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Jesus and the Third Angel

Norman McNulty


Part 1 in a week long prophecy series at the Ebenezer, Princes Town SDA Church in Trinidad given on April 16, 2011.


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • April 16, 2011
    11:00 AM
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him him him him him high and we had a wonderful place to look forward to the new Jerusalem that is where we are handed and ninety five say after Clark and the elders and an year the church family for inviting me back again this year in January and is very good to be here for the town that they are a church again and this time my wife is with me and as I understand we have a baby girl now while I was here it was about ten days before he was born and so I was just about to go back to the United States I got back just in time for her birth we are very thankful for Rivera immortalize me back here in Trinidad and we like coming down we went over in the last video market runway community hospitals is skinny here before we start out just like the opera one more work for you and your messages father in heaven we thank you for this day we thank you for the privilege of worshiping you here in your house of worship and pray for a social while of the Holy Spirit as we get into your words this morning this is my prayer in Jesus name you believe that Jesus is saying amen and how have you want to be ready any one yeah I'm really sorry about this we brought me that we are having this week because we are and going through the Scripture from wrong he then identify the I know what the message for this time how we can be radically and how we can share with others economy rising energy and anyhow I thought about them now this that we would start with for this we oh let me know mine mine for this morning as she says and there is a desire and we have unless disfigured in this world will make sure that we share crossing with others that we do not lose sight of key one is make sure that we live he is at the heart of our prophetic and you know when I was working at some relevant time I was reading from the testimony you and you represent and I phrased the Lord for this test the ninth of the Lord has given she has an very first action and testimonies volume nine Bavarian one is a nice written by online is a section entitled for the County she of course we now know the name of Jesus Christ amen and in this opening was a birthday along why is to open the section in Hebrews chapter verse thirty seven and here in this verse says for yellow while and he does show how will and will not tarry he is yes he will try and he will not there or he will not delay at a certain point so that we want to look at right after Ellen White wrote that passage we read this at the very I sent him I paid a lot of we are living in the time the plane manually that the flat fulfilling time to time the flare that accounting of rice is near and the day in which we live our solemn time for the spirit of God is rapidly that Shirley rang withdrawn from the year play and judgment are already falling upon the survivors of the grace of God the calamity by land and sea the unsettled state of society young arms of war are portentous they forecast approaching events of the greatest nineteen eighty how many of you paying attention in the name of the great and terrible earthquake in Japan just one month ago now the terrible earthquake and reminder yes Jesus is coming again and notice how she finishes the state the agencies and evil are combined their forces and dominating they are strengthening for the last three prices great changes are soon to take place our world and applying only will be run on human life that once a certain point history and way and not take another hundred years is one certain thing taking place in the history of this world and we are now what is even athletes than he has we the final name will be around someone I daresay that we are on the barrier of the line only taking place and you know that's not be staring us in planning because that means that our best and dearest friend Jesus is saying so is Jesus as their view may not have on him or her to get in the world in this very same selection of accounting a mechanic to my timeline we then have the section below called any witnesses whose as page nineteen as well I was in a special session so they the confidence that the world is watching and why there should work you have finish wrested the last morning for a perishing world on his shining wonderful wine from the word of God you know the privileges we have no life that has shown up on how hearing God 's word we have a wonderful message to share with the world they have been here and aware of the most solemn import and what is in the slot formation of the earth second and third Angels message is there is no other work of so great importance they are to allow nothing how humans or their ascension so our work for this I is in the world that are second and third Angels message is wishing harm on one morning to a perishing world God has given these messages shall warn the world and then she says the most solemn truth ever interested in mortals have been given to you folks lame to the world the flock formation of these truths is the artwork the world is to be worn and God 's people are to be shrewd in the trial Connecticut and that Saulnier I drive that God given you are the most solemn message area to any human being that he him we are the three angel messages are more important than them and will one day there are more important than even John is as he prepared for their more important than the