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Bible Work - Part 1

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • February 20, 2011
    9:00 AM
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hi everyone I if you see the single paint it's not like I don't use pink lettering in my power points so you know but there's a little problem with the sauce court so anyway I'm thankful that we are here cyclists are here and I'm excited about warmest years of the event and my name for those of you that may not may have just come in this morning minus West upper site work for amazing facts I teach a ethical I've taught ten apical classes over the course of four years and were also actually now expanding our scope internationally so we have a school in England where the school Ukraine were starting a school this year in India and she were starting a school in Philippines and then sold Bobby I can't remember the name of how I have my e-mail but I can't remember these the name how to pronounce these places but I just copy and paste it known I need to IDF and a question yesterday and hopefully very soon will also be in the next couple of years will be placing one somewhere in Latin America and also Africa and also in one of the neighboring countries to China the Chinese people can come over and get training and go back home to do that I just was in Malaysia last summer where lot was a lot of Chinese people there and I I videotaped with translational sixteen part series on personal vandals and how to get Bible studies in those things and there can be duplicating that in using than the underground churches there sews pretty exciting to see what's happening around the world amen and I believe that aside from revival Reformation training people how to share Christ with others is one of the most important works that we can do and and putting the map power of the message and Hansa lay people so anyway that's and excited and you know what I must share with you today is very basic ways on how you can share Bible studies and this writing the any means does not cover everything that there is to do there is a harder ways to do the right thing assessor preview and so I would encourage you to pray about if you've never considered about coming to one of the evangelism training schools obviously I teach a half ago so I am biased towards Apco would love to see all of you can't even fact this could be like a third of our class this fall obviously golly I signed up and clear jobs schooling this comment no we seen God work miracles some people just quit everything I say I'm not can run from God 's calling any longer a minute ago and be trained and so anyway if you've ever consider that you can check out the website after not work on ASC we or you can talk to me I'm here and I'll be happy to talk to you throughout the rest the weekend so yes we don't have online courses yet on work were working on that we have in the side of revenue that are not as we want you guys to come on and experiences so you can get the class but it's not the same experience is a lot that happens is that you can not put on videotape and put online on the spiritual revival the spiritual growth on that happens it is just this is really amazing how much for four months including your tuition your meals two meals a day and your housing is forty five hundred so it's really the really much less than most schools you can go to for us Metropolitan actually on we have their grades University we have sixteen credit hours that are transferable to address colleges Southern accepts the manners accept them and others do as well and so you know also we have the we Mark college there that's under new leadership in God is really blessing on so it's very exciting to see anyway which had more time to tell you if we were getting started late I would talk about that more so see how her time goes an old maid will have some time so yes on I don't think right now I do because do they even have a theology department there newly is a vital courses so it's possible that they do but I think that they they have become resisted doing that through Greg so I don't know I don't honestly don't know the details but I know Southern for sure I know Andrew 's for sure and we would love to see that if it's not I have to double check that was created yes yes I mean it is it is the it is a young recognize university through the balance church so it is it is like the official online college of the church so that should probably should would never do that sort away all right let's get started Shelley 's mom am excited to share with you today Sony does Taormina do our first class and many give you several ways on how you can get Bible studies ministries you can do within your church to create an interest and not some a screen 's entrance but interest but build a relationship with people then you can begin to offer the model studies okay Saul shoyu number of things in there the second class women do is actually how to give the Bible study okay how to give my will study I'm going to the home and present almsgiving Bible study soldiers at the second class then this afternoon I went to actually teach you two different ways on how you can write your own Bible studies so I'll teach you how to do it from a study guide then I'll teach you how to do it scratch a meticulous simple way that I'm actually going to have a time which I hope we will actually divide up may be into three groups probably if we have this many people here to actually write your own Bible study white here and you guys work on us that way when you leave your house something that you can then go and share with others right and so that a movie in the exciting so I'd encourage you are now not going to discourage you from visiting of it tracks but the reality is that it's it's better if you pick lists track and stick with it because each track is to build on the other each class will so you understand how that goes all right let's is our prayer together and then when I die right in and I'm excited and what you learned today I'm sure they are and teach me something as well so what's this is pretty good father in heaven we thank you so much for this time and we just ask your blessing to be with us and we just pray were that as we learn these skills as we understand this information than won't just be information but it will indeed change our lives it will inspire us Lord to go for you and that once we receive these things we are then responsible and accountable to use them as we are a witness for you to bless us we pray in Jesus name amen all right on this earth of pigeons all of what page is that everybody him is okay to face in homepage twenty five in your syllabus there I is our first classes on how to get Bibles studies well typically I go over this and much more depth but because of her time restraints urines can give you a very brief summary I mentioned this yesterday if you were here for the Sabbath school panel there is a statement in ministry viewing page one forty three ago I believe it is crucial if you want to get Bible studies if you wanted why you're giving Bible studies to people and this is basically the key ingredients to having success and we call personal mantles and out Nelson and succumbed out scope and we have these young men that come and they have this vision in their mindset they want to become a great evangelist right they want to stand up before a lot of people may want to preach the gospel the raw data minutes the spine to do that what people learned after was that Jesus actually spend more time with individuals than he did preaching sermons on the mouth right all you look at the number of times Jesus stopped and talk to individual people and you find that sweet love of a great large number more than sermons he preached and so personal evangelism is actually the greater work and an LOI says that that if you do there to balance on if you do personal evangelism the father is followed by public evangelism that's the best method best method of reaching people K those little light about personal evangelism is that everybody and anybody can do personal lands right yelled Jesus didn't