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  • June 9, 2011
    3:00 PM
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I see here is the second presentation one of my biggest challenges him presenting some of these topics people were driving in so many areas we can talk about and by a month or two thousand eight ask me for topic titles here I chose these three that will be presenting number one passing your parents stand number two is guessing in a law will apply you'll see an FYI I named that way and the last presentation that we have tomorrow for the no three words three words communication lines another title was given and that will be talking about the difference between men and women in ways we complement each other have you noticed there were different Emperor our father we thank you for this time together with HS as we spend time with your Holy Spirit in Jesus name on there anything more important than your salvation try this question have a number of audiences most recently in three ABN thereby freed after the freight factoring properly and go ahead and for his both her back on the yes the salvation of others is more important like you described already know and those who come closest to the heart of God you're absolutely right like he brought that out those who come closest to the heart of God salvation of man more than others you have a wayward child very often there is a God he would say that China is willing salvation to that kind of person many parents are number two God 's glory yes there are two things more work in your salvation and my God 's glory and judges chapter seventeen is a brief little account there it just fascinates me seventeenth chapter of the book of Judges is a man named Mike that were introduced early on in the chapter in the setting of that story there's been a death in the family the mother has had two thousand talents of silver or two thousand maybe wasn't but to thousand units of money had been stolen from so she pronounces a curse on the money whoever got it I hope there there are drop-off or something like that there's a lovely person is like inventing one hears about this conscious mice have any brings the money back city here it is I took it wrong and how lifestyle she says wonderful I set this money aside to build and I to worship the Lord with what is the reason for what follows there is the narrative of this man Micah how he has inherited is generational problem of idolatry he takes the money he gives it back to you thank you for returning it now you have the ability of egos egos and I don't put it in his house he declares his house the sanctuary is thereby can come in worship but he needs a brief doesn't really have one he looks around the sun in public to be brief making of reasons I know that for just a little while any of his Harlingen city goes on to something else one day there was a traveling man was Levi King County got out of the way the Bible is very clear on that my company is this man sitting come to my house to live there you can be a breeze and a father is an interesting statement is because my console known to have a son is freezing here comes a young man through town he says I want to be my daddy I want to be my father will love the story is behind account there in judges chapter seventeen do you go down through the rest of the chapter you'll find this man Micah continually looking father that way many young people 's life today now if we go into the black community and we have a number of times preliminary present seminars on either marriage or relationship with counsel for a lot of people their people and you can count on billing in there that there's going to be probably seven or eight cases out of ten for the father will be absolutely no relationship with the father you have to be prepared to help someone like that of him God of heaven there have a father that's the key in all of our lives not just people who never had a father all of us need to be connected to our heavenly father who was really in lastly leaving out using for their wonderful to areas we had anywhere from fifteen to twenty seven young people and youth they were probably fifteen on twenty some nice kids and as we close out on Saturday night very last session on those pastor my son was also helping with his fiancée meeting out in these meetings in the notice that I like to talk to you in private if I could okay Doctor Ms. over and talk to him and his girlfriend and then I was called over to quickly buy my wife said to me like what I was doing I walked over there I shut the lie often room shut the doors of you have privacy and there were the five of us standing around their young lady nice young lady sweet spirit she was in tears again describe how human rights to sexually abuse couple of years ago several years ago and never knew how to resolve as we sat down there is begin to work with that girl her return helpfully heard of freedom this area her body was shaking crying almost uncontrolled as we led her to Jesus Christ I watched her I was just enough light coming through the window I could see the silhouette of her face is by misleading her prayer Jesus help disconnect some of that pain I saw for the first time you smile facing a young girl is nothing we were doing let me be clear on him why are you were healing the heart of the person were lucky to have this kind of experience is time to time my films looking for God he was looking in the wrong place and that one sentence they just describe the entire world to those that already found him the entire world is looking for God specifies thousands that story also illustrates a problem that is front and center there is this unholy tendency to mix the sacred and profane together we've all seen it in our corner of the world we live in a state where we probably seen some of that my heart goes out to the dear people in Ohio one who wants so badly to have an environment where their children are safe and encouraged and nurtured to the that's not always the case let's be honest but there is hope my friends there is hope God is calling on each of you to be faithful to start loving people open your heart up to him to resolve issues that you are carrying around love your children the house one thing that can keep us from that is idolatry Micah was a