fraud reformers and like all of those messages were furnishing were back on the reason why our message is not the most important is because our message prepare the way for Jesus Christ the last time he is second time that the message that we have and I have say in his message today I find that the message is encapsulated and are circulating this morning he was just verses thirty five to thirty no and again our message for this morning 's Jesus and the third angel keeper 's chapters and verses thirty five to thirty nine online arenas again can not away therefore your confidence which has great recompense of reward you will realize that we will have on in the coming of Jesus Christ now I just know where I is twelve thousand because it has great recompense of reward and so I'll continue the author of Hebrews in verse thirty six for you ever need a vacation that after you've done the will of God you might receive the wrong what is wrong first thirty seven radio for yet a little while and see the show will and will very Jesus is coming again when I when not in at a little while he well not clear he well someone we need during this verse thirty eight that now shot show where life may I want to take us through this passage and understand more completely what is Paul talking about twenty seven after you've done the will of God then Jesus looked he said after you download will of God you will receive the wrong way is Jesus coming in so the question has what is the will of God that Paul is talking about the same we must need a vacation after we have done the will of God we well receive the promise Jesus will so the question is what is the will of God there is one thing replaced that within the will of God you think about all of the instructions description that really is the will of God that shackle to worship God on the set and we account to be married soon one person she save yourself only for that all of that is encapsulated within the will of God everything in Scripture that if you can see the chapter said which is the chapter that we are working we move on then she does try demonstrated specifically in this chapter what the will of God is just jot back to verse seven steamers chapters three chapter ten verse seven this is speaking of Jesus here Jesus says that is love I can't in the volume of the blanket is written of me given the oh God and that person I is I cannot believe I will love you so Jesus came to love God alcohol is flowing from some chapter forty versus a and this helps us to understand even better weather will of God and some chapter forty and actually will read verses seven and eight this shows you very rarely that he was going from one solemn Chapter forty versus and I need here is then that I will like and the volume of the book is written of even the now familiar birthday I don't like to do it I will my job and I live in my heart so here you have business in Iraq with the word Jesus as well I am come in the morning that Israel is you you will of God yes your lot in Myanmar so see so I will talk about and feverish after ten this messianic prophecy and he says Jesus Cheney interviewed alone what is that when Jesus came to do the will of God he has gone off in his car see the Jesus came to do God well which is God law written in our hearts and specifically Jesus in the body that was given him work out the law why is now when we study Scripture we find that God will send me a transcript of his care specifically in Romans chapter seven Romans seven describes the law is holy John him for him how does that sound like God God is holy John J and God is good and the law is holy just any good and when Jesus Shay here on this earth and on earth job law was written in his heart therefore he did the will of God now you know what interesting is that later on he was just as we find the significance of God law are in line noticing the chapters verses sixteen and seventeen he rejected ten verses sixteen and seventeen says this is the covenant that I will make with them after those days and the Lord I won't let my laws into their hearts and in their minds will I write them and there is an will I remember no more this is the new job and she is my world and you're likely to have his arrival my law to your heart because my is a transcript of my character I want my people my new job people in the transfer of my character in the world because there is will see that Jesus came in the volume of the blood it is written in two zero well which is not lost you are is time for the new mute on I will write more later law into your heart and mind so that you can live the life that I live here on this error and that is doing God 's will so notice with Hebrews ten is teaching Hebrew stem thirty six says for you have need of patience that you have done the will of God I him serve you how to allow Josh arrived as long into your heart then I is you and you live the life is in when he was here on this earth you have an automatic area you might receive the promise which is for yet a little while and he that shall come will and will not spare so what we while we are waiting for Jesus Hebrews ten thirty eight says now to show us shall live by and you know the message of the job living like a in the heart of Christianity anyhow this is the message of justification by faith Ryan because if you are shy then obviously you were justified right so if you are shot living by faith you have justification by faith now he rejected Sandhurst thirty eight is one of four places in the Bible that Scripture says the just shall live by faith the very first time this is mentioned in the book about and this is the Old Testament promise work with