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The Oil Crisis

Alden Ho
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Alden Ho

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  • June 9, 2011
    6:00 PM
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oh come this evening we come to worship you and we ask and pray you'll abide with us that you would help us to be with understand more clearly the things you expect of us before your company or there is a great crisis out there men of this world are in a crisis from money that is obtained with the oil but within the church there's a great need for oil also but it is not the oil of this world it's a different type of oil and father we we are dying because of a lack of it so help us to be able to see more clearly this evening what it is that you expect of us when you one of us before you can come board under the cleft of the rock that you meet people will just see me but they will hear the Holy Spirit speaking to the heart in Jesus name and in the book of Matthew chapter five Jesus tells a storable story the parable of the wise and the foolish virgins we find that Jesus words are very distinct here as we look at this parable he says in chapter five verse one then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom was the bridegroom Jesus is the bright room now there is solution for rhetoric I'm not that old by the way that should say like 7-Up or something set of Coca-Cola you'll get me later the bridegroom is Jesus why we are told in the title there are ten virgins is that correct Debian correctly to ten but we find it is a distinction there's two distinct groups in verse reaches five of them were wise and five of them were foolish now what makes them wise and what makes them foolish what we find that in verses three thousand those who were foolish took their lamps but they took no oil with them but the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps why would we need oil what are some of them foolish and not bring the oil because you see many of them thought that the coming of Christ would be much sooner than that the bride and groom would come much sooner and while we find that the bridegroom was delayed they slumbered and slept in at midnight a cry was heard behold the bridegroom is coming going out to meet him then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps in the wife said to the foolish said to the wise give us some of your oil for ours is running out there's not enough for us and you the wife said but go rather to those who are selling and buy for yourselves and while they went the bridegroom came and those who were ready went out with him to the wedding and the door was shut afterward the other virgins came also saying Lord Lord open for us but he said unto them CDU I don't know you therefore watch therefore for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming we need to watch we need to be prayerful and walked as I've mentioned in previous sermons here so far especially the last one this morning there is a shaking it's going to take place this shaking is one that is going to rock the church and it's going to be one that is nothing that we've ever seen before in the past now the shaking has already been going on since the eighteen hundreds my job has been going on with this shaking that Ellen White talks about in early writings to seventy it is one that some will not bear the straight testimony they will rise up against them this is what will cause the shaking among God 's people you see we are at this time now when we preach about things that are happening in the church and the dangers of the church brother Rick you know they rise up against it not in another Phil they call us the one for breaching the straight testimony the ones who are out on the field but let's take it back to what the Bible told us in Isaiah chapter eight verse twenty what is it to the law into the testimony if they speak not according to this word there is no light in them while let's compare Scripture with the spirit of prophecy and we will find that the street testimony is what they cannot bear you see there is a world Ellen White says there's a world lying in wickedness in deception and delusion in the very shadows of death there asleep what would finance the latest in church their sleep fast asleep being the new law into a sense of self security she writes here and Bible May four eighteen ninety six cool feeling surveillance tool to link in what voice can reach them she says my mind is carried to the future when a signal would be given before all the bridegroom is coming going out to meet him but we find that some have delayed to obtain the oil for replenishing their lamps Melanie Potts for a moment what is this oil now let me ask you question how many of you say the oil is the Holy Spirit we race ahead on the viewer not sure now that let's go back and identify first of all when the apostles sat together after Christ said to them go to get it and wait I will send you the the comforter which is what the Holy Spirit if he was going to send the comforter to them would not be the comforter available to the foolish virgins if they just asked right I want to shift your paradigm thinking for a moment because this is why we are incorrect and we don't fully understand what this parable is all about there's a very clear distinction between the wise in the fullest and it is not the absence of the Holy Spirit is he if the wise and the foolish virgins are representative of the people who are waiting for the coming of Christ just before midnight then there is an axis of something that is so greatly needed and it is not the Holy Spirit because they both dwell together they're both I guess you could say both groups are intense but was what you says here in this particular article because it will throw you thinking but some will have delayed to obtain the oil for replenishing their lamps and to link they will find the character which is represented by the oil is not transferable that oil is the righteousness of Christ it represents character and character is not transferable what does that do for you think you see very clearly now it is not the Holy Spirit this is what causes the shaking because when you talk about changing character I wanted to let the OS with my character don't mess with my coffee don't let mess with my state no one she says things secured for another each must obtain funds on the character terrified of every stain of CNN and the Lord is coming in power and great glory it will then be his work to make a complete separation between the righteous and the wicked but the will cannot be transferred to the vessels of those who haven't not things shall be fulfilled the words of Christ to women shall be grinding together one shall be taken the other left two men shall be in the field one taken in the other let the righteous and the wicked are to be associated together in the work of life but the Lord reads the character he discerns to our obedient children who will respect and love his commandments character is they are therefore an oil crisis in this church absolutely is there an oil crisis in your life I'll tell you for myself yes there's an oil crisis in my life in a crisis is between we price in the world I struggle with why should not I'm human but guess what my human robes had better change very quickly in review and Herald article May seventeen nineteen oh six paragraph two our heavenly father claims not in our hands that which we cannot accomplish it we cannot perform he desires his people to labor earnestly to carry out his purpose for them they are to pray for our and expect our committee and received power that they may grow up in the to the full stature of men and women in Christ Jesus not all members of the church are cultivating personal piety therefore they do not understand the personal responsibility they do not realize