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Last Revival

Eli Kim



  • March 26, 2011
    10:00 AM
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everyone is good to be back here in Loma Linda where it all began for me I might you conversion expense I guess you can say the neck and back year your road to Damascus seems like it was not too long ago is just one that offering will be after the message anyway I'll say that that yet it was around two thousand today was when I first got here and an interesting did before the inevitable before there was you like the aggregate everything that in my life kind in relation to pre- UIP and post your ID or create an open and pulled out and hope for me this interesting because I think the nation as a whole is so appropriate because it truly when I see it had been holding them know that an open Florida that we started and I feed you like as always the only thing I truly feel for for this worldly man and you know this this visits Hong Kong regulators are many of the days about revival hands I believe that when people coming out of animal from Loma Linda will help spark this revival in the world so before we begin let us pray daily gracious father Lord we thank you so much for the opportunity to serve you for this wonderful Sabbath they were written freely study your word for it please be with me now control my stammering tongue and only found the words to type somebody in this and this congregation now Lord I pray that there's somebody here that the messages specifically for their lives and that they will make a lasting change the Grange uses pain him and him and the last revivalism well that's about today Seabrook had and he told the story when he was younger in all years ago when one one day he had forgotten to take the trash out and he missed the garbage truck press you heard the story given and when he preaches and he said that in other times you can actually have a lot of garbage bag and he said a lot in omega at the link you can educate regarding yourself to the dock so he loaded up his truck he put on the back there any he started driving towards the as he got closer and closer and closer to the doctor got smell beer and staying here and is rancid the point where you just covering his face yet the role of his windows and recirculate the air Asia's got so bad in an and once he got there he rushed out he got the bag through the morning and they need to go any land back to his car and he ran back to the car he noticed something cock his attention he saw it just so startling that amazing to him there was a man a garbage man sitting on a fence eating a sandwich he could hardly breathe his eyes were watering government spends energy he could he could help it he had this goal at the Nana question he said sir how can you sit here with all this garbage around you and an eagerness which and you know he says the garbage man says something so profound yet simple edits that can see the Brooks mind till this day he said if you're around garbage long enough you any student will just think that angels they look down on and they asked the question how can they live in this garbage how can they live while watching our eat drink and live watching this garbage are listening to the this type of garbage was living in this surrounded by the start the gelatin just because what we say what we say is it something not even as profound an iconic man we don't even say that we say what garbage know that the kids revival is realizing a need for change to whom and where we're just sick and tired of the garbage that surround us we want to change we need revival weekend is leading his readiness you're ready to just move on you ready for something different and you're tired of Spaniards hired because if you're around soon long enough you get used and tell revival Reformation committee Alyssa Bannister started this year by Ted Wilson of note their purpose I challenge it in their purpose is just to start a roomful of you know I just any ultraviolet just another revival their purpose is to start what the last revival because anything about it what's the point of unreliable it is not the last viable it's a doctorate in Florida and I do a lot of lifestyle medicine in the number one problem Gilman is weight loss and you know I know some people were try lose weight and an it's interesting to listen what I heard of she lost a hundred pounds though that the thing is it was it really twenty pounds she lost over and over five times in at an angle so I like the one in the point of losing twenty pounds and is not the last time you listening Nathan so they can go the point of losing weight lessons lasting weight with the point of a revival last one was when talking about revival pilaster and I lived into the greatest revival is you know how White House about the great controversy page four sixty four wherein said there will be among the people of the Lord such a revival of life and godliness and has not been witnessed since apostolic times this is that treating ailing heart of the texts only times but think about this this is not just any revival why look at the beginning of the sentence before the final visitation of God 's judgment upon the earth so even the last revival of the neck in last mile of the last revival more than one in five of the classroom I miss you I mean he can be but really really want him are the last so primitive godliness is selfishly a primitive word that means just so it seems antiquated silver cell of claim no word since it's it's the apostolic kind is so simple but will come back to the NAR in other words that is saying though the final judgment won't