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So Persecuted They the Prophets

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • April 1, 2006
    3:00 PM
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and when you tell me where in the New Testament find a book of the Bible that is Ravenswood turned very similar to a live environment and tell me which New Testament bought for Ravenswood church that had unit living from Caribbean earlier Bible verse Corinthians eleven verse nineteen month my time in a land far far away the gentleman reached on this passage it was recorded on page I got hit Haiti years after he and I tells me that it is restored as God has always stopped working when you got verse nineteen says for there must also be heresies among the data chart prove maybe made manner that among the place for harassing the church apparently the essential they have an essential quality because not everyone in the church is a safe future not everyone is that when you want to study under a receive instruction from and you need some way to distinguish between those who are accrued by God and those who are not in the legacy when the church to serve a central purpose of harassing conduct they showed improvement with writing reachable without one more step about it below currently your Bibles to Romans this was written up there who Robert is an error team member sixteen chapter sixteen thousand and Romans sixteen or seventeen Romans sixteen verse seventeen says and I urge you brethren mark those which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which you have learned and public is the best possible light a first printed eleven what are the part of Harris in the church to show those who are proved while you are proved by God work is starting to show ourselves approved by the God right work when the need not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of God heresy show who are starting to show something and what if you find a man who speaking against the truth and causing divisions and offenses contrary to the truth what relationship you apply to which is different than the words which are better judgment almost forgot to say that verse eighty percent for those who are sites do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ's but their own belly and by smooth words and flattering speech deceive the hearts of the simple and simple number that is uneducated who is it that I see by this kind of people the uneducated are deceived by what state it is often just of life would you avoid those consequences for the doctrine is true what's the purpose of people in the church which is contrary to the doctrine that so you can know who are are you the ephedrine over there Galatians five pickup reverse verified by dinner at first nineteen year familiar with verse twenty two of the fruits of the spirit of love joy peace love to go back up to verse eighteen that you have a the fruits of the flash was somehow never ended up nearly as fine but at the end of verse nineteen what is the flash our favorite argument of value you think accounts you have all the different things that people do what you are serving their own belly and what's London Bridge is serving about doctrinal aberrations like this it is quite clearly if your blood don't begin to evaluate whether Ellen White rock it will certainly come a long event if you are serving your own lot in some other way is a desire for honor or for power or whatever the case if you're serving South and with that self-service you on to the issue of determining what is right and what is wrong you're going to include in Iran eventually if not immediately eventually got to send you strong with that that's partly missed this morning the fire is God 's revelation nineteen Revelation nineteen and skipping past seventeen assuming that is just right familiar to us with all seventeenths because the last they charge private beta this also would get in trouble even with people who are helping the pavement like to hear but him for new revelation while it is not the organized by Ireland in the lead and organize body is essential and it is the charge that were speaking of Republic customers of the church that you look at that church in relation well she has on white robe you'll see there that she's the same shirt from the port by foodborne various and you'll find there that Percy are called the remnant in the retina are those that are chosen according to the election of grace it is just getting too far too fast with all this in my point remember alike like a waste that I am alone and left and they seek my life and I said I have preserved myself seven thousand that have not found down the need to pay for me after you were the seven thousand and the visible and invisible church you know how I can see them S regicide their invisible church relations well-developed invisible church I don't know what those people which is the best electrodeposition of church it just doesn't for it is the definition Revelation twelve and there you have the remnant who keep the commandments of God and heaven help me Jesus which is very popular religion Revelation nineteen ten Revelation nineteen in verse ten says speaking about John and I fell at his feet to worship him that is the angel but he said to me see thou do it not I am your fellow servant and of your brother left the testimony of Jesus worship God for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy Berkeley botanist person than me the one or more player with one or less familiar let's clarify John had been with Jesus for three and a half years and understood the ten Commandments but when he was in the presence of a holy being that way not like an angel without thinking about it he violated the second man we need to be seeking for some experience because I come to Revelation twenty two like fine John doing the various pain I emanate on hearsay don't delay legal three chapters further this goal of the document revision twenty two relations twenty two verse eight now I John saw and heard these lines and when I heard and saw I felt down to worship before the unit angel showed me the least I see that there is something about human nature in these two passages