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Alden Ho
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  • June 10, 2011
    8:00 AM
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I graciously father we come to you and we are grateful for good nights rest with full goods you have protected us from the storms we know that you will continue to protect this to the storms it will be coming also Lord we ask and pray this morning that your Holy Spirit will continue to abide with us and that you will will touch my lips that they may speak your words that the things that I have ready to present may be pushed aside so that your message Lord may be heard may fall upon a heart that is receptive to know to grow and to follow your will fully ask and pray in Jesus name amen on March eleven two thousand eleven in the northern part of Japan there was an earthquake that rocked the country if you look at your screen I am going to be sharing a little bit from this there was an earthquake that hit the country the devastated edit nine zero what are the facts about the earthquake while the facts are pretty simple it was the largest ever recorded earthquake to hit Japan it was actually the sixth largest to occur on the earth it was the largest earthquake to hit since the year nineteen sixty and just before this particular earthquake that hit the northern part of Japan two hundred miles off the coast of Sendai there was another earthquake that hit in the country called New Zealand do member that low place called Christchurch will just to give you some idea you saw the news you saw the leaked images of what happened in Christchurch with the devastation that happen there this particular earthquake was actually eight times eight thousand times stronger than the one that happened in Christchurch eight thousand times and we find it what the first I didn't kill the tsunami did right after the earthquake happened here's what happened on on Friday I noticed on my friend 's Facebook wall opportunities and further on Monday he posted that he was cleared from his foundation to go to Japan now I had worked with Doctor Tim Rosenberger several times we are on a mission trip together in Cambodia then we wore in an evangelistic series together to the lung people in Sacramento area and then we went to Haiti together to help out with the earthquake out there so when I saw a new post on Facebook that he was cleared I called him within five minutes of that posting and I said are you going for sure Tim he says well I'm just waiting for final clearance right now but should be going soon a severity to become passive call me let me know when you're proved while in between that time I thought okay I I'm really excited to go but then I started reading a little bit about Fukushima the little nuclear power plant and the radioactive mist that was happening there and all of a sudden my excitement was not so hot to be able to get out there I mean I want to be going for Christ but not blowing in other ways Jim called me Tuesday night Wednesday night at ten p.m. received late phone call from them and the words were unclear I'm leaving tomorrow are you coming of the other I yeah well I need to talk to my wife and I know what my wife with what is said in my thinking she would've said you wanted aware crazy so I called her in my office and I turned around my chair and I said to her Timmins cleared the bone Japan fully expecting the words to say you're not going but you know I am very thankful to be married to a very godly wife who understands the call in her words war which she looked at me she said so what are you waiting for I said nothing to the computer and I start booking my flight while it was seventeen hundred dollars to fly over there whom that's a lot of money being self-supporting ministry I don't have that type of funds is distraught that but what I do have because of self-supporting ministry as I have miles so I cranked out seventy thousand Delta points to be able to go over there and find out I didn't I I'm usually very meticulous in my planning but I had not planned out carefully my return flight because I was a similar excited about getting there and making sure that my arrival time was on time because I had to be back home by Wednesday I bike Tuesday the next week I can be home by Tuesday evening because I had a flight Wednesday morning to Southern Adventist University because I was good preach at Southern on Thursday morning of all things for the Asian emphasis week and so I booked the flight but I had to change my flight when I was actually in Japan because I forgot the not looking carefully I had a seven and a half hour layover in Minneapolis and want to do that so it cost me another twenty five thousand points to switch that flight around so end up being a ninety five thousand point flight which was fine it's just points and we arrived there I put the same time Jim was leading from the Seattle area I was leaving from South Bend Indiana and we booked the same type of flight so I made it very clear to him I said okay when we get there because I saw I know where I will meet you on the opposite side of custom so soon as you got accustomed weight there and will will need because we were both coming in at four fifteen p.m. in the afternoon so I arrived and I noticed his flight had arrived just a few minutes earlier than mine and so I looked for him and customs didn't see him but okay soon as I got accustomed out finds him why walked out of customs and I looked around no because if you notice I'm a little tall sum the Japanese people most of them are much shorter especially with the Philippines and even shorter than that so I stick out like a sore thumb and down and you might wonder too by the way why am I abnormally tall for being Asian and most of them are shorter it's because of what you eat right they need short grain rice i.e. extra long grain rice so that makes the big difference there that says it all Americans eat pizza and so I arrived