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Satan's End-Time Deception

Norman McNulty


Part 5 of Prophecy Revival Series given on Wednesday, April 20 at the Ebenezer Princes Town, SDA Church in Trinidad


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • April 20, 2011
    6:30 PM
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okay so you want to have given me back down premises and I have before I get into the analysis for this evening I offer a prayer to the Lord for making sure that I'm here this evening as I may follow we then pray every night for my safe travel back and forth in the last couple of nights my car felt like it was starting all every so often and I was driving down the highway so I shifted in today to have happened like that as it turned out the ignition coil without a problem and a second better part of the day to get it to answer with a certain point where I was starting to wonder if the current benefits and time in order for me to get down here tonight and I know that the devil is not happy with what's happening here this week and he's trying to block any again Lord has made sure that my car is not every night and he held the next staff today is figure out what the problem was in the mechanics of the church member deal for a cure and he told me that he sure and let me know that I had a testimony to Sharon and I know how the Lord make sure that I can be here again the theme so I'm very thankful to be here again now that the Lord has something really get in store for us again and I before we start for this evening look downward father in heaven we thank you for your mercy for your goodness in bringing us here so this meeting again tonight after your present and then witnessed throughout this week I thought that the Holy Spirit the screen again I even see through me him while I eliminate unnecessary length of the maybe have a clearer understanding of the solemnity of the time in which we are living in May Jesus speaks through me this is my prayer in the name of Jesus amen now money just to review briefly what we've seen so far this week when we give the overview of Daniel on Sunday night we saw that there are four main divisions and there are four main kingdoms in those visions although Babylon is missing from the last scene at the end of the kingdoms you have a significant even at the end of the first vision on the last vision you have a second for the probation in the middle divisions have the judgment and in the sanctuary began which is eighteen forty four which shows is that the annual is taking us down to eighteen forty four to the second coming the time we are living for their message and Daniel is very important then on Monday night we went out with a picture of revelation we saw the seven churches the seven seals seven trumpets we saw that each and each of the end of the seven but there is a special revelation of what people are like and what their purpose is just before Jesus and we saw the second amendment that God has raised just before you prepare people to be ready last time you look at the history of the second Advent movement and the power that ascended it in the eighteen forties and how that will be reviewed through God for the people just before Jesus is not so we seen so far what we are going to do tonight is we're going to shift your slide is focused so far the message for and the people that God has raised the definitive work but I wanted to spend one presentation showing that Satan is working very hard at this time of earth history as well and we need the aware of what Satan is doing so that we will not be deceived and so that we can warn others of Satan 's deception as I so I'm going to say he killed Revelation chapter thirteen and seventeen and I and energy are going to see these two chapters are well connected to each other we read the first three verses for our Scripture reading and revelation chapter thirteen on a reverse one again here we read Revelation thirteen one and I stood upon the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rise up out of the sea having seven had and ten horns and on this warrant can ground on this the name of the last of the sound screen out already right and artists this beast comes up out of the sea now when you jump over the revelation chapter seven 's and Revelation Chapter seventeen verse fifteen we see that water is where the sea represents peoples multitudes nations and time someone else's you have a piece coming out of a populated area now what are these represented by Patty and have one of these represents and Bible prophecy will he go back to Daniel chapter seven which we like that recently in Daniel chapter seven verse seventeen it's all will be representing hands or kingdoms and so what you have here in Revelation thirteen is a kingdom coming up out of the hospital later area and has seven had ten horns and upon the name of lab now and earth to get a better idea it is these this mercilessly and the beast which I saw was white and she was a lever and his feet were as the fee of a error and has now the mouth of a wine and and the dragon gave him his power and see an great authority now what reason he or animals you see in this piece is described in verse two in elaborate on their online you remember these three beings somewhere else Daniel chapter seven and chapter seven remember therefore be there the wine there is a bear their phone and then there is a draft will be you remember that Daniel chapter seven as you recall from her overview of the book of Daniel the lonely unrepresented valve on the bear represent a new version eleven representing Greece and the trip will be represented in town and a little