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Gary Gibbs


Gary Gibbs

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  • February 18, 2011
    7:00 PM
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you open up your Bibles with me and will have our Scripture reading for this evening is good reading tonight comes from Matthew twenty eight Vincent verse eighteen through twenty Matthew twenty eight members eighteen to twenty and it says this and Jesus came and spake unto the saying all power is given unto me in heaven and earth go eat therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and though I am with you always even unto the end of the world in the name was pretty together before the speakers and the father we thank you for bringing us here tonight that we can embark on this new journey that you have before us that we can risk secured together to learn at your feet to to train to grow to be strengthened and so we ask you Lord that he was saying your Holy Spirit to be upon us that in all the meetings that we sit upon whether it's tonight or tomorrow or Sunday or Monday we would leave this place we knew we would we would be strengthened to know that you are with us and that you will continue to guide since we asked for your presence now and that we would be ready for the message that you have for us tonight we pray these things in Jesus 's name and a good evening now you will only address that I laughed Maryland yesterday and sixty six degree temperature sunny skies and today I called home my wife rubbed it into sentence over seventy degrees today and the sun is shining and it was snow melting yesterday nerves probably a little left today to talk to my kids too little girls and they are so excited his as lastly they said we are tired of being cooped up in the house so they said that if we were outside we took our shoes off now they would never done that if I been around their mother it's the only traditions often they were running around their bare feet in them by that was made from the snow melting so go figure but here we are sunny well not sunny California Southern California today to get a taste of winter here in less covers for amazing facts understand had actually drive down his flight was canceled because of snow up in Sacramento global warming am sure of that was good to be here I am excited to be here are you glad to be here tonight this weekend we know this can be a life-changing experience for you at least they can be a life enhancing experience for you because there is nothing probably more calculated to blasts and grow your life then learning how to share Jesus Christ to someone else I mean it is power packed when you learn how to do that it even if you don't know Jesus as your personal savior if you learn how to share him he will become your Savior reminds me a story heard a guy Intel one time he was into a street evangelism in the city of Chicago top area of Chicago and he had youth group that he was training and a lot of these youth where they are because their parents wanted them to be there and so he had a lot of people who worked CLE Weddington amount one evening on the streets of Chicago and pulled off to a side street they parked the car in they got out sandals actually of a handful of kids we got out you know they had prayer and everything but as they were walking up to the main strip where every body was gathered all the hoodlums and people were standing around in groups is that of underwear forgot to tell you if Jesus isn't your personal savior you better make that right with him before you turn this corner because these people out on the straighter streetsmart and all the other safe throw you a note whether you're converted are not and you don't want to go out there not really knowing Jesus can still be tough on yourself I suggest you have a little prayer blithely change turned the corner all day ahead I'm sure there were a lot of conversions at the place right there those next few steps so learning how to share your faith is just a blessing in many ways the life enhancing experience in I was seventeen years old when I became a Seventh-day Adventist wouldn't have CYC in those days but God had a little GUI seem prepared for me anyway and he taught me an trainee put me in touch with people who are willing to take a new church member that had hair down his back I wish I had some of the air nowadays with that hair down my back in was quite rough around the edges and they took me under their wings they trained me how to share Jesus and that's why I'm here today it all started back then with learning how to share Christ in and you have to share about you when you love Christ you just have to share it's in your heart while there a lot of things about witnessing that you can learn the easy way or the hard way but you want to learn them know the easy way is to learn it from someone else in the good kind of figured out in your head the hard way is to go will this make your own mistakes and the reality is that you really learn it by doing both you don't learn it Teague allow Barry need to start doing anything else that doesn't work along never do that again to do something different next time I want to share with you some of my loops time sometimes I make mistakes some of the things that I have learned them this weekend has been designed to be very practical and they've asked me to even make the evening sessions very practical focused on training and soul winning and it's especially asked me to talk about the cycle of evangelism how you can set up a cycle of evangelism in your churches but I want to start off tonight by looking at the most overlooked secret the soul winning because we can talk about all sorts of things this weekend we can talk about how to get Bible studies were going to do that was peppers is going to do that we talk about health ministry announced going to happen as well and we can talk about the cycle of evangelism you do this at this point that at that point and you do this other thing at another point but if you guess what I may share tonight then you'll have this one evangelism is all about and it's really the most overlooked secret assault wedding often very often I started off as a cold order that you get a Bible worker that human evangelists and I've trained evangelists I started I started after twelve you went just graduated from Apco Jonathan started after no back and not two thousand one I made the business plan for life leads to for evangelism down in