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Bible Work - Part 4

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • February 20, 2011
    3:00 PM
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all right well let's die then we will have much time and I want to really listen the most important part I think and so what I was most men like six is as he hath so if I is in a help of wireless and you can be there that I made no sign of it software again I don't care right so maybe will quit about ten sales our view guys can go that right until work was very unsigned I decided I now I just again I just want to emphasize that you're probably sitting there saying he's line for this stuff and a lot of questions I have but you know he's not covering everything flying no I know that today on all that's only half kidding maybe you have wanted computer yeah could you you had with you you ladies look on and I can give my can take mine deserve people I can share in the nineteen given this one at the end and there's one here this is an excellent anyone else okay so so I think that some she's not coming back she's going to help okay so there's one more deserving I will now okay all right so what to do as women go through this Bible study and show you how to add things to this to make your Bible study more full so let's pray together and with the okay sorry foreign heaven we thank you once again the leader Tom and we ask your blessing to be with us in Christ name amen one thing I I wanted to mention to you that I forgot I was on me more time this is William William asked me to question what if people say yes to do the Bible study but then I keep chasing them down and I can't get them to actually do it they say yes but that are not committing afterwards of you have that experience if that happens to you a few times where I often do is I really pray about it and I say Lord if you don't want me if this person is not ready to study than somehow ended or no in other words right also he wasted my time with them okay and there been many times when I has tried that prayer may go to a person 's house and they actually say to me you know why I really appreciate your efforts but mouse is not the best time for me right and so they actually cannot make if they don't do that and I say you know what I say listen I really want to study the Bible with you I really do what I'm finding is that it's very difficult for you it seemed like every time we set a time you're not bear or you're not you know following through do you really want to study together on is this really a good time for you because if it's not you don't have to keep Connie asked to keep from hurting my feelings you're not hurt my feelings by telling me know because there are lots of other people out there that do want to study and I really want to study with them and I want to study with you if you want to but it's not a good time and just let me know sometimes you say you know what yeah it's not a good time you know I wanted to I good intentions but life is busy and I just can't right now I'm been made awry on being unfair to you so was this an okay some people say no I really do want to study I realize I add this is something I said then now you got to make this a priority because this is the most important thing that you could be doing with your life right now so some people will snap to some people will just cut cut it loose and then that for your time to find somebody that really does want to make sense soldiers asked people K right where movement for the last section now I want to talk about how to write Bible studies now there are two methods of giving Bible studies there's what's called the review method and the presenter method what are they called review and presenter now in the review method in the review method is where I give them the Bible study ahead of time okay but what I do give them ahead of time they work through it on their own and then the next week or whenever you go back to her house and guess what you do you are you review the Bible studies that they went through now you think this is a good method well known or unknown the semester tries would be instantly some of the benefits of the review method felt forty things are okay so like in other words their arty familiar with that subject right and they are paid they may have a list of questions ready for you when you come and use since there are a Khmer weather there are some things that you don't necessarily always have to cover them a sense you have another one for each villager and say okay repetition right repetition we at Web the Seo we zap gold color repetition deepens Russia also an expression leave an impression so the more times you repeat it with them the more likely get it anywhere else thinks that yes yes a good summons the process of setting their own Bible guys were doing the lesson where I typically do is I encourage people if they can't sit down and do it all once a person who about ten or fifteen minutes a day and that whether doing begin the habit of daily devotions riding even if it's ten or fifteen minutes your essays anything alright alright now let's look at the other side of it what are some disadvantages you might think of and doing the review method is okay sometimes that happens there is not too bad if they do that using you still go through with them but because of its con of a challenge at times okay sometimes it can lose excitement what I found why use review method is that most people don't hold study and that when you go back through with them and you show them these things then the light all now I get it okay but they barely similar with your to say something I forgot also are we in okay has no real appeal case so you what I thought I found that many times church members they'll will deliver a set of Bible study guides and videos to a person by any studying those for a certain amount of time and then on week after week they go back to my drop off the next videos anyway were no men before beginning one video and they watch in the human of video a city Avenue questions and they say no and six okay here's the next video you go all the way through the series and they've never made any decisions as the coach are not in the home asking them for those decisions right right so what are the biggest sounds as when the review method is suppose I'm studying with the head elder of the first Baptist Church of this with ounces by Gabriel and so this like this I'd like to head over professors and anger Bible studies naturally they build one upon another now in any evangelistic series or anything like that you will once you studied the ten Commandments the next study is what the Sabbath right ten Commandments that we always do it right and so suppose I had the first elder a Bible study on the Saban Center next week go through this and next week were going to study this together right what he supposed my happen in between the during that next week he's got to read this site on Sabbath and what to do in your essay pastor what you know about the seventy seven SSA wineglass the one starting with this guy and he just present me with a Bible study on the Sabbath password safe will you study what was study guides are using you to tell the man was essay don't study with those people ever again right here to come back the next week and get a find every Bible workers worst nightmare note that is