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The Sealing Work and Its Order

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)



  • January 29, 2011
    11:30 AM
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rarer than say amen I you can specify him to go in the definition is not this very special things God is a especially at this time right processes as I want to bring free that God will move every designs that we will hear the voice of Jesus because if there's one thing I guarantee Jesus will speak to us as we need to make sure that we had to use I actually have a final for the message that beneficiary is that I always call the ceiling were and it's a the ceiling where and as one if you are able to invite you with Bruce Morgan seventy five more recently for the privilege and the opportunity to talk to someone tossed already demonstrated her friendship to us certainly love that no man in this I will CC fulfill his work her father now talk to you want to be your friend to you Lord teaches how to lay down our lives through her father we come with all of our seventy her nasty cheese pizza are very marked manner to give us one of our sins open our eyes and helps to behold wondrous things out of money going on I literally consecrated a focus on truly experience the Internet understand the ceiling were as yes this things are done in Jesus name the like using the Bible to turn to the book of Ecclesiastes chapter one Ecclesiastes chapter one and there is something that Solomon the wise man said under inspiration then we will see it indeed is a reality as we look at how things are going amongst God 's people in this world today the Bible says in Ecclesiastes chapter one if you give me say amen I finally says in Ecclesiastes chapter one of another person I enthusiast he 's one in verse nine it says that being that have been it is that which shall be and that which is done him which shall be done and the economy being a no new pain under the sun history has a tendency to repeat itself think about the text limits of the thing that happened in the past is that which shall be the future and that which is done that unpleasantly is that which shall be the future no new thing under the sun and the reason why I found this to be a very appropriate way to start the message is because there wasn't anything a story that took place under the sun that I believe God wants to make very clear you are not the brothers and sisters on the talk to you straight in and talking straight does not mean that we lose our past and our love in the midst of talking straight the brothers and sisters living in such a time and her sister that we need to hear a straight testimony is that right Bible says in Genesis chapter four is the that took place under the sun on which there is no new thing the Bible says in Genesis the fourth chapter is the other guy is going to reveal something to us we got to do is when we read the text within a shot of the Lord where does this apply to be because progress is tell you right now a gospel that is not what the goal is a worthless gospel a gospel that you cannot apply an possible that you cannot implement a gospel in all that does is make you an intellectual giant but at the end of the day is went from an ignorance interest to an intelligence manner than in the end businesses is also visible in and up in the same place any now you are in for intelligent God 's desire is to meet us as ignorant centers and show us how we can become intelligence things of God Bible says in Genesis the fourth chapter but I'm sorry person one will read verses one to ten how reverse one your readers to our reverse tree and the list goes on and will take only down person the Bible says in Genesis one verse one and his wife Eve and she conceived and bare Cain and said I have gotten a man from the and in and the process of time it came to pass that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground and offering unto the low but I think Jane into his offering he had not respect and Cain was very raw and his countenance fell in if thou do as well southbound not be exempted if thou do is not well sin lies at the door and under these out to be his desire and also rumored in an and in and in the Lord said to Cain where is Abel thy brother and he said I know not and I my brother 's keeper birthday this week together and he said why hast thou done the boys love thy brother 's blood cries underneath from the ground never visited there are several applications that we can pull this but for the second time I want to be very simple as I peruse this topic we have a situation back in the days within Opera this will let us any earnest after the amount of regular progressing they were part of the same family have the same father had the same mother and here is these two brothers as they will both worshipers that can lead to other than will superiors but we find something that was absolutely distinct one from the other one brother in his voice of approach to God he resonated in his mind I'm going to do a set leave what God says the other brother eliminated as my missus and I love got to the end of the day doesn't things got donated to the adjacent get some tennis and abilities and yes I know what God says below delimiting most of what God says and does not have a little bit of what I in the process of time when it was time to make the offering candles these two brothers they both coming to worship the multilingual offerings they both progress economics the same God wonder exactly how God said to the other one does it a lot of what God says but he has a little bit of his own thing what he wants to do that looks at the offerings and immediately using the one who did everything I told to do he said I sat with you the one who both had a desire to give me some of me and some of Christ I cannot accept that I got the exact same chain sees the odd rabbit people and certainly because of the other brothers that works best rather begins to persecute his brother to the point Joseph and goddesses were done your brother 's blood is crying to me while found that the interest is because in the beginning of time we find that it will only two groups of worshipers no new thing under the sun as well because it had only two groups of worshipers and that was had been is that which shall be in the Bible no that in the very last moments of Earth 's history the whole world is going to ball down once again to only two worshipers go to the book of Revelation thirteen chapter in Revelation chapter thirteen we find some very interesting things that God wants us to understand brothers and sisters on this very clear to you and I just thought straight every single one of us in this room man woman boy girl why black or anything in between every single one of us are either going to be counted amongst one of two groups one of two groups the Bible says in revelations of thirteen chapters on Everest one the Bible says and I set up on the