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The Glory of the Second Advent Movement

Norman McNulty


Part 4 of Prophecy Revival Series given on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at Ebenezer Princes Town SDA Church in Trinidad


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • April 19, 2011
    6:30 PM
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thank you very not getting him him laughing at me when he again tonight Francis are coming out everyday and AMR city see all of you here again this evening and is the information reviewed some of these things in mind I see slide Ramirez are reminded or maybe here for the first time someone even talk of assignment or loving heart prophetic message and on her husband reminded me time and there is massive elimination say the commandments of God and Jesus and he was just as thirty five through thirty nine and that is something I talk about the overview of its annual we saw that there were visions dance use of a century of and at the end of you see how this represents Christ in his which strike the is the second time at the end of the last vision you have Michael standing up to the closer probation just before Jesus and in the middle she envisions Daniel seven January at the end of the kingdom Daniel seven you have the beginning of the judgment making at the end of the kingdoms in January you have the beginning of the cleansing of the sanctuary and eighty and so the flow of Daniel is eighteen forty four she was the second time in the very time that we are living in what we saw in the book of Revelation in the three sons of the seven churches the seventh seal is in a nutshell is that in eighteen forty four God raised up the second movement during the Jasmine our way him to prepare it on your own purging so international that will somehow send hi I want to take a few more second half in which is the movement that we are a part so far as we got to Daniel and Revelation what we have done so far is taken an overview of the issue of what started and I start getting heated some of this is in more detail in the book of Revelation specifically denying we may jump over to Daniel seven and eight as mentioned before we get into our message I like this have a brief order for his honor and we thank you for this evening I thank you for each person that is here and I just pray for a special blessing on this evening as we learn more about the second half in your raise the name you see through me may fill me with your spirit so that each one of us here in the blood the message that you want to be shared and nine my prayer in Jesus name amen okay when we were at the book of Revelation and we look at the overview last night we saw that second and an is beginning is this drive specifically in Revelation chapters now to understand this a little bit more clearly Revelation 's immediately follows a weekend of this is true and I remember one night there are seven Sherry the CO tribe the following one right after the so so insurance is seven zero seven and one mentioned briefly here is a brief overview of the trumpet Revelation chapter eighty is the beginning of the trial in Revelation chapter a drive for work now he wanted to get a good prophetic historical overview of the first four trumpet can read your blog Uriah Smith Daniel and Revelation he does a nice job guy is back in a nutshell in Revelation chapter a first for which this July the downfall of the Western round by an when you have a threesome you understand that in the seals it was wrong that persecuted God saying paid in the first and the first of the first century and all the way until about three thirteen and then after paying a persecuted people table room is huge and the seals described and specifically in Revelation chapter six verses nine stains you have been there on the inherently crying out to God how long will you judge about their those who are persecuted as an memorial says don't worry I will take care of and show them God on persecuting power namely hanging around and hateful is this drive is are him him him him alive for the right job so in Revelation chapter aid in the first the first four trumpet to describe you have for barbaric nation I will only need to do for barbaric nation of Western Roman empire leading to his downfall in four seventy six eighty and then Revelation nine you have been in the sixth round with and this represents the extent of the Eastern Roman Empire they are buying is long or the on Empire and specifically there are huge time processes in Revelation chapter nine is the time from the above five months in Revelation chapter nine verse five that represent a hundred and fifty years of persecution by the Islamic on the Eastern Roman Empire and then in Revelation chapter nine versus eight there is a line from the that sells is that I is one hundred and fifty years of persecution having been another one hour one day one month and one year earlier persecution will see and hear how long one hour one day one month and one year as a way of looking at that point in the year to one hour is actually fifteen days one day a year one which contains thirty days is thirty years and want here is three hundred and sixty one of a mystery as a literal years you all and you get three hundred ninety one years and sixteen days now why am I taking the time to explain is the will the reason why is that the time from the revelation versus sales when Islamic Ottoman Empire to as an that would be the end of the six and is a history of Ottoman Empire on August eleven eight now if you know anything about what we've been talking about we know that the second half God raised that to begin a special work in eighteen thirty studied carefully and shall also provide a key road roadmap said yes to