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The Faithful Testimony of Jesus and Sources of Unbelief

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • April 1, 2006
    10:00 AM
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him you might have seen a little paper outline of this week and fearing that informed by two young men who walked up here that many you can see we didn't turn it off when to give you the outline of the raise your hand are people I will give you one of those the folder had up until you get one those you have to free hands gripping her by the first Corinthian chapter eight first Corinthians chapter eight were looking at verse one there was a time anonymous history when this passage was pivotal to our future and if I understand the history correctly that if this passage had been understood and practice we wouldn't of been born we cannot afford our feelings first Corinthians chapter a converse while not concerning things offered to idols we know that we all have knowledge knowledge paths but love edifies that first verse is significant because we've heard that in all your getting get knowledge referred that the knowledge is the chief a knowledge of God is how we receive the precious promises that allows for take the divine nature in first Peter but is there something dangerous about knowledge what do knowledge to it can make us like Lucifer knowledge can make a man proud and if it does that the disaster because for the future and last night how in the way to understand none of the wicked according to Daniel twelve none of the women understand as you can imagine this your learning more and more knowledge until you become proud and so not erected until you don't under stand about being knowledge knowledge knowledge no understand it would be a disaster that was the pattern you follow your spiritual verse two and if anyone thinks that he knows anything he knows nothing as she asked as he ought to know in this time anonymous issue in this happen there was a young man preaching and there was an elder gentleman in the audience the other gentleman was Uriah Smith younger man was eighty Jones naked Johns was speaking on top of Uriah Smith was familiar with the conference in the law of God and the Sabbath and righteousness and faith and how these things work together you're right this opinion was that he understood these things and if you understand these things are the foundation of Christianity why would you need to hear I got a man speaking about ever wrote that I might be putting into his mind works speaking my words he never happens but whatever the case was eighty Jones preached on these verses that if we think we know what the one the Bible says is we don't know as well as we ought to if we would confess that we would be teachable because there is a deplorable situation where man has so much knowledge that he is no longer teachable that would mean that he is proud and he has no understanding of the space mentioned in Daniel twelve I hope that was confusing I must say briefly and go on him are learning we begin to feel that we know plays pretty well not only be conquered that room first pregnancy to the we set ourselves up for the firm for the cursive first condensate line we can become trial and that's a disaster last night we were speaking about that need it for the spiritual gifts in the church I think for many of you studied this at some point maybe evangelistic series or enduring baptismal studies that you have the bottles break their dispersal guess I continue in the church today how London and in the church until we come to the unity of the faith to the stature of the fullness of Christ the gifts are here but why would we need for example to have profits in the charts for profit and the church when we have the Bible which is so true and full of everything we need this is review of last night recap the reason that John the Baptist was sent even though Jesus was about to come wasn't because John the Baptist was more accurate than Jesus we are wondered why did not just start with Jesus since Jesus was wiser and brighter and more holy than John the Baptist why not just skip John and go straight to Jesus but what if I just say she was the voice crying in the wilderness to make way to make straight the way of the Lord to make ready a people responding we need those extra biblical prophets because our hearts are not prepared to receive the truth for the start that true for the generation today is this a particularly converted generation of equivalent for those you open that little corner of him there was the second half is listed I wanted the revelation three magnificent follow the order there the second case seventeen thinking seventeen one all right now is this idea of the testimony of Jesus for those who gone through studies in the truth top myoclonus we would know that the testament Jesus is the spirit of prophecy on simple Revelation nineteen ten the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy but first print second Corinthians that's what I meant down with a big bubbles Chronicles things chapter seventeen I looking at verse nine in the gifts of the spirits that the New Testament list you'll find some gifts like pastors and teachers and evangelists pastors and teachers one of the inverted the White House in the body I don't know if your speakers are doing I suppose they do but I don't know but if they're doing their duty limited way now since not simply to send there out there because it's no good point those out to you what sentient they point out the sins that are inherent we need to know ourselves but there is a problem with depending on pastors to point out the sins of the church look at verse nine also the children of Israel did secretly against the Lord their God things that were not right that describe people got still today is it possible that there are people here who are living in sin some