his right division on cable negative way the vision will surely wait for it the just shall live by faith well Hall wines that are so large that is what it is three times the money John is interesting now other author in the New Testament while the phrase the just shall live by faith only Paul and he does it in Ron versus sixteen seventeen Galatians chapter three verse eleven and Hebrews chapter verse thirty eight now let me show you why this phrase is so powerful in the Christian message Romans chapter one verses sixteen and seventeen this is what God people are yelling as they are waiting for Jesus to John while long way for Jesus John Siegrist said that the just shall live by and so if you want any regular season you must be area of justification like a that I so what is Paul saying and what Romans chapter one verses sixteen and seventeen all that is for I am not ashamed of the God who will try for an early God under salvation to everyone that believes in the Judy Mercer and all the citizenry for their and the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith it is written shot shown live by a noun with Paul and I'm not ashamed of the gospel because it is powerful it is the power of God to salvation and the worker power comes from the great working with you dynamite was in love with me and Yahoo changes your life lately that God is not simply a method where you accept and on living a life in the message attaches a year-long specifically as the reason why it is it is or is verse seventeen is for where are you working the God who is the righteousness of God revealed you know how I go the righteousness of God read the own the power of the gospel in them home as a basis for their righteousness of God revealed in his written shot shall live by a nice era power of justification by faith the word job comes from the Greek word AKS which means any shot or righteous now it's yet it's very interesting to me that an online there is one that is there that is dry especially at the age of the person we're talking about our Lord and Savior our aim in our high street is Jesus Christ let me show you three versus Matthew chapter twenty seven verse nineteen highlights why happened to me and she said the mouse is have nothing to do with good job man at the same word as the just shall live by faith but not only reply with White of pagan woman called Jesus a just man notice what the apostle Peter says in acts chapter reading verses thirteen and forty nine minute if you're in the act chapter three verses thirteen and fourteen here we read the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob the God of our fathers glorified his son Jesus whom you delivered up and denying them in the presence of Pilate when he was determined to let him go but he united the holy one I should and his liar and a murderer to be granted on the so Peter said that he is is not only want to let you and again is the same word as the job like a finally all I'll point you to act chapter seven versus DC Justice Stephen was about to be style she statements that she is Sanhedrin which is a fraud not your father 's persecuted and they have slain them which showed before of the coming of the just one of whom ye have been now than Schrader are the Stephen is saying no change of the wine manufacturers in Kenya is just one so here we have three places in Scripture that show that Jesus was job or in other words Jesus was right or however Jesus was slowly and see what the sample follow in his MS in our shoes justification by faith as you see when the Bible says that God will end the power of God and the salvation because it is in the gospel that the righteousness of God revealed because the shot went wide and what Paul is saying is that John is our because the righteousness of God is revealed in the lives of his people where shot by a righteous life just as Jesus did here on answer that power of the gospel and that is what Paul is calling upon God 's people who are waiting for the coming of Jesus and you know what is weird but one sure way so this message is run we are seeing jobs and living by faith so the question has commonly get this experience of justification by faith how do we have the righteousness of Christ and Hugh our lives on executive of the regulations you notice there were going to call quite frequently you see versus sixteen hundred twenty one in a read-only verse sixteen verse one relationship humor sixteen here we read now I'm not now not justified by the works of the law but by faith of Jesus Christ even we have believed in Jesus Christ that we might be just by my faith of Christ and not by the works of the law for by the works of the law shall no flesh danger now that is very clear we can not justify ourselves no matter how much do you do in your own Dragon in your effort will never justify yourself and the law which is not as once you sent one for my humans then when you're done you have now can not why we have to be justified by a American price in we can only be saved I can notice this is very interesting Paula say that we are justified by the day Jesus Christ we are justified by the faith of Jesus Christ the faith of Jesus Christ is in so how does that work will plan that more clearly the relationship keepers one hand this is a very famous verse here Paul says I am truly fine with Ron nevertheless I said yeah and I think for I live in and me and the wine which I now live in glass I am with myself and the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me now the state and the son of God is the faith of Jesus Christ right now before you have English as he we are justified by faith and he English huge for me we are