eighteen forty four because right after receiving end of the six hundred and Revelation chapter I we have the announcement and Revelation chapters of a rating movement that God raises the now here is what is fascinating when you study the secondhand new those who were not in the plot came to an understanding of this is my prophecy from Revelation nine hundred four was fulfilled the money received what Alan White says she will just lie on which as he explains prophecy Mrs. and the great controversy pages three thirty four three thirty five miles away you have rather than great on okay yet how many of you have not read that rape died I wish I hear you not rather great on it is not I reckon that is that Barry I will I will if you want to have our message for this time and how to prepare and how to avoid the next to the Bible I would recommend the going rate is still you have rather after our property seminars over the old lion at the ABC in San Fernando and he gave her back she and readers of the powerful but still let me review my own life is about the prophecy and revelation nine hundred sixteen starting page three thirty in the year eighteen forty another remarkable prophecy side and widespread interest she leaders before Josiah was one of the leading Miller preaching the second half published a nice exposition of Revelation nine predicting the fall of the Ottoman Empire according to his calculations this power will be overthrown while in eighty eighteen sometime in the month of August and only a few days previous to the accomplishment zero my quote allowing the first one hundred and fifty years to have been fulfilled exactly for the Greek ever ascended the throne by permission of the insurance and three hundred ninety one euros fifteen days and then for the first it will be on the table and on the eleventh of August eighteen forty one the online power and cost down shirt may be expected to be broken and this I believe will be found to be the case that pretty good on that very day after to say you know what I from the ceiling he said first processing begin on July twenty seven twelve ninety nine no other figures from taking a fourteen night and when you read him here's fifteen days from now and New Year's July twenty seven twelve ninety nine after starting point the any point within the odd eleven eighteen now you have to be right on my or your really bad right will guess my sincere page three thirty five continue at the very time specified sure is through your ambassadors etc. the production of the Allied powers in the analysis place yourself under the control of Christian nations via a gleeful tone as when it became no more huge work and then of the correctness of the principle of prophetic interpretation adopted by William Miller and his associates have wonderful emphasis was given to the movement men of learning and physician united with Miller both in preaching and publishing Ms. views and from eighteen forty eighteen forty four the work rapidly expand this leaves us right and the revelations because here's what if he should understand history and specifically the history of the second amendment William Howard with a farmer who had been in prison featuring away from God he became a is which is to say I mean that God is creator and world beset the world in motion and he reinvents himself from and he is not human the world now God has nothing to do with us and we have nothing to do with that is where William Miller was an somewhere along the line he had taken her as they are in and he started studying the mind he started that in applying every care I will and he will remember my first bite her and he would keep going until he understood the numbers that he was reading somewhere along the line he came to the verse and health chapter eight verse fourteen which says that in any active issues now and three hundred days or so the sanctuary before and we were talking about a real life when William Mauer uses as hers and he is no way I is I have never heard anyone talk about the twenty three hundred and and he was wondering what is prophecy me and said in a change for me he paid under the convention after he connected as I and every of our services four thirty seven BC that the sanctuary would be sometime around eighteen and he's even that is roughly twenty years before Safeway now for William Howard this was a showing of discovery because you see how this will William Miller was not letting the Bible just got an interesting information William Miller was started by a cousin with whom word because she is was is that here is an axiom meanwhile you are starting an online business in Jesus I found a year entry alchemy is his Jesus a year and when you have when you have a reassurance future is will your shirt is on this commission that the earth will you and our town and he is the dearest friend and he discovered in eighteen twenty hey she is coming around here is really and he shared that vision privately with his buddies and how I hope that others will figure this out harsher because I'm definitely not a prehearing online again a friend start preaching insurance is I appreciate so is this secret to himself for a number of years and around two thirty the Holy Spirit convicting because he was continuing to study the Bible by now you know all the woman Revelation has been a Asian model of my study is bad to this very day continue to you and our interpretation of Scripture and the Holy Spirit is a senior now May eighteen thirty one she is about longer thirteen years but nobody was getting to the world now if healing is that she is with her sure in one year and by the way we know from studying the Bible and the study is that we don't know Jesus but obviously is an illustration if you need that Jesus was coming for sure one