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Lord Teach Us How to Pray

Martin Kim


Martin Kim

Pastor and Evangelist



  • January 28, 2011
    7:00 AM
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him or anything I had to like me I was at our exhibits are basically limited and mother came by instead thank you so much for telling me the other day my children she went there with their teenage girl and Andrea confession is not only is the mother to speak positively spin just began conducting all the things I think that it can be put in the mother the mother was his soulmate and session and told him he wants a more intimate relationship with children get into the program visit about everything other than together and place to express United for the blessing for this hearing on the amount wanted a quick announcement marketing and that is unlikely to different people asked me a copy of the PowerPoint and willing to make them available on what works best if it is not my argument there is an idiot sign-up for newsletter is the next to your name if you cannot write notes and I will e-mail you want to you on that way I can also make our newsletter is available to you and I want to get rate mission stories begin with another worker was gracious kind loving father as someone don't we ask you please would you come and teach us to pray Lord please shoot me in the cross as a shell at all about the journey you let me on help me to be careful to give you all I is used to deliver that I wanted that announcing the past as he was praying in a certain place do you have a certain place at home where you meet with God on a regular basis before starting the event that the fact that the that Fred is learned by doing you can read books and books about her and how you can hear many messages and apparently begun to get enough for and when he faces that one of the disciples that the Lord teaches to pray as John also taught his disciples had it with the Lord teach me to pray you have no rashes is to preach to just to seal or two just to chat talking the best uses and teaches to pray because we thought to this spending many hours in communion with the father in heaven and they realized they needed to learn to pray but now I think that the English Opera Lord 's prayer and would call the disciples had come to connect to the hour of prayer the power of his words and works as much how much for much power a life that includes religious extremist to all the activity at human instrumentality and a few before God we would see that only the work accomplished by much prayer which is dignified by the narrator I will stand in the judgment is a lot of premise Christian Islamic prayer list ministry a lot of times and it is only the work accomplished by much for doctors not by might nor by power but by my spirit in a like capacity building and sit at the last I doubt this her business this is not by dedication and determination but by my spirit that it is really three ways through continual community he received life from God that he might impart life to the world and his experiences to be a bit of what you want you want to expand throughout it that is the greater hands and that individual is the one announcing the past and move it anywhere else not to pray and continue to all night in prayer to God willing for once in the Gospels that Jesus spent on ice in prayer and you know what happened the next day he chose his twelve disciples very important when choosing the right minute to carry forward the work and for the most important what you spent the entire night in prayer have you ever spent the entire night before making a very very important monumental decision that because we are much wiser and more capable in Christ Jesus understanding of utterly disorganized again redundant terminal for tonight all night to reinstate the whole night just for if the United effort but I think just that inefficient costly going up in this place to the wiki was the Army can configure them liking what I'm craving to usher in the new year when we have an electric and you like it it had a special prayer service at ten p.m. to twelve that we got together and started passing out the word straight to work and was administered only after the prayer meeting it will together and would provide a nice place we pray and it was a you will have is there and the morning that I thought my sharing with people however been there patient was that had a unique story that hobby into the room and the industrial one person the thing that she often taught children how to use the shelf and thought perhaps one day on news you heard about issues like this opportunity the other people does want to meditate and heard that women only prayer is looking to join up on the W by special is that we can all commit to send only the often Hispanic heart I concur and meditation going back in the morning today as mentioned earlier the homework for that only in one place report accused the department of parks but in spiritual reportages often spent time with you for the Pirates and walked a man among the children of men he prayed and of how I is for his prayers call you spent the whole night appointed down all around in agonizing supplication and yet he was the beloved in the if you thought the necessity of communion with his father and that is so much earnestness of calling upon him what should we go and he has called to be heirs of salvation was subject to the fire confusion of the white people and dependent upon divine grace the screen to overcome also stirred to wrestle with the language of arsenal should be I will not let it go except oppositely transmuted experience of learning to agonizing her because he got to come until you can do for me because there's some people