a little yellow sticky note on the door this is I really appreciate the time we spent together from the continue studying on my own to make sense so it gives that person time know why even then used review methanol what type of a person might the review method be very beneficial for somebody that doesn't know much about the Bible that make sense so the reason is because if they never study the Bible it's hard if I very challenging for me I really slowed down on my Bible study with my friend in enterprise because he knows nothing about the mind-body is like breaking it down to like who is Jesus not mean SOI panda slowdown so I give him my will studies ahead of time he reads over them and then we go over it together and so it reads it repeats of people that know very much about the Bible or people that are arty Christians you would want to use what I call the presenter method how do you suppose that works that's where they have no idea what I'm going to study with them that we write but I go to their house and I present a new subject so we study the subject together then at the end of the study I leave them a study guide of which they can then review the next week that makes sense and so that's the difference the review method is better for people that do not have a Christian background that don't know anything about the Bible presents her method is always much better for those that have had a back ground of the Bible sometime okay on two ways to do it right Sharon or use repairs of sizes as any women questions about that spree straightforward right okay I am going to slip past this because of the sake of time this little section here but you haven't in your notes you can flip through them on I went jump to the next one what did what to include in any study now you have the study guide in front of the store goes of prophecy okay and any Bible study that you have whether it's very few Arabs or whether it's on the store goals or discovered how to use seeing the Discover Bible studies noticing all the different types of Bible studies no matter what the Bible study is it it is very difficult all of him to make a backup on the Bible study is good and it may even be personal but it is not happy your personal touch and make sense of the words whenever you use a premade Bible study guide your goal now Bible study is to take that study and make it your own eye with me make it comfortable for you as so there are ways that you can do that and and not only for you but also personal for that person themselves okay because it's hard for them to write a premade set of studies and make them individual for each person that's where you have to do that befall me some nice show you how to do that okay all right number of the first thing is remember the devil 's deal with fell needs with the felt need what is it if I'm hungry what's my filming I need some food if I'm Thursday was my film the pints of water as I'm cold I felt need is if I decide if my check was a hundred and fifty dollars and my electric bill was two hundred and fifty dollars with special needs a hundred bucks right so whatever your felt need is you want to I'm sorry whenever that person 's felt need is you want to address that within your Bible study and those that make sense okay so what I often do as I had two or three Bible takes and I may not even know what that person 's need is for that moment J that's why it's wise you can buy this it's wise to buy one of these little article is called Bible promise book you can get than a Walmart for approximately three dollars and that Bible promise book it has categories like financial problems divorce Tom Bangor bitterness has these different categories that has Bible promises in each category it's good for you to memorize some of these Bible promises okay and you want to interweave some of these within your Bible study J as in the appropriate places so for instance in Daniel chapter two one of points and then help you make in just a minute is that God predicted world empires before they ever came into existence right and if God can control the events of Earth 's history he can control the affairs of whose life your life right those that make that person that person right and I say to them Linda I know that you had financial challenges in the past but this very Bible study demonstrates the fact that God is not a controlled as world events but he wants to help you with a personal first in your life I know you have those channels and know you've been laid off from her job I know you're on the verge of losing your house but unless your Bible problems appear today in Philippians chapter four verse nineteen the Bible says promises that he he says that and we look at the Texaco acid when injury that text the text says my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus when it doesn't tell you that God 's been preserved or house what it does say the goddess can have a place for you to live it doesn't say that you're not in a happy beans and rice but God provided he is not promises to provide you to be thrice right I went to another words I'm meeting up fill me with them I will study the makes sense is another text Matthew six thirty three CD first I've come right back to seeking first the kingdom of God in all its righteousness and all these things with so Linda as you put your hand in the hand of Jesus Jesus is God provide for your needs Annette always the ones please provide your needs or not so I want to do that to her three times within each Bible study and understand that okay so hotly know their felt needs was I interact with them as they socialize with them mingle with them sympathize with them etc. undead and discover those things aren't that good to begin tell me those things as I tell them I can then as I prepare my Bible study for the next week I can say God what is the perfect promise for this person right and then I can insert that within my files like one of the text is going to just appeal to their heart that they can know that they can trust you later take care of them right so you understand the concept yes okay okay so let's suppose for instance a person is very various I just gave you one example to the right set of God is in control of work events right from nail chapter two so God is in control one of them sees also in and be in charge of your life and who provide your needs another example Francis Sabbath what is God what do you want us to do on the Sabbath he wants us to arrest right and find rest in him so when talking about the Sabbath rest then I flip over to Matthew chapter eleven where Jesus says Cummins in the all ye who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you what rest you know telling time Angelica Angelica you're stressed to the max on this screening an example here you have your job your family and your life is hectic and you he probably wake up every morning saying might even any given moment for myself the day and you just don't know what to do work turn Jesus Angelica 's embodied today to give him yours for a this is your stress of your life you let him be in charge of your problems and he's going to give you rest and one way that he does that is like taking our birds but also as we honor and keep us out from a sense that you do that so you may whatever efforts in the struggling with there is some way to weave that into the miles and take what you got to get out of your minds is