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Passing Your Parents

Gerry Wagoner
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Gerry Wagoner

Biblical Counselor at One Achord



  • June 9, 2011
    1:30 PM
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okay ready to roll like begin with prayer as we talk about some topics are very important to all of us our father in heaven we thank you this afternoon for the opportunity pause to come together to discuss things that are reported to us and are also important to you last father that she would open doors one has to walk message and give the safety and protection inside these walls the enemy would be just the thing teaches in the Holy Spirit basket in Jesus name amen passing your parents original title later not I thought about this one day sitting out in our large shop building on early one morning when I was contemplating questions that many young people have asked me older people alike and that is how do we how we do it differently how do we do life differently than my parents did I talked with a lot of hard cases for the struggled with different kinds of things and one young girl tell me one time that Mister Waggoner my parents have done everything wrong she mentioned she said with tears of course people tend to exaggerate their pain but for her there was a lot of truth in that you have a lot of a lot of turmoil and pain her parents were separated she was bounced from one unpleasant situation to the next so we want to talk about today is is how much are we affected by our parents by our genetic material and hot in him with each other okay sorry about that you have to get used to things other than this afraid I've got David Ashley Cassandra Melinda then the rollaround lot when I talk I guess that's all right than a busy couple of weeks for us we were in Norway Oslo Norway back in three weeks ago things that happened weeks ago we been fighting over there and conducted we can prayer and the European Bible school college third time we've been over there wonderful wonderful country with a lot of a lot of these people just like you and I really need it down to fairly cheerful people but inside they all struggle with some the same things the human idea this is we got back from that we went up to Michigan in a few days my wife's niece was getting married and it was my honor to conduct my first marriage ceremony there Michigan we didn't have to go was a neat experience I like I like doing I like working with young people I like working with premarital kids with counsel with quite a number of amendment little bit I'll share with you some of our experiences and counseling ministry as we go into this topic passing your parents I like to open with a verse of Scripture one that you already the three together is it all right for I the Lord your God am a jealous God punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me there's a segment in that are you knowing that my faith in God 's punishing the children right there we stopped we say God is not fair okay except that the Scripture does go on and it provides a disclaimer to those who hate me if you love God my friends if you love God you're not vulnerable person that each of us have this genetic legacy behind his involved parents grandparents great grandparents some of us may know little about them some of us may not know anything about them but they're out there we know our parents the best but there's one problem they were sinners on we know that the Bible tells us plainly that all the same come short of the glory of God there may be times when we feel trapped inside track I'm part of a long genetic line of iniquity and Mike and Jen to repeat the same sins of my father as many of the Old Testament patriarchs did write Abraham lied about his wife Isaac comes along with Liza almost similar identical pattern trap grant or their duplexes and issues in our I was pondering these types as we go into the topic here this afternoon number one is inherited number two is cultivated a very notable distinction between the two inheritance and cultivated inheritances on what is pretty basic I guess it's a tendency that we inherit from our parents let me give you an illustration if I have a father who struggled for just throwing this out this is not as thoroughly my situation but if I have a father who struggled with pornography here's something that is a high as his son have a very very high probability that I will struggle in that area if that doesn't resolve his issues they may very well struggling that same area fact that probably will know something scary still be a little bit worse explain why that is later cultivated sin are issues that we picked up and we made our own caress down maybe our parents set things in motion but we think the model remained tomorrow were guilty right here I need to make a very necessary distinction you're not held accountable for the sins of your eye over clear on that I'm sure we'll that there are tendencies of you inherit them I've inherited from our mother and father lives tend to follow us around through life if we resolve there is there is a speculative number one and inherited tendencies I know what you think those are my favorite this picture has a haunting element is beautiful young child is innocent beautiful baby you ask the question how can it be that this child was born with a desire to kill she is not the government something that you and I are born with a common denominator were born self-centered selfish and that's a common denominator in sin and rehab tendencies maybe that our parents struggle with the needed result is left us more vulnerable to them for instance you have a father here in this situation he struggled with pride and moral failure you have a mother who struggle with bitterness and hypocrisy early on in life she learned how to tell people what they wanted cause less conflict in her life and there could be all kinds of reasons for that by the way we only look back briefly here is for while you are not interested in taking the path of secular counseling by the way review Mac you try to find something in your path you can blame everything on therefore feel better about yourself not interested in that it all I'm a different kind of guy God has called us into a different