that I need to see come to you before the trouble comes as we need is an experience in August H Spurgeon the great British printer nineteenth century is that anything is a blessing which the spray that dog wanted to suppress and place bucket Arnold he wants to do more for sadistic just about how didn't you guys were just so precious is strategic to print this without but for most people you want to print television archive is all awful it came with us as we do not print however within offender went to work with him to learn to pray Charlie Spurgeon said anything that is your heart is weighed down this report is to see him up on certain deductions you can think of anybody additionally if you are spiritually you will have upward you would challenge you can think of and if anyone is going to challenges that face financial challenges with an important considered a blessing integrated entities but as long as health challenges for those struggles in the marriage and children you don't you think is over this reason we can rejoice always were told to pray without ceasing and that God wants us to pay processing because she wants to answer without ceasing in everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you I just have a hard time I hated everything give thanks for everything is a lot of evilness will hang a lot of stuff but I came across the statements in the book Mister Keating which was coming in and is better Mister Jennings two five five that this command is an assurance that you are not text we just read the strengthening the things which appear to be again this will work for but not enough to be thankful for that to do is an amazing whatever it is that if they seem to take it and he didn't turn around entrance of the fact that we only look to have entrusted and I hate thinking four hundred and and there is a very difficult or impossible which illustrates this story about Joseph Batman went through a lot betrayed by his brother sold into slavery ended up working for Parker and accused of rape and that invention long story short he ends up serving as prime minister of Egypt and initial filming an upcoming giving them end up coming to your advantage in the later on in this chapter fifteen we read about how Jacob Hathaway and now the brothers are free thinking that Joseph was completely and become in the downtown that this is the ground but because the distance of fifty nineteen this is just as that is to not be afraid for MI in the place of God but as for you you meant evil against me but God meant in order to bring about positive the fantasy many people you meant for evil but God meant it for some electrical but they can't be worse than what Joseph went select by faith choose to think of which was always in are you craving got me remain anything is a blessing which makes it child it was a great man of prayer is that I read this one meant to create independent I love about the journey that the Lord Mignon I gripped my whole life going to church whenever schools nominal Christian as I mentioned in the seminary and allowed from the seminary was less than one hour in the morning by a manager that religiously oppressive the delay is eating in a legalistic and out treadmill time and frequently developed in the early but when I graduating two thousand four I had missions I want to get involved in missions the left knowing he was go back and looking at church and youth ministry teaching of America is a few hundred at headaches this is the most painful things the last one year and I left that is my life in other places exhausted emotionally mentally and spiritually as an instrument for me not with industry fit away as I finish seminary and nonsense and God what he wants to go and the Lord opened the doors four for my wife and I to go to Seattle do you commission and church and we got the validity of the right your other statement honoring no one wants to get swallowed by the English so I went because I went on my knees literally because I need to go additional to the God finish a lot I know to be his eye the Leica experience site is that I released one hour day and when you pray pray for a whole hour as a long time the way there was a paper half an hour before noon and half wrapped in a couple hours each day especially when you're in trouble and the needs are so great the person and began my ministry with much prayer and benefiting your husband that's lower than the the first leader everything may have happened primarily in answer to prayer within God bring back when I left the church within God and they were and now a year later I had the team of leaders in working with their site and leaving for anyways a year and a half later we predict all the other group of our church more than double in size and we had about thirty used a handful and young adult leaders and we a lot more young adults coming and fosters growing we start praying that God would use numbers church leader must get a happy church and to have a good time but we existed for purpose the mission of the church is mission with one speaker we invited from AFM and share with us and we visited our church she shared with me this one only has to show a liberal thought after the success of foreign missions the sure way to vent homes may work the prosperity of the homework depends largely undergone upon to be put into an evangelical work done before and how God would bless our local churches and get involved in supporting one another reason we really want to get our church involved in missions because I forgot it call the spark and alkaline to help I don't understand who God has called some a more living your life in western North America it is hard to be a good Christian visible as to such a strong pool of people that are getting trained