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Bible Work - Part 3

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • February 20, 2011
    1:00 PM
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hi I wish I had time to tell you guys will love the stories that come along with the instruction given you the experiences of how these things work and how powerful it is very amazing I literally gone his has worked incredible miracles and for me and for others and help book for you to and essays one report soaring policies and prayer outside story told by our something about heavenly things so much or this opportunity we have to learn more about you are more about giving Bible studies I pray you during the session your spirit leaner hearts in Jesus name amen thought around while Sappho student two thousand four and we were in Denver Colorado and you guys thought was cold here the past two weeks that are him him fast today's you should've been in Colorado Wiles there on there was about three feet of snow on the ground it was about twenty six degrees and it was we had to do outreach twice a week and it will know it was like February so it's getting dark at you know five o'clock are quitting time was eight o'clock so we knocked in the dark knocked on doors in the dark for about three hours twice a week and one particular night we had been getting so much rejection at a car became discouraging on now I promise you that is not always that way you meet lots of wonderful people but sometime the Lord tests us the anti- cause us to depend more and more upon him and so again just more more door knocks and more more rejections and my partner and I every Thursday we did our Thursday the sun is every Thursday night we had this tradition my wife might probably my favorite food is Typhoon mom I I do I love all ethnic foods actually hand the more so than American food framework the food is really an even American men always come from somewhere else right I've had food and food from what it aphorism french fries that's America's contribution to the world food I thrill of thrillers and all you slice it off the calendar slam it on the grill right of man I've had food from Rome wand food from Zambia I've had African African food great food Hispanic food in the I love all my favorite probably is time anyway my partner and I we had this tradition we would go once a week to the Thai restaurant after outreach so not always Orlando rejected right time after time I'm cold I'm tired I'm hungry Delaware do is the mai tai food I go home and get out of a warm blanket closely before I wanted to do and so time was it was time to quit it was eight o'clock and there were three more doors left on the street and I said that's it it's eight o'clock I got my time in uncle at a time bad attitude about right so the Lord impresses me in my heart he says just finished the street ministry police but as the street reservoir underwater versus three go home only my time with it who are just kept impressing me harder and harder finish the street so finally after about ten an argument for acetyl Caiaphas the street so to the first house actually I think there were four house left through a first house and there's no one there I don't in South 's eye I knock on the door the guy opens the door to highlight is Wesson home with amazing facts are doing a community survey etc. etc. I guy looks a mean he goes it's after eight o'clock it's snowing at this point snowing again it's freezing cold and often on my door what are you thinking a face adorning goes own way my face slammed the door and he just called here he's a year stupid idiots closing the door dislikes with that bastard Jackson likened he said right that is so I save landlord please am begging you but we all know what I stored by storm it was a lady and GP opens like they were rescinding like a movie or something reading somebody knocks on the door in the open that little window to talk about this woman's life stare at me with her water will I and she starts cussing at me she's like yelling at me she's like what you doing out here expressed that o'clock and she slams the door loan second slams second rejection just like man I was almost tempted to go that point now look I got a right until you that this is the that was the product of like an unrefined hard to make sense I am still certainly not perfect now but now I understand the importance of going all the way there's a technical disaster you was Chapter 11 it says give a portion for Saban also faces cast your bread upon many waters free will find it after many days give a portion the seven also take bread symbolizes one word water symbolizes people so spread your God 's word among many people and he says after many days you will find again words the word of God spread out to the people does not return to him void you for that Isaiah K so of course and the Saban and also to pay was a perfect number seven so I knew something all hundred percent on a timely want to do it seven times right because seven is a permanent review and do something above to resell nudity whether you want to do it eight times writes in other words God calls the goal of all then beyond that make sense I finished my time it was time to go home but God has asked me to go above and beyond I didn't understand the importance of it and the reason it says that is because in the Texas as per you do not know the evil that is upon the year not only will you never know what you define behind the next doors in a sense so not the last door this woman answers the doors in her mid- thirties chosen me is to help you I start to go through the campus minors West limiting factor to the survey etc. we think the survey sure I go through it I get to the end it's as if you have the opportunity some spiritual questions about Bible prophecy etc. in the necessity of the opportunity would you be interested in studying the Bible more I said that she got extremely quiet uncomfortably quiet and sat around waiting light thirty seconds go by a minute goes by two men scenario can is also in she burst into tears she burst into tears she says that her your rice is okay will she said when I was a child my father claim to be a Christian he abused my sister and I we had all these problems right and growing up that's the image I had in mind of God abusive know etc. etc. you guys know the stories as she said I recently in my life where it's either on the McIlroy so for something to change and so three months ago I made a deal and I said God if you're real if you care about me personally you better send somebody to my house to tell me about you to give me some kind of Bible studies or something because if you don't do that at the end of the three months I meant to