fantasy here goes Johnny given vision from Jesus he's able to now understands the wonderful prophetic utterances and the Bible says that I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the name of lasted entities which I saw was like unto a leopard it is the apathy of the what are the amount of a lion and the dragon gave him his power NEC and great authority now the members agree the Bible says and I saw one of his head as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and how much of the world all the world wondered after the beast from it a lot of people that know the reason why this is becoming very interesting because now let's look at verse eleven in verse eleven we see that another piece now comes on the scene but I want to follow this because when this is the sincerest heart surgeon today the book .org page one hundred we are told that we are to Garnett should honestly never visits Yemen jealous of us yet it is something you want something how do you behave sometimes you can get so protected that if something trust the passing of God you're almost ready to be violent towards it that's why you get when you satisfy something you want to protect the limits of no one else I think it is not very know about the workspace one hundred and garden show Leslie your time for prayer the surgeon of the Scriptures and the examination of one's heart do you guard it jealously this process is not to do this daily do you set time every day to study to pray and meditate to make sure all is well between myself and my Savior examine your heart because John has told us it looks almost like the whole world is the one after that these Bible says in Revelation thirteen percent of as I beheld on another beast coming up out of your anti- loins like a lamb and he spake as a dragon and he exercises all the power of the first beast before him and all his number this is not recalled meat sports is an cloth is the other and then with another into words shipped the first of these deadly wound was healed these alarmist because there is significant is because all of those who wonder after the base of the Bible to send their approval the difference that would have been spent in Southeast no new thing under the sun worshipers who will benefit from Bush the beast that is what is getting more and more interesting is because you see in verse fifteen talking more about the Beasley said they had power to give life unto the image of the beast of the image of the beast should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of obesity guilt because of all whole small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in therefore his and that no man might buy or sell save he that hath a marked opening of these or the number of his name thus far we just identify one of those two groups of worshipers the Bible clearly shows in the last day that there is going to be a piece of power that is going to link up with another these power and even a coming together to voice and three individual on planet Earth the worse it their way now John what he sees as he says it looks almost like the whole world none of this is is was John known to be the beloved is that right John the beloved when you love Jesus was the least power for seeing us or against so replicating unmatched in what was going on John line when God gave him the vision of what getting ready to write and hear ghosting this thinking that John Clark and Jesus is showing John that wanted very so it looks like almost reminding including sharks wonder that these in turn their backs on Jesus this is about how easy it was with zombies lament is would you feel happy with it feels that you can imagine that John was automated to know what happened to you and your movement it seems like and read Barney is going to worship the beast and this is why God said John I can't stop because every time God gives a message to let us know about the horrible things the pump is always using the method and so anything you can imagine John John in Revelation thirteen 's vision and he's seeing all these paint during rhetoric of the past and video think of themselves not all the while and I got this John hold on I'm really the whole world is that it will be a group that in going to and against the beast and this is why God did not stop the inspiration and revelation thirteen and therefore he gazed on the inspiration of revolution or two release authorities chapter now what does the Bible says starting at her six heroes Johnny see this messenger the diseases get in the vision up the Bible says and I saw another angel fly in the mist of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach and to them that dwell on the earth and every nation in kindred and tongue and people here goes now and arteries of the three Angels messages now what's interesting is that the third Angels message says something that United States Institute as we looking at as you are is we saw one group of worshipers are many no longer want to me and receive his mark but now notice what the Bible says in Revelation fourteen nine eleven Israelis and forty nine the Bible says and firing with Angel on angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his fourth airman 's hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and the presence of the Lamb now it goes on to tell us the completion of this message the smoke of their torment us and about forever never to have no rest day and I worship the beast and is and is and whosoever receives the mark of his name number this is is the third Angels message arrival on the individuals low warning people about not receiving the mark is out of earnings method is doing is really quite working one people do not receive or accept or take upon yourself Bismarck this piece is that right number of the system will be like God you know the Bible says in Isaiah one eighteen that God says come now let us reason together on the reason it is this group of people are warning individuals not to receive the mark of the beast what it not be sensible than that these individuals clearly don't have the mark of the beast without that that's almost elementary right line well it's a delicacy integrated that makes no sense obviously the whole mission to follow is the one everybody not to receive something that they themselves have already rejected the benefits are right now the reason why this is important physical of the roses and I think you really supporting this something significant has written about this in these individuals who make up with those who give the first second and third Angels message now in verse one of rising fourteen chemical as far as helping us to get a little bit of an identifying mark about why people does going around giving dispiriting dismisses any the Bible says and represent forty one as a single a landslide on the Mount Zion and with him a hundred and forty and four thousand having his father 's name written in therefore had heard a voice of heaven is the voice of