anyways in the fall of two thousand five on the Lord idea of collecting on the sabbath loose offerings each month if any overseas to help less fortunate since we were created we want to help the less fortunate Southeast Asian people and at that time the Lord brought to our mind this ministry and I miss you because it only project that you can support you to provide rice to provide five full and since we were sending small amounts we knew that the little little it can make a big difference overseas division is the support for the conductors offering some rep two thousand five on average because about three hundred dollars is offered in offering weather in January and Parthenon by Christ the people did not affect the legality of a family now it's a bit more weight dollars a month because of the right and after that they often have neglected him back home from a retreat and I think that the tape by the shape identities his/her duties and is the first time that it had been sitting at my desk for several months given to me for the first time I pop it into a cassette player and I listened to the tape and I was so inspired by the story to share anything more than a hundred feet degrees because because North American emissions obtaining a set amount of identities that will never have an lengthy sort how much will be an a million ten million hundred million users will never have enough money we need to move forward and trust the God of infinite resources to provide them sent ahead to first prove it if you did and gone with things specific on what he wanted to we wanted to I don't believe in missionary on the Philadelphia malaria risk area in order to seek you do great things when you want me to that product it is a mistake they requested on average three hundred children of the people of Utah what is a requirement for you to put in at two hundred while we do and how helpless order is offering them I can only require faith to pray for Obama so fetid air temperatures and what we pray for it now the law is as we provided right people do not now we must provide the spiritual nourishment five dollars for a bike with about offering my tournament regarding of people involved in everyday in our midweek newsletters we send out reminders to pray for this every Saturday we got up in front of me money a member spring couple this with often four thousand three hundred fifty dollars were able to buy a present but we had a visitor came one week before I'd announced that we were making to pray for the offering this is a left is not the Messiah would like another visitor for the past delete in college King waiting to pick up a second hard drive and we decided to pay for more I thought it was it is only that he was in the message of this is not yet delivered in a fully grown so we decided after beautiful than what we got four thousand three hundred eighty decided to ask for orthopedic dollars to build it down with estrogens in Cambodia I think Kathy like that we have the third floor to the place where people can come together prepared on predator prey gutless investment that comes in four dollars eleven on the Sabbath was not a young adult leaders were invited to the muddy Creek church to share about what I was doing our church and ethic and one of our young leaders shared about the I am a natural thing couldn't join us for the past number in a help in making so we saw the light on the Sabbath with a hug I provided him before we e-mail away it was like that ages would like our holy father has it all the way to reflect rest of which we know nothing so let's say there is actually another thing here we all come up with a way that we know of how God has provided for us is always coming what we discussed the development of this ultimatum was begun for them again paper seven thousand silica support ten when you need enough of those with an offering of eight thousand twenty seven dollars and defending it we were not lucky it wasn't because we had ninetieth suspected and it wasn't because we had a lot of wealthy numbers that we had a benefit of the physicians as always I have to get over this conversation is a question for you is that you know what these are the God of infinite resources and the need is so great why not talk a whole lot more than that as for the info that gone with Thomas to launch out into the independent fiber spar is that assignment lunch out into the deep and then down enough for a catch let's take a much talk about it in for tomorrow the home is not a fight one another too much on this we decided for fifty thousand dollars so disappointed beneath an Cambodian as I believe I shall give testimony on eighteen hundred twenty seven years old she just passed the bar exam this is her testimony we don't like questions which is greater now than everything else one it depends on who you are that may sound strange but understand what I mean all you need is a good combination of faith over the last few months and when the top topic can enter prayer in January two thousand six with medical unaccountable property in February and we pray for me that God will bless his people with much-needed funds at that time even though I paid I was filled with them they soon discovered how great our body in January although I create an instance of leaving complaint is something that not only do I need to pray I must believe I got a response Michael Huffington impacted not only how I pray that how I spend money and how I think of others and also so beautiful because one of you are doing this is because we want them to understand now why does and thought changes in their life a life health outlook on May fifty thousand dollars and I have no doubt that God will answer our prayers that his name can be glorified in his two are gotten on