that it is their privilege and duty to obtain the high standard of Christian perfection or you know what I got to be honest with you they don't like that word we don't like that when we talk about Christian perfection on it and you see what we will be changed when Christ comes I'll be looking forward to the latter reign confidently hoping for better days when the sheriff shall be in dealing with the power from on high and thus fitted for the work the latter rain will never refresh and invigorate the indolence who do not use the power start is given while that sets everything apart it is no longer business as usual when you start looking and you start seeing the times in which were living by the sisters we are there you might look bright outside but also you what spiritually speaking we are in the midnight hours now I was thinking very closely towards midnight how so how can we say that how can I say that with such confidence Bigelow when I said this morning we are living in a time frame of Revelation thirteen fourteen unfolding before your eyes you go back and you look back in nineteen sixty five when the pope came to the United States the president at that time was Lyndon B. Johnson he wanted to meet with the full and was a full pot it was not permitted that the president could meet privately like that or publicly shall we say with a church state church had selected Johnson do he met privately in the pope 's hotel room nineteen sixty five we get two thousand eight Bush and his wife go to the airport to greet the pope boat dives what happens to him they come down and they bow before his casket kneeling that's unprecedented in Christ object lessons page four oh three oh how differently are the standards by which God and men measure character God sees many temptations resisted of which the world and even here friends never know temptations in the home in the heart to see his assaults humiliation in view of his own weakness the sincere repentance over even a thought that is evil he sees the wholehearted devotion to a service he has noted the hours of hard battle with self that won the victory all this God and his angels no a book of remembrance is written before him for them that fear the Lord and think upon his name we see in this particular parable here of the wise and foolish virgins Christ in the twenty ninth chapter of Christ's object lessons he is seated at the mount of olives the sun is setting behind the mountains and we find the heavens had curtained here with the shades of evening coming into full view and there in the midst of them is a dwelling place a house a house it's very brightly lit it up for a festive occasion the light was streaming out of the windows and the expected party waited around indicating that there is a perception on marriage procession soon to appear you see this was difficult in parts of the East the wedding festivals were held in the evening time and the ride room goes forth to meet the bride and bring her to his home because it's dark the wedding procession proceeds forward with flashlights and applied a party received from her father 's house to his own house where the thesis provided for the invited guests in this seems upon this Christ looks and there's a company waiting for the appearance of the bridal party intending to join the procession lingering near the bride 's house are ten virgins their role in whites each carries a lighted lamp in a small flag on the boil but there's a delay a cry of delight and and hours have passed the want to become weary and they begin to fall asleep at midnight big fly is heard behold the bridegroom cometh going out to meet him the sleepers suddenly always keen the spring to defeat the see the procession moving on are torches and black music they hear the voice of the dry them and the voice of the bride and attend meetings seize their lands and begin to trim them in place to go forth but five have neglected to fill their flasks with oil they did not anticipate so long a delay and they have not been prepared for the emergency in distress they appealed to the wiser companions give us some of your oil for ours are running out but the waiting five with their freshly trimmed Lance had emptied their flight on a oil abnormal oil despair and the answer is not so lesser not be enough for us and you but go rather to them that sell and buy for yourselves and wildly when it's the procession continued on and left them behind the five with lighted lamps join the strong and entered the house with the bridal train and the door was shut but we find that when the foolish virgins reach the banquet hall they received an unexpected denial the master the feast declared I know you not they were left standing without in the empty street in the blackness of night as Christ sat looking upon the party that waited for the bridegroom he told his disciples a story of the ten virgins by their experience illustrating the example or the experience of the church that shall live just before the second coming of Christ the two classes of watchers represent two classes who profess to be waiting for the Lord they are called virgins because they profess the same true faith but the is represented by the word of God the Psalmist says that I worried is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path the boys all is a symbol of the Holy Spirit expects that we cannot say the oil is the Holy Spirit because that would be emphatic that would be good it says it is a symbol but in this particular paragraph it is the character in this parable all ten virgins went out to meet the bridegroom all the lamps we all have lamps they all had vessels for the oil for a time there is no distinction between the wise and the foolish so it is with the church that lives before the coming of Christ all have a knowledge of Scripture all have heard the message of Christ in your approach and all confidently expect his appearing but as in the parable so it is now a time of waiting intervenes face is trying and when the cry is heard behold the bridegroom is coming going out to meet him many are unread they have no oil in their vessels with their lamps they are destitute of the Holy Spirit without the Spirit of God and knowledge of his word is of no avail the theory of truth unaccompanied by the Holy Spirit cannot quicken the soul or sanctify the hearts want maybe familiar with the commands in the promises of the Bible but unless the Spirit of God sets that she was on the character will not be transformed it is the problem with many of us many of us have the truth of the South but many of us honestly will die by fourteen inches we will die by fourteen inches because that's the difference between the distance of your brain to your heart we had the information up here when we know it but we have not allowed to transpire into the heart to take control wheel and unless there is a transfer of that information from a head knowledge to our knowledge we won't be lost without the enlightenment of the Spirit and will not be able to distinguish truth from error what do you think the very elect will be deceived because they had knowledge but the heart knowledge when John Roden says Satan will make fire come down from heaven incitement that is to deceive people they will fall under the masterful temptation of Satan you see the class represented by the foolish virgins are not hypocrites they have a regard for the truth they had advocated the truth they attracted those who believed the truth but they have not yielded themselves to the Holy Spirit working not fallen upon the rock Jesus Christ and permitted their old nature to be broken up this class are represented by those by the stony ground hearers as spoken of in Matthew thirteen they received the word with readiness but they fail in assimilating its principles its influence is not abiding the spirits work upon man's heart according to his desires and consent implanting