kill myself is what she told me she said it for months now I've been praying that God would send someone by an today I was crying I tell the story so please forgive me if you see a tear falling today is the last day of those three months and hear your as you said God has allowed me to cry out to him for all this time and I cut a hitter like four days she relies why nobody comes first month because God wanted her to keep pressing I know what would've happened if I said to myself you know what no I went my Thai food I'm going to eat and then I'm going home out of miss that last house the next day could've been the day that I read about her in the obituary section of the newspaper by give a portion to seven also two eight four you do not know what evil is upon their right friends we have to rise above and beyond because for some people is going to be too late and stamina are studying the Bible with people pretzels in your Bible studies part two buses wonderful story to tell you more but it's exciting because the realities you may sit there you may say why don't have any studies like that are a many stories like that well had now they're doing what I have to do because if you get out there and you praying ask on the lineup what he things can happen he's got a lineup okay and I must say God I'm not any special more special anyone else but the reality is that the more risk you take the greater stories you have my promoter willing to step out the greatest oriole half are right so when you actually go into the home what should your Bible study time with that person look like okay on how long that I say earlier you should be in the home about one hour proxy one hour J so we have the first eight to ten minutes what I call social time with the call everyone social time and that is where you see you sit down with the person you say hey how's your week going how are things happening with you what hourly kids etc. etc. trying I are just shooting the say that used chitchatting so I won't say not that I would say anything bad but it may not be the best choice of words okay so you're talking with them and you just saying what's happened what's been going on your life what new is happen this week how is work how are the kids house the family when you learn this weekend if you get they been reading the Bible for their own justice is talking escaped you got to be careful of this time doesn't turn into an hour okay because here's what happens with a lot of people a lot of people like to just merely socializing and here's what happens as you say well I'm just talking with them for the hour and then we start a Bible study and verify only start the Bible study what happens is people 's attention span and can't last very long the time okay so you think it there they are fine for that first hour he just sit and talk okay and then what happens is when you start the study now they're in our number do I die list are glazing over like Mike students in these kind of classes tend to do a time 's okay so know what WI and so you got a garden set if you want to death only socialize with a person are starting off right but make that a separate time of the week that you do that go out to lunch with them another day of the week or something but when you come to study study that make sense socialized for a few minutes what do your main socializing outside of that setting because you always want to make sure of your setting the Bible once his time to study note not sitting there watching her clock insane nine fifty seven nine fifty eight nine fifty nine tenants okay it's time to start a Bible study now tell you just need to get the feel and the way I usually do it is when you know that there is kava Paulinus in the conversation don't talk about work on it comes to a moment that what I say is something like this that you get a chance look at your Bible study this week or so we shall we go ahead and start Bible study lesson together right so you there's ways to transition and over then you have about thirty to forty five minutes of the old study time and that's where you actually get into the main body of your study and you're studying to meet with them okay then the last three and a half minutes on site three to five minutes is left for the appeal and the decision and why do you want to make sure you leave time for that why is that because you want to ask a decision holly bioassays all of this week how many bottles toys all of them right all the Bible studies and so basically your your study time your whole time in the home should be roughly one hour now sometimes you can get away with an hour and fifteen minutes no we don't want to make a regular habit of it built some people size me yeah brother west of the great principle of all the you don't understand the person I study with my get to their house and they just can't get enough and you then they can't think that is because they are just wonderful by listening future but really that's not the case on the reality of the persons is hungry and I say but this person is hungry and they just one hour just isn't enough they just beg me for more and I I cannot get out of there without spending at least three hours in their home well that's fine and dandy for a while you know what often happens is the devil that the more hungry they get the devil starts bringing stuff in the life and he can't distract their attention he will start creating problems for them to understand the makes sense and so he may not be able to sway them away by life movies or whatever but he will create problems with that they have to take care of and so what happens is as after some time something happens on Monday afternoon and I say well I need a couple of hours to take care of this but Jessica 's most combined study with me and what happens in their mind is how long is the Bible study it's three hours right it's three hours and they do not remember at that time that they were the ones that were begging you to make sense to say they don't minute remember that all they remember that point is that just goes there for three hours every time we study or four hours whenever soon actually what do they do they call me say can make it today probably can make it next week you got this issue they care when it's a small time window it's a very small is not the taken entire afternoon or evening to make sense so they can go in they can do the Bible study they can get out and take care whatever the business they need if you have somebody that's a very eager to study study with them twice a week I study with the guidelines sleep right now is Sony on Monday and Wednesday nights and then on Friday nights he goes to this young adult group study that love the church where I live near house okay so study