the money be than a thousand fifteen Mister great reason to small people and young people with big like this we can contain the donating within a few months with thing I know people train Barnsley because they began to understand there was a regard that heard instructors and they got left is offering a twenty two thousand and thirty four dollars they go back most are princesses in the Lord with the money would come from the my wife and I had a little over Python both I think you in the on what we had in now autonomous you can help to guide them out on how you like to put the money we know that Pentagon which individualized I want to get to the point but forgot about my school loans in a hearing that phrase got protect anything is a blessing 's mission agreement and Pentagon that of the bird in your words the customer number one summer did you get that you take care that what I have started playing this on the song eighty one percent the store 's newest favorite promise open your mouth wide and start telling other promises that I will have the borrower is servant to the lender is not possible that we index wanting to the golf outing watching the minister on the server José can you please digit is that they can't handle the pumps wall got been provided for us the development without I completely because of the two two thousand seven hundred dollars but I think again and again that when God tells you take the leap of faith pages have felt in regardless addition more than you to show you how atheist view that happen we report all dollars have been paid for the two thousand anyways going back six months later in December an individual who can anyone be instead of myself I popped over the wreckage of the school said thank you Jesus if you have that only three with the know-how to continue to not want to be free of that I believe that it is because I know some people who been delivered from the fact that some of you have taken what they thought were the greatest needs to get all the labeling and we wanted to go with the need was greatest reported that the news you get into this project young people risking their college career willing to offer Christ very inspiring young people began to pray for clinical display now in June during the third week of the Western Conference is putting on their cat meeting Albert County and our church was located about twenty minutes the phone of Academy and doctors decided to have church on a regular regularly met in an uncanny music newborn the one thousandth you can offer this is overclock without the candy after the service I color my begin thread count of the offering and how much we got the Osprey and he said we collected a little over ten thousand dollars in church he says when we do a song a little concerned because up until then for the past five months month after month amid the struggles here we can reach our goals which were members of the Congress of the will not really prepared for this experience that unity for Kenny Lewinsky is from a fan dancing Michigan then all the troubles around the world talking about revival and felt transiently and I heard a couple stories on it it is about people who had a specific need and pray for the signal to digital a short credit card heard the price for them one has to be public dollars and kept praying that he felt assured that God heard in many a twenty thousand dollars in the mail just waiting on the Lord shall treat more dollars in you are right I believe in God with one computer one afternoon to begin I guess I could overlook is why they decided in the title if you can help us out a little concern will be conducted in a and at night one of our members they can be in the baptism we went over to the present health reception and is about to leave the health and visit me if you come in the morning before had impressed me the other day to put in whatever was needed to cover the remaining I forgot to put it together stories we heard earlier for that fifteen of the law you have position in the church who didn't get her winter bonus but it would've known me as she was printed off and I believe the Lord counselor said that offering he did not and so I hear you thinking into her and then another individual minimum but he says that alcohol check three weeks prior to the canal and also whatever is now free for fifty thousand dollars he calls me upset when he does is the subject collecting is a couple of mornings ago the Lord and asked me soon double record regarding health and the money was coming from all over beneficiaries than the kind of got in the morning you've got fifty and show you exactly what you want to do that morning so anyway with a total of more than twenty thousand dollars in June the next morning on Sunday I'm just on my niche is pretty in the war effort always always going on about God parted the Red Sea but forgot the five loaves and two fishes and had almost given when twenty thousand men women children and he him before my very eyes the amazing thing is a garden where we go from here and pay him on my computer because my film I can know what else looking for but I came across this letter L language and Captain Norman Henry unlike questions she makes a month ago this sensitivity to call on our brother in America for the Lord to continue to pray continue to ask our movement partly means will come in the way I have likewise just think all are present in America for help it is in America with so much and think I be speaking to me I continually this is go forward the Lord said I understand the whole case Allison you helped continue to pray at the enemy it is for one important that you and you shall receive both I think you forgot glory and go forward so the F thirty thousand dollars but not by much of what was