thief okay if you ever stolen anything I did generational idolatry starts with mommy goes down to design and I don't know what the story was with Microsoft I can tell you with certainty that had he not resolved or change that will affect his sons grandchildren idolatry Michael is looking for a father were not given any details on why father was missing from we know what is the avoiding the heart of a child he or she will keep looking for something to fill that is very reported that the children to make sure that your children feel welcome when Marriott especially before they reach the dating agency you want because they don't very first person that comes along after they reach the dating agency makes himself sexually available they will move towards them I chapter seventeen inserts a statement then we hear a couple times in the book is the rather haunting statement is that everyone did what was right in their own lives that describes the situation in some of our world and maybe even in our church God is not done with the people he has a wonderful future hold for us we has a job for us to do in order to do that job we might have to be free from some idols in our lives let's take a look at what some of them are the any of you ever been wrong in it even the Vatican to go into St. Peter's and you see this guy down you probably didn't it is so good RI many people have so many people have this is a bronze statue by the way and we're told accurately by people who live in their and also my articles and then written on the subject so many people who filed by this statue of St. Peter have been down and kissed his right big toe when we're gone missing is not there anymore how many licks does it take to kiss away the specific gravity of bronze and inch and a quarter him a lot of this is my friend who were not interested in the idols of the world will run their idols in our life as we get into this message I want to just set the tone comes out of a very favorite chapter first time I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made heaven and earth sea and the fountains of waters I love that passage by because in that as our marching orders and that is our assurance that God is with us and that is a warning that we are hopeless the worshipful people you whenever is I will worship someone or somebody it is not God God needs to have the preeminence in our life long before it was around Adam enjoyed the spiritual communion intimacy with God he can talk about that some other times are three kinds of intimacy and I got married thinking when Cunningham was physical intimacy I now know there are three kinds of guys is worship him that made heaven and earth and sea and fountains of waters and in that statement God has shut the door on every other false idol what might have looked like the me know if I missed any time as any just fill in the blanks but I did not know these are just the collection illustration of many false idols than we have in our lives some people sex is entitled people have in their life to some cars fast cars expensive cars bridges are you high motorcycles whatever might be the son this indulgence of appetite are some worship the sun will learn about the Bible in Ezekiel and other places expensive houses rock music live in a very design heavily saturated Catholic area near Maria Stein where there is the largest collection of vastly growing in America a lot of people that I work with some of them for some of them nice people generally but as we drive up through that area we see these little healthier down and now it seems that you and sales are run again in a bit in my place a call that Americans used to play games we would drive through the county we would count see how many we got on one time we got up and thirties with God all these different kinds of idols in our minds and they are standing between us and God what you're struggling with maybe not maybe you've resolved all the issues I hope that's the case but if not what might there be between yourself and God is only one thing that is free for my truth shall make you free content there is a sound of war camp this was a statement made by Joshua has a pick their way down the mountain just three weeks ago Nancy and I were in Norway conducting William Pereira PVS Bible school after we were done because I is climbing we went over to Stavanger Norway this all too famous rock called operator stolen in a Norwegian but we Mariners send more commonly as open rock I see three thousand big flat rock on thirty meters by thirty meters and two thousand feet straight down right there on your immunoglobulin but as we were walking down from there and I felt that it was harder on my legs and walking up why that is made is I was trying to break the record going down as much land as times when Joshua was coming down a different mouth one time he heard noise is either sound or I don't want to overstate the case that there is a sound confusion times in our church you heard me his voice is calling you one directions on another list that way in the world it's always been that way in the world today were experiencing some of these voices in church residence I was so encouraged last December to attend the UIC meeting in Baltimore and to find two classes there on the emerging church movement which is a huge problem I was in Norway they asked me when I got there second question asked Doctor how are you using our things in America does the drug will deny that there is hope Jesus is coming again are many faithful people who want to be a part of his final this was taken from the church website nonunanimous juries incidentally that is picturing Jesus as a gangster and inviting people to come in they thrown in the Scripture there negatively somewhat legitimate that calling Jesus the original gangster tossing tables in the temple no condition for most than microwaves sound something that is something that doesn't trouble me and this is on a website only on last call from a thousand pounds and I'm not here to throw stones at an individual and is simply floating what is public posting on their website and anyhow last fall specifically in the month of October and you'll see why was October was chosen because that is very high time you called and they were inviting Wiggins which is coming that will come into