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Rebellion-Lovers of Egypt

Rick Howard
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Rick Howard




  • June 10, 2011
    9:15 AM
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thank you good morning everyone then I'm still moving and breathing which is a victory in itself though I like it cloudy like an cool down yesterday when I got finished I couldn't run my close out when I got back to my room over there that okay are of thought to myself I guess I was saying was I was soaking wet when I finished yesterday that the I have a tendency to sweat a lot anyways but it's good to be here again in the know it's really good it's good to be able to share this message with freedom and because I've know been holding onto it for five years and not wanting to jump ahead of the Lord and you know I I I've learned probably the most important lessons of my whole life after I retired from ministry and those lessons have to do with patients and waiting on God and learning that the Lord wants to control every aspect of our life he does he wants to be the one who speaks through our minds and controls are will you don't specify sentimental when I first became seven-day Adventist Christian and and I read that book and it was so interesting that we we surrender our will to God because we don't know any better we all know what else to do but then he gives it back to us it says in that okay and we learn when he gives it back to as we learned to follow his will all the time in everything we do is wait is it back to us I but it also is a business surrender initially but then the Lord gives our will back to us and it's up to us to make decisions I remember being led because I didn't know any better God help me lately to the truth no and it was like nuclear explosions going off and I had the league me step-by-step the yet to make things happen that were out of my control but then if I was a Christian for a while I noticed that those kind of experiences declining and I was waiting for God to do things and I learned the lesson because he didn't do it but he wanted me to now make those decisions to decide you know the truth you know the principles involved make the decisions and a lot of us confine ourselves paralyzed in or not going anywhere our Christian life were always waiting for God you know to to to do something to make something happen when he really wants us to decide and do it if it's wrong up a mountain finding it will be able to piggyback off the price of more make the decision again and go this way and then the door was open no but he wants us to decide what to do with what I heard Alden speaking about here know about witnessing to people you know we took people to just come to you you wait for that your fisherman right the fish jump out of the water radio button when you are fishing down never the right bait dignity left because I remember I was on a plane eyewitness to this guy 's a the talking to the fairness doctrine after about fifteen minutes to see you sitting there with a book in his hand and explains the book enables you know I came on this plane and I wanted to sit here and quiet and just read my book now I'm not like when I go hide he was really upset and then I apologize to know and it was a horrible experience in the resource reading again I apologize and started reading their egos egos are these as I can't even will rebuild I suppose you know you're really embarrassed and if I never saw this conversation but it was so by now here I am on witnessing and talking and I just I should I was a new Christian you know I couldn't hold it and you learn from experiences like that let me tell you folks the spirit of Jesus is a ministerial spirit and if you have his Spirit in here you can't call when it is and if you find yourself more and white witnessing the beginning and knees and pray what boring there because if he's there tell the world if you headed towards ill good demise and is a whole bunch of people around you when you're all going in this direction when you lose your life I can just be quiet now you wouldn't believe the shouting at the top of your lungs when going the wrong way you know over this with like Spirit of Christ in your heart everybody around you and the world doesn't know the truth the white set the right way treat every person as if it's a what opportunities they may have the meaning of presold gospel to them we can draw you little thing after I went through one little thing doesn't matter down in the in the course of any conversation you have with someone you can get it across if you're Christian because in Ashley got it been this little thing across because then the Holy Spirit has something to work with that person offender Kristen are or what it is you can do it the way to start just by letting them know something connected with in the same in one sentence and that's all you need because that's where the Holy Spirit will integral of want to tell you story actually than to get my Bible over here you have your Bibles we all embarrassed enough yesterday to make sure you bring your Bible today right it was about how a year ago and I I don't sleep well and I get up every night usually and no free four hours I know what it is but that's just what happens in I was up in the middle of the night and I was a little bit discouraged and I'm praying and him talking to God about this deception that is sweeping the leadership of our and I'm saying to myself in this product pray that I'm talking more what is it you no why is it that so many that build more schools have studying for ministry they know the spirit of prophecy and yet very they begin practicing something that I have to know from what they studied is not right you know what you know I know that that there is a no visa symptoms of rebellion you know but that because I went to another sins of omission it was right after this one about rebellion and I said why are these people in rebellion the word rebellion was the last word that came out of my mouth I grip my Bible by helping it was one of those times that it will I I don't do this I don't say okay show me open my Bible you know I don't do that but an open Isaiah chapter thirty two Bibles a type of doing a remote delete the last words across