say I I I've approach people before about what I've been a Bible worker of an evangelist of the pastor worked in various areas of ministry have conducted a lot of evangelism training classes I go to people in the church and as a hey want to come and be my you know what I'll teach you how to get Bible studies of the Jakarta product talk to people ought to do all the things you need to know and they step back in the old OS that must be for somebody else because giving Bible studies going door-to-door is not my gift right it's not my gift will reality is is that as I've read and reread multiple times because maybe you can help me with it there's like three let the list in the New Testament about spiritual gifts right now and not on those lists do I find the gift called giving Bible studies or sharing the gospel right that however read that I read that before and the reason for that is because giving Bible study sharing the gospel is not a spiritual gift it is a command that Jesus gave us as a makes sense so when Jesus gave the command to the disciples he was talking to he was talking to everybody and everybody is called for when somebody to Christ right it's not it is not like the spiritual gifts where everybody has a little bit different spiritual gift but everybody is called your Bible studies okay and if we will follow the methods that Jesus used we will find true success in evangelism I never heard the statement today people say will evangelism just doesn't work anymore and her people said before I want to all proposed he rather that that is stuffed toy not true I found that the people that say that the people essay evangelism doesn't work we should do proxy symptoms anymore the people that say there are the people that are not doing it other people that are doing it are often doing it the wrong way as that of using Christ's method they want to say all let's call amazing facts or let's call saw central California nine get cause to come to our church and put on a proxy seminar so they make that appointment call amazing facts will send one of our guys as somebody writes a check in the only work that's done before the evangelistic series is that there are so many thousands of handbills were mailed out all friends of that is your method of evangelism that is definitely not going to work on even worked to some extent but you're going to reach a peak inside February high but if we follow Christ method where we're reaching out to people one-on-one reaching the real Jesus was the savior of the universe and then savor this world and he was the creator of the universe I'm if there was anybody that was busy could he think it was it was Jesus and there's anybody when Jesus came to this earth do you think Jesus was one of the busiest people on the planet as for now sometimes great speakers and whoever they'll say well I can go speak of this menu because there are too few people write we find Jesus who was the greatest speaker of all who was the busiest person of all taking the time to not just only speak to the masses but the speak to multiple people how one-on-one individually that make sense is also a look here Christ method alone page one forty three how many amounts their Christ's method alone will get will come a success true success in reaching the people the Savior did what you wanted to do a mango with people as one who desire the good and what is the one to mingle what is the main road to mingle with people was the main means to be where they are trying to means to hang out with them that you can't give me some examples of in the Bible and the New Testament where Jesus was mingling with people at the wedding feast of Cana Ryan John chapter odds gone chapter to write wedding and can't warehouse at the well of the woman Ryan he was there when she was or else he fed them with the fish were else you being with Tax Court prisoners right he wants is acquiescence house and also want the Republicans oust as though Jesus did not go in places where you are not recommending you go to the bargaining with people and I recommend you go to the night club to mingle people okay so there are certain places now stand outside the bar certainly accurate cement in Kabul is better to catch them before the UN rather than catch the moment amount right is what Jesus would go places where there might be things going on at the place that might be questionable in some people 's lives that make sense but he didn't go to places where there was even go to the brothel house okay wasn't going to those commonplaces but he went where there were people he knew that he can have an influence on right that's what it means so is there someone in your neighborhood that is having a birthday party for their kit and invite all the neighbors and all the community you think it might be a good idea to go to that place if people have a neighborhood barbecue in the get-together I think it might be a got a good idea for you to go and all the neighbors are getting a better opportunity to everyone to mingle Ryan and as Jesus mingled with people the Bible says are inside the quote says that he showed what for them he showed sympathy for them now as you mingle with somebody and they begin to to talk to you and they begin to see that your something different as you talk to the new begin to show an interest in their personal well-being will they begin to open up to Mister Mondale cannot see that your opportunity to than what to do in ministry to them our minister to them and also I sympathize with them simply by the problems the people I thought were other problems today and they know that you care anything about the medicament sell you their problem you may want to know a solution to their problem right and as we do that you know the biggest challenge with this right here build the biggest reason were not seeing an influx of people into the sometimes church accepting Christ is because in order for me to mingle with people and her attorney for me to sympathize with people in order for me to minister to their needs switch to the next one that requires a little four letter word that none of us have a whole lot of them it starts with the Dean and Linnean what is it it's time right never mess and never been a church where the maybe this is the description of your home church where you go into the church and you greet the person I say good morning Sister Sylvia to say this morning happy Sabbath at using the hand how you doing today great to write we always that's a great work right great joy say grace and yet you looking great he know you're doing well to have a good week yeah great awesome appraisal has so good to see you this morning you have a blessed Sabbath right window on a regular hey brother has gone heavyset man great to see what I was released this week as they go the next person they said hey brother how you want today and what his essay will not so good right how easily is not the greatest all manual really sorry about that and like people start taking steps backwards when an effect on a person undergoes a a certain set brother really sorry hear that you know God is with you and your limited this week on the freight for you I you I got a good check on the lasagna for potluck is have a blessed samurai and we do not want to engage people and their problems and why do not because of time and in the other reason is because we arty have enough problems of our own many times feel people feel this way Tang that is why we are not seen an influx of people and the church the reason is because people are so absorbed with our own lives and so if I want to be a true witness for Jesus if I want to be a true disciple of Jesus winning souls for him than what you think I have to do is my schedule will not not not clear it but I have to put it in his hand Noel Weiss is a look such a crisis every day we should let your clients at the feet of who I feel Jesus and allows him to control the life you know she says also that Jesus made no plans for himself to realize that no plans for himself or let the fun I wonder if we took our schedules the Jesus as their Lord I want you to plan my day can you imagine how many things that Jesus might mark off