many waters and as the voice of a great thunder and I heard the voice of Parker 's heart would be a farce and the list goes on and begin to describe also the beautiful characteristics about these individuals will call the hundred and forty four thousand was also interesting is this is the same group of people at the end of giving the Herald of the first second and third Angels message or a follow are you following so here's my question as these individuals who are worshipers because even in the first Angels message that calling people to worship God in these individuals don't have the market what do they have the seal was the revelation seven stay with this is because I know how it is snowing in the room everybody starts feeling like well for the moment this is elementary different will see in just a moment as I said before every car has to start at thirty two forgets to sixty buckle up stick with me stay with the Bible says the revelation is that exactly starting in verse one it doesn't have to these things I saw four angels holding the four winds of the earth that the women should not dwell on the earth Noah Augustine or ninety three and I saw another angel ascending from these having the seal of the living God praise God and try with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea saying not being on nine of the sea knowledge easily undone what sealed the servants of our God and therefore has burst forth and I heard a number of them went to our video below that of the enemy goes on to say and there were sealed at how many hundred and forty and four thousand of all the signs of the children of Israel my message is not so much to give it's identifying points of the hundred and forty four thousand one thing that we can clearly see that same group in Revelation fourteen that was apparently the third Angels message naturally if the same group were reading about your revelations that are involved all right so therefore you got one group eleven of a large number of people who are going to question the beasts and receive his mark and then you have a smaller number that is going to have the seal of the living God known predecessors pay attention the Bible says in Revelation fourteen night if any members of the image it was a good reason receive his mark in a sort of event will not happen because the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God for help with our mixture meaning that God says this will not be like times past God said it is not that any something where I'm going to go ahead and allow some condemnation or punishment or judgment whatever words you want to use and God is not safe to open a mix it with mercy in the past God dealt with those many different businesses there was mercy with God dealt with various points in the Bible you see God giving a judgment which also seem mingled some mercy but God says those who receive this mark Gossett Rothwell my wrap on them it will be with our mixture doesn't be something that the mind cannot imagine the magnitude of experiencing God 's wrath I would not want this even for my enemy and therefore processes don't you think that if we have the love of Jesus only been talking about it for so long as we have the love of Jesus in our hearts when you look at your neighbors to the left and right when you look at the family members are known on the street is working on it all about even if I start school on nominal only seventy minutes by rain sometimes purposes as we think that as long as we stay in the building will be all right I have a joint close down Jesus saves Jesus things Knoxville sometimes we try to keep our youth in the church is a list of Mrs. Kidman the charts and revisited there is a dramatic difference between keeping a child insert and keeping a child in Jesus and the difference in fact I remember a story in the Bible about a brother who actually thought that even the building safety and when the enemy began to pursue on the round to the Temple not only that you will in any way to double the brother went right by the old enemy comes inside the temple not to leave out that pulls out resort and finishes in in the Temple ideal the building does not see anybody Jesus is so beautiful businesses don't do think that naturally on the minister 's mind it would be to show the people how to receive the seal rather than the mark don't you think that I will be clearly the method of the hour shall the people how they can with the scene the seal of God because those who are busy all day don't get the wrath of God to get the blessings of God but you think that maybe the priority on the monument is a bit all right now is is my question if you want to do a Bible search and try to find out what is a qualifier whereas the first step what is it that I must do will be aware so that I can be counted amongst those who are sealed definitely be tomatoes with you that relationship is that it is best somewhere within those four verses that we read that shows us the qualifier of those who actually receives the biggest number of universes we only read Revelation seven one two three and the Pharisees we find out who gets to see if a very special word that you that you and I must become whether Sarah is not right the Bible says forgot the art magazine of the trees till we had to deal servants of our God and their way now brothers and sisters that means that you and I do not have an attitude will bring them expect the minister to do all the work that means that we cannot sit back and attitude will be led by this video is funny and seventy administers you won't find them in many respects we function market corporate world and in the corporate world you will find that this is because the rule eighty twenty in the corporate world is a brutal eighty twenty what it means is simply this eighty percent of the work is done by twenty percent of the people and authentically scanner excited we find ourselves expecting than Elvis technically didn't do the work while many of us sit back and just drop some change number of the sisters this is amazing how we can something that was designed for good and allow it to become occurs in our lives know when I when I when I examine Isaiah twenty eight and when it talks about those who shall teach now within this is those long liens from the brass and drunk don't mean from the milk and drawn from the press remember reading that Isaiah twenty eight younger visitors mill is good and nursing for babies with any of the world at rest never visited it is designed to provide all the harassment that South needs is also narcoleptic for the marketing green spinach seed in any given white male when the baby definitely go to the bathroom is very exciting like God don't you understand that the industry is the nutrition it passes through as it was interesting that same outlet that was designed to be the nourishment for the child if that's all growth to age five and ten in fifteenth in exile to give me more now and all exiled yet is no room