my lips as the word rebellion and I'm not I what's going on here and I look down at verse one and as you can see Wolf to the rebellious children it says that an this turned out to be a most fascinating chapter we read part of it now now remember where I met you know what I written this book and I'm waiting for God to lead me leave to get the book out to white people I learned my lesson I'm not trying to get it published I sent more this is in your hands I want you to be the one to bring this book out when it's supposed to come out because of I don't trust myself I wanted to push for the come out at the wrong time because I realized that God was working with thousands of people around the world on the subject you know moving them back in November to make it all right decisions in their life the law on maybe that one EA going one way or the other I want this book to come out just because I published to know so I backed off and is waiting more this is no this is your responsibility and I want you to be the one that brings it's what people at the right time and is doing this then I'm anxiously waiting and waiting him and I have this experience and then I have to go through some of the chef de cuisine of the student says wolves of the rebellious children saith the Lord that came the take counsel but not of me and that convert with the covering but not of my spirit that they may and send to send that want to go down into Egypt and not ask and have not asked of my mouth to strengthen themselves in the strength of Farrell okay and to trust in the shadow of Egypt in other words and I will come to me I went back to Egypt again counsel this is the answer to the question that I gone why what has happened among all people that have allowed them to get into this state of rebellion and cayenne and it is a state of rebellion up a ruckus on the show that within a minute now why because they did not go to the spirit of prophecy they did not get counsel from God that he has given us the danger back to Egypt Babylon will they know out there which argues that we had been called out of now we have some who held on going back to those charges and the leaders in those churches and the teachings of those churches and taking that counsel instead of the Council that God has given us it's just the way it is and this is true and it's an error and many of us of known advertisement twenty five years and have been driven to distraction over wondering when is it taken care now it is gone has taken the reins of this problem and many other problems in the church in his own hands now serious it's happening in it and is not of our devising is his believing the opposition that I have and to watch how God overrules every attempt at that opposition is phenomenal and it gives me such faith and trust in my heart and I just don't I don't care what they did to Jesus the children I can suffer a little bit can you we have across to share we really do but if we don't have that connection at all them was talking about this morning that criticism that you get its overwhelming and you don't like and can't stand it no try to get away from the William believe me it's going to get a lot worse and just criticism before the Lord comes back again for God 's people but let me read some more verse four for his princes this world so as ambassadors came to Haines they will wall ashamed of the people they could not profit them folks people in our church are ashamed of our church in your mail they don't want to be considered different you know on they wanted the apart of the system of the Protestant churches and accepted both in an academic level and every other level and there tired of us being looked down upon by Babylon children according down the line is not what happened a couple stories to tell this morning the show that way folks it is no opposition against us we're not living up to the message of God 's goodness God 's people have always had opposition they have always been a small group unique different and hated by the world and hated by every other religion around but that's exactly the way Jesus believed in the Lord Jesus met the woman at the well and that he told her all about home life and she wanted here that it also questions no she should try to get into a discussion on who's got the foods you know we have the truth of the Jews have the truth she was in Samaria and when Jesus Eta thing he said we are the ones who know the Jews I said we have the knowledge of God not you he was very playing with her know we love the ones while worshiping the right way not you I and I'm sure there were a lot of other little denominations around the other when Jesus said that was when this makes him like like he's the only one that has truth you know well folks Ontario we are the only ones in the truth you know we heart assist awareness is looking to be embarrassed about you know it's it's something that lays upon us a responsibility to share what we have the world got to be read on they were all ashamed of the people that did not profit them bigger chain of the people that could not pry God 's people wanting to profit you think about what that means to us in the Southern Baptist Church the big leadership people in our church both that no administration and academic level that they want to profit over desert me it means that when a change something that's recognized by those people out there to it I've got some way got something in the administration know and worried about being accepted by Babylon and by God that's what happens it said but that is what has happened here and then here I am I'm reading this should only go down with the verse seven four the Egyptians shall help in vain and to no purpose therefore have I cried concerning this this strengthens to sit still I now listen now go write it before then in the table and noting the book is that it may be for the time to come for ever and ever feel your money is that the enemy about this very thing about rebellion is almost like God was telling me know if he's confirming I did the right I mean it away how God speaks to us in the sometimes the Scripture is not exactly with the Scripture means we do know that the Lord is speaking to you through that Scripture because of your experience and went on to it why am I feeling