into a new nature class represented by the foolish virgins have been content with a superficial world they do not know God they have not studied his character if they had not fully commune with him therefore we do not know how to trust how to look and how to live their service to God degenerates into a form or forms that the form that we find in Ezekiel chapter thirty three verse thirty one they come to me as my people come in a set before you as my people they hear your words they hear the words but they do not do then forward them out they show much love and with their hearts they go after their own covetousness is the time during which were living right now I mean this is exactly what Paul warned us that what happened in the last days in his closing chapter two Timothy he writes in second Timothy chapter four he says for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine but according to their own desires because they had itching years anyone came up for themselves teachers and they will turn their years aside away from it should be turned aside to fables but the warning Paul gives the sympathy is this what you be watchful in all things be watchful and your affliction do the work of an evangelist fulfill your ministry you see the error that comes in is that many of these people many of us believe that when Christ comes we will be changed into his likeness this breaks down into two different categories first of all you understand there is any class of people that will see Christ's come in there was a classic dessert it was a class of people at all both classes will see Christ but there is a class that will not die it with me there is a class that will have to be put to rest they will not be able to go to that time those who seek Christ come in they have to endure the time of Jacob 's trouble they enjoy the persecution unless that they are the ones who will be counted as the hundred and forty four thousand now there's a lot of discussion about is that a literal number or is a symbolic number in the studies that I have done on this it's a literal number is absolutely literal people civil alum I counted herself in a no she didn't count herself in there she said I saw them but she was not counted among them because those who represent the hundred and forty four thousand will be translated without seeing death and you know what she has told us we should always strive to be part of the hundred and forty four thousand that means we should strive for that character perfection that we need and not be just okay settle for this the problem that I see many adventures as I reached around the world live in Adventist for eons and there's virtual climate has been the same for eons they have not changed they have not grown up in the Adventist church up until I was eighteen years old I really didn't know the Bible study the Bible and I tell people I had for five verses memorized in the beginning God you don't have those things and you're the one that we always memorize the young people memorize for Sabbath school then you get surprised know if you memorize the first is a university memorizes we Jesus wept that will suit you is you but the problem is many of us we come to that state that we get locked in the next forty years in Raleigh in all the sad part is not only are we held accountable for the things that we have to put while eligible for the things that we have not done from hereinafter page eighty I love this book very much it's my devotional book I find people they always go to the ABC every new year and eighty five a new devotional book that comes out the hottest and latest and greatest in artistic merit after and I just flip the page and start back at the beginning there's no need to get another book I mean that's the best devotional book she says here when comes he is not the cleanse us of our sins to remove from us the defects in our character or to cures from our infirmities our tempers and dispositions should give right across it all all this will be accomplished before that time when the Lord comes those who are wholly will be holy still those who have preserved their bodies and spirits and holiness in sanctification and honor will receive the finishing touch of immortality but those who are unjust and sanctified and filthy will remain so forever no more will then be done for them to remove the defects and give them only characters this is all being done in these hours of probation it is now that this work is to be accomplished for us how is this working accomplice was easy when we submit our lives to Christ he works at but if we don't submit there is no work being done we just stagnates and I James chapter one James chapter one verse twenty two James admonishes us to be says but be doers of the word and not hearers only deceiving yourselves if anyone is here of the word and not a doer he is like a man observing his face in America he observes himself and goes away and immediately forgets what kind of man he was but he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work this one will be blessed in what he does if anyone among you think she is really just and he does not bridle his time but deceives his own heart this one's religion is useless if the private account is a very dangerous thing I know that because I used to have a very sharp I still do have a very sharp tongue but you know what every morning I have to ask the Lord to take this time I have to believe if I don't it will come out at the time I don't want it to come out and see what I I grew up I grew up in a home I was born in Singapore and Singaporeans the very hot food I didn't really eat very hot food but I acquired a taste for hot food every time I spoke to my mom and I answered her in a very bad way I would get chili sauce rubbed in my mouth there was a time where I could eat very hot food you see the nature is what's inside and believe it or not it doesn't change it's still there but when you ask the Holy Spirit to make that change that character is suppressed it's a case not to come out if you asked for the change you asked for the help but you don't even ask you to get in Malachi chapter three verse two but who can endure the day of his coming and who can stand when he appears he is like a refiner 's fire and like launderer 's soap in Deuteronomy chapter eight verse two and you shall remember that the Lord your God let you all the way these forty years into the wilderness why why did they have to go through the wilderness it says to humble you and test you and no what was in your heart whether you would keep the Commandments or not you singly and in a lot at this time right now in which we live it's a time for your preparation it's a time period of change that has to happen in our lives you don't just be common denizens day madness like that without making these changes without having the transforming power of Christ working in your lives I didn't grow up as a vegetarian I ate meat when I pastor and Carolina conference I need will the vegetarian pastors making fun of them but you know the Lord has a way of changing your heart and I didn't know I didn't just come out one day I wish I did Doctor Youngberg and said you know I would be the deterrent it didn't work that way is elected this long adventure week with a group of young people for three weeks and ending that the lady who asked me to come says Oakland by the way pastor would be eating vegetarian food the whole trip American always make a run to Burger King I don't know it notwithstanding going to Burger King yeah I will not deny nobody's could be going okay with the three weeks went to the loyalty to the knee at all not that I was always hungry for meet you noticed that I have little three weeks to need I came back I sent out feeling different ilk is that the thinking all the time is easy you don't eat meat eat vegetables you just become emaciated windows discarded gangrene hanging