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The Big Picture of Revelation

Norman McNulty


Part 3 of Prophecy Revival Series given on Monday, April 18, 2011 at the Ebenezer Princes Town SDA Church in Trinidad


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • April 18, 2011
    6:30 PM
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Paul was very easy I have a wonderful seeing you here and here again I am very excited about our message for this evening where we are going to pay eleven day picture of revelation so before we do not apply to have raised more firmly will get right into the father in heaven we thank you for bringing us here this evening I pray that Jesus Christ would be limited and we would be convicted of the masses for hours I naïvely make changes in our lives since said according to the time in which we live so he with me now my priority over the pylon I may bless each one of us here this evening greatest engages me maria well last night we get an overview of the book of Daniel and we saw that there are four prophetic visions in Daniel which describe the same handguns at the end of the four vision and then at the end of the first and second coming with a sound strikingly and at the end before you have Michael standing to affect full information just before Jesus comes in the middle she imagines you have the beginning of the judgment and the beginning of the women in the sanctuary which we saw began in eighteen war which shows us that in order to get to the second coming after the end of working and there must be a disaster and I when you have a sanctuary that will assure you the second coming of Jesus and when Christ sanctuary he will come back I will tell the police that a lot now tonight we are going to study the book of Revelation and we are going to see some of the big picture themes in this book as well as I did last night I'm going to read as quotes from the book testimony semesters and gospel were which describes VM fortunes of the book of Revelation now this is page one fourteen Ellen White says the things revealed to Daniel were your words lamented by the revelation made to John on the island they see what he says there revelation glaucoma the book of the summer we saw last night will be commented by the book of Revelation which he is working in and now one hundred for an immediate right into her mouth this is page one sixteen in testimony the minister the last love of the New Testament Scriptures is full of truth that we need to understand Satan has blinded the minds of many so that they have been glad of any use for not making revelation there is but Christ through his servant John has here declare what shall be in the last day and he says Blessed is he that read it and they that hear the words of this rock and keep those things which are written therein so there is a special one thing for those who not only read this prophecy who not only here and they see the words of this prophecy BC has gone the last phase people we are sent by God to have a special is him for the remote live our life and we in preparation for Jesus is an inspiration to all the there is a special wine when we study and see the worth of the game so that you know what I select study revelation and you know you will look of revelation just to see what the name of the book of Daniel the name itself is this correct of what the book is about now when we went in our Bibles will see okay I'm in the book of Revelation and you'll see Revelation one to three and on and then that's when you think of you think of revelation that you know Revelation chapter one verse one specifically says the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave Monday to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass really is I don't this book should be the revelation of Jesus Christ so if you become a way from your cellular revelation and you have seen Jesus that I just suggest that you are not in the correct again this is much more about these more this is the revelation of Jesus Christ now how does the book of Revelation revealed Jesus Christ she was in these last days when we went to the book of Revelation Weise be the similarities in the book of Daniel but I also have slightly different direction and interesting if you come to Revelation chapter one verse five Revelation chapter one verse hi sorry me feel more for about Jesus Christ notice Revelation chapter one verse five here we read and from Jesus Christ who is the faithful witness and the first begotten of the dead and different to the king of the year I'm not loved us and washed us from our sense and his was now you can order descriptive titles of Jesus here in this verse Jesus and when he's the first begotten of him that he's afraid of the kings of years because he wants us from our sins in Islam while also makes them are saying and now here's what's interesting specifically the first reply are you like Jesus Christ Julie Neil himself in the book of Revelation as we move forward and this is where things get interesting to me as a revelation you have in the first half of what we call three seven seven churches seven seals etc. you've all heard of the seven churches feel that okay now what is fascinating is that in the three title chapter one get an idea of what Jesus is viewing in each one of those for example in the seven churches when you come to the last church the latest seizures the master that starts off in Revelation chapter three verse fourteen from an old entry in who is Jesus Christ so Jesus is the faithful and true witness in the seven churches and Melissa Leo you him for this arise many are for God and so they have from the Jesus was raised from the dead he firstly gone as late as you die because Jesus was resurrected you have the problem of being in to the seven trumpets seeing that Jesus is the fruit of the kings of the earth because when the seven trumpet sounds