with some any more than once the only reason you want to keep your Bible study short is because you want to keep salting the boats never heard that term for other words you want them wanting more it's better L White says this as well is better to give them a short discourse that's interesting and appealing than it is to make these long presentations if you given a short discourse and then you say that the N I do something like this selfsame on you know we would study the overview of the Antichrist this is an example Ruby antichrist and I feel my study I say you're not in a crisis what I say now tell me telling her I I say I love to but I really have to go but next time we get back together a study food in a crisis right now or ever go through please let these yeah get there I go to the ten identify points I say can you guess what is missing I don't know but I think I have a clue I say well guess what next week were to go through even know exactly who this is in the next week I revealed to so try that take tickle their interests right one note the mark of the beast this is my third Bible study with somebody else and I'll take the revelation thirteen else I'll have them redesign things like verse seventeen or eighteen it says that that something about what is it limitless fun and sexier relation thirteen I can remember on one misquote it's yet it's right by its first saw the verse eighteen Sears was and what have you has understanding calculate the number of the wide but these for it is the number of a man and his number is what access asked about safe the mark of the beast is not one according that sex and I'll say it's not the mark of the beast why because as the number of a man right so I let them say that that's all I tell them I say that's very interesting as we think that means I'm missing I will know I say would you like to study and I say yes I say you know what the future study on a study that come out soon right site keep their interest piqued short interest in Bible studies and yet keep them hanging off them a sense case file that friends will you be doing well now there's the principle of what I call the the silence prayer partner and what silent prayer partner and that is you often it's good to take somebody with you here Bible study if you can't do it then it's okay you go along I highly recommend ladies do not study alone with a man and men do not study along with a lady even yelled sometimes I say even public places and if you have to do once or twice is okay but don't make a regular habit and the reason is I guaranteed it's about ninety to ninety five percent of the time the person of the opposite sex is going to develop some type and emotional attachment to you that make sense as can only do things that are just aren't good I'm not saying it could put you in danger he could but you just use want to avoid that so always study with someone else on don't spend long periods of time that person alone on and you'll be okay I silent prayer partner if you are a silent prayer partner or you have someone with you there are some principles that you really need to follow number one if you're a silent prayer partner that means that you're going to be one silent you understand this okay I have taken people and there are many reasons for this one you have to you want to be silent because you should be pray for that person given the study or if that person is with you and your unit of study the same principle there the other reason is I never try to listen to people talk at one time never tried that before like I don't mean like one talks and talks the talk of the same thought is very hard to do business is very challenging especially representing two ideas I've been in Bible studies where I was given a Bible study and I try to take a person and a certain direction in the Bible say another were the one to make a specific certain point with them so I'm leading them along and building up to this this climactic point and just before you get there this person that was with me make pipe up and they say something that is absolutely unrelated to anything I just said for the last ten minutes there are no men for ever had that experience is not even given a Bible study but just a point you are try to make a summary just wrap arrivals off some stupid idea in your essay that the person course but your insane and everything I just tried to build a person is ruined and now I have to start over I just wasted ten minutes and stamina so you want that person to be silent they should be praying silently you will not believe how effectively the devil will work when you're giving Bible studies with people for this rock that person when you get to the very end your Bible study and your about the person followed Jesus in some way and you just about buildup to that appeal and guess what happens the phone rings or the kids come running through the house or the spouse of that person comes out and says Honey I need to run out to the store and guess who's parked behind the car you are right here a study go out there and edits as almost impossible of it if you're building into that final appeal to ask precision and there's a distraction like that you module forgetting that away to the because you're not it's very very difficult to get them back and because they know you're coming to be in the study of the nose tongue equipment whether mine goes okay as very hard so that person is there to pray combine the devil to prevent that from happening IDC defines there to see those was a say don't say long about what they'll say long of the one hour all right so let's just run through quickly in the run through some principles for actually going in the home sitting down and giving the Bible study I realize I'm moving fast normally move this fast I'm trying to take the breast so I can talk more but I want to make sure you guys get this after this every question so far by the way let me just take if there's anyone has a question for you simple so far I yes you are like if you don't have a rare partner then you're just praying for yourself you greatly for you all definitely pray as you did before you go in and then you go in as you given a Bible study in my mind and say Lord help me to to give the right say the right things this person I pray all with my Bible study or thirst someone else grandma 's at home and she's not do anything all day you can call her up and say grandma pray for me during this hour anything I will do that children are for you washing this brother okay is okay for a product yeah exactly exactly alright so after the social time have a short prayer before the Bible study I I sit down hey how's it going man how your week etc. etc. we kill that time let's move into our Bible study okay