horn came about that dreadful that representative people around now what's interesting in Revelation thirteen and is that the beast here is a come on the other that is based on dance so the beast of Revelation thirteen is a composite of Babylon media Persia Greece and now when you go on dad on verse five is and there was given to him again now speaking the rain bands and blasphemy and power was given to him she can send you to now in verse five what was given to this lease on and in verse two what part of the work will now in Taiwan now now what will I have everything in the battle on someone reaches in say about this these of Revelation thirteen is that this be seized with them now that I'm now whole lot more than now a bad one and here's what we have it and Lisa has seven has NCM born in the name of blasphemy and at the composite least and when you to Revelation chapter seven as I see Revelation thirteen seventy wind up together in Revelation seventeen verse three is so he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast full of names of one blasphemy is that Revelation thirteen and is having so has an similar to remember the beast of Revelation thirteen that have sample speaking blasphemy here in Revelation seventeen you see a woman sitting on a scarlet colored beast full of names and one for me having seven heads and ten one and then this is named in your life Revelation seventeen words that help honor for him was a name written mystery Babylon the great mother of Carla and upon the where I worked was in your Revelation seventeen one serving on in the name of a woman here is the name of down along your see that the woman in the beast are one and the same the bottom line is this in Revelation chapter thirteen and Revelation seventeen this means that that had more than is seeking what you need is the power now has down and specifically we get a better idea of Babylon really is when we look at Revelation thirteen and seventeen more carefully because when we say that of Daniel we find that in the vision yes Babylon is represented by the head of the T in the wine chapter seven is not mentioned in chapter eight in the visionary Chapter 11 and back and enhance you and in Daniel seven thousand and one half C so why don't we see Babylon again mentioned at the end of time here's why even though a change that will share the risk is that on and the kingdom that is your art can online into one power at the end of time which is why this be is partly my own laughter so as far as the characteristics of Greece and partly white scheme there is some characteristics of me occurs in and have the mouth of the landfill have characteristics about one and then immerse my receipt that power was given to him to continue forty and Schumann and the parallel Daniel chapter seven verse twenty five where we see this little one hour which was after will will be around have a little more papal Rome Daniel seven twenty five is he shall speak great words against the most high somewhere on the season of life and make the change times and laws and they shall be given into his hand until a time and time and the dividing of time now as I mentioned the other night time time and the dividing of time represent such a letter sixty years of Bible from five thirty seventeen ninety eight when people round was in power and here's what's interesting in Revelation thirteen five it describes a time period is forty two zero one is the very same length of time is the time time the time time providing a time describes three prophetic years twelve hundred and sixty literal days which is one hundred and sixty years of prophecy forty two months ago forty two times thirty that is also twelve so here you have the same power and this power that rolled down one for forty two on November revelation is actually the power and this power came out as we saw in verse one out of the sea out of a populated area and he is a composite of these Babylon media Persia Greece and pay him what the characteristics of Babylon University reason you will recall that I have the spirit is is not great now I know and then he says John says that he can happen and damage were wanting to follow the other gold silver brass I build and manage all the old online following I have my own way and then Daniel by the assessor throws a just before that will ball and he states that say that which is taken from the Jerusalem is the wine the intoxicating line into the sacred vessels so you growth saying wine into sacred vessels and then he has a worship service and what can find out on the mixing the sacred in the comment again declaring that which is sacred on Wednesday saying we are worshiping God that's what about Iran's in the end times out on the Internet that they just accommodate Sunday that the holy name and were worshiping God we worship so that's what that will contribute to the composite being new version they can set we write a law it does not change we argue that when we see we are never wrong does that sound familiar and then Reese they came along and made raw and humanism or in other words they said given they are so smart that we can figure things out for ourselves and we don't really need God if we can just create a draft to human tradition we don't need to follow any higher power is wrong and one that will persecute whoever doesn't agree with an following man came in who ruled forty two and they combine all those characteristics together send one of following God says you worship God in the way we want to change their worship is something like the decent thing to change the time on an anything when we make while we are fallible when will these at the theater he is now he is God