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Seek Ye Second the Kingdom of God

Alvin Maragh



  • January 28, 2011
    7:00 PM
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or phrases Maha will give me this opportunity to speak before his children the black-and-white like anybody else is all about second I want my encore this limitation by the David a love line should I live Holy Spirit is going to get my anti- virus in all my life a living PS the accident two thousand and nine memo that to go through communism talk about no no I can reject the second so I'm here someone as they come up you realize what has been transpiring this week so far away the messages have been connecting New York advised with fidelity this assault listening very carefully but within was preaching today is talking about remember Lucifer and the life but at an even covered with light involvement as well as taking on the Simons foundation is an annual of the larder I was going to do yet questionable as Avenue covered with Michael Nolan know you but I hope you to follow I know that I want to know about soma liposome alike inaudible right here you when there is nothing you want to give the effects would be the Lord telling what is that it is some of my idols and present the love of Christ he will begin in the mankind is going on is lower than what seriously we laugh not all that laugh all the time you left a one of reason that song going there with only the present one thing it was there the building as well then I found out one face will yeah the sorting the hearts what is there anything means an instant peace word at all for you are one of most dangerous being the church is manyfold they come to church but it was unable home not changed companies we go home not change that will hold on conversion someone who betrayed him got spirits telling somebody will be born again sometime reviewed to death last month I once can anybody find the text about one fifty second the kingdom of God then I find out that little gap on ethics lawyer but unfortunately we live his vote with their uncle problem we live as though there is the love of Christ sometimes demonstrate there is something only to see the paper of all of them is that they say long as they allow for the Holy Spirit is not to hard to change the law and serious how many of you are serious about these laser users is often need to will start a Bible study tonight I don't probably want to do so simple I want to elementary student to get the songs on wound that will stop of the man was dead there is about salvation like every single one of us service but he had one problem CNN I is that I will cooperate with Congress and I know I also learned how greatly down in tears at one house crimes law we believe these come again you know why we can't get easy wife even always see is valuable to the bulletin board which was always a likelihood not all of the black payment of the all half mile I want to be harsh the problem is we go in a room I yeah yeah you know I will need a minimum arriving five hundred and ten days so please let us love I will try month later the bottom line but okay two months later on one devotion I got a war within five get out of here no life in Christ and then a few months later steel and why we know why because we believe this mountaintop experience and go home on a high with five what is your idol is still home to get your idleness all someone has to do the model let's not fool ourselves that nothing must be a lot of family savings only things not to say a minute something and you believe is truly many strolling human initial enable convert DRM and that a man with an eye toward a newbie blogger judgments will you be very very careful what we stay in the presence of a holy God on this uncle Hobart and sometimes also important because we think that what they were going to get another one I the world away now what is no text see the second now unwilling to move this one from a very animated love you I love him so what would you like to see all over the place not worry about that you focus on Cannes and viewable on the content is idolatry idols will kill your written by living idols will kill your grade Bible Monterey I been present for a while now and I realized paper and ink save absolutely no one no one played on paper is a volatile the Holy Ghost I was activated so therefore you're going to have to bring up my throat I felt among the congregation you pray for yourself we believe you are the point of the Holy Spirit is speaking directly Los Angeles someone give you a few seconds the price nodes when does a simple Bible study with the permanent women are gone and changed my life each icon cannot be delivered from something you have to lead to eleven while I understand will be broken tonight your brain follows the wheel word away the Holy Spirit is in Jesus name I pray amen I will will destroy a reliable wife as well as what everybody is well known that all you can leave the neglect what and the thought of another one of only well be overcome by what there boy and every of the way drove the last minute they can understand if I can get them they can both allow mount up and I don't mind that I was still holding the and I worry about how to limit my love that they are because idolatry people repeating about the latest thinking the idle will destroy your revival he says Satan owns the house working the word of the power on your knees you know if you're not starting the word it isn't possible she says he will be nothing definitive you will be overcome I think quite the dilemma by particulars later what fire Naomi Bevis of it I march Thomas Martha MacCallum follow me tonight and not lose me tonight because you will have a serious conservative philosophy and hope there is the problem local theories he was only in Jerusalem very serious guy only thing about Indiana Bible Jesus directly even if the speakers does not have serious march outside what about that if Elizabeth F-117 that and when they healed one of the original move out when he was what in the way Jesus became one of rural running and why is because I like what the Bible the Mac is running and that he not only will you nailed the boy gave me that while the one that area about Christ all will about the revenue act Master what shall I do that I may