Florida and I now have an online evangelism training school at Hope net online or is trained a lot of evangel especially when I was running the evangelism program at amazing facts and it was very typical that people obey just like I was when I first started in evangelism would come on we get our evangelistic studies and presentations down your PowerPoint put together we get the doctrines all settled and how to best present them I would focus so much on that that we don't rule out the most important secret this only an exact secret that I want to share with you tonight I talk about this in my my book my training book wins the witnessing seat on the screen drive slides and by the way you have a handout on page fifteen if you want to take notes you can follow along here when so witnessing the title of my blog is based on a play on words that if you want some if your friendliest people like you and you know how to be when something you well when some people to Jesus Christ that in a nutshell is the most overlooked secret insult winning nonentities that out some in the next forty five minutes or specifically what that really looks like but that's it in a nutshell that if you don't know when some people to Christ then you need to learn to be winsome like Jesus notices and evangelism we can write what here's Jack Bauer 's school of evangelism I don't know who Jack Bauer is but he's got the sad think you know evangelism what you don't know Jack Bauer Jack Bauer 's got a gun on his hippies got his hand around the other guys neck any sane to let the other guy saying all right all right I sent Jesus into my heart 's yellow cab LE bands a Venice evangelistic Jack Bauer way of winning souls sometimes it's it on a hand around the throne saying you know if you want to accept the truth you're going to get the market at least so plays a no follow on you you get to be destroyed by the play is that Jesus coming in and in Ghana and all scattered across their roughhousing years than not there is a ranking of you again you know when I had eternal hellfire by then what we've got is this is bad no we can be your package yet together you can really scare people I remember being in the deep South and go into an evangelistic meeting one of our African-American brethren from Oakwood College is holding as a new graduate skews me on this overcoming a cold beer and the tail end of it but thought it was August meeting in May was so loud the speakers was so loud and lesser taught them that openly that if you turn the speakers up so how people will be converted because their air drums of a blown out you know I know say yes yes yes to everything they don't know what you're saying is again your name where he lost to hearing fact that drive my car like three blocks down the road and there I could listen film without hurting my head but he was taking the health message that night and I'll never forget a key line we were going back many many years but he must adult in the Jack Bauer school of evangelism because he said if you don't stop tempting staff is when the lake of fire classic line is it a try that in your next vigil is the make versus Napoli works in the deep South the dipping snuff if you and the lake of fire this is not when some witnessing that doesn't really win the type of converts that stay or that grow church or that Jesus will really use to reflect his image to a dying world and yet that kind of what we often think about we think about evangelism and white angels and has such a ad name often in the church on a site to see young people though who are excited about evangelism because evangelism is powerful all never forget as as a new Adventist and I was at a Adventist institution I went to the head of the institution I said beyond need to be out witnessing I need to be out sharing this message to that person had grown up in the church and exit although not all you don't need to do that it's okay settle down you know that if you sit still long enough like costs you'll grow as cold as 's visit no I got a go I got a get out to the doors I got to talk to people I been reading this message and studying people need to hear this I was lost now found their life the lost people out there they need to be found no one to go none none none bacillus and I need to go for my own sake to a need to learn this message and when I shared I know I'll learn now seventeen years old and I'm telling an adult that's well I finally went and went on my own alternate more about that as we can goes but I went and I learned how to witness but I learned through a lot of trial and error a lot of people just don't ever get it don't learn how to be a winsome witness I was a brand-new pastor I went to our first cat out our first fellowship gathering the church had a big bonfire area evening program beautiful time of year is one of the members had a on a farm and said he invited a whole church out there we went out there and a big bonfire we ate food we sang we worship and his guide to this as an opportunity to invite his neighbors who live next to his form that they would come over to the events is that they are gathered they are in I want I was walking around meeting some of the new members and I could hear all of this very exciting discussion going on in this low group of people probably not twenty fifteen twenty people and I walked over there to try to hear what was being said and I heard things like the Mark of the beast Sunday the Pope than it all aside the sadder I thought why would I want that guy 's preaching about with any song and guide pulls me into the circle is as pastor these are all my neighbors and happen to be a guy hosting the event these are all my neighbors Eddie Venice and China tell them the truth pastor John et al. then it sat it is on Saturday and Sundays are all getting out of church on a starting going through all the three angels message and he's agitating he's excited needs his intellect but faster than well said you are right on man when you do you know you got your fifteen to twenty pairs of eyeballs looking at you and this guy has is already machete them to death united them out with the word of God is not supposed to now tell that that is writes that he's right but is all wrong and in this day I still don't know what I said to them I just don't like any recall all I remember is feeling like that I was caught in a great dilemma and I did not know what to do but that was the type of guy that any new person that came into the church foyer he always had