then I say let's have it just a short prayer together and then will begin right after the prayer I typically give just a very little breed introduction to the Bible study I saved the day when a study something very exciting when a study how God predicted world history hundreds of years before ever even happen and so I just very quickly reduce the Bible study all I get kind in overview if you're studying something like the Sabbath with them don't say I'm not sell you today why all Sunday keeping Christians are wrong that's not the kind of intro you want okay you want something like Dorgan a study something anyhow there is like a hidden treasure that's been lost over time and there's a special thing that many churches have seem to have forgotten but God says if we find this thing it's like finding golden treasure don't know if that is today I want to say now study site asleep diamond your study you can also tell a story you know how some minister a lot of ministers when they give their sermon on Sabbath they opened with a gripping exciting story don't talk about it grabs the attention it holds people and you can do that as well so your introduction doesn't have to take but two or three minutes by just cutting gets you transition into the Bible study okay then you as you do that you want to actually have a Bible study for you cannot look at here in a few minutes you basically proceed step-by-step to the Bible study your most Bible studies that are written out and forced a lesson format they have like question-and-answer right so you have questions or one and then the answer is the one it's the Bible text right to Filofax question three Bible decks right to basically proceed to the Bible study and you the way I usually do it as I read the question and I let them read the Bible text now why would I do that because the gun around war they can remember for three reasons to cause number one the Genesee it were to be reading off the paperwork to get you to see it but also going to say it whether you do and say it and then they're going to hear themselves saying it you think it'll sink in much better if they see it as they read it may hear themselves saying okay so in between each question I'm making comments that ever noticed and Bible studies they have like the question in the taxman has like a little comment at the bottom right so basically what you do reduce his current elaborate a little bit on what that that Texas A&M is a make sense of the Bible saying here though though that is going to talk about it for a second and then you can SAR I question number two sets and then what's the answer look of the Bible text me talk about it for a few seconds okay step-by-step you move through the Bible study dislike that are right that make sense okay oh I want to show you lose anybody right number five be sure to add comments I just mention that have comments and encourage interaction and discussion what he wanted do you want to keep it sure why do you want to do that is if you let somebody get away from you and they just start chatter chattering about everything and anything and everything and what's can happen to your time it's got it's got to be gone so what you have to do is go you want to encourage interaction you don't want them to take over the Bible study so who was adopted to make sure you're moving forward we progressively gets you right if you are right talk more about this in our next session his illustration stories and personal testimonies to keep a study in our self talk more about that later number seven emphasize the most important points in the lesson okay now at our next class on action and show you give you a viable site I printed offer you to show you how to do this but anytime you use a written Bible study a wide array in Bible study this premade for you basically what you can and do is break down that Bible study and your accident to go through with them still what you knew Jenna break it down and you cannot pull out the top three or four main ideas that that Bible study is bringing out by the understanding that other words there's a lot of information in the Bible study that your share but when somebody when you hear a sermon preached to you remember everything typically that person said yes or no you don't remember everything the homage you remember everything just the manual said yesterday during Sabbath you don't what are there three or four main things that just really came home to you yesterday yes you know maybe for some of you with one or two other male don't flatter yourself by thinking that people and I just remember every single thing you say is it's not often happen as most of your can remember what I say thirty minutes after we finish that's why you have the note says why you are taking notes etc. you can download this from the Mario verse but in your Bible study what you want to do is you want them to understand the top three or four main thoughts from the but topic that you're studying with them seventy cents stuff on studying the Sabbath with somebody I help these establishes is that it's a easy example what are some of the main things that they should know at the end of that study now I'm not saying that there is not a specifically right answer looking for but understand is asking you to tell me throw some out there what's that the important points that you study the Sabbath with somebody is over they need to know we obviously what is level say a specific what day it is right Amer one time there was this guy I went to study with him he gave the study he took this guy all the way through the Sabbath study at the end of the study audiences would you like to keep the Lords day of the seventh a sample of the mangoes of course says really do think it is an easy an answer yes he said I've kept the Sabbath since I was a little kid my family like rep and church egos you did it again I said I want isn't in fact I've never missed a Sunday in the last thirty years of my life I've been to church every Sunday and the man says what you mean he says why go to church every Sunday what you may and he'd never told in the entire Bible study when the seventh day Sabbath this makes sense that's a very dangerous thing to do so you got to tell them when the sevens what else what else Sagan okay when the saddle starts that would probably be more information that would fall under the rest of vibes I'm talking about the most important that three or four most important things about the Sabbath you can tell some money not what I'm saying off all I thought you said something else advises me on how you said when it begins and ends which is important but that can force it but yes it was established when that creation okay what else why okay that it was changed okay that