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Gary Gibbs


Gary Gibbs

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  • February 21, 2011
    10:30 AM
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is our heads were not in order for your father in heaven once again we just come to you in the last moments of our time together we want to thank you Lord for the time that we stand here with you with each other thank you father for the organizers of this conference they didn't need to do it they didn't have to do it they could have had a much easier life and time and more time for themselves have a passion for your work more than one a senior gospel go to the loss you know that happens is they are trained how to share the gospel so thank you for then give them strength and health bless their efforts and bless each of us Lord in thing here may we take what we've learned back in and use it in so many ways to advance your cause the Lord as we spend these last few minutes together we specially craving your spirit be present with us pray father that my words will not be my own but that your spirit will speak to us during this time may we see him Jesus may we see your well-being fulfilled in our lines we ask in Jesus name amen title of life 's presentation is at this precise time as this a few years ago in the country of Ecuador fatigue and I got so positive so there are fourteen -year-old daughter Audrey L E at a restaurant known as nothing unusual about a gone out the many times but this was going to be destined to be the most memorable meal they had ever shared together in their entire life they walked into this restaurant can be close comes over and leads them to a table and as a gone to the table there I will go are at a particular table you know how you and how you are when you know until wrestling to look around see who's they are in that type of thing was I walked into their table they look amazing this particular table with a man a woman is is presumably his wine and smiled about the same age as Andrea and as they were walking and additionally they look more closely at that girl that was Andrea 's age and a realizing she looked a whole lot why you check the same color Harris had a similar face and as I got closer to her the resemblance was absolutely shocking because Internet rain detail they were absolutely identical to each other same harassing facial features synchronize the same height absolutely identical when they show your picture that was taken later after afterwards and you can see the striking resemblance of these two girls say how could that happen and that is exactly what Andrea 's parents gave you an idea I stole wondered how is and so they are placed off this table and Andrea 's father almost fainted and he looked at them and now the people sitting at the table they're looking on which Andrea underload and their daughter anything to our shock and finally the gusto finds some words and he says who is her father the couple with the other girl identified themselves as their parents and that's when the connection actually came to light because the man that I am her father and when he introduced himself he introduced himself as Doctor Roberto will NYC when all I don't think this has him was the name of the doctor that delivered Andrea you're making the connection what happened was the data actually have had twins fourteen years prior to this and potatoes says that she didn't know she had twins the doctor says that Satan was a young teenager mother and see what when she learned she had twins she was terrified out as he bagged and on take one of the children plot the data adamantly denies that there is no paperwork whatsoever to confirm the doctor 's story is of the twins were separated and were identical twins and and they happen in one in a gazillion chances to meet each other in this restaurant 's native Kenya imagine discovering that you have an identical twin in this fashion another somebody like you walking around on this planet might be scary for some people consider bundling pain identity crisis of epic proportions they think about Andrea and her sister merrily stop what they might be thinking who am I the limb I really want one to suggest to you that reasoning here Seventh-day Adventists are finding themselves in a similar situation at least when that we are facing an identity crisis who are Seventh-day Adventists anything is that they that is where pretty much to a homogeneous group of people know before you conclude that I just called and had us a bad name where that I'm homophobic you know what homogeneously drawing it means uniform at we are alive when I'm selling this shirt is a cold may basically not doing anything about the Seventh-day Adventist churches that wherever you go in the world people believe just like you will I ran around the world now that they've told me wherever you go in the world and I discovered over last thirty some on years that all that have been throughout one time it is not true today but the sharks not only is it diverse in proper ways in culturally appropriate ways we look different we gave different refunds and all that but we are also no longer homogeneous in biblical way this now were heterogeneously or dissimilar were not alike and so you go to some parts of the world and you find that they don't take the Sabbath like to keep the Sabbath you know you would think the Bible would simplify but it doesn't anymore Bob don't believe in the great controversies scenario of things like we used to live in one church leader tell me in one place it even remotely in that one L Y outlined in the great controversy regarding last day Vance regarding the based in the market-based was going to be able to help people conditional processing that comes out of Victorian anti- Catholic area era of the United States and now certainly some other white Enniskillen people fill which in my humble