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  • June 9, 2011
    8:00 AM
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this morning so as I told you last night via the title was actually not something that I creatively came up with the title exactly a friend of mine and he was to write a book with it but he never came out with a book so I told him and stealing the title and so that's how the title comes up LNG why acting is very fitting because if you look out there now the number of websites that are out there that are anti- Ellen White Bikini things as a lot of them out there and we know that Satan is doing his utmost right now to try and dissolve the spirit of prophecy so without any more delay let's bow our heads for workers showing Lord as we come to this morning to be able to understand this important fact of the spirit of prophecy and why it is important for us today we ask that your Holy Spirit will be with us in our thinking so that we might be able to see clearly these truths that are very very clear that indirect my words in Jesus name amen we look at what the Bible says already directing you for this presentation directly to the screen the entire time and it says here that the half of the justice is as a shining light that shines more and more into the perfect day the way of the wicked is as darkness and they know not of what they stumble we find that Ecclesiastes tells us the Wiseman 's eyes turned his head in the full walking about and what darkness deal do you know why God gave us toes anybody know the balance of a view of stub your toe at nighttime while you looking around for something that's why God gave us told us so that we can find our furniture at nighttime you see that's exact this verse is saying the wise men's eyes are in his head but the full walkabout in darkness I've I've been in with my close to so there's been a lot of foolishness going on here but we find it if we have to light that we don't have to walk around in darkness at all it is what John is saying that Jesus said to them a little while longer the light is with you busy as a life what will you have the light lest darkness overtake you few walks in darkness doesn't know where he's going but he who hates his brother is in darkness and walks in darkness and doesn't know where he's going because the darkness has blinded designs Jesus also tells us here in the book of John then Jesus said to them I am the light of the world she who follows me shall not walk in darkness but have the light of life will we find that if Jesus is the polite and he is the life that we find also that the Commandments that God has given us in Proverbs chapter six verse twenty three they tell us that though for the Commandments is a lamp in the law alike reproofs and instruction are the way of life while we find it in our time right now Satan has targeted his fiery arrows towards us because we find revelation tells us in the Dragon was enraged with the woman and went to make war with the restaurant spring who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ we also find the corresponding verse of this to all know that you have Revelation twelve seventeen with the other one we always quoted the same time with this revelation fourteen twelve which says here's the patients of the saints urinating keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus this is one of the identifying marks of the remnant church today first John tells us now by this will we know him if we keep his commandments the who says I know him and does not keep his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him so what the Commandments do for us in our relationship with Jesus Christ the question we must ask is does is behind the command and the testimony together what we look at what it says here the prophets of God more than his witnesses or spokesman of his testimony as sorry as a testimony to the bore was his message of wisdom and life Isaiah is directing amendment to the word of God as the standard of truth in the guide to write living God has revealed himself in his work Revelation nineteen ten tells us and I fell at his feet to worship him but he said to me see that you do not do that for all I am your fellow servant and of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus worship God for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy Paul writes here in first Corinthians chapter one verse four nieces always whenever I mention you to God in prayer that in everything you are enriched by him in all utterance and all knowledge even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you so that you come behind in no gift waiting for the coming of the Lord our Lord Jesus Christ who shall also confirm you unto the end that you may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ I think God always concerning you for the grace of God which was given to you by Christ Jesus that you were enriched in every inch everything in by him and it all utterances and all knowledge even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you so that you come up short in no gift eagerly waiting for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ who will also confirm to you and you think you may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ Tracy this blessing that comes upon us is in you have to measured in proportion and basically what its meaning is we are rich in proportion to the degree in which this gift is confirmed our hearts and in our lives so that we find that these two things the testimony and the Commandments has to be put together not only those who are settled are sealed in regards the Sabbath but we find it those will also be sealed in regards to the testimony so the question we posed to this is will review the testimony as a love letter from his to his end time people the testimonies they are this extra bit of light towards us know to tell your story here about Kruger Park a number of years ago I was at Kruger Park in South Africa and I was speaking on their the conference decided you know we one take you on this going this to Kruger Park so my friend is a pastor he came with me and they decided will go on and night by night tour now that you are talking about lines here and animals that are nocturnal what do you think that they can't most of the time that lifetime exactly now I figured okay will get me going out it's good to be one of these fortified trucks that have like you know windows glass safety glass mesh the whole thing I sat in this very very long pickup truck basically flat bed truck that had been converted to get seats in the back could sit about nineteen of us back there and I noticed that there was I was sitting above the back will and that was just the bar that when a rock about write about here and there was another bar write about here and then everything else was open and thinking you know live and jump much higher than that I wasn't feeling so comfortable with that so I looked at the front of the driver and I noticed next to the driver there was a big shotgun next to him so I looked around my chair and there was no shock then next to me at citing this is another hunting at night time and as it started getting darker and darker the driver turned on the two spotlights up at that point he had a fix like you in a fixed