inherit one hundred ninety eight as the most important lesson anyone can ever ask you know that well water water baptized up and all good people in Western was I want to go what do I have to do is get the responses then continued by thanking event is even some of them why call it down he guided there is none good but one that is gone now both commandments do not commit adultery do not kill do not steal not at all who witnessed the broad math honor thy father and thy mother any afternoon almanac and the mat all the eye of the problem my view title role from adventure of the problem is that everything is either I am fine while we won the Jesus lizard is about love tonight Jesus love then Jesus ball holding him not received as a man on his bus and sat on the hell not want you have one I won a downtime of the island on farming and God were to come to us that you have a long list but some of us this is not difficult you invented I will now have one problem good actually if you are not an island you loss one thing dialect of old highway will have to and gentle voice and downtown is also in news on this man a policeman had been in and you will win unless you didn't see the emboli is known from the one whatever based on the condition in the left eyelid Heaven is the and hey although cross and delight anybody think that they are guaranteeing you haven't but you have to get rid of that number not one thousand not one million in just have one I rented Idol follow me and you're going to go to have a democracy march up with them to enclose with this product you get what you reflect all of us we're all there is and the areas keep a market there within the debated the love of God of the rivals are you happy in the US Canada the patient usually low slow riot the actors out of thirty two but I will go back to Raleigh Jesus promised amount will give you have been it he just follow me get rid of that I will give you access out authority to act the Sabbath article we know the story without they can read everything Moses Donovan out for a long time the peoples of Esmeralda Sula Erin that they make Madonna do something for mold and we all know what happened I got naked without everything I take Doctor Julie take a very focal length on the game the jewelry if it is not a end table out of Golden wow oh yeah this is when Don and is available with a one mobile people that is coming down the mountain coming down to what exactly about what you want will be most annoying thing of worship and singing going on will get out of bottom of the hill if you were going on between the tables all tests out of the January and then and most of them than what happened everything that you know to people and for myself a lot of people feeling lonely and out of people they tend to do that again is called again and I'll upload and if I can and I'm not what you know why no one wanted this mobile will indisputably humane status and offensive rails Helena and David that I finally know what I now what little was the video image is an image of the ball what will the Lord Laura K Medi-Cal one another namely the Bible unleashed the beast now what I wrote on the altar going will unload what I very know it was not allowed to own it will be an woman in megabytes five hundred people as well only dog run out and gone wrong and people in the seventh article of that when I will analyze at all and use the that I will not be destroyed because God wanted to bring the Bible to Israel now grounded up our metabolism and get one of us was twenty six three to twenty six what is invisible these exercises mostly because they got the wild weather that will list indicated accounting data this is what will the whole is on them more than him me and all that fun Jonathan felt again getting is only how many slides and the throb of Israel twelve well not that I don't want from you just told me his Goodlettsville you just told me that Clinton even physician gave himself that God the mold of God amendment people also and I trained in Malegaon just one way but at the end of the Army every single one of them will be part of Levi and was a melanin that you want to live in the woods are my love the love of Jesus again in killing our idols the love of Jesus Goddess Kia soul loving God actually did something for them this is what God does and I like that without regard to the stinking development of the ringleaders in in this work plan off but all whole lot of your body and what I want to earn home another level like this power brings you to will the Lord by the tribe of Levi will write and all into idolatry and that unrepentant they were on the news I don't know I live him him him and I was exhausted and you'll be entered Lebanon is going on in life you want every single one of the ball and with all the thing either that think they are definitely in love I want these you are a million idled at all I don't want to be sure about anything I wanted to use the money for methods want to destroy the love you but even though God has in a way somewhat bigger unfortunately there was some hardheaded out in the ground multidimensional to fill in some of the chauvinism of the hardware that you know what I would do what I want him to repent on the equipment that the lab is going to happen to me I'll be okay this is what God does for both staying stuck in the industry you listen what happens personally seven and he said Google would allow like anything is about the fate of the Lord God of Israel but every man his sword modified and all in and out from gate to gate throughout the county and a green man his mother at every metal and every man his neighbor and the children of Levi did according to the word of Moses and their outlook people that they are out how many will understand that could've been avoided by Salma looks of the seventy mile arriving okay both although I'll bet that one thing that what you needed to take out the sports regardless it's probably bother on based on it will think of oh all in and we where at all is well blasted everywhere will be you spanking because they don't want to give on there I went through blood everywhere genius level you have to do is get rid of the idol I love you I don't want to be destroyed I want to be run by but Israel then across into power before revival came to that what is working and is and is that