hundred percent in here when he'll be motivated to go out and tell the world around you be there I I will presume I is and you know what you want to share that cannot be helped William Miller 's driver because the Lord and Holy Spirit is go over the world when you have one thing that the Holy Spirit has convicted your nose will will will appreciate you I wrote for crops and things like that and I'm pretty sure I can get other people the front to the Scripture and you know that I can assume William Miller and his far as my e-mail will bar the Lord and this is the bar and he said okay God I hear you if you give you an invitation to reach I view it as his life Lord never even knows you have read about in a manner that is my family now that I study the Bible the world around me they have no idea but I studied every verse in the Bible and I can in my mind this way the message of this book now deceased very carefully published William Miller said you understand William Miller which is for example Daniel eight fourteen seventy three hundred and in his mind think okay what are the sizzle of Jackson to the conclusion that I have and see about every possible objection that critics can you keyword out all the answers to any possible objections so before he ever braces for at the present failure on to my student of Scripture SR I pray the Lord I have a memory past history five races will be non- amino acid that has the holiest the same Holy Spirit have been working on this line have been working on the mind of his family and his family said he loved the town of premises before being able even in the highest basis of a thirty one and his nephew on the town over this was actually on a Saturday because they were even on Sunday and as William Miller made the deal in his mind of the Lord only knows the business is already on the way over to get in this verse is so living in how long maybe half an hour an hour a couple of hours among our Commodore business any volume however there were lots of enemies is our family we need a feature of the church because the ministers out of town and we want you to not infringe another second coming of the things you say and William Miller is like a son of Rick because the Lord in that moment he is the allure and all is message of this is Jesus to the world and he stormed out now any win in the backyard there was a made inroads for about half an hour wrestling with the Lord but he came back from me on road here is my and he is able to run the farmer became that in the Fraser and the Lord and him wanting greater and greater this world will never see William Miller began preaching with you how based on twenty three hundred eighty one Daniel is that she is well here and you know the stories are told that wherever William Miller to ensure full and one half where it will reach gracefully and when people heard him preach they leave the place without making a decision for or against crime and I'm telling you that as you study the history and as I have had William Miller came on the scene as he started preaching that our case see the businesses started taking cross like wildfire throughout the United States you will see that the power inspired by the same spirit that started for me as in the eighteen thirties and forties when he tried to send because we are now we talk about I can only say that I will make as on earth can harm line all the time when the Millerite movement is coming and she is when the first thing in the form of in their heart mind all and God is looking for a group of people like that you and so is William Miller was preaching this message are about nine years in church after church after church we can week after we he was preaching everything we every Sunday and the church 's workflow by the time he was not strategic him assurances in the town and he happily got an invitation to a shirt on she is one of the church 's one hundred and thirty and I think that I am free Samantha power and the pastor that church his name was Joshua mine as well you know the Internet is willing on the site while I sacrifice everything else in my life to be getting this analysis of the world and John on the list is only three years from now we got to do a better job getting a job I became a little involved as manager of the he started living William Miller and that they should and will in the message really is not in Joshua I started getting the message in the newspaper and started spreading like wildfire and they started putting out publication and they have both signed on and they have other publications as well and it was right around the same time that Hsieh which Miller a creature that I just read about three hundred C designing the prophecy in Revelation chapter I and many people live this way for William Miller I January fourteen two thousand three hundred and that I applied from C one to one hundred and two thousand three hundred and three two thousand three hundred years and I think you said you have the time he reached me and I'm just like and if you take a year to a principal and even one hour one day one and one year follow-up beginning to take it on eleven eighteen twenty him will pay for my own three hundred and even as the three years from now and prophecy and revelation I will provide a visa millwright Fraser is about I better get ready as an outline says she's a sincere when it became no a huge work and then of the correctness of the principles of prophetic interpretation adopted by Miller is a wonderful emphasis or power was given to the now gymnasts with the fulfillment of this wrong and she says from eighteen forty eighteen forty four work rapidly expanding it to say that Revelation chapters come into existence and let me read to you Revelation chapters verse one the Bible says and