and revelation chapter eleven verse this being we read that the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdom of our Lord and of his right rain and hammer or another were in front of the kingdom of their soak in the seven churches in the seven Seals and Henderson Jesus Christ is revealing to you and telling the church is other sure condition is the first seek God tell those who have been more than a young Marine I was resurrected in you moving the tennis as you see the kingdom of Mister Stryker subprime crisis hey when all I am King of Kings and Lord of Lord now have the first layer of these three seven that were working the next thing that we see in this is really looking specifically at the first of the book of Revelation is we see that yes these three seven seven churches the seventh seal and the seventh they describe what's happening here on this Earth during seven the history but they all describe what Jesus is him firing so the sanctuary message which is described in fourteen is also seen in the book of Revelation specifically in Revelation chapter one verse thirteen you see Jesus walking on the seventh no candles and each one of them are describing one of the seven churches now when you look at the sanctuary message and how many years studying the articles in the sanctuary so you have outer core where the sacrifice that place and then the holy place there were three articles write the seven candlesticks the chain once the bread and the author events and the most holy place the only arguments of what here we find the beginning of the seven churches Jesus is walking in the myth that have been somewhere that I think that pleasant in the holy place and then an revelation for which is right before seven seals are at the introduction of the sentence yells when you in Revelation chapter four verse five it says and out of the surround precedent lightnings and thunderings and voices and there were seven lamps of fire for the throne NEC seven so as to become the seven seals where we find he is in the sanctuary he again in the holy place then as unique as you to the beginning of the shrugged it in Revelation chapter a notice verse three says and another angel came and that of the altar having a golden sensor and there was given to him much as that he should offer him with a prayer at all upon the normal which was before the throne so when you become the new DNA of the seventh rapid where is Jesus and have he is in the holy place but when we should be in the seven trumpets and Revelation chapter eleven verse nineteen notice what I have Revelation chapter eleven verse nineteen and we really administer what God was opened and have them there was seen as well the archivists estimate and the road widening invoices and thunderings and earthquake and rain hail now what do you see when the sample of God was opened in heaven finally as will represent the heavenly sanctuary so when it was open and this is when the seventh trumpet sounding what you see in the sanctuary the RSS and him wherever that was in the most holy place so when we to the sounding of the seven trumpet where that place in history that places us in history when Jesus went to the most holy place at the beginning of the women of the sanctuary which we saw last night began in eighteen forty four so when you look at the first moment of revelation Jesus and Hannah is in the holy place as our high Priest these Windows 7 and season with the altar of an book then when the seventh trumpet sound he goes into the most holy place and that's all about being anything so what Jesus is doing and have in the first half of this is the now look like a little bit further and seven churches the seventh seal and the seventy when you study the seven churches for example very carefully yes those were seven churches in the first century around the time price of thirty one eighty and ascended to heaven and the seven churches were raised on the church is after that time but they also represent Sherry is time all the way still run and specifically what I'm focused on now is with the church is sealed and try to the church the seventh seal and the seven so when you come to the seventh church this is the Laodicean church Morgan again through the entire method of writing I want to be here and actually studying last night Laodicea and the name itself means AGI but he solicited the church is our third just as when the seven trumpet now is Jesus doing minimal holy place to begin work of when the sanctuary is sure is that you and so the goal is so here's all shares as he now is where things become somewhat over one when we stated that because the latest C insurers reveries that God will judge our church just before Jesus and when you study this judgment our church oh sure the that is not receiving any compensation from Israel all I have is sure to say hey you're doing the following if you have any problem their future is actually downplayed any review at all the and we'll talk when we talk about that later but specifically when you see it is the only church that received the room you with no razor nomination drive and he is sure of the show in our that God raised the be writing any changes in the way and we come to the end of the seven churches and we say church is described as relative as will and in and yet is the church is how our God people being ready for Jesus this is our condition is not about that in more detail Friday 911 the end of the seven churches and there is hanging over your head this is the condition of God 's shirt before Jesus what is not a question that we are the latest interest in the and we are in is as fry anything recognizable line in an weird is just an hour the kid is now contemplating lunchroom with we leave the seven churches and we walk away from that same world that doesn't sound so good without God laughing then we come to the seven seals and you go down through history