was changed but also why is it important right because the principle from what you said what you said put those together it is a memorial of God 's creative and redemptive power that make sense so that you said that when that any topsail late just about the entire staff of Israel them a sense of world creation and redemption anybody else think how long we observed sound okay so you guys are giving an answer so let me give you four points about the Sabbath you want to cover will somebody when the Sabbath is when it was created which is creation con mingled with what's the purpose of it right and along with the creation part you can talk about who created who created it Jesus created it right these created it and then that organic keeper for fraud eternity that's important to but that God still expects us to keep it when today to make sense so he shared those four thoughts and then everything else underneath that would that person have a good thorough understanding of the Sabbath answer no okay so those four points within my button embouchure much more information than that when I leave that person 's home those of the four points I want those people to know that make sense to buy as we move Bible study when I asked an occasional questions as you proceed to make that sure that they understand don't just ask a question like does this make sense to you gay or was that clear is there to say what yeah that was cleared not always amazing oh but many times will say yes and sometimes people think they understand and they really don't that make sense good I so questions I asked people are very specific questions is it clear to you that the seventh day of the week Saturday is the seventh a Bible center isn't clear to you that baptism is by immersion and not by sprinkling pouring more rose petals J is it clear to you that Jesus is the divine son of God the Messiah of the world and that he died on the cross to save for your sins and my sense so be specific when you ask a question and understand that C-1 asked these questions not every moment to be annoying but if you make a very important point you want to make sure you ask a follow-up question does this clear to you is it clear that the movable right to follow insane take all right number nine answer questions as they may ask only as it relates what your study so I suppose I'm in the middle of a Bible study and a number ten goes along with that don't have a unrelated questions during the study that just satisfying curiosities in other words on studying with them about Jesus about who is Jesus K Jesus the son of God etc. and they stop you right in the middle of sentence and I say I just got ask you this question sister coming I wonder Linda I just got asked this question I has been burning in my heart for the last several weeks I lost my little kitty snuggles two years ago I got a nosy enemy in heaven right as I think I question you wanted to divert your attention to within the study no so what I say when people ask those kind of questions I say this I say you know it's a really good question I can tell it's a it's a real serious question read and you'll find that people will do this all the time on questions I say you know let's go ahead and finish our Bible study first and then I'll answer that question for you K don't do a Bible study on us just to satisfy curiosity like that don't do a whole one our Bible study and will my pet goat and okay you can answer that question in two minutes and then the natural question you asked me is what the basket and other thinking it will like that really go to heaven but summary always asked that question three and the answer is no they don't but but because Jesus didn't condensate caps and dogs again save man yet classy cats and dogs flying up to heaven in the resurrection day by and the new earth when God re-creates it again he creates the pet you have in your childhood that was dear to you if you know that's can make you happy can he re-create that the jury can soul pets we have an yes or they can be floating up now okay all right so you understand that stay focused no watch for people to be talkers are arrested by the sky once I was like me during this class summer you're thinking that rather I know you are and this guy just like talked and talked and talked and yell something the way to the good new is when people talk don't talk about those no go figure breath I say that's very interesting number nine says I just move on up on Bible study this guy all right if I knew if I let them talk that was the end it was the end like he would talk the next forty minutes and he did a brief like you didn't like he would just talk and there was no breath there was no flaws anything I mean literally I'm not joking not exaggerating so he would somehow learn how to breathe as he was talking on a height of thirty days I guess you can do that but you understand my point some people insist they take up with a second thought this guy never did and so I would have to just cut them off of passive brother I'm going to leave soon I want to finish the study with you right so let's finish his LK I know you start laughing when you got to be the one you've got to be the one in your Bible study to take control of that understand you've got to be the one that keeps the study moon because they are not going to die doesn't mean you don't have moments worth what to talk but you've got to know when it's time to move on K you got to know that avoid reading your notes in your Bible studies yes oh absolutely absolutely I want to talk about that here this one is that okay so yeah they'll have a copy of it on the Bible study so avoid reading your notes in your Bible say if I just stood up here and I have a book one of these books with me and I said number eleven stay focused I watch me stay focused avoid getting off the subject too much always bring this type will always bring it should be back to the subject of the person both in the present always bring it back to the subject if the person talks too much and I just read through all my slides how would you guys guys like that before we go like some other track right after the first day you don't want to be dry now I'm not saying that you have to be marks and neither will you complete the whole sermon without looking in your notes we need to go over your notes movable times beforehand okay be familiar with the points of Jurgen Micawber with them okay and when you get in the home you'll be surprised if they go I just can't go without looking at the nose too much real fine as you go over them so that you can just glance at your notes and know what you need to say and come back and just say that that person you be surprised of the Holy Spirit will bless you if you be willing