this is the same thing that was designed for the endorsement can now be the same instrument that causes be a lack of nerves God never intended for the returning of times and offerings to being your religion out of his mouth and run the industry the hip-hop industry that when many people who was preaching and teaching and wrapping for the devil but at the same time and always licensing to the church they felt like I is that this is my way of keeping some religion in my heart but even worse as we find in the church today presents as they are people who are pushing all the responsibility on other folks and faith healer out this awesome changing the are you saying this is but don't be deceived to make you change your religion guy says I want to let your money I want you now how many parenthesis is the sermon as I follow me seriously significant when God is China shows that the only individuals were going to receive the seal of his investors you guys we got to understand the role that you would like as we wanted to come on Army Bible camp at several places because you want to be quite so that's a start and all right good good good good good now here's the next question I learned that the father father for I learned this it is one thing to tell a child what to do it is all whole different meaning to show them how to do it God clearly has said I have called you to be a certain but the question is how do we serve number of visits before we talk about how to serve out one and see how not to circle to the book of second Corinthians chapter ten the second representative is imperative that we understand before we talk about how to certainly make sure we understand how not to start the Bible says in second Corinthians chapter you get there please let me know by singing it second Corinthians attempt shop in our knowledge of the Bible says in verse as well the Bible says remember with the enemy so we do not make a mistake like many others I've made when it comes to Christian service the Bible says for we dare not make ourselves of the number or do what come in ourselves with some decrement themselves why but they measuring themselves by so having themselves among themselves are wise not mine sometimes everything is all right let him ready and I think in this matter and we go ahead and instead of downloading information from the most holy places we begin to look to the right and left and sometimes will even look at places they constitute what the Bible called Babylon and will go ahead and compare all thousand and eight and bring dance out of course if it's a hot start and call it service God said how could you do that many of these things take place life because we are comparing ourselves all around myself you know because as of today how many ministries that find the mimic another man's ministry I don't get me wrong when this is always fun would ministries than LB similar payment of the best that's going to happen but sometimes people are almost an exact replica of another man's ministries in other words the minister is nothing but a reflector of another man's thoughts Doctor McCandless the kind effort we have to make sure that when we go on into the service of God that we do not try to make the standard of service being a reflection of someone else the Bible says will not compare yourself among yourself because when you do that you know why so therefore we talk about going forward in service were not talking about comparing myself among ourselves the reason why we have to pay attention to how we serve one alive Magazine after twenty four Matthew twenty four not get the climax until humans this is the attention please pray in your heart that God will make this thing playing Flockhart finally says in Matthew twenty four watch this now as Matthew twenty four Bible says in Matthew the twenty fourth job and I want to see this in verse forty four we find that subject is the reason why it is imperative that we understand how to start Levine says in Matthew twenty four months forty four it is therefore be ye also ready for certain hours you think not the Son of Man coming in many the faithful and wise what is interesting now it is enjoyable event is a faithful and life-saving landlord has made were over his household to give them meat in due season as it is that what it says in his lord when he cometh shall find so doing verily I say unto you that he shall make and what over all the transition verse forty eight and if that concert evil servant that interesting that interest because in the earlier person we saw that this started when the wives of people involved in God 's household because the watch this but and if that evil servant shall say in his heart my mother made is coming and shall begin to smite his saddle serving that would have been is that we shall be nothing new under the sun is begin to smite his fellow servant and to eat and drink with the drunken the Lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looking not for him and in an hour that he is not aware of and shall cut him asunder and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites especially leaving and gnashing of teeth Jesus understood that in the last days in his church this would be two types of serving why an evil summer Leicestershire but be recognized by heaven as people why do you think Jesus says in Matthew seven twenty one to twenty three many shall come and say hello I have we not in summarization start to get out of anything all human one forward and admitted that only Bible tells us in the last phase wire service evil servants all in God 's church this is why it is imperative to understand and to search our hearts Lord what kind of servant and my need to know now go to the present of bituminous Minos will not find out about conserving the fact is that of the book of Philippians chapter two verse clinician to implement this afternoon for the Bible says about go ahead and look at verses five to eight Burton the effects will be considered the necessity of verses five to eight in their faith amen I want is for the missing five three let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus Jesus wants us to think like because Jesus knows the men who have the mind happening as a man thinks so with the flip of my being it was as also Christ Jesus is little being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation and you might end up one level what are things and was made in the likeness of men and being found in fashion as a man he humbled himself and became obedient unto death even the death of the cross now the Bible says Jesus was a certain agreement not representative resigns after you know when the Bible talks about Enoch walked with God and what devices do not walk with God when he says he walk with God again oneness with God he was like a excellent opportunity got never have a problem taking a lightheadedness like in Nevada from the only people got quite it to be a risk is when we don't reflect that of the