opinion shows gross ignorance of how Bible prophecy goes the other is uneasiness similar ideas in this dissimilarity this heterogeneous nest on biblical heterogeneous this has caused an identity crisis within the seven administrators who are Seventh-day Adventists in him this crisis by traveling to some other country even find it within your own city and maybe visit the church across town to discover that here's just a shot is Andrea merely somewhere away in a look at each other and said who I want to go into an advanced searching you can say is this Adventist who admire my writer they write itself world to our what's going on here and young people especially are facing an identity crisis is as young people are forming their own identity do you know individual spiritual identity and a maven taught a certain way by their parents this is added to them when they grow up window installer we start getting a broader appeal what's happening in the world and in activism they wonder getting my parents tell me that the lam I really really nice I believe that what you've been doing here this weekend at the UIC go convention will help you identify and know what happened are who they are and what they are balance bill misunderstand me you know were different weren't going to be different notes illness are the same miles uniqueness you see that in nature but there are some things that we must be common on the foundational law teachings of the Scripture that make what seven badness who they are we must be aligned before going to the Seventh-day Adventists fizzling out somebody in an atmosphere they are what is a seven-day address and medicine naturally turned to the wind that's where we need to know because they address are a people of the Bible not only that there is one particular chapter of the Bible that probably better why is so bad as far than probably any other chapter I would imagine you think many of them but this one is specifically in particular I believe the finds is probably better than any other and that would be a revelation chapter one fourteen the drive it saves that really identify Symbian does not want to propose to you today that it tells us three things about Seventh-day Adventist it tells us that Seventh-day Adventists are a people with a message it tells us the Seventh-day Adventists are a people with a mission and it also tells us that Seventh-day Adventists are a people who live life with meaning and message a mission meaningless look at it together today go to him on your Bibles with me he will Revelation chapter fourteen release fourteen verse six and here we have the introduction to the three angels message and revelation fourteen verse six we read this I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell in New York every nation in kindred and song and people we together with me saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is and worship him that made heaven and her Tennessee and the fountains of waters is a missing is the message is either extensive analysis that really identifies himself as a dinosaur anything will message it is a mess is going to every nation kindred John and people will want to notice here is we will get the message part of this the one you notice it this happens at a very specific time in history jump down a few verses in Revelation fourteen verse fifteen there we read in verse fifteen will be timing out when this method takes place and another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud thrust in thy sickle and read for the time is come for the debris for the harvest of the error is wrong know that is not the narrator is an about harvest time it is a specific time identifying statement until the timing of the three angels message the time is on recess for the harvest of the earth is ripe Jesus identified that timings in Matthew thirteen thirty nine aces the harvest is one the end of the world this is a message that goes to the world in preparation for the end for Jesus return and it's actually a fulfillment of Jesus prophecy Matthew twenty four fourteen raises this gospel of the kingdom will be preached as a witness to all the world and then he and one will come Susan Jesus predicted the gospel got all horny and want John sees the fulfillment of a prophetic vision and in Revelation chapter fourteen so this is in an time message and it's also it is not only at a specific time in history this message goes forth it's also a very specific methods did you notice that Revelation fourteen verse six it says there that he has the app this angel has the what type of gospel the everlasting gospel not just the gospel but this is a unique determine the everlasting gospel to go home once delivered unto the saints it is the gospel that Paul talked about in acts chapter twenty versus twenty eight to thirty we'll remember this he was visiting with the elders they are idle even in Ephesus if I remember correctly in verse twenty eight he charges them therefore taking yourselves of all law among which the Holy Spirit is made you overseers to shepherd the church of God which he purchased with his own lot for I know this is no doubt he says that after my departure savage walls will will come in among you not sparing the flock so theirs is in him from the house that will in vain the Christian church and will take out God 's people but that is also from among yourselves from when and not just from without and from within man will I stop speaking perverse things to draw away the disciples after themselves is a phenomenal insight Paul gives us energy fight back Daniel Sabin with the little horn at speeds greater than perverse Vegas is this happening in the Christian church within the Christian church leaders teachers and preachers stray from the biblical truth and over time you have been development of the apostasy Paul talked about Thessalonians that was predicted in Daniel seven and Daniel a and in other