kind of ministry I was raised to the differently than probably all of you most of the lambs raised old German Baptist brethren whatever that means you means that I am firmly attached to the Anabaptist tree I was the eighth generation outline of old German Baptist brethren which look very much like I'll make sure I have the black was baptized in the interview my father 's nineteen eighty four I was the eighth generation him a following that story a little more detail perhaps you maybe tomorrow afternoon but that will save me doesn't matter who you are you come around so much what does matter is what do you do with your life where you going going is one thing I love about the Christian gospel is not concerned so much with where you been rather where you going years ago by the way I join the church eight months before my wife did after you have years of studying trying to the Adventist message I spent two long years of study with Todd Watson bought a Bible for nine dollars and eighty eight cents they went white markings not once does the eighty eight cents and ninety nine rest on the laptop this Bible because I wanted to disapprove the message I've been confronted with it and I was attracted to it and hated it is time I spent years trying to prove it is a long time ago I was in nineteen eighty six through nineteen eighty eight today I chuckle a little bit when people find fault with the advent movement may want to share with me some new tantalizing that if they found the reason for this credit the message don't bother with me I've been there I tried harder than you did it stands that's another story but out of that experience to join the church without my wife is not an eight-month answer I was in Athens Nancy was still German Baptist most beautiful your Baptist I've ever seen we've been married almost twenty nine years coming up here she has been for the prayer covering your very comfortable churches of my fathers the panel got interrupted in nineteen eighty we celebrated my our life we had to do something we've never done before we had to balance this similar version of the big challenge person recommended and know how to do that Jonathan had stolen your methods then to the little children who were getting done one way on Sabbath one miles Sunday is the last and out of that experience God bless this by the way Nancy came to her own her own conviction eight months later she said I made you a wonderful wonderful times I wasn't in that period of time I had to learn something because early on when I was in Athens she wasn't limited trying to convince her you really need to know or have I said no letter alone with her a lot told you what to do myself I told you my son to love your wife is like let the church and I told you not provoke your children to wrath go and do what I told you to do I'll handle her and that's exactly what happened in our marriage that prepared us for the ministry they were now in what is administered by me the biblical counselor ever that means it simply means I'm just a country boy who had a desire has a desire to help people and God began bringing people I also commercial industrial roofing company within very successful over the years were grateful to God for that and through that business that the Lord has given us started in nineteen eighty four I had all kinds of opportunities over the years to reach out and to counsel or just encourage maybe a better word not customers of my presence I was on the roof one day in Union City Indiana thirty thousand the manager was a Marine nice guy just behind the lifetime shall him each other I like the man when they came up on the roof are Friday and is scheduled near Madurai these are left his his church he said he felt that my languages down is the less following is a you off and without even thinking about the statement he made to me I said no friend is because I know the people live their lives apart from Christ have any other options Bruno is the gravel under our feet as we walked across the room together he and I befell silent down another word remember clearly was the gravel under the statement hit him he wasn't prepared we got the freight elevator went down three floors I went home he went his way of thinking on the way home under Hoffman and I just sent one of his first doubt I found out later was the right thing to say after I find the right person I like to talk straight talk it's what he was all about the Marines I came back there on Monday one of the only reason I got the crew working he came up there at eleven thirty in his one o'clock to my office when right now okay let me show you buddy was busy and I followed and saved that probably back across down the freight elevator only this time we went into his big doesn't he stop there the secretary 's desk is a pristine I won't be bothered for one hour snow melts on the door no phone calls no intercom you got a get service allowing users the he shut the door and when I sat there nice little chair and sat behind his big death to get our knowledge we will around his chair and he looked at me serotonin is married and struggling that something is a nineteen ninety four and then went nineteen ninety four and I'm sitting there thinking I'm a roofing contractor has dual healing of gratitude that I have this opportunity at the same time I have this nagging Cincinnati CIM and contractor whom I doing sitting in this guy 's display manager 's office in telling me about his marriage and in the even stationed in Korea he met a lovely young Korean lady there they got married foulmouthed and beautiful daughter fifteen or so they were they were innumerable desperately lonely barriers between you did not get across those barriers so he was looking for something that went beneath his toughness to the real core of the issue when he felt to have one with me not opened it up in my mind right now I was glad for having studied the committed some of the memory because I was an opportunity to open up the Scriptures and start sharing within the things that I believe would help him you know what it is somehow I did not use that little one our experience to bring some changes about his life month later something else happened so anyhow back when I began to I sense from that I got needed someone to work in this area I think God willing