to do there and the more you do that the more you'll get practice with it so for instance if you prepare the first Bible study Daniel to a new study with multiple people the more you study that Bible study and it's new for them but it's not new for you to get more and more familiar with it and you'll get to where you go in there and you won't even have to use a study guide you'll know all the questions my heart have to do that for a while and you know almost exactly what you say each Bible study but it still is very exciting because they are sitting there for the first time and there's nothing greater than when you're starting with a person and you see that twinkle on the island they get it and it's powerful it's wonderful very signing on make it ought little I identically make a few little mini appeals throughout my Bible study on as I'm going along with them I will say something along the lines of considering all that Jesus is done for us I just want to be looked to be obedient to him how about you okay so as I'm starting odd maybe I'll make a point about all that Jesus has done for us on the cross okay I'll talk about the love of Jesus and and what is Donnan and Christ died for us since then a look at that person I will say no Jessica Jesus done some amazing things Russ and me he's shown us how much seasonal he loves us and how desperately he wants us to be in heaven don't you want to be in heaven when Jesus comes right and then shall say what to say here in the menubar I was keep going in our study and if I do that two or three times throughout my Bible study what is at borders that prepare them for that final decision questions is yes Janet works so if you are talking about the importance of obedience you know you say something like Jesus wasn't so much they came down here was willing to be obedient to the father 's Commandments because he dearly loves us and he wanted us to be able to claim his righteous life as our own don't you love Jesus was your name again Guerra I'm thing about that first time don't you let Jesus Karen the one of the obedience of Jesus just like he was obedient to the father alright let's keep moving in our study sieges do that very quickly two or three times in the study and it will move their hearts and know no one into that couple key points to remember I'll run please quickly no one have confidence in your study don't ever apologize for the word of God you hear me what I say don't go into the study and say you know Clayton I'm really sorry man you know I feel I can really let down this week but things got busy the kids had soccer practice and in my work was heavy and etc. in I just didn't have time to prepare like I wanted to and I'm sure this study is going to be really bad so I will ask your forgiveness ahead of time please brother no no don't mean anything by unlimited better next week before you begin the study what you think this could do it Clayton 's morale he is excited he is ready to study and you just told him all I meant to do a terrible job what's he expecting a terrible job and even if you did a good job in his mind you can think all it was bad because he told me was Henry back right so never apologized even if you don't have time to prepare one for the study with confidence knowing that God can do something right you need something to take turns reading the Bible text on typically when I say take turns on that's for your partner and your Bible study contact because you as the one the leading will read the questions in the book who should read the most important Bible study text the student write the person that's that's you're studying with some of these are very self-explanatory smile don't be excited about what you're sharing and if you're not excited by the enemy excited but not to be excited over nothing to be excited on on the job down the number seven trust that God is with you it's not about what you're doing it's about what was doing it's about what God is doing and what happens of the asked me a question that I don't know the answer to the freak out you jump of any run out of the house screaming crying phase I have been otherwise so it was a happy about it and think it will not happen and what the news out to do unlimited shoe every Bible workers trick okay the alertness you know the secret weapon of every Bible worker K they ask you a question and you don't know the answer to it what should be response you know what this is how I said as I respond that's a great way question I'm so glad you asked to tell you the truth I don't know what the answer is but I will file I was there for you okay now when I read this together off the screen okay are three ready one two three that saw the gray question I'm so glad you asked I don't know but I will find the answer for you do you have to know the answer to every question no so if you are afraid of getting Bible studies because you're afraid that people will ask you something that you don't know the answer to should that prevent you from giving Bible studies and Gary's book when some witnessing and chapter one sculpting yours read about this guy that actually was doing Bible studies with his neighbor and he was one Bible study ahead of his neighbor like he would have a study was neighbor he was studied that lesson that week and then at the end the week he would share the study with his neighbor in the next week he would go through his next lesson and then share with his neighbor he was one Bible study have his neighbor and so you don't have to know everything if you don't know just tell them why don't know if you knew everything who would you be you would be God and how you are God I don't think anyone wants to make that claim right and so the reality is you're not going to know everything people will ask you some time some off-the-wall questions but here's what I promise you okay what happens is on any given subject that you will study ninety percent I would say ninety five percent of all people ask the same ninety percent of the questions that make sense or if no provide hundreds of my said that but the point is is that most people ask the same questions K on the subject of salvation they were asked typically the same top fighters like five questions that they ask if you study the Sabbath alas the first five questions they always asked if he asked how to get victory over anger they typically have five questions of the last as you study the Bible with people going to ask you those questions almost over and over again if you can familiarize yourself with the top five and questions for each subject you can refine your enemy fire I am able to give an answer that person so that doesn't come in a moment it comes with experience so until you get the experience what you say