places and so as time went on you had a developmental false Gospels not the true gospel to counterfeit gospels and a true gospel would be laws what we see in Revelation fourteen is the restoration of the true gospel we qualifies as the everlasting gospel this is the old-time gospel loses the gospel has been changed this is the one that goes back all the way back to the very beginning and this is the gospel that will last throughout eternity this is not been many false Gospels that have gone out to show your tax here then one of the more aware on life by users in every Bible study areas I get very baseless series of acts chapter three verses one and I want to invite you to turn there with me to that reversed wanting because fax three versus twenty twenty one actually pretty and what were reading about in Revelation chapter fourteen verse six and forward and a lot of people realize that but let much as look at I hope you'll find this Texas riches I have been useful in my Junior Bible studies on verse twenty impacts great leaders is repaired and therefore be converted that your sins may be now so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord by the right answer and nineteen Susan nineteen thirty eight in fact looking outside their nineteen repent therefore be converted that your sins may be blotted out what is that describing the blotting out of since what would a first century Jewish person leaving the one zero drawings he's talking about understanding and wanted out in the investigative judgment effectively reinvests in the early great controversy version eighteen eighty eight version new ELISA plug-in in practice the investigative judgment might be blotted out in the same judgment Seattle tennis now but don't let that confuse you speak in the first century people now you were testing your sizzle investigative judgment well in the investigative judgment was a present truth message for anybody right is everybody no matter whenever you bless your name is the investigative judgment and that's the final arbiter of what happens to your internal destiny as a leading lead in the first century you need to be thinking about the investigative judgment in your sins when we blot out so that you would be deemed worthy of eternal life through Jesus Grace is a convert in one thousand times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord to watch this and verse twenty now that he may send Jesus Christ who was preached to you before whom heaven must receive and other translations like the NIV say he must remain in heaven until the time of restoration of how many things of all things which God has spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began here's what you are saying here be safe before Jesus comes he has to stay in heaven in detail all the truths of God spoken from the beginning are restored and no one there restored people Seventh-day Adventists see themselves as restorers of those trips revelation fourteen six qualifying the gospel is a restoration since it is a restoration of the everlasting Gospel is the fulfillment of accelerated verses twenty to twenty one and so on this message is an important message that Moscow to the world not just so we say we got a ride the gospel is not a systematic doctrine that you can just want to file a piece of paper is a these are the elements of the gospel there is more than Aussie with law orthodoxy you believe deeply in the Orthodox the real gospel okay you got that right now Jesus can that's not what it's about the war leaving the gospel is dynamic is not just words on a piece of paper but if there is a supernatural spiritual power to make those words dynamically skinning your hearts so that you can take a I will say a wireless person 's life doesn't know what they're doing and why and some life feeding their kids anything humorous example humanity you can imagine anything that hurts and when they hear the gospel and essential to the heart by the Holy Spirit and totally transforms it powerful to change lives that's why the Gospel has to be restored because Jesus is my word is truth sanctify them while through the true the gospel has power to sanctifying change a lot and if there is going to be a people prepared when Jesus returns then the gospel means that do the work in reliance and that's why there is this restoration of the gospel in the last days as a testimony to the universe as God 's love and power actually can do in someone's heart in contrast to the Dean this will assist this time in verse history caused by Satan and Dennis are restores that gospel we are people who'd been given God 's message to proclaim into the world now I would expect that some website will and I would anticipate that from people living out our faith it does sound arrogant but I would remind those people I say no or not saying Adventists are better than anybody else were sinners saved by grace just like you but where people from all different nations of the world from all different religious backgrounds Christian and non-Christian let's say you want to follow Jesus and his word completely that's why I don't keep Sunday don't eat unclean foods I'd given up all that because I'm a follower of God Chris I will follow Christ and everything not to say that there are people in other churches who don't have a heart totally sold out we want to file incompletely did they just might not have discovered all the screws in the Bible there is no arrogance intended their and yet have been unable within Adventism who will say that area none of them I have a bone to pick with his Asian no better night I was not moved into a new town and I was church shopping for this chart and I went to one church it was really the main administered to town really than my wife and I go in the Sabbath school class and that particular corner in that particular lesson was on the remnant church so there I was sitting there listening them talk about