that is scary I understand from these passages the attempt patient of all who worship in our day is going to be so intense begin of the unexpressed like John we might just go the wrong way that women need something more than that it is possible to happen more than that because John is man himself wrote end up not yet appear what we shall be but when you sell it here we will be like the JonBenet playing to a variety following thing and is he had after receiving instruction three chapters later that the very same this is on top of significant now for the on-topic part of Revelation twenty two verse eighty nine and nineteen he said I love your brother and the habitats when Jesus was essentially to your brother in the profits when I draw from this is one of those fuzzy hazy theological sounding names that many people that have accustomed themselves to thinking through the nineties get lost when trying to say you're losing right now your empathetic to put on following the Baptist Church have the Bible the Bible was written by profit the profits that wrote the Bible had the testimony of Jesus the following thing then it Amanda has the Bible does he have the testimony of Jesus Philadelphia my gut reaction might be to say yes to have because certainly this book is for the testimony of Jesus the instructor twenty two in nineteen who have felt when Jesus does that the people who read the prophets or the prophets themselves Chapter nineteen Chapter twenty two nineteen said I love your brother in the benefits legitimizes them of your brother profit the profits are the ones that have the testimony of Jesus when we talk about Corinth and we mention this earlier this morning had passed when Jesus confirmed in client we don't mean the Corinth had the Old Testament Scriptures certainly all the New Testament churches of the Old Testament Scriptures will remain as the number living prophets in the church of Corinth in relation twenty two left a church having the pathway Jesus because of what I read I don't understand it mean that they have the Bible but that in that church as it is an experience of someone have a living prophet and at last they your problem so I'm not in fact are you I do expect to be another outpouring of Mobile was born in any questions about whether this made them just finished my morning from okay I'm going on the afternoon meeting for your Bibles to Isaiah twenty nine University title of this meeting is for so persecuted they the prophets if you understand this principle simply you cannot be a soccer that might be backward Oroville not the VA easily doomed person when it comes to the heresies are going around today Isaiah twenty nine are looking at verse one says of the terrible wine is brought to nothing the scornful wine is consumed by what God 's judgment was going to be and all who watch pregnant when you are caught off about two months ago I preached a sermon I forget the title of that I can estimate the title was something like the New World order agenda and are other parts of the title is relevant to the New World order agenda reader is drawn was Friday night the New World order agenda here is my point of that servant summarizing one minute New World order it is enough again preaching it is a big mistake of normality right now let's is excited up again to conspiracy theories to talk about them in research for the real issues the book of Revelation there is a grounded resolve them on the basis of Bible study but for the issues of diet and the origins of the Mason the relation of illuminati you have to get into some mysterious suet all etc. enough to know what you are starting a short needle it was true that people involved with the nine and the researchers would expel and if it was false the people who were accused with the diet the people who are making a false accusation would affirm and either way to get to the bottom of it you know the advantages of the remake conspiracy theories in fact in the Roman government there were the scariest things going on such that the longevity of people in charge was very short it should because short Jeff Jesus never talked about the conspiracy theories is not unpopular but is it on Isaiah twenty nine topic who are to be cut off and I think the judge was that implement judgments all watch for iniquity indescribable to further verse twenty who made a man and offender or a work if you will think back to your own experience the Christian especially if you're talking you will realize that at some point you have said something that you very much regretted later in fact there is something just sad that she regarded them at the moment you are saying and there are some things your seventh talk about it starts that you have given utterance of thoughts and feelings that you hardly even felt but they can also strong vinegar and forth around the home will have visibility when one the Bible calls right who is cut off those who watch for iniquity who made a man in offender for a word redress that I lay I see they are for him that really proves again and again are certain class people particularly watched to see if they make a good the rest of the class of those who very proves that because of that the Bible and he has some special begin a fancy word immunity will looking for special immunity to Elmhurst you have elders in the organization archive you'd like me to organize what level you have microphone help some of you I told her elbows in some churches one out of an ordained elder in the church you isolate the Bible give him some immunity from the Bethesda don't receive an accusation against an elder except in the presence of two or three co-conspirators not two or three witnesses you don't wow that's a elder heart give them some special immunity in frame for that and also goes hands-on threshold but for the wrong word she's held more accountable than the average Joe you should help rumors don't help rumor don't listen to rumors don't hear rumors but it is fun it says review Kim publicly so that others also may fear it can publicly for his benefit if not for his benefit or review memories of London one five it is not helped report people had messed them up and destroy personal is a bad idea why would you do it