I don't know I'm not quite sure I got to put it together my mind that I do that this week and next week I'll answer that question for you are some great resources you can use as a book called answers to difficult Bible questions by Joe Crewdson covers many of those top subject the buyer for amazing facts for about four dollars on another book is some studying together by Mark Finley on there's another book called an ad Vandals answers a hundred and one questions I forget the name guys name Henry find hard or something like that but there are resources out there that will give you the answers to most of those questions in the yes on I don't I don't but you can order them all season long amazing facts websites astronaut has hundreds of Bible questions that he answers via audio like they have archives of all the while questions you can listen to answer in three or four minutes and they have an answer to give that person anymore they just research a little more and so the reality is look don't be afraid of questions that expect them it's exciting to be able to answer because when they ask you a question that you don't know what you have to do yet to go back to your own room and study and your grandmother promise if you seek diligently for further knowledge you have the whole heavenly treasure right away on terror you have a question as you are the inaugural cruise your cruise and you can ball by not amazing facts and answers to difficult Bible questions for Bible tax or something like that this lookup Jo Cruz on the website the store and you can find it there other books as well on on every e-mail felt my head with their their others I gave you three and there's more Mark Finley yet ABC amazing fact you can buy a lot of these books are right or you can call local ABC and Sadie have any books on how to answer difficult while question is and they happens there by what happens at the ask a question that is on a future subject and what happens if you're in Bible study number two and I say all what is the mark of the beast was a time to the drop that study and say well you take a little deep breath ego and each of them all about Daniel seven and the little horn and the Mark of the beast in Revelation thirteen is at the time place and do that no you have to guard against that because you want to lay a what foundation and who do you want to present first Jesus you want to present Jesus and all your Bible studies God 's love for them to sacrifice for them what is done finer matter what the subject is the matter fits how to be a better parent you give a Bible study on that work that's the mark of a base your present love Jesus and what is somebody answers a question you're not ready to answer because you need to cover some ground for sizes tell them so you know what that's a great question I'm so glad you asked I affirm them we have a subject coming up on that very topic very soon and I just can't make it I is car keys with people and I said what about those the ants that question now you fall asleep when we get my Bible so no matter I want to falsely K so nothing to tell you now to make you wait behind sometimes people will push you pushers don't seldom because sometimes don't get mad or they'll because they haven't understood certain things first will stop the Bible studies you got a take things in order most Bible studies on Mike the store closed during Gibbs studies another's they follow a certain order for a reason McCain appeared using the study guides follow that order it's very important to all right helpful hints and that will take a little break tried to get a decision from a student as early as possible to accept Christ as their Savior why do you want to do that why is that important as the foundation member I said earlier they fall in love with Jesus than a fall in love with anything that's about Jesus 's right to the fall level Jesus and you say Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath of anyone follow Sabbath to the ready obstacles to work through open and want to do it right so far people fall in love with Jesus first asked for I mention this asked for decision and how many every Bible study more re- emphasize that there were three tried to avoid seeing them questions like this yes not a big surprise it's that depends upon the nature of the topic okay whatever topic that you're studying with them you want to ask them to follow Jesus in that subject if it's you know if it's Daniel two be ready for Jesus when he comes you want you want to live with Jesus and the eternal kingdom right if it's on the authority of the Bible then you want to ask a question you believe that the Bible 's God 's inspired word the one a file that God 's word for you God 's will for you as he reveals that in his work right him answer yes on salvation you would you like to now access prices are safe to be done that before eight I have hold classes on decision so it's hard to elaborate here too much all but on this give you the core come that go with love to have you guys and I will will won't break it all down for you okay so depends upon the subject line okay so I I avoid asking people how want you to pay special evangelist what do you think about the study or do you agree is a sound like the Summit is anything wrong with those questions you would ask the person the question do you agree with that related I've heard too many people do that what's wrong with that okay you're on the right track very close is exactly right it's based on Scripture it really doesn't matter it really doesn't matter what that person thinks about its authority to make sense so I asked him the question who you agree with that or asking the question on what do you think about the study were or specifically do you agree with that what happens is it's putting they are judgment of that of God 's word all above the authority of God 's words in other words now they have to decide do I see this as worthy enough to accept so they are the one that's judging rather than God 's word being the authorities that make sense so you all know they can reject it if they choose they swept free choice would don't put their opinion in the authoritative position by asking that question you do that you understand J so instead you ask questions like this do you see what the Bible says on this that makes sense because now it's asking the receipt from the Bible and now the Bible is what is the authority right for another good question is can you see what God is asking us to do from this text not do you want to do this or do you agree with this but do you see what God wants us to do because now God is implicitly authorities say okay all right number four realize you don't have to does mention that no happily answer don't over