some Ellen White quotes to get them he was also that the guide objects got agitated when everything that go just his way in the church any Symantec complimented me one day Isaiah was greeting people after I just preached gave me a compliment he came out the door greeting line and he put assess right my face the pastor must satisfy when I knock your teeth out that was a good sermon pastor and he shook my hand was so thank you I think so you can convert some people might grab them by the net but what do you really have when they join the church maybe you got this guy of the number of my church because like converts what like like wins like I just guess it is a stone at the people even do that people daddy Jesus said follow me he didn't drive people he called people to follow him subject and open people you need to find what sees us with some method shifts because there is a right way and there is a wrong way to share the truth of God only shared illustration right now the Scriptures on this in acts sixteen Paul and Silas are on their missionary journey together and they all has the dream of the man Macedonia saying come over here and say goes over to Philippi and in the city of Philippi begins witnessing not been to the ancient ruins of Philippi and Philippi was notice in the Bible is not having a Jewish synagogue and so this is where Paul would go out to the Reverend Lowell River where he Bible says Nolting James prayer was want to be made an airy Tyra on Libya from thy attire I any baptizer is the Christian church was established there but picture this Philippi was one of the major Roman cities of the big major city and Paul those entities going to evangelize the city that Los Angeles on this day as a docent how do you win a huge city like this will maybe take out ads on local radio station nor you did an ad on TV or maybe you put print handbills in your ballot to everyone will Pauline have that available again but what if one half you had that the most esteemed of the most respected the most sought after spiritual counselor of the whole city what if you had that person endorsing you what if you were invited to be a speaker at the Crystal Cathedral and they are they endorsed you and they said this guy this lady has a message you need a lesson in a will that's what happened to Paul and Silas Bennett manhandled MTV that have radio but they got the endorsement of the most respected the most highly esteemed spiritual advisor for the entire city listen what he said at sixteen or seventeen young servant girl Bible says you brought great profit to her owners because she was well-respected here's what she said she follow them around she said these men nor the sermons of the most high God Shaw once was the way of salvation not every word of that issue incident is not anything wrong with what she said these men were the servants of the most high God putting this God who may serve higher than all of the other gods even the goddess Diana whom they worshiped and they show unto us the way outside way of salvation so there's nothing wrong with what she sat but let me ask you a very important question who was she really went missing for and who was she really witnessing to the next verse tells us it's as but Paul being grade detergents into the spirit I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her and he came out the same hour that she was different why wasn't she she wasn't as saying she was doing something for the spiritual forces but it wasn't the Holy Spirit was there was an evil spirit of this demonic spirit that inspired her to say beast truthful words about sobering incident makes you think of my church member who was telling that little captive audience he had their all the things he was telling them everywhere that it was strode Eric felt it was true but the way he was doing it he was inspired by the wrong spirit and maybe just maybe vibrant spot more inspired by the right spirit I could turn to him and cast demons out of him too on alumni never tried to so we need the right spirit Mario for the testimonies page four oh four ten analysis point down the manner in which the truth is presented often has much to do in determining whether it will be accepted or rejected this is not just saying the right words but it's how you do it it's how you do it these you can do it know why that glorifies Jesus about list Jesus or you can witness in a wide that turns people off from Jesus and I like to suggest to you that it's that latter manner the way that turns people off from Jesus is also turning off many of God 's people from sharing their faith would you agree with me we look at these bad examples of witnessing we see people possible Diane folks over there have we seen Daniel hammering the spirit of prophecy on people we see people get turned off and we say that they may unlock it to do that I don't want anything to do with evangelism you're twisting peoples arms trying to get them to be baptized and accept the truth and all that all those bad bad examples of evangelism we decide on a fence evangelism I want anything to do with it and I believe it's the devil 's purpose is not only turn people off from Christ we are bad witness but turn God 's people off from sharing Christ by being a bandwidths and that's why I am passionate about sharing with people how to be a winsome witness how to share Christ in a way that puts a smile on somebody's face but they say this is my decision I found the truth am excited about the truth am excited to be here because when people through Christ's method changes lives for eternity not just for a moment a time when we get them in our pew to get them warming it we pulled them up front reside as a trophy changing lives for eternity transforming people so that they now become a vibrant member in God 's cause they love Jesus and they are dedicating their lives to tell others about Jesus Christ that's what it's all about when we start talking about the cycle of evangelism this weekend I want you to think about a cycle that's not just angle cycle to talk to you about a yearly cycle what you can do in your churches what you can do in your own life by what you draw the circle even bigger because the cycle is really the cycle of life when you went somebody to Christ today in two thousand eleven you need to think about their cycle all the way around to eternity what's it really enemy what's it really yummy when you invest your life and poured out there for Jesus Christ in you when another person chair