there fully expecting to see Tim walked out of customs and no Tim I thought oh this is in a foreign land now unifying Tim so I asked the security device and look absent coming in and she's coming in on American Airlines he didn't understand anything I said until I said American Airlines the musical terminal to what where we got into terminal one foot on no psych to run around finding luckily terminal two was just down the road I found Tim there and then he had the bad news for us we were fully expected we would hop on a train and head at the Sendai right away while the trains would run so now we have to stay the night in Tokyo where we can space is what I've got some people that I could can call and that the English language and students so we ended up 's in Tokyo that night and we had to take a train on a bus on Sabbath morning it would take seven hours now by bus to be able to get upset and I finally scrunching down so here we are we are lining up for the blasts and all these people are lined up to go on the bus as well and I couldn't figure out why are all these people lined up on the blessing what are they going to send I is everybody's wanting to leave Sendai widely going up yourself I asked a few people do speak English another would you speak English no finally asked another lady to speak English yes I said why are you going up to Sendai are always people going up to Sendai she said were bringing food to our loved ones up there a while okay so that makes sense so here we are in the picture you can see were lined up that man is holding a yellow sign that says send ionic and everybody's lineup to go to send I six hour bus ride we get there we stayed at someone's place that allowed as we had made arrangements they allowed us to stay there you know we see in the news the information on Sendai and I thought okay we're going to come into a city that is totally devastated population of a million people and there's nothing anything that wallowing got there believe it or not we didn't see anything of devastation from the earthquake nor the tsunami I was located back by that the walls that their construction is very very solid in fact in the residential homes their doors are not just made of aluminum like our front doors front not just aluminum core this is a solid steel door with a half the walls are all solid concrete we got there and sure enough everything was fortified and there was no issue now we found out Sunday morning we had to go through the prefecture which is the state and we had to get clearance while we went to get clearance and the problem was want help normally went to Haiti it was amazing because you had charter flights of people coming over in swallows the Port-au-Prince airport ready to help out and we took a charter flight down there but this was a different situation they don't help their first world country they have their own help so they didn't want any help so we got a little discouraged with the Lord we know that you can bring us here for nothing so we need you to open the doors for us we went back to the room we were just so distraught and at one o'clock we knelt down to get enough of we pray five minutes later we get a phone call is five minutes later from one of the guys that happen to state who runs an NGO nongovernment organization and he called us in the city did you guys get anywhere with the prefecture I said no we really didn't he says why did I we got up a boss heading up to be sure lucky you want to come sit absolutely where we mistake don't know probably the City Hall area that's fine so we lined up we got each and a monkey by late Sunday night about ten o'clock we got the Asian market was dark there was no power couldn't see anything couldn't see any of the devastation it all when we arrived I walked inside the City Hall building and there it was partially lit up because the Japanese military brought in a Hummer they had this huge generator on the back and it powered the entire five six-story building but we noticed right away was there was this missing persons board we stayed right across the hall from what they referred to as the places that is taking the census as it was very humble and very quiet and because many people reporting their lost loved ones there will get that point I had one day left it was Sunday night I had just Monday I couldn't I couldn't help at all it was enough time to help at this point I needed to just document so at the appropriate time at four thirty in the morning I said Lord I got to get up and so the Lord woke me up at four thirty by five o'clock we were out on the streets taking a look and see what was out there when we first walked out there we saw a little bit of devastation you can see where the debris from the CD came in was probably around thirty inches high that didn't seem like very much but we were in little ways as we walked around some more we see this lady you're cleaning out all the garbage out of her store you this is a bookstore it obviously was not really very valid anymore as a bookstore because all of it was soggy pages and walked around with a gentleman who runs a non- profit grew and he actually owns a distribution fuel company in California and Southern California Riverside and what he does as he comes in and he commandeers a fuel truck and he basically gives fuel weight of people free can you imagine helping them fill out there that military the police with gas so they can find the gas of people who have generators to fill out their generators they can keep going so Ted and I walked down the streets in these of this the images that we saw in the house but there's no house and more the stairs go up but everything 's gone the alleyways were clogged with vehicles and debris as things floated suing couldn't stop anymore vehicles were very easily turned over like they were little Legos in the middle of the streets of downtown they were laden with debris from the sea big ships came in the corner vehicles they impaled building was I