crucified with Christ and when we live in our human we live by the faith of Jesus we however justified by the faith of Jesus are were crucified and we live by faith in Jesus Christ so what you see here is not holiday that in order to be justified by a we must be true supply and drive now here's what I must make this crime how enjoyable it is the crucified even Jesus enjoyed being crucified on the cross and Jesus enamel with timing and Gethsemane prayed three times father can be plausible like this from the nevertheless not my will but thine be done and again you see the of living out God 's will you know in our human experience it's so much easier to enter the only thing our way when we finally rather than the way God is and you know what I mean were talking about when your spouse is nothing that is you and you wanted a ride you want to see that the failure to anyone let them know how dare you try downloading out on the best I can and I'll let you know that you should ever never see anyone having absolutely nothing rest races rather than long and patiently disciplining them we oftentimes want to speak in harsh and down but what Christ is an investigator is asking us to the true supply and so that is why will be live out through so that we can say nevertheless I will get my fries live in the one which I now live in the flesh I live by the day of Jesus Christ so now when I is so that when the trials of life rather than relying on my own human nature my own all who is one of them myself I will not only if left to my MDI I say no nevertheless I live yet I will limit any sort of alliance that I is here on this Earth is I letting out his life through me and when I exercise and because Christ is living through me I am exercising is a faith in Jesus Christ which is why Ellen White says in the face in words page one we wire the entire surrender of our before vacation same way you are justification I tell myself through inspiration John required the entire surrender of our love the same thing as being crucified right to be crucified need to surrender our lives the Jesus Christ one hundred percent and why Paul says in first Corinthians fifteen I die daily easy to be justified by a young time they are okay I'm in the drivers seat help me to apply to that will only be true if we die daily surrender by Jesus crucified with Christ each and every day amen and this is where coming back to Hebrews chapters we understand now what Paul is saying to God last day believers so they insist you are looking for the coming of Jesus and while waiting on this front forget a little while and he that shall come will and will not carry now adjust shall live by faith you realize that Elmore says in an review and Herald April one eighteen ninety seven any wiring in the message of justification by faith going to talk about it the message of justification by faith is the third Angels message and I have answered it is the third Angels message in the area so what we are talking about the just shall live by faith that is the third Angels message to your longest data from the player and after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great or why Lori Jesus Wright has glory and power are to be connected with the third Angels message and convection will follow wherever it is great in a demonstration of the Spirit what we see here is that when the message of just vacation like a is phrased in the power of the Holy Spirit that conviction will follow wherever it is free and the reason why this message will contain so much power it is is because it is the third Angels message and Barry human variant of messages that some verses nine through twelve Revelation yes we have in the methods of the market of these members as well in Kingsley when this verse which said here is the patient of the same here and see the command of God and the faith of Jesus your faith in Jesus are those who will rank first time right in front with an silicone why they now live in us and I know they that is the third Angels message and very those who have been frozen by are those who are sent by high pay and the people that he is looking for one each on the second time so let's look at this passage one more time chapters and verses thirty five to thirty nine to see how it embodies the third Angels message for thirty five this can not away therefore your which have great recompense of reward or thirty six for you have need is remember the three will all hear as they so call and say here what he was very you have here is because another angel the people who will be ready you will be prepared by the third Angels message will be described as having the patience of the same here application for the say the Paul for you have either Haitians many continues on that you have done the will of God you might receive the promise now what do we say when the well-known we saw that Jesus is raised to life on earth of this chapter in the volume is written in the will of God which is flowing small chapter forty is a name which is I don't like to do I know yes here law is within my heart so doing the will of God is having job law is made or the notice is your communication is saying that after you have done the will of God which is God 's law or he can written in your heart you might receive the promise is third Angels message revelation working all here is the same here are they that keep the commandments of God those who are doing the will of God are keeping is easier so here is Paul when he was the third Angels message you have need of a factory event alumni you might receive the promise for again a little while and he that shall come will and will not carry now much so