light yet and he gave us in the back to portable lights about this wonderful were driving in nighttime newsflash delighted you know if you see something you would stop and simply want to look over here and we were waiting for this BBQ of seeing these two bright light eyes looking at us were driving along and about fifteen miles an hour dollars and he slams on his brakes he puts it in reverse and shuts off is like through acquaintances okay now listen when I turn on my left light I want you to see what the lights pointed out are you ready in all of us were so excited he saw ready so he turns on the light and we look it was probably really the distance from here to those trees right in the backyard is so weak we looked and we saw the tree this is what you see is that it for three visit to look a little closer leagues is in love looking closer to ten senior disciple of my big camera lens and I think the pictures and I brought up on the back of the screen and I see and I looking at me and wondering where it is that I so I back off and look at it in order was it was a chameleon melanogaster question what color would a chameleon being image inside of trade that has green leaves green exactly and I'm thinking to myself he drove along about fifteen miles out how did he see that I see that and donned on me he was trained he was trained to be able to spot those very things so the question is if he is trained then obviously I was not trained at all I was on train I had not known what was the last time you wrote a letter to someone you said I have seen and was shown these things and I showed you probably not but see Ellen White is done this many times forth but the question we have to first of all I may take is due to segments here the first segment is what constitutes a prophet according to the Bible so the question is how does the Bible show us how to recognize a profit on the show you twelve tests of a profit it would be good for me to write these down these are twelve difficult tests of a profit the first is to become two is found in Deuteronomy chapter eighteen verses twenty one twenty two and if you sing your heart how shall we know the word which the Lord has not spoken when the prophet speaks in the name of the Lord if the thing does not happen or come to pass that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken in the prophet has spoken it presumptuously you shall not be afraid of him we find that in other words if a prediction of profit makes does not come to pass is a false prophet that speed much straightforward is in it so that means any prediction a profit makes must come to pass what about Jonah we find that Jonah prophesied he said that Nineveh would be destroyed but was never destroyed no it wasn't a strike does that make Jonah a false prophet no not really because if you know what he prophesied about it was basically saying if they do not repent God would destroying the people repent yes they did so that's why Nineveh was not destroyed customer to a number stopping twelve verse six it says that he said now hear my words if there is a prophet among you I the Lord make myself known to him in addition I speak to him in a dream so according to the Bible ancient prophet of God receives his communication from God by very two very distinct methods dreams and visions and that's what the Bible tells us test number three is found in numbers chapter four verse sorry numbers chapter twenty four verse four and verse sixteen the utterance of him who hears the words of God who sees the vision of the Almighty who falls down with eyes wide open the utterance of him who hears the words of God Ahaz and knowledge of the most high who sees a vision of the Almighty who falls down with eyes wide open therefore we find test number three is a divine manifestation that God gives H a true prophet while envision their eyes remain open you'll find that many times when Ellen White was in her earlier days when she had visions many people who doubted her visions came up to her and they would Ashley while their eyes what were wide open they would come up to make a fist angle right after a face like this enough I did that to what would be your normal reaction you flinch but she did not flinch at all eyes remain wide open because she actually did not see them she was gazing upon what the Lord was showing her customer for we find in Daniel chapter ten verse seventeen for how can this servant of my Lord talk to you talk with you my Lord as for me no strength remains in me now nor is any breath left in me we find that according to this profit by this not meanwhile envision this is one of the miracles that God performs to identify a genuine prophet that while envision they do not dream if you remember while Ellen White was an vision there was one doctor there who did not agree that she was actually envision there were several people there and while she was envisioned they went and took her but they looked at her her heart was beating still but she was not breathing I mean while she is in vision she basically stands there and she is not breathing at all now people would think that you you're holding your breath but they stuck a mirror up to her face there was no condensation forming at all and this is not for just two minutes that you might be able to hold your breath and sometimes these are for hours on end no breath because God was holding her while she was in vision test number five is the corresponding verse in Daniel ten eighteen then again the one having the likeness of a man touched me and strengthened me that we find before vision a prophet may be very weak physically and strength but when taken in division a true prophet will suddenly receive supernatural strength if you remember the account that is well known Ellen White took that big huge family Bible that they had laid on her chest and she held the seventeen pound Bible straight out in her hand and not only did she hold out hope while she held it out she was stiff they tried to move her it was as though she was like this podium she would not move because she was we find that when she held this out not only did she also hold it up but she also turn the page and she was pointing to the very verses that she with repeating what I've held a similar weighted Bible just a few months ago when I was at the the Ellen White Estates and the biggie is that same Bible to one of these you know Mister universes these guys are both up with muscle and they held it out for only a few minutes they didn't hold it out and to the great extent that she did for at least I believe it was I remember correctly about thirty minutes to an hour she held the Bible out and you remember she was a very frail lady she was basically at around ninety five pounds during that time she is talking about taking something that is about twenty percent of your body weight in holding that straight out we go to test number six December six is found in Jeremiah chapter twenty eight verse nine tells us as for the prostate who prophesies of peace when the word of the prophet comes to pass the profit will be made known as the one whom the Lord has truly sent this means up to prop it absolutely does not like the predictions that the inmate will be one hundred percent fill test number seven in second Peter chapter one verse twenty knowing