know that the owner this little white card did not intend to park his car inside a ship this is the biggest ship we saw a nation mocking drydock all the way or long that Little River they came in we saw different types of debris as the as the water came in with such powerful force to push the cars and everything around there were people out there earnestly trying to clean away to get their life back in order to the streets of downtown niche in a mocking we saw the streets were mainly cleaned up but what wasn't cleaned up when you look closer you would see all the debris that right in the center that picture are shoes piled up there another alleyway filled with vehicles looking down the streets they cleared a little core doorways so emergency vehicles can get through it broke my heart to be able to see a Yamaha candle store with the panels just pushed around like they were little pieces of toothpicks and then right around the corner one of the candles had floated out somehow out of the window area and a gotten lodged underneath the vehicle by the elementary school the elementary school was turned into an evacuation center some of the vehicles were pushed into the swimming pool area it lost about eight hundred of refugees there going across the walkway we saw it at a fire engine we found out that the fire engine came through with the initial earthquake that hit at nine oh and it came to help out there must've been broken gas lines but you see when the earthquake happened the tsunami warning was sent out people in this particular County Sonoma ThinkPad team minutes that's all he had just a fifteen minute warning to get high ground will when the fire engine came in a Cayman to help but it didn't take the fifteen minutes and pay attention to that to try and get out you see it was very different there they are on an honor system big and global rating homes like we see in Hurricane Katrina you don't see people going through Walmart and start stealing things know that it was very comfortable people were standing in line it waiting for their food and what food they had what little food they had they shared with other people if they had a few spoonfuls themselves that was plenty for them they gave away what they had we went further up in the afternoon the early afternoon part we walked up to this one area because we noticed that there was a very high plateau going up a hill so we thought we would go up there to take a look and see what we could find on the other side because it was blocking the way so we couldn't get around to see what was closer to the shoreline and when we made our way up there to I was walking up and it was a very old lady that was walking up this hill and outside it was a good-sized hill the lockup she was carrying a five gallon bucket of water container water it was only half-full at wasn't sure why was only half-full until I looked at the ladies she was very frail old lady she must be at least sixty five seventy very small lady and she was carrying his comedic value is lenient on hold listening and probably couldn't take anymore because she couldn't handle the weight so I offered to carry that for her and I carried up the belt along with my twenty five pounds with a camera gear I was carrying a long and brought it up there and we passed through because I had a translator with me where would be the best spot to be able to see what's over there so she showed us where that place would be but we passed a high school and when we passed this high school there were two sets of double doors are looking at once in a double doors those are the missing persons pictures on some of them if you know is the one many pictures on there but on the next set of doors there were a few pictures that caught my attention a mom and dad stuck this picture up with their little children once three years old in one six result and there were missing another mom and dad stuck up the picture of their little two -year-old girl missing when we made it to the top we found that the cherry blossoms had not quite broken out yet but this country is pretty much Buddhists and you find that their prayers are tied in and not to the trees as we came to this particular vantage point we looked out and what we saw was amazing he looked across the river and he saw the devastation people came up to take a look themselves to see what this was all about big boats pushed along this is that elementary school that was turned into a refugee center you can see the buildings in the bottom right corner just totally annihilated going up the street from their more buildings pushed out it was a little island in the middle and this was annihilated as well it wasn't made out of concrete it wasn't standing when you look at the main part it was totally wiped out and you wonder what the wave we saw back at City Hall was only thirty inches high yes but the way that came through along the shoreline is thirty feet high and annihilated everything in its path if you look very carefully in the center of this image you'll see that there's a lady with her back turned towards you and she's trying to get things at her husband 's passing to or coming out of that house more that is nation in the middle part of the picture there are three vehicles turned upside down and all the way through and happen to look down from the place I was standing I saw four men in jumpsuits on the back of their jumpsuits it said edition of monkey and these were the firemen some of them looking at the survey surveying the damage for the very first time seeing that they probably have lost their own homes and have lost family members they may have lost the fire station or the fire truck and then out of all the stuff that I saw there one thing caught my attention it was this little post and send English may peace prevail honor you as you came across I started thinking about those words May peace prevail on Earth here I am standing and I'm looking at the devastation of what is going on is it possible that