because people himself up as a future of a well printed a special immunity against what you thought the windows and open San to send those people from his influence in the development examples of this wealth of Peter himself right I'm talking about relationship when both Peter and going back on his teaching about the Gentiles and so brother Paul was there my brother called that reviewing into his face because he was to be one I can go far feel very quickly come back twenty nine those who watch for iniquity those are twenty nine twenty one to make a manner vendor for a word and lay a snare for him the reproves in the gay internist shot the favorite plaintiff not injuring it's better than using nothing but praise for an assigned adjuster something is really not watch it with the man whom God is light as guardians of his people in the black they watch and rewatch them any watch and watch yourself that you don't end up trying to set them aside because they make a group earlier Bibles in Jeremiah chapter twenty Jeremiah chapter twenty verse ten I think I'll even tell you a story after this Jeremiah twenty percent etc. it the defaming of many clear on every side report same day and we well report this is about talent alike on the first many times without quotation marks the paragraph you know using them in Houston and help your forth a day and we will report one hundred story that you have the mentality of the colored people is that I might understand how works like I've been like that is the mentality to want to hear philosophy here are some juicy wickedness about the broader so you have to just to recognize along that mentality is going to be cut off you want to get out of happy fourth bad news for you remember that the first person is one day I was in Oklahoma City there was a women spirit meeting at the above length of Ebert thank you promised and I have been called by someone I never met in Africa want to help pass out magazines about the Sabbath of the tens of thousands of people it would like a fun activity me free literature I'm selling it give it away I like I figure out how I came in solitary path analysis of the breeze without Longoria with several people like referring to guard the Iowa is coming our direction and I'm in the middle of one year and one year and one doing it the one over here begins the top eleven which is a little guy despite his mercy was particularly bigger and that he was talking about how how that Adventist church was against this work with magneto I was thinking something on paper before by this evening I thought to myself as I think in a fight about how embarrassed ministers now built like a brick on a person while I was thinking about that because my work I'll call him that was the first to arrange replacement for the site and I find that the ministers I deal with which the then Minister converted everything I've only met one of the hundreds I don't live it wasn't favorite about the requirements nominated by with your help formulated erasure would be slightly different by Philip but I still don't think that it would be if I don't know about here my lesson I been working on the other half Asian with one hundred okay and so I'm thinking this is bogus and I reviewed the man right there because of the ninth amendment 's double number nine in the box the ninth amendment is very strong in assessment shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor we must be very helpful how we speak about people with generalities or room if we don't have strong the evidence from several witnesses that something Ron has been done yet we go ahead and just risk telling it as if it really is a fat we are risking breaking the diagram at about the same business as if you get back from your house we're not sure if the sun is going down outside your group for companies like going from someone on one of the boat were true that you know is intimidating and if you're not sure if it is not that you don't want to write if you're not sure goes by the Roman commander says don't tell the wife of the guidelines Oakland is against the violation the ninth amendment is not breaking the Sabbath was feeling something your Saturdays and don't advertise it like that when I said in the way it was but it wasn't very different than that I read the report already and I do them and he accepted we don't want to however for their and in the process of the beginner ninety five for how ministers always opposed this work and now we've sort of got that quiet too much of it that everyone is asking why urban one the situations in the third night hostile late nineties that understand that Mister is just for your benefit you direct summary of what was that so far is that the ninth amendment for bed telling lies about the scariest one you should bear false witness not one person who originated Elias Kelty but the one who dares to spread the lie that Mike McManus is also not bear false witness you get the idea of like carrying a you don't have to start a great man but you just have to be part of the transmission business that has a commandment independent and watch now but Matthew five twelve we are getting the spirit of prophecy regarding displaceable Matthew chapter five verse twelve eleven will make any sense to you verse eleven says Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for my sake verse twelve rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in heaven for so persecuted they the prophets who were for if you want to know how they heard through the prophets which were before you want to benefit persecutions one of the IFAD allotting them in half and things like that is now the most common persecution was spreading rumors and telling law it was so general that uses use of the characterized persecution against prop in the process of my own work because I have a burden to know that I believe is true instead of going to politics with a bunch of times that I really did and in the process of this budget I wanted to identify with I went through all the Jacksons I find against Darfur all I can find an issue about life no exception I went through I've read Ray Ballenger can write that novel I've read I want no less true no not one that I will and I