that life they unit of policy here him Jesus will come in yet a little while the forces on TV have a group of people who have the experience and the third Angels message are those who have taken the pain whom she think of God and the faith of Jesus or in other words the application those who do the will of God and those who were shot who are living by faith and he goes on in the book of Hebrews to explain this an even greater easily as you say well I'm a happy I think you guys will to keep this commandment to have the experience of justification by faith or I surrender my life lately is Jesus Christ I want that experience but when I see my wife every day I feel like I don't want to drive my promises are like the road and I keep falling and anyways I wish that I was the Lord will I want is very I want to have patient so that when the trial life rather than just slowly getting the Haitian and angry and frustrated I reflect long as I want to how I have that so long as what what I'm talking about has been experienced by many people if you don't believe me look at the heroes of faith in this next chapter to chapter eleven these people live by faith they have the experience of justification by faith so you can have this experience as well as you know how you can have it chapter twelve person one three four one he read this two one oh how is in all of Scripture which shows how God will take people will prepare themselves to be ready when Jesus and the twelve thousand and is continuing the same from slavery chapters now were huge wall verses one to one retrievers wherefore seeing we also are passed about with so great a problem with those witnesses in Hebrews chapter eleven left in every way and the same is so easily beset us and let us run with one with rotation in a parliamentary remember let us run with patience the race that is set before someone we do looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith for the delay in her here the cross despising the shame and I sat down at the right hand of the throne of God working in the area is contradiction of sinners against himself was he wearing anything your mind you have not yet read this is why driving again so what we need we want to have this experience in the third Angels message invocations of the thing keeping God which is God will and having the faith of Jesus which is justification by faith we have is very small is whether lay aside every weight and the sense that he's leaving the unit all of us can admit that it is so easy to say can we not it is so easy to fall away from the Lord and you know what the problem with forget to write he will be the author and finisher of our fan and have also let us lay aside every way and a sandwich that so easily beset clearly falling you have a Treo seven five he's also going to lay aside every way and he said because were supposed to be running this race now if you're running a marathon you would not want to carry a backpack with the launch of the injured backpack that is one of them raised for the other slow you down when not now the massive information right they don't even have okay this is the starting point is the vanishing point in your running down the road and you're helping okay I have one embryo maybe I should get my mouth when you search your site will there is certain paying that may not be that they may not be sinful but nevertheless they are slowing you down in the race that is prepared as you need Jesus is in the late unassigned and certainly what is in your life and the way to do so is by looking at is what you don't need all that extra baggage the waiter run the race is to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus first two looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith and he's the author and finisher to Reno to begin our faith the health system is an we have a race that is set forth that required in and we want to thank all man not a long way and I have to go all the way to the second coming and the troubles of the world never seen how my hair again and I will wait and for the first is partnering and meninges and begin the rain is the author of your faith and the author of that race day for you don't try and the entire grading on Thursday and one day allow she is taking he is real release anything J I J is only you will be paying unsure Christian walk when I taught him now when I'm not saying it was okay what incensed that you know what I'm saying is that everything I write revealed he were right now for today you look to Jesus he gives you victory tomorrow is my revealed community next week he might reveal another thing he will wear the third Angels message will reach its final fulfillment where God will stay here and limitations of the thing here they keep the commandment of God and faith in Jesus they live my life they have justification like they they really have my eye and we we can have to buy a every day I will have revealed everything he needs revealed to and we drew his race will have the experience of victory over every the settings let us run with patience the race set before us looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith and notices how we look and he and we just look at Jesus on our minds by me we imagine him smiling at us I mean the modification is that the White House is showing how is he so that we can run this race is Asian notice what it says is good for the joy that was set before him in here are your same real world Haitians associated habitation as he endeared across surviving the shed is now at the right hand of the throne of God alone you wonder what that error that is why the Bible says he is in any longing what is