I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven will well and a rainbow was upon the enemy as well there were so at his feet as pillars of fire now how many of you here when I spoke to my revelation back in January how many remember the duty of Islam this to you again here you have in the context of the film of the one hour one day one month and one year in salon on eleven eighteen forty one is known to the preaching of a say in the Millerite forgiving in context Revelation chapter December I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven and the way this angel is love this angel is Jesus love will never allow a rainbow was upon us that he wasn't worried as his fee as pillars of fire has to go to the blood of accident accidents Shafter sixteen I'm sorry I think it's the second is thirteen Exodus chapter thirteen versus twenty one twenty two notice this Exodus thirteen twenty one twenty two thousand and four more in ammo Lord went before them by day and a pillar of cloud and rain in the way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them why you don't like day and night check not only the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night before the people so who was a pillar of cloud it was the Lord and revelations you have a mighty angel will he also has a remote Linux 's phases of the sun 's feet as pillars of fire will be taking a Revelation chapter one verses thirteen to fifteen revelation one hundred and thirty three fifteen and the myth of the seven candlesticks one like the Son of Man will go down with the end about half of adult girl was the son of Mrs. Jesus ministry fourteen his head and his hair were white like wool as white as snow and his eyes were a flame of fire and his feet like in the flying wrath as if they burned in a furnace and has voice as the sound of many waters now healing hair the mighty Angel of revelations see him Thursday the Lord Jesus Christ was closed wow and here are my angel will allow you see in Revelation chapter will that Jesus the son of man has I like a flame of fire being like fine brass burning furnace and here in Revelation San Juan this money Angel has the pillars of fire and I'm here to tell you that on Revelation chapter and verse of the Millerite movement is gaining our own this is in Revelation nine of the hand of his trumpet Jesus comes down from an Angel in our little writing movement second that he was the forerunner and gave rise to the movement of your car and she is try to someone who has raised our show is human about the children of Israel from Egypt is he is waiting is an equal American Legion this error to spare and tell me a little unsure and I are our leaders in Jesus Christ the mighty Angel and specifically inverse to we see what is our new versions you said and he had an issue that open anything like that upon the sea and his wife and mom here are now this mighty Angel Jesus Christ in any of you will have which is now all around as high as forty you know what is the eleventh of when did you realize we haven't talked about the video realized that part of the book of Daniel Morse if you read Daniel chapter eight for example you have this vision of the twenty three hundred days the inverse is twenty six and twenty seven Daniel chapter eight is in the vision of the evening in the morning which was twelve and twenty three hundred and seven thousand and two thousand three hundred and worked for days actually we choose all three hundred evenings and so here when assessing and the vision of a minimum morning which was told the truth of the vision of the twenty three hundred and then notice what is wherefore shut out is for its own ethernet and so the passion of the forty three hundred and one and then when you come to the end of the book of Daniel Daniel chapter twelve verse four and says that without Daniel shut up the words and seal them even to the time in the nineteen hundred and that is that it out I don't have time all this mentioned as I began at the end of the twelve hundred and four will know more tomorrow night but individual sixty years that ended in seventeen ninety eight which means that some time after seventeen ninety eight the book of Daniel would be unsealed specifically people will start to understand the methods and when you have just so that William Miller after seventeen hundred eighty study and the time that I understand of the twenty three hundred and eighty forty she is now him I remember the deal of the lasagna is forty now this will seal forty two years ago and those who are raising is from the book of Daniel they are right on track and I is Jesus Christ and coming down from heaven to confirm the movement and they have raised the money and when I think about I think so to be part of his pain was in the heart of the movement that he is raising is now as you go down you have the seven thunders Michael that the events of the first and second Angels message is in a while so that he that is the fulfillment this is that when the first Angels message which I fear God in glory in our judgment they were preaching along with twenty three hundred and and paid only in beta we that when the sanctuary and sanctuary was the Serenade Iran and sanctuary that the Earth by fire and they got everything out Brian is gone wrong so when you come on down and you see in verse six language very similar to the first Angels message where the Angels where my moment of forever and ever created heaven and I think that they are not in the year and I think that they are in our Embassy in the things what are their others remains on no longer now what is talking about his that he to the ceiling of this will of Daniel which twenty three hundred and which is why she is remember sanctuary and it ultimately the coming of Christ the one in the sanctuary