the church and these were leaders in the church leaders in the community who said things like this I said could only think we are Seventh-day Adventist called ourselves the remnant that's pretty arrogant little better than anybody else which I would agree with but then they went on and may set a know it were all equal in these churches they understand any distinctiveness about seven a.m. this man I wish I wasn't so well-known because I would raise my hand and said oh thank you so much for clarifying that for me because you say I just came from the Baptist church down the street and people told me that you really have the truth here but since you don't thing in a different name I also go back to my church I would not know who walked out of the room I couldn't get away with that I would love to have but I didn't attend that church I found another church we need to know that we've been giving given a specific message not a new message is the everlasting gospel not yet assessed it's got message clear and simple for the way are simply a people who have responded to this everlasting gospel merrymaking kindred five thousand people around the world and it's a precious search to quickly cellular elements of this gospel to self anybody has any question about what were talking about that event is not just reading in the nose look at it real quickly still quick survey on it relates to fourteen verse seven says is fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters fear God again for example does that mean first Corinthians six twenty first twenty ten thirty one tells us that you glorify God and glorify him in all that you do right once I really be entering you glorify God as it is the masses the really way that God 's glory including my down to your heating and your drinking I finally have health message Methodist Church the hour of his judgment is come Daniel eight fourteen twenty is formed of twenty three days in cleansing the sanctuary eighties in eighteen forty four beginning in eighteen forty four no one else is preaching a message worship him who made quality from the fourth commandment yesterday creator into the seventh ASAP placed in fourteen nine through eleven refers to the East in the market would be sending image of the beast and class a message just before he comes will identify the base the more and the image of the beast on the labels they will receive free shows things and I've heard that as an evangelist and going to town I preach the prophecies and of course the non- Adventist pastors in understand the prophecies of the people come to our meetings and people get excited about the history to go back to her pastor and a passive website you don't need on I never heard people say that all you need to understand the gospel then come back in May in all site is exactly one taking a relative fourteen six zero last gospel and contemporary gospel it's what Jesus is doing now present your that we hear this even from within our own is its identity crisis people say we don't need to preach about the beast and the horns of the hellos they say that interrogatory why men I would not want to have to answer in the judgment for saying those are the things gazing about an artist and artist does their paintings hang them on the wall the role would you know when it are moments I had known world were you drinking the day you painted that that that is really awful piece of article are but we do that with God when we walked into the variable that he inspired he's the one that talked about these he's the one it is interesting that wisdom decided the way everything is ready for the last days and listing the pit is pleased with horns and allows and what we say on this brings you will hardly know where you are criticizing the author of sacrilegious now i.e. I admit that there are people that don't know and not seeing the gospel revelation internets we just go around lambasting church and all this all the time in the near they're not like the way they preach revelation revelation is a revelation of Jesus Christ even when you're preaching about these market-based management issues and so this everlasting Gospel will do that with you that religion fourteen twelve says here are the pages of the saints here they may keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus they weren't as soon as I thought there was my favorite statement is a zero the amount of faith and works relate to fourteen verse thirteen I heard a voice from heaven saying to me write Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth you set the spirit of a Maalox rest from their labors and their works do follow them the state of man and death being a peaceful rest and sleep and then you can read on about verse fourteen the second coming I looked behold a white clouds upon the cloud one sat like in the Son of Man having always had a golden crown in his hand a sharp sickle and every element of core and in his teaching is right here in Revelation chapter fourteen no hope three angels message they demanded that the sanctuary sexy charming it's all right there John has identified this movement as a new element with a message and we must not lose sight of that message will design couple months ago there was a South Korean television personality a Mrs. human he is sixty three years old very well-known preacher on TV and zero books about how to become find happiness and hope another inspirational topics and she brings on an all-time so much so that she became known as the happiness return man a couple months ago I believe it was in the inaugural in October actually she and her husband checked into a hotel and able to commit suicide happiness preacher loss side for message and didn't benefit from the committed suicide could invade that at Hennessey were having identity crisis are doing something very similar lose sight of our this doing that we lose sight of our identity and instead of the