of guilt that going back to agent and going back to Babylon to learn and practice with a practicing the spiritual formation now writing a book forever and ever so don't like to the end of time here we are in time and within the book and came out when God wanted to come on when and folks I I take no credit for this thing I really don't the Cheney as I avoided this LOL the Ken Holland saying Rick with our right about that got away about the government and then even a year after you died I still didn't do it in the Lord to speak to me in prayer with Tim's voice heard Rick this and that was so convincing as it just came out of nowhere I was thinking about it is that I got the subcontinent was it was so a lower writer in a I was a research chemist in my writing was you all technical stuff and I like my speech in a Brooklyn accent and that's that but like I said thank God for my wife rules Lucy she's a good writer and she took what I wrote and was able to know something with it and and when I said earlier that is great to have freedom to speak because I have freedom because I know I didn't bring the hunting it all happened without my knowledge the publisher called some of you are this is a losing may be new but the publisher called so we wanted we know we were printed I said how much they said five thousand dollars I said okay will it see what happens in the next phase we called me and offered five thousand dollars every year and a half waiting to know I know this out now it's causing problems oh yeah right but it's also wonderful to people who are searching for answers you know so if it's doing both is dividing it is the fire and all over the country it's just amazing you know and I just sit back I scratch my head is about I'm just with Howard among some great author of anything but the Lord connected me with Herb Douglas and model with human people who know have talent and encouraged me in and it also I just kept going I went up to my brother was cabin and hibernated and wrote and rewrote and development when I had all finished I said I do have to do another chapter in a chapter was on the Loyola and Luther comparing their experiences is so important when it comes down to understanding what's going on it was it was to them contemporaries where one went back to Scripture and the other wanted to make God into the God that he wanted to be loyal to he didn't want to accept the teachings of Scripture he hated the fact that he was convicted of sin any determined not to think about sin anymore and wanted to see God everywhere in everybody that was a desire and Satan was right there to give him what he wanted in a false ventilation and he receive those spiritual exercises in a few minutes and he said was more information than he learned in his whole life and of those spiritual exercises from which spiritual formation was the right and when you of course numerous schools have begun reading Loyola spiritual exercises the man who started the Jesuits the most cruel organization on earth Ellen White says we have to read his revelation that Satan gave him the pass the course etc. it doesn't make much sense to those amendments and the reason given is what we have to know what the enemy is doing will then go to spirit senses that you had that left a wise thing to do is drink in the bars and people find out what that's like to such a lame excuse and they know that people know better I know better you know better it shouldn't mean all of the Satanic material within this world to know what Satan is doing should do a movie got enough illustrations in the spirit of prophecy of seven fantasy passes went to séances and to spiritual churches where they practiced spiritism Elimite warned him not to do that and they didn't and then they were gone out of the church will when you do something that the spirit of prophecy has told us not to do your angel has to back off and allow evil angels access to your mind because you are power of choice is so precious to God he would never violate it and if you made a decision to do something you know you shouldn't do neither will your angel violate when you decided to do and he backs away in an evil angel in Utah Valley and you're listening to some speaker where you have been told don't go to those meetings that will listen to those who don't preach the truth unless thy things are there at the stipulation and every time the dog sentence there because if you go you will wind up in the time that not walking around in a trance I had images in the you wouldn't even know that you empathize because when it says in the spirit of prophecy is aching we into your thoughts his thoughts and blaming we have been observed in six thousand years and these demons and Satan know exactly how the human mind works they know exactly what was injected into your mind if you thought words that will have results that you would believe one word all of you know this is really interesting and before you know it the spirit of prophecy says you will learn to love that which you would have run away from day to learn to love it your whole attitude changes because it Damon has but a few words into your mind everything changed you did something that you know you shouldn't of done I had prayer meeting over to Beaufort one Wednesday night and two churches in Beaufort was always in our way and there was a statement that Ellen White made that I carry around with me for a couple of months I kept saying it over and over to myself I know that it has significance of this whole subject but I couldn't put together him recently it introduces that which is not speculation in regard to the personality of God and where his presence is and then she says this no one on this bar has no right to speculate on this question the more fanciful theories and discussed the less men will know God and of the truth this identifies the soul okay the question the personality of God and where his presence is no one on this art has the right to speculate on those questions that sound strange to me because both you think about God 's character Woody's like and act the way we use the word personality today you know what we think of it as that's a person 's character will what's wrong with me thinking about what the character of Don is like I don't can I think about that