prove your subject ten to twelve Bible text per Bible study is more than enough how many ten to twelve Bible study text cake Bible text don't walk in there with your spiritual machine gun and lock and load and begin somebody to the wall with Bible text health forty seven Bible takes on hellfire because you are can overwhelm a person like I'm overwhelming you in these classes okay and you're going to send them to the wall and any overwhelms and their nocturnal wanted to study with you don't be overzealous okay Judge Sharon Knauf that the understand and keep sharing until they understand what wants to understand you don't have to give another sixty two tax day and if you do that you're going out you need you can of journalism are described I decided that I used when I first gave Bible studies day I was a brand-new Seventh-day Adventist I was at an incredibly bald and inspired by the message of the hour Mister citron Manning is the most beautifully in the world and on second all are on sorry the only thing that runs a close second is my wife is that beautiful Rhine desiderata over there is one thing that is so and so what's ask that now but I just take her out brother I take her out she does feel good food mill and positive and so I I would give Bible studies to people I would I was like my first year of knowing the Lord to I was in college this was about eight years ago we were not I'm only thirty one is turned thirty one not forty so please despite how many thought that so you probably thought that right though I was robbing the cradle over here but I'm really not okay so when I was in college I wouldn't I would go to class now invite viewers to his mentor to my house and eat lunch with me on completion spaghetti garlic bread salad and say hey let's talk about the Bible so case would go to the couch and out proceed for the next four hours not to just share Bible truth of them but it but it started with me sitting on the couch across from them and it ended with me standing in front of them preaching to them the three angels message I would sell them the message of the entire administer in the first meeting together I couldn't figure out why they come into class late the next day and they would peak around the corner of the door to see where I was setting makes it like totally opposite right but they split wherever I was they were not okay I couldn't figure out like a NASCAR I learned some restricts it's not critical skills so how many Bible tags Santa twelve is more than enough if they need more then do another study the next study repeat not repeat the study but give them a fresh batch of Bible text okay so keep studying the subject until they understand it but don't give them all lots no default wants Bill Clinton things that are hard to explain the spirit of prophecy because there is a especially they don't know much about the Bible to say wow that's amazing we talk about something like the tree of life God typically like the heaven before the flood and he does something like that were you talk about something that's really not that important and menacing wow that's exciting it was the next question to be aware is that the Bible show me that I be like you know you're not to be able to answer that because it's not they are need the element is there that you can't point to an Texan say here it is Casey got to be careful about that be consistent with your Bible studies very important do not skip your Bible studies because Johnny has to go to soccer practice do not skip your Bible studies because you're just uses how long week and you just don't want to do it because of they don't see it as important a priority to you then they're not messing as a priority right but they don't think you things for them they want milk and let me time on sometimes there are times you have to cancel I've have accounted for but the guidance study was now on Monday and Wednesday nights my wife will tell you when I come home from work some days I'm not feeling like doing anything right here on tired when we often put in ten twelve fourteen the last week we had some issues the rows of our students and for about three days straight I was at the office about seventeen hours a day very very tired but I still said you know why this guy 's eternal life is on the line right is even though I'm tired I don't feel like it but I go anyway I know anyway is very important be consistent salty else I told you I knew that already on number nine in a slip food for sake of time and what I want to really touch on number ten for just a second summit he asked the question when do I invite somebody to church there wonder that when is the right time to invite my Bible study the church what they already know about your church and are open to it I say what you go to church and you say why go for some that Mister don't ask the church is too early right they ask you to go to church taken a church that Sabbath right but they don't know anything about your church and a little nervous when is the right time if you study the Bible with them right after you study the Sabbath invite them to come to church the next week and use use ways to get them there I Francis of my wife is singing on that met Sabado say hey you know my wife is missing a song and I know that you really love it wanted to come and listen her saying or find preaching of say I'm preaching coming every breach or visit shoulders for acidic kids in it is a great program you got to come in here and right bring one of the kids with you to their house and have the kids say we want you to come and hear us right to confront away a little kid and I use whatever it takes to get them to church and hopefully member talked about in our first session the visitor friendly Sabbath right you want to invite them you try to invite them on those type of weekend sports going to be exciting all right that gives you a very brief framework of some principles in given the studies but also step-by-step how to go through the Bible study now certainly I did not exhaust that okay that was just overview but it gives you an idea J you think you can do it now some of you have anything so amazing with God 's help you can do it by a man now with a break okay I finished you have any questions I will ask you questions on the break let's take we take five minutes is enough enough five-minute break come back in the room to talk about how to actually writes a Bible study out features to methods to methods okay all right you will think a fun memory father in heaven we thank you so much for this time together and we ask your spirit to be with us and thank you Lord that some you called us your chosen us to does great work for you in Jesus name


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