there at Eric I know I came back to help with source of nuclear we trying to did you do that to me on purpose so that I would become a vegetarian is okay here's here's the thing Lord I will stop eating meat so long as you take that desire away our enemy is needed over nine years and over nine years I haven't eaten meat now some of you are on the same boat I'm on some of you are not on that road yet when I got a tell you one thing if you haven't found the road start hunting for because all the obvious things that they Doctor Youngberg 's talking about you pay attention and stuff this is real and you know why I like because the profit is said disease in animals will be in proportion to the wickedness of men think about that for a moment on men becoming a wicked all yeah absolutely I mean so as the days of Noah were saluted before the coming of Son of Man yes they are getting wicked so guess what unfortunately enjoy your stay I membered CYC like ministry was selling a shirt T-shirt and I I I wish I would've gotten one it had a picture of Ellen White you know what are these thoughtful positions it says right below that there because she said so that's good enough the prophet has said so well let me tell you what the prophet says here in regards to this easy you know if I guess if the pastors of our church would've preached more of the health message I guess I would've no more but they didn't preach the health message and an honestly they probably didn't preach it because they were convicted of it if you can't preach what you are not convicted of running for mayor announced that sixty two is Seventh-day Adventists practice what they profess to believe if they were sincere health reformers it would indeed be a spectacle to the world to angels and then they would show a far greater zeal for the salvation of those who are ignorant of the truth may reform should be seen among the people who claim to be looking for the soon coming of Christ health reform is to do among our people our work which it has not yet done there are those who want to be awake to the Dean he was still eating the flesh of animals thus endangering the physical mental and spiritual health now you might wonder when something how can meet eating endangered my spiritual health when this is just food were talking about it here the afternoon program your digestion has a lot to do with your help and your health has a lot to do with the decisions you make of it what she continues on the same many who are now only half converted on the question of me eating will go from God 's people to walk no more with them that's pretty interesting many who are now only half converted on the question of eating local is not able to walk normally how cannot leave because she says the controlling power appetite will to the ruling of thousands way if they had conquered on this point they would have had moral power to gain the victory over every other temptation of Satan but those who are slaves to appetite will fail in perfecting Christian character the continual transgression of men for six thousand years has brought sickness pain and death as an smooth and as we near the closer time sings temptation to indulge appetite will be more powerful and more difficult to overcome you these things immediately come on let's go back to Genesis he appears on the scene and Dennis is right on the issue of food going to go to the New Testament in Matthew he comes on the scene again Jesus Geneva do not think in the last phase is to do the same thing in their naphtha page eighty one let not profess godliness regard with indifference the health of the body and flatter themselves with intemperance that intemperance is no scene and will not affect their spirituality a close sympathy exists between the physical and moral nature the standard of virtue is elevated or degraded by the physical habits excessive heating of food of the best food will produce a morbid condition of the moral feelings and if the food is not the most helpful the effects will be still more injurious any habit which does not promote healthful action in the human system degrades the higher and nobler faculties indulgence of appetite strengthens the animal propensities giving them the ascendancy over the mental and spiritual powers the strength of the temptation to indulge appetite can be measured only by the inexpressible anguish of our Redeemer in the long fasten the wilderness he knew that the indulgence of perverted appetite would so that in men's perspectives that sacred things could not be discerned in the power of indulged appetite was so strong upon the race that in order to break its hold the divine son of God in hit in man's behalf had to endure a fast of nearly six weeks of work is before the Christian yes however great the struggle he may overcome by the help of that divine power which withstood the fiercest temptations that Satan could invent he too may be entirely successful in his warfare with evil and it lasts me where the victors crown in the kingdom of God we see to that in this chapter for the little book of Amos we find a certain verse here section of verses in verse four start chapter four verse six also like even cleanliness of teeth in your cities and the lack of bread in all your places yet you did not return to me says the Lord I also withheld rain from you and their were still three months in the harvest I made it rain in one one city and with helping from another one part was rained upon and where it did not rain the part withered so two or three cities wanted to another city to drink water and they were not satisfied yet you did not return to me says the Lord I plastic you would like and mildew when your garden ceased your vineyards your fig trees and your olive trees the locust devoured them yet you did not return to me says the Lord I sent among your plate after the manner of Egypt your young men are killed with the sword along with your chapter forces I made the stench of your caps come up into your nostrils yet you have not returned to me says the Lord I hope her through some of you as God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah and you were like a fire truck brand plucked from the fire yet you have not returned to me says the Lord therefore thus will I do to you Israel because I do this to you prepare to meet your God Israel for behold he will form mountains and creates the wind who declares to man what is stock is it makes the morning darkness who treads the high places of the earth the Lord God of hosts is his name I guess for us hey there would be more so in this fashion I caused you to lose your job you can come back to me I caused you lose your car you can come back to me I caused you to lose your wife yet he didn't come back to me what else is not an active cause to happen in our life until we would turn back to him in the preparation God is wanting us to wait and to be ready for him why is God trying to wake us up why I wisely just leave us asleep in first Samuel chapter two verse three first annual chapter two verse three we find this verse in the Bible and it tells us this talk no more so very proudly let no arrogance come from your mouth for the Lord is the God of knowledge and by him actions are weighed you see we are we are a group of people who the Lord is trying to prepare for his coming we've been called a chosen generation a white Royal a royal priesthood a holy nation we are his own people and we are to go out and proclaim the praises of him who is called out of this darkness light darkness is that couldn't be the darkest just before the midnight cry I want to share with you something from God 's word in numbers chapter fourteen numbers fourteen we find something is told to us of the despised that one out there you remember the story of the spies they they had just left the promise that Mimi had left Egypt they were encroaching on the promised land the land is what