you've surely read and the six seal which is where we are busy right now versus twelve thirteen C at the beginning of the six seal business greater for arthritis seventeen seventy five the Saudi 's are and become the one that was the dark and he in nineteen eighty and then burst thirteen you see the star of this occurred in history on November thirteen eighteen thirty three in the very next in this case is that linguistic zeal and the seventh seal and shaft are so you have a description of the group now has over one hundred and forty thousand so here is a way to ensure the seven churches John Church of the judge in our care is that when we come to the end of the seal God reveals to you what those one hundred and forty four thousand from the Laodicean church her out of the your telling me that this sure is a terrible condition is going to have a know over one hundred forty four thousand back out of a church that has carefully however who are the one hundred forty four thousand and you want to be here in weird and cool exposition of one hundred and forty four thousand other characteristics and of the social work that they should anything arise Peter sat on getting you from whetting your appetite this area was just that I think we looking at these three seventy in the seven churches the seventh seal and the Centro and we hung to be sure we comes in the same him off to our church is in a terrible condition then we can somehow when we come to listen openly say wow raise the Lord our God while stationary and forty four thousand one hundred and forty thousand home run I am not sure how to that the question is answered in the seven UK the seven trumpets and he is living in the sixth round with there is usually ridiculing the sixth and seventh and I understand Revelation chapter eleven in more detail tomorrow because Revelation chapters this arise arise of the second specifically raised by God with a little blood that has been open that had been sealed and hopefully one that is tomorrow I is the second movement is raised up in the eighties she ordained by God as to what the church to raise one hundred and so you kill millions of the seven churches and you say home on down to our church 's evidence there is no weird and then we will send seals we say in the Lord always I have that wrong not sure if that is a bad addition God will raise up to one hundred and forty four thousand and then when you come to the seven trumpets John said that the way he raises his one hundred and forty four thousand is to raise the eighth national him me and my brothers and sisters that the movement that we are part of see you will need that means that John and I for each one of us here who are part of the second half in the online one hundred and forty four thousand and is on that with that understanding that should change the way we think about how women were alive when you're not in it is for this since they are from they only want latest the condition to be his special secondhand movement people that are the one hundred forty four thousand and when you look at the second and then utility in Revelation chapter and you see that there was a very disappointing that you know that God says in verse eleven download from the site can before many peoples and nations and on and which he asked that it is in forty four you have paper that it is and now that it is now at the three Angels messages of revolution and Morgan talk about that a little bit more so then you which you can see Revelation ten eleven o'clock more about Chapter 11 tomorrow night the weekend of the first half of the annual history which takes you from the time of Christ she was the second coming and you get an idea okay the seven churches their seventh seal is an immature to see the condition of the Oscars all the her genocide and the seal you see how God will work for you to buy the power saving you from the first century all the way to his second coming and then listen to see okay I see that in this history from the first century down from her I that God actually poured out judgment on the persecuting powers and he in addition to all of this I see the condition of God people just before he comes in the seven churches I see that God raises up a special group of people known of the hundred and forty four thousand from the seals and I see that he is in the second half made by Canadian if you picture from the first century to the second and they come to Revelation chapter twelve which is arguably the most and more chapter in the book of Revelation Revelation chapter twelve shows a very hey you know why there's this whole struggle with the church 's seal and the trumpet of God people are being persecuted and then they come in the just before the second coming in there and only if the condition will Revelation twelve is that there is a raging controversy between Christ and say that is why Satan persecuting the same during the centuries between when Christ was here when he will and that is why Satan has gone down while the people to be in such a way of war this is because there is this controversy between Christ and say and you must realize that we as God 's people are right in the middle of a say he'll is Christ and he says hey Brian you are in the era through your editor and while I thought he was here the one telling them their wretched miserable line in Haiti is not as well they're really making you cry so they and you say he says that and how I actually says another great controversy around age forty nine the job he can see what saying that price everything on we would never want home listening as soon Revelation chapter twelve shows that there is great controversy struggle between right and in Revelation chapter thirteen for about one thing I Revelation chapter thirteen shows the power that they were in Judah see nearly the whole world with the exception of the Sprite variant in Revelation chapter you will