making a difference for eternity for some for eternity under my skin even comprehend what that means but I can only just imagine you knows somebody that I've had some small part in winning to Christ you know in the year twenty million seven hundred and eighty seven is going to come up to me one Saturday afternoon as a carrier good to see again then sitting in three million years but less than men I am eternally grateful at my door and Sarah Jesus Christ let me look at happiness imaginable to my family with my friends looking on the vision thank you so much you think about the snake obedience was doesn't it just to go and go and go and go that's thrilling incidents that's why God wants us to be out there introducing people to Jesus Christ I want to do that how about you I want to be that person it says Jesus is your best friend he lived forty five free rains for East County again just for you now that passion was very strong in my heart when I get my life to Jesus Christ and I I was not from how I put this nicely I was far from being a Christian very far and didn't hang out with people who were very friendly to Christians but when I was changed I couldn't help but tell them about Jesus I can remember sitting around the campfire going out the bodies camping out and doing things that I used to participate in a nice enough I don't want any of that anymore and they tell about Jesus Christ all night long when you love Jesus you can't help but tell them about Jesus Christ when some witnessing by a rough time because I had some people that were harder to win it in my chapter went to witnessing a talk about winning out without killing them check out the brand-new Christian and my mother had recently remarried my father died and she remarried in she married guys who love was an alcoholic she didn't know it he hid it well until she Barry Suleman start realizing sky was an alcoholic closet alcoholic and start causing problems in the family here I wasn't new Adventists totally changed my style changed I change the that brought quite a change to the families are still living at home I just turned seventeen years old and not he would make it hard for me any time I cook some photos try to be vegetarian become Ari said while you need some pork in that need one of frozen pork into the food I do and he betrothed and I never try to reason with the drop nodal point pork in my food got to where I had a vested interest in this man being converted because if you can get converted it would just change my life as well would make it a lot easier for itself I started crying Lord help me to witness to Harry I called a different name in the blog but later when Harry to you and so one time or having this discussion I thought you know what they do is tell Harry to be one of those people that are won at the last moment now prevent rows of brand-new and as I was still wet from my baptism still wet behind the ears I had losses long-haired to the low wall for to dry out but I was still wet behind the ears and eyes my doctor was it all straight but I had some of the pieces they are we are having a discussion one day I said Harry let me tell you something that's good and help you here I am this junket in countless man said the under tight what the Bible says imitate what's can happen in the last days and you see this happening then you'll know that I was right and then you will come when you will join the truth and follow the truth like I have no pride there my Roman Catholic stepfather the Pope is the antichrist sought only to start right Sunday is the market-based and was gone and then is Paul is going to unite his power with the United States and they are gone to exalt Sunday as the day to go to church on and it's going to be the means of pulling all society gather and soften all the massive problems of the world why haven't the time and there is good to be a small group of the most Sabbath keepers get settled Saturday that aren't going to cooperate with one of the ways go to get everybody to do this together is the plant was in a call down fire from God out of heaven Revelation thirteen and very literal interpretation of the doctor a so-called aspire down Tony's as they say I am from God 's error my keep Sunday now is very simple in my mind and my stepfather Harry just comes to theory dumbfounded I fought on through to him but when I done was shocked and he was stunned and when he found his voice he said will son when I see the Pope 's call down fire from God I have another go up and shake his hands that you must be a man of God Vila do that and I thought that is most stupid ridiculous thing I've ever heard as the Bible says that Sandy Christ doing and not only did I think that I said that to him another not so winsome way that the witness and that became a huge argument we started yelling at each other and shouting at each other at Christmas they had given me a brand-new four ten pump action shotgun this was in Louisiana Louisiana call sportsman 's paradise you hot and fit as wireless generator try out my new shotgun on my stepfather I got so angry witnessing my gives that I threatened to go get my gun and kill him now the barriers to tell you that actually I'm glad the rest of the story doesn't have a prison sentence sends felons convicted converts part of the story but I actually like life for the key OEM about that time my mother said I can do things over you got it around that was me and when I went to my room that's where I met the Holy Spirit he had left my witnessing a long time ago I got my rails like you said to me said boy you just really messed up your supposed romantic grace it is the alcoholic again right at California are that I said that Holy Spirit while he works those stupid party had an eyewitness said that posters excuse me whose heart had still man I wrestled with the Holy Spirit and Holy Spirit said you need to go and confess to him that you're wrong Donna could do that get better is if you don't you never go to be right with me because you're not right you did not represent me employed I wanted to be right with God and I could say that harboring that sin to be bad for me so I went I confessed a Harry I said Harry I was wrong should the said what I said we forgive mean he suggests a forgive you you know later on when his family my family had an intervention with him that's when you back an alcoholic in the corner and you tell there an alcoholic and they need treatment Donna Lee stormed out of the room and he went back in the backyard