that a Bible study on the Sabbath is not just about selling on the right day to worship when the sap begins and ends and not to buy and sell on Sabbath it's not about that it's about finding new Jesus in the Sabbath Jesus wants to spend time with us as the creator of the world because he created the Sabbath for Man on another words the greater universe want to spend time with us right he wants us to a student to be reminded of the sacrifice of the made in the cross for us every time least we keep the Sabbath were reminded that Jesus died for us right so it's about Jesus is not just about the Doctor K something summit he asked me once I said why do we always have to just do these Doctor Miles what we don't we can teach people about Jesus we can go home while Sullivan who is Jesus Christ right we can do that but the reality is at some point or another you have to come to the to the teachings of Jesus right and one of things Jesus taught was to keep the Sabbath the make sense but just because you may be teaching a doctrine doesn't mean you have to leave Jesus out in fact if you are I would highly discourage you from sharing a Bible study Jesus must be included in everything what about the state of that what about sailor that how do we identify people of Jesus it's a good movie if we share something like sated that it's like the dead know nothing but sleep until Jesus comes yelling etc. etc. right high white connect that person with Jesus in the bar I will study like the state that is a is trying to try and that's right before we go there when we go to swap Revelation one seventeen eighteen says that Jesus has had victory over death some say Jesus has the keys of death and Hades was enough why does Jesus have the keys of death and Hades because why what yes that's why but how does how did he get the key how does he possess that used how is he able to unlock the race because he himself why died and when he died either as Dinah was that he was he resurrected SLG is us if anybody knows anything about how power have victory over the grave into Jesus then I take them in John chapter eleven and I share with them the story of Lazarus and the Bible says this shortest XML the Bible is Jesus West 's right I say Jesus understands the pain that is a Jesus understands the family member nine Jesus understands what it's like to lose a friend Jesus himself died on the cross and the father and some people say but I lost my son my child that died God knows what it's like to the front of you knows what it's like to watch the sunset from across so another words Jesus can identify with everything in our lives even the pain in Spain of their right to Jesus knows the pain you're experiencing he knows firsthand which are going through right but the good news is is that Jesus f Hebrews chapter two says that Don he destroyed the power of the devil of the demo house over death and in fact this is read that text on getting off the subject here but I think is good because it's helping you understand something Hebrews chapter two and verse bomb fourteen on this one my favorite Texan Bible fourteen and fifteen Hebrews two fourteen fifty as much as the children have retaken a flesh and blood he himself likewise shared in the same that through our death whose death is death he might destroy him who had the power over death that is the devil now verse fifteen is worth very personal and release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject upon receiving good news is that you have to be afraid you don't have to fray for loved ones because Jesus has had victory over death and seek make the subject of Beth Christ centered is not just about the know nothing that that's important they need to know that to avoid being deceived the last days but that's not the only thing they need to know they need to know that Jesus understands what they're going through right but Jesus identifies with them and when you present that to them your Bible studies will come alive okay so needles felt needs are I number to ask questions to discover what hinders them in other words I I mention these two before going to talk with them during a social times then we those things in their right okay we had to move quickly and then share with them a similar experience you had but don't take all the time in other words if I'm sharing the promise with Linda here Matthew six thirty three seeking first the keynote on all his righteousness and in all choices and all these things shall be added unto you I say London that's a promise from God for you God is telling you he will as you put your hand in his he will provide for your needs I like to tell you a story now about something that once happened to me and I tell him how God provided for me I could tell you a million stories how my wife and I hate all the bills we had no grocery money for the higher months we prayed about it and said Lord we would take with you to pay our time and we expect to be faced with was not arrogantly the Bible says those come boldly to the front ranks if we honor God we can expect is an honor us we prayed about it the next Sabbath these people came up was nice I do know yesterday about this time which at the time we were praying we felt impressed to go to the store and buy this for you they handed us a hundred dollars grocery card to the grocery store not Walmart not when you know not to Cato 's or wherever but specifically to the grocery store at the same time we grade back until you can tell people those can we tell stories like that it brings that the promise from ink on paper into a real-life situation that makes sense so if you want to include a couple of these types of stories within your Bible study ganglia vinyl siding right three to four main points I mentioned this and will go over it one more time we do are mostly what are the three most important things you want the person to remember right and were actually not go through this Bible study very quickly I will show you the three points and how easy it is to do this okay all right make sure that these things can be applied to the person there own life in other words make the points how practical and personal right these boys should be clear but also practical and personal for the person and when you're finished this study you should review these points in other words bring him back to their mind I'll show you how to do that Mister minute my Friday guys and he okay he bought me Jessica sorry my mistake sorry but then I'm usually pretty good with names but it takes meanwhile once I get it is their duty special music offertory have thought somebody sells okay that's what it was okay got mixed up sorry just got all right so include personal testimonies and that's what I just mention the stories that are personal right to work God has done something for you in your life when you do that on use the short story it helps to add to it and it helps illustrate points it brings it from income paper to real to them and also keeps the interest of the person accused the Bible study interesting I've pretty much covered as muscle passes have a goal we sure not to get too distracted and then use illustrations on have you ever had a preacher standoff and they say they try to make this point to you about the Bible and you're just not getting it right and they concede on your face and then they give this illustration like I could gardening ulceration or they tell a