very wicked abominable sin and that the elders here know nothing about Mister was met again bless your holy energy because they are not people who secretly those things in a pastor 's men intuitively convey to get some sense but God uses another means to preach against fans that pastors can't see the first thirteen yet the Lord testify against Israel and against Judah by all his profits every see are saying turn from your evil ways and keep my commandments and my statutes according to all the law which I commanded your fathers which I commanded your fathers which I sent to you by my servants the prophets what is the testimony of the Lord in this verse by way when we read about the Lord the Old Testament check me on this I believe it's Jesus that Jesus if you'll check the order of inspiration the father gives a message to Jesus who gets into his angel to give her unto his servants the prophets and they give it to us and the Lord hear the testifies for his servants the prophets is Jesus so infinitesimal of the Lord Narita simply the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ how does our Lord Jesus Christ testify by the prophets by all the seers is how he does it and when the prophets and seers say when the Lord is testifying through the turn you from your evil ways pastors at the same time the pastor doesn't know what evil Lazar but does God know when by his Spirit working through those those agencies the seniors and profit God can speak to us if you've ever seen a series of books called testimonies for the church nine volumes I'll speak plainly my testimony here I believe that God spoke through a white as his messenger I really don't think that you I believe that if someone tells you that I don't think you want to be in a hurry and leave it if that is a video take your time if you ever get in the business very quickly sucking profits accept the false one summed out somewhere along the line take your time slow down check it out I've done then I think it was she was prompt here we have those nine volumes customers in the church and those who run it with the faith that I have I think you found that they reveal some of your secret sense of the passages can't touch it would raise her head and method that was true in your experience well that wasn't many hams was sure nice various Canadian word and that was key in a sentence summary of what was said so far the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ is given through the prophets and the prophets are saying Judy the Commandments of God breaking them is a synchronous sin the revealing our secret breaking the ten Commandments it would be our for a profit to be in a church that wasn't teaching that we should keep the commands of God a prophet would be out of place according to this passage because when the prophet say Jim McManus of God in fact the churches you find that when the church turned away from the commands of God process turned away from the church when the church came back to keeping the testimony revelation predicted for the revival of the spirit of the prophets in the church the community to hire too low it's just that it's too high and I'm all for all the whistling or not is another for those who ever hear this and some electronic format might what we cross in our church who is this still happening I was larger name a little bit ago but forgot it is in Ohio I kind of kind of man your Bibles to Revelation chapter three run a look at another incidence of the testimony of Jesus Revelation chapter three I was studying with you in this passage five words in verse seventeen and one word in verse eighteen and then tell you that sometime later in this year I'm likely to be here God willing speaking about the rest of the Stein Revelation three and verse seventeen the last five words art wretched miserable poor blind and naked they are the testimony of Jesus regarding the church in the end of time if any of you are new advanced or old Adventist and you could be know that methods also but if you're an administrative notice that there are some unconverted nests in the church or if you're in evangelical churches somewhere or nonevangelical churches somebody knows wickedness in the church there before you light shock you you should just know it was a matter prophecy that in Revelation two and three when Jesus predicted the history of the Christian church she said good and bad things about the first age he said only good things about the second age he said good and bad things about the third age good and bad things about the fourth age and bad things about the webpage only good things about the six eight one Enoch the seventh age it was only bad things in that are fine well you see what is worth noticing me the names of people John Jesus Christ the church for this time he does it with these five words that word ratchet the Greek word of their traffic direction is used only one other kind of Scripture that's in Romans seven you can check it out later with your concordance or however you check those things out but it describes there a man who is in captivity to the law of sin he wants to do right but he can't do it and that describes our church in general according to Jesus I'll say it's true whether or not by our church you mean the Seventh-day Adventist church or the worldwide Christian church whether you are there faithful people to research there are other fatal people evangelical churches there are what's the general truth about the whole bunch of them were wretched captivity to the loss and death according to Jesus the true when that second word miserable the Greek word translated miserable Jews only one other place in the entire Bible lesson first Corinthians chapter fifteen verse nineteen a passage I don't think is up in the first against fifteen verse nineteen and they are speaking of the resurrection Paul goes into a hypothetical a very sad hypothetical description he say if