because the reality is were doing lots of things and were not having an top of the world having time for the most important thing ever not having time for the most important thing they were not really doing what God wants us to do therefore doing lots of things that are not the main thing that makes sense and so Jesus I think with clearer schedules in order to really show crisis somebody you have to follow Christ method and order fall price method you have to give that person a piece of yourself for your time through your energy and resources that make sense so if you don't really want to win souls for Christ keep staying as busy as you are if you want to start winning souls for Jesus when you go home from the oldest weekend or even while you're here and the prayer room say God I have no time that means I have no time and I'm not winning anyone for you that means there's a lot of things that I'm probably not I'm doing that it only to be doing right Don success in my life let help need to clear my schedule please work in my life so I can win souls for you and but my sense and then as he did this what would happen he would win there walked confidence when somebody knows you care the enemy and arrests in what you have to say right now Jesus if you notice the pattern throughout the Gospels Jesus would often heal somebody or feed somebody and then he would tell someone about the gospel right as if he would meet their needs you'll is if you're starving if you haven't eaten in four days and I'm trying to tell use this important thing what's what you think about I got you something man right if you're in pain and I'm sitting here saying a lot God loves you must let it here and paying I mean that I'm not saying that that won't break through but the reality is is that person needs to have that need met first the fight the fight ease your pain and suffering then Re: can we want to listen to me yes or no absolutely as its sole Jesus often met the need first and that's what happens in these first three steps you mingle you get to know them they tell you their problems you listen you do what you can to help them and then a once their confidence and then notice what happens then he bade them what follow me then he told them the good news right and I promise you that and this is like this is I'm not exaggerating us at all every time I have prayed the prayer in the morning I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't done this every day but every time I pray the prayer Lord bring someone into my life that I can minister to today bring someone into my life as I can tell about your love honest I've kept track of it after I realize wolves have an active company every time I prayed a prayer God bring some my wife every time just a few weeks ago axes a few months ago I was praying asked the Lord I want to start doing more Bible studies because I is hard for me because of my schedule but it's the more I want to do at least one man committed to that very day I was at Fry 's electronics store I was walking I saw this little DVD on the life of Jesus and I picked it up at like five dollars a night had under my arm and I was considering purchasing it on some walking around the DVD I come around a corner and actually I was on the phone looking up the ratings about this DVD on Amazon.com to see if it was worth I am not and this walking on just like walking wherever I go you mean just walking randomly I come around the corner and there's this guy standing there in his name is Gavin and he starts talking to me and I talked him and the come to find out you just accepted Christ a few months ago in his life and he said you know he said my pastor doesn't study the Bible with me I just meet with him once a week he's been reading the Bible and I really don't understand anything am reading he said but I'm interested in it he said but I want to learn more I say wilds for interesting I said because I I work for Christian ministry called amazing facts I said actually give Bible studies to people making some the Bible as I work in a Bible college why teach classes on the Bible he said wow he said I said I'd be happy to share some of what I learned so I don't know everything by any means that we happen to share some things that I've learned with what you I said that would be amazing and so I said if you give me your phone number I'll call you tomorrow will set up a time so he did and we must study now for about three months this young man is making radical changes in his life we've been studying the sanctuary and dislike confidently Jesus sanctuary and he was setting Bible prophecy we been going chapter by chapter through through Daniel the memory in a move into Revelation and this young man is just excited down fiery 's only twenty two years old and what I'm telling you is that there are people out there that God has every single day that are crying out for God to reveal himself to them if you will pray the prayer Lord shall that person to meet God will direct your paths in the past that person will do that later young lady last night to give the testimony she met that lady here and happens that you get to write there as you matter your affability she met her again I mentioned that are just again yesterday just in time a man bonanza sincerely so the reality is there's no there's not some secret success there's not some magic one that says all were just we just haven't learned how to do it the right way if we would just simply follow Christ method and invest ourselves in the life of someone else God will do a miracle amen and he will divinely bring you in contact with that person that you need to meet UK are right we need to move on here so these the little cycle here I just have it on the spin will hear his first make friends and then what when confidence and then share the word it's that easy guys it's not rocket science giving getting Bible studies given by the cities is not rocket science is just having willing heart changes having one heart 's only friends and being friends of Jesus amen you are familiar with Andrew in the Bible Andrew is it was Peter 's brother right and if you ever do a Bible study on Anne Arundel have time to go into it but just look up the word Andrew light the concordance and look at all the places this seems like every time the Bible meant him through what is he doing is bringing somebody to Jesus even argue with them he did go up and say it all off the sum of the Sabbath and to identify these as they started saying whoa whoa what will I know that I can really believe what you're saying what did he say just come check it out if you don't want to you can leave but according to what I read everybody he brought the Jesus they leave they stated me Wednesday that's all you got to do what bring somebody to my path help me start a conversation with him and then just let them come and what seeing others and there's there's more to it than that but that assist the basic overview so be a friend develop trust and share God 's word with them when someone to show you here's an amazing fact you may not abound they did a study on this very interesting that more than three percent of all people will never make a personal efforts come to Christ that right was a say more than how many more than ninety nine percent of all people will never make a personal effort to confuse to realize that that means that we are sitting around in our churches waiting for people who love when watching Doug Bacher on three began to come walking through the church doors you're getting get about one every two or three years that make sense in other words if ninety nine percent of people will not make a personal effort to come to Jesus what is that so you how to get here about Jesus you have to bring we have to go out and bring them to him with be like to like enter in the Bible right we have to go out and bring them to Jesus no one says Christian service page one sixteen go to your neighbors one by one one by one she says and the testimonies that you should know everybody should know this the original condition of their neighbors know that I'm ashamed to say that I live in apartment complexes widen even know the names