have to which is the command of God is Jesus Christ revelation is that in our day see you in Chapter thirteen all this chapter seventeen this season nearly the whole world at the end you want your wife and I because we will talk about how to avoid deception then you come to Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen is a shaft or of being in my the first eleven chapters you see the struggle taking place and chapter will you have a great time receiving and chapter thirteen seasons in our lives and working through them Revelation fourteen UC in the first live person SQL this is for you you are wrong wannabes and an even revelation fourteen you see the one hundred and forty four thousand in the first viruses will go through it again on staff that you see in verses six through twelve the three Angels messages that prepare the one hundred and then on the last part of the chapter you see the harvest so that the scene of that and then surround up to the light of the final picture of your revelation after you see the scene of the you see that in Revelation thirteen saying this is nearly the whole world Revelation fourteen you see that the people that are good for you that will stand out now I am an revelation chapters fifteen to receive the morning however someone was any new agreements on my way is not pretty and a disk drive John Boring out his wrath without an animal study so you see that Yahoo for our visit ran the solar system and throughout history he has always made her seem to yes there have been just and yesterday have been terror that nothing has ever like what you see in the sunlight I actually will reenact the way law how they gone so far what is God doing woman Revelation seventeen and will him when they night revelations seventeen shows why God can judge down because I was guilty of the lot of all all persecuted and throughout the first three on that one was guilty of the blood of the martyrs of Jesus as a young thing like they were shooting me in the person of my same and they wouldn't give that I had for him I can furthermore when you come to Revelation eighteen this will I gave you that on average every as a revelation eighteen psoriasis is coming down having great power and why is already in the messages that will write this all will become a habitation of devils to him that the whole of every spirit however how about so that you don't receiver and as a new message in the message why the earth is Lori left anyone who can't exactly see how you like LLC ECF Don even to the world to come out of her and those who say in your setup on an bus by law rejecting right thing in and then after you see Revelation eighteen which showed this that God is everything you say about then chapters nineteen to twenty two painting a beautiful picture of one of the a while to son Damien had in the what revelation looks like the just as a brief overview just to describe what we seem to admittedly revelation is more complex than the you have three sons in the first the seven churches the seventh seal and the seven trumpet and when you come to the end of the seven churches he say wow Sheridan in a terrible condition him feel you say pray for more than one hundred and forty four thousand God they should and that is not the end of the trumpets NEC that God raises up a second and then she is prepared on one hundred and forty four thousand and one eighth shirt and that is who we are we are that specifically gone to the message the second movement download from I said nations languages signs and came and this is where I want to finish our site is because I can have been made as I said has been given the commission to prophesy again before many peoples and nations and songs and sing and as I said this is the condition of the three Angels messages notice what Revelation chapter fourteen starting in verse six that Revelation chapter fourteen verse six and I saw another angel flying in the midst of having the everlasting gospel to preach an event that's well inherent in every nation in kindred and times people see him back to the connection of the second half and him and revelations which will from time for many people and nation the time and thing here we have the Carolina Yahoo and Revelation fourteen six to give to every nation and kindred and some people this summer is at seven a.m. and is saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship that made heaven and earth and the sea and a pound of water this is for her I love you there are they are lying to you and then you can order that life as they are designed to be given to the so the first Angels message to the masses the everlasting God now let me say something about a guy you know you notice on the first Angels message that started on it the ever lasting no Cialis may the gospel has always been saying so don't let anybody tell you that the gospel was different in the Old Testament than it was in the New Testament that God is taken to the New Testament say that the gospel is everyone and when you say it out more carefully and Daniel chapter nine describe the everlasting and he was just thirteen describes everlasting righteousness and God made history of righteousness with Abraham in the Old Testament and Abraham and the father in the bottom-line is that God is everlasting gospel that God has given us a layout is as easy as the world if everyone has never changed if the gospel that not only gives us forgiveness for our and Yahoo in which Jesus saith from our sin he is now working on a fourth and one or justification and in the everlasting God that they got caught we have begin every nation kindred time when people and you notice that in verse eleven we have the message of the him now or so this message of a God who wish unless the righteousness of Christ is justified and sanctified power outline is important because it is in our we not have right right in order to be saying and notices