and when women do not when I talked to him Asa Gary you're the only one in that room I respect you think I really need treatment I suggest Harry you need treatment he's an okay I'll go in he went to treatment he got dried out your site is not respected because I threatened to kill him a respective pages I asked for forgiveness so that I don't without killing him is really our goal is in it it always right issue the poor guy drag is still warm corpse to the foot of Jesus and thank God I got one for you Colorado given that want to know we don't want to wait on that way I make the biggest cartoon not the Peanuts cartoon she says I would've made a good evangelists you know that Kitty sits behind the school I convinced him that my religion is better than his religion guy has had to do that she said I hit them with my lunchbox or how about this one pastor talking to a guy the shaman I could reach you with God 's message perhaps the deacons will have better luck the deacons are behind the wall with a with a stick he can't seem to be honest it didn't rain what a guy when he comes around the corner with John three sixteen written on the stick of Sally definitely look at evangelism is not a winning approach is a root out what people with lunchboxes with sticks with John three sixteen or Revelation chapter fourteen and thirteen the market of these than an hour to try and him are added and I can convert then knowingly to preach all those things don't misunderstand me they are the truth but here's the mistake were making here is the most overlooked secret assault winning I told you earlier in a nutshell what it was the blood spilled into a more seated in spotting here to be angels and page two ninety one Madrid is held as truth only backed by the conscience when the heart is not stimulated made receptive read it with me what's rest of his site only the lot only the mind is affected so much truth is held is driven only by the conscious when the hearts not stimulate the heart 's not made receptive only the mind is affected when the truth is received as truth by the hearts it has passed through the conscience and has captivated the solar disk pure principles is placed in the hearts by the Holy Spirit who reveals a dispute into the mine but it's transforming power may be seen where in the character limit of three parts of the anatomy a few points you got the heart you've got the mind got the character what are we really after Rafter the whole life being change right hope character person being transformed the gospel transforms character character is the only thing you take to heaven with you when you leave this earth and the cycling Jesus said go and make disciples of all nations always had time to actually go into that with you what what disciple making using to check out my presentation on hope net online for that but disciple making is all about growing people into Christlike character were to be very intentional about that as a church and individually about it but not notice the process here the Holy Spirit does it transform character just by convincing them fine but the twenty eight fundamental boys to hear from you it's not just teaching the tribes person says yeah I got all that down I can be bad ties right now down down the Seventh-day Adventists know we have to do more than convince the mind the mind needs to be educated the conscience has to be convicted don't misunderstand me we need to know the truth it's got a be there in the street is powerful it's so powerful that it can convince the mine but it's also powerful enough to change the life by being placed in the heart by the Holy Spirit you following the year is the most overlooked secret assault wedding we aim our gospel and about at peoples frontal lobes were going to convince them of the truth give me the latest book give me the latest act give me the latest video to be the latest DVD and give me that latest thing that's going to convince somebody up the truth and an icon right had never thought that's the way it's done in oils things are great but what we really need to ultimately know is that we have to win the Hartford and when the person can you say that you've got to win the hearts to get you need to know the Bible lessons you need to know this message you need to have an experience with this message you need to know how to answer objections and questions and difficult taxable to know all that but never forget that while you are explaining all that your real goal is to reach what the hearts your real goal is to reach the hearts know what you get that friends in your mind him in your heart it will guide you in whatever witnessing situation urine what are witnessing situation you're in because you will be dealing with people and you might be dealing with some real obnoxious person in a really hard to deal with than their giving you problems arguing the message with you and the temptation may be the just engage with them and try to convince them but when you stop and you say wait a minute later mailing that this game is not all about the hand it's not all about convincing them what's going on here what's happening in their heart right now then you'll take a step back and go start addressing the heart and talking to them about their hearts we know what will happen you'll see the whole conversation change in your final start opening doors to their hearts quick story I was on leave Angel is the means to ongoing a guy coming to the meetings met his wife was want to become and add venison heated water to come and address and they would have very prominent position in the community a very prominent position in their church and so he was off he was invested in keeping her from joining the church that he was on the Internet reading all the negative stuff about Adventism and he was asking all of the difficult questions many of them not even in the answers to difficult questions books we read so in every night pumping me with difficult questions and in that meeting I did something I don't recommend people do but I didn't wanted to see what it was like I allow him to ask the questions publicly tells fun so I said a friend would you doing Sunday afternoon leaving about going getting lunch together notes do that so we went out to lunch together his wife and nine the pastor and that ended up being a three for our lunch he asked a bunch of bunch of questions and the Lord gave me answers like tell you when you're giving Bible studies for the Lord the Lord will show you things right in