growing of being a vibrant church we end up becoming a dying church so working with a message or set of address people in the message or Seventh-day Adventist people with a mission revelation fourteen verse six says here that is everlasting gospel goes to every nation to every nation every kindred every song every people edits and fulfillment of Revelation ten verse eleven which I was told you must prophesy again and many peoples nations tongues and Kings so this is a message that goes to the world and as custodians of this message we are call to have a mission to take this nation and his message to the world and the day we lose sight of our message and our mission and we won't become another archaic Malad within the walls of postmodern Christianity the following are relevance is found only in our message and our mission you can go across Europe and now across this land and fine timely churches that are in a in Europe you can find where they've interred in hotel bars all sorts of thoughts and all sorts of things but never even seen that in our country were seeing churches that does have a few people in it and then anything is a elimination anymore they don't feel compelled to go see her the gospel of the world and I have to stand a critical mistake that religious movements of God have made throughout the centuries you think about Israel Israel committed this was a lost sense of their mission and it are two ways I think it's instructed on they became exclusive they won't all returning from the Babylonian captivity they will themselves all they were critical of others and they lost their sense of mission then they were to be solved in the herd and win people around and that was a deadly mistake one way and that does before the you then enter other parts of the city and in their history prior to the family captivity where they were too inclusive they compromise their message and their identity and they seem like the people around and sell it on the devil doesn't matter which side which is on the road against you in but he knows that he can push you one way or the other but he'll will lose the exclusive calling God has given us and that is take his Gospel to the world Christianity did the same thing in you know they were exclusive they just kept to themselves we see the empty churches in Europe many became inclusive we see that that is really the main problem with churches are growing tonight on now just like the world without us what we don't have we done the same thing the materials in our history where we been extremely exclusive gas into the world churches always had a missionary outreach and that's what kept us focused but when you get down to the local level you'll find at local churches and become explosive they don't think about saving loss people around them what happened to those churches and I don't think and then now you see a and in very short the world were psyched out when an explosive for too long ago when the world went into explosive now we need to be inclusive evidently let the pendulum swing all the way right now where would you like the world and acting like the world thinking that were going to convert the world what is the the murderer working party darling to the world so the devil doesn't matter one doesn't mind which extreme he tosses us to as long as one of but we need to focus on what God has really called us to do and that is the faithful to the message and diligent about the mission and share this everlasting gospel with the world and why should we go it is if you're Christian you share God 's love the last big Bible says that even Jesus himself is long-suffering toward us not willing that any should perish but that all of the repetitive and where his children we should share that same passion and the selflessness of going out and say how why when someone else and so went on at breakfast this morning I'm sitting with my mates from Australia they are just dropped in on me to share practice and am thinking I need to share word with them I don't worry about to make me look like I make anything are some religious case we just ate with I don't worry about cell work in our souls and I stepped out of my comfort zone and I don't not want men who are driving in the Bible study guide when I was first converted the church year and is rewarded as the sitting around warming up you are going to be involved I need to do something and tell others I read a book called quarter ministry which is a fatal mistake if you don't want to go door-to-door I read about cohort of ministry is not going to go door-to-door to try to get a Cole Porter and to take me and he was burned out quarter work is in no you don't want to do that was I got a unaware and I sat on the corner by myself no training zero training and thought what do you say the door I was there for nearly three hours psyching myself to go to that person work is like a told you earlier this week and I remember the Jehovah's Witnesses Mormons have a mind like normal we thought about them and I just knew I was going at times of rejection advise and I just got to do it I got into a signal the first door in a knock on the door and know myself next-door finds of my holy slam the door in my face every single door of not getting in all finalizing what will always sitting on her porch she's outside SC has been watching me know what the other side of history as an old lady with a cane and she's sitting there watching me and when I look at her either this is like a movie in slow motion her eyes and we read each other 's minds and she knew she was my next target and I knew she knew so I started walking on my books across the street and see slowly got better fantasy start walking toward the door I and I started walking faster cease-fire selling faster and I start one as you start something like that to her door and that little old lady the major hurdle sizing on in the house before I got there and