inch of her son 's attitude is something interesting about this is a verse six he that saith he abide in him ought himself also so to what network walking anyone been emulated Jesus walked like this that we don't want like development not talking about missing miners found the same chart in the same way the right to be our claimant and see that the Bible says what a side effect now here's my question how did Jesus ever talk to me with some examples of Christ serving he healed people and talk to me he was a teacher in the tables the company and these people right talk to me again when updated the priestly duties the update also the wonderful work and design phases page seventy Jesus is our example father in heaven prayed to God that you help our hearts and our minds to receive with you about the shelves help every movement order to stop that nothing be done Lord that would cause a distraction help online support please see what you trying to say to us we want your seal but we must understand in the ceiling work is in order open archives we pray in Jesus name Jesus is our example there are many there are many cool twelve with an insurance of conduct oh public ministry and I have to question how does he deserve you thought and he'll see what people speak all of that related to his public ministry Jesus is our example there are many well with interest upon the period of his public ministry wow maybe I noticed the teachings of his early years in an whole life is what that he is the pattern for all children and youth residences in one thousand and four adults often when we think about being like Jesus we focus on public ministry was either Sergeant is the archive should be marketing wall of the sisters before Jesus served in the community the first massive serving in the home this is why he was so powerful a sergeant and a hold what are you that it only to bring happiness to work with A320 while Christ left the holy place of the most holy place you think that he wanted this in one hundred and sixty six lead on the one who's holding him up in the reason why was because many about as ministers and ministries we are working backwards processes trying to get the brethren right all holes are messed up in know what this is the reason that these remedies is being created with a word on that I was reading criticism by the way if anybody ever said saving your identity will save the lives of Elizabeth and Margaret McGregor and many others that you know my CV one of my favorite right now to anything that I want is there anything that young people can only bless avoid with one of my favorite one of them I think of how I learn anything that you might've found value in learn to pick up these little red books is not even so mythical in a very wrong I'm not I'm not knocking this the Holy Spirit is behind everything that we must sometimes be almost a given person if were not careful that is kind of like business all we get on the knees and Mike comes around as well as in the spirit Gospels 's interest and I have missed ha ha now don't get me wrong I definitely had some flash moms not because Watson viciously against Billy basically all the thing is in a connect that runs in the cleavage of the majority of the great information I found his reading books like patriarchs and prophets prophets and kings as I've exactly possibly controversy manuscript vis-à-vis Canadian messages top ten teslas Mrs. work Mister dockworkers runs is a testament to the church volumes one through nine it is wonderful books that we does reunify the same was in the home life now when I get this right I got a combined five a testimony to the church page two forty this into the solid-state visiting brought me to my knees I'm serious it says in volume five of the testimony to the church not are all prefers to keep the Sabbath will be sealed I like that silver is the most opulent is that for twenty four hours and therefore apathy monophonic testaments of the church age to fourteen it is not all professor gave us out it will be sealed there are many even among those who take the truth that means that ministers are included in this man to teach the truth to others who will not receive the seal of God and therefore he is not visible to talk about everything is in this pleases some talking with a woman he's fulfilled it with you because they didn't understand righteousness but I didn't understand eighty eight message number this is a limitation of revisiting a lot of power demonstrated at this conference I believe God works in serious giant in the and on excluding myself from the observer so I suppressed my to use the Lactobacillus and I don't know how the world could be significant I've inevitably does adding that I say my mind that I will put together like a thousand antennas in a housing connect to understand the gift that just the right of counsel blast Daniel twelve about disparate universes that is what I believe for the Rockies a lot of spirit with a given industry testimony that was given by God it was saturated with the love of Jesus Tesla the results showed as the brothers and sisters I believe if you combined either minors Peter Gregory Alvarado bachelor Macintosh blame and if you choose the package is all together I question if our knowledge base could the knowledge base of men like Katie Jones and why it's in your best advances in the administered sedation and if you combine them and put them in a melting pot together I wonder if they could touch and reach souls like the end time record and I noticed that the appeasement and learn how in the world that you take the words and break it down like that muscles that all second resurrection there are many even among those who teach the truth to others who will not receive the seal of God and therefore they have to line up to Sullivan and Linux is that this event is that they knew would be a master 's will so that they do not understand the message will regulate what if instead it says they understand and read point of all I do not teach them anything they want anyone that they needed a greater understanding of husband Mark and one that they needed to understand and be understood to mean point of our faith why would they not receive the sale I continue but they had not call responding works they did not live up to the light of day that knowledge they had in their hit now I say Lord what were the words that they did not have corresponding Gothic Regis a couple of sentences that it was says it is very easy with so familiar with prophecy and the treasures of divine wisdom should have activated their faith is to have come in their household I did not put that that was good while they still have command of their households do this than by a well ordered they might present to the work the influence of the truth upon the human visible sacrilege and artifice inside of the congregation sometimes music back you try to know your message is entirely dependent on the speaker who you like me now is my