flowing with milk and honey they were right about there and then the lights as you know just go ahead and enter the land but they said he don't will want to check out the land price so what do they do they put together a representative from each tribe they sent them out there one representative from each tribe twelve altogether and they went out into the lead in what was the report that came back it like Moses in the finishing the sizable 's walls the other rates are great I mean there are massive grapes they look like bowling balls that you seen the size of the people at his fortified wall that there is no way that would enable in their Caleb and Joshua Michael can we speak yes yes of course we can return her looking at him like no no we cannot always find here in verse twenty seven of chapter fourteen how long how long shall I bear with this evil congregation who complain against me I heard the complaints which the children of Israel made against me say to them as odd oh Lord just as you have spoken in my hearing so will I do to you the carcasses of you would complain against me shall fall in the wilderness all of you who are numbered according to your entire number from twenty all the above except except for Caleb and Joshua except for those two all of you will drop that verse thirty four according to the number of days in which you spied out the land forty days for each day you shall bear the guilt one year namely forty years this is where the prophecy comes from the date equals a year what we find here that just got states that we should base doctrine or theology on one verse that correct so let's go to Hebrews chapter three if you looking Hebrews chapter three verse seven we find therefore as the Holy Spirit says today that you will hear my voice hears voice do not harden your heart as in the days of a value in it is a file in the wilderness where your fathers tested me inside me and saw my works forty years therefore I was angry with that generation instead they go astray in their hearts and they have not known my ways so I sworn my rock they shall not enter my rest so we find that once again a day equals a year now it says here in verse twenty nine there's an interesting thing here where it says twenty years old and above what's the significance of twenty years old and above what does that represent that was the beginning of generation along with the generation forty years so the Lord says look because of your unbelief give it a go back into the wilderness for how long for a generation for forty years until what happens to that generation in the wilderness until they got they not say that point love you what forget about you guys go Delos even when they walk through the wilderness for forty years their shoes missing shoes and took her to that whole time we find here that the Lord is very long-suffering in verse eighteen of numbers fourteen the Lord is long-suffering and abundant in mercy forgiving iniquity and transgression but he by no means clears the guilty visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation now once again let's back this up in the Bible to see what else a while says this if you turn to Exodus chapter thirty four Exodus chapter thirty four we find in verse seven it says keeping mercy for thousands forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin by no means clearing the guilty visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and their children's children to the third and fourth generation night over the Exodus chapter twenty into where the ten Commandments is found in Exodus chapter twenty we find here in the second commandment it says the following and you shall not make for yourself a carved image or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath or that is in the waters under the earth you shall not bow down to them nor shall you serve them for I the Lord your God am a jealous God visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of those who love me just doing about filing taxes I see a lot of you without your Bibles in and to be honest with you it scares me that you come to meetings like this without a Bible because your Bibles are sort in a nihilist forgive me the I'm unwilling master and so I would reprove young people don't come to the meeting without a Bible if you come with a Bible and when you come close is telling me that your clothing is more important than the word of God by his natural Anita Bible is a sword and we're supposed to be fending off the devil that we cannot see as we fight against things that we cannot cease virtual host and wickedness in the heavenly places then we had better bring a Bible with us because I don't want ever wanted to say this is what Alpine houses forget about what I say is what the word of God says in the word of God says to us that it is those from the third and fourth generation of those who obtained me know that let's review this for a moment the children of Israel in their unbelief before and they said we can confidence of the Lord since then go out into the wilderness for how many years forty years forty years represents what a generation and generation begins at what age twenty years old are we today those who are waiting before the soon coming of Christ we are also known as modern-day where modern is wrongly not we are also waiting for the coming of the Lord interesting to note if the children of Israel went for forty days and over forty start forty years through the wilderness God had to change during that time several things about them it's injured by you think God could be expecting the same things of us also in the last generation that is waiting before entering the land flowing with milk and honey because we've apostatized our time with our taste buds let's look at this if we are modern-day Israel to everything that a house for them should also hold true for us today okay so let's look at this theory Daniel said on twenty three hundred days in century shall be Clinton's without the holy place by the most holy place out of the holy place when did that happen what year eighteen forty four October twenty second show in October twenty second eighteen forty four Christ moved from the holy to the most holy place and then we entered that was the end of that prophecy so the facts with signals the move from the church of Philadelphia to the church of latency if the last church is faced with Syria into effect if we have the third and fourth generation of those who hate God because they did not follow his ways and means first second third and fourth generation are those who are the despises is there anything mentioned about the fifth-generation know nothing is mentioned about the fifth-generation now even when you grew up in school we were troublemaker be honest sometimes let's just say for the sake of it I see five of you here okay so one two three four five now let's say you guys just got busted for playing around and in school okay you're your students you all got in trouble on the principle I just can't you and your all in trouble site asked to sit down here but I come up to it I call you by name numeric name in all states you never want never to number three number four you're in big trouble I want to see you in my office now and so you had off but all I know you were the troublemakers but I didn't call you what's going through your head when I asked for it to go on you is that what you're thinking or is it more like humans not gotten into trouble a lot I have it would be I got it out one generation behind the sink were not part of that so let's look at this is a generation is how meters forty years in the last church begins in eighteen forty four generation comes generation number one comes on the scene in eighteen forty four this generation does not have much money they're very young they don't have a lot of organization so what do they do they do what they have a passion for MS to preach the