this amazing house by the way directed by heaven after some of you I need to have her as a white unlike the disk was out of it from your going to spend a lot of time on it I do this only as a way to waive a flag of warning just like to know that some of these things are coming into the church if you're like me you don't want your children being exposed to this kind of influence the guys that have nothing to do with now if you want to pray for someone who's in a call test grade let's do that yes let's help them get free it does not address the content of this website will show you why this fall we will be exploring how to cross boundaries into new spaces inmates the other clear about the other this morning then now the ones cast out of heaven okay we want to learn about them and from them to forgive me I'm really going to be prudent given a little bit like trying to help the immoral by joining a more working okay you don't want to learn from these people not one thing to do research and learn about something constructive trends are coming into the world 's leading people away is quite another to say I want to learn from them one is that there be knowledge must him a ride were they were celebrating the spiral path thing as selling is a call festival in the veil between the worlds Saturday and is that this time so we take comfort in the closeness listening on we take comfort in the closeness of the spirit of nature our gods and goddesses especially our ancestors Seventh-day Adventist we know that our ancestors let me know that they shall die seemingly in his living living television although I don't know how much nothing the Temple was viral and represents the family of which is working on practicing shadow of the provision of witchcraft which was founded in nineteen ninety five that's a relatively new phenomenon you go back into a stone in some of the old glory and revision festivals in the way back beyond that this is relatively new phenomenon the ninety five makes it must reason you can form your own opinion on this individual was invited to Ohio one two maybe three note three or four occasions as these at the national innovation conference in trouble here you're not alone people God has cautioned us to have no fellowship with this kind of thing pray for them yes let's not ever ever learned from emerging omega is a phenomenon in two yeah the only emerging church in Berlin is probably as the movement really how are we talking about the associate him her shirt was actually become a vehicle for mysticism in many cases and are some things about emerging church that are not I like a couple things okay there's a whole laundry list of ninjas trouble my solo mission yours to give your think the emerging church writing a bunch of them in my home as a reason for last year and the year before the end I also have the Bible in my other and viable points out all these lives in the emerging church movement this is something that is being invited into the church in different states are specifically has has suffered some of the fallout that is going yet we don't know but I do know this is great for our people will continue to love them don't condemn the truth in love as I provide deep ecology is benefiting over Norway our in-house way is the inventor of the ecology only thing about that he disclosed bilingually so now we're not here would be appropriate deep ecology is the belief that you and I are intruders on the blasted the animal kingdom actually has an equal and not business a greater right than you and I is completely different from the Pennsylvania is in the early gospel that our legacy the deep ecology movement was the strip that away from you and wants to elevate creation of status and the technologies being taught your children in public school subtly of course is very him three schools do have a better job at holding these destructive forces as they many of them it is also very strong link between false religion deep ecology hear me but Buddhism and deep ecology to go together show you why later divine nature another book by Michael Primo divine nature it is the sum of these terms because are showing up more and more as you see using the green movement class while resting to wave around you what if you have drawings are overnight on an industry right to capitalize on the green jacket make a lot of money from my own a commercial industrial spray foam business save a lot of energy for people in house buildings and I can really succumbed to temptation and try to market myself as green contractor but I've resisted that principle it is a people lot of energy and appropriate there is a problem becoming the fastest growing religion in the world is not Christianity or Islam the green movement and faxes becoming the principal rival of Christianity here this is the end goal is where we are whole world is so conditioned to redirect worship into false portion of the earth becomes not only becomes our idol is happening exactly are you children are being swept up in it and in secular teaching in other places echo feminism is another term that I just learned about recently because of this growing phenomenon question is asked there what is it anyway a brief look at it's a blend of him our holism you're probably laughing in the picture is actually taken save the planet kill yourself say let's is an extremist than it is because the movement is growing as borne out these wrong ideas not only go all the way back to Babylon worship of the start of their something were told to avoid and call people out I would there's a way to implement it I wish in our church we had a mechanism or we would go around and visit with people want to hear and say are you still you still believe what the administered for the download list pray together with them maybe that would flush out a lot of unbelief before takes root in people 's lives committee when opening worms I don't know his father and labeling to go on here echo feminism is believe that illegal patriarchy is that the downward in what patriarchal is the gender roles that demand has been created by God to be the provider there were two different destinies perhaps long enough after the fall in every marriage passage in first Peter three and Ephesians I very different responsibilities in each one why is both different