there horrible but Israel got more godly remnant you want to validate know and you know the outline of the Jeremiah seven thirty two Jeremiah seven thirty two Israel got a warrior 's manly by what I dislike me amount is there was long gone Roman people same thing is true because of Jeremiah seven thirty two Jeremiah seven thirty id. numbers of authority that read very carefully for the children with them then and there for the children of Seventh-day Adventists and the children of children have only been able to warming from value for the children of Israel and Venice have only put Bolton me laughing at the angry on his role his remnants on me with a lot of other hand player below another of us putting what the hell did they got the office and they do the high places people which are in the Valley of the plant of economic numbers all their son and then what are the past buildup I will which I command and then you came in at them online the base into the abomination can cause children to train during the growing to do with the wicked shall be going in anything you know what we're having a bowling tab and then will be brought to fill out silver membrane I am not well okay I don't not good enough it will not do that a deeper and the unwatchable when I will Bible can not get an update getting mutually located Kenneth Sumter like illustrations and I didn't miss my style I love my door at Walmart noted in relative show coming up soon statement noted that in there alone they just can't explain them in San Francisco land of the level how the beautiful and the love you love but Israel dorsal geek and a half not all of them but many of them that will be in a single technical account happy enough nothingness wage that is not in a lot of dollars three the father was the Bulls need of reasonable things in an effort to build anything this in essence what had him down the Ohio outside the role of our opponents there is in a is obviously within a brothel in the world I love you notice in the last I love you but the thing is my local Malay amount of dollars for my idols surpass my love for you I love Jehovah of the more moment more than Jehovah and because I love my idols more than I love you on killing the moment is this the guy that I believe in the middle Jehovah gave New York a longitudinal Molex Angel sacrifice how can someone look in the eyes of the child of Alaska is also a moment of the child is naked and bound on his knife you don't want to understand what is going on in showing the fire but there is fine here but very fair will you please will you get out what happened to the earth I don't call the horn but will work on a pedestal and a naked black and they know that would pound that surrounds the beat of the Chronicle the style is well documented and what I am not going to five although I don't estimate is going to hook me up the deception genus within us all enough for the vigil that you but you know what kind of infinite wisdom peace law we would get sold to thought I don't celebrate God he holds something that was so serious maybe dominantly with sex maybe never read before that is sold the bushel in the love of God has I tirelessly now the door runs out of thirteen thistles there is then serious however the Bible revival revival that this was the idol you know I got the message already feel like I had his message because the way we use the world Bible holds me we will and will and are you still stand of one million yen and BU Law one one B Mark we can cry out in the table the bravest and actually speak now to then living without anything talk too much which also the president shall have addressed him alone that is about veggies of July family on Deuteronomy Deuteronomy chapter thirteen the Golden easily have been visiting getting idolatry that initially one how did Israel Deuteronomy job about a night not miss these words and that nothing is not the space the Bible says in verse six thirty six if thy brother the son of thy mother or lifeline for thy Lord our Lord by why I will know what I do not lie of Brandon and we did that I don't slowly I feel one of my next greatly in doling sorrow on a lot of the guys was now have not known thou nor thy fathers namely not on the God of the people of which are round about you not the data on on on the one hand on the argument and on and on and on the other dollars shall not God me thou shall not consent onto him nor hearken onto him or her needs I shall die I will ask in shower valves are needed to consider the item but downspouts floor you will now this speaking the seminar will document shall be barred upon the monarch the plan and adapt the world to handle all table names wanted to do the killing this window now this is worse than an hour shall stone him with stones but that he was one doggedly relied on the one hundred people he has sought to run the old way of the bundle are not done with Motley out of Overland of these shots from the house I see what God is allowed in the text box at the San Luis reclines to you saying hey the storyline God is spirit and you don't the probable practical going to go to heaven holding on why I don't happen only when many modern islands the one island and at all what I want is okay we can lay a man will hold only a man named Anthony and Idol warlord wanted next week and we brought up in the judgment of my theories merit anything my mind and not some young people will resume on yesterday my idol my mother took me to want to do mine will be the first movie that I have a watch with a demonic when we call home alone daemonic slimmed-down version of Santa Monica is out of the family happened down in Washington once not one time a week and wanted with a lot of rap is a lot of wrapping got another failure though half of what you do want to move one that I love that movie and know the movie is about it they preach against it when the company am far rent the movie than steel some steel all of them addicted to movies and television only was my idol I don't want to talk about it why because you know you have a TV in my homeland had a TV this will dominate and guess what I don't miss it it was all about an order number is something big enough happen to know for sure lower your vote for on the lesson X on the conventional building that is all you can not to give one of the most powerful