this first that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation this tells us that a true prophet of God does not give his or her own interpretation of the Scriptures every prophecy he or she proclaims will agree with an already established truth if they receive guess what it must agree all people like me to turn the monitor off if they receive it must agree with the old like God is already given there is not that of any compromise in regards to the Scriptures UN meeting December eight first Peter Peter chapter one verse twenty one for prophecy never came by the will of man but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit we find that a true prophet prophesies in the name of the Lord not in his or her own name into a profitable manifest influence of that same spirit because he or she speaks through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit customer nine in first Corinthians chapter fourteen verse three but you prophesy 's speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men a true rock that gives direction to God to charge an additional profit will cover all of these three areas edification means to instruct morally agitation means to advise strongly in convert is to soothe and distress in sorrow is just sorry to soothe in distress or sorrow to console all these three elements will be exemplified by a true prophet of God test number ten Isaiah chapter eight verse nineteen twenty and when they seek you seek those who are mediums and wizards who whisper and mutter should not a people seek their God should they see the dead on behalf of the living to the law into the testimony if they speak not according to this word is because there is no light in them so that we find that God gives a very clear distinction between a false prophet and a true profiteer between the works of hellish darkness and the works of heavenly light could be any plainer than this God says to the law what is the law if the ten Commandments what is the testimony testimony is the rest of Scripture if they speak not according to this word is because they have no light them to say this it's not saying that what God says it's that it means that it's true messenger of God will keep all of God 's ten Commandments they won't interpret these for themselves in other words a true prophet of God is going to be a Sabbath keepers are going to be a Seventh-day Adventists at least in our modern day now but back then they would be a Sabbath keeper when you look to the Bible and you read about the prophets of God therapy find any of them they were worshiping veil or extra no they were all Sabbath keepers we find it comes to this I remember when I presented this message and the northern part of Germany I had one of the conference leaders come up to me and he wanted to correct me by saying that I was not right in saying that Ellen White was the spirit of prophecy she is not the spirit of prophecy is what he told me and I said oh so foolishly she's just a writer I was set I was told that I said okay then what is the spirit of prophecy he said is the rest of the Scriptures while you judge for yourself and you tell me test number eleven first John chapter four verses one to three beloved do not believe every spirit but test the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets are gone out into the world by this you know the Spirit of God every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God and this is the spirit of antichrist which you have heard was coming and now already is in the world into profit believes in the incarnation of Jesus Christ will question the fact that Jesus came in man's fallen nature in our Holland the Bible says any person or church claiming that Jesus Christ came to earth in any other way than in the fallen flesh that you and I have is this of antichrist when we look at this we find that there are many that are out there today there there is actually a couple right now can't remember where they are at it's in Australia he claims to be Jesus she claims to be Mary very interesting and you find out that in Miami there's another guy to the claims to be Jesus but he is the key is Jesus the Antichrist he calls himself the know you wonder where these people coming from with these things the final test that we have is test number twelve Matthew chapter seven versus fifteen and sixteen beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep 's clothes but inwardly they are ravenous wolves you will know them by their fruits what are these foods well you would look at these false prophets and if they're all about the money then you know that there's a question here there's a problem because they would want you find there always concerned about sending your money I find that even this whole thing became about a couple weeks ago about May twenty one with Harold camping even just before that he said to the people send me away send a look if you're getting enraptured on the twenty first what you need the money anyways why do you need a radio station he should let the bachelor via well by their fruits you shall know them the Bible says and this is exactly what God showed Ellen White about false prophets in the last days look at the fruits look at what they manifest as you not to judge the people but if you look at the fruits of their ministry that should be very as you what this is all about so you can take the Bible and you can examine the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and you can apply each one of these twelve test any person that is live since John the regular Johnny Reb later around the year one hundred A.D. and you will find that there is only one that passes that this is the twelve tests of the Bible that I want to show you now in this next portion of an ask how we view never heard of the this time prophecies before Matthew a few of you have very interesting this is very very interesting information if you've never come across this before I want to take you through this for the time prophecy so let me explain is there a time prophecies in the Bible actually this is kind of nice it features appear so let's just use these eight shares if we find that the very beginning here this is time prophecy number one okay so with longtime proxy number one in the beginning the time proxy you find what is referred to as a proclaiming profit the proclaiming profit comes at the beginning of this first-time privacy and they give a message that message is something that needs to be paid attention to because they are going to tell you what's can happen the beginning of that time prophecy then we find advanced the next one at the end of that time prophecy you have what is referred to as a gathering profit the gathering profit comes at the end of that prophecy and then he gives what is referred to as a present truth message to understand both of these yet understand that the then their name all the biblical people have basically one name their name corresponds to the ministry God has called them to do and so when you look at the proclaiming profit and profit the name that they have will tell you what the task is that you that God has given them and we find at the end of that time prophecy a gathering profit comes on the scene and he gives what is referred to as a present truth message which is specifically