fishing story or something like that once they tell them I say what I'm trying to get you to see is like this right and they give that example like prisons an example might be what God wants to do for us is like what you do when you saddle a horse to saddle horse you put the bridle on and you want to guide the horse by the bridle around we want him to go right this is appropriate example has like us with God God wants to still give us freedom of choice but he wants to guide our acts and are thought this is an example also known as like when you're working in a garden you have all your you have euros of cornrows and beans and lettuce etc. and then those weeds are popping up right and we than the most inconvenient places you have to bend over and sometimes it's painful the pull out those weeds but it's very necessary to pull the weeds out of Zito pulled weeds out what happens they were take the crop right so sin is like those weeds God has to pull those out sometimes it's painful right but it's necessary for want of the fruit of the crop the grounds that make sense that's illustration so commonly of those points are you going to have the main points three to four how many illustrations should you have you should have an illustration for each point that you have them a sense to have a point you have no stretch of the three point some illustrations you have four points on many present a least three points no more than four points K the right sense are you guys get it more than some people on the slip over this but this is on I really wish I had time to go over this row quickly but guys read this our three requests by Christ on the lessons they twenty one she says this Jesus saw an avenue to every heart how many hearts he saw he looked for heat he tried to eat he did whatever he had to do to get inside a person 's heart by using a variety of illustrations he not only present the truth in its different phases but appealed to the different hearers their interest was aroused now notice what he says she says her their interest was aroused by figures drawn from the surroundings of their what daily life in other words GSS used examples of things that were familiar are common for people to help them understand spiritual truths what was some of the most common ones the use of fishing and farming right because that's what the people dealt with now while the people around here aren't in a related semester gardening because they don't do that but old there's other ways you can do that is other ways you can demonstrate those things they choose not to listen to the Savior didn't feel they were neglected or forgotten the homeless the most sinful burden is teaching a voice that spoke to them in sympathy and what is not powerful very powerful she says in his teaching Christ 's illustration from the great treasury of household ties and affections and from what furniture so she's of the unknown was illustrative of the known sacred and divine truth by natural earthly things with which the people were most familiar see that these were the things that would speak to their hearts and make the deepest impressions or minds in other words Jesus broken down and made it simple he gave everyday life examples you have kids grandkids the kids you have an infinite source of illustrations okay you know that example would be when a child is learning how to walk they stumble and fall you go over there and give that child a good hard kick in the red 's estate you stupid little kid get yourself up and walk as algae do you fall down you'd be it be a full right you'd be arrested and you'd be like Mister Sameer look at me like that around here I'm just kidding I'm trying to give an extreme example okay what you do you go there and you picked that they and you brush off the dusty kiss him on the cheek I need take the little hands when you maybe put their feet on top of yours and what you do is show them how to new locks and walk holding your hands without falling right summary keeps falling into sin they get discouraged in your sunroom I was a ghost town like that maybe we forgot doesn't come over there tickets in the ribs I get up this matter with you he picks up other hand and he leads us he teases the one just like that they many think a young mother of three zero understand that you should know you think a young dude that's like eighteen years old is and understand that no voice in your essay is like God 's power is like that that Yamaha Kawasaki ninja that you fly you write a thing of another road Eagle Hunter forty miles an hour year you know the feeling about he's like yeah yeah yeah he's a God 's power is infinitely stronger than that by or whatever you're running so you find the thing that's commented that this kind of cheesy example but you understand the point you find something other familiar with some sources talk about what forces they like gardening talk about learning bad kids talking about kids use examples to bring home the spiritual points right all right missile pass this guy have a list of illustrations in there for you personal experience of the best ones telling stories about how you have interacted with God there are other illustrations even you can find them from books stories about books stories about other people on there is amazing facts you can buy this book called the book of amazing facts and has all kinds of illustrations in their you can talk about nature you know you walk out you see a little nest with little birdies and had the mother Bertie comes when the berries are helpless and their chirping away and she given the worms in the water and all that stuff right and just like a mother bird takes care of her babies for God knows Ross right were hopeless we can make in our own compromise runs right so there's all kinds of different ways of fine illustrations are right now using premade Bible says a rate for this with me by Al Qaeda look-alikes sorrier like all but most are with me okay how to repair the studies Kagan Humphries says comes on Bible study this is how you do it okay I'm limited to put all these on the screen I will go through them one by one guy all right so the first one is what draw out the top three to four main ideas you find the study okay let me show you how to do this very easily very quickly look on your Bible study tags and Florida on discovery of the questions and then on that I read the first five questions were seldom enough plausible talk about a first question says why did God give the Babylonian king the string this is store coal Bible studies number one for amazing facts right what's the answer there's a God in heaven reveals what secrets K and he wants a note once again to know what's in an going to happen in the last days number two when the Kings counselors failed to reveal and interpret the dream what was Nebuchadnezzar 's response was his response he was wise angry and what city command to be done the wise man to be what jail right okay so what you're finding here is that big kings counselors if you read the chapter you've all read the chapter right here in chapter the Kings counselors claim to have a connection with who God the one they were put to the test what happened family were not really connected with God right you find that is a really chapter K I watch this number three one Daniel learn learned about the death decree what did he ask of it seeing and what do those friends yes looking for