just as I got there I submit one every one and the door shut on me most of all men attending in a molding out there definitely were it was a big downer for me but you know what if I'm never going out that day I would be doing what I do today you got the self aside and God will take your humble efforts and start teaching than he did he taught me how to get into those and we do it because we love like Jesus loves the loss tragic story couple months ago oh Cheryl Y Baker was our granddaughter Cassidy a twelve -year-old girl Amarillo Texas they pulled up to the the gas station they are convenience store filled the car out of gas they were walking from the car up to the story okay think of a few things at a truck with the Guyana he opens the door to massive twelve -year-old girl broad daylight with the gun and he starts pulling the granddaughter into the trunk Cheryl Bailey for protective grandmother she was killed in their starting wrestling with Batman but not so that he was able to she was able to help her granddaughter Cassidy break loose and in the scalpel romantic way to write grandmother and said he wanted and she said no but she wasn't going to let this guy run off with her granddaughter he pulled the truck of trigger and shot and killed her point blank right front to cast the right front of her five -year-old brother and authors and raced on but Cassidy 's life was a the grandmother gave her life for her granddaughter why would she do that one word describes it right well Cheryl 's husband Dale said that he was a surprise at all about how his wife died he said as she would've done anything technical skin of the mission and the granddaughter Kassie says this I hope that when I'm older than I can be exactly like our she was my role model she wants I think the woman everyone should be Jesus is our role model he will ask the convenient courts of heaven and came down this planet and will reality within the point I'm a terrible death bearing the sins of this world because the new model sauce gave in all frosts pay when I grow up I want to be like Jesus you refuse everything I should be an event the case then as antennas we lost follow the mission that we been given we then sold to take the gospel to the world and if were going to do it we need to be on our forefathers doesn't say that Dennis was so excited about and see why seen about you folks coming here is that you young people this is where it's about understanding that messaging sharing the message with the world that's when you really connect with God 's law is when you're working with us all and you start seeing them rashly withdrew some of them will turn white you will not have a hundred percent success here horrible price for them and going you will begin to enter into the sufferings of Jesus only then will you begin to understand what diseases must feel about us those of you who are parents or parents of the eyes you realize you can't make choices for your children have to make their own choices Joe realize how God must feel now I really looks down on our lines a easy sharing for us to make the right choices yet we still make wrong choices is apparently entering to the sufferings of Christ as well and only as were engaged in ministry in our families and to the communities only then do we really understand the heart of God meetings told us in the Bible and I love the lost words on the paper until you feel my love for some items loss and you also feel the joy and when they are found when the message we have a mission with our card here that we finally identify Seventh-day Adventists is we are a people who live life with purpose and meaning they comes from our understanding of the message and it comes from or responding to the call to the mission is like a paragraph foundation is the message that informs us and motivates us and that we go to the mission and mission and message combined works in our lives to give us think of and experience where we live life with meaning and we see how this is one of the balance I was seventeen years old I gave my heart to Christ in one of the key things that led me to seek out and understand the Bible as I was looking for meaning I was a thoughtful young mandala for someone I was doing things in the world and yet even so the music and the things I was listening to enjoy I can't throw at all I kept thinking what his life really about and how my going to spend my life I graduated from high school got out a little early was able to graduate early by renting out my courses I got out and I thought what can I just turned seventeen what am I going to do with my life I can go to college just set my sights on a career and money but as I looked around a button of those people are finding happiness for the most party and at least I wasn't seeing where I was coming from I know a lot of people are very happy in their careers is that when you seem like meaningful life to me where you live and you like your career in earnest money in your work and you and burn out your health and long agent in the linear sixties not only more NASA and what about done with my life and as a young person those were the thoughts of this floating around in my mind in that time I didn't have the answer to this got me more while living in earning money and buying something much more to life that's what led NATO's Allied wireless access studying Buddhism in time and I have had some Christian background when I was a kid and now sinking martial arts at this point I was studying Buddhism and Young Buddhism helps you know the keys with everybody else around you supposedly put supposedly be peace with yourself to buy one understand what is happening in the world and I am certain I remember meeting one Christian one time and memory on a law electrician one Christians and this is that you know God knows the future and explain to me what my prophecy was that time when I will say later when I was