after this time from the there is no more prophetic time number seven we read that in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin down the mystery of God should be finished as a Catholic player to his servant from an particular January Colossians one twenty seven dollars that the mystery of God is Christ in you the hope of glory which he is the mystery of God that means I and his character will be Oracle is getting online and John has raised a second and movement should produce a group of people that demonstrate Christlike character she was completely which is why I like the character right is shown perfectly reproduced people that he now will be soluble that more of the history of the Millerite movement than initially thought that Jesus was sometime in the spring at eight forty three and eight because according to the Jewish calendar year began in the spring and ended in the spring so they are okay sometimes when the spring of eighteen forty Jesus they didn't have a specific day for the spring of eighteen forty four and I have a earlier version of way because by summertime amiloride for anything and they were wondering why he here we are in the middle of eighteen forty four now Jesus I am what's going on will God uses another Millerite preacher by the name of Daniel 's and you never heard of Samuel this is a very fascinating story is actually one of my very favorite story itself will arrive via an Samuelson have studied the prophecies more carefully and he realized you know what the woman in the sanctuary in the Old Testament Jewish ceremonial law including the sanctuary in place once a year on the day of his campaign and as it occurred every year in the deceptively unless there is a video here alone in the autumn of the year and he studied the Jewish symbol will be more carefully in the study and when Jesus came to visit her she told I have to type or sample with him and the actual fulfillment of rights I like your example he is Jesus with the Passover lamb and he died on Passover Friday Ryan at this time of the evening sacrifice at three p.m. right on the money and he served his body was broken and with as over the feast of unleavened bread and then when you have a way if she on resurrection him forever and ever and simplify the wave sheaf offering and later on the only room for now anyhow I was right that is into a very Canadian inflation be somewhat all spring so is the antichrist the false namely you have is an Acer of event is those around the fall and the fulfillment in the twenty three hundred and twelve when the day of atonement began his answer typical service and he said there were either we Jesus bluegill and the most holy way at the beginning of the day of the day of atonement in eighteen forty four and at the end of the day will come out and come back here on our foreseeable that office far as Jesus coming back to this error is studying a little more carefully and when he learned she was out the CAM is critiquing forty four on October twenty two and when he reached I completely like I got the authorities in Southern California because Jesus long time so the very day of his ROTC will be a an update when I went to the Korean article more carefully based on that injury occurred on the twenty three hundred forty years after the working Wednesday evening on the so Samuelson have figured this out and is glad to what a forgettable and meeting in the history of notoriety and him a bottle for forty four however for the day on all because of my anniversary so August twelve eighteen forty four and I mean this is now Schumann and Dave were out of every twenty two and Samuelson have he came to this campaign was in the state of New Hampshire is a variant around as I take place and another Millerite preacher and just as you are just a joke and was the first Millerite crazy forty four zero seven seven they emphasize Asia is preaching for a large congregation is at least three or four thousand feet and he's preaching the same old truth you know yes he is we just need help in an emergency having faith in Jesus until they now with new matter in our churches and immigration like that in when you have earned the conviction that ensures an increase after they preaching is not Samuels now came on the campground on horseback he gone forth what is his sister was sitting on her finger at any one time when he the audience they were getting worn by the dozen was one of what you've heard a hundred times more likely we can have leaned him as I have is he that is his sister had the audacity to stand up and she says that Brother faces brother in him great over and over again and my brother are he knew why you do not reverberate throughout he sat all behind me and I see someone that's me right now in part and what you can obviously you have to react I the international reaction is fine sharing life is and Samuel Snell and he stands before the people he explained to them the way I plan you have right fulfilled my time in very exact day I sleep over land on the red way is often an fifty days later why don't I and many said he is in my study is this here is not to want to do now we need I believe that Jesus is coming and Schumann and a half hour Jan is a sign that you are legally living with hearing and they asked him to give this answer the next day they wanted now I is an true is as dry as he and I thought I the movement is all like wildfire the Millerite movement will only verify we now know one and twenty three hundred and fifty we don't know when she is an historian described that too as if God 's people were a tornado taking over will preside with him and the Millerite website family with awards on their lives behold the bridegroom go as he is in the seventh month because October twenty two with and without and from