for those living in that particular time that message is referred to as a life or death message and it is to gather out the believing remnant out of that time you will find two that they have in between each time prophecy between this first and second time prophecy there is a time that sometimes you have what is referred to as a connecting link profit or dispensational profit and profit connects one time prophecy to another time prophecy or to another time prophecy and so we've come to the very first time prophecy so medically as you can see how you are this bright early morning goal is the first profit in the Bible anybody want to take the uneducated guess that Enoch is the first one that comes across and what's his name he revealed the screen tells you his name means teacher he was a teacher of righteousness spirit of prophecy tells us Enoch was a public teacher of the truth in an age in which you live the thought that Cherokee live pictures and the character of the teacher who walked with God was in every way harmonious with the greatness and sacredness of his mission in Iraq was a prophet who speak as he was moved by the Holy Ghost he was a light amid the moral darkness a pattern man a man who walked with God being obedient to the law that law which Satan had refused to obey which Adam had transgressed which Abel obeyed in his obedience was murdered we find that interestingly not in between this particular time prostate in has assigned what this yet many sons and daughters but one particularly is named in sticks out with his name no with his name thank you Gary Jerry his name is Methuselah what does Methuselah mean number the name corresponds the ministry his name boat if it means here that his name is when he dies it shall come we find that the very year that Methuselah died was a very year the flood came now I don't know about you but if they know the names of the meanings back then I would've been watching old Methuselah walking along and be very wary the moment he keeled over and dropdead guys let's wake up because it is good to be a flood coming so that means he must've somewhat been a contemporary of Noah himself right to live during that time we find that the gathering properties Noah whose name means rest or to comfort and he was called Noah saying this same shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands because of the ground which the Lord 's curse Genesis five twenty nine hundred and twenty years gives a present to his message a life or death message and what's that message it's basically saying come into the art or die in the flood we find no design the Lord designed Noah in his life and character should present before the end the lubing world a more example of the results of believing the word of God he did not want to miss tingling getting all his discernment all his power all his strength from the source of light for he held communion with God it was because he had faith in God because he was a man of prayer that he was a man of power he kindled his paper at the divine altar that he might be a light to the world in Noah's day the inhabitants of the old world laughed to scorn what they termed the superstitious fears and forebodings of the preacher of righteousness he was denounced as a visionary a character of visionary character fanatic and alarmists we find in the Bible tells us as in the days of Noah so shall also be in the days of the Son of Man men will reject the solemn message of warning in our day as a result they didn't also the same thing in Noah's time they will refer to those false teachers who have predicted the event and set the definite time and will say that they have no more faith in our warnings then there's a find that this is going to be exactly the case to in the situation with camping it's been a be challenging for the people who he has been influencing especially now that he is reset a date to October twenty one when that day comes and goes as it will barely five Satan is using people like that to be able to defuse and to denounce them to the urgency that there is a coming Savior so that when we tell them look crisis coming to you not see the signs are you know we've heard this before this is can be the issue that we come up with in the second time prophecy the proclaiming profit we find is Abram Abram means exalted father we find his name was later changed to Abraham meaning the father of a great multitude what did Abraham do what we find he proclaims the four hundred years of bondage of the Israelites Abraham was a bright and shining light notice this theme continues on as description of these prophets come along they are bright and shining light because around them is all moral darkness and so we find his faith is hiding his devotion or to keep the knowledge of God a live in an age in which you live the Lord has said unto Abram get thee out of thy country and out of thy kindred and from thy father 's house unto a land which I will show the and I will make a via great nation and I will bless the and take thy name and make thy name great and also be a blessing Abraham would have greater influence with strangers then with those who were connected with him he was therefore required to leave his kindred and he and the Lord 's promise to him was I will bless them that bless the encouraged him that curses the and indeed shall all families of the earth be blessed we find it Abraham was the proclaiming profits at the beginning of that time prophecy near the end a gathering profit is brought on the scene his name is Moses Moses name means saved out of the water he was saved out of the Nile he also save them from the Red Sea and also from the Jordan River we find that Moses was God 's channel of communication to Farrell the light of heaven was flashed upon the gross darkness of Egypt revealing a greater than Pharaoh as the sovereign of the heavens and the errors in the great I am Israel's marching out of Egypt with a testimony that God rules we find that the present truth message was given to the Israel House of Egypt both literally and spiritually or you will die in the wilderness there pretty clear in the third time prophecy proclaiming profit becomes longest seen is Jeremiah Jeremiah 's name means Yahweh establishes or Yahweh pearls for proclaiming to seventy years of captivity was what Jeremiah did we find the description of Jeremiah in his testimonies to the church Jeremiah constantly referred to the teaching of the book of the law that had been so greatly honored and exalted during Josias rain he emphasized the knew the importance of maintaining a covenant relationship with the all merciful and compassionate being who upon the heights of Sinai had spoken the precepts of the Decalogue Jeremiah 's words of warning and intrigue reached every part of the kingdom and all had one had the opportunity to know the will of God concerning the nation the profit made the midplane the fact that our heavenly father allows his judgments the fault that the nations may know themselves to be but men if you walk contrary unto me so sounds and will not hearken unto me the Lord had forewarned his people I even I will scatter you among the heathen and your land shall be desolate and your cities waste according to Leviticus chapter twenty six we find that the gathering profit comes on the