not wrong just different our different under we both have unique roles in God has talked my wife Laura displaying healthy you and I are different for different in a way that complements each other not wrong just different the same way with you and your mouse if you're married back of feminism takes the old stuff that those kind of roles as defined will will you are not made as they taken the position that those on the cause of all of our problems is signing you believe that therefore we must lend feminism environmentalism yet this is activated of rival consciousness is one is the only thing okay Justin deep ecology and feminism are encapsulated in the wicked okay now we've got out right linkage joining into this there was a day when the call kind of underground now we've entered a time where becoming more and more popular and accepted dangerous time if you want to learn more about these concepts I recommend a lady whom I admire not interact with someone on e-mail is a counselor and also an author 's name is Marie Kayo nice ladies counsel a lot of women who gotten slapped up in this so far side of environmentalism neatly she's helped him get free from it as best she can she continues to write the living God this is a statement from him which I hope with you I do believe that thought influences reality I I can alter my consciousness at will and I do celebrate PA festivals of the year that will show you now have a pastor organized website incoming Ohio plus I like all of valid addresses closing magical tools I am also a woman you need to and I believe deeply that witchcraft is the only religious persuasion that truly celebrates the feminine midseason entity has female first and then mail I subscribe to that point of view that makes it which will you are working very closely Hailey hey interaction you kindred movements and a focus on our youth again documenting her worship and you'll start to see these kind of things more and more as time goes on this old arrogance I you heard of this guy we've got here is a picture of Al Gore and Earth worship is worth letting people let me assure this calculated warning people who get caught up into the emerging church people who have a theological weakness for progress the more liberal theology I'm not condemning them care for those people many of them are friends pointing out their appointed blank here there's a danger there moving this direction to and they don't know anything all know I'm never going involved in that five years down the road from now I can guarantee you will have a direction and they will console themselves and their sanctified pride that they can have so they step over that line like on the Niagara River above the falls that if you go beyond this you're doomed to go over that convinced to never try and serious is our home not our job the idol of fantasy sexual and emotional fantasy a lot of guys struggle with pornography with counsel with pastors Council with evangelist and even conference president one time what the you will have three was that many guys who struggle with pornography also have high rejections we haven't adjusted to give the people in looking back to score and one of these areas as I began to notice that linkage in a real-life begin to realize that men who have a high rejection needs something to try to feel good again when they're in their pain when their thinking and dwelling on the reduction many times the terms of the Iowa idolatry early idle partner in never fails it's like drinking salt water this makes you thirsty or every more every moral pattern bombing will only frustrate you and never satisfied I've done things I wouldn't do again by the way a prior marriage I'll be honest and open and true God I have resolved all that cleaned it all up and now very bottom it just makes me sick emotional very seldom does a woman attracted to pornography although the studies that we have here lately indicated that slowly starting to changes to be about sixteen percent of women have ever invested even on Monica interest in pornography or what data are viewed in holidays and rolling the something the mid- twenties my point is in fact but most generally pornography for a woman is like soap operas and romance novels fantasy is a woman sometimes low if they're not connected at home and then there could be a number of reasons for that they could be the husband is into moral failure which will make the wife feel very integrated inside likely damage your that needs to be cleaned up and it can be fixed about an hour maybe two and the woman sometimes will I offer the same in her mind many times this is a sexual offenders not at first you shall go out in a fantasy for another man met a guy singing in the choir should be wondering inside what would it be like to be married to this individual she might even form a relationship where you talk to this person in my is all emotional fantasy and the hard truth is the husband cannot give his heart to his wife enjoys result of moral stronghold in the wife the heart biopsies Ephesians five she has to respect her husband and it's extremely difficult for her to do that long season moral failure or pornography the wife also cannot give her heart to her husband as long as this fantasy is alive inside of her net scenario that needs to be killed and the guy can clean all these things up a lot that I love that picture he now Mister Waggoner you're being judged mental note not the Bible convinced conditions these things freely in the Bible judges immorality the Bible judge 's decision you need to be more tolerant this is the mantra of the liberal left within the church and out and there's some truth to that tolerance is a good thing we don't want to be hardhearted people in one of the Nazis inside a degree of tolerance is needed for a healthy life my friend got never asked URI to tolerate sin now we can tolerate individuals you can put your arm around them love them help them resolve issues leave them in prayer the Adventist church does a wonderful job evangelism I'm a product of that and I'm grateful for it delivering so for sure bring all these kinds of issues in the Fellowship and they don't on how to resolve it we pile all the truth on top of their lives amazing how everything should be okay your member settled you are sitting in church