the midst of the Bible study he never fought before you get really interesting insights as so much so that you might want to take notes on your own Bible studies until you get stuff the pastor that what was with me is a very very bright guys guide genius IQ I respect them a lot and we got out I sit you know I've never thought about those things before that I said ideally said no I said their truth and he was all excited about Salazar is the truth is just as harmonious connected shame that it is all makes sense you get it difficult you know the truth does all come together but I realized that wasn't the main thing here's what I said to him we answered his questions I said this is a friend as I appreciate you coming to the meetings I appreciate you coming in answering your questions I want you to know that all your questions are good questions but also want you to know that we are fellow travelers on the road of life seeking to get to the same place heaven and on just one for traveler with another trying to help us each find our way and with that tears start running down this guys eyes the wealthy executive running down his eyes spaces to any chilled Debbie Sewall thank you thank you very much we just spent an hour to two hours talking here with that in a moment though I can address the heart what do you think was more powerful to our survival study were saying hey I love you and I want to be in heaven with you states the combination of the two and so you have to remember reached at heart to let me share with you all like talks about times when people miss this point in in the book great controversy page two twenty four she's talked about France is stuff about how the French reformers were looking across the border in Germany same manner reformations don't really cut there it's was so small we need to do something mighty and also for God is what they decided it was that overnight they would put placards on on the doors and posts them that people could read it and learned that the mass was not of God says his placards attacking the mass were in one night posted all over France but instead of advancing the reform this zealous but ill judged movement brought Rowan not only upon its propagators but upon the friends of the reformed faith throughout France it gave the Roman is what they had long desired a pretax for demanding the otter destruction of the heritage as agitators dangerous to the stability of the throne and a piece of the nation they know what that what the king did he gathered up all the reformers and they kill them all and they stop the Reformation in France and that's why France till this day is Catholic and it's because of that one ill judged movement openings placards up everywhere no they even got one of the king 's bedroom door posted and he thought were really slick we got right at their thinking Labrador is very tainted him so much that he had some Protestant insider in his inside Ms. Castle that he had a molecule and you know we do that in Adventism today we put up billboards never seen the billboards the Pope is the antichrist Sunday's a market-based nursing that not seriously nursing Florida and Oregon now that really was a few souls done it I moved into Modesto will probably seventeen or fifteen years ago or so moved and the Modesto open up the newspaper to check out what's happening in town I see there's that Sunday is the market bees Sabbath is Saturday sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventists your friends I said okay there we go may be real proud to tell my neighbors on the Seventh-day Adventists see this is the most overlooked secret is that we forget that people have a hard it's all about convincing the mine is not all about telling the truth it's a culmination of the two it's having a heart for lost people that tells it to them in a way that will win their hearts know Jesus is debated as the line of the tribe of Judah and Lamb of God in Revelation chapter five and I believe it's very significant in the number of ways the one way is it tells us about how Jesus presents truth as a young evangelist somebody told that it was today they said preach like a lion visit like a land of a laser member that I've passed it onto a lot of evangelists preach like a line don't apologize for the truth him about the truth know the truth present the truth and an authoritative why not visit like a long and get to know people and win their hearts is about what we do is we often see the evangelist upfront preaching like a line Elysées hole that's evangelism and then we go and do that to our neighbors and we were more in their face and we wonder why they run the other way but what we don't see the evangelist doing is visiting like a lamb the beginning illustrations will be evangelistic me heavily to come into the meetings scummy every night she was invited by one of our members she was the charge nurse in this hospital on this particular floor the slaves coming every night and she was loving the message I visited her home is getting acquainted with her and I realize that there were a number of lifestyle issues that were going to become testing truths to Hercules and there is a particular night the series right talk about how to walk the walk of faith for a lifetime only into eternity and if you go to walk with God throughout eternity you have to be careful about what you allow your mind to feast on you to be careful about what you watch places you go things you do it would you agree with me because garbage in equals lots barbershop so I trained people this lighting is uninterested in being at this for eternity and so there's one laminated as and I realize that this particular woman whatever hobbies is collecting movies I mean movies of all stripes that are other things and so on get ready to start the evangelistic meeting look at my watch is barely got started this way he's not here yet usually comes in late right after work Donna talk to her before I preach his message and so they sang a few more songs as he comes in I lettered see that I go over and I kneel down beside her I am glad you're here tonight how is your day was a good day on really later years he said I'm glad I'm here to I said you've been enjoying the vacation season all Ya love of learning a lot right so as I get a favor to ask of you tonight really I severely you pray for me tonight she said he also obtained a line on go to present a message tonight that I think very important very crucial to our walk with God again I recognize that