scene the gathering prophet 's name is Daniel 's name means God is my judge judgment is a theme of his book and so we find it from Daniel and his companions and from more to KIA are bright light once again Shawn amid the moral darkness of the chemical once you have a vision God reveals to Daniel light and truth that had lain concealed from other men and through his chosen servants his light has shone through the ages and will continue to shine until the end of time we find that the present truth message was given to the Jews and a message was to come out of Babylon or die there and be separated from God in Israel very plain and message of present truth in the fourth prophecy we find the proclaimed profit here is none other than Daniel himself who will remain the proclaiming profit all the way to the end during the four hundred ninety years a group of gathering profits emerge to lead Israel out of goblin both literally and spiritually we find that know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks since we score in two weeks and the street shall be built again and the walls even in troublous times we find that the Zulu rebel whose name means out of Babylon or from Babylon he is also one of these proclaiming profits go along with a guy whose name means born in a feast they are festive thus saith the Lord of hosts saying this people this people say the time is not come the time that the Lord 's house shall be built another one comes on the scene in Zechariah 's name means y'all remembers the initial come to pass that in that day that the Lord of hosts that I shall cut off the names of the idols out of the land and they shall no more be remembered and also I will cause the prophets and the unclean spirits to come out of the land another one comes on another small name is Ezra 's name means y'all helps another one Nehemiah Nehemiah felt a burden for the rest restoring of the walls of Jerusalem the Nehemiah prayed whose name means remembered me for the good and the judgments while rendering judgment on those who had first put taken heathen wise or given up on the Sabbath those who had refused to comply were actually counted no more part of Israel we find that in giving life to his people anciently God did not work exclusively through one class of people know they were varying classes to be able to reach all different kinds of people Daniel was a prince of Judah Isaiah was one of the royal line David was a shepherd boy Amos was a herdsman Zachariah captive of Babylon Eli show was a tiller of the soil and so we find that God raised up as his representatives prophets and princes the noble and the lowly and talk to choose to be given to the world as a message in the fifth time prophecy the proclaiming profit we find as I stated before is Daniel once again the gathering profit was raised at the end of that time which is four hundred eighty three years his name is John the Baptists John is a shortened form of the Hebrew word Johan which means God is exalted or Yahoo is gracious there is another that bears witness of me and I know that the witness which he witnesses of me is to you sent unto John and he bare witness unto the truth but I received not testimony from man but these things I say that you may be saved he was a burning and shining lights and you were willing for season two Joyce in his life but I have a greater witness than that of John for the works which the father had given to give a need to finish the same works that I do they bear witness of me that the father has sent me so we find here that the gathering remnant was John's disciples who believed his stirring message of repentance from sin or they were to be separated from God in the sixth time prophecy Daniel once again is a proclaimed profit and we find and he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week and in the midst of that week he shall cause the sacrifice and the obligation to cease and from the spreading of the about abominations he shall make it desolate even until the consummation and that determination shall be poured upon the desolate so we find here from the first half of this alas seven of the four hundred ninety years up to the cross and thirty four A.D. we find here it was the fulfillment of the prophecy with the arrival of Jesus meaning Jan is salvation as the Messiah who is called the anointed the gathering profit we finally comes out at the end of this particular time prophecy his name is the apostle John John the regulator John revealed Christ having seen heard and touched him we find that the believing remnant where the disciples who accepted the present truth message of the cross it was either you accept it or you didn't accept it it was a life or death message when we had to the seven-time prophecy proclaiming profit once again is Daniel seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city to finish the transgression to make an end of sin and to make reconciliation for iniquity and to bring in everlasting righteousness and to seal up the vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy we find that the stoning of Stephen at the end of both the four hundred ninety years and the final seven years of Daniel 's prophecy at the end of this time the gathering profit comes up the gathering profit at that time was Saul 's name means asked for or chosen his name was later changed to Paul which means small or least of all that the other disciples but we find that the Lord has said unto him go thy way he is a chosen vessel 's chosen vessel unto me to bear my name before the Gentiles and kings and the children of Israel we find that the gathering remnant the believing remnant were the Jews and Gentiles who accepted a present to his message to come out of Judaism and Christianity if they did not come out then they would be separated from Christ himself okay so we went through the first seven-time prophecies very quickly cipher the speed because there's just so much information they're not want to slow down because we come to the last and final prophecy in this is where it gets very exciting because when you look at the seventy eighth time prophecy I would ask you who is the proclaiming profit at the beginning of this time prophecy Daniel Daniel is proclaiming profit Daniel said and he said unto me unto twenty three hundred and started twenty three hundred days then shall the century the claims prior to the end of the twenty three hundred days each of the prophet had one name but at the end of the twenty three hundred days which marked the beginning of the pre- Advent judgment or the end that typical day of class of oh boy the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary vision there is a difference that comes up no longer does the prophet have one name but we tell you the example here on November twenty sixth eighteen twenty seven a gathering profit was one hundred the name Ellen Gould Harmon Elliott Gould Farm in her maiden name is harming now prior to eighteen forty four in eighteen forty four October twenty second it shifted to the church the last church of revelation which is the one I talked about last night it's the church of what they do see what is a church prior to the church of latest year the church of Philadelphia what is the church of Philadelphia known for brotherly love exactly so you have here in