woo hoo when Powell will meet on Monday and I know my idol and I want to stay home I hope I didn't just shy to go all others what I believe it easy to destroy because I demanded you don't destroy him I will work on the unidentified the real stuff will the practical good I want to show you exactly what the thing that this is my home initially one but using the family of Internet him him away of his life this is what you're saying here this is what will actually string allowing if someone comes to use secretly instead less on another goblin will idle but that is not a maleficent means that no one now familiar struggling with television on the map and truly just a medicinal want to tell it was a cell phone knows they time over the last liability lawsuits are right what about friends of the think tank update on what the let it is living on struggling anyone legal secretly one you want me to do that Moses says that person Julianna almost as long as I got better you may have on the individual the Bible says even concealed your time old when the bottles with it and your brother this grant will yield why not available that will have my hand around are not happy I cannot you know what Medlock who the domicile my love my sound and no native session is God 's will be God 's healing hand horse abandonment of Israel the common daily life that God gets sold the Israeli wall stone child are you know why you are not allowed to reasons number one he hates idolatry he hates it the second reason God allows that is because God is so in love with us will test the affiliate of the love because God does not want you down the numbers coming between you and you want and restrain any lobbyists will license ophthalmologist is okay and getting in the way between me and you me while under the divine mercy of the time of Moses and we still live under the old rules don't be many that Tolkien are home 's lovely honest life LW I get all in a whole they were survivors golden calf of my good enough motivating to our children and is anybody secretly you kill them instead of locating phone things and I will fax out of the messages into practical a lot of the really practical while I was only something practical that I can really relate to look into cool thousand and eleven people in the argument was one thousand dollars with the notice seven six Santa 's enemy the other is everything that is everything a Sabbath that I now want to listen when the railroad will right now I'm limited to immediate learning how to abound unavailable to win you know whatever his or not really what I will look out the get real practical now that is a collaborative contact you regarding Johnny called this great man's great leader to deliver Israel from the Midianite Amalekites his name was getting is good I get a little local public got wanted to use Gideon to bring revival and recommendation for the people of Israel Bible is right because getting on this is when God told getting to do because the Bible must General Bartle David and I don't want what God called getting the motor twenty five that is outfitted with Wi-Fi anything that the same night the Lord that the only thing that bothers young bullock even the second bullet of seventy years old and pro-business roll down the alt one hundred ninety does not bother and cut down the ball down the polls that is by and build an altar unto the Lord want to bring the Bible back to his built outside the logs on a public couple dozen rock in the order ladies had placed the second bullet in October I will do what it will grow bust waist down so I doubt that even I can't now do that would then Gideon took ten million focus on it and then ad valorem at vanilla and selling was it because he is he and his father once he was given his while the men of the city that he could not will invite you that he did and why why didn't the admin if I called them up with the one you will get you around the legal and at night I noted Doctor misdemeanor marijuana while Israel was behind the editing something that God commands them destroy all the bloody thing I want to buy all the conflict Israel when getting into all the world God sat down last loopholes to slightly alter the limits is relevant and from other counties in this blues lyrics but it words twenty eight and when the men of the video rolls out in the morning behold the author of Bale with half down and the role of tied down that would buy it and the second bullet was offered upon the altar that was built in day and once one novel with the whole thing and when the inquiry and things that get in the front of the less has done this thing then come the things that the till at length how I thought that he may have why because you can now go to become you about the role of that was why we had one one hundred and five all rights of man another two thousand eleven all our righteousness and the railroad Bible and recommendation him around the table and the other one I knew that cried out I wanted we believe in the God of all the revenues were calling a revival revelation it shall within the fumble binoculars and is all old and I will do is to actually start his contests are what you know is to bring it back to the time that you and I and the midday something just like this rollable Adventists the Mobil one two million already get on my nerves have you since when I'm reliable and reclamation people conservatives in the biblical knowledge base of the public get among our best fumble on the forget about that much of this a few weeks ago this laid out run with my surgeon two thousand and eight this latest release I remember let's first she took initiated this with you on one of our children should so easy to dismiss one of her children today this fungal path staff manual I prescribed by the low block and he's transformative and of course they are part of the best these studies threatening tones can start out that I collected several all at the level roles as well as outwardly an undeniable role in that there verily verily I failed to the extent amendment consultant or level how will you will again will you be spending time on Wanda will the beloved daughter-in-law 's wrong with the same love use phone types I is what I want to bring one hundred much courage using the man to bring the Bible that is hard to know vulgaris payment not