the mail so I said three words I was I well but I also knew there were issues in our society we were going to be helping other people would probably a result of our own issues do you see we were born knowing how to do this we were born knowing how to be selfish self-centered frightful I was listening most definitely both were young that God was gracious he showed us how to resolve our issues open on every door between us confess everything that might possibly come between us to open that up but Jesus Christ cleaned out not prevent you anything I hope those of you are married and have a whatever situation you find yourself a result a I don't want your story is I don't know what's gone on in your life that you come to the seminar doesn't mean anything you're interested this area and it's a great place to start doesn't mean that your marriage is on the rocks doesn't mean that at all Scott can take a good marriage and make it better so I don't know what your story is I don't know what your parents were like let's look back for just a moment here let's let's reflect for a moment as we go on here poor innocent little child comes into the world with the genetic legacy this is how much can I get and how little do I have to give is that when we look at that beautiful venison in our hearts go out to that picture like Jesus he says let them come to me children come to me God wants you he wants you to have a childlike spirit cultivated tendencies is another category on gathering this is where we have raised our hands as soon this is my military what is the machine room syndrome on those you didn't change the inside is a school that is sense of rebellion and sin of rebellion inside the line the young boy is evident that in it he goes through the victim 's rebellious young man who lashes out against all our and because it is rebellion he has another sentences like this one that is failure ninety nine nine percent of the time a rebellious child removing the moral failure okay now they've got two issues he started out with one rebelling against the party shows up first with your parents moved to God later you have moral failure with the moral failure is a sense of the feed in your life along with that on a depression goes far enough along in a person feels is always a reason there is hope no one knows who will like to boil things down I'm trying to do that here there are only two options for the kind of issues on this driving and by the way those are both found in the spirit of prophecy inherited and cultivated tendencies and irreversible process it's an beautiful thought and silver in the grips of resolving the good news is when you resolve something like that though your life and experience freedom to happen before not your father was a dominant individual and use of daughter inherited that doesn't mean that you're stopping down and all of a sudden know what it does mean is that God is going to put love into your heart compassion and your mother will become dominant Paul is going in the system him yes I know he is from South Dakota Berlin but he was a stubborn individual and after his conversion he becomes governor is Christ is God 's will for your life and mind to take whatever tendencies we have in our life turn them into something beautiful two options the result is for you justify can find a way to be happy about them this is a fundamental flaw in secular counseling as I mentioned earlier we do biblical counseling which means we rely upon the Bible almost even help people freedom and situations I made three things I'm amazed at how the Bible change a person 's life on the maze software and repentance can change a person 's life I'm also amazed at how simple find and destroy a person whatever you're struggling with in life I want to know there's hope there is hope Jesus can help you I'm also also amazed at how sin will consume an individual and yet how repentance will free that individual so we will either repair will resolve our issues biblically or will justify them and if you have children to our children let me throw a disclaimer in here that might be helpful what I mean by resolving passing it onto our children on my guilty for the sins of my children there's something wrong in my life I had a son 's hypothetical by the way is enough illustration let's say I have a son who grows up mixing alcohol and drugs and become suicidal is that my fault somehow that I fail will your way through his choices I want to know that set yourself free from those kind of lines there's two kinds of guilt there is a genuine kind then there's the false time the genuine kind of the Holy Spirit convicts you of something that you've done wrong that is an appropriate use of guilt we need that I need not the false kind for someone is manipulating you listening you have a mother whose is the dominating music daughter son and she puts pressure on you to make you feel guilty get you to do what he wants you to do the fault you is the one is a right way or wrong way to deal with issues in life when I feel like this I presented this for the first time over Norway two and half weeks ago the European Bibles and when I came in this life everyone laughs are laughing over a girl who was sitting off to the side that was not my intention in all so I paused for a moment I dealt with that situation has as tenderly as I could I wasn't there to expose anyone to my data there are reminded him of someone else is looking at a girl laughing over there well she was laughing too fortunately in addition been in tears I run a positive class help diffuse the situation missing again is just the way I am probably not my problem your letter opening the office back in two thousand four and I remember you counsel for the hot couple hundred people there is a wife literally dry her husband becomes legal are you are curious I was invented early on God never intended for people to have to pay eighty two hundred dollars an hour to resolve issues no huddle believe that especially as a believer God has intended and may inflame the Bible aware to come alongside fellow believers and curry is so much more as we see the day approaching so because of that conviction we never charge for our ministry the husband narrated one of either is not too hard to tell that the company can read body language