the tomb on when and how angry he is the only right preachers she is October twenty two eighty forty or berating me know how I says about that meeting Ray Connors page four oh one analysis issues for someone who participated in the Manhattan this person says it is reduced everywhere the most deep searching of heart and humiliation of soul for the job I have it on a leaving of affection from the things of this world I ceiling of controversies and animosity by confession on breaking down before God and Tennyson broken hearted complications and harden acceptance because of the basement prostration assault that has we never form when you know we need that I wanted to take over our church again we need a movement that will come through the power of the spirit that will all our actions to be gleaned from the things of this world to help the controversies in our assertion and the animosity CEO for us to confess our wrong to one another and for God 's sake lower crime rate I might be I will myself by Gary Gray I'm not hating on him I try on my selfishness anymore because I see when you turn me on I am not that I want to share this message understands your world around and then she closes by saying this is your words of all things great religious maven since the days of the apostles not have been more free from human imperfection and on while the state them was that beyond of eighteen forty four even now after the lapse of many years all his share in that movement and who is the firm upon the platform of truth still feel the holy influence of the West word and here is that if God now I want to be part of unknown like that again just before Jesus and you know that remember the fulfillment of a pair of the writer in Matthew twenty five percent the whole WR Meehan of the midnight ride and when Samuels laid out very clearly in the home of October two thousand the fulfillment of hair twenty five of the dry the whole ride yeah even if you know Ellen White says that parable have been and will be fulfilled to the very letter which tells the analyte flow that the Millerite parable in eighteen forty all the way up to October twenty eighth the proclamation behold a writer you doesn't mean God is going to raise a community to get a very similar message as I mentioned back in January that message that will be similar will be the message of Revelation eighteen where we really conversed are these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having in our immediate error was aligned with Lori received the Millerite to the best of their ability to send a message of the fulfillment of the twenty three hundred and every missionary station in the world in their but just before Jesus and he raised that people from the second half but he will talk about a while I table will allow God when all you arrive eleven revelations mystery of God which is Christ in you local glory finish in the online so that Roy's character will be reintroduced in the wine is an evil and when you are at the enlightenment of the lowering of the character of God he is in the lives of young people the character of Jesus Christ and harmonization will be just as amiloride I behold I found to be just as the Millerite from the day will be a prophecy fulfilled in Babylon the great is all on his fall and become a habitation of devils in the hold of every foul spirit and in the and hateful bird number four versus persons in reason and God hath remembered her and we and winners reason why that Sunday talk about that tomorrow night which tells me when this a lot is gone people will have settled into the dish and familiar characters will be like dry and for Rob at the hotel I thought I was the movement ever since Daniel and Revelation in red is a she is somehow so they need to receive play in the market would be trying to go and share so that you can be ready when he is not well and when we as people have right here waiting when you see the world with power and how and why is Yahoo and I will he is playing a place to do was tell me that herein is those of you who are members of this church is now the Holy Spirit be going on to all of your Bible right to enough he is trying to come out of the world is not about time to get your life only Jesus Christ and God is so way for that in and I said you realize that God 's way for the character drive shall be perfectly reproduced in his people then he will time I say that I will honor that is I is in place in some war Memorial is why we must be ready in the inland well he has done everything for a job in his life there is he in this race on power is one is very now it's time to get RMI bullying and I be here tonight why in your life him why they are that and if you so desire I might understand as we close with prayer father in heaven am thankful to see each person here this evening it has made a decision out of a desire be part of the last great message of why I'm here your glory to be part of the movement is like amiloride will shape the world through your power to your raise and lower we realized that they cannot meet you are saying your power is we won't fall flat on our face then we plan that we can do all in all a crisis and we all know what is and how he is you are on our Lord we ask for forgiveness for the one thing for this is our life so that you can use a wedding shower to give this message to the world and I'm afraid Frances will be one way on this earth that will be in line with the Gloriana character of God is oneness church are just like he and the team on this sure is our sharing in prophetic entrepreneurialism e.g. name this is yours the way were Jesus and everything and every incoming meeting with the remainder of the sweetest things you are studying from the minor


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