what everyone time right and when he went to his friends he told them what happened and what did they do they pray but massive question was Daniel connected with God yes or no nails connect with God right so number four when the Lord revealed the dreams Daniel who did he give praise and credit I think you and praise the old God of my father 's right for you is made known to me the dream and you given as a father God in heaven who reveals secrets okay now so you notice the first four questions in the chapter of Daniel to cut a deal with what they can't deal with Daniel being connected with God see that and Daniel that the wise men could not get became the answer to his dream Daniel West and prayed and that he find the answer yes or no yes so basically these first four questions have to deal with what connections we see that connection and prayer okay now notice what happens a number five it says what two objects did Daniel save the King Saul and his drain okay then the next question says number six what does the head of gold represent number seven with the Babylonians you must ever so what happened between question for question five exchange PC that is every see that Mister know okay so the first part of the study deals with what subject being him with God and God answering prayer family see that early with me that if that's clear from his right hamstring okay all right so it's likely that one of the most important things to get across to that person about Daniel chapter two is that God answers why prayer that makes sense so if I invite when I leave their home I want them to understand that God hears and answers prayer 's right so that's basically my point in the same way that God answered the prayer of Daniel any crisis he wants to answer whose prayer today your prayer that makes sense that's my point in the same way that God answered prayer Daniel he also wants to answer your prayer today I and then basically I I can make the point that it's important for us to stay what connected DC that is no okay so now I have my first point with me now any addition that I need to her points for Anita goes along with that point and as an illustration so I need a story or some example that demonstrates the power of prayer anyway think of the story of a power prayer which one they share the story my wife I pray right beyond two thousand nine was diagnosed with cancer and I was in the hospital and up in the hospital for forty days in two thousand nine is just two years ago and all my Haskell students now fifty five and they marched around the hospital seven times and they prayed for me and the doctors thought I was in a die and the next day I made a miraculous breakthrough in my and my illness I've had this reprise have this infection I went through my whole body and it was killing me and the next day I have this miraculous breakthrough and to make a long story longer I am here with you today okay I'm here with you today so God miraculously what healed me okay there are countless stories on prayer maybe you had a personal spiritual prayer you know someone else that they can be when it doesn't always have to be your own story okay but it can be so I make the point and this force were questions not same as my monthly dominion very early in the first four questions we see how important it is that Daniel was connected with God right and that the wise men McCain put his trust in these wise men and what happened they fail him but when Daniel put his trust in God God answers prayer it is no Maria that God also wants answer your prayer and same way metadata story how did that for me so they can give you encouragement they held over you right it's that easy day that proceeds side answered question number one question number two three and four we read the facts of better I made that that strong emphasized point of the prayer now it's time to move on right so you want to question number five seed at all right five what to object to Daniel said he saw his dreams and now it's happening or describing the dream and the statue right and so question five he solved the image in the stone question six what is ahead of goal representatives represent Babylon number seven what were the cap him will last forever after these all arise why another kingdom what metal would represent eczema follow me to Persia the brass right which is grease number nine what metal represents a fourth kingdom working on shall be as strong as iron who is that Rome would happen after the fall of the Roman Empire became a shall be what divided this number ten with these kingdoms ever succeed in reuniting the show clean mingle with the seed of men but they shall not what creates one another nail to forty three okay so all those questions have to deal with what the kingdoms of this world the statute right you see that okay now notice what happens in number twelve this is cool will set up the lives final kingdom is there a transition as Renault was a transition right and the number thirteen what does the strongest of the other world kingdoms what's the transition it smashes them right what's the transition we go from the statue to now the why God 's kingdom right the kingdoms of the earth transitions to the kingdom of God which is representative the stone which symbolizes second coming of Jesus so now I need a point about what begins earlier Friday and what is the point of those keynotes I'm sorry for the points of those kingdoms that any projects you look on this page right here you see a statue of the day of the image correct felt like the second marker pen for one second brother elected the law but a pencil and I drew a line about right there there was an event that half one in Daniel 's life just into the NATO Persian Empire senility note that was the line close to it including payment of very close so and there I am a wall but also Daniels there right Bible says of my reveals that he was alive mostly during which Empire is the Babylonian fire right here you have the beginning of the Medo Persian Empire and it was the end that time that Daniel die right with me and yes Daniel predicted the fall of Medo Persia to the nation agrees to be led to serious or no in Daniel chapter seven and agency names by name Greece as the country that would overthrow me to Persia and he never knew it is a die he's mentioned that hundreds of years in advance and happened just like you said in Daniel chapter nail chapter eight he gives an even more in depth he talks about the first game of sound house and of the great talks about his death and when he died they were four empires it would take over any any mention all of these things hundreds of years before they ever have to argue with me okay so basically it Daniel was dead here but he predicted all this with perfect accuracy the fall of meet a person to grease the fall of Greece to Rome on the fall of Rome as the ten parts I made those on the statue that right if you predicted all that way after his death which gives evidence of the Bible is true by the way then that means that God predicts the future you see that that's the whole point that you want to make in that statute you with me it'll have to ask them to memorize all the dates they'll have to know all that's all they really all masterful come later for what they really need to know is that God predicts the future right on the Bible confirms this history confirms this and it's a powerful thing it