honor and not only that we are so smart he that we can create humans tradition that will be about the word of God not only that if you don't agree with us we will persecute you and that and that is why Revelation thirteen scribes the anytime down on complying with these of all of those things and if you wonder why the name of the enzyme power is that bringing her the first lien was that in the first lien was in the right but have no share in the Bible teaches at the Mammoth Theatre so you see so the waiting to go is not changed so the time that I still think the way change in that makes sense now and see what happens as we continue on verse three says and I saw one of this has as it were wounded or slain death and his deadly one with steel and all world one after the beliefs and analysis is one of his head was wounded or slain to death after the twelve hundred and sixty years that will round out the premises and around received it in gently one now but at the end of the four hundred and sixty is just explaining the twelve hundred sixty years began at five thirty eight when just standing on her own wrong and free that made them all the data flow however over the will now sell on nonmilitary and the state Howard County to operate and continue for twelve hundred and sixty years of twelve hundred and sixty years later in seventeen ninety eight only the general birth and is round and say how high is the thing that I is into that time president before he died leaving only the following week learning about and I in the holy city and I you and I will take his power of the papacy over this day had been taken away yes you still have the Vatican yes they are like that another program like this is Captain and I believe no longer have power over the state recently received a gently one because he sure our name no longer have power over the day and then his government seen development and my prompt now before I go any further let me just point out the universe is about how it is going to start because he is a very fast Christian church notice with the University says and Chirac engage in his power and his see a great authority with the Dragon and Revelation chapter twelve in verse nine says anything great Dragon check out the old moment to date which deceives the whole world is saying is no one in order for me to see all wrong however that I'm going to work through any of the I'm probably not going to be able to see the whole world anymore by being a non- ungodly unchristian representation because after Jesus died on the cross of the God is not and I am not so changed like Sears I got to work through a process of the Christian and use them to deceive the world of days and then I say this is a order for me to have to affect on the world I need to learn your professed religious body do I see the world in Revelation thirteen is that Satan or the Dragon it is powered to see the wording to that long and that one we saw was able around that rule to the twelve hundred and sixty years and then I received a exactly when the notice in verse three uses and his deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after the bees have given this if all the world wonders these who are they really follow the really following say so yes all the world fall down on when to leave this field but in reality they are following say now the question has when does this gently when become you and in order to answer that question you have to look at what happened when I received the deadly when it receives intently when it lost its power over the state therefore will see all table wrong will then have power over the state again to enforce religious law just doesn't during a twelve hundred sixty years some of the Bible 's teaching is in that time is coming that they will work through and around so that is certainly one that I received in seventeen ninety eight years old so that he will rule will be able to wars religious laws upon political nation and is yet future and the world around you know that that is becoming more and more of a possibility when Pope John Paul II I every living US president wanted to go to the funeral threonine twenty one the current President Bush's former US president and the other loving one want to go all that they do not have room for any some of these programs were several wrong so there's been a great change and how the world views table wrong we see that a time will come when all the World War I draft of the reason I want to show you how revelation seventeen is connected in Revelation thirteen Revelation seventeen versus Aidan says the beast that thou was and is not and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit and go into perdition and pain as well on the year if someone is like what we just read in Revelation thirteen they dwell on the earth shall wonder whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world when they behold the beast that was and is not and yet is still Revelation seventeen is described in the him as well on your own wonder after this now that and specifically as you go through Revelation thirteen to hit the high points here we see what happens as to how people around will gain power over the whole world and in reality Satan will be gaining power over the whole world skip on down in verse eleven Revelation thirteen and this is and I beheld another and what is at least represented by representation as you have another beast coming up for another incoming and I beheld another beast coming up out of here and had to walk like a lamb state page in now notice this awareness of these however out of here with this is the same reason Revelation where the first beast out of the sea is based on