happening and take up his cross daily and follow me so we looking to say no more if you're asking me to give up some of the things that I wear is clear that I or your actually time he is only irritating annoying way that the is a cross to bear me out behind the wind energy Jesus Lindsay or the cross despising the shame he win in cross and then burst reason for their junior contradiction of sinners against himself lest you be wearing anything on my landlord know how I can get through the this is wearing me out this these trials of life are making me tired I just wish you now that's why the Bible says you need is a flag on lap eighty one page because they will have gone through a similar and energy as Jesus did as he went through the experience on the raw and order is we must learn to keep our eyes on Jesus because I don't want to take on anything what do those people that are annoying they so irritating in the face of frustrating money is on right now thinking really is yet we went to the Lincoln among the cross any say again him him him will pay Jesus in your comprehension again insolvent and waterfall hologram in such a way will be wearing anything I remember stories of you have not yet resisted on the striving handset what do you Jesus all the way to rot and die so that we can have all day and is never as an example that we should follow that but you know the human and is one of triumph you really are saying well I follow the Lord on this one this is just too much is filming if I have follow more on this line is you have not yet resisted and was driving Scripture is why they know you are crucified with Christ and you exercise in when the trial your masculine and find that they are crucified with Christ to clarify that showing your old all what are you going back she is coming through Uruguay is it really hard and really severely at that point that you think l because right now I want to speak that I want to get angry I was being mean I surrendered my life God the high price for the name so that I smiled and you say in that and that is him because you see we have probably just three how does all of the time that we live in but what the world needs is for God one day people the people that are looking for the coming of Christ to experience the third Angels message with me to have Asian when the trials of life we demonstrate the character of Christ in me to do the will of God which is God 's law which is a transcript of his character in our heart shine for wishing me that we are sure a reality experience of justification by faith and where by faith and he when we have that experience as I want my son and review and Herald April one eighteen nine she says warning Revelation eighteen one after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power in the earth was lying with his glory Jesus righteousness glory and power are to be connected with the third Angels message and conviction will follow were ever it is phrased in demonstration of the Spirit in you you know why there is will have so much convention because those who are raising will be a living demonstration of Jesus and he will say I've never seen before and that is why I interested in seeing and hearing friends down the economy like God want to be in now money clothes by reading the last two passive versus of our passage we read verses thirty five to thirty seven notice what Paul says in verse thirty eight thirty nine sure someone like Damon but if any man draw back my soul so I have no pleasure in verse thirty nine but we are not that drawback and every dish is done then we say will have gone one day people God has given more life and more knowledge than any other generation of humans everywhere yesterday in any man draw back from the flesh is true that I think you see your people my goal is no question the money so that we are not in that drawback is weirder than the leaves of the saving of the soul and you know what the drawback is in Revelation seventeen is about back and I'm how that goes into British citizen the shooter of the people in this time people in the third Angels message they have the experience of justification by faith and patience of the Akita command of God and now the rest of the world wonders not be that government traditions but we are not about winning we are that you will be to the saving of the soul so I challenge here in print discounted game when we think that there is left in the third Angels message with Jesus at the very heart about three because the third Angels message to herein as the saying here is that God and Jesus she is here Jesus is God he will live out God will here on earth in human lives she shows exercise him the only thing I will love him he changed them on raw genes of exercising and now she is in having out there I read helping to have an experience and what it is even the author and finisher of our faith in Alameda throughout the rest of this week we are going to see how Scripture clearly identify all God people the people who have the third Angels message we are identifying and raw water is and how we should be listening on life and also pulsating try to see that the end time violating the year for each environment it's going to be an exciting week though I hope that as you come to the end of it then this church will be an later stand reliable American meet Jesus in the twelfth of the way we are hearing we are here to meet Jesus so this time I would like to invite our sponsor schema to have our closing and then following are closing we will have our closing prayers May God bless each one of you calling me tomorrow evening at six thirty


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