happen until there's a revival of a revival right now heck it will happen until there is a revival now this last revival I guess Paul talks about it in his own last words when he says in second Timothy chapter four percent if you can turn their think of each of the former seven thousand this is Paul glass was before the last letter the last chapter before you die and is beheaded and he often talks about a race and he says it himself I have fought the good light I have finished the race I have kept the faith and you know what you think about it in terms of raising back then it was really like a relay race present in other verses that I've finished my course the course of the race where you would pass the baton from runner to run at the runner because he talks about races before you go to Hebrews chapter twelve he said the same thing he was shot at Clover 's one is the race of faith where he says therefore we also since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses that we talking about here we design of the great with great cloud of witnesses in the chapter the boy talking about the great chapter in the Hall of Fame of all the faithful throughout the generations and the years anything let us lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily ensnares us and let us one with endurance the race that is set before us run the race looking onto who Jesus the author and finisher of our saluted like a relay race and it began with Adam and if you go down the line and you can almost imagine Paul was just imagining this inattentive as you can see the truth was passed on from Adam and Enoch and Noah to Abraham Jacob Moses Joshua David Isaiah Jeremiah Daniel and eventually villi generalized 's annual and I'm not even naming everybody but young and ninja silage was another last revival of his time and then eventually to John the Baptist Jesus and Paul and now you and me will we do with this but how will you run it's our turn how will you run I initially little video clip of analysis in paying the semi- ICANN upon this I want you to see how actually this one first are you run your race like this is the guy in the second lane there is little different than money and it was very moist and in his name is other people blame now not know what it is not really just make you laugh but really only running the race call the others the fall only in every other people 's lives are we are we just not falling voltage is going through and it doesn't matter or OR we run a race like notice the guy in the red right there in the very end of the marathon the Japanese Tokyo Marathon any of the very last leg of the race the last revival Jaime and he and he is receiving pushes through English is the first thing you get distracted and because the wrong way for the finish line and it is sad because eventually makes it to know what the point of this is not to say why this is not that you know the point is that you should focus that has been very ill he was so focused on winning he pushed the ACLU went to the beginning of the fun of the race and that he got distracted and any just not following than the TV truck to ability we drop it off at applicant moral story there don't you know of anyway but and anyone off course but you know what the molecular evidence that thing that I okay if I happen to need out in so to start on this date given up in the spot quite an embarrassment but you know what it is actually turn right back right back on course he finished as we need to do if we fall we stumble if we go off course we need to go right back on and finished the race in hanging away in a relay race nobody gets the prize until the last version that ships right nobody gets into the last person finishes and that's that is in it said that even he was right before the last verses before Hebrews twelve the result is thirty nine and forty allergens in a nearby little look up at the screen just so you get accustomed to searching through your Bibles and said and all these and why these are talking still about that great common witnesses having obtained a good testimony through faith did not receive the promise God having provided something better for us that they should not be made perfect apart from us soon so what are they saying the summarizing is already basically say that they were all going to gather people this is a very good verse that I used to show that that when you got to illustrate that haven't given me great hall in a great cloud of witnesses are not receiving the product if they are not in heaven then then when you die how I always say that we go right but it's in till we finish the race that everyone you know I've been doing this this this last revival we have to careful not to delay no DL Moody on Sunday October eighth eighteen seventy one in he was preaching to a capacity crowd in Chicago's Farwell Hall to hear him speak it was one of his evangelistic crusade that an hand and saying he they were they are attacking like usual the unloading of the Moody Bible was continued by her that Dwight Dwight salvation message went forth supercharged and say he's saying the song today the Savior calls and they were saying this is only the sirens in the city starts to go off and there were even start to distract all the congregation there and an act during the last and that these fire truck started rushing by and making so much noise and people start becoming restless at that point DL Moody decided to end the meeting and but before they left he said one last thing he said before you leave I want you to consider what you heard today and come back and smiled meeting and then make a decision for Christ unfortunately he didn't realize