this message may step on some people 's toes and I don't want it to do that I want people to see the wisdom in this message is the Christ in this message and I was I wonder preach it presented the right way and a really needed to help me my brain we pray for me she said yes I said okay and now serious about this I'd never done this before with some eye before but the Lord put it all my heart listen listen ability pray for you to sell really severe I said because I think your toes might be some of them they get stepped onto the height by city on concerned about as you listen of this how you will relate to it I really want you to see Jesus and I want you to see what God 's word has to say Sunday praying for you and I do that she said yeah place so I preach the message after the message I see slavery I said where you pray for me suggests that she said but pastor need ask you are you praying for me I said oh I wisely said keep on praying presented several my dose while we were nearing the end of evangelistic series and people were making decisions for baptism I asked our city have been baptized and she said well are you transforming I sit down Frank forty six people trying and always long every evening I'd ask our unity in his next baptism his insight are you praying for me people trying Friday night before the baptism are you praying for me keep on trying Sabbath morning the woman comes in with her bag prepared for baptism as you said you can stop Bryant made my decision and all of those issues that I was concerned about you could look at her and tell her they tell they were all resolved every single one of she had fully accepted the lifestyle truths of the Bible why because I taken the time to visit like a lamb with her that's where you reach the heart that's where you make the difference that's the most overlooked secret install wedding listen away all white puts this docile workers page one ninety three your success will not depend so much upon your knowledge and accomplishments as upon your ability read it with me to find your way to the hearts she says this is what will make you successful finding your way to the heart of a person and it tells how to do it by being social and coming close to the people you may turn the current on their thoughts more readily than by the most amiable discourse finding your way to art shows we talk about evangelism this week it would not back how to get Bible studies talk about how to get cooking schools talk about the cycle of evangelism all of that is only valuable when you realize how the fine the way to the heart of a person know when you're cooking with any teaching the mannequin is not just the big visit Terry done them while vegetarianism probably burn in hell my not very as well as meet one of the carnivorous person but the burn alto these upper vegetables the purpose of the cooking school for a number of things clear up their mind all that but the real evangelistic purpose my thinking is by serving them you have an opportunity to win their hearts you have an updated talk to them get to know them and when the relationship and when the hearts same thing giving Bible studies others like Jesus a witness was that this ministry of healing makes twenty four while he ministered to the poor Jesus studied I love that they got Jesus I these have in this study ways the font reached the ranch he sought the acquaintance of the wealthy cultured Pharisee the Jewish nobleman and Roman roller he accepted their invitations attended our fees make himself familiar with their interest in occupations and see my watch this gain access to want their hearts and revealed that the imperishable riches this was Jesus method the Almighty God is embodied in humanities started out arranged people 's hearts to get the most eloquent truth fail mess teaching message of a visor walked this planet but he studied how to reach people 's hearts and he did it by becoming social with them going to their fees spending time with them funny how to reach your hearts quick story is a member of my church before I pastor there hard member married to these his me was not a member he was married to Annette Dennis and he hated the ads this is what they done to his family and split up his family yet flawless kid as always as hate Adventists had been that way for decades and any advanced pass that would come up to his home to visit his wife you'd say I give you thirty seconds get off my doorstep from CQ office doorstep get out here right now any minute well the pastor before made two passes before me heard about this man at a similar busy like to do this and what he loves to fish because the fast all I love fishing to our medical face you would start until he goes out at John's house aces on the new pastor and the guys just get in battle by the minute and the Vassar says that was not hiding from the talk to you about the church or any like that I can talk to you about fishing because of a fisherman a lot the fish but here ministers sitting I don't know where to fish and not I'm getting withdraw from fishing I got a get my fishing net care what you take me fishing I got to go fishing at the God government about this pastor went fishing days ago they began fishing together and they want to say statements transmitted they caught this together and by catching fish together they became friends and that man gave his heart to Jesus was baptized to be given at and when I came back charging up and tell me the story is as I waited so long I should never wavered that bastard coming to my house going fishing with me am so happy now that was some of the evidence using a command without a win our hearts that's what he did he followed Jesus methods of quickly and review here's a winsome witness in strategy smell like Jintao to do this they did you ever hear the story about her in Australia because he still I find your work in Australia they were letting intense and there were these hoodlums who lived on the other side a hell you know the story they would come in and Ray Allen White's camp and steal their food and your different stop and and her team got so fed up with it they said let's call the sheriff about these people arrested no I said no no no no no were not good to do that she should pitch up the horses were to go over there and she took her nurse over on the other side video were all these gypsy type people live and she found what their needs were there were some people say she had her nurse treat the sick people and then they start treaty