peace could prevail on earth you see according to Matthew chapter twenty four verse six the Bible tells us you will hear of wars and rumors of wars but see to it that you are not alarmed such things shall happen at the end is still to come nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places all these are the beginnings of the birth pains it's just the beginning CC from what I understand this earthquake that hit Japan and nine oh that's a huge earthquake but I will tell you something there is another earthquake my friends it is coming upon this earth one that this birth has never seen this earthquake is an assault law this birth that as a result of this earthquake people will come alive on these graves from selecting gifts volume two page thirty four then there was a mighty earthquake and the graves open ended and came close with immortality the hundred and forty four thousand shouted hallelujah as they recognize their friends who had been torn from them by death and in the same moment we were changed and caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air and all entered the cloud together and there were seven days ascending to the sea of glass when Jesus brought along the crowns and with his own right hand placed them on our heads he gave us hearts of gold and palms of victory I have good news and I have bad news this on the good news side is coming very quickly the bad news side of it though well let me just read you from Matthew twenty four verse nine it says this venue will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death and you will be hated by all nations because of me at that time many will turn away from the state and will be trained to each other and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people because of the increase of wickedness the love of most will grow cold but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved will be saved when asked to question you trust God do trust them because I'll tell you brothers and sisters if you don't trust God now your we will stand in the essay that without reservation all you will not be able to stand at the end because if you don't know your heavenly father now if you do not have a savings sanctifying relationship with him now and building upon that you will not be able to stand in the last days because you won't even be able to detect the apostasy it's coming it will be universal Ellen White writes great controversy she says so closely with the counterfeit resembled the true that it will be impossible to distinguish between them except through holy Scriptures you won't know unless you have that word hidden in your heart is that when David wrote thy word have I hid my heart that I might not sin against the we find here in paychecks and profits chapter two Moses I think about Moses the story in or not I I am in awe when you think about Moses and the story of what he did with the children of Israel I want to think about this for a moment Moses is out there God calls to him to go and take these people and take them out of Egypt we talked about this last night how many children of Israel were to about three million when Moses went out there do you think that he had all these things already calculated of like where the minicamp with dipping into the day at all I figured out I don't think he did it all not not by the slightest means I believe that he trusted fully in God let me give you some information of what you might want to look at it or think about here's far as Moses you see according to the quartermaster General of the Army Moses and he had three million people quite a lot of food you know the nano rain down it came down in the morning for that what it takes to feed three million people fifteen hundred tons of food today now let's say that we had to encapsulate that into a train to be it will bring this just to give us size that would be to freight trains a mile-long that would just be the food for one day but but wait a second remember that the cook some of his food to now three ninety by the cook some firewood and that would take four hundred four thousand tons of wood that would be a few freight trains a few miles long just one day but you know the desert the wilderness is very hot and I would require a lot of water wouldn't it three million people require a lot of water let's say that they doesn't you know there was enough food for them they had to wash a few dishes and not only that but let's say they had their livestock to that would require eleven million gallons of water a day no much that would take that would be led to put it into a freight car in the tankers would be approximately eighteen hundred miles long just for one day but remember they also crossed the Red Sea according to the biblical counseling across the Red Sea at nighttime to see parted and Moses and the children is a walk-through three million people to walk through a little line out in a little while when you think about it if they actually lined up in a narrow path and they went double file to that life do you know how long that Linux three million people would be it would extend eight hundred miles long it would take them thirty five days you send nice but they did in one nine so they haven't been enough space in the Red Sea so much space that it have to been at least three miles wide so they can walk at least five thousand breasts to get across that's a lot in every time Moses stopped this is okay will we camped here tonight jumping that little campground would take it would take about two thirds the size of the state of Rhode Island when a stop to imagine that that everybody's got it all they got their own their livestock and all that stuff to the pulling through that takes a lot of time and a lot of place do you think Moses figured all this out ahead of time giving he had a calculated down to the mat in the science of all the things I don't think so going back to Peterson profits Moses saw before him difficulties that seemed insurmountable