that that was the night the great Chicago fire that destroyed much of the city including the movies church and many of those people in that crowd never returned to give their life to Christ that that that point DL Moody decided that he would always give an appeal at and read meeting they had so that he would not miss that opportunity to save those who were almost say almost they know it says inactive twenty four is forty four therefore you will also be ready for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect you know what your question I want to be interacted here what's the difference between a almost true and false what credibility almost run off you shaking your head you say nothing nothing is no different cholesterol is all but you know what statement wants you to believe that they are difference in what you believe that you can almost save your kind of an uncomfortable area and engines of hate to be where your any want you to believe that it doesn't matter because almost saying the same thing is lost as well I he wants you to believe that their difference there's no in-between there is no middle ground there is saved and lives lost there is truth there's lies in the parables reflect with you there's no like the day in addition the parables were using when Jesus talks about the sheep and the goats the wheat in the tears no middle neutral hybrid of the two if you're sitting on the fence and off the fence because they cannot if you're in the Valley of decision don't hang out there too long because they can must pay make a decision today in a year either either on the ark leader you are outside you you are either in the sodomite your artist you rather say by the blow and you know we often think about the sign the times as when earthquakes and natural disasters economic turmoil you know economic collapse began when I think is one of the greatest signs of the last days I think the greatest sign will be a revival of printed godliness MN annual of this article just came out last week here it says add that this act to basics fate 's fastest-growing US church is him and tell him say he went on the seventeen Old Testament dietary codes and be ready for Jesus to return at any moment USA Today in these practices out what to say here quite an antiquated think again their hallmarks of the Seventh-day Adventist church the fastest-growing Christian denomination in North America this year I'll be in a revival now I don't think we should wait into all the next survival that this dangerous to wait for that begin that if you wait for tomorrow tomorrow night might be normally never no there's a story of the two boys to voice one day there were in the older boy was named Johnny and Johnny had used up his allowance and and he'd spend on candy and toys anyone's as little brother and little Tommie and where a little caught me that Tommy Barlett dollar by dollar from you and and little time is like you know I have a thoroughly decent they never get back so you know I don't trust you and they know and and and and he says to him you out he says then nearly each just let me if you got was a lawyer yesterday contracted with your loving them electric I knew that if I write down a contract you will write down I taught me will or Johnny I Johnny will pay back you taught me tomorrow a dollar tomorrow and then he says okay on another country given the contract legal political cop in about the effect that the contract to give a dollar chart up the next morning when the little time he wakes up these your alley so here's a few I want that moment on Mexico's affected his brother he said he said again that my dollars now he says I give it back to you tomorrow I know the contract he told me a few thousand yesterday and today today anything now let me see the contract I Johnny will pay back Johnny Dollar Morrow and he says I'll see you tomorrow and do you know at that point legit Little Connie relied that yet indeed he realized that tomorrow would always be tomorrow and another one of Satan 's lies Satan says that us your things so that I that I will change tomorrow but tomorrow will always be held home tomorrow might it might end up being the great tribulation and during the tribulation is not a time to make a decision variance regulation is not trying to make change to give your life like Christ you know don't wait for prices to make a decision tribulation doesn't create a Wilmore and reveals your fighting the life of David that he went even for Calliope it didn't reveal or to create a hero in the old hero the same sense no stars darkness doesn't create the stars reveals the stars and characters while doing crisis crisis crisis and doesn't hope him doesn't build character as much as it reveals your character and fire it create martyrs rather it revealed no there's a reason why the great revival is before the great tribulation in other Israelite in Egypt's work out where in bondage for four hundred years and and you know if anyone need a revival it was that because four years in your last four hundred years of the people that were living in bondage to a you have all these weird dog on poorly different traditions and any new low because he knows that only said that they had forgotten about what about the sound they forgotten about about the true God they had they had started taking up the customs of the day the is that Egyptians of their God and we know that because later on they had felt that golden calf and after they were used to doing there for now and in order for God to fulfill his prophecy thing that happened one years you they will be out of Egypt he knew that he had they had to have a reliable get out Egypt