frequent and I knew he didn't want me very sad over there lowering something wife wanted to be there anyhow class I wanted one become a nice pleasant answer is education maybe okay right away I began to pick up that there is a twofold problem locating the relationship is out of balance okay he's there because forcing to okay why has that pattern established in areas where we do turn around class and what they were struggling with these allow having problems challenging monumental thorite in fact this story later when we justify our weaknesses this is what happens we enter a downhill slide for one meaning either we have a problem I go back to illustration I just use Manson I don't have any problems dental calendar month is Monday by Lindsay looked at me with tears in his eyes as you know I have things I could probably work on his next start right now the second way that people read justify their weaknesses or avoid resolving them is projected on someone else yes I know I'm angry that his they're all so stupid I would be happy individual just as the change Mister minor yes I know I have a weight problem that is the Netflix company can make M&Ms I would be all right we projected on someone else we fail to take responsibility for own actions and friends this is a huge problem in Western culture you know big problem Scandinavia America wherever I go we ventured into a big era in history where we reject blame along anyone else but ourselves unless your converted person lectured in your different than you are and you will rationalize the third wrong it is solving or acknowledging your issue you rationalizing yes I know I'm not treating my wife we should I don't know anybody else all the other guys in surgery there what about the same I'm doing okay I know I'm not respecting my husband and I be making feel stupid when around other people all of our friends do that to you was the one that leads to pride or becomes an indicator of it never pride is no problem in our relationship to God is a God has given all of us relationship Psalm sixty eight and says that since the lonely in families is the God knew that it wasn't good for man to be alone plainly married he made creative family Psalm sixty eight thousand is not good for someone to be alone pride on the other hand will block the resolution of every other problem behavior struggling with moral him driver got out of the way down address that issue if you're struggling with my pharmacy let's say you've been damaged somehow Rihanna ninja lesson headphones the suicidal moment that is her life I know what what if the issues are in my life my wife like workflows one but whenever that is how you respond to that wrong is going to determine the future frightening times the resolution of the problem I struggle with pride like this one of the issues that I really had to confront back in two thousand two thousand three and I got just literally break that take them away from you and I humbled myself for him as I never had even since then every morning this morning in my little room over here in the hotel my life is gone and I got down on the bed to stress myself out across the humble myself before God God have your way with me today do your will not my own safety really we have to do that moment by moment Bright leaves the anger again continuing our downward downward slide white is privately gang your mouth is you set up in trying to set up these expectations that you think should happen and then when they don't happen to get angry about it the school this will damage those around you those closest to you of your marriage or spouse will suffer the brunt of that person children if you have children friends other people who around new employees as if you justify your weakness there's a better way into that here anger leads to depression and explain why that is the reason Brian anger not anger depression is the fastest-growing disease in the country of Australia is the one for which they prescribed medication in America is almost literally been climbing on the industry scale were almost there is not number one prescribed medication treatment is for Russian and Australian almost done with life impressions on the rise adultery is on the rise way same sense finally this moronic rental is in you is time to start loving people the time to open your heart to God they got usually things in my life struggling with we radically again last week we've been asked to lead out a new user department passing on most of our son Dylan Ms. Kennedy story he met his spouse out their spouse to be last year we did the same thing out there went out as far as the previous meeting and out there he met his wife to be getting married here in July were looking forward to that in the story may also because this time as well so we traded off these young people now who are leading out this new glass doing as good a job as we were not better wonderful to see that fasting and parents name if we hang on to our our sins and our weaknesses we will pass them on our children and your children will struggle more than you do my say that not make you feel guilty or bad but rather to motivate students to what is there in my life that I can result God is a door on your heart 's door swing open and pray this prayer in your mind deserve my wife if you would like me to be where you tell me what that is there something beneath result in my life anything got honors prayer like that you know he's been waiting for a long time if you resolve your issues whatever they might be if I resolve my issues then I will free my children up struggling in that area whatever might be home they still might struggle but it will be easier for give you an illustration of that but so you have a very bitter mother because of her bitterness is angry because of her anger he gets depressed time now show is all that is enough to enjoy part of that instead of behind anger and depression and secondary emotions secondary they don't exist on their own these underneath that somewhere down the hardware something is causing those in the service anger aggression they will show up together well I sometimes do with their secondary emotions they don't exist by themselves are not just an angry person there's always a reason let's find the reason whatever it is allowing God to reveal things