what proof could he give his people that God had indeed sent him behold he said they will not believe me Lord nor will he hearken to my voice for they will say the Lord has not appeared on to the evidence that appeal to his own senses was now given he was told they cast his rod before the ground and eventually became a serpent he was told take your hand and put it inside your coat and became lepers but you see the servants of God was overwhelmed by the thought of the strange and wonderful work before him in his distress he feared he feared that he laughed this eloquence so we came up with his issues but but but but but but but Lord UCI I can't oh Lord I'm not eloquently says neither a year before nor since Valley spoken to thy servants but I am slow of speech in a slow tong Lord says Moses who made man's mouth who makes the person death or the blind to see if not I the Lord these excuses it first proceeded from humility and the difference but after the Lord had promised to remove all difficulties and give hymns final success than any further shrinking back in complaining of his unfitness showed his distrust for God implied a fear that God was unable to qualify him for the great work which you called them to do or that he had made a mistake in the selection of a man does God make mistakes that he used to the divine command was given to Moses and Moses found himself self distrustful slow of speech very timid he was overwhelmed with a sense of his incapacity to be a mouthpiece for God the God of Israel but but once he accepted the work he entered upon it with a whole heart and he put all his trust in the Lord Peterson profits tells us the greatness of his mission called for the greatest of me rephrase again to the greatness of his mission called into exercise the best powers of his mind God bless his ready obedience and he became eloquence hopeful cells possess and well fitted for the greatest work ever given to man the greatest this is an example of what God does to strengthen the character those who trust him fully and give themselves unreservedly to his command BC Moses was so full of excuses he initially lacked faith you have to trust in God and it was because of this lack of faith they came up with all these excuses Lord Lord you know what my fiddler I can go to Japan because of the amount of radiation is leaking out Lord I will in order problem is our problem is a lack of faith that's a problem when you look at it it comes down to two words what you think about that for a moment two simple words what and how is the new break those down for you because imagine Moses standing at the Red Sea the Israelites are complaining to Moses Moses you see the Pharaoh 's army is coming were fortified on ball on all sides by these walls we cannot climb up the walls we can go for it because we got the Red Sea there is no faith with that trust in the Lord UCR issue is this our issue is the one which gets the bar issue is the what whatever obstacles you face in your life our issue is the what what what is our issue we must be faithful to God but what how we can across the Red Sea not my problem did you catch that not my problem my problem is that what God 's problem is the house Moses you can still watch there goes that it take you to the feeding of the multitude you know Jesus fed the multitudes right on the people that he be five thousand we all five thousand but he also said he also said four thousand people according to the account it was five thousand men and four thousand you don't want most white what do they do but it wasn't just happenstance it all but five thousand one and sweet it was four thousand dollars very specific the five thousand wounded euros which is a whatever do individuals you want to show that even come just to save the Jews began to say everyone to get into the four thousand which were the Gentiles as well but you notice once again the disciples came up to locate pages zero people are hungry when we do now that they want food Jesus a Saddam to McDonald's Google finds include was merger will have anything will go find something became back I said all we found was just these five little loaves were waving loaves when I think you are loaves of bread okay we're talking this is a little boy 's lunch I don't see a little boy eating five loaves of bread like this were talking like it would be kind of like what we would consider roles five little roles of bread and two little fish were not talking fish were talking little fish for little boys lunch but I don't see the little community was carrying around his luncheon is the lunchbox not like a lunch sack and the disciples were like this is all we found adjacency list and ask them to break that out to everybody visitors will find that into the what what there's the what what was it when you wanted us to find the food gives the food out how you would feed the five thousand .net not the problem it wasn't the disciples found that was up to Jesus and he started breaking the bread breaking up breaking breaking the end of a width of five thousand no I'm in more bad in the women and children and it was still fluid left over our problem is the one cause problems look at Daniel in the Lions den when you get this whole story these guys cornered Daniel in such a way because they knew Daniel was faithful to God every day at noon time hanging out down there in the open window disabling the decree came out to discern became the Daniel power behind like some furniture and pray no instead it was like clockwork they could adjust their clocks with a new look at that given time is good to be in the window Daniel knew about the decree daycare know why didn't care because of the one the what says I will be faithful to God no matter what but you see Daniel you don't don't understand you could be you could be thrown into the lions den not my problem is not my problem my problem is the one to how God 's problem Daniel gets thrown into the lions den what do you know the yellow I remember