seventeen and I was processing all this there was a movie in the delineators like the doomsday twenty twelve movie but it was called the late great planet Earth talk about the Middle East crisis that was going on you know back then in the ancient history of our country we exactly a mile in mind of my gasoline you guys remember to get up and you are allowed ten gallons of gasoline notes when gasoline was not about about twenty five or similar glass actually is cheating then you wait for people to push the car 's interlocking push them up to the folks and so I went to late great planet Earth movie and I thought you told me condos of the future as time goes with the future is and I can figure out what God knows not to know what to do with my future makes sense doesn't it still makes sense that and that's what led me to the Seventh-day Adventist evangelistic series on the book of Revelation because I thought I need to go find out what they have to say about revelations I tried reading the Bible myself I picked it up and start reading revelation and I tossed the Bible my dad and I just thought what I would understand some of you teach me and right after because Symbian 's and as I learn are respectable in the future I did find my future I found my life prophecies wonderful his messages transformational and because the church is the message and perform its mission and it changed my life on a daily meaning and now I am out there sharing God 's truth and message and mission when others and I found meaning in that one I propose to you that no matter what your life career has with your doctor or to counter a homemaker and or mechanic whatever URL you will not only find meaning until you understand the message and sharing in a mission manual truly fine meaning and that's why places like Africa why arrived people coming that leaving their careers coming saying there's got to be more likely justice career Daniel God wants us to stay in those careers still he doesn't call someone from the plow fertility would do that but you'll not find meaning and so you perform mission we should not be having an identity crisis brothers and sisters daughter has called every one of us and he has a purpose for your life whether you're young or older God has a purpose for your life and he wants that purpose the root is in Revelation chapter fourteen and because it is not first acted on this our first history it is God say hi why haven't people who will give the everlasting gospel to the world and prepare people for eternity for my return you are an address for such a time as this in July saying in this kind we've had together this weekend is part of God 's mission to make God 's Seventh-day Adventist Christians are you greater so let's commit ourselves as we leave this place could be enacted such a concept 's so many people within our church brothers and sisters are having an identity crisis a dear friend of mine who is a minister in the Adventist church than pastor a church in the ministry in another way now won't give details but he recently has lost sight of his message of God 's message lost sight of the mission left is why leftist kids all of this with the devil box get you off track anybody even a minister we need to rediscover the heart of our father her father God close by sharing with you a story Wanda Rodriguez back in August she was assistant head nurse at this hospital in this floor she and Bronson she just come on and she was discussing this new admission of a new patient and they told him about no executive series diamond they said the name location Victor parades when she heard the name Victor prays a wanted her own words is all my back is the name of my father who broke up with my father shortly after I was born forty one years ago and the city should judge she went to his room she was his nurse asked if he was comfortable her mother had told her that she looked just like her daddy when she walked in the room she saw all this made it was almost like Andrea and merrily saluting each other in a restaurant they looks so much alike she was shaken by this she started flopping his fellows and talking to him asking you want to know what to name the folder to send out the additives is that this is not due to my kids are grown and older daughter Gina having younger daughter named one her forty one years and never seen her had a lot to say she was more likely sales I have a daughter named one that she burst into tears and fled from the room Brian Young Hall will change from just the shock of it all when she got her composure back to want back in the room and she said on one reason I know he may look so much alike is dying of cancer probably dead by now but since a credible reunion and Jordan tried to make up time by spending as much time together as a class is a God wants us define our identity and our heavenly father and to spend time with him and hear his message if you once honestly love the lost world and is calling us to share his heart and his love for the long I want to commit myself and it are that this weekend and have done so through the many appeals to know you have as well and I just want to pray for you as we get ready to close here Wes is gone I think your loneliness at time of prayer are you not want to pray for you that Wes identified to pray during that time prayers while we pray for you that God will use you in a mighty way especially young people I know that you know you you're at a point in your life may be worried that you know what's good happen in the future you know night of school life God is now limited on my career as the line of marrying you know all these major life questions but you know a lot of skill at Hill as you walk with him I say he will give you the answers the main thing you need to focus on being faithful being faithful to God and God will open doors for less comeliness of her


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