through his Holy Spirit to his message on the Holy Spirit came to feel to speak truth to feel things Jesus ultimately it goes far enough the character of God is impugning the big word when I'm really in the youth class on my Centro rephrasing this environment is father explained like it says something bad about God says something negative about him and he gives those watching the great controversy yet another reason to mock him out ultimately God 's purpose for our life is defeated to God has a purpose for your life he went to be a blessing another people you don't have to do what we do not only corner of the world you live in the dark people around you wherever you live I know till you live in family and there's people and families in need you you demonstrated that the number of young people I really appreciate and that's what God wants us to do in our lives care for Rivertown herein in live-in there are people there who need love same way with Nancy I then looked down everybody is a your creating in the image of God so my point that needs this I've been given the ability you've been given the ability to give love to see a beautiful attributes that make up the image of God can give and receive love and I can give you Bible references for both clearly the enemy is in the process in the business of locking your heart out so you can give or receive low income the young girl who's been abused in some way this is one thing I hate about the enemy what happens is there's a sexual abuse just as soon as that happens the enemy will come in and put lies on top of the heart of a young child is as live sound like a song her phone anybody who does not choose anyone want to only previous unit is Satan is a time counseling on I will always know there's something underneath a statement like that of a young girl convinces him all men want is sex on previous something under a statement like that in my job as a counselor to find out what's driving those kind of statements to the services are not true are the Panthers statements made by young girl years ago and so I stopped for men is the best in his insurer you now I see what you're trying to get it only is Jesus a man he is a is untrue statement is not guess not I guess you know I acknowledged someone has has damaged you and somehow I know is why resolve the whites in their course never counseled one along your man memorized so that June ninth two thousand eleven hundred commitment back twenty five years ago or don't do it don't go there financing I work with his writing together be enabled with lines like I described to you on the heart of a young child how you fix a lie use those that live the truth exposed the truth let's go on this is the correct approach unresolved issues in our lives I had a time in my life right to know how to resolve things I was a little bit on the outside I was able to kind of grin through just about anything that there were issues in my life that I really didn't know how to resolve him his life is going to does raise open up our life resolved everything is just the neatest thing you ran that you shouldn't have from day one as well there got there anyway Sarai not regretting that only resulted number one unit knowledge is something in your life it runs counter to the word of God you got a man here is thinking over for brief moment a flash of inspiration brought by the Holy Spirit has touched something in his life as you know I wish I knew how to be free from this next step easy to understand I love this picture is so reminds me of some young colleges misspoken at or Cantonese young people we spoke a couple of years ago about morality in Spring Valley Academy Pathfinders died in the neat little time together the kids afterwards the young boy came up one talk they will be Monday resolved thanks that's what were here for seek to understand how to understand he goes to the Bible is young man reading the Scriptures sitting under a tree next to confess and repent my love this picture here because it encapsulates the very soul of repentance picture of a young girl kneeling on one herself sign of God St. John I was wrong and then you forsake you say whatever it is bringing dishonor to the name of God I love this picture here getting on oriental voice I know I'll know you don't not with my wife we have to learn to say no sometimes things that we said yes to freedom what a wonderful him wonderfully lastly your life will glorify God and you will I think shy people come out of their shyness when it comes to telling others what wonderful things Jesus has done I find this story is similar exemplified in the story of Jesus the money goes your friends what great things God has done for you it wasn't hard for them to do that was naturally couldn't wait to tell their scriptures really one of those by the way you'll ask me later if you want to spend you like to make all those available either through e-mail some other way than I ten years ago we know Facebook was sometimes reading something to close but it does have its uses when we were in Norway for the third guy is our lifeline back space e-mail rarely work on the work involved in anything or anyone help our condition our getting into the good news yes there I started out by saying I was hoping there is knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things around your aimless conduct a received by tradition from your father income from it didn't come from nothing it was passed down genetically to us that here Paul assures us that we were not green beans from that by corruptible things we were redeemed from the design to say what that element is as precious blood of Jesus Christ the Lamb without limit Hassan Peter Psalm sixty eight sixgun as the lonely in families he leaves for the prisoners the singing love that Scripture with the rebellious as well the dry land have to wonder sometimes if the reader was in the mind of Christ the four sensors the Lord is upon me yes exporting from Isaiah we also live in the Scriptures as a boy run across to release more prisoners was singing at exactly what God has done and continue to do in your life and rebelliously dryland King James is a dwell on the dryland only live in a sun scorched land having Rosamund Rhineland my friend is you need lastly God will give you a new family and a