out of here to see represent a populated area where will the earth prophetically what would you it would be an unpopulated area now if your name here extension what's happening here in around one and proceeded anyway at the end of the forty two on in seventeen ninety eight so when using the second beast came up out of your right around seventeen ninety a.m. and just so you should understand American history the American Road the Declaration of Independence seventeen seventy six but in seventeen ninety eight in that very year Western Europe recognize the United States is not remaining so you know they become a saving them from adequately seventeen ninety eight right and wrong seasons everyone united they compliment out of here and unpopulated area for a very populated area there's some unpopulated region there are a lot of people in the United States that it was a place designed by God where it has shoe worn like a lamb and if you study this out I wanted very least you want representatives will and religious liberty of the United States offered that have been laughing in Western Europe during the twelve hundred and sixty years where you have to follow the power of the church if you were citizens in the United States someone sends you an you can believe whatever you want and you can be a loyal citizen of our country in the Christian and Moslem whatever can be an American citizen civil and religious liberty but we see that changes he had two more like a lamb but he's saying as a giraffe and what is dry represent Satan and Satan gave his powers and authority to the first of these table and now the state in America this thinking like the first beast as well now health of the nation a nation see through the law and somewhat soulless is that there is a time when the United States will and law that seems like the Dragon and the way that Dragon was when he was in control and during the twelve hundred and sixty years they use their power in the church to control the state and Satan will be the same three things through the you are him on performances he exercised all the power of the first beast which is papal Rome for an cause the beer is in them which dwell therein to worship the first beast whose deadly moon with Neil so when the United States begins UN law the world to worship the first beast just gently when you enter the number of other things that take place you see that in verse fifteen he had power to give life to the image of the beast of the Canada we should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed and number sixteen he can't all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand when therefore is a briefly about the seventies in the market when you think of an image what does management and in is a representation that defects whatever describing so for example if you have a symbol of the nation that would be an advantage of the nation about us representing the interests of the peace which is the is and Janice that reflects people and hate around what oranges in our that works to unite church and state so the question of these is a union of church and state and then specifically there is the mark which is in direct contrast to seal of God and more of these represent it tomorrow showing that will Maran is what so how we or our now one immediately or the Mark of the beast is not uncommon a literal ship and you and your right-hander in your some people think that you should in your hand during your four had that kind of thing people have said things like national ID is like that Martin Amis is the mark of the beast 's is simply the following along with the symbol of the wording of people and if you study it out it is a green worship on a as a sign of authority in a in the United States of America will and now laws people to worship on Sunday now the reason why some people receive his mark in Manhattan when therefore net because the people and therefore had to along willingly say this as well I believe in this is what we should he and I used to the people who receive them are you I is and is invisible and you and I heard somewhere that prophecy seminar that there is a lot in their zone even if I don't get along the online Ambien one life and I will be able to sell anything out of the implement of living surely God understand to go along with this help create awareness of help to turn this time around eventually so that eventually the son-in-law when I can you know what I want to enter into final QA I have a markedly and I'll see what I see many said they are easy to think it's okay there is a lot in the right and is will is okay on him I turn around and all the outstanding and God loves you and his grace is recovered by a friend is sitting with the University and Britain is normal for the unit of you know if we think that way about other things in our lives right now for example we say why that is sealed to the Lord and he understands any I see I'm barely making it soon I will pay my time Iran and your you develop Sally whether or not I it is that the Scripture has strictly strictly condemn or maybe you want to think that you have version one all is if you rationalize when they are okay it doesn't really matter what I need God will cover me anyway you're actually setting yourself up to receive the mark of the beast because you'll just go along with row as the majority of the world one thereafter to be saying will deceive Manhattan is if we don't learn insurance and got completely now I love you God only leaving even if I don't always understand because I was the Bible says if you want to keep my command soon as you see Revelation describes this time were interested in easily form a mark will be