is turn thousands of atheists into Bible believing Christians say man's right now so we need that's the main point morning across so hot we turn that into a point estimate idea rather I would turn that into a point remember it's not just about making the point but it's making it personal and practical how do we do that with point number one God answered the prayer of Daniel that's the point I would make a personal and practical just like he answered Daniel 's prayer he once answer your prayers in a sense as we just tell them all guides for us all Greg is wonderful in after years but he doesn't answer my Wii has seen us that you'll break him right second want second point God knows the future are you with me K now I want to make the point God predicted the rise and fall of world events hundreds of years before they ever happened right at the point God knows the future if God knows the future of world history or world events than he knows also the future of whose life today your life and if you will trust him he will guide your life amen he will guide your life so God Roth predicted the rise and fall were empires before they were happen reveal and that God knows the future and if God knows the future he can we can trust since the day to control the affairs of what happens in our personal life right you see that that's how you make a personal assault not just about the statue in the real emphasis is that God can control because he can help you I drove over to authorities number three so that's how many points we have now do we need also and illustration now Christ and illustrations I heard a story once I'll say this in thirty seconds there was a man on the German army in World War II and he studied his seventh Abbasid ever heard of the book of outlets shall fall this gentleman was like the Desmond Doss of Germany gay of you know doesn't off this you don't know him watch the documentary the conscientious objector wonderful spouse will think of a receipt day anyway this man was in the Army and everybody knew he was a Christian he was persecuted etc. and one day the he was called into the officer 's death and there was a German officer sitting there and he asked this man is a certain he said the things that was haunches upon your Christian he said do you believe that Germany will nor do you believe that God is on Germany sigh the man knew that to say know what he would've been victimized over trees and so he said is this an official or unofficial meeting and they have this rule where the man that there was an unofficial meeting he would take off his hat and laid on the desk and that was a signal that everything was off the records of the officer took office had laid it down as so the man Hans he opens his Bible and he says I like to share something with the open spinal damage after two and he goes to the history of the statue and he comes to the feet of iron and clay now when Rome fell it divided over how many parts ten and those tend shrines became known as the modern European nations of one of Europe about what time today right so the Anglo-Saxons became the British the English the Franks the French Lombard Italians and so forth so forthright so where are we in the statues history were in the fee of of our client in writing and so Germany was during that time the Bible says about those nations that they will not want we want another Hitler's whole purpose in attacking all the European nations was to reunite sure all Europe under one banner and he would be the ruler of the mall get it was as ultimate desire so he said sir because of this prophecy Germany will not win the war as a presenter that that man he was flabbergasted and he was so certain is that our fate you can leave the next day he was summoned back to the tent again now there were two more officers was like a colonel and a general or something like that but he says Hans I want to share with these men would you share with me yesterday he says is this an official or unofficial meeting they had to guard his back on they all took off their hats and share with unveils effort to these men were were speechless and they realized that their entire cause had been in vain is that I know that an illustration of Chanel as an illustration right and it emphasizes the point that God knows the future and in Germany indeed lose the war they lost the war all right point number three we move fast fast throw fast price is right whatever three number twelve Google set up the final kingdom who as it has says now this is what I love about them to do it says Daniel two forty four and the days of what these things and the days of these kings what games they seems that divided when Rome fell right which are the modern European nations of today so another words what time period for the God of heaven set up a team must never be destroyed when now when everybody as these chains which is now I said I say Monday's losing bottles of the bitumen I asked my Bible study conduct a safe wartime fears that I say what I say now in a Swiss doesn't get it it's a nice and I asked him a question I same a master list it Daniel predicted the rise and fall but inside the fall of Babylon to meet a person called me the person agrees the following Greece Rome and it isn't eroded some parts of you was a hundred percent accurate about that hundreds of years in advance he supposedly can trust that what he says God has set up a kingdom in these day in the days of these games that we can also believe that S&L mess when they really start to get it and I say the Bible says of the next event to come in history that statue is that Jesus come back to the server that's the next event in major event in this world 's history and all the things we see happening the world today are simply the signs are pointing to that event though also a study signed the time for them typically I say Jesus discuss how come very soon okay so let my point is here 's my third Main point that we are we are climaxing towards the end of this worlds history and Jesus is going to come very what investment flowing that we are at the end of the timeline and Jesus is coming soon right with me now that's the point how don't make it personal and practical automaker open with one more sentence and it would want to guess are you ready yes that's actually my decision question but it leads into that that that that though the way of interpersonal all is that God sees us once nothing more than for who knew to be in backing then I asked the question do you want to be ready by the makes sense so that helps them see the net kingdoms not for somebody else Becky was not for the neighbor that unit is not for you given the study with that given his roof is for them personally but recessed to follow at very powerful K so that I move into my third illustration was my third illustration bomb that you can use any any story but here's one that I often use but suppose that there is a family that has ten children anybody in the family size of the reservoir the family had ten children could move rapidly anymore but suppose that after thirty or forty years every year at Christmas and Thanksgiving the family comes together for a fandom have this big long table and all the kids are there with all their families and their kids and there's like four or fifty people there let's suppose that one year just before Thanksgiving one of the sons gets in a car accident since my wife's