growing up in the Lord for help the Holy Spirit and and demand for Bible studies was on the rise but they do have fun while they are sending one of them often when a difficult about this instead prefer the in praying praying the Clinton offering about one cents to be exact we praise the Lord we had to move forward the lady in weighting of the Lord trusting that your computer a few days went by I love the children awaiting three thousand dollars and another week goes by and looking upon the fact that it can enable you Romans were twentieth that you wave at the pump forgot to unbelief both him I continue moving forward with later in this e-mail from Julio Kerry is a generic anything as long as my regular stop I've been in and help move to write a check to aid the national workers we do not expect this chat and did not promptly everything contributes you he wants twenty dollars to go toward the three hundred and nine with a ten thousand which is combined with his donation features to salaries are taking care of for the year and we believe that God is an goal was for four thousand dollars is too much but twenty thousand dollars came to our teachers another twenty thousand three two ACP one foot short in one year and have fun we follow through this interest in the hands of our treasures alone with over a hundred people friends the Lord of the memory specialized okay assessment more than a hundred fifty thousand dollars in offerings and pledges to give each audiology certificate programs around the world do you believe that we need to United for around the world join us and I thought tomorrow we all here can be part of it is often a special and is in your purse Senator has had the history admissions in the history of what you think left you with this quote any idea the history of missions is a history of history of answered prayer as you may think of all the great missionaries in history what then in the analytical thought you all the reasons you think of all the great reformers Donald Johnson on this roof on it think of all the great preachers the only talk trust version it all come from different backgrounds Bill had different levels of training and theology law differed they all had one thing in common you don't know what the new all men of prayer great men are not working for twelve Jesus said you're there for you to believe neither would make you he will do awesome and greater works than these you will did because I go to my father who is Jesus speaking to you as effect on even a suspicion who office efficiency and what do you believe that God has brought to the Army is trying to cheat you think why Judaism in your life that wanted to send you out fit your unique degree worth three now I make it clear that gives nothing at all it would be a lot more exalted character that are what would have greater she's not only referring to the working of miracles but all that would transpire under the working of the Holy Spirit laughter this verse is that whenever you after ninety that I would do that the father may be glorified friends if we want glorified God we need to learn to pray what prior to the feeling income that helps you to glorify God the purpose of duty for the sake of God 's glory we elect people like Thomas look-alike whatever you ask in my name that I want to is a blank check you give someone a link to the government until I went into my life like you know what vision is with that okay yeah I know but in the number I know they and also because we share similar interests Jesus did not give us the free use of his name if you cannot trust this with his interest and know that his honor would be safe the disciple of the Lord teaches to pray and she is given the Lord 's prayer our father in heaven beginning by Tina and I will be done under front are you concerned about God 's kingdom and on his moving gone when you go in and for are you seeking for just you know what you're thinking to expand your own kingdom there so I want our prayers are being her to get more about us billing up our kingdoms and doing our own thing this is forgotten and doing his will another quote by top paper prayer is primarily a wartime walkie-talkie for the mission of the church at it again against the powers of darkness and Emily which is like for us so important to Army is working to advance the kingdom of God goes on to say is not a private kernel functions will try to make it a domestic intercom to cause death for what comfort in the transition frame for the enlargement of the kingdom we bring Mercedes-Benz you know I is a war you cannot know what hers for prayer is for the accomplishment of a wartime should we go back on please continue to pray for this ministry preforms a payment to Miller George Miller that in a day and age where people had little faith you can pray it is to go through anything unusual the daily living today and had learned the vertical help people that they understand that within the Gothic freelance reporters and reason for the lay that were not part it was when you get married in three weeks later at his neck and his wife Mary I bet if you have any financial need to talk any sold out immediately to gunpowder and began playing Matthew six thirty three did for God and his righteousness all the hands of energy during his ministry in Bristol Mister Miller started the scriptural knowledge as to the distribute Bibles and to give religious instruction he also began an orphanage educated out into the one hundred twenty one thousand six hundred eighty three people defined in the NFL with a hundred focus distance all my is supported hundred eighty nine missionaries which is where the missionary I vividly this is also distributed more than twenty eighty one thousand Bibles to the one five million new