found the people believe them and just carried on the spread until the same as being told by so many people think that I had experienced this week Larry Walter Reyes was a live somewhere near here at arraignment in the general neighborhood don't know where he lives somewhere in California just recently something they won't want to raise the man who wrote a book called the white wine and a summary of the book is that Ellen White to have enough creativity to write as much as she did and so she copied he estimated ninety percent of her material from other sources the other men boarding him talk about if they like living to ninety percent that's rough no restlessness fifty to ninety percent by registering this morning from and after less than a five-minute rest of land it meant and I went to this business wrestling was in the business you until I think I got know I have so this morning I got up very early in the morning I read rest and if there's anything you'd like to know how you is just the rest of them is nothing new I decided not to evaluate Ray on the plagiarism issue I've read his book the light will what I expected the fine was a number of parallel paragraphs showing where this was the original and this is what how I like talking I expected he could reduce quite a few of them especially from the great economist desire to because in the introduction to the first one with a controversy alike related plainly announced before selling the book that she was copying for many people really read the introduction that way which was sent to cover up they don't know what they're talking about it wasn't now was accused and if you want to read what you said in the introduction is very logical he says that the reason that she doesn't put in quotation marks and getting quotations from them as you want the reader to the original vision was written threat assessment but other show she didn't want the reader to think that was true because the historian said it was true because she was shown and what if you think there were because they were gifted writer if you I read widely and often you don't tell you they are gifted writers they have a way with words and if I want to say what they said I think if I could get away with I'm just about whether or not you like what she did not matter if she didn't I follow the same it was announced that there is upfront so I started writing you that night and find out I found not a single line other than and when will they until near the end of chapter two of this book and then after the introductory argument of unexpected introductory argument would be the strongest world as long as you want start with something very strong emphasis on strong at the start of his heart and he talked about how in Paradise lost moving the super paraphrase here I will not tell you through the details may not be felt with anyway he'll get a picture if I keep going what are things that you could now suppose that you are Milton and you're going to write this book paradise lost you're not inspired you're just a good help but I think you can know from the Bible about the fall and that entry is in the universe could you know that originally the results in the universe the Bible could you know that Lucifer said before Adam or Eve could you know that there were angels guarding the house I regard could you know that the way that Satan deceived other angels with my wife's you can know that I knew he was a liar and the father Flyers begin could you know that there is an actual battle between energy is less than safe you can know by just a little bit of thinking could you realize that the vote Angels must have talked about these arguments of Satan I don't know for you that for me has been greatly jumping out just I've disfigured happening and and when the pain begins to go through the vision could you see that the good angel to be pleading with the question Angels to stay loyal to God I'm telling you the Milton wasn't being overly creative writing this book this is just thinking for one know that Adam and Eve were not together when the needs of the is not very plainly stated that you can definitely gather at my thinking is what's written just what you realize that Adam had been there only when that happened quite the same one you probably got as and because the Bible says that Adam was not the state and in the summer loudly got out I can go through when you like best another Reformation show you what Milton wrote Paradise lost was a picture he wasn't just being a creative he was thinking things through in writing out what could be deduced from the Scriptures now independent theaters prop out why to show me to envision that you write up a story as far as Milton 's deductions were logical yet always a true prophet when you expect her to be teaching the same lines such as writing on the same topic you would have to end this is Ray's first accusation alike must be plagiarized because she follows that extra biblical information of Milton in six and I in my own language with them I can arrive every one of those six simply from in other words the first accusation was as weak as water in it and get that all this week I've had to rush off and let us find and I found the all-terrain analysis of new stuff maybe I'm more time for research I thought inside our check into it so I went and I found that he went to the nine hundred thousand boys and showing other nonviolent testimonies are plagiarized from other sources any of the list of the nine client page by page and whether taken from pretty impressive because you know there's something that we didn't expect my drive Monday the ninth I will try to I happen to have one of the blessings that was the source for two parts of their customers has been blamed six or seven and volume our move anyway to an that was the standard history the fact conveniently at least in the first case against the page number so I went to doing that I find I went directly to my computer has bought I read both of them I didn't notice the parallels I think of separate keywords because keywords are one way to find plagiarism when you're copying is the big one for standout documents were through the narrow single keywords it was even used in both