made Anderson's e-mail man-made virus will say that you have the Mark for the name of the beast or the number of his name and then a number of the beast is six hundred and sixty six is interesting if you add and the lab the name of love which is vicariously in which are the son of God and actually have the syllabi will identify this power now as I wrap up Revelation seventeen minutes some very interesting connection to see how all of this is in a way out the variant because what you see is your halfway around and the United States coming together the United States will help taking around to steal from everyone that I receive in seventeen ninety eight they will set up a Sunday law and nearly all the world will follow after this number is for Revelation seventeen says we saw this in Revelation seventeen three young woman sitting on whose names of blasphemy having seven heads and ten horns first time you see that this one is named this three Babylon the great the mother of Harlequin abominations of the earth again to a woman the Bible represent the church is the other woman Revelation of an Revelation seventeen you have people around and down along the great the mother of the season mother of harlot what is that selling is that she had daughter churches and access to the second Angels message says that on the radio is fallen is all it says is she was fine because the first time this drive for a table around and the second of all this rhyme the fall of run church is rejecting the message of the second half of the Millerite preacher in the Millerite began preaching to say the summer of eighteen forty four Mesa all of which is they reject the message and the Protestant churches they were not allowed when Miller on the him he will we don't want to hear about Jesus don't want our church is so lamellar I have a separate in the Protestant church is a gala brings the message is in the wrong nearly one churches and say things like that so and home I think that they are the fraud charges if you are fallen down on an eighteen forty four and they are the harlots part of the mother which is why we as God as long as people donating on Scripture clearly identify that God 's people in which his wife is out of her mind he times I've spoken with at least one person here who is part of a church in masses and even a few years ago God of the people most churches we are to call them out now as you can to the end this is your is as Iraq you see exactly how this all plays out with in Revelation seventeen verse eight Revelation seventeen versus is the beast that thou saw one soon John is looking at reasons he is the announcement described in the plan remember receive indemnity when many says that this beast is not as shallow and out of the bottom of the end go into perdition and they that dwell on here shown wonder this is driving down one and received exactly one after receipt of them the one that lost power over the state others coming a time that it will save again out of the bottom of the end the world will wonder after the Alaska civil liberties here are very interesting person going to hear his online chat with the seventh there are seven mountains on which the woman that it now this woman is now all sure about what she's setting on love and have which are somehow Maddie Romano now represent Bible and Daniel C you have us down to come and strike the enemy and become the great mountain and filled the whole earth which represents God 's kingdom so now represent the kingdom and the seven heads were seven mountains are seven kingdom on which the woman or Babylon and here's a very interesting picture that one is eighty one and she is a church setting on Reverend seven different political kingdom which dropped her off with political power so the question is what are the seven kings working person says and there are seven things five are fallen and won his and the other is not yet here's where we come in understanding these things are flying or falling one hundred and one is not yet so carefully look at Revelation seven Revelation seventeen is describing the president and the future and the way to thrive in this drive at least about one thousand was an unfriendly it is not in the future it shows that and then with a seventeen slider phone one is that presently and then the last one he is not yet come and when he comes he is continues a short space to hear that you you have the beast that was anyhow five things that are falling one King is right now the beast that was it is not right now and in the future than these shall and another kingdom will come what I believe is that him the dividing line going in the program Daniel a meeting revelation seventeen and the reason why is this seventeen ninety eight when Hitler are missing the deadly one right that when it became directly in the path the beast while after it receives a deadly one it is not because the receiver then we went so you have time to work kingdom up until seventeen ninety eight similar to live in we talk about Babylon media Persia Greece pay Enron and taking there is your first line there's two more this came down into the kingdom that becomes the present kingdom in seventeen ninety eight we are wishing that if the second meeting of revelation the Bank of America so when you look at Revelation seventeen you see that we are now in the time of this kingdom of the son and you may be okay so these arcane and that from now how is the United States propping up down of the United States is not dramatically as Ron America and the Protestant churches and are about eighty so the United States through the fall I should draw the church is are all dropping down on human from seventeen hundred