new heritage in the future you take some young people and their growing by the million heartbreaks for for them to see me live in a culture where young people are coming out of homes that are getting worse and worse and worse I know this as we work with young people may come from very hard situations your heart just goes out to those young people they need what we need we don't really have any thing to commend us to God over them at all not at all we all do the same thing we need a new family and inheritance in the future we were given in this church and accepted Jesus through the first time in my life what can we learn from our parents what to do how to love yes there was a song back in the sixties that I I kind of like to remember to call feature children well fairly pretty song if you like bright harmonies and I was like that song was ironic as I grew up and how somehow didn't care the kids of that generation we grow and become the kind of parents who finally teach their children well the only thought him well are you walk marriages they talk about ending up in counseling offices five different medications the I'm sure Hillary will blame everything on someone else yes that's a generation I grew up in I grew up in his senior some of you into was a good time anyway I went through there is there is a bright spot in all of this you can learn what to do and learn how to love from your parents and if you don't have that that's okay you have learned from someone else you can learn what to do from your parent diocese in situations that were so hard I told that young person just about the only thing you can learn this will have to do from your parents the list are learning something with the word of God and the things back in your life you can learn how to hate for me that is strong and what to do number one because I love that passage in Micah six is actually the verse of the song has shown your man was good to be just as vital examples for each one of these I love the the illustration of Jonathan returns to his father anything that you are not treating Damon right do not think there he was rewarded for that sphere remember that he did what was right he stood up to that powerful corrupt individual and their like to think that Jonathan was responding to this biblical theme of justice I like that guy do that in your life my two number to forgive a forgive and love mercy to do justly the first thing you are dealing with young people you have a list you carry around with you and people who wronged you just waiting for the opportunity to get even with them are you somehow hanging on the family is hoping that enables make it right someday they just ran over and stew over it enough someday to crawl back to you never have only one thing you can do like manner and related price pain caused as a whole new topic to get into some of the time do justly and to love mercy here's an illustration of loving mercy one of the hyperlinks in the Bible one that I will personally review someday I want to hear Joseph say send everyone out of the room maybe someday will watch the rate of the video here emotion in his voice more than see the mercy of God into that room on these brothers is a wonderful story was one result try do justly love mercy and walk humbly with thy God will do that I got another presentation completely on how we humble ourselves we wait on it we just somehow sit there waiting on God to do in farming while I guess he's late and maybe tomorrow no there is a part of the marketplace in this humble myself Lord of the whole study on this there are three verses in the Bible where God says I will reinvent is dealing with Israel's lapse into idolatry there's over twenty nine expects the humble ourselves you are playing we kneel as we humble before God he does are all trying biblical illustration a man of many took me by surprise as a young and innocent to learn Nebuchadnezzar actually wrote a chapter of the Bible while little Amish Mennonite kitties never stumbled across that that was that was pretty cool and it still captures my attention today because of the beauty of the power of God humbling this man and how he lifted up his eyes again to seven years and said now I can begin as praise and honor and extolling out of heaven all whose leaves the righteous lastly love with my gal walk with you walk in seawater compassion for one another speak the truth in love truth is very important Bible says it also says he is mostly spoken in love and will look to do your children a good marriage when given the liaison a lot of parents who set up rather well-funded and accounts for their children and grandchildren you even give them something back in the mid- nine I like this picture you get a husband and wife here just gone through the monthly budget litigants is that there is a of our partner working through it and then made a compromise apparently near there working together I love that story IDs this is a job purposely went over to Norway because of the Scandinavian family and every second person over there I the Mister Waggoner had terrible parents him him him I love that it hereby guess because he began smiling halfway pleasant about the whole thing matters is that a job using in a lot of young people sanitary and maybe you are saying that the review said that okay maybe I'm wrong about everything wrong ever seen you and you are located in something right to change her diaper yes we can do everything wrong we can exaggerate our pain people can you find a child not saying this is out there situation it is think of a lot better output that way okay then I cannot even legally opening anymore to go on the working stroking her what method do not play favorites with our lives in the life of Joseph Bruno in the aftermath of that whole story with one could have periodically and then had it not been for the grace and glory of God working in the heart of Joseph wonderful story behind Ephesians four twenty six vision six four and it's easy for me to stand up and say don't do all those things I hope you know there's more to it than that can get all of the victory over that I've struggled some of these areas you know there is hope there is freedom pressure patterns is putting pressure on your children begin the idea that they do good meal the following number of