of the people that live in the same quantity veterans have experienced the day society tries to like prevent that it just prevents of the way we live our lives to the members one by one tank and force them to their hearts are warmed by unselfish interest and what do you know how to love somebody you don't do that do not affect the loaf of bread and take it to them the sinless and limited on essays anything I can help you look around your house is anything I can do for you Janine needs notes to run to the store for you Denis needs a babysitter kids need me to mow your grass is there anything I can help you write it's that easy that's all you got to do is win their hearts player on and trust your own selfish interests and love that she says what sympathize with them we just read that in another statement and pray with them you know as you sympathize with them the units are your problems and then that's your opportunity so you know would you mind if I buy just had a prayer with you I believe that God will solve problems in our lives I believe that we have a God the Bible says who cares about us personally who wants to have an intimate relationship with us who cares about every detail of her life and that nothing in our life goes unnoticed and I believe that if we will allow him to he will work on our behalf would you mind us this if I prayed with you just now that God would help you in the situation after struggling with it he won their confidence even if they're unsure about God in church and all that stuff will they will be willing nine out of ten people well I've had this experience many times are bad people they say one never prayed before my life but I'm willing to let you pray if you if you think God will help me and so what happens is many people have bought into the why that the devil will not on-site that the why double that doesn't care about them God wants nothing to do with them because of the bad things and unwise and they feel I've talked to so many people this way that they feel like God is basically abandoned them because of a wrong assessment made they don't realize that we haven't ever present saver that posits that wants to draw near and once a helpless with vice daily problems on and so if you can help them see that just by your interaction with them just by yell when you see that person they don't know Jesus themselves you are Christ to that persons in a sense not that your divine or anything like that but you are representing him and when they see your lab nursing his law right just like Jesus when he was in on Europe he said that he seen me using the father Ryan as Jesus Fielding said what he was really saying was when he healed somebody this is what my father 's life and have this what he wants for you he sent me on his behalf to tell you this is how he wants if you want to be healed we want you to be happy right so as you do that you are that person for that your Jesus to that person watch for opportunities to do them good what is at me with your neighbors stressed is he working overtime and you look over his glasses about knee high what do you think that idea might be to do work no cut his grass right if you have a coworker on the job and they're getting stressed out as a getting overwhelmed with extra work in the department you're caught up in your work rather than sitting therein checking your Facebook or whatever what you think you do go over and help that person right just like Gary said yesterday pray in your workplace pray in your classroom pray with your neighbors that God would bring new and personal relationship with the person that would be the most open to hearing about Jesus okay so he filed his these formula this formula I'd form issue that there will be people that will become the see you asking for Bible studies will say what is it about you because you're not like these other people the office you're not coming in here five minutes late every day in mad about you know who is your you to get the car you wanted or sorry you're not come in here flash and off all your new fancy clothes where your different your life your content with life in UK you have peace and there's something different about you and when they notice that organists are asking what is it about your church or your religion or whatever it is you doing that makes you like this because that's how I want to be an LCD that if you are really living for Jesus if you're not going to see a picture of Jesus that you want them to see which is certainly not the truth going to say at this person is a Christian I want to be like that right so I'm freaking out not about teaching sorry about that I then has you do that watch for opportunities to them good and as you can as you have opportunity as they ask you what makes you different you say you want I would love to show you something or if they have a problem may come to you you say you know what was often help me through many trials of my life is that the promises of the Bible I can sense that God wants to help me he wants to change my life and I believe that you want to change your life to if you had a few minutes and each week or every couple days I would love to get together with you and show you some of things that I learned that it help me get over the trials in my life and not only just get through my trials would also help me to have peace and confidence for what lies ahead I would love to show that to you sometime would you be willing and we think the NSA was itself do it on the right let's do it any get together and do you have your first final study that's the easiest way to do it okay so images at as you gather as you do that Galbraith you together and open the word not mine 's so what's the formula remember to the first one is getting to know people say she said the Savior did what he mingled than what they do sympathize then minister to their needs bus running their confidence and then he said come follow me right than this one from personal service on she says initially go to your neighbors right what you have to do first death ago right yet be willing one by one and then what close to them right by your unselfish interest in love and then sympathized with them right and then what pray with them before you pray with them you should pray for them we say we praying for them watch for opportunities to do them good indulges watchable when you see the opportunity what you do it jump on it right to do them good and then share the word of God the other there's parallels between those two are principal Sarai subbasin cookies of red visit the sick invite your friends home and then show God 's what show God 's love once confidence is one then share the word of God here's a great way to get a Bible study and in addition to the one Artie mentioned to you someone expresses some kind of interests in in the Bible words spirituality or something along that I said I've come across some really amazing Bible study guides that you might be interested in they cover in the way I say it is whatever it is that person is looking for that's what I say covered because ultimately adopts gay if you're looking at because of the person accepts Christ their whole life is going prove right if you're looking for how to be a better parent is a great Bible study that that share some principles on how you can be a better parent and are looking to improve your marriage that improves your marriage if you're looking for Bible prophecy and proves that we looking for answer to why there's one world and what is God doing about it there is in a model citizen answers that the gun arrested in knowing what's can happen in the future of our world your set of model citizen does that okay so whatever it is they're looking for the Bible studies will ultimately cover that in some capacity so I they cover film of blank and other interesting topics on I was going to do them myself but I really looking for someone else to do them with would you be interested in doing them together right and it's not look let me come and teach you all that I know don't present it in that way say let's study together let's learn together let's do them together and see what God has for us right