and he is terrible he's he's killed instantly do the parents then at the family meal on Thanksgiving say well it's really sad that Bob died but we're not in a missing that much because we have nine other children that's more than enough meanness more than most people have it all so it's really not that big of a deal as I was apparent how parents feel what happens their heart is what it takes the dates for that one shot even though all their other children are all the grandchildren are all the all the daughter-in-law on Sunday malls are there that one child leaves a hole in her heart right thanks him from Jesus comes again I'm not running any of you know the rest of your family may be there even though everybody else is there if you're not there imagine the holds can be left in the heart of God throughout all eternity Jesus once again attacking Linda Jesus wants you there he wants you to be with him for eternity and there's nobody else they can take the place of you in the heart of Jesus nobody else and take your place of the marriage supper of the Lamb God doesn't want your CV via .org be ready for Jesus when he comes we think the natural answer is yes see how that moves the heart is the sort of free points amid you want to be there and you want to be there high so what are the three points on that emphasize within the questions that I go through it in the Bible study was the first point God answers what is prayer was the second twenty God knows the future and if he can control the future of world events he can control the future of your life was a third point is calming and eternal kingdom and we know that was trustworthy because Daniel predicted history before it happened and God wants you to be in the kingdom wants you to be making them do you want to be ready for Jesus when Cox received as house you take a Bible study like this and you make it come alive you tell the stories you add your personal illustrations you add the additional text on the felt need Sarai and your adding a few personal testimonies no one person testimonies I fear for Daniel to the fact that eight years ago I used to be a hard-core atheists atheists can look to the letter and it was Daniel chapter two that gave me the confidence I needed to know that the Bible could be trusted and that's when I first began my journey with God so that the personal presence was just a test a story about what this study or anything in the study has done for you any experience you have with God that can fit into the story is of a sense no if you say God knows the future is working of the future events of your life you can tell story about how somehow God letting your life in some important decision you had to make it can be just about anything okay so you want to have the three or four points within the study that you go that you emphasize right with me anyone have a couple of personal customers those stories you can those testimonies can be illustrations okay and so you have the three points three illustrations and those illustrations can be your personal story and it's easy to do there okay or it can be anything else ten to twelve facts which we have an illustration for each point which we have summarized review the main points and then the appeal which I I said you do don't you want to be ready for Jesus when he coughs right is the other networks so you're taking Justin information Bible study I knew making a personal in making a practical you're making it come alive you're showing that person how this Bible study includes not just somebody else but you write and you walk out of a study and you will be revised payment because you share that study you do realize that kingdom is not just for them but also for you to write many times I wanted to Bibles are not been discouraged about my spiritual life my life in general circumstance my life problems in my life and I'm just like the rest of my man I do not want to go when hearing of this Bible study I go in there and I share that with people and I find that exactly what I shared with them is exactly what I needed for me I believe that Bible study on cloud nine I'm so excited and energized and refreshed and renewed as you share the bread of life of the people you will find that it will rejuvenate you okay now grow quickly we have about eight minutes okay eight minutes now on the share with you and eight minutes literally how to do a Bible study from scratch instead is a monetary anus is very very easy okay I call it the five W 's and age study the say that with me five W 's NEH now have you ever been in school when you are in school have you ever had to write out my paper on the five W 's don't talk about who or what when where why and how you enjoyed that in school for me like an officer in I hated hated with a passion feature of unlike you know what I write a paper one arrived and went on a ride in a one a follow this little the method is how I felt but that could now I just got I was sitting there and I was praying when they are some board this is a good way to do Bible studies using using SETI guys would you can't always use these sometimes you got to do your own case as in Lord Watson they are really easy way to help people write a Bible study from scratch that is simple and easy to do and the final reveal this to me and was very powerful and I called the five W 's and H basically you can say any Bible subject whether it's the Sabbath whether it's anger management whether it's study of who is Jesus the holy spirit on parenting how to have victory over drugs how to have a what is prayer house of the subject of prayer you can take any subject and apply this method and come up with a easy to write Bible study J very easy and all you have to do is answer those six questions okay so let me let me share with you then within that Bible study one include some of the other things I mentioned a few personal testimonies of illustrations but instead of having three points your points are the questions that make sense okay all right so add a couple testimonies and have an appealing decision but let me show you just the core of the study and then you add those other things I showed you later day we will do that but you see okay let's take a look at the second coming okay cool what when where why and how are you with me okay so we asked the question who that you have to be just a little bit creative what you have to do you have to be creative okay and so you had you not discover what these out one second until you've done it a few times and you learn how to do it okay so we asked the question who left the first one who so we start taking we start brainstorming well the question we can ask is who does the Bible say is coming back soon is not great question glass and who is coming back Jesus right so what the text for that John fourteen verses one through three right there I'm going to prepare a place for you and if I go to prepare a place for you I will lock come again and receive you unto myself that where I am there you may be also okay so you asked the question who what when where why and how and if you answer it with a Bible texts is that simple okay the second one is who is he coming back for a virtually the same tax answer that question those in it was a coming back for all that was weak you sound like an anti-Semite people that don't really believe it was a comeback for yachts to write you and me who is coming with him when