present boundaries and all of a sudden become visible fundamental to know me know that you don't see about Martha Beasley only know that we would need to be serviced every note that but did you know this is no that the ceiling work as an author before you set outside developers are not servants I asked the audit document all the great problem that many of us have the day is that while we could put together phenomenal letters while we can go ahead and put together some of the best sermons and we can break down truth is insisted if your homes messed up new ministries messed up and if you talk like that you can do vital nominating would not dare give up your ministries how messed up their homes are I think God everyday father that we never get so attached to this ministry that you given to us that if my homes not right I'm not prepared to give that I can get this ministry right is actually forgotten because of the maria one thing you didn't put on your list last night some of our ministries are I saw some of our ministries fields can you imagine that serving Jesus in the name of self deception to do all day long purposes of the act that is always in trouble have you noticed you got husband-and-wife today ships passing through the night will occupy the same household as they come in one day we had parents that think they will ever creation our children it will be somewhere in identical when the testimony says that we need to merit to be children with our children this is why sometimes our children only to other people so quickly because they have not found a friend in Jesus or Bonnie O'Day I have learned brothers and sisters that I need to talk to my children administered too much of it to the point that hasn't released the earth that they can say God is the greatest man on series did I get to that point I will his arthritic and look at daddy speculative money and they can say they are the greatest people that I've ever seen I want to be like them all is followed he asked I involved in processes and homes nestled myself do you know somebody actually leave this conference today understand the Bible better understand for a better and still harbor as anger and resentment toward their own spouse relatives or even the children of parents can imagine that Jesus is as you figure now processes is a combined seven of the testimony to the first three fifty two were told that we have come to the point in time to every member of the church to take hold of medical missionary work that I is in connection second and remember detailed botanical medicine medicines are not called to have a medical missionary on fifteen minutes without causing the medical missionaries that are to the minister on well with you all of us are called below commissioners in now medical missionaries are taught ascertain the cause of the problem in other words we are not taught to treat symptoms were taught to ascertain causes that are missing Brothers and sisters we have to understand problems twenty six to say the curse costly shall not come occurs never comes without a cause being there at the foundation June twenty nine sixteen Santa Claus with that I searched it out so that we ought to start out what caused the problem comes that right we are not the limit affected his health problems that principle should reside in any dynamic of what makes up Shuman so when you see the act that is slowly going down the downward spiral of God actually wants us to ask the question what's the costs are evil would like to know the causes of why so many of our homes and as of right now now you know is a beautiful house and found out this minute missionary training I found the North Shore is typically in the cost Joe was found whether this is the Lord and in what Clinton can't you just want out of your and his own page one seventy nine the call about something the client of the vision and discard is and in the church when I was so simple something 's been presented I love simplicity that means anybody can do it the cause of division and discard in families and ended such of Christ just reason to come near to Christ is to come near to one another that's a great number of the more likely the secret of true unity in the church and in the family and not diplomacy not management not a superhuman effort to overcome difficulties though there will be most of the schedule but union with Christ I like Asif was picture of our work into the picture a large surpluses picture of a large circle from the past of which are many lines all running to the center on the following then there are these lines of the center the nearer they are to one another Dustin isn't it the closer we come to Christ the new Grove me shout the to one another God is glorified as his people unite and harmonious action sequences goddesses when you learn to get it right husband when we learn to serve our eyes Chrysler when the wife learns to serve the husband of the church organist Jesus for this is that you understand that when we begin to have love one to another it would fall so much about having Italy's Ingersoll we all get to have universal we screamed at him when we all get to heaven and we just seem to have gotten that we can have little heaven right now as a result these fifteen homes to be made all the work and why it should be a little heaven upon earth a place where the effects of a cultivated instead of being studiously repress our happiness depends upon this cultivation of love sympathy and you courtesy one another there's a lot of neglect but this is his woe be unto me if I spend more time ladies auntie juju and I neglect these my watch will be up to me well enough anyway that was spent our time line as available to men on visible the truth and make them even know what makes short federal husband understands the principle to while Anthony if I have a whole children's ministry on the chart much of the department and find help and know deep in my own children act like a bunch of devils that this is you know Salgado said in phase five thirty three parents about everything take care of your children understand if you do not suffer them to violate docilely day by playing in the house or out of doors you may just as well break the Sabbath your sales estimate your children do it and when you separate your children to wonder about and suffer them to play on the Senate God looks upon you at Sabbath breakers job thirty three this is not understanding I get right with our kids never get over my wife and I exempt companies my wife and I we make mistakes we allow our children at times to be by themselves and raise single time to get it we found them in some type of editor and widen you whining you've got close out all those pools in his recent addresses what were you doing with usual busy answer peoples questions and ministering everybody else in a children's lifetime fitness cell phone and did you as a separate the ceiling work hasn't one you forgot a certain nobility will get the seal of the