ultimately relieving butcher always taken the attitude that were doing this together okay together all right now I want to get into some more practical things and not in our time here so I'm going to give you five places on the movie give you then some ideas on how your Bible studies both five places before you do anything else in your church where you should be looking for Bible studies J and the first one is the church visitors list what is everyone church visitors list I can't tell you how is the Bible worker as a pastor as an evangelist how many people have started Bible studies that have been baptized because of that little book you set up an element podium on Sabbath morning and ask your visitors sign you would be surprised in a church that gives larger than about twenty five people you would be surprised how many visitors slipped in and slip out of your church without you ever even knowing that you know that what your church gets to about the size of fifty it becomes very difficult to even track sounded as unless you have direct contact with them all holes I was going to reserves and potluck and not even realize of visitors there okay that's why you have a church miserable you invite people to come sign that both you have your greeters make sure that they direct people to the church visitor book and a sign of it but their name their address and the way you motivate admitted as he say we have a special gift that we like to give you for signing our church visitor book we like we also like to know your car and the people are willing typically to do that another way to do it is to have little visitor cards in your church pews J and the person doing the announcements as is or anyone here visiting for the first time today we love to give you a gift that you would be willing to fill out that that car and on that car you have a place were they can market their interested in receiving Bible studies or their interested in how to become a member of the church on the elders different things you can put on there and you'll be surprised on the people will check that okay then you can visit as a Bible work resolute layperson in your church or as the pastor you can go in then visit that person that next week and bring them a nice loaf of bread and tell them how wonderful was that they came in the literatures how thankful you are they came given the number of another invitation back to church now what do you think would happen if you went to a church for the first time and let's say that church no as a fair size out of his churches maybe three hundred fifty people Casey or not not a lot of people noticing you let's suppose you want to a fair sized church and you thought you slipped and slipped out the summary gives a knock on your door that we edit summary from the church may say no I I I don't stay long as I know you're busy but I just wanted to bring this loaf of bread to you and just thank you so much for stopping for stopping by visiting the church today we bake this loaf of bread odds homemade or cookies or whatever it is I do give that to them and say would you mind this is visit with you for just five minutes I wanted to say yeah come on and rioting some people might think is where the most people would be this pleasantly surprised that someone actually took the time to stop other house okay you get in there you say how wonderful was a see them etc. on and if it's comfortable enough that they feel comfortable with you after you talk with them a few minutes to say hey you know on I wasn't I were going to visit our church but you know we have this Bible study program like this one is offered to you to see if you might be interested in it some free Bible studies that dive into the exciting subjects of you will gain revelation whenever would you be interested in doing the end most people will say what I'm telling I've done this before and they say yes so how much of the time commitment was used up by their house five minutes the time it took you to drive over there to deliver the bread and talk them for five to ten minutes and then go home and you can get them I will say I've gotten so many studies from this sometimes I have to track people down to visit her house a couple times when you'll be surprised how many people you can reach this way the second one is missing members and I actually teach at half go a whole class on how to reach out the missing members and got to come now go get that class but missing members are great place to look often times people that are missing they left because of some kind of a conflict in the church and so as you visit and you want to be very careful building friendship as well inviting them to some social event so which had more time to talk about that I don't on youth and church I remember my first ask the class we work for this particular church I won't say which one but we went to the pastor we asked the pastor was a list of missing members in the church and also used in the church that is not been baptized he gave us this lesson by a hundred and fifty people also church visitors actually was more like two hundred people and there are some young people on the list some are white twenty seven years old as we set up as pastor you know these people not attending church on all that then every week and pastor of a baptized Snorri said hello as it passes persons twenty seven years old they were raised in the church and have been baptized he said well we didn't want to pressure them we want to ask them we didn't want to push them too much because were afraid will push them away so we set our for students out to visit these people same thing with church members yelled they had each been assigned in car ascendant card saying please I want while studies no one ever visited this our students out and they visited all these young people that had not been baptized and said would you be interested in doing Bible sites yes they say women waiting for ten years for summer to assess the Bible studies but we just figure the pastor was busy and wasn't patent on around to it yet and so there we hadn't yet we had ran almost forty baptisms in that meeting and we had missing members that came back to church went to the meetings about rebaptized we had young people in the church that had never been baptized and got baptized and so look for these people detergent go to the young people there fifteen sixteen seventeen years of the church and say what you want to study the Bible and many of them will be willing to even waiting for someone asked up because the problem with Adventist young people today is that the reason there on their iPod there are there are there videogames an asset is because they don't know really the true nature of our message as a young man I was playing video games age of nineteen twenty twenty one one time I played video games for three days and two nights without one of that him I had no greater purpose in my life my began to study the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation and so you see how God predicted world events hundreds of years before they happen they gave me a new reason to live I meant and if people could just see this they were there last to be transformed but the reality is that most people today in the church don't even really know the message of the church and sat and every young person I've seen almost that that really studies that message out they they are loyal to it in our lives changed by it so go to the youth in the church fourthly spouses of family spouses or family members of established church members my father-in-law is a master at reaching out to the spouses of members in his church they will hold off on some type of church social event either a camp out room on fire or something and they will invite those people to come and he builds a relationship with them and he starts by will so you will be baptized people left and right and they accept Christ otherwise change and they wonder why they didn't do that twenty years ago circumvent the church and so you can build the greatest way to reach out to these people are through social events bike rides campfires campouts picnics walks hikes there is a wide variety