these the kids they watch veggie tales and I was appalled with this particular part of the details because it shows Daniel getting thrown into life they do what they were doing according to the veggie tales what was Daniel doing inside the lines they were having a pizza party I daresay Daniel was on his knees and he was pretty European with a bunch of lines but what you pray for how how is God epitaxial not Daniel 's problem he was the prey and he prayed and it got protected absolutely let's go back a few verses in the book of Daniel that we come to his three friends Shadrach me shacking Abednego are standing here on the plane of duress and they were all told when you hear the sound of all these different types of instruments with all kinds of music instantly with one another everybody is to bow down to worship the image by the way that image that image is the image with the called and called the image of what Nebuchadnezzar right that's the images and have you ever notice what is that image supposed to be of symbolically now the image of Babylon is that ever noticed as a resembled the rep resemblance between this image in this image ever notice that the Oscar awards is pretty much the same and if you notice his goal to the singular standing room so Hollywood's highest honor is the image of that one funny how that would be his and I don't think it's happenstance but we find here Shadrach we second that you go there they find themselves standing in front of this image and notice that image two is sixty cubits high and six cubits wide it is the image everybody around them out there and they prostrate themselves before that image but you know what it in evidence Nebraska I mean nothing I need a stop sign sticks out like a sore thumb for miles around I went to Union College to play there's nothing there is if you're cycling anyone a practice field training you bundle into the ditch and come back out of the ditch is nothing there Daniel Daniel 's friends stuck out like a sore thumb they would not bow the knee Shadrach Meshach and Abednego were there what was their issue to be faithful to God you shall not bow down to any God you will not serve any God I am the Lord your God and it were not for the bow down but all these things would happen to them when they get tossed into the fiery furnaces how are they not the problem at Scott's problem and did not take care that absolutely and judges chapter seven we find Gideon Gideons the band thirty two thousand men that's how Dean was to do it the Lord says to Gideon too many what will what God but to many we go to shrink it down you see I populated I need to thirty two thousand men what effort you need but that's not what I okay Lord 's will how I know what this fellow if you're scared to go home okay ten thousand gone right on twenty two thousand still too many who make it down to three hundred men three hundred Iran that that's one percent of what getting started with less than one percent how how is getting to conquer not his problem not his problem its God 's problem when we take ourselves and we strong ourselves in the foot of Jesus is not our problem we threw it down to him we say Lord your problem I'm really thankful to you be faithful to me is anything too hard for God is anything too hard for that you see this thing always says and remember my dear friend Daniel Pippen would always say this God has a way 's of which we know not everyone here today he would say the same thing as a thousand ways of which we cannot even fathom nor calculate how he is God in Isaiah chapter fifty five years eighty nine Isaiah writes these words for my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are my ways your way says the Lord from the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts no matter well we think it is not what God thinks so I believe anything is different than God 's ability to know how I started with these images of Japan because I wanted to be able to explain to those in need out there what's the need there are a hundred and twenty five million people in the country of Japan just slightly more than a third of what's in the US hundred and twenty five million people if you came to video asked in the United States what percentage of this country is considered Christian orange and should be more than fifty percent all yeah for sure more than fifty percent we do know that in the country of Japan there are less then one two million professed Christians and with that is that's less than one percent less than one percent one two five million Christians now let me lay something else on you there are only sixteen thousand seventy sixteen thousand Seventh-day Adventists other country that has one two five million Christians in their work to be done absolutely in their work to be done here insulin will Ohio in your own hometown in the conference of Ohio yes so what is what is our problem you see this is our problem we have this had knowledge but we had not put it into a practical knowledge of Jesus Christ we don't know how to go out there and we don't know how to say anything because we know how no we physically near the what we wouldn't have any problem with wikis and hotly Taliban and enough all guidelines is the what be faithful be faithful to him so when he says he'll look I will be with you always always I will be with you always I do near the boundaries all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth is covering this I give you the jurisdiction yes heaven on earth are you wondering all power all authority so God gave us all that authority in all that area then what does he want us to do with what we find it he says to us and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I commanded you and well I'm with you Monday through Friday during the hours of nine two five the researchers are working on ways but see the problem is we don't him and just like Moses when we don't believe it and we don't put it into practice and we call God a liar you know why our