succumbed to that is a little more to the back to the character go back to the counter also acquire serious like every single one of us know about them marked up with should be the because the price of oil running on this along the problems on this I want to be saying that in the past present and in their malady was analogous but he let me say what the text says that verse twenty one is regarding then Jesus beholding him loved him so much so that would've the and settle down one this is one thing thou let us just go about way sell whatsoever thou hast and give it to look for and also have treasure in heaven and calm take up the cross and follow me I want to say she is with faith of his rich matter I want your I bring it to me I love you Britney I love you so much on his one hundred eleven destroy it I want to audit you that I is you don't the Bible says and he was that at that thing and went away three forty I know what his problem was his mission will ignore the problem was the anointed upgrade primarily because that is part of it the main reason he left grieve not miss this is because she heart cheats harvest back on Christ when talking about how Christ can not smile you cannot originally because you worked hard and don't back on like when this neck pain diseases and to be serious Clinton bring me I know this is not what I love my idols more than I love you literally thought consists and she's thinking about getting out in the title you know what happened to this manual it is understood by the general Jesus understood that this man right here this man in your life it was completely bare this man was there when he came to Christ Christ promised in heaven and crisis promising young will walk about one Idol going to be sending Jews want to revive him when he left to the present of Jesus and Jesus in the presence of Jesus day audio that Jesus says I am the way the control what about Christ and I have an all use one would do this Ms. Young ruler was you given me I don't shall be given when you want to follow me take a look from my utterly elegant in as little as but he chose my idol I love it more than following Jesus for him revival could not come because he held to only versus right because some of us shall be told we have more than one the marijuana problem one one we saying that the moon of us we say in the same old thing we say that they praise the Lord and we said we would know where to point as I got in the game anything about it you know that Doctor Jonathan V many on a man God wants to ask I have little doubt you because you needed to change I need to be changed not that I intend that he think that coming I know you finally caught up in the first resurrection followed by the low level why profitable this nothing like this is one item is that there is a revival it also wanted to just one final bill there is need today of an the offer wireless and I was experienced by a thin Israel equivalent rent at the artist must be taken by all alumni to God no one can do it with one another we can do humble household with one guy and always how I when we have been all that we can do the normal manner this is the gentleman was Jehovah God will give us our reasonable wanted to say what he gives is that you know what you got it from around the item gotten a lot of our stuff is human on his user is is that the original rule that he will series business areas to you append or stuff that is not bad when you repent for commenting and I don't mean not one you currently are I will then can be revived my Bible schools on the solicitors the times in which we live me we know we say it all the time visas come back is coming back soon become my both of you really believe that they live us online on Monday millimeter 's only love of Jesus this soul in love with Jesus nothing on our matters the salon long the sullen lull us right along the the IRS will come in the love of life you want to be destroyed on my beat anybody out but I'm telling you and God is my witness I'm not lying Dawkins frightened dead right now God cannot save us if you second place in the hearts can do it but I think I someone's going to get a victory tonight and someone to get victory I wanted the lowest story story out of everywhere because it shows the how why of a young person how they can rate the idol of the power of the Muslim young people I love young people would say to story don't you love she is best to you only will you I was already want more I feel maximum is waiting when we day both twelve dozen women on Lord will bless all smiles unless because I know when I was born again I was born again December six nineteen ninety eight on a Sunday I was wearing a white start black source level brown sandals with my identical twin brother oh yes born again that they are so special about that which we will born together and born again could you just can't help but look on lovable little creatures I have my based on the one thousand were younger they must be other than the we know that the will the money continually rolling off familiar with incident but was now a webinar you understand but I had a call experience December six nineteen ninety eight hours for ever ever exchange I know I withdraw abandoned by the notable that's why design you like used by Jews that every single one of you what is I not getting what you don't know because he put you in front of themselves the dataset and death he could not see beyond the portals of its own but he decided on one of them works even if I don't go back as long as our weakness and you would allow you you you you all of us the only thing God wants to do house call according one day another does this for the rest of my life I lived in Minnesota with University for three years life changing experience never get a larger campaign when at times when it's time around December and we were canvassing in the Orlando area in Florida of course can think anything and it was nighttime all is done with my stream I call the life aquatic with the available one this time to pick up the Van responded they were unwilling not gallantly dark outside the student listens to consider when I heard a voice across the street that I cross the street was a young girl I revisited and what I had to have my bag in the dramatic liftoff is redeposited to grow the reunion Yemenis a little supply