gospel and also they don't they go and preach without passion the gospel of Jesus Christ Eccleston eighteen eighty four eighteen forty four to eighteen eighty four X generation one generation two comes on the scene in eighteen eighty four to nineteen twenty four generation to date they don't know exactly what we believe because generation one was so busy that generation Y didn't really count them generations who comes on the scene and now there's more established if the church is established to have schools that train people now how to preach and teach and baptize so now they don't want and preach the gospel because of a passionately they go out and preach the gospel only because they have a degree or certificate that they've accomplished the schooling generation three comes on the scene from nineteen from eighteen eighty four start from nineteen twenty for the nineteen sixty four bit to get the numbers right sorry I messed up nineteen twenty four nineteen sixty four they were raised by the generation that didn't know what they believe so what comes out of them they begin to question everything that they believe in the late nineteen fifties it was a book that came out from the church Q OD is the codename is referred to as questions on doctrine began to question everything about the church that the layout whether we believe what don't we believe that it generation four comes on the scene from nineteen sixty four two thousand four what's what is the issues with this particular generation while this generation wants to be like the world so you look at our colleges and universities in North America we have known from college status to university status what happens in the process of moving to universities as well we have to take our national accreditation which means now we have to meet certain criteria in order to be able to carry the University name so now we have to teach the theory of evolution in our schools which I know Ellen White would probably be rolling in a grave about that so here's that's the problem we have to teach this as a theory generation for ends in two thousand four I was invited in two thousand three to photograph but to speak for use rally in Ann Arbor Michigan I spoke for this youth rally and many of the people that attended this one part of the ministry called campus I met a young man named Israel rambles Israel invited me to photograph his wedding in two thousand four he got married to Judy Nam and photograph their wedding then it says hello I want you to come speak to a group of young people I said okay where and who are they as well as it's called general use conference I said okay what were we meeting Sacramento I took a look where you want me to speak what timeslot is I want you to present your testimony some of you don't know my testimony I was in a plane crash others give you the short of it I survived it didn't go to my website and you can watch it out and hold .com but I shared my testimony I said okay Israel on this is used in the plenary session what is this visited that the main General assembly I see how many general assemblies you have easily have three General assembly facilitates over speaking on on the Sabbath new Gazette the big one who speaking for the Sabbath itself accompaniment of bachelor is it okay we all know who's speaking for the Thursday assembly was another person might know his name is Jan Polson I said wait a second a you're wanting me to be sandwiched between two slices of whole wheat bread here to speak for this is yeah you got a powerful testimony with one ear I came to this meeting they're expecting about eight hundred young people I have I've been in ministry now at that time for about six years I've never seen young people like this they were different in income for the music became for the message on one knee was a Bible on the other knee was a notepad and they did not miss I mean you saw David he was you know I like and eighty degree church and on stage any young people to see you try to copy everything the same not wanting to miss a thing and I was excited because it wasn't eight hundred young people was sixteen hundred young people and you want these young people interestingly enough December of two thousand four the beginning of the fifth generation this is a generation of young people who are different because you see in the theory of generations when you study this relevant features features Neil from Union College it is study on generations and this is what they found in the circle of generations if you find an generation one two three four five is a VP of generation one so go back to generation one and think about what generation one was about being with young begin how much money they had little organization but they had one thing in passion to preach the gospel what I find about this generation of young people these Gbytes generation uptight when I find about the number one Vietnam going out like your generation and my generation went out there to go to university to get actively to become some big names that you have some big letters your name you make a lot of big money saved by a big cock and a nice big house this generation is concerned about one thing now people want to spend the time to go to university and college they want to get in quick anyone to get out quick hence if you notice in the last five years that you notice all these Bible training schools popping up all over the place arrives Mission College of evangelism college your souls you otherwise you have the manual it's not just in North America this is happening globally in these young people wanted the length you want to be trained as viable as anyone in the field and start working right away because of a passion for Jesus Christ's some of you might be saying okay Norway's second city generation is four years and when I do the math on that two thousand four ends in two thousand forty four are you saying crisis coming in two thousand forty four I leave you thinking that you do not already I didn't see that at all prophets and kings page four seventeen Ellen White has a quotation she says there is a limit beyond which the judgments of Jehovah can no longer be delayed Christ can come any time he wants to because he is God raising cut short a time but there is a generation of young people out there who are hungry to finish this work and you will refine a lot of the apostasy that is in the church that is brought upon by the leadership of this church is part of that fourth generation they will have to die off before the fifth-generation convenient people from patriots and Prophets page three oh six it is inevitable that children should suffer from the consequences of parental wrongdoing but they are not punished for their parents guilds except that they participate in their sins it is usually the case however the children walk in the steps of their parents by inheritance an example of the sons become partakers of their father since wrong tendencies perverted appetites debased moral as well as physical disease and degeneracy are transmitted as a legacy from father to son to the third and fourth generation this fearful truth should have a solemn power to restrain men from following a course of sin we find that this is the situation with these young people see when we look at these young people think about it they are the most technologically savvy generation of all-time they are distinct Satan doesn't know that any litmus let's analyze this for a moment okay let's say from this divide the state to stay with the uptake as I move in here to make it work this is the beginning of creation because of our okay so right about here we come to the year well that's a two thousand what happens around the two thousand mark but like thank you some easily flood okay let's go to hear right about this time what happens about here Jesus what happens right about here nowhere about here okay so let's backup