churches are dying because our people don't know how to go out there and explain what they believe because they don't have all knowledge of Jesus Christ let everyone on you because you are the ones you're supposed to be serious about the possible please send hearing your views on their Sabbath and feeling sure to be more people from the outside will come into the church by osmosis it doesn't happen that way you can go out there and you got to do the work but you will deposit with you know what that's not that's not your problem you just go out there in the morning a celluloid bring someone to me today that convened to the foot of the cross and you know what all you have to do is pray and here's what you do next you reach across and you grab the seat belt and you could could you go for a ride today it happens every time I pray that prayer happens I love flying especially the long international flights you what is I always take the aisle seat and I always have a captive audience the Longhorns put Summit next week and I don't ask them I don't push anything I just kind of feel around and also Gaylord you leave the conversation so and so you knew that it dates are talking and I always comes back on so what do you do IMAP and evangelist problem will open and I tried to avoid this once at the guises so he was he was a big-time preacher to traveling around the newest recording meanings is still on what you preach for for the Lord this is okay so but what a church invite you Richard invites you to come within while the church there wants me to preach this is okay so that he finally just came down twenty fifth are you part of the denomination that you which one Seventh-day Adventists all your one of those Baja putting a lot of will not that much it's a really pulled my iPad exit so really don't know much about Edmonds so I guess I got it sitting there and I'm ready to go with it so I said okay silently in my head I'm praying the Lord lead the conversation show me what I'm supposed to show him so I wait in the conversation and I'm pushing as much as I can away I've never tried to push away but this guy try to push away on the conversation as much as possible and we start talking about all the different light things come to find out liberty much stayed in the same town during the same time and we knew a lot of the same people so I'm still waiting because I I don't want to take one step on the site of the Lord is there so finally he says to me so what's the difference between what I believe in what you believe is assumed that this coupled open my iPad you know I thought you'd never ask them to share with you some of these things and I pulled open my evangelistic series of the Sabbath started with the status of your go through this so he sat down he was going to that is why sat there looking at it to and you could see him leaping through the whole program agency deposits you don't visit the reading attack the reinfection and sometimes it I reflect on the text for a moment he went through the whole thing the change in the Sabbath his wife leans over and looks at me Jesus I believe Saturday's appraisal like he says why not sure you know all these are not my words this is the Bible Avenue not even going to church on Sunday for herself I should did you see the winners of the one you stop that this is generally obey man did the traditions of man or God and you know it's hard to believe and there'll be so many millions of the acid tradition more I sent another flight in the lady asked an interesting question so what do you do I said I'm actually going to Ireland to preach evangelistic series of really why go to church on Sunday so what's different from what I believe to what you believe that was a foreign half-hour Bible study on the Sabbath you may fear I don't know what to say that's great because if you have all the confidence in the world God can use you it's better that you don't know anything and you just have the ability to be used by God because what he does is he will continue the words to say and you will find yourself speaking learned to you and never plan to say because God gives you those words but you see in order for God to give you those words first of all you have had to have some knowledge of this that's why it says thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against the disease you may believe these things when you might think I don't remember all these things but you know what they are going the capacity of the brain had ever heard of these people called idiot savant 's there is one aspect we are just extremely intelligent in one area they can memorize vast numbers begin they can play the piano or they can lost things or they can do mathematical calculations imagine if all these different aspects were put into one person this is how it was before the flood I believe with all my heart I believe they had all the intellect I know when I graduated from Andrews University with my Masters in youth ministry the speaker that we had for graduation was W all know Doctor Ben Carson now I am a loyal church you have twenty five hundred people it sit there and it's a massive graduation service program and he came up and he's talking about the capacity of the main reasons let me tell you what the capacity of the brain is easy that I bought a five -year-old little child appeared and had her blindfolded and just unblinded full I took off the blindfold just for a few seconds and she could hear out and look at all of you I put the blindfold back on and I would send her away fifty years later like the tap into the brain to stimulate some of the synapses of your brain said she could tell me where each one of you were sitting that day at Pioneer Memorial Church missing that's while the next statement was even more about why he said and she could tell me what you were wearing that's the power of the brain but you see if you don't fill your brain with this you got nothing in their to regurgitate backup because what's in there God