someone raises their congregation myself struggling with suicidal thoughts can anyone here help retirees this is handy because I'm struggling with immorality prostitution I hate myself every time afterwards I feel less fulfilled than ever I found myself unable again can anyone here help you see as a church we attended English people of the professionals run comfortable with that kind of a request that God has never intended that people that we bring into the church are people who begin to the church for a long time when the Bush design professionals to find help in healing no God has called each of us pray with individuals to pray for them to put our arms around their shoulders and say can I help you I got free from this years ago and I show you how I did that I have a vision for our church and in every congregation there would be five couples to understand how the heart works who love people and when we do a good job of evangelism we bring people into the church than let these people we mentor let them show let them find how truth can be plugged into their life to help them overcome the things they struggle to make sense Salazar Pedro while I had to speed up like his picture with my iPhone tolerance has got it all in and on the open design from these of when I grew up in that area with a visa the time included some of you be open-minded I got this from a Mennonite friend of mine is also biblical counselor I love this one is made as I is Italy's open-minded and Ukraine's phone yes we do need in the object these people sure you'd be a matter by the student the better father and mother and her husband why if you have an objective mind I don't be so open-minded that your brains fall out you see there are some things that you cannot put on the table alongside God my friends we live in a culture where arms are being wrapped around every unclean thing and brought in their place right beside the word of God is okay in my pride I can handle it that's going off a cliff I tell you will series of stories that would blow you away with counseling people who got some of this the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches in the last of other things entering in choke the word and it becomes unfruitful was largely been rather the words of Jesus Christ have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove them what we do with our idols we should reprove them ask God for the strength to walk away from we need help for that contract do it on your own it in the ring with Galliano was not done in the ring for you recommended reading is here that might be an encouragement to you as the author is talking about earlier him I have a really neat little but not very big another one is resisting the Green Dragon forward was written by a friend of mine Doctor Calvin by and I come to know on Facebook and through e-mail is that word again Facebook resisting the Green Dragon talking about the extremes of the environmentalist movement and how there is a dark sinister underbelly behind environmental and threatening the envelop the entire world and lastly why were nonemergent I love you what here last year I love the way the second guy and rides what a brilliant young writer is Kennedy on both easy to allow the subtitle was nonemergent by two guys who should be I recommend adding clear conscious and arrogant the Bible talks about learning insensitive I chose is instantly learn their because they have forsaken me and burned incense unto other gods that they might provoke me to anger working all the works of their hands therefore my wrath shall be kindled against this place and shall not be entitled about to my friends but I tremble at the thought of the wrath of God we can do something we can do something about that we can fall on our knees and asked the blood of Jesus the cover art heard in our own lives we can ask God have mercy can you feel like you this happens in any year leave in Bombay the recitals they go out into the water there in the worship that this is the I will send over everything before my eyes I hate the word and then turns you shall not leave as David Wilkerson years ago railed against television some of you heard of David Wilkerson maybe not is the author of an old story across the switchblade and that whole story was made possible by one small act of obedience on his party got rid of his television is only for twenty five dollars he felt that it was interfering with his spiritual life and so he's exotic Lolita Salvesen offer for sale first guy come along and within an hour while things are thank you and have a home Dragon board behind and that began the saga in David's life working with the New York City begin work with again there into his dying day would happen four weeks ago killed in to his dying day he lived without television I really admire that we do to Nancy and I was raised without one we tried to forgive myself driving in a or maybe after we're married through the volatile grandma would say that the policy when it was made I want you to know I really respect and appreciation now one can control it they probably television makes many people think that they can control in other words it'll fool you it learns you into a false sense of pride years worth mind control the number of studies most recently at Harvard I went and looked at this aspect of television you both about time held home tonight around okay seventy three percent of sexual encounters on TV are either adulterous I was all immoral seventy three percent is probably being modest warfare against our minds easy television is dedicated to the loss of your children's innocence long before they can have comes from that out there it desensitizes Christians this in pain this is especially true in father to come home from work and to have the family their intent is not out they don't know what's going on for the remote new sit there and every care if you were to ask the son of one of those kind of men with the man looked like they would probably point of their father growing up with the wrong image to see that needs to be engaged with the children's life you need as fathers and I'm a father to this applies to me we need to be sensitive to know what's going on in our children's lives and to adjust our Bible study time with the children to help needy answers meeting