he comes as this one in your notes and hope it is okay who is coming back with him when he comes to the Angels right Matthew twenty five talked about that another places what are so you may want to write the specs downloaded and put them up here is I want you to tell me some text what are the signs are of his comments to ask the question who now rests in the question one what right what what what are the signs of his coming and where do you find that the Bible Matthew twenty four and their other of the other Gospels talk about of also Matthew Mark and Luke what is the what manner of his coming and was amount is coming every eye shall see in Revelation one seven right who was a Jesus every eye will see him who will hear him every person first Thessalonians chapter four right talks about that in price rise who blow the trumpet no here his voice and come forth then we can we now I'm not saying you have to ask all these questions but I'm just putting more out there for you to ask a soul or another we can ask is what what this it's right you several I recommend two or three of each day to attributes and then answer with one Bible text what deception will there be about his coming and what deceptions are there it will come as a thief right he will the secret rapture and those things you can you can then you can study within that about those what will happen to the wicked I will happen to them Revelation six Bible says it will cry for the rocks to fall on them and they will be destroyed by the brightness of his coming on second Thessalonians chapter one what will happen to the righteous will happen to them Isaiah chapter on May forgot this one I think is Isaiah thirtieth says that they will say low this Oregon we have waited for him was the Bible say will do Revelation chapter twenty I think it's verse eight says that we will go to heaven with Christ in writing with them for how long a thousand year 's right to see how this works is asked the question and in your answer from the Bible okay all right then the third question is what where who what when I think for who what where many fans of the amount of order as the whereabouts of it where where would Jesus take us John fourteen I go to prayer a place where I go you I come again that where I end there you may be what also I why do some people say it's a secret because of why is there to seek right and their attacks that messed that up how can I avoid so now we asked those that were moving and about how can I avoid being deceived about the second coming half I asked right you asked for wisdom from heaven K N God promises to give us wisdom you know John seventeen says on sanctify them by their truth and I by word is one truth as we study the word of God it will prevent us from being one of the seas right and typically are how question will almost always lead you into your appeal so I asked the question how can I be one ready for the second coming of Jesus Revelation three verse twenty Jesus said I stand at the door and knock if any man opens to me I will come into him and dine with him right how has God made it possible for me to be ready John three sixteen for God so loved the world is a gave his only begotten son that whosoever what Leavitt and him or there is also a text that you could use on about Jesus dying on the cross for our sensory others in a variety of text you can use to see how that works in that easy so you take those questions cool what when where why how I you asked the question about the yakuza you got a be a little bit creative but once you practice it you'll get the hang of it okay he only do all row quick the Sabbath who created the Sabbath who was the Sabbath intended for who created it Jesus stands right John one one two three says that he that in the beginning was the Word was with God and says that all things were created by him nothing was created by him that was created okay so another words if Jesus created everything what did he create sacred Sabbath also right who was an incentive for Mark to twenty seven twenty eight the samples made for man and not man for the Sabbath right that right sorry yeah that's right the Son of Man is Lord of Sabbath is at right now to write what is the purpose of the South what is God 's promise recipe keep the Sabbath when is the Sabbath when we got established the Sabbath when does the Sabbath beginning to see how works right the very things you need to go over can be just turned into the question so basically if you have a knowledge of the Sabbath all you have to do is turn the statement into a question from a sense be take the tax the Bible text that you're answering that with a U-turn and will question every eye will see him how would Jesus come who will see Jesus when he comes every eye will see on Baum who was the Sabbath made for on-site attacks the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath who was the Sabbath created for right as so you take the taxi just turn it into a question format and answers is that simple but use those five of those six questions to answer them right where were Jesus and the apostles on the Sabbath is not a great question or relay Luke four sixteen were Jesus go to the synagogue on the Sabbath was the Sabbath so important to God why is it shouldn't be important to to us right because Ezekiel twenties he equates the IV was Ezekiel twenty twenty God says sanctify on I I I guess I get such in a hurry I can't member only stacks sanctum on basically says keep my Sabbath because they are a sign between you and I been on the Lord that does what sanctify you it's according to God because it shows in a certain important loss because of the sign that he is our Redeemer right is our Redeemer how long we keep the Sabbath and how long will he Isaiah sixty six dry forever right how will gods people get a sense revelation fourteen twelve years the patients of the Saints will send you the commands of God and have the testimony of Jesus how long are how does keep itself in relation with Jesus Jesus says in John fourteen fifteen if you love me keep my wife's commandments I went a little more than a minutes to understand the point right you can take any subjects Jesus who was Jesus the Holy Spirit who in one of the Holy Spirit right you just go through and asked the question after that let easy and then you can go out and share that with just anybody right just anybody all right let's pray together as anybody as a question stayed by and I will be happy to answer that question for you and then we'll break to write you guys got a go to meeting was pretty right Jessica okay she's ready to go were already to go on heaven thanks much for this time and thank you for the meetings about starting five minutes and we pray for those feet from the community that are coming to the meeting we ask you to bless them to draw near to them and speak to their hearts tonight for the various messages and thank you are they giving vital studies is not rocket science but it's easy it's simple and therefore willing your willing to use us as so use us Lord and I know that every person here will be dynamic workers for you when they trust you underlings upon a faith so we ask your blessing I pray for each one you will bring people another path that will be interested in studying the Bible and that you will help them to win souls for you in Jesus name we pray amen


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