customers at least one hundred eleven million tracks over ten thousand children have been provided for two one thousand eight on the Mister Mueller to start over a few years got the plaintiff with seven two five million to fund these projects and more of this last part when he died in ninety eight his will he positions were valued at eight hundred dollars in a beautiful as the weather will be dependent on seven two five million to fund his positive juvenile equivalent of that is in today's dollars eighty seven five million Mister Miller was asked what is the secret of your success in order suffer because along with the theme of our morning professions he said no the baby died utterly and he spoke he been lower and lower until he almost Festival I was never his opinions preferences tastes and will die to the world at the approval or censure guide to the approval playing even on my brethren and friends and spend then I studied only to show myself how I noticed that I noticed that trustworthiness they just get rid of thought process before God can trust you the keys of heaven bowling something that God will enable you to unlock his treasures and approves you shall have power with God and prevent another book by Hannibal Smith called efficiency good and happy life is talking much about the going from having a a a heady experience to any fishery walking in a book of the Christian secret hideaway on in this chapter I believe this topic help oneness with Christ she says you may have left much to follow Christ you may have believed on him and work for him and love them and yet may not be like allegiance you know in confidence you know but not yet using will you will to exist to life you have not yet lost your own life they give me the only one not quite been and what I am quite impressed now it is even higher than I hasn't come yet to be quite the nonviable report about the hundred foot resulting in broken relationship and forty in the fall of man because I believe those who follow member videos will have the fifties with nonvital the question is really have a call with the gifted writer she wrote that him take my life and that the she also wrote that he and developed by Mike Matheny when the Koreans and other words of the sandwiches up for by the way I love his hands a good number of hymns are first in the immediate pressure can just tell that you can writers had a close look with God and they read these hands is a singer that previous hands and sing Lord this is what I want precious without I like looking at you that you have seen it out I felt the answer to all my questioning without I like that to me in all things have by way I that transparent medium by Lori Jesus second it goes like this the Temple has been yielded and purified a thin that denies Shekinah glory now shine forth from in all the earth to silence the body henceforth be nice silent gentle student with only as I one thing the phone together that are together but at the moment they become the first is given as I just felt inspired to share to be okay and not eight months ago I was at my friend Jonathan Zirkle 's house where I store my worldly goods because God called me to do evangelism I'm homeless the money is in I tell people I have a great home is not if you three hundred sixty degrees around as turbocharged as well anyway I was sitting in Jonathan 's kitchen and there is a African-American man who supports over two hundred by workers in Africa his name is Lindsay Thomas Jonathan Zirkle Sally's been supporting Lindsay Thomases work his great-grandfather used to be a OB/GYN doctor in Loma Linda his father was a well-known plastic surgeon Linda supported Lindsay comes his work to the years I know another physician paradise injuring eyes longer who supported Lindsay Thomases work for years Lindsay Thomas 's wife is a physician advice to go around delivering Loza bread to his friends to support the work anyway he sat down at the table told me his story he was in college I was awkward to support his way to open and that was a call quarter I don't know why a pastor with charts porters read that he and his roommate call quarters for the summer this pastor charged the rent and after a month to come the sentence and he is in agreement that whatever they make the summer split 50-50 and twenty years later Lizzie Thomas is related minute after that first month he thought is Fred Lindsay was just lazy to the unsold one book is Ono to make it short in the stick on this one but you know what time was that I didn't worry about sales soloists have been up to that first month before the embedding himself in books a biomed come to my house a Bible men come to my house 's only about seventy of the autism was over Lindsay Council on why much it was but he far outsold his partner when you are the best part is all over and have a money 's on the table for the summer Lindsay comes to the money you take it all the Ms. Lizzie Thomas is talking he talked about a church project of building churches enough this is possibly five hundred dollars of the church in the seven thousand euros he talked about a woman who pay for half says we still need on for their lack to hearing a story like that how could I not help solicit opinion this was inspired in this site is eighty simulated he broke down and cried Mrs. Daisy was an God does this to me all the time and he still moved by what God never heard of UIC was once a follower of David Lindsay supported in his name is Samuel quarantine only we all had in an altogether him for that him and a him to him and him to him I know him to a him and him and him to him and him and him to him I him and him him him him him him and him and in a a a a a an a in him and he is a


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