little bit the eighteen forty four write about here let's just use this as the market point okay so from this time we have six thousand years silver backing up about a hundred and fifty hundred sixty years right this time so let's take it from here all the way back to this time all the way over here what's the population of Europe at night I was get some very interesting questions that I have to field and you know if this was in my old days there's no way I can answer some these questions but for the most part I have a lot of answers I don't claim to be like the bachelor who can just whip them out like this but some of the asked me a question that this kind of floored me once it's in with the population of the earth what was it before the flood who still write the middle sounds who class I would build my iPad there was Wi-Fi then I started researching and I was astounded did you know that in this time here between creation and the flood which is technically two thousand years in sixteen hundred and fifty six years in hybrid deal of the population of the earth according to conservative estimates was estimated to be ten billion ten million people know what's interesting about these numbers some of you might think when I made the statement that the hundred and forty four thousand being a literal number you're like the outright is going to be more than that ten billion people on the inch of your eight when you look at the children of Israel when they came out of that one how many left six hundred thousand six hundred thousand left but that was not including the women and six hundred thousand and twenty years old and about to get out of the women in their beginning another six hundred thousand bullets it had two or three children but say they had three children each what what numbers are we at now worth three million people okay so the three million the left coming into the promised land Sodom and Gomorrah I'm invaded out three in women for what Mark had a lingering spirits and headline not linger his wife would not of been turned into a pillar salt so this entry from all the way over here creation all the way to our time a hundred and six years before that time we're right here before now let me ask you a very simple question will look like you're intelligent no here right here greater should be there sorry in this time here you have during this time and you wanted to go from let's say Ohio to California how would you do it wagon or train let's say you wanted to go to England vote okay let's go back a little bit here let's go to about that Jesus 's time would be rightly if he wanted to go from a lip-synching is taking appointed General conference session note that stated they convened in Atlantis instead of Atlanta how do you gotten your walk or force or vote the easy when getting a from all the way over there to all the way over here nothing 's changed the mode of transportation has been the same why is it that all of a sudden when prophecy has been unsealed why is it that when knowledge increased men were running to and fro not running my car running with the gospel message while the sudden it we have telegraph telephone TV satellite cellular phones look at some of you are a lot older than me and you have seen from the days how many of you grew up without a refrigerator but it had an ice box we look at how may we never had electricity in your home while I live you know I'm going back that far but you see in my lifetime I knew when I started in the business world I have the Motorola brick phone UI was called the brick phone it was exactly that I got these little tiny phones means it does look at this it looks big because the holders on their public you know the entire writings of Ellen White prawns on the entire writings he thinks he knows his time is short absolutely so he knows his time is short then easily add anything that we can now see God 's people from obtaining the oil official granting a and is doing everything they can preoccupy minds we need our young people and she tells this year the young want just what they has not namely religion nothing can take the place of a professional loan is nothing names are registered upon attraction books of birth but not in the book of life I saw that there is not one in twenty years who knows what experimental religion is based are themselves and yet profess to be servants of Christ but unless the spell which is a pond them will be broken they will soon realize that the portion of the transgressor is bearish I saw that many do not realize this from early writings page seventy one I saw that many do not realize what they must be in order to leave in the sight of the Lord without a high priest in the sanctuary through the time of trouble did you catch that this is as critical this is a time period in which were approaching when we come up to this time let's take this in the last hundred sixty years and let's break it down a little bit wider than that so if we have eighteen forty four here then we come up to our present time which is right about here we know that Jesse shortly after that it's good be the will what is the little kind of trouble how to identify and define that although still working they continue to any VNO Sunday law so I a lot know that Sunday long life no not yet that's the books it's on the books in Croatia I grew up in Toronto Canada I mean their stores were closed on Sunday the UK you could barely find gas stations that were open Sunday law on the books then you have the lettering being put out and then shortly after that you will have the Sunday login but this is Sunday law by death decree worship or else but that point the market is in place you either receive the seal of living we received the mark of the beast and probation closes when we enter into the time of trouble normally enter into that time of trouble which is only here to happen to us in the last days what we know that in this particular time right he will enter the time of trouble it's not a pleasant time I would like to see Jesus come most definitely I want to be a part of that whole thing but I'm praying and praying that they work in that the Lord will give us the power of the Holy Spirit to win souls because the problem that we have this that is going to be a very ugly time as we approach that time right now this is what she says I saw that many do not really I will be in order to live in the sight of the Lord without a high priest in the sanctuary through the time of trouble those who receive the seal of the living God and are protected in the kind of trouble must represent the image of Jesus fully that will be no time for them to do it and no mediator to plead their cause before the father did you catch that what the mediator who is Jesus not mediating on our behalf right now what do you mean for our sins but to understand during this time right now they were coming up to in the time of trouble there is no mediator having therefore who is mediating for our sins no one so what does that mean we will be without sin we must today seek God to be determined that we will not rest satisfied without his presence we should walk we should watch and work and pray as though this were the last days it would be granted to us how intensely earnest van would be our life how closely would we follow Jesus in all our words and deeds in order to sell this takes some sort of trauma or some sort of cancer for us to be able to change our diets in the books of heaven our lives are as accurately traced as in the picture on the plate of the photographer not only are we held accountable for what we have done but we are held accountable for we have left undone we are held accountable for undeveloped characters are unimproved opportunities in second Corinthians chapter seven verse one therefore having these promises beloved let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit perfecting holiness in the fear of