there is no resurrection this would be selling this would be selling he says in verse nineteen if there is no resurrection then we would be of all men most miserable because our hope in I'm paraphrasing our hope of heaven would be very we would be thinking of going to happen but we would be lost if in this life only we have hope in Christ we are all men most miserable Jesus calls that work for is fifteen and uses it to describe in general the last day church it is miserable was it me and it thinks it's on its way to heaven and as a general thing it's wrong in general claim or not I would have were lost for the same reason that were wrenching my captivity to the law sin and death but between your Bibles Amos chapter five Amos chapter five our Adventist the only body of believers were looking forward to Christ's second coming maybe it would be accurate to say that most bodies of believers and they are looking forward to Christ's second coming there are exceptions I was looking forward to pricing a coming they are they certainly are you so Jesus is coming and they are just evangelicals looking forward to try second coming they certainly are and the word advanced in the N-word Adventists have the administrators were looking forward to Christ coming it might be important to clarify that some people you're talking to them because advanced in other contacts is usually a reference to Christ first coming not always but usually Amos five eighteen and nineteen it says what one do you desire the day of the Lord what is the day of the Lord another word for is Christ's second coming the passage says wall unto those that desire crisis coming if I could just make an application for discharge unstable on to Adventists those were looking forward to Christ's second coming also while in the Muslims and warned evangelicals and what everyone else is looking for depressing coming why is says to what it is is it for you the day of the Lord 's darkness and not liked as if a man verse nineteen did flee from a line to ever talk about the whole as a roaring lion the devil is a roaring lion and we don't like we wish we could get away from him because he messes up our life and we have an idea that if we get to heaven the devil doesn't know they are sober free from the double assessment and was running a heaven to get away from the damp and they bare neck you can read your Bible to find places where bears need him they need a young house when the young guns were making fun of the man who was was Elisha you just witnessed the taking up of his front alike if I could summarize my understanding of this passage Jesus says well into my church you're looking forward to my company you think you're going to get away from the devil which are going to find adjustment for the way you have respected the profits from a state disrespect the profits the verse goes on first nineteen as if a man went into the house we talk about heavenly forgoing home going on the heaven is amendment at home and leaned his head on a wall and a work talk about just was never going home but were not going home because we'll find out at that point we've been tricked by the devil have to speed up wretched and miserable we are in captivity the sin we think are going to heaven but were not than that for them blind and naked understood the toilet that means I can get onto my main points what are the riches of Christianity your mind later James two five its faith and love we think we have and we don't have much of it at all lines that was the way Paul was prior to his experience of being baptized it was assembled in him because of my next forty six percent to nineteen that he was called will turn from darkness to light to open their arms but they might receive forgiveness of sins in that passage the people whose eyes are still closed half organizations noted Jesus uses the idea to describe his church in general we are lying we don't half against the sins and if you doubt me on the first for at least the last word you can't doubt it it's too simple it says naked what is in the New Testament spiritual clothing that were not in English but you understand the question 's dispersal aware is the righteousness of Jesus but you tell me if you're naked are you going to happen within whatever language you like to use your Pentagon these are the five words from verse seventeen Jesus says to his church in general your unconverted unconverted unconverted unconverted unconverted in at least the last time he says that we should understand that the testimony of Jesus is a similar testimony of Jesus back there and Kings it is the screen out to us that we are really lacking in moral standing in verse eighteen the word I want to study with you only is the work by because you know from your previous express probably that while the work for tells you Jesus says Feingold he just said that we are for and you can think it through how much gold apartment how you buy when you're poor person in your Bibles Lycia fifty five Isaiah fifty five if the church in general is unconverted her care really hopeless because she thinks she's just fine what pray tell can she do to acquire the gold of faith and love if she gets the gold of faith will should be clothed she will be because faith works by love and we have righteousness by faith if she can get this gold from Rapport state she's going to get the clothing and she's going to eyesight and she's got no longer be wretched and eleven just to get what she needs if you can by Isaiah fifty five one the first word in the King James version is important I'll doesn't speak in Puerto Rico last week and found my dismay that that word is entirely missing from the Spanish by afraid for some of you might be missing from your Bible I have never checked it I just figured it was in everyone's Bible the holy lesson everyone who thirst comes of the waters and you have no money come buy and eat verse two why do you spend