chains around the spikes around the wrist Joan is about the last about seventeen or sixteen her name is Maggie enough to get our name rest of my life Maggie was any a walk across the lobby at us it is very outlined on Monday without a moron I'm a student working away to school get my campus she said to me interested in is is you look suspicious the facilities only ones the LLL Linotype is used as fuel Hewlett suspicious of the blackjack she says why are you crossing the neighbors lawn and a black jacket time of the night just what you told me all of the credit is Christ in the alternative backup Alaska is rumbling again tonight again she looked at it that the rest of what I are you Baptist Pentecostal alone to the list she says I'm not alone it's just that I am a witch is which the actively worship Satan and the demons in all that's the normal or something was being our worship my god and goddesses as authorities on I was at my god and goddesses because they tell me that I can do whatever I like because they love me young people to want below are to do whatever I can really honestly believe they are God or even know how we got the the only thing greater than the stars and the trees in the morning with only some big bang happened the Fujifilm seminar I was sort of spirit than a magnet and said without also you right now just as I want how God created a well of you want me to Bible she told me out and I read the Bible 's seven times from Genesis to Revelation seven your God has not spoken to me you want us unjustly he told me that about metabolic and sometimes not possible that you can not read about the family .net authority Maggie were going to pray is left with a nice day I'm not crazy God is our you know I have been altered and I have been altered you met it in my bedroom right now where I am going to pray to my God and God 's justice result if the author is that yes something that are trained to history she kept on repeating the same phrase your God is no railing don't honestly don't know really got out of the chapel repeated the same phrase over and over and over all the problems the holding goals or arrested my attention looked up his girl about sixty years of these eyes Susan rambling on and on for quite a while the Holy Ghost done ninety you have been of you shut up immediately stop the semantic yesterday you have then sexually abused our own alive why God would allow that happen we all know why God allowed my father do not download a lot of alive after the Magnum method there is no way I can know something so personal about your life say the Holy Ghost through the I told her that God is a God of the sneaky little word I told us that God is speaking to me right now to get to you when you need to listen just level pegging them we got afraid of low low settlers second time nagging me how to pray so okay after this prison would be different when I get to the middle of my prayer I want you to repeat a single word I say I do I'll know just what you don't from I close my eyes and face me this young girl held hands on the street corner we started praying praying hanging them on planes I asked the Lord as I get to the middle of monitoring and Maggie repeats every word I think Lord sorry that you will forgive me my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness Lord when I go home I'm going to throw away my altar to pray and read your word accepted Lord of my Lord and Savior at the end of that she repeated every single word I said a witch on the street corner what program you want to divide up our will will burn SUI things you will convert it on the street corner because I felt how are the Holy Ghost paths is going now we pray you how we pray that we hold each other read how to complete the eleven Omaha that is a wildly popular hugs and gentlemen back in the meantime and all of a sudden go all the way down the street physically not being any longer she will we are we exchange I love United I love you all and I love you Maggie I love you out with all which in the beginning did not even once at the end of the holy name that Sindelar is going to die he destroyed what God is going to Google her cable quantities in exchange but I will devote my life Maggie who remain faithful S3 corner you pray with my Mansoor Naumann held monthly meetings you destroy that Idol and because of that am going to him exchange going to take it I don't like that that idle and went on limiting them to give you a lot of things on give you the I I want to remind us that this weekend you give me the idol and I promise you I'll promise you this would never happen only this the second coming of Jesus my first video my very first video I will I want a new motion Limited is there a feeling this is you are sitting there under the house when the Holy Ghost and you want not sure the phone who do not so good not sure you have experienced when Maggie had this yesterday I really want to know when I got outside I went down the drive belt came up a window there was no change in the hardware level when I was baptized by God 's reach was baptized by the Holy Ghost is not my first appeal you are not sure you have been born again razor metal reason why I argue more than one zero nine you look him up he does not show one fifth of July oh four know what I've been able to learn about it ran between you and you are right between eulogies to your horizon I thought of it you are sure you space the outer nonresponsibility a little getting to absorb my conversion you're not sure of all not sure what you are sure this is not the most is that there is not a regular guy was recording every single to in the book of life God is in love with each and every one of or for that encourage faithfulness dynamometer anyone who quite well I will be a long and when all the world now looking moving on quickly quickly goodhearted David Jimmy Carter didn't you meet Jesus when you slow slow slow slow that the world on thunder coming to come and assist with unnoticed on a familiar struggle with a look and let all my God loves you nothing could be visiting and revisiting the significant since the struggle to the lungs is available significantly to the Holy Ghost 's inability to do nothing so you know I got the struggling I is a satire is found within the regular off later that they were those of children come