of things that you can do in the church to get those people to come as they come you have its opportunity then to what draw near to them so you can see if I have time have I would interject a historic RMO this one time this this lady we're starting with her she ended up your life the Lord and she got baptized at her husband was like this mean old grouchy guy and the he wouldn't he would shake your hand he was look at you like you're an idiot he was just really nasty every time I would go over and study the Bible this lady he would be in the living room and sitting in his chair watching television I'd say hey man wanted to come in here and study with us he'd be like no not doing that I'm not waste my time with that and so he would almost he would literally insult me like he would just cut me down in front of all front of church members which he was coming to church was white but the only thing we do and he would like almost cursing in front of people when he was testing once on are all these people gathered around and it was potluck time and I just said hey how's it going on when says nineteenth he looked at my hand he looked at me was like always people at ease like I'm eating to gather how was your week on eating a market shake your hand I just laughed it off you know after a while of enduring his little insults he began to like me because he knew that no matter what he said to me he wasn't in a bother normally is my security was an and him accepting mail though I wanted to my securities in the war right after some time he began to like me and he invited me one day to go skeet shooting with him ever been skiing shooting were they to throw that the clay plates and shoot at them and so I went with him and I shot guns before but I've never shot a moving target okay this guy was like a master hunter he had like every year like a different one for every day of the hunting season I mean like he was just literally like this pro hunter I actually get out there and we shoot to two games of twenty and IBM both time and I he was shocked about it know if like I just sealed my know is my opportunity to witness the sky or what but he was a site and he just smiled it was like a good job you know him that for you you really liked me either unlike many other people but like me as I would go over there and study the Bible and say hey want to come and join us man commodities like non- nonabrasive but he was more friendly about and then I noticed that during the study he would get up frequently and come into the kitchen to get why water or something oranges and after a while he started making comments as he would come through and then after a while after several more weeks one day he sat at the table of us at the other end of the day that Moses Long tail he sit like any other and the table so I I said here's what I brought an action study today just for you and icon just I took out on the table notice such slit down the table at him and he likes it rough guide approach is that you can speak in a controlled way if you want to leave new everyone at the captain any writer after a few more weeks he was sitting beside his wife right and so you reach out to these people reach out to them and God will do the rest and that's all you do is reach out all right number five media interest or people with gone through previous evangelism series you can clash the call amazing facts and they will give to you I think I actually have the I do have a slide for this in call amazing facts and they will actually it is the you can tell them where you live and give them the ZIP Codes where you live and they will actually send you a list of people that have been doing Bible studies inbuilt in the area around your church okay then if you have tossed possible common due to man's a series of your church you can contact all these people let them know we have an exciting event on Kabul prophecy coming to town to come out Casey can visit them and give them invitations or you can also do Bible study with them so there's different resources they are places you can call and get those lists of media interest when I might do this I get a list of all those names and within the first three days of getting that list I mail them all letter and I offered and lost if I have an evangelistic series coming up I tried to visit all them but if not I mail it out and I say I will I would like to offer you thank you for doing amazing things Bible study guides I would like to offer you a free gift free DVD on the final events of Bible prophecy if you'd be interested in receiving this DVD just mail in the enclosed yell and make a little sheep among the check yes I'd like my free DVD mail in the free offer and I'll be glad to get it to use as possible then when I mail it in what you think I do I go visit them so five three hundred names it would take me some time to visit all those people right what if I mail out for in her letters and I get back fifty names but only under the first members of the people that respondent right so I go visit their homes and out of fifty people if you spent on this time in prayer and and do what you need to do ahead of time you'll have anywhere from twenty to forty people maybe even fifty people that assign for Bible studies so it's a great way to do that right okay let me give you some creative ways other ways you can get Bible studies right enough I set this right here okay we do what I call door-to-door final vents surveys and that's why don't you actually have the survey I think I may have included in your notes can remember at the very end on but if not I'll be happy in it is it in there okay I put it in their no I mean the actual survey no as it's not I'll give it to you after lunch are right so what I do is I go door-to-door and I say hi my name is awesome is an amazing facts and was doing a survey in the neighborhood trying to find out his explicit needs of the neighborhood and so we have a survey that we share with beautiful and then at the end I say we amazing faxes just produce this exciting DVD on Bible prophecy and I would love to leave this with you and work overtime to do is get a people 's opinion on what they think we could do to improve the DVD in the next version and it covers a lot of exciting information I'd love to just leave this with you and let you watch at this week and I'll come back next week and I'll pick a backup from you see how you liked it and we have a free gift for you as well so once I do that I leave it with them I come back to schedule a time I can come back sometimes people have a watch and if they haven't given a few more days welcome back the next week and many times people have watched it and they have questions on the DVD so all these questions run asserted that are asking things like what was your favorite part about the DVD on no you have any questions on what you thought you feel like the DVD was biblically based on know what are your thoughts are on sorry on what was the most important thing that you learn from the DVD and asking questions like that and by this time I'd been in a hole how many times two times they're comfortable with me to have a conversation with me as a once I finish that service I say you know as a follow-up to the CBD we have an exciting set of Bible study guides that go over the this same subjects you just looked at on the DVD except more and that and I'd be happy to combine share those with you each week if you'd be interested in you'll find a lot of people will say yes then you have to go through a lot of people to get that response but you'll find people that we more than happy to study with you so we do those there are some also mail out these cards that the network people can fill them out there and mail them back into the free DVD on that cost some money also if your church has money you can do that if they don't even have to do it the grunt work of going door-to-door on but you can you have that option as well door-to-door health surveys are also good on you go by and asked people you know law we have I have a survey I can share with you that asked people do you know someone that suffers from cancer heart disease or or diabetes and then