speculate on the ten you think well this is what made it so puzzling to me so I decided to go back to a dictionary that Ellen White use and look up the word personality and low in the hole the word personality and the way Ellen White uses that word is not like the way we use them it doesn't mean what you're like what your character is like no deal laugh a lot a you a happy person a sad person that's not that's not what the word personality as for neither is it the way she used to that word meant I can't think of the right one word that fits except personhood what makes them a living being in other words you understand and what makes God a living being when I speculate on that's what the word personality met very to Ellen White so we have to leave them alone and she says where his presence is located when you think about spiritual formation and you think about contemplative prayer and having citizens into your presence during that prayer is that there's anything to do with the location of his presence in the alone text first of all ways Jesus is in a most holy place is the omnipresent anymore no okay so what is it that represents him that would come to you in prayer in a Holy Spirit like Jesus the holy spirit but Jesus through the Holy Spirit thinking relinquished his omnipresence for ever when he took humanity upon himself imagine that God who has no beginning using up his own wine because he loves me so much so much that he was willing to cease to exist if I couldn't be with will you know if one wife on the roles that this is that whitening stripe has a length so you hear the sound from one part of it and then you hear the sound from the part of the Google 's father and father like this keep coming the role will say that the little interesting things about nature the best at him and where it is very safe place in I feel these beings in the middle of everything this is a visit the place that they were surrounded with with with the ground anyway and intelligent folks getting nervous and want to stop you'll let me know some people can't stand this kind of thing have to just go hide all right so there I was I'm I'm on my way over to Beaufort and I said Lord you have to help me understand the significance of this statement I know that is relevant to the subject I know it is I can't get it out of my mind tonight I know that you're the one that's keeping it there help me understand this is all about well it ran on in the car alone in thinking and praying and I start thinking about the way we started here these people that will they know better I was talking about highly educated spiritual people in our church that wind up believing and teaching something that is wrong and end when you study the spirit of prophecy you see that is wrong nowhere leave anything out there that has a spiritualistic nation who would mean a long way from and everybody knows and guided meditations and and repetitive prayers Jesus prayer breakfast prayer is that the centering prayer that is a part of spiritual formation if you learn to say myself these people are doing something they know is not right so the next thought that I had was its ascent they are committing sin I said okay after that the rings send another civil war sent is this you know when you choose to do something that you have been told and written in the spirit of prophecy they can not to do is suddenly talking about is not like me waking up in the middle of the night and being tempted to even gallon of ice cream you know that's a propensity with the natural propensity and you know it is overwhelmed me it takes control of my wheels and I wind up getting into that temptation but this is different very different way to think about the sound and everything is going okay so I said I see this you follow my thinking here if you would like it's not some loss is not some propensity that I have is very different than that so I asked Jonathan what is it out of nowhere comes rebellion in my mind I was shocked I mean it actually shows up as I knew it was not a thought we generated by my own thinking one and then again him only thought about it and I said you're right that's what it is it's like it's knowing the truth and deciding not to do it isn't it without an effort leads to the state of rebellion it's not that that they wouldn't have been indignant with temptation in making a decision to something that they want to do knowing that they should ask and ask what inspired the chapter on rebellion in the book I didn't want to use that rules went round and round that I should use such a strong title at cassettes with what is happening here and it is sad when you read what the spirit of prophecy says about them I mean we know what the Bible says it's the same as us and what witchcraft and it saves us in his word on which crap because who has another witchcraft is wrong you know you know it's wrong to you practice it you know you doing wrong well-known value does the same thing you know you are doing wrong I've had people that love all my life that are so opposed to this now and they will not read this book as of this I would think I have three people offered a district running into people 's arranges for the government I will not be that I will not be done and then comes out things that that is true is not true when they hear these things but that's part of the opposition the second place it this is what happens when you're when you're single mobility and you want to hear the truth is telling you to stop doing what you know I know I have please note unlike in the Bible to someone when you get the Sabbath is like all tell me if you tell me off the Nobel be responsible it's that kind of thing it's sad though it is given me but to look at the check something out there we should do as Christians check out the artists and enlightenment to read the whole thing that you can begin being aspects of it in all parts of it find out is not on my end you don't want to hear the truth that's when you say I wanted to tell me I won't read this will be a sad state to be involved since she doesn't know that there was a queue of the rebellion of ever and I know my own experience with people who were born so far in this database is the silence Internet that supernatural faith I've never seen anybody they can think