forward and businesses resilience in the series to the gentleman altogether this is that this is about you up on it a promise God will honor that he is not looking eleven accepted Festival I don't like listening room and wiping out the mug I won every single one of us to pray for Austin candy and candy love without records and eleven men and consumers will be changed was the only will will power the building beneath your tonight completely changed I have my faith what do they think the January while January twenty eighth I got my Phantom January twenty eight and nine twenty five p.m. whatever you're wearing you have any I got my December six nineteen ninety eight whites or blacks or another and find out how that might be you can have your date Jesus you anybody else up walk over anyone else not sure you're not sure you've been born again so the God of the working heart and Andrew Warner Brother he loves his mother drove old on the Jesus hold on which anyone else do not join us on the last shall not sure in no blessing for me that I'm yummy that don't message to Rob me that the government already me that ability of judges not ours right now the state 's courage stop no one else comes this takes courage to FEMA similar to it would have been able both cigarettes and obstacles to his recording am a loving and we don't need it on again me know though the sea of glass will reminisce about this change will change another portable stairs a bio anyone else wanting praise God we got below are some heart of God we are publishing and later newsletter lineup missing value for this one oh someone who always sees to the harms of lesson about the moon on it everybody trying you have a lot of point lease with a lot of mad money to be broken anybody know the Lord he is on lessor but I'm also about one thing I want the crown of life but also about that someone in the tonight is Monday this is your night with anyone else while Douglas on me that means that anyone else anyone else I want Jesus and one of levels anyone else have this to me that me that manager nothing is left ready for a familiar today got responded now you pray for me that God will smite a day of all published me that Elvis Sumida problem according actually a blessing of this we use young lady who used it only displays change anyone else understand what else what else comes close Bob's wake up wanting to a present across the hand of the Nevada if you just anticipate a blessing you have one else anyone else what I'm not sure but I'm not sure about one of these displaced in love with Jesus Leon among the regulars carry us all to the motions she won the league might change I will convert how to go out anymore I want to be sure God one short of a Swedish in one oh one three Douglas of the tsunami that Douglas Douglas Douglas God is still working I canceled it doesn't beautiful smile I love anyone else millennial as well as muzzle Muslim convert a module and one that was me that novice about anybody else should doubtless of the Cinelli I love you anybody else I'm not sure how this young man to Scarborough got reported God is still moving the building because your brain is what Elvis in his low you know I love you you know I love you O God proposals there is no negligible quantities and intangible hold on I love you and is now blessed me that God bless you a list but if I'm not sure how this music and environment of the smell anyone else I'm not sure God is still moving in the drive is still moving on Matthew 's to purchase the understandable use bonus on me that starting price anyone else anyone else the site is now young lady of nothing will does not mean that eleven policy no made me love I'm not sure sure I'm not sure what visual worlds dumbest focus me that eleven of my young people at my church love and what will our onesies goblets young lady on me that I'm not sure sure to Google to people that you want anybody else will now will all wear one hat who was traveling in ongoing envelopes and goblins of this observation sponsor them away how lovely was the among Bible students of the eleven thousand boarding out of young lady and I mean that you must avoid a born-again span become four dimensional welts as we move you someone we really changed anyone else into young girls got to go still he loves you see those are the noodles and what else knows along when it comes the Holy Ghost power time means nothing well Wells Marshall not sure so now one of the gun is not loving about that it is also reminding a blessing got nothing on you that God blessed anyone else got still moving on very close anyone else I am not sure that the appeal I want to be sure blessing publishing a report hold onto Jesus anyone else in our solar system will incidentally anyone else what will God bless you other Jews love the publicity on this end of the fuel anyone else anyone else she's in need she's not sure Marshall anyone else sparkles anyone who knows on the Jesus are as no one else is anyone else before me my second bill anyone else I want nothing to feel okay is that an appeal if you have an idling your life is literally throw it we can say a man only like they matter how little you battle remains when you go home to revile you had here the leader wasting time and money you spend money to come here on you spend money to come here and God is saying going to bring ongoing help I wanted the only thing a woman who is from the love you Hall Junior in my view have an idol that you know well very specific if you have no idols don't stand very very specific appeal if you have an idle that you know God is telling him to destroy stand only got I mile all twelve see me I'm already standing I would come right up on the adult album arrives and needs help the preacher pastor the title was dissolved about passive and our partner the presently I got to destroy something among nominal price is going to get I hope this is not easy to destroy and I was not easy is not easy and telling but God will give you the howler who his Holy Spirit rushed VI who we learn tonight Idol stays reliably but I think at the tonight revivalist it and if you do fall off and get back up and hold hands with Jesus and his rollcall sanctification the only thing I was professing a single bound a life that application of the day by day process along on a blank this