of them much less parallel phrase for a parallel development knowing that his nation was one hundred percent focus that's what I don't recommend you follow to find a lot less all I did is I forgot to finish Jeremiah twenty ten were Jeremiah says that all of my familiars watched my faulty thinking her eventually he will be in we will should we right ventricle did I and I forgot the rest of the verse I guess it really viewed event on Jeremiah twenty first ten this is all my acquaintances watch for my stumbling saying perhaps even being induced that it will prevail against him we will take our revenge on you want to know the secret source of the line write your profits this is a people read things that help I wrote about them David review of their passions and a half desire that in like new trying to get rid of your life was the last time you delivered on point number three were so setting the record straight it was either four arguments are three types of arguments Wednesday I got ahead of myself right I went three already been Wednesday but some appoint a argument of influence the idea that profits can be influenced has a unfortunate history and the Seventh-day Adventist church after the rise and a few other people including valid make the story short was about time Jones and Wagner were here in California with Ellen White Lily white preparing for the eighteen eighty eight General conference and there was a man here that was very unimpressed with the theology of Jones Lang what did you like about it they had nothing to do with forensic justification and issues are brought up over a Canadian today it just wasn't related learned in life is as well Jonathan whenever teaching about the law in the coming venues noticed this man that it looked like Ellen White was beginning beside the vision which enough to schedule and if you've ever worked in and why would we want it all sometimes they lose their on ration ability which doesn't sound like English you evaluate they lose their ability to pay for your if not maybe a light was getting a little out there and was being manipulated by vision so he dashed off a letter and sent it to Michigan it was received by the brother and they are in a worn them to brace themselves that these young men had taken an old white and that she had been manipulated into supporting let me just back off the history to tell you something if that can happen to prop this book is not heavily reliable because in the case of Adventism we have a bunch of history note delivered to find that Tesla was influenced that one was that this one was no unwanted and begin picking shoes luckily until the history about this book is long gone wild insane we don't know less than one thousand outfitters in this country and Allstate because God never did allow that to happen on my right about that herself the argument of influence has been met or not from the roots in an academic way by the doctoral thesis of Jordan but if you are into reading law and carry things that prove their point the details you can read his thesis it's called Ellen White Lily white except that might be really white no life anyways the same thing when I enter University press the start and what it shows is that Ellen White is the one who influenced Lily which is the way it ought to be you know that you are perhaps among this rumor of influence before you do get your bearings dangerous stuff because you're given a profit not only of the envelope of being does not and you want to do that I think of anything to you right now to not think about the purpose of life influence and was a very factual does not feel any self-improvement laugh you want more information removal argument for postmortem sampling of the testimonies are likely about this morning that if you have known someone are received letter from someone who believe the Godhead consists of the father and the son and that's all okay maybe a native of local surprise that very last question what does I feel like the people managed to find when shelters because you know the stuff is blowing all over I don't understand but on his people are out there in great numbers promoting this idea maybe someone here posted if one of you stood up and said I believe that when I would say back to you would be usable in portrait I don't primarily need a trip about the Godhead I need a trick about agendas the devil has often worked this way to take enough skewer boy and make it because it's your points make the best arguments to follow same and the more obscure it is the more a lot better now I mean the nature of the God had in the Scripture is obscure enough that the early church argued about it for several hundred years why is it askew because it never has been never will be the point of anything it's not the point and to make it a point when you're right or wrong is wrong that would be my birthday the book of Revelation is nowhere the point why wasn't my opinion Alaska one reasons beyond the middle I don't respect you for some time but you are now able to bring out all the testimonies and lastly eventually get down to that issue if it's with people who believe the testimony is a nice here to get the book evangelist in the book evangelism near the back of the six hundred you find a whole section is put together what you have statements by Ellen White and rappers would not have anything that section in the night applying terms like the tribe whom God TR are you an image of the dictionary but it is in a man's right there in your blind statement soul plane that in a way that settles the issue except for the DuPont things mother places you make in your again because it always has been inspirational it will be the number one finish but my point is that if you come to those statements the common wait yes those were hampered with the original writings didn't say that and they were changed by leeway room or some other person is after a lifetime of the strong accusation if it's true the writing profits can be tempered with by able work most of them are in the Re: I was again becomes a very questionable doctrine if you are the whitest faith you can settle those issues and find the handwritten copies when things are they are reliable but she did