly a pauper which is why we have a lot of pergola at this conference we want you to partner on before we get into small groups and spend some time prior to share a few thoughts progressive experience at eight hundred fifty seven for fifteen specific but that of the high and lofty one who inhabits eternity whose name is holy I dwell in the high holy days with him was a contract and humble spirit to revive the spirit of the humble and contrite once there's only one genuine pathway to revival it is the pathway of humility and broken headrests Octavian if amendment used by God in the nineteen seventy three revival in Borneo that revival do not begin happily with everyone having a good time you are in contact heart by the way I'll figure people and the person behind home a lot and that's a good idea were told in the word about yourself inside the Lord but not for too critical of homeless alike that we should not write about the homeless when we wind up before the rescue homeless in way that we would enjoy going to bed I did some laptop under the mighty hand of God so when you visit a program and on a previous nephew Thomas is a regular speaker on brokenness revival unrepentant in the Methodist health revival in the heart is broken it's just a question how can we know if our hearts are broken to share with you from this message is how people focus on the phase of others you have a critical operating they look at everyone else's fault the microscope on the by contrast broken people are overwhelmed with a sense of their own spiritual needs Beverly Kennedy and all others better than some people have to prove that they are right provoking people are willing to yield the right to be copied or protected the right to the reputation provoking people have yielded how people want to be served to be a success provoking people desirous of others and to make them happy by the drive to be recognized and appreciated they didn't listen when others are promoted and they are overlooked about the people have a sense of their own unworthiness and are thrilled that God would use them at all last line delete on screen copy what quick to blame others for their problems and their unapproachable or defensively criticize what is seen with a worldwide situation there was criticism with a humble teachable spirit copy what quick to take offense provoking people are quick to forgive and overlook profitable way for others to come after forgiveness when there's a conflict or misunderstanding in a relationship provoking people take initiative to be reconciled when there is a conflict they raise the cloth they can get their first new matter how wrong the other man how people compare themselves to others and think they are doing all right they don't think their thinking to repent of people compare themselves to the holiness of this bill of desperate need for his mercy and realized they had need to continue our attitude of repentance how people don't think any revival but they sure that everyone else for broken people continuing sensor need for a fresh encounter with the heart cry of a broken individual it is not me if not my brother know my sister but it's me or more standing in the need for at this time the thick edges small groups of fourth and five in which the humble ourselves and Leslie got space the each other and pray the gutter repairs city can bring revival into my soul will get together in our small groups and then when you're done Frank she just remained by the new group and continue to seek God 's family and purpose that you hear the music playing in at the end wall on the night and saw


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