more more sick people helping those people you guess what happened all the stealing stops anyone their souls may baptize people know what it was soul winner is what she said about the woods when distributing strategy audience got your neighbors one by one she says find your way to the heart that's the target come close to the people that your method and then she says your means are to sympathize pray with them watch for opportunities to do them good and open the word of God don't like black the power persuasion the power prayer the power of the love of God the present we do this but she promises we will read the following she says this in volume nine the testimonies page one eighty nine if we humble ourselves before God and be kind and courteous and tenderhearted and pitiful they're what they really went me one hundred conversions to the truth were now there's only wanted you notice the words you use there describes reaching the heart impressing and reaching the heart a hundred to one return when we realize that we need to reach the heart if are going to win the person not one of this in the next few minutes cover someone else's very very important get more this I noticed in your note some West peppers to cover this more about what I want to connect this to what we just talked about reaching the heart is is so important to the cycle event of evangelism Jesus method all-white tells us in the review and Herald March thirty nineteen oh five that we can learn from Christ science of soul saving and what the science but me out what is a science the findings suggest that what you said if you do certain things you get predictable results okay math is assigned for Medusa high signs with you two plus two equals one your good feel blessed illegals for doesn't always equal four thousand two plus two always equals work you do predictable a certain things get producible results H2O one is that what does what makes up the water to elements of hydrogen one of oxygen equals water always always so you do certain things yet predictable results there is a science assault saving you do certain things to get predictable results what is it that we can learn from Jesus and soul saving ministry of healing page one forty three well known but I will point out some things that are often unmentioned a licensed price method alone will get true success in reaching the people the Savior mingled with men as one who desire to get a show to set before them ministered to their native won their confidence then he bade them follow me now write it down with Ms. Sager mingled with man is one who desire the good just stay in the church ditty he went out to sound word people where they were tomorrow afternoon will be going out meeting people where they are so he's socialize with people he spent time with the loss is associate way I Weiss is a modern five the testimonies while we should cultivate sociability may not be merely for amusement but for a purpose there are souls to say he sympathized with people he showed his sympathy for them is not equate with any founder needs where he sympathized with them he did more than just sympathizing minister to their needs he served them play socialize sympathize and Sir Mendes has anyone their confidence now here's why do something different with this and I think is pretty significant socializing plus simplify the plus serving equals winning confidence when incompetence is not a separate staff if you are try to follow this has four steps instead of three equally one your website and I told guys don't win confidence what would you do to win confidence you go spend time with people sympathize and servant riots a when confidence in illicit as though Mrs. is all about winning the heart equals winning confidence before a person makes any major decision they first have to trust you and have to trust that that's a decision that's going to be good for them to follow me see you have to win their confidence before they got to follow you to do a Bible study or folly it's an evangelistic meeting or follow you to church that's what's missing in a lot of our evangelism we forget the heart and we forget that we do reach the heart and when that confidence of the person trust us because a lot of evangelism is portrayed as wedding people just so we can not in another market SASE there we convince one morsel it must be really right and people see through that they don't want to be one as Samantha tries you and I've had people tell me asked me when I get a Bible study Bill Satan why do you want to study with us what are they asking there asking why should I trust you want to have confidence in you and you have to answer that question and you really need an answer that question before you ever get the Bible study I've asked people have shown that my Bible studies said note here's a Bible study I think you'll enjoy it up with the Bible studying their hand announcing ninety to tell you why I do this while giving you bought why I'm offering you Bible studies because I got to get to that point right there before they'll say yes and it was witnessing I tell you what I tell them and I get Bible studies can want someone because I know I got a reset hard to get a trust may before they take Bible studies and let me announce the same thing when I'm getting Bible studies do the same thing when I'm doing evangelistic meetings it's all about winning confidence where they trust you and they need and you need to be worthy of their trust by the way this is not a gimmick I never arm twist somebody in the baptism a friend of mine told me about a lady he was baptizing she was afraid of the water and so the deacons were to help her down into the baptistery 's of the church was packed for this baptism to people everywhere in the past is down in the water any introduces the lady Joan is can be baptized they see her coming down the stairs but before she puts her foot in the water he reaches up he grabs her hand deacons on either side helping her down the water and all assigned the fear of the water kicks in and she goes now he's got Aurora now this is okay okay okay okay and he's pulling her into the water begins are pushing her she thought back for all her might vultures is watching finally cease granting that help address that at a faded realize he is afraid of the water in a bucket of her get one more person really don't before people make major decisions and that confidence is the right decision think about


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