ways we were down in Kentucky conducting the seminar several years ago Nancy and I got a call motel in my voice I didn't recognize it would you have done for my wife and I have settled the land scheduled for the just about solid until Valentine 's dinner they were at some sort of banquet for the couples like to have one hour before the dinner I was planning on relaxing maybe taking a nap yes I do have in our opinion that would benefit your little side office there for the associate pastor and I know I didn't have a lot of time a sixty minutes I wanted to get right to the core something quickly because otherwise fifty nine minutes I spend on their hands and didn't know he had been struggling with pornography as an engineer that is the however he just gotten involved in a recently surprisingly and in reformist stronghold around him he couldn't get free from names this form is the only wanted to get free from his letter let him that is Jesus Christ I appreciate the message this morning about how prayer must be senselessly confess to God one another and as a counselor sometimes you'll hear things that fall into the same category is all right because they're not confessing to you you are leading them to confess that the God result is what you want to know you have nothing and just a country boy from Ohio agreed corner of the blanket like the men the early fifties pressure patterns the lady was a doctor fifty percent of all doctors in America almost half are still trying to please mom and is well-known him not all was good reason as you start out wrong later thing that is exactly her situation she grown up in a household with conditioning her to come when I call performance equals acceptance and you can do a lot of things when you have that kind of mindset that you're not doing it from the right of voting for the right reason number now later on I hope the result matches the crime is always out in the space of fifty nine minutes I shook her hand and together we went to the bank with lost track of him years ago there was a couple to come to our house for a five days to help them manage got a call from the three days before they were going to come lazily by the way were not coming in cancellation the renowned the reason she's a mother this couple in our church who started a Sabbath school class all these issues and it got so they had had two glasses that I went to that class my husband and I and it really makes changes in my life surround the name of a couple of another hears stories I only need one story like a lifetime everything we do worthwhile don't reject others are your children will have time to go to any illustrations there there's ways of rejecting people injured maybe not aware of if someone comes to you and churches that I am really sorry I hurt your feelings the other night 's board meeting I am sorry I did that don't throw that away the brush that aside forget about it I thought I is not known it may sound like you're being very charitable which actually rejecting person him him later pushing remote another harvesting is what's inside of me to hand out to you is left on Wednesday that nothing don't worry about it rather it is exactly the same mapping thank you for saying findings saying a new warm the heart of that individual might become a friend for life do the same things your children you responded them with their scared single manner generally reject the heart of a child is better when I learned to the wrong life the children don't abandon others and children Titus two four God is given specific ministry the men with younger men Paul has been with Timothy exalting my son in the same context all councils the older women's ministry of younger women piece down how some of these things were in family don't criticize and condemn some people grew up with that kind of apparent left an impression on you figure they became same you have to live long don't abuse people in four different kinds of views remain one sexual physical spiritual spiritual is plowing through them on talking children the love that will drive from from God not our place to make our children feel guilty we do push them away from God the father 's father is very very important I got even more so online had arrived she said the greatest one world is a lot the menacing God had touched her pen of inspiration in a way that predicted what was coming on your greatest wealth in the world today is the one him one percent of men and president of ninety one percent have either or no relationship with her father a lot as long as generational sins this is M song and trying to finish up here in nine minutes if I can as fast I'm sorry this is the song was not a biographical sketch of the writer first thing I remember was asked why are there many things I didn't know and day out I smile to the meantime and in so some day you will understand this on developers courts starts clear fairly pretty song goes on to describe the second verse house father abandoned the family left in many enzyme into the next verse three talks about he had his own son lastly the fourth person describes that awful moment of self-awareness when he realized he had just done the same thing to his children in her instant that you are storing following for the user think it was September the year I went away set up here when daddy went away generations I still see him standing trying to be a man is someday you'll understand last verse carries a lie deceive you can find it in your yard or good or the life last verse someday never comes some him through this fall of two ways Bible says enable and we will know as we are known and were also able to know what truth is Barbara live here now one I've already mentioned this case is the one that examples of pain resolutions these are statements that I'd have my office bundling I will not play favorites this really hurts a child didn't demand these are usually stated as someone who's is made a vow in their own self effort to do differently in the sounds noble doesn't Ronald Reagan and his wife he was estimating climate phrases as they know it sounds great a lot of people who are struggling in the grip of drugs or alcohol find out bigger than there is no meaning there is good news is what we need a half I am so glad I got tapped the shoulder of a young man named