out of bondage and it'll take that kind of put the ten plagues and you know you ask yourself I've always thought why why did God choose ten planks in a way you just have one flag and just destroy agent that may be negative taking over Egypt and others yet or whether Egyptians can of been so powerful to think of aligning I just do that and it's amazing because you know that the gift he realized that there was so many they had really didn't change their their paradigm and that the way they were thinking I knew there was only gotten those times and now I tell you that the template .cfm templates just shop about what will relay darkness fraud bladder again not that the blood and the hail and and and and the napkin and the fly is on it just seems so random right and I just think the rentable what were always for but if you look at it this is so profound when I looked at the Senate found this for myself and you know that the Nile River whether God did not however with regard to the Egyptians and and you know but I think it is in the end is a mind-body truck repair that the that people and his people the I like this thing don't worship the Egyptian God worshiped Niemann who got so he is the first the first plaintiff in the Nile turned to blood they had believed that a higher high father of all God and God thought of the Nile and is the infantile terms than letting a represented in the bleeding had begun in the next of a digital of false or accident on in Egypt as well doesn't hold on to represent in the God of resurrection and procreation and the prospect were out of control electrons out of control Angelina did you kill the body and those in those times that you are you is that it was punishable by death and the Hatfields eight when the Golden lion then that the third play you know that God this was also a God the God of the earth and well that's one of a God but really the person with the time he came out of the earth so they thought that they blamed it on that fly why there was a God who controlled the insects who is a God all the infected and insight out of control like gone there God cannot control insects but God is the true God Chet and and and stalking me know that it was a golden calf they worship a God half and half die their gods were dying in multiple different livestock died boiled with the next one in the boil they haven't gone to God what God told the God of medicine and intelligence and wisdom and what they would do effectively human sacrifices and they would get the ashes and they would throw it in the air in the ashes as it infects people they believe that it was a blessing on their lives and it's interesting when God told Moses what if you give baneful will the ashes from the murders and what the luminaire and whoever any cost alignment upon the land and whoever it is became boils silly for anyone in contrast to what they had believed in the admin they believed while his ashes action bluffing but it was a curse the turned away from that God and Hale Hale came down the sky that God of sky God God is and they had a protector of the cross and when the hail destroyed almost all the cross they blame it on the sky God and then they they did they didn't believe the protective the cross is doing that you his job once again destroying their God locus was an innate fear that God had a God I miss that was actually a protector specifically for local and the locust devoured the crops that were remaining after the hail and darkness of course we know which God this is referring to they had a great guy called they had it was called raw the sun god and one of the greatest God and God made a completely dark if you control the sun and then in the last was the death of the firstborn and the Egyptian God Pharaoh himself was a God you know that there was a God and his first son was considered a God and his first son in old I thought if I was so fascinating and I look back and I thought ill enough another way to think about it not only was it to turn the Egyptians back to God for revival for their last revival before they accepted the blood of Jesus Christ or the blood of the land the other was this is another reason why God sent that he can play you know healing as a reason for things and the United Exodus chapter nine verse fifteen and sixteen and so yes I is stretched forth my hand and strictly the question why not just destroy it all of the Egyptians right before I could with restricting you battle and your people with Glenn and you will have been based from the earth nevertheless I've spared you for this purpose in order to show you my power and in order that my theme may resound throughout the world and will so because of his busy life a fit because that's realized that while these the Egyptian God is the true God is present across the world anyone other than I love that was that in all points back to Jesus the last revival within it all is the and in our time will be pointing everybody the world back to Jesus because Asia even if you think about life as well you know Jesus and I am the you know the living water denial right now I'm living while I'm the light of the earth you think about the design the outline that the bread and destroy the cost and the bread of life I am the truth the way in the life and an I am the true God and all the place convoluted to now a point away from their false gods and and you know the name because they went out of out of Egypt and then they will what are they dealing with the Sinai and they they received the Commandments again be then forgot about it that God gave the Commandments and in other First Amendment is what is they'll shall not have any other gods before