blackout Bob God he still chases his children he's chasing them we single one of you here tonight and you have responded to stop running now he has when we go home but only by God 's grace I don't fill a place don't deliver to Marx and are pleased us I'm not little guilty when because of L O B E lawsuit will get out and I'm not his fault may lie in not not works the finance of those who know about Jesus the power of this it will give the power to bring the item is of regulatory loans with all the welcome Holy Ghost boldness but basketball needs people in our same Lord I'm not sure I've been born again but really welcome polar water for a unforgiving time to pray the prayer well what they want to say the Holy Ghost on the backup but I really want to get real with God get real with our born-again in prayer the company are afraid one day and got totally changed my life at the prior F outgoing and Robin I was need right pray sees with all of the heart and don't rely on your feet while feeling bubbly feeling and five Mama cannot be real no one means nothing don't rely on your feelings just trust God 's word the crowd of God and you believe that you are indeed born again off again as text how over the many two-edged sword I wouldn't pray for severely forgot to become real major born-again experience sure second available of us what stood same I have an idol that must be destroyed on anonymously destroy delete my mind will give me the power that raised the destroyed not because of works because you love me so much given exchange I give you that hold on the Jews are the runaway I would learn a lot about it in all new channels they standing whatever the more comparable for you to get elitist and whatever is best for you the file give you time to pray and I'll pray seek God with all your heart I love who art in heaven the children someone crying as much as a sorrow either stairs of unspeakable joy literally snatch my heart I remember trying that hard in my entire life my brother and I will holding each other selective targeting is crying on the each other 's shoulders to my brother my twin brother born at the same time a born again at the same time why because Jesus is off Lord we left you thought I wanted that of those who have responded to the first appeal crying out to you Lord I am sure much God police wanted had you filed on one front immovable force your hand but in the Lord of the name someone would have to be changed only believe emotions is coming to be in the long room I will need in the what have you and then leave home stuck in knowledge O father we need to be born again daily as well for those of us love then converted and we know that we have been converted that I know it's a pray for all of us that will be re- consecrate we would commit ourselves to him on a daily basis on one of the limited made we have to be dead the salve to heal the Monday we have to be dead I told as they did when they did but if we remain alive on Thursday would be rather be dead and Lord please help this world has so many distractions build a life as the ingrowth of my outbreak of the second appeal will we have idols the rich young ruler had just one hot summer must have a long rich young ruler and why how much are you yelling to absorb accident lawyer you know my heart 's opacity to a waterfall to be changed I want to expand learning was changed by you how will he will punish how I love you so much for changing my life thank you Jesus for changing the checking father but singles laptop mobile and it was the power we need a mountaintop experience not to go home to waste time with television waste time with Facebook able to get more powerful so powerful Facebook is not a trappings powerful tool when we spent the lower level basement into an innocent man I was berated Ellwood when I go home and make some serious changes and what is not regardless of how close did about it because I want to stop going this thing because once you are was so busy Neil will be genuine but I will in exchange for gold will you will you stop us down on the number of unbroken stony bottoms on one oh nine help I need help is an easy job that sildenafil is not reasonably mashed and of their father not being what people normally are landing was mad at me as a guest talk Dodge is the powerlifting was nothing actually lower than what irks of upright but assimilated cyst below were all praying for Bush is struggling more to struggling to fill it national about the .net limo with your and father I know that you have the power to break every chain system of automatic that can penetrate hearts bring the follow ground failure with the Holy Ghost promise and see her as such will know your child Pelosi 's Harry's lawyer honored that an unknown Gmail menu Jesus Jesus Baba does want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for you not leave me alone behind the open preaching the gospel should cause any ministers from Constance trembled before we preach God could've called Angels when he calls sinners to preach unnecessary righteousness it is unbelievable all I pray when I pray that the conviction was drink is so easily that we talk about anything else but the only thing that I had a happy happy moment convincing Subaru with Lebron I thank you for you hearing is one ninety for the Army God you saw before we were born that we would be here you know it someone is born again tonight and always a glory hog with you we'll praise your name thank you Lord for speaking to your children in order to go back to our seats that is really enough to go home tonight and the rest of this weekend is really believe in what we doing here all years causal laws of God I'm not all that need to be transformed an old love not responded to this appeal made a responsive appeal tomorrow is going to impress people to do for nothing on logic some of the Holy Ghost survived that you send your Holy Spirit on those who do not respond to this appeal at the Mars appeal is made that you will make them now breakable right ghettoize their body block rattled by the Holy Ghost on his suffering on both the Holy Spirit follow a libido on the label someone a stop on thank you Lord preparing and asking this player in Jesus name I pray that every child in love with Jesus that you met a man


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