in his cases is there to get a white estate like your local campus someone will shoot it out so very easy for you have you ever heard something like this that Helen life but that she wrote were good but the compilations made after she died are not good for your heart somehow I like the generality like that are like messages to young people the terrible book there are some like that will be that you want to find an example of a compilation made your life life and find it in the fifth volume of the testimony she made herself and you know most of the basic plan for compilation were one paragraph long chapters seven and eight are the birdies from the burden anyway for chapters called that purpose and use of the testimony and the second one the chapter is called it means unfounded reports that might be the title unfounded reports whites will allow for compilation made from her right compilations may be many cases you'll want to check and find the context but nonetheless there good stuff they save you time and help you find what you're looking for that said I would recommend that you go blind you know we managed to release if you are not him you'll find numerous okay I decided to make value judgments for some is from the previous point in question on some essential part of one long as we knew measurement fit right but it would appear that that have a file type amazing fact is the study is voluntary nervous to take a few here in a few therapies there you're not offended this was organized by some profit it was organized by file but it is my problem when you can arrive at truth that guest notice of you want to you can buy you a message young people does not reflect the when book compilations don't only Sinatra developing under this filter all give you my experience people talk a lot about context in fact one of the chapters and the restless book I was reading this morning as context context context separate might have for what is basically the idea context context context context is helpful but it can be used backwards context helps you find how to apply the same to yourself but if you try to use the context to show how it doesn't like yourself you're using it backwards I give an example even disabling when Jesus said to the rich young ruler going to sell that you have and give to the for you is that it was a rich man and it was a young man and it was a man in authority and he would have to sell what he had been to give the poor but it was back in the days when there was no stock market investing so that you can get one maybe more later but historical context and so I could take that my face off I'm not young why am that you can save me I'm not young why not a ruler and so it doesn't apply to me it's focused the context helped you to say all my family in some way I can see myself in that story some way it was designed to wife a whole bunch of people like him in some way and we can find Silverlight can we can learn something from this app store that over the testimonies testimonies you read the history of how their written were written specifically that you read this from my talk about it she argued with Angel it made no sense to her wife invited testimony for sister Bertha when she knew before you start the sister Bertha didn't want to testimony and receive the testimony it would do her no good I your growing talk about the financial as well as explained to her was first with a little picture of playing out garments for people but when hard that this testament of Bertha isn't just for our as for hundreds of others after her whose experiences are typified in certain characteristics of her life and you know he read the testimonies that has incredible how what is being written said that person he never got a wife your own life contact this help order radio to find a way to acquire yourself to get your reading of the final excuse will excuse yourself from the length of all my life called Jewish writer of the letter I snapped at you and very light edifying reading I can't look to you like you like the story is the when he is in the parish of your Smith talks about how people reject the Sabbath because the Sabbath is Jewish is not how you bring all these other arguments that the Bible to show that was given before there was a Jew but the people say get Jewish and you show how Jesus kept in a safe and you and you shall have given for man if they get Jewish industrialist of arguments this poem and what's the answer to everything is on a uniform you can see this is okay then I also suppose that you will reject for example by movable because it do then perhaps you reject the New Testament because it was written by Jim and I shall have to reject James and John and Peter and Paul in fact all because they were in fact I also reject our Savior Jesus because he was Jewish and the very ground on top reject salvation through because you the sizes of the present upon the injury is in contact for an excuse not really must result if you use it for her to find out how it applies to you but customers are for me I think I finished oh pearls lying reason you cannot helplessly does everything that everybody know that but when you're talking about giving individual help the people is not just because someone says the wrong thing that you will help ministry of healing talk about when did you try to help people it's like we saw a felony that's like an opportunity for public you don't do any service to someone if you try to help them with the testimony when they're not looking for help there not been a pagan and you're going to what was the point of Jesus Christ that will enable turn again and rend you if you find some pearls try to be careful where you put while and it was closed with a prayer and then like ten minutes break no will need back again start a new job our father in heaven I want to thank you for the warning of Jesus and the prophets and in light about so much I have to give discernment when the incalculable fly he just how to evaluate the criticism that comes our way keep us from violating that night may we honor the reputation of the people that you send this world I depend on you for help without my asking


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