and eighty forty four onward so the question is what is the seventh saying NASA's inverses and the other is neither can and when he cannot he must continue a short space and in verse eleven is the beast that will now the beast that was and is not even as he him all the angular random tradition now just try to think very carefully they're sending me table is described as a come back but he said the reason why this is because he was lifted in city with all of those seven when he comes back he will be a and how does that work first wall says and the ten horns which thou saw are ten kings which have received no kingdom as yet but receive power as kings one hour with the these have one mine and shall give their power and strength under the beast noticed this is one gift that has as one represent ten kings whichever is no need now to that one can I believe that is the seventh kingdom and it says when they receive their kingdom will receive power as she aims one hour which means a short space women these which is papal around and they have one mind and they will give their power and strength in the visa versa fourteen is the shall make war with the lamb now here's what I want these the early is to have your child silver fly around like a liar feet of iron way that is are there since and incense for article theory and the sound stripes the US is and Revelation seventeen right him describe one kingdom and a few of the numbers in the Bible sin represents the universal so what you have here at the very time there is going to come it's time when the United States and Revelation thirteen were in our she is able wrong when that happened next season of the year the whole world will gather out why so one of the United States works in concert with it they seem at a and will join the rest of the world all the kingdoms of this world and the threat that where the seventh kingdom which were in the end this is simple math that you have to have said before you can have a ride so when you have the seven then he can come back when the United States and the rest of the world come together to create religious legislation upon civil power they will have resurrected taking and one had to leave when asked specifically as these will have one mind and they will make war with the way they series beginning in verse fourteen these shall make war with the one and the Lamb shall overcome that for he is Lord of lords and King of Kings and they that are with our call and show them and they are on when we study Revelation thirteen and seventeen and I realized that this may not be as inspirational as saying our prophetic destiny as part of second and that is very worried because what it shows is that nearly the whole world is the call after seeing it it is will same all the through the United States want to see so the Dragon through the wall credit that Sunday legislation and not only will the United States the part that the fictions of the earth will be part of that and all of them together will have one my and they will make war with the way because they persecute God again and when they persecute you in they are making war against Christ in the person of the same and Jesus will say okay that you've done this for too long yard and developers four hundred and sixty years on you get away with it again this time this time I'm coming back to take my children on me and not only that I resurrect all the same given by Babylon during the twelve hundred and sixty years and God 's mercy has given us a roadmap for how Satan will try to see the whole world all we need to do is study Scripture items see what's happening in the world around us and realize that we do not need to review to see if we study for ourselves furthermore Revelation eighteen was the last person on the show is revelation he seen is all that on one final chance six now appear in the remnant church already you don't mind the delay now is our time to follow Christ there will be many people now know anything about the Sabbath and of following Christ completely until the sun it will come down and then Christ is to the world that wine and beer lorry and the messages that will him all all and I will be the final is where the three angels message either our combine one of my all-time wave power and we follow the world out and God says however I those who do not receive advice that is however see the letting go and is reviewed so this is our message we haven't massively seen that identifies that God raised us up in the body of believers it's easy forty four to have our life to get the three Angels messages with power to a lot and dying world to recognize the deception that Satan is going on delicacies nearly everyone except for those in some may we be among those who are in the Scripture and when Jesus we will be found faithful in the above tomorrow night Friday night one because Friday night we are going to see why Jesus is not clear to see that lady is a condition has been the way I am when the message that will come to the church family is really good are sure it will you shaking and have gone on the it has been the Laodicean church in verse by verse and you won't see how that is in the message to the church of the Laodicean is given by Christ himself so I look forward to seeing you on Friday night we will wrap up with the most of the hundred and forty thousand honestly say a word of prayer both father and thank you for being with us this evening there was now you are safely Friday as we continue to have him and we thank you for warning the social level home alone in time to mainly be ready mainly worn those around you thank you synchronicity


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