your money for what is not red in your wages for what does not satisfy listened carefully to me even if you miss the first word in verse one you got it in verse two because Ho and listen carefully to me in the same kind verse three incline your ear if you missed it in verse one percent holidays he had inversely worsened listen carefully to me but if you didn't read the two versions you have personally or says your ear and the second phrase in verse three says lesson and your soul shall live her here nurse also let your heard this English phrase of course you have paid attention to ergonomics or school that's what poor people have to pay in us all we got is for Laodiceans what is required to buy without money and without price the all we pay attention we have to listen to what the true witness has to say to us as a people and if we move less intellect truly incline our hearts to it it will go after what the witness has to say we can have what we need in your Bibles to first Corinthians first Phrygians chapter one the logic used by Hebrew writers is very often backwards to me and I've heard from people that also can about it which I don't that's because they often thought backwards to me in office help me and trying to work through some of these complicated sentences were three versus long in Paul's writings to start at the end of the sentences and work backwards the misgivings that thought he is even try sometimes it helps you some of those in that sentence the end of a sentence that were going to look at is in verse eight to work backwards verse eight says who will also confirm you do that and that you may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ is the sentence was the word for our time it is talking about the way you want to be when Jesus comes back whatever the verses before saying in the first after the Senate it has a purpose Oregon and what is the end in mind that when Jesus comes back you could be blamed the meaning of now for another study in another place and another time but it's significant all just give you I can that while the Bible speaks about every generation being perfect and Jesus in space about the last generation away speaks of none other this is the last generation as being right when the others are perfect blades are perfect sprouts speaks a laceration is being blameless and without spot without wrinkle and a number of phrases that are in use and reference other people God has a purpose and that's what it is now select her seventh see his means to get to ninety verse seven is on the page before so that you come short in no gift eagerly waiting for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ the group that is going to be made in this way blameless how do they relate to price coming there waiting for this is more encouraging the next five because here it's a good thing to be waiting for Christ second it said in the first half of verse seven that the God uses gas to prepare his laypeople to be blameless when it comes to quality so far working backwards what does God use repair waiting people to be blameless when he comes users guess apparently sometimes certain gifts are missing the church but how many will be missing in this case indicates no disability medicine for those who are waiting so they can be blameless in price comes back verse six even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you know what is the testimony of Christ is the spirit of prophecy is the work of Jesus working through his prophets to communicate his message whether profits after the intern when you know the facts and you cannot look at first Corinthians is the run number of of profits acted in the Corinthian church in fact client is only say that received one of the vessels in which we have any evidence in acts of the profits after the necessary anguish of that epistle speaks about the testimony of Jesus being their also letter to Corey does not make any sense for most beloved like another something about again the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy which of thy cities that received the assault had prophets and Corinth did a few other cities had made and received the presence and which of the epistles mentions the testament Jesus as being in the church the message to the Corinthians will that make sense to me and if I can work backwards Jesus wants to have people writing when he calms by being in a statement referred to as blameless towards that and he works among those were waiting for him and making sure that they happen every gift specifically he confirms in them which gift the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit problems that's the truth is still the truth today God works to confirm his people were waiting for us coming with this gift they don't come behind in any especially this was confirmed in them so that they can be blameless when it appears we can reverse logger verse four I guess we ought to verse five says that you were enriched in every thing by him and all our insurance and all knowledge as part of that verse six is confusing to separate them at that point the gift verse six of the test when Jesus how does it enrich people brings the knowledge is the gift of prophecy by communicating to them and implies words and councils seven minutes left not happy about Colossians to turn with me there are not met anybody that you're wondering I'm just disappointed in the situation Colossians chapter two there is a book that is more relevant to administer another books I was Bill said there is a book that is more relevant than the last they charge Laodiceans and other books that's the book of Colossians and I know that because of the end the book also something like what I've written to you be sure to share with the people there to see what I wrote for them be sure your reading germinal Paul wrote a letter to the lesbians start anywhere in the Bible that you can finally said I'll be right