me that amazing so amazing that the guys just use so jealously wants you to worship him so let's finish this job got a job because you don't really tell us that it will work in this generation neighbor that before but I say let's finish the job because I have always heard what I was going not that that you enjoy what you do orient me enjoying your job and you won't work a day in your life or that fossilized sailors finish the job and not finish the work visa should be enjoying what we're doing in God 's plan for the end time for the Seventh-day Adventist church is that we are to spread the three Angels messages to the entire world to prepare the people for his soon return that is God 's plan for us he had to play the plan being we are unable to do it but Neal just a plan plan a and and a next-generation there's no Plan B is not like in the Adventist elite in a noted Buddhist theirs on some other religion I plan his business his plan is playing havoc we know we talk about the second coming and have Google has heard of the first so we really need to to remember that when we went over thinking about revival this last revival and no I think Ronald Reagan once said that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction and I say that that the last revival is never more than one generation away no we can be this could be the last revival I believe this is last wanted to believe that this is where in the last revival now a man out in LA stop medicine of we we haven't approached for certain patients on which RSS if the rate of change behavioral change and I was asked the question are you ready to make this change is a big change that you get on it are you ready are you tired sick and tired of the yell yo-yo weight loss that there were no leads hire of all this being on helping the sick and you know of course the writing in the race the question is is if you're ready are you confident you can make this change anyway but then you might not be gotten right in a sense and it seems that yesterday the next question the last question is is it a priority so call the ready competent priority modeling I named it enough and really are you ready are you competent and are you as a priority you know when it comes to spiritual things I'll all want to change it around a little bit are you ready and is it a are you are you fully persuaded that God will do what he promised the question we now need to be fully persuaded in the last question is is it a priority meeting are you are you seeking first the kingdom of God so the three questions I asked today in the process somebody in this and this congregation that is considering these things and they they wants to to to make a decision for Christ for us there somebody here who who is sick and tired of this world and they really do want to make a change and they're ready for the act totally ready for this change and there's somebody here was thinking in their minds that they once that they are fully persuaded that Jesus Christ can do this change and then maybe me and you want the first two don't like Ivanhoe the first adult lives a new way you already know that that that this world is not our home that we are ready to go on the next place soon sometimes you you you come to church you know your Bible you can raise in damages and you know the truth and you are only pursuing you believe that Jesus can do what he says and he has the power to do it really what I'm concerned about is the mystery are you putting God first in order to have revival we really all that incorporate lean make conference if you're if you're willing to put God first I want you to raise your and you know and trust there is somebody here who has gone through the legs of the agents and they have accepted Jesus Christ blood and put it on their doorposts and they are saved by the blood of Jesus but they have not yet made a commitment for Christ after they left Egypt where they go they went through the watery grave of baptism into the Red Sea and they came out new people say presto somebody here who is not made that decision and I now praise the Lord of the note everyone here but if you want to make that this decision today and want you to stand up if you want soon as you never given that maybe there was an instrument maybe maybe maybe you have already been baptized and you are that was when you were twelve or thirteen and you and I think that you know maybe your thought that he didn't realize what you are doing do I need to get rebaptized no need to get back to shortcut in the first place you need to get back and maybe need to be I just read that the Soviets that stand and giving visibility now I leave this place where somebody is almost they want the same thing that I pray the Lord will but if you are in the valley of decision if you are on the fence if you're sick and tired of this garbage that's around us he wanted that position once you make the decision in Alaska before resigning so those of you rose your hand and thirty one of put God first please been in dabbling gracious father Lord thank you so much for your infinite love for us although we have are seeking you so many times that we have gone off course and we've fallen help us to never give up to get on course again to finish the race Lord we want to be a part of your last day people we want to be a part of the last revival prepare our hearts and our minds helplessly study your word every day to pray diligently and to be faithful to you in everything we do help us we already lord we believe in you we are fully persuaded in your power we want to put you first we thank you trained Jesus


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