straight anymore they don't see things the way we see things as a steady-state demand when you think you're right you believe that you write is wrong I don't want to fill my heart prayed over Europe against because you become an advocate for the error that you believe in with just as much conviction as I have about what I believe in your thing at deception you just cannot see the truth anymore your mind has been taken over by another power and you just know your things about the error and delete it from seen people like that seen people in other religions probably just as convicted as we are that they have the truth but they don't know it but of course you can say that because they say he is and we know it is what happens total twisting the mind no one on earth has the right to speculate concerning the personality of God or where his presence is located you remember that not for us to know I came across a book in my library and it was written by a leader of this movement in our church back in nineteen ninety four and it was a commentary on the book of Exodus and in that book I went to the last chapter I just found it about male to three months ago I went to the last chapter I wanted to see would be said in the last chapter that is the book of Exodus what we know and sadness about the Exodus but the first thing that comes your mind about the Exodus say wow I miss them definitely the hour Jerry will be like this right remember that the spirit of prophecy by Clinton you know what they went through is something that we will build same kind of trials and temptations in the last chapter in a book in a commentary on the book of Exodus you definitely think you can find something about the fact that we as Adventists would be compared with what they went through instead I this person expressing the desire to be like Moses and come face-to-face with God into his presence why can't we do that today this was the burden of his soul in the last chapter in a commentary on Exodus they wanted to come face-to-face with God why have we lost the ability to do that and the word presence of God come into the presence of God was at least fifteen times working in that chapter by the person who was is was a leave in the spiritual formation in our denomination back in nineteen ninety four that was the burden of his heart I want to come into the presence of God want to be like Moses Allah come face-to-face with God why can't we do that today well I guess that overwhelmed him to the point that he has come into the presence of he figured out that he can do that and of course he learned to do it by going to Institute to learn how to do it a non- Adventist Institute when I wrote my book there were four thousand institutes in the United States teaching spiritual formation four thousand I called one of them here in Ohio and I asked how many people have been trained in spiritual formation in your Institute last year 's seven thousand and said seven thousand and and out I just randomly picked this one place up four thousand times seven thousand in one year a few years ago trained in spiritual formation and it was after that that I found Pope John Paul II 's solid letter where he said the contemplative life belongs to the Roman Catholic Church and is the main tool in the evangelization of the world when I read that you must be over Roman Catholic Church invented this is teaching it everywhere and says oh it is the main tool in the evangelization of the world on author evangelizing the world absolutely is the whole world to wonder after the beast yes this is a major part of how they're doing it they knew they couldn't get their priests to come and stand behind our pulpits I but they know and maybe we can get the Adventist church to interchange pulpits with Protestant churches know that's not such a big jump so they said let's get this into all the Protestant churches as they had done the emerging church for the emerging churches and every major leader of Christianity in the United States is now practicing this product I say everyone in on things for you but it has spread like wildfire everywhere and when you will be the leaders out there in the fall and churches functionalities of falling churches I you read what they say you will never progress in the spiritual life without practicing spiritual formation and when you read what the Adventist pastors who have studied this and practices they say the same thing you'll remain like a child forever in the Christian faith unless you learn to do things that we do they learn of Babylon Egypt they went back there thinking that they're going at light for major when the Lord says to inspiration that is not has any shed upon his people he will give us not to those falling churches from when she called out as simple as it's simple if you read it and believe it the problem if you read it and believe it you can't do this I know this is one attention not colleges because all the college as a degenerate was so far behind in this nineteen and God 's church was always behind in the things that Satan bought the fallen church in history thank God we're behind I got it hasn't taken over but I'll tell you them every day that goes by I see how deep this has got to watch into administration and I follow Bible lessons into the Jesus one oh one courses folks let me tell you there and it is their art I know I hate to say this I do know is that I will not name names but obvious who's behind what I got past his DVD year ago we get them every month you know the ones that they send out an error was all about youth ministries and ministers okay right I put it in they interviewed probably I don't twelve to fifteen leaders on unique youth ministries and churches across America that have successful programs to help all of us pastors and as I'm watching and listening to these interviews I'm noticing something well this is certainly an online words that he used by those involved in spiritual formation I started hearing those words among the people that they were interviewing so I took the names of every person I interviewed medicos in the thirteen to fourteen and twenty Google you know with the quotation marks like within a liquidation lifetime but spiritual formation in quotation marks every single person interview practice spiritual