as worship him that made heaven and earth to see in the amount of water you know where that verse is going from mail it's from the Sabbath commandment in Exodus chapter one which tells us that this is is a key in the first game and I think he honestly everlasting gospel and is now amassing now I think I mentioned this before you are desired as page two eighty three that in order for men he is the they must themselves be holy zeal that means the same reason why our experience with price only on it he is in the saddle and giraffe he is way more severe over the lake and one grandpa that are in high and watch your favorite TV show is that you're thinking about during the sermon because using the sermon is nearly as interesting as she learned that not even were more important to you your cc shows in your whining and that is not seen but she is your dearest friend your name will there are no distractions for your time and you have when you are dating someone before you get married you're trying to find every possible way to spend time with him is not should him all on him now when you have your with your social someone and you have that day and go out to send Simon you're likely to have had a strategy is now will say about your dating relationship or your marriage here on a special out your special someone yet here girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or why any of you know anything and everything that you can hardly wait for the data entity that you really enjoyed I is and I hope we don't review loudly and as nice as the horror of the first Angels message after the first Angels message we have nice is that Babylon is fallen is long that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and the wine of the wrath of her fornication is specifically the false teachings about an hour my focus specifically the one that specifically this Sunday sacredness and the immortality of the soul you go straight to heaven when you die so young and the movement to get the everlasting gospel to have a clear understanding of this message and of what the people when they die and then I want to know something is really the right and accident Thursday and you actually go straight ahead when you guys are really doesn't matter what you hear on this earth you have sent a message and how we haven't gone the message that she just God forgives you for your and our heat to heat as long as an integer that is what you don't need to worry about it doesn't matter where you I am the third Angels message she just that those who followed the beast and worshiped the beast and receive SMS in the market for veterinary they will receive the way time another recently and was with personal time announced that which the series locations in the same here are they that keep the command of God and faith in Jesus you see the third Angels message tie everything together it has been gone and have slated within the content of the judgment power and also remind people hey a follow about one your head receiving not like you don't want that so follow God and Jesus Commandments through the eighties and even then you will be found in so that our that is what the three Angels messages are international verses six and seven first thing first a second verses nine to twelve third Angels message and out like a mommy just reminded me to look at the big picture of revelation seven churches seven seals seven at each of the end of the seven the latest features in our church yes they are in terrible condition that God is working for Luke warm latest CNN they had to tell way for planning three Angels messages with our solicitor will be a group of people who have patient in the same key and I have faith in Jesus and that the root now one hundred and forty four thousand that are seen as the seven sealed and we see at the end of the seven that is firmly in him that is reading the brief was prepared to one hundred and forty four thousand and what God wants each one of you to be our God is raising up and yes we live in a time where it is immediately one VLAN in an essay in a banal hearing what I'm doing now now think about as I said I know that a friend setting my life as I said I will watch TV three hours I live in is what everybody else in the church is anxious man is same as John is looking for people to say you know what it's timely and me Jesus number one seed time to study the book of Revelation is Jesus Christ revealed through the will do the same when Jesus Solana Jesus Salomé that I follow every step of the way which is why I will by the grace of God reflect the character of Jesus and share this message for a around me that when he seems a little café come home my brother my sister you have learned how to follow me here on this earth so you can follow me all the way to have a and that is our purpose and mission of his life such as we go through the rest of this week we are going to get more specific he now messages are tomorrow we are going today she is the second him him against this in greater detail about what specifically ways of the second amendment what is power what do you think how and what we should hear you so at this time I'm in a close with a word of prayer and I look forward to seeing all of you again tomorrow evening as we get deeper into the living room and as far as her father in heaven thank you for the message of Revelation we thank you that is the revelation of we thank you for how Christ is revealed in the and we thank you for how prophecy has identified as a special group of people with a special message a special mission specialized dentist to prepare the world for the coming of Jesus forgive us for where we've been and always warm back in many ways I is enabling him or by the grace of God each share is not as through the power of the Holy Spirit this is my prayer is having any of you see you tomorrow


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