cervix it would better serve we have to first learn how to serve in the holy before we can serve out the public bread this is nothing more powerful than when people can see the reflection of the minister 's words in the children and in the wife nothing more powerful than it literally nothing provinces that that will do more than thousands of sermons could ever do you know so amazing simply designed world home like that you know what you did I asked my home telephone Hollis Queens New York I admit I did not I do not have a relationship with Jesus my parents did not what do well in a client with all as a result of growing up in a Christ was home I did that means that non-Christians which included this honoring my father and my mother eventually brothers as you get to a point that you get to high school and I went to Springfield Gardens high school started going on there and I learned how to practice in like a professional better learn everything I could learn smoking has been drinking that in doing also thousands of his behaviors this is an excellent and so back I was looking for the month of love I'm just trying to be a time to try to get some attention with limits I love working with young people I've never had a problem working with young people never know why because there's a lot of related to understand a lot of the stuff that brothers go through his physical do nowadays looking for love because it ended in one place attributable try finding another bottom line bottom line I suddenly get some outlet with mild advancing best advantage any you found anything I thought I would I went to high school sign the dad and I started going to get people to admire me and he gave me attention again in the love that I was looking for some linking up with some bad brothers over there started dancing doing all these different things to try to get some attention try to get some love was not a child of God in the least and was not a good sign my mother told my wife she told my wife once I said Wayne was on the unit when I sat back in my wife looked at me and I was like I think it my brother is in trouble again I did horrible stuff horrible stuff and honey does the same limited retroactive horribles that I would be Mike and Mike activity that was mildly found my dancing on the substance I get around ultimately I got myself in trouble at school became a high school dropout people house threatening to kill me in the back is going to find a way that I may get the money I think I wanted to advance their farsighted dancing and ultimately us on working with a lot of people started working with people I ran equally likely by having the Wu-Tang Clan all these bizarre dance within the onslaught that was doing music videos everything together I became a celebrity making some money this is from able-bodied and people I made more money in a month than most people make in a year I was undisciplined mind to imagine what to do with something that the twenty thousand dollars was made in the month and I will finalize this is going to a period of experiences that ultimately after my nephew got my nephew got killed all guys are doing Coca-Cola Sprite commercials to the program New York undercover and they had me come on as an actor Linda was building up my dancing career choreography career and acting anything deeply engrossed in that black hole and half out of anger doing all this stuff it was following the above this is something through I thought I was the main ultimately for this is through a series of experiences got allowed my face is also flat on the ground that one day I was crying out the Jesus I want to know who he was his tragic incident my nephew Charlie was killed and it was through the Internet he was joined in Brownsville Brooklyn New York and if I was looking at his coffin I couldn't even look at them because the bullet holes did so much damage to his head that he couldn't even have an open casket funeral and looking at this thing and I'm just talking to the chassis but he oh rising me this is through a series of experiences one day come to know Jesus and print them I came to the house baby of pharmacy found on the street it was a meeting fifteen minutes away by seventy administers went down to that certain members of the first brother presorted I'm in a brother I was really at the black awareness at all messed up already and somehow connected all the different faith so therefore .net anywhere I was literally the minister looked just like Malcolm X. is the last demand is the just looked the cell phone although because of the outstanding for economical I went down to her dismantling of the Bible like I've never heard of focusing on the one done this before get my diseases nineteen years ago I went to my friend in universities the dance and party with the geeky guy get his message men these are wallowing at them a lot we started studying venison on it he got back made a nearly limitless modern-day life he licensed his industry to Queens New York and the going to go into survival to the people we go to Subway to know the market as fast as they know I don't have it him and him and the Bible says that we were on fire we will vigorously consider reasonable I went they were printing is a payment bringing related to the Bible states okay great no we brought my wife and him and season-high as if we study the good times together what you seem to me with a revenue we did this on going crazy with this thing running all over the place ultimately got married realize I told my wife for two years children she decided to month him in a NSC had one baby and in the following year six month at first I was going to be a six-month evidence out with one another the six percent evidence out of one another the four years my precious wife was right before using it we are fortunate and start looking around the we can raise our children here in these rough cities of New York Bessemer from New York dolls in a bassinet you can do home visit get on it was very hard and an angel we decided to homeschool because they didn't want to children in public school is about to give him a number of this is amazing sometimes we will signal me like it is in my words that you hate Jimmy every penny in your bank account and I will invested and will be a fifty percent chance that I'll double your money to fifty six percent said that you lose it unable to take members know about was the Vikings are losing in your bank account I'll give you out with a seventy percent chance that you'll double your money but is a thirty percent chance you'll lose everything out of you best monument sign it over this incident we search our hearts careful not to know we love our money and are more than our children we won't even take a picnic that is seventy thirty chance with him money but when we send our kids in an environment where the whole system is designed to take the mind of Christ is more than even a 50-50 risk and truth be told that this is not a homeschooled