formation everyone in this time of the media department the North American division I have to say myself right away what is going on that doesn't just happen that means is an agenda okay elderly with their there was an agenda there is an but you know thank God we have a new president in Jackson and I was in a southern two weeks ago and someone came out of an ASI meetings that I didn't know I was visiting down there and he came over to Sergeant Rohrbach ice again I feel like you Google the speaker was now telling everybody about it my films that Neeson and Jack's Ashley said anyway I haven't talked to him since then but this is another evidence to me that God has taken the reins we have a new general conference president I tell you when I was there in Atlanta listening to him and when he mentioned spiritual formation not going out of the church I cried I said thank you God no wonder my book hasn't come out yet he was waiting he was waiting for the right people to be in the right place so I immediately immediately e-mailed Ted I notepad from way back and I functioned into this anyway but he wrote something real nice place the we have a leadership of the church now there is set up to do what needs to be done and it is being done it really is being done by clinical back to the IPS should what is being done you mean how it's being practiced in a different yet on well all I know I'm here I live this is a place to go that I don't want out okay I don't want to name names I just want to leave that I want my burden is to educate people on what's happening and then you can go back to your churches and you can talk your passes there are many pastors who are into this and every experience I've had with church members will call me trying to deal with their pass on the subject they have found it extremely difficult to avoid in aviation ignoring requests not answering questions being very slippery in all different directions okay that's just what's happening and bought you don't have to be expected you know when you have a message like this and it begins to get out this beginning and in the beginning people who practices they believe what they're doing well for instance there are prayer meetings interviews Richard Foster's book celebration on discipline which is visible on spiritual formation is not an administration that would be resentful for while studies affirming no little and young ways they have to zonk on getting this teaching Internet charge using not have been as material back then we have groups in the administered organizations like the one here again the teaching of promoting the believe in it I remember seeing in the review and advertisement for the renovator Bible smidgen Fosters Bible and it was the head of one of your organizations right here that was advertising next to his article on spiritual formation in the review is a couple years ago no so it's in the church and in different ways and you'll come across it you know a lot of people think they will know about this yet but many of the pastors do and at the administrative level that definitely definitely intimate the organization on talking about right here I had a lady in my church in Hilton head was on the board and they had a board meeting down on Hilton head and requested to speak gladly allow this person to speak my church there and not to be honest with you I was really discouraged today because the feeling was ill I used to be excited about the second coming this is the son is about Matthew twenty four how this person was real excited when he was young but he waited his whole life and I was getting all these about to retire Jesus hasn't come yet he says you know what you get excited to get excited easily telling my people that I want to be excited about the second coming I was very upset listening to this anyway and I see where that attitude leads I been so excited all my life and I finally learned I know this is too stressful I'm always talking about the second coming to the maximum and here I am on the retiring lost his he lost that the use of the spiritual formation also are the things go together what's what's going on well when I heard the good intimation that there was embarrassment over the great disappointment and government people and in the school of Paris about the what to say when people say Yeltsin will literally knows the date of the hour here and you think that God was leading your movement yelled back there in the eighteen forties you think God was behind that when you are in interpreting the Scriptures right planes they haven't done me know and some of our people are affected by that is harassed by limits on Fox and the information was then the be early Athens were a bunch of pharmacist and it will uneducated and if they had learned how to study no and and had been educated people maybe they wouldn't make that mistake or what will happen to us if they didn't make that mistake we would even be here right there is nothing to be in Paris about the grant is not I don't care if you had five thousand PhD studying for three hundred years the Scriptures back in the eighteen forties they never would've seen that person understood because God only did the airlines from it the Lord is the one who prevented them from seeing the him coming but not the Bible the Bible and take a look at Zechariah chapter nine verse nine where Ali when they are ready other this enables the object identities Zechariah nine nine two believe it started when Zechariah Zechariah nine nine rejoice greatly O daughter of Zion shall go to Jerusalem behold I team under the he is just and having salvation lowly and riding upon an ass and upon a cold the culpable file full of bananas that's Old Testament prophecy talking about what the triumphal entry right now the triumphal entry limit what happened I just uses it easy sitting on this for the Nassau right and left versus right out front Lazarus whose day for five days and will of the people involved in that procession into Jerusalem with people that Jesus healed the ones that were laying with the ones working back and forth getting the Palm branches the ones it was shouting the loudest hosannas with a one hundred thousand seconds and it was just in an incredible procession and they went leaving Jesus into Jerusalem to do what Crown