heard maiden name is heartening which means soldier of peace to the pre- eighteen forty four message the Philadelphian church it was in eighteen forty four that she saw her first vision if I remember correctly it was December sixteenth eighteen forty four that Ellen White had her first vision just two months after the great day of disappointment on August thirty eighteen forty six Ellen White marries James Springer white the surname changes her name changes now to Ellen Gould White last night we talked about the latest in church and the problems of the latest seeing church member I told you in verse seventeen verse seventeen outlines the problems of the latest in church and it says this because thou say that I am rich increased with goods that have need of nothing I know it did thou art wretched miserable poor blind and naked those are the problems of today's church the latest in church but what's the remedy of the church now pay very close attention to this could this ties in with the eighth time prophecy if you look at verse eighteen tells us I counsel of the two by me the goal tried in the fire it all made me rich and white raiment that thou may us be close to the shame of thy nakedness may not appear and anoint thine eyes with my Sabbath dolomites the three elements that are needed for the latest scene is goal white raiment and I staff to be able to see now this is this is the essence of this meeting if you miss at all don't miss this if you take her name Ellen Gould Harmon and you break it out member the prophet the proclaiming and the gathering property both have names what do the names mean what when you look at the name Alan Ellen is the old Greek word for light if you look at the word cool her middle name Gould is the old British word English word for the word goal white is actually pure it's the purity when you see the Council of the two witness to seek the gold tried in the fire the white raiment any ISAF the gold is the faith and love the white agreement is a righteousness of Christ the ISAF is that spiritual discernment which will enable you to see the wiles of Satan and shunned them to detect sin and import to see truth and obey it's pretty interesting for me the gathering remnants they were the believing remnants this is a Seventh-day Adventist Church in the present truth message that is given to us as a life or death messages given to the world in our messages to come out of Babylon into the Sabbath keeping charge or be separated from God you see it is in the important message for us to remember that you know of these profits were also what could be referred to as dispensational or connecting profits member one when you have one time prophecy and he goes to the other time prophecy these are important to understand because some province connect one to the other than to give you an example the prophet John was the connecting link between two dispensations as God 's representative he stood forth to show the relation of the law and the prophets to the Christian dispensation he was the lesser light which was to be followed by the greater the mind of John was illuminated by the Holy Spirit that he might shed light upon his people but no other lights ever shone or will or ever will shine so clearly upon fallen men as that which emanated from the teaching and example of Jesus desire of ages page two twenty said Christ in vindication of John but what whence you out for to see a profit J ICG unto you and more than a prophet not only was John a profit to foretell future events but he was a child of promise filled with the Holy Spirit from his birth and was ordained of God to execute a special work as a reformer in preparing a people for the reception of Christ's the prophet John was the connecting link between the two dispensations so we find between these different time prophecies there is referred to as a connecting link or dispensational profit big joins these together we find it originally after the fall of our first parents Adam and Eve the worship of God was conducted on altars they were placed before the garden of Eden where the flaming chair of were sorry with what plaintiff was turned with a flaming sword stood we find different avenues holding tells us the garden of Eden remained upon earth long after men had become an outcast from his pleasant pass the fallen race were long permitted to gaze upon the holdup is and since their entrance barred only by the watching Angel at the chair of regarding gate of Paradise the divine glory was revealed hither came Adam and his sons to worship God here they renewed their vows of obedience to that law which the transgression of which had banished them even so we find that Adam for the generations of all his sons would take his great-grandson great great great great great grandson and it would take them all and he was a boy 's alleged to come here and this is the altar where they came and worshiped God right in front of the chair guarded gates there you can imagine he could look down the long passage and that he could tell the little boys boys now you look look between that angels like that and you will see that's where your grandmother I stayed what a sight to be able to open be able to behold something like that we find that no one here Noah when he walked out of the bar after the devastation of the flood Noah could not go back to that same spot to worship so what did Noah do what we find that no one constructed and altered their know was a prophet who changed as it were the focus of worship from the gates of Eden to whatever man-made alters to God from altars Moses changed as it were the focus to the tabernacle and later the temple where the fiery presence of God manifested in the holy Shekinah resided with finally from the early Temple John the Baptist changed the focus of worship to Jesus in the holy place of the heavenly Temple and change was manifested by the fiery descent of the Holy Spirit now in our day from Jesus as our crease in the whole holy place reviewing are confessed sins for for us from us Ellen G White serves as the dispensational or connecting link prophet who changed as it wore the focus of gods worshipers to Jesus in the most holy place now serving as our high Priest officiating on the day of atonement in preparation for the close of human probation and the final placement of all confess sins unto Saint onto Satan the originator of sin as typified by the scapegoat we find that God is leading our people these leading out of people that he has chosen a church on earth he has made the depositories of his law he has committed to us these sacred trust the eternal world the internal trust to be given to the world he would be proven correct them you see the message to the Laodiceans is applicable to Seventh-day Adventists who had great light and have not walked in that light it is those who have made great profession but if not kept in step with their leader that will be spewed out of his mouth unless they repent the message to pronounce the Seventh-day Adventist church about one and call the people of God to come out of her does not come from any heavenly messenger or any human agency expired by the Spirit of God we find that in selected messages volume one it tells us some who are not willing to receive the light but who prefer to walk in the ways in