God I posted this week I'm on Facebook for ministry and I challenge people Greenwich daily with the Facebook question the status question that pushes them in their thinking and what I opposed two days ago was what does it mean to fear God something for you think about we should come into God was into his presence with this fear in the knowledge of him is that fear as an frightening the fears and reference because it's certainly not reference when I thought walked into some of our churches we have no idea what it means to stand in the presence of God was fear and trembling those who earnestly seek this is from great controversy page five sixty those who are earnestly seeking the knowledge of truth and are striving to purify their souls through obedience thus doing what they can to prepare for the conflict will find in the God of truth assure defense because thou icecap the word of the of my patients I will also keep the Isa saviors promise he I love the statement he would sooner send every angel out of heaven to protect his people than to leave one's soul their trust in him to be overcome by sin second rending chapters six through seventeen therefore come out come out from among them and be separate says the Lord do not touch what is unclean and I will receive you you see in our time in which we live we have been told that just prior to the second coming of Christ in the cause of heaven God calls from men men who will prepare the people to stand in the great day of the Lord just such a work as that which John did is to be carried out in these last days the Lord is getting messages to his people through the instruments he has chosen and he would have all heed the admonition 's and warnings he sends the message preceding the public ministry of Christ was this repentant publicans repent sinners repent Pharisees and Sadducees for the kingdom of heaven is at hand while our message is not to be one of peace and safety as a people who believe in Christ soon appearing weird to have a definitive message to bear prepare to meet thy God our message must be as direct as that of John Demetrio Kingsbury and their iniquity notwithstanding the peril of his life he never allowed to the language from his lips are working this age must be as faithfully done in this time of well nigh universal apostasy God calls his messengers to proclaim his law in the spirit our of Elias as John the Baptist is in preparing people for Christ's first advent calling their attention to the ten Commandments so we are to give with no uncertain sound the message fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come with the earnestness they characterized the light of the Prophet and John the Baptist we are to strive to prepare the way for Christ second Advent everyone who by faith obeys God 's commandments will reach the condition of sinlessness in which Adam lived before his transgression that's taken from there and after two twenty six figures a question when asked if this is the thinking and we must perfect character are you a seven money emphasized addiction here are you a seventh day Adventist or you a seven day Adventist something to think about because although the seven day has been set apart arguing in Adventist every day twenty four seven only when you come into the church but you know what that means there to be certain consequences the consequences are that it affects those who are striving towards this mark and there's a certain aptitude that you must have in order to be able to be the type of person God wants to be when she says universal apostasy she's talking beyond all our offerings education fifty seven the greatest one of the world is the one that will be bought or sold midwinter inmost souls or to an honest man who do not fear to call sin by its right name and whose conscience is the duty of the need for the full nine holes and for the right though the heavens fall God wants us today to be those men and those women who will stay and call it without fear of heights lightning from there not the page one fifty nine if the times in which we are living failed to impress our minds seriously what can be tests that have a clear understanding are needed now God calls upon those who are willing to be controlled by the Holy Spirit to eat out in a work of thorough reformation I see a crisis before us in a lurid calls for his labors to come into line every soul should now stand in a deeper position at sure consecration to God then during the years that have passed selected messages volume two page four oh two I have been deeply impressed by the scenes that have recently passed before me in the night season there seem to be a great movement a work of revival going for it in many places are people were moving into line responding to God 's call my brother and the Lord is speaking to us shall we heed his voice shall we not trim our lamps and white men who are looking for their Lord to come the time is one that calls for library and for action from a controversy eighteen eighty eight four sixty four before the final visitation of God 's judgments on the earth there will be among the people of the Lord such a revival of primitive godliness as has not been witnessed since apostolic times the spirit and power of God seventy four mod upon his children and at that time many will separate themselves in those churches in which the love of this world has supplanted the love of God and his word many both administers and people will gladly accept these great truths which God caused to be proclaimed at this time to prepare people for the Lords second coming is there a work to do absolutely there's a great amount of work that needs to be done whose work is it from your naphtha page eighty four do not be overwhelmed with a great amount of work you must do in your lifetime you are not required to do it's all at once let every power of your being go into each phase work includes each precious opportunity to appreciate the help start gives you and make advancement up the ladder of progress step by step remember that you are to live but one day at a time that God has given us in the records show in heaven they will show how you evaluate its privileges and opportunities may you still improve every day given you of God last you will hear the voice of the master say well done good and faithful servant remember when you live each day for Christ you will have live your entire life for Christ I want to make an appeal to you I don't want to understand this because this is an appeal and everybody should stand I want to spend only if your heart has been circumcised this is a serious call we're living in a time create what everything that can happen will happen we cannot be in the mode of operation same old same old but if you realize there is something that you need to do in your life there's a certain absence of the Holy Spirit that you know she'll need to make this change your character is flawed and you need the power of the Holy Spirit so that you will have to oil if you are needing the work of Jesus Christ I like Stan father in heaven as we come to you with knowledge the factoid that we we are nothing but we are everything because of what you've done for us O Lord give give power to word convict each and every heart guide and direct us Lord draw close to us in these days so that we might more readily here the Holy Spirit speaking to us and that we might without doubt and without hesitation will pay immediately what do coming soon and there are are many people who don't know about you please give power to work please use us to hasten your coming that we might be vessels filled with the power of Jesus Christ thank you for hearing and France have in Jesus name of this media was brought by audio parents a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse is like the more certain please visit www. on universal .org


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