continues to bring out but if you garbage and guess what garbage comes out if you want to be used by the Lord brothers and sisters you have to have stuff to sell it on your literature evangelist is hosting a car right now of course any literature evangelism in Hamilton 's car I travel with my book is all the time my bag to whatever my cabinet I have stuff with me especially when I'm here traveling because I have signs of the times we call the low cards now the new generation calls and glow we call the little sign card suitable tracks I carry a little great controversies with me Eric hassles out what would I pass not to I listen for the Holy Spirit prompting sometimes in the plane at forty thousand feet I put them in the bathrooms it might available that seems to be a crazy place to put it while you know what there's no other reading material in there for them so I put it inside there annually although back in the enzyme look in the trash think of it he will take the output will blow cards in the siege of those whom all up put them inside a pair of jeans you in the pocket or inside ladies handbags and don't you know one of these days we laugh but one of these days when we get to heaven somebodies understand that there ever is a callous how did you find Jesus on this is crazy I found Jesus at forty thousand feet in the bathroom of the Delta flight annualized it's going to be so this is our problem we have some excuses as the title of this message enough excuses if you truly believe Jesus Christ is coming then you know what I will and do the work when he afraid of how you want your friend your afraid a lack of confidence that you have in yourself which is the one you lack the faith and trust in God from the six minute testimony page four twenty two their lack of interest in the salvation of souls showed they lost their first love for none can love God with the whole heart mind and soul without loving those for whom Christ is first love what's the first love reach out and grab a hold of God the lack of what's your second love with your other hand reach perishing souls you will never have the ability to reach parish insults unless you're connected to the one and only true source of power Jesus Christ you won't notice this is exactly how Jesus summed up the Commandments to when it came to visit what's the greatest commandment love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your might and that's the greatest commandment the second is like it love your neighbor as yourself grab a hold of God reach parish insults why is that so important that is important because Jesus is waiting to give us a crown he wants to give us a crown and a crown is manipulated with jewels starts in Accra for every soul wanted to Jesus Christ there will be one representative in the once I didn't know she says very clearly there will be no starless crowns in heaven there will be no stylus pounds we might say we love the Lord we might go to church on Saturday we might pay time return time we might do all these things but if we don't speak to other people about Jesus Christ it makes us wonder if you really love Jesus Christ it's not because you have to because you want to catch that there's a big difference but it's not a job it's a love relationship if you love the Lord then even what it should just flow out of you shall naturally not dynamic pick on you from moment to love Gloria Duffy quite yes unless you letter addressed to Santa for a moment note you are leaving Gloria Lohan I'm picking on you would you tell everybody here how much you love her big thank you to be just be using a nerve nervousness in there it just came out I love her I directed this one simple but often in Austria I asked the man I looked at him and he was sitting right about what you will send you love your wife I said so he understood me because if there was no need for translation is you can always tell you say something and in the people responded by laughing or say amen you can tell when they're doing it what I'm saying in English or when the translation comes up and I asked them to love you what I said would you stand up and tell everybody how much you love your wife he looked at Mrs. his wife looked out of shape you see that love should just naturally flow to love God each additional my friends it's time right now that we stop the excuses regardless if we don't tell others I know that there's still more sermons to go but this is my last sermon to the adult tent and so I wanted to launch you often and give you this message we've got a go forward with this thing isn't that what Ted Wilson sermon was all about forward not backwards we must be progressing constantly forward in our relationship with Jesus Christ if were not the next week we must ask ourselves do we really love Jesus as he says Peter to love me three times give up regularly feed my sheep feed my sheep I called you I didn't realize realize how tired I don't want to take this upon my shoulders and to be able to say here people say to me by you and you should listen you never told me tell speed don't be afraid God says I will really be with you always the very end of the age our father we come to you because we we have neglected to do what you've asked us to do we failed we falling short and we asked if you'll help us you will ignite in us a passion for the gospel it will just it will just radiate out of us just like a bright light shining darkness would give us a passion to be able to tell other people about you without any fear please Lord garden director people may we let the light of God shine out from us to a world that is starving to shifts who are groping with the torrential seas may we be that beacon of safety represented by the lighthouse guiding shifts a safe harbor gives a passion for souls will in Jesus name a media was brought by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe will feel like the more certain it is www. audio person or


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