their own choosing will search the testimonies to find something in them to encourage the spirit of unbelief and disobedience thus the spirit of this union will be brought in for the spirit which leads them to criticize the testimonies will also lead them to watch their brother defined in them something to condemn were living in a type three right now as you and I know this thing is working with his with the utmost fervor in the this in the vernacular of a musician if we were having organ up here you will find that probably on Sabbath at the closing song when it's the highest peak the organist will pull out or pushed down every button there is that's called pulling out all the stops and that's exactly what Satan is doing right now it's an all out all ditch effort to be able to get everybody that he can away from the truth it's easy for us as Seventh-day Adventists if we know we already know the day of worship so it is Satan cannot deceive us in the day of worship maybe he will try to deceive us in the way of worship you see singers constantly pressing in the superiors to lead away from the truth the very last notice the very last deception of Satan will be to make them not affect the testimony of the Spirit of God where there is no vision the people perish so we find if this is true then obviously Satan is doing his utmost in this time right now and he will work ingeniously in different ways and through different agencies to unsettle the confidence of God 's remnant people in the two testimony it is sicknesses special object to prevent this light from coming to the people of God who so greatly needed amid the perils of these last days we find she also says that soon every possible effort will be made to discount and pervert the truth of the testimonies of God 's Spirit we must have in readiness the clear straight messages that since eighteen forty five had been coming to God 's people there will be those there will be those once united with us in the face who will search for new strange doctrines for something odd in sensational to present to the people they will bring in all conceivable fallacies and will present them from coming away start they will present them as coming from Mrs. wife that they may beguile souls you find that I find it wherever I am going to preach in whatever country it is not all of these fallacies are exactly the same they all have a different flavor to them and they're all slightly different because he knows if he can get one country this way he will try a different way and if that doesn't work then he'll switch the deception around you find it in I find it in in them Germany it's about the spirit of prophecy pages one to do away with the whole thing you go to South Africa and many of them are stuck on this or suck on this lunar Sabbath thing there's a lot of that going on sorry as the end draws near and the worth of getting the last warning to the world extends it becomes more important for those who except present choose down a clear understanding of the nature and the influence of the testimonies which God in his providence thank you has linked with the work of the third Angels message from it very rise this is important how important finally important is not alone those who openly rejected testimonies or who cherished doubts concerning them that are on dangerous ground to disregard light is to what it's to reject that light has God given us this life thank you absolutely he is given us dislike and so if God has given us the light of the spirit of prophecy and we sing on another occasion it doesn't apply to us today how dangerous will happy I remember talking and I won't mention any names but she is head of one of the Adventist systems health systems that we have not just the hospital but a whole region and never talking with him as a fifth-generation happiness is that if you read you know what Ellen White has to say about the healthcare and his response was she doesn't apply to us anymore it's arcade it's old some of you in words acknowledged reproof but you do not in heart accepted you go on the same as before only be less susceptible to the influence of the Spirit of God becoming more and more blinded having less wisdom less self-control less moral power less zeal and relish for religious exercises and unless converted you will finally yield your hold upon God entirely you have not made decided changes in your life when we prove this because you have not seen it realizing defects of character and a great contrast between your life and the life of Christ what do your prayers amount to while you regard iniquity in your hearts unless you make a federal change you will not forehead this become weary of reproof as did the children of Israel and liked them you will apostatize from God the thing that I find that comes up nowadays is many people say to me when I'm preaching will have you know which part of the spirit of prophecy to believe in me with this with this passage inspired this passage inspired at my response to them is saying look if you're questioning it that way you are very dangerous ground because the say that opens up a whole can of worms to be able say that she was not inspired at all we find that some sit in the judgment on the Scriptures declaring that this or that passage is not inspired because it does not strike their minds favorably if they cannot harmonize it with the ideas of philosophy and science falsely so called others of different reasons question portions of the word of God thus many walk blindly where the enemy has prepared the way now it is not in the province of any man to pronounce sentence upon the Scriptures to judge or condemn a portion of God 's word when one presumes to do this single will create an atmosphere for him to breathe which will dwarf spiritual growth when a man feels so very wise that he did the heirs to dissect God 's word is wisdom is with God counted foolishness many are going contrary to the light which God has given to his people because they do not read the books which contain the light and knowledge and cautions reproves and warnings the cares of the world the love of fashion and the lack of religion if turning the attention from the light of God he has so graciously given while books and periodicals containing error are traveling all over the country skepticism and infidelity are in increasing everywhere life is so precious coming from the throne of God is hidden under a bushel you know it's been said that in this passage it is hidden under a bushel was gone and we buy fruits and vegetables in a large quantity we we buy by the wife the bushel so we find that the bushel is a big school of measurement for commerce we find that the light of God is hidden under a bushel when we sing a song hide it under a bushel no so what would in fact we are doing is we're taking the need to make money and we cover the light of God because we would rather make money with that the Lord has sent his people much instruction line upon line precept upon precept here little their little little heat is given to the Bible and the will and the Lord has given us a lesser light to lead men and women to the greater light pole how much good would be accomplished if the books containing this life were red with a determination to carry out all the principles they contain