as you go through you find multiple people and then if you can get the physicians and nurses in your church to then go and counsel with that person on not you got to be careful of is law issues involved there but invite them to some free seminars that your church may host on those very subjects and you'll find that some people okay literature distribution will take a break and just a few minutes literature distribution all is very important how may you have ever seen somebody that has that will order a case of books and they pass out those books like the leaves of autumn and praise the Lord for that right what happens is when people do that they just get books and then the person reads the books of the handout heart of her commerce is a summary reasonable like this is the most incredible look on the right of my life then they look at VN expecting to find how they can get more one information for those not anything on the back of the book and so they have no idea where to go or who to contact Kathy on the stories I've heard about that and so here is a rule for you any time you're going to give out books on FSA don't give them out but make sure that you have something signed them that people can then mail in to get more information that make sense on you can get these amazing facts Bible study enrollment cards for like a dollar for a pack of a hundred of them so by five hundred fax on-site five packs five hundred cards for five bucks and spend ten to fifteen minutes tearing off those cards and is shoving them in the books before you pass out books that make sense and then if you can't do this right if your memo if you have the time to follow-up the new Bible studies or you have a Bible and the church print off mailing labels that has a local address I recommend you to get a PO Box because is more neutral people mail in and you take that male neighbor you just put it right on top of amazing facts address I'm giving you permission to do this okay and then those cards will go where two-year mailbox rather than where the amazing facts and then you can take that car and go visit that person a mail sent to follow that so that's a very wise way to do it and when you're doing literature distribution I recommend you to do it during a time when people are already coming together in other words and explain to you you can have an ice cream social at three o'clock in the morning on Tuesday and he think people will show up while they will I'll undisputedly speaking here in other words any time you do an event where there's free food the odd minutes someone they come someone will show up to get that ice cream right with your dual works well all work be on Sunday morning and you can't get people out for anything right now talk about so the reality is that when you if you say okay on Sunday morning revenue the fleamarket and pass on books you get like six people and calm day even if you offer free doughnuts and three post them right you get like six people so old a wise way to do this is due literature distribution when people are already together in other words if your pastor would be willing to work with you on this I recommend you to take one prayer meeting a month on Wednesday night or Tuesday and every do it one prayer meeting a month that's dedicated to coming together praying for thirty minutes and then going out for an hour to pass out literature okay also if you read the book South school Council while why she says that our sample school times should be very evangelistic and at times dedicated to outreach and so I would propose that this this will be a harder one because a lot of people don't want to give up teaching the classes that you will fight against several teachers but if you can work it out once a quarter once a quarter let people come together for just fifteen or twenty minutes emotional and then take people out right around the church so you're not driving everywhere and getting back with the church but just for thirty forty five minutes go around the church to the homes and pastel cookies and books right and fight people even to church today but use times or or on a Sabbath afternoon no after lunch and when you're going to do that don't have a lunch where people run the eating all kinds of no lasagna 's and things like that resulted in one news go home and sleep have an pack a sack lunch and say when I do this so utilized times and people Re: coming together for church to make sense I don't adore prayer requests are always great using low tracks you can go door-to-door asking for prayer request a work survey is something that's really powerful Tom and the way this works is on Sabbath afternoon you send the unit of the church out going door-to-door and you go door-to-door and you ask people you cite it I can give you the survey if you're interested on you say you were so selling solar representing the youth group from the Adventist church dentistry here and we're looking for ways to help people in the community if you have three work of yet three jobs around your house that you've been meaning to get to but you couldn't do maybe moving brush moving a pile of rocks etc. etc. and you been meaning to do this but you couldn't do it what were those top three things the novice Enoch Preston youth out there to hang drywall or do a roof but if there is moving some trash or something like that and go door-to-door incentive and say we would love to do this for you see you do that on sound of the men on Sunday you go back you have a big pancake breakfast at the church for the young people and then what you do you take him out there and do that work that you just asked people who could do for them as you do the work for them you talk with them as the leader in Iraq within these they see the young people within the work by Pat you guys are really helping people outright and then they give the opportunity to bridge the conversation and to spiritual things not the end of the thing given the book and give them imitation away have church this time were oppressing you but we love the have you come visit sometime and once come down to see the young people at the church in and you'll find that people will respond that know the Mormons they will like pay for your utility bill they will buy your groceries they will come and put a new roof on your house if you need it etc. they'll do whatever it takes to win her confidence right if we did the same thing for people we think would happen we have people flooding into our and our church and the problem is we just no new that are right let me run through some of these I'll skip over some of them because of time on community final event showing us simply where you show the final events DVD at your church and new you advertise that you put it in the newspaper you you hang up posters across town my father-in-law has done this and you may not get three hundred people took a ten or fifteen people and the ideas of him that I share with you here wrote briefly you may get you may not get a hundred from each one we'll get three from this one through from this one six from that one for from that one and what you'll find is that it begins to add up right it begins at and so most of the things I want to show you real quickly here they don't take much time at all and not only that they can't they don't take money right they don't save money all right become a Bible universe tutor you can go online with amazing facts and they have online tutors we have thousands of people tens of thousand people to do online Bible studies you can sign off for that in your local area and when somebody has a Bible question on the studies they will send that questions of who to you and now you have the dialogue with that person K Bible University .com you can sign up for that newspaper ads on advertising for free Bible studies and newspapers I've done this is a viable worker on there at many local community papers that will let you do that for free actually the what to do that for free for so many words like was under twenty five words I just got put quite free Bible studies on Daniel Revelation call this number or or whatever and I've had people respond of the Bible studies with