there in the book of Colossians chapter two verse one four I want you to know what a great conflict I have for you and for those in Laodicea and for as many as have not seen my face in the flesh we qualify for that last point we do where people who are indications of all talking letters but never had it explained in to us personally apparently people who had others explaining the same often have similar misconceptions the people in Colossae and people noticing verse two what was he hoping for them that their hearts might be encouraged being knit together in love that's something that the last a church needs we need our hearts to be knit together in love that's different than sentimentalism not all is as you and attending to all the riches of the full assurance of understanding to the acknowledgment of the mystery of God both of the father and of Christ what is listed in the you could summarize into things what I'll say she needs to be net together and experience of having long she also has been the together inexperience of understanding specifically to the knowledge the mystery of God what is the mystery of God was just four verses before that in the same block is Christ in you the hope of glory live to see if the problem she is a very loving she has another problem and that is that she doesn't want to admit that it's really true that Christ delivered her heart just hope she can have the character of Jesus those you have a handout the last point there four is having made really quick SSL persecuted that a process that's the title of our next study this afternoon when I'm referring to what Jesus said in Matthew five recently speak on that of evil against you falsely rejoice and be exceeding glad for so persecuted they the prophets there's anything you can know about profits from Matthew five thousand tons allies are made about them was ever a clear inverse of equity to you listen carefully again when they speak all manner of evil against you falsely rejoice because that's how they persecuted the prophets how do they first give the profits by speaking all manner of evil falsely than don't just believe anything you hear about some of the claims of your profit or to speak for God because it's as true as the Bible to people tell lies lies lies lies about a life that later told you that I have confidence that she was a messenger of God wrote those nine one the testimonies way way back in the early writings wrote something about alternation of man and beast she indicated that amalgamation is one of the things that brought the flight and maybe tracker sends that time really made fun of her as being scientifically illiterate because you just can't cross a man and animal and get offspring of any sort what so ever and has talked about offspring in that inauguration went first to tell you the Genesis also sends that the flood came from the nomination of me all the early writers added is that just as there was amalgamation going on among human races was not what amalgamation software that means mix mostly have amalgams in your head your energies mixture of mercury silver mercury and gold amalgam of the mixture what kind of measures going on in Genesis turn there I have ninety seconds or hundred twenty Genesis chapter four in Genesis chapter four the last verse verse twenty six it says and asked for staff to him also a son was born in his name was enough then men began to call on the name of the Lord it says in the Bible let's is mostly yours but if you have a marginal reading is something that says that men than men began to be called by that name of the Lord I'm sure the marginal reading is correct but it's not like that Adam had not ever pray them access to Ida said the marginal reading is preferable it was during the time of staff and his son the people began to be called by the name of the Lord like they call us Christians they called down the signs of God look at Genesis chapter six no need to say as the Jehovah's Witness do that there was cohabitate Angels Amir now it was cohabitation between the songs of staff and the sons of Kane actually the daughter 's pain right may get it straight into are the sons of staff and the daughters of King Genesis chapter six and were looking at verse two and three the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were beautiful and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose and the Lord said my spirit shall not strive with men forever or he is indeed flash window save his member it was when the mixture of the two races happened of whom God said there should be enmity between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent when that entity was broken down the case of this may nearly hopeless unless God intervene and so he did verse five and the Lord saw the wickedness of man was great in the earth that every intent of his thoughts of his heart was only evil continually the amalgamation of men and beasts was never intended by Ellen White to meet denomination of man with beast is the amalgamation according to Genesis of man with man that should have been at enmity with each other and why the critics get it wrong they did air not knowing the Scripture nor the power of God and so it is today this afternoon will discuss a number of objections made against that woman there is groundless and its silly is that munitions a silly computer my sincerely think there's merit in them but the rest are free to come star heads for our father in heaven I want to thank you for those here for a true testimony Revelation three festival you save uninterested I is true that we are generally on converting and I has to she would use the testimony of Jesus as you said you were to make a waiting people ready for your copy revealed to us yourself teach us how to pay attention we can have the faith that we so desperately need and I ask for this gift in the name of Jesus


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