there would be a thousandfold greater vigilance a thousandfold more self-denial and resolute effort and many more would now be rejoicing in the light of present truth what is the spirit of prophecy do for us what does two very distinct things for us it shows Satan unmasks and it reveals God to us why don't people want to mean these things why don't they want to read this paragraph the white only when they want to read the Bible itself is what happens is I find when you preach a message and that message is a very present truth message that should extent it rebukes them and we proves them in order but that goes against many people like deals in the way of thinking they don't want you want a smooth message give me something there that will make me feel happy it's like the acting was either timer Newsweek the coin jewel old steam with the Lakewood Church as the feel-good pastor and Woody saw that article number of years ago but that's what he is he's a feel-good pastor and when he was interviewed he says he doesn't like the Russell people 's feathers wildlife says I asked the meaning of the shaking I've seen was shown that it would because by that straight testimony called for by the Council the two witnesses of the latest CNN this will have the effect upon the heart of the hearer the receiver and will lead them to exalt the standard and poor for the straight testimony some will not bear the state testimony they will rise up against it and this is what will cause the shaking among God 's people two very simple question what's the primary cause of the shaking we find the straight testimony which testimony is that they were called lipids causing this it's the one called for by the Council of the true witness to the latest scene and so what is the reaction to the straight testimony or the reaction is that they will rise up against the and we find that this is what will cause the shaking among God 's people there is this polarization that is happening in the church and people going towards this end or going towards this end and we find that this is happening to these from the I'm finding this happening more and more within the last ten years and this polarization is not just a gradual it's a very quick direct full rotation into their moving very quickly this way or the moving very quickly this way we find one thing is certain though Seventh-day Adventists who take their stand see will first give up their faith in the mornings and reproves contained in the testimonies of God 's Spirit now is talking with the neck and my family and they were telling me that the had Dwight Nelson come up there at the tent meetings of the Junaluska therefore Carolinas and some of the studies have shown that if people don't read the spirit of prophecy that also affects their time doing digital that that only the Spirit of prophecy guess what most of them are not even reading the Bible so we find that all these things are to in ancient times God spoke to men by the Nelson the profits and testimonies in these days she speaks to them by the testimonies of his spirit there was never a time when God instructed his people more earnestly than he instructs them now concerning his will in the course that he would have been pursue CC Ellen White to me is no minor profit which is on par with the greats of the Bible Noah Moses and John the Baptist people I say what exactly was saying the inspiration is exactly the same if I inspired Moses any dreams into his nostrils and engage in that word that he not do the same thing for Alan White so why should it be any different she constantly once again Satan is pressing away the superiors to lead away from the choose the very last deception that Satanists think it's his very last deception and he will work continuously he will work through various agencies and you want to unsettle God 's people in the confidence in this Paul Harvey the late Paul Harvey he is quoted as saying women have been honored on American postage stamps for more than hundred years starting with one woman who is not even an American Queen Isabella in eighteen ninety three since then eighty six women have been honored ranging from Martha Washington to Marilyn Manuel Munro also many other with women authors like Louisa Nick may Alcott Emily Dickinson because but I can name an American woman woman author who's never been honored us know her writings and been translated into a hundred and forty eight languages more than Marx still sought more than adequate received more than William Shakespeare only now is the world coming to appreciate her recommended prescriptions for optimal spiritual and physical health Ellen White L unlike you don't know her getting to know her what does the Bible tell us it says believe his prophets and you shall prosper it I like this version because of you look at the verse Chronicles second Chronicles chapter what twenty verse twenty is clear eyesight of twenty twenty vision so you believe in his profits guess what you will have perfect vision Ellen White the prophet for us in the last days why why would we have Ellen G White because she was one the Lord has given us to take us back home I remember hearing this sermon by the late Robert Pearson television was the he was a president General conference in late sixties early seventies he went and he described what the spirit of prophecy was for him he refused to imagine you are the captain of the very Marcy Russell this is on the bridge using the captain lays down the high seas map and at high season that allows them to be little from one harbor to another point will once that Captain gets there safely that nap gave him all the details you needed to know to get from there to this point here he drops anchor and he wakes it waits for the boat and this book comes in there's a little harbormaster that comes aboard becomes aboard this huge sailing ship from his little harbor boat in the harbor master is very well acquainted with the captain a recent captain in the harbormaster lays his Harvard map right on top of the high seas now the maps are actually one and the same the only difference is that the harbor and that is in much greater magnification of what the high seas map doesn't show you see that's exactly what the spirit of prophecy does for us it gives us the more detailed information to be able to take us home it would be well of us to spend that time to be able to read and study the spirit of prophecy to be able to help us in these last days I don't know about you but my library is full of Ellen White books and I don't know what I would do without them yes the Bible 's great but the spirit of prophecy is that detail that you like to be able to see the spring father in heaven we thank you for giving us profits to write to be able to lead us and guide us home Lord thank you for giving us Seventh-day Adventists Ellen White thank you for the light that she was shown in for what she has done to be able to give us an transfer that might so that we might have a knowledge so that we might be prepared to be able to stand against the wiles of Satan in these last days please guide and direct your people that we may hunger and thirst for this are in Jesus name this media was brought audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit 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