people very powerful Chamber of Commerce on you can all the general commerce often please gets where on people that are new into the community can go pick up the path and tells him what's going on the community you can go down there and offer to help them stuff those packets if you may allow you to put your mail and final study Cardin to put a card in there that offers free Bible studies also your Chamber of Commerce you go there and they will tell you everything that's going on the community the entire year the result that there is antique car show at the mall on June twenty fifth to know how the information board if there is a fine arts and craft show somewhere they'll tell you and you can actually if you become a chamber member through your church it costs like five hundred bucks a year or something if you do that then you will have rights to take a booth there and various things so it's very powerful way we utilize the chamber of commerce you can find all the events the community show up with your booth and guess what you give away free water and free books and offer free Bible studies and you'll have lots of people I will be attracted to that you put up a big sign similar passes free bottled water think and have people coming over absolutely absolutely there is another thing called the funeral home ministry and this is powerful relive the local obituary in the paper that tells you who died in what time the funeral is sent etc. would dictate you got to be careful with us because if you're like a single man you don't want to go there alone okay and you don't want to represent yourself because you don't want to look like the creeper that came out of the closet to take your family funeral day on but you take maybe a man a woman husband wife though as you take a small bouquet of flowers and a card and you say you find out the family member that is over the VR to vote the all services there is even sadder when it takes a month or time and know you're busy but on behalf of the local you know LA seven Baptist Church we just like to extend our sympathy of your family wheat we make a practice of this regularly for families the community resource they were very sorry for your loss here is a free gift RRR gift for you and your family and also look hard and on our information is in there if you need anything at all please contact us right and at that point they their hearts are probably so soft that you say we like to just mail you guys a card another card as well the follow-up you mind if I get your information and people will be moved by that they would be removed if you go to buy yourself asking for their address discussing weird vinegar why force or your sister or summary with you this can be different in a sense and you will and if you follow-up with that you follow those people continue contact with them can you imagine what will happen to me you can develop that relationship with them you were there for them in their time of need it's a very powerful thing on the flip side there's what I call the new baby ministry and you can actually volunteer and most hospitals on as a chaplain and you can go around from room to room and talk to people it's it's a powerful damn is one of the greatest things you can do and you have a constant flow of new people coming in as all we do is we have a baby 's first Bible and may be like no some kind of a baby bib or something that says it all I love daddy or whatever and you take it to them as a gift and you tell them on what the local evidence church year in and we do this regularly and we just want to congratulate Junior and a new addition and share with you the baby 's first Bible and then I take the Bible I read for them both the tax that talks about Jesus being dedicated in the Temple right what happens is is that people themselves may say want not a churchgoing person J but when they have a new baby it opens her heart in a way that they've not experienced before some excessive softens the heart and so they say about you say I'll go to church and I'm not I'm not into God now but I want my kid to be raised right right so they would more people start going to church when they had babies in the new any other timelines is a proven fact as I would take advantage of that arena then that tax I see no wheat we do this for for young families in our church that wanted to dedicate their babies to the Lord just like Jesus was dedicated we'd be happy to do that service for your church if you'd be interested our pastor we want to be with you and do that and many people have suggested that they come to your church they dedicate there may be because they don't want any church and that's your opportunity hey come over to my house for lunch after law after church safer churchgoer my house will eat together chat a little bit and it is really powerful really powerful see if you can back these new young families with existing young families within the church today is questions all you had asked me that unions Matthew Matthew chapter two maybe somewhere in chapter resolute high LDL brother Matthew to relate to link to I think it is the talks about him going up to the Temple defined in this chapter to and verse seven one oh SF transaction during loops to an inverse three four and on through the rest of the chapter okay thirty four on the rest of the chapter and mentions of their salute chapter two RI on business and doctors offices of Europe your professional you have patience or you have customers in your business set up a literature around their and output of sinuses free Bible studies if you're interested ask me and you'll find the people so what about that can I talk to you about that and maybe one out of ten people but hey you know the more you the more you advertise it the more people can be willing on we had a guy once that that ought in our church that he owned a construction company in their life fifteen guys are working these guys were the roughest guys you can imagine I mean they had tattoos everywhere they had chains in jewelry hanging everywhere they had just like the foulmouthed something they would cuss right in the Bible study like it was just pouring a glass of water I mean there was a rough and he said he told in the beginning said what he said of Dyson on the offer you guys something every Friday morning at seven o'clock before work before on payday he said that I have the sky from a church and that was me and give a Bible study he said I will pay you guys if you will come to the Bible study as they started coming because it's you know they're making twenty bucks an hour to free twenty bucks for one hour to listen to me as I would go there my son is starting within after about six months I saw a transformation in most of these guys that was amazing and it after six months they said you know were feeling a little guilty about this we don't want you to pay us any more to come in while we were come on her own as they came on our own I continues a good eye for about a year now several of them started attending church and they start cursing may stop y'all using foul language in you see a change when they came in the Bible said they were looking on this from a hangover they were smiling and God just did something on them and some of the incumbent serves as abundant as summer ends up joining the Church and their members to this day and so if you think you have customers or employees in and you're able to idle know what your backgrounds are on but if you're a physician or somebody like that professional some kind use that to your advantage use of your Vantage flea markets basically very easy to set up the booth and you give away free literature K yes but they can break soon will will apply to the lunches right beautiful okay nursing home ministries hopefully it's the that something was the absence enough more than a two dollars Mac right nursing home ministry cited more franchise right nursing home this is basically the same thing you did you guys of Providence for you going to minister to the people there but there's two people in all most of the people in the nursing home the residents know they li


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