therefore I had to work I thought of the work will move the joint to move to another city brings us as we move to the city we knew a lot of the methods call country living we know that the logs and get out of the city into the country because we knew it was also the problems in the city and county to raise children beer and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus not possible to ten times harder so it is rather this is that over time after an incident took place where a party took place in your mouth with the might of the gun shot it right from wrong when we move into unable to do with a knife but it became corrupted very quickly I said that they were going out I think put up for sale sign and brother this is the I saw the Red Sea part in the Lord put us in our country home in we were able to go out there the country and I discover the country living is not so much by simply avoiding the various dangers in life country living is really designed strategically in God nature 's God second book it is a wonderful way to teach a Bible to simplify the life one way that I thought of the learned as we started to go ahead and he got Houston would rather than going to get the convenience of the Angel HVAC piping not that anybody who doesn't but that's what we did some shopping but in order to it gave me my boy some of the beautiful quality time together will go down to the end of the trail we start cutting down trees in China the Cardinal Giovanni on him it's a celebration experience and then chop it down the side of the developer by using easily the only person at the missive is a little metadata Angel Joan Ellen White about how to plant fruit trees we did that is three months after the tree was put in the ground now to get out you know what the Lord said to me as soon as I go back to the powerful ministry dizziness as I look at those fruits and immediately early writings came to my mind well I says what many have learned in years gone speed will learn in months and if the garden site visits and dark of the Internet out of the area call it a thought and think that's rather some go down the trail does the ticket I slowly write out it is consumed on a troublesome knife re- creation not creation but I'm going on its railroad visited and then when you get out into the trail is a little area thank you so that is quite quite he was not speaking to God can speak so profoundly he sent his only son he never got to hold right as a relief your parents you are demons your parents want to start learning how to be an angel to this article back on and since my mother processes I was able to apologize to my mother into my file for being such a deep and I told him as about as recently be an Angel for the last moments of your life but this is not my mother she said is only one man on earth that she would advocate religious instruction from Yahweh her son I remember when my mother was breathing her last breath and I was on the phone with her Sigma didn't go to sleep and I'll be okay I'm her only son of the youngest of eight from only one point my mother said Monty can go to sleep it's all right I said I'll see you in the morning after the hearing on her last words to me was yesterday honestly the following was my father 's debilitating six thousand go to him to visit him minister him there anyway that I can go to Bible says redeeming the time a very it was no way I could try to minister to the world didn't end in his mouth as if some of us need to get things right with our parents and some of us have been being dense talking you will allow but just as you can still go back to your parents about nuclear in Oakland this day followed by God 's grace when beginning to realize you don't also the issues that draw close to me as you both coming closer to me you'll learn better how to overcome the difficulties that this is we can give up our city really every choice we make in life is guided and directed by his more history if we could get all homes right and learned to love life husband silence and since you know what I can do after one guy could bring so much healing into a home that this time we can be a real family ministry ministry where husband-wife children all work together for the honor and glory of God is not a real professor given a horse is and is more Jesus we would learn I love learning more how to love my wife the good education with a small governor alone the market releases coming we can't stop it no matter how hard we try what we can do as we can be ready for you and God says that it is a seal that I want to put on you next connect CP during these troublesome times but the only way I can do it guys this got to first learn how to serve in the home so that you may faithfully served outside I wonder if there's anybody and the sound of my voice in my view it is very specific did you realize that you have been serving God but perhaps you realize you've been a bit out of order and today is a loyal I don't want to work out of order anymore is some lives have become so unlovable some husband have become so unlovable some children brothers sisters are so unlovable and brothers and sisters Jesus is saying that it's okay for me love them you need to soak in and out the NC mountains before you are according to behold the Lamb that take away even the mountains in your life if you realize you've been in ministry you been doing the work of God been trying to serve but you can also search our hearts are going to know what I've been serving on the border on buying your race I want to get it right a design that invites instead to your feet and inserting out of water is and what I want a certain way I wanted to in order and ill-gotten means something over the citizen gets lazy to God needs somebody who can stay seated because that tells us that Israel what we're talking about because God is only speculative if you can do it for one do it for anyway but if you know you cannot or you understand premises we could have left this place and left this place thinking we were ready to just receive the seal of God in India and women lost that God was true makes people free that SCO are decisions I pray the husbands and wives and families get together talk to each other sometime today to talk to play with each other about how we can better serve each other in a home in it and would bring loving father we are so grateful for the blessed hope we have in Jesus you showed us the cause of our challenges separation from Christ but in that cause you showed is that you union with Christ father we pray that as we would reunite with the pitcher will help us all got to know how to love each other as Christians in our hearts help with your God that as we are preparing for the ultimate head give us more just the taste of heaven on earth and help us to have established a Christian homes bless your people thank you so much more for bringing the truth to light in Jesus name amen I will


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