Ezekiel back in the days of the problem is that I want to speak for me to this property gave him wonderful things Ezekiel eighteen is the counterbalance to the statement we find in the ten Commandments that God visits the iniquity of the father of the third Ezekiel eighteen balances brings that chapter and verse in the perspective the son will not share the guilt of the father nor will the father share the guilt of the hot good news my friends good news all of us can connect our hearts in our lives God the righteousness of the righteous man will be credited to him and the wickedness of the wicked shall be charged against one for every living soul belongs to me the five will follow the line belong to me as and then as we know this chapter well the new others because it says the soul is in the show revealed by truth is true truth that we need and also I'm shackles us from any false ideas that were trapped in the parents when Israel was a child I loved him Jesus understands what it's like the born here on your knows what it's like he was probably a pretty good guy when I say that while you were in a carpenter shop for thirty years without power to all things so you humans muscles in my community and that to save the human race he needed something better needed trusts and seven Bob is what you and I and on the road to Gethsemane on the road to Calvary went through many many trials especially at night when he fled disciples to pray with Damon if your heart is touched by that scene of Jesus coming to his disciples saying privately for a maybe your hearthstone tonight I don't know that touches me examples of personal issues on his run through two separate with their timely web notice the difference and spiritual issues and emotional issues there is a different way spiritual issues are things that need repented of my life was everything on the left side of the column here must be repented of everything on the right-hand side of the page the second is something that is him James that we take Jesus for healing if you've been rejected ignore her summer fractures are the wrong pattern stars that's okay that's going to start right there and move forward you're not stuck there and I never use terms like needing to you but for whatever with people who administered to the Ms. is a death sentence for that person it makes a what we do is leave that person finally the person freedom is connected to Jesus a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ will heal every problem running iChat relationship you get up in the morning and you're opening up your heart that God is not killing myself from you you repair your connecting to the heart of God monthly every morning that will heal every problem in issues that must be repented of pride hypocrisy failure rebellion we live in a world violated is saturated with the wrong use I see it everywhere I know it's an media advertisement entertainment literature it's everywhere world we live in is just saturated with the wrong use of the site is damaging on people 's hearts and lives in rate you can't imagine what I ask young people every time I have a chance to talk to deal with the cost is only morality in number to be willing and can you remain rebellion bitterness negative thoughts the call to use materialism or temporal values all those things must be repented not because they will block the relationships in your life firstly the God of him you never own another person is strong you can open your heart to God never opened to another individual lot as we wind up here what can be done sorry talk about spiritual issues the difference in summary I got this quote from the spirit of prophecy and if we ever needed to hear it it is this generation even in the character habits and practices of parents have been cast in an inferior mold the girls that my parents did everything wrong is a lead counsel with all kinds of people Catholics Baptists and it doesn't matter I think the lessons given in a childhood in use and led to an unhappy development of character they need not there the converting power of God can transform inherited and cultivated tendencies for the religion of Jesus is uplifting born again means of transformation of the birth in Christ Jesus passing your parents you see God has sent us that we would go beyond our parents and not that we would be worse than they were in I realize there is genetic degeneration going on is that as we neared his last day these last generations may be the last generation we don't have crushed that ball back on my friends we need something else CLS the second coming of Jesus Christ and that is a great ceiling that needs to happen in my life is I don't know what the timetable is on today's a great day to start on him he is working on the thing I need you those three words are all you need to do in that machinery and have working what does it mean to ask your parents number one repeating their sins you don't have to I love the story of Jonathan who had a rather terrible example of the father and yet he demonstrated the sorry the demonstrated need beautiful qualities that made him and David friends and yes some people try to make holy friendship justify their own sense is next succeeding relay fail Jesus succeeded where Israel that story he went into the wilderness their fasting forty days the book of Deuteronomy and I don't have anything their willingness was written in one four years and lastly breaking the chain of generational habits you are not trapped to God is giving you permission and I have friends doing differently to better let him break the chain is wrong and then does not have to be made I love this passage in all right seconds in the second letter he wrote to my call to remembrance the genuine faith that is in you which dwelt first in your grad and then in your mother now as you that is the right kind of generational things they find that God wants us to have you know I love his last words the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear him and his righteousness and children's children will be like this picture in my own grandmother as our presentation in this media was brought audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe the more certain and visit www. audio tours .org


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