the needs they have a solid answers television creates an artificial emotion and unreality it creates an artificial plastic reality is this a reality for the greater concerns Doctor Barfield is before you die was that a movie like passion of the Christ would become some people 's walking living breathing Bible is dead and gone now this prophecy has been fulfilled for many people I talk to God not recently not long ago Sanya is not the just meant everything to reason I believe every bit of it so asking some questions and all of his knowledge came not from the Bible but from that moving at a lot of things wrong because he using the movie is owned by there is our picture again I will be entitled if you have anything to add that you can find everything I could him I like that he was sitting in the angel of violence all of a sudden exploding off the screen because the words I am the way the truth and live taken place that's what we need friends whenever I know you have entered your life and mine I encourage you to take them out and bring them do it some of the old time kings in the Bible to bring things like Hezekiah Josiah take them out if you don't have ask God to help you first Samuel twelve twenty one do not turn away after I also can do you no good nor can they rescue you because they does whatever the whatever it might be whether it's food we live in a culture especially a country where were we are struggling over the proper use of food and diet using this as you need here in this country using the problem grow your goals I have the remember when it wasn't that way grandma as we drown in Scandinavia we found very little obesity over there when we came home contrast was dramatic why because for many people too many people food has become and I don't have time to become an Idol have arrived not to feel hungry anymore Jesus himself said deny deny if you want to follow after me denying yourself and take across the walk together on fear the Lord 's servant was truth in all your heart exerted great things that he has done for unifying diverse him with her role was as minute to appear because when they knew God they glorified him not as God see this verse ends our ears back in two thousand and eleven they glorified him not as God neither were thankful but became vain in their imaginations and their foolish heart was darkened idols will make his second lot for you will sexism items in his having oral sex information cases you to re- kill you I placed with her little bit then he finally tells her I their foolish heart was darkened professing themselves to be wise think again they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corrupt man to birds and more for basic and creeping things ha ha creation is beginning to be exalted here in this passage is planning forward to our day this prophecy is fulfilled today wherefore God also gave them a monthly list of the last of their own hearts to dishonor their own bodies between who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshiped and served created things forever blasphemy was on the talk about the problem of homosexuality that too is a problem in our culture in which counsel with the number of those people we care about the things I struggle with and each time he personally worked with in that area I can tell you was born that way they were born him I have some little tendencies along the way the they were born that way they pull switches on plaintiff and begin acting on wrong wrong impressions and you'll notice also be going down and the Romans it talks about the men burning with lust for one another is rather disgusting picture in the man there takes a greater share of the blame why even though the woman began to doing you because they set the pattern Bible goes on to say like wise men started men fathers we have a responsibility to God is set before us he expects us to be the servant leader that is defined in the Bible and he do that you will find a sense of fulfillment you can get from your job some men come and see me in the regular job unless it is your job love you and they go silent you get to the heart of the person you'll find Jonathan you can be faithful among the faithless it doesn't matter what your circumstances are you be the third ruler in Babylon you can be in a jail cell job Philippi you can serve God wherever you are as we bring it to a close here in the labor in earnest to break down every barrier to then build up taking Christ for mentoring that Adele Harlow love that phrase of poetic writer Susan Dell of the heart there is more joy in heaven over one sinner to repent over ninety nine the things they need no repentance the Bible is indeed rewritten eliminating words being redefined rewritten reimagined it just needs reread reread we don't have him the story of Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel but the Bible is doing is calling us to repair I mentioned some are ringing words reimagine redefine reshape reformulate and we even have leaders in the Adventist church who are defiling the spirits of their constituencies there is serving by encouraging them to do these kind of things to redefine and reimagine that which is true and holy in the Bible and they somehow convince themselves it's located in that there is an army word we need the word repent wonderful things I close the diversity started with Russian MMA haven't heard and seen one hundred dollars or so titles are just false God whatever they might be the biggest one of all the islands problem two worship God 's healing can save you ask God I have finals in my life let the spirit of God I have an answer as David would often do in the solitude cry out to God than he was then time apparently reflecting on God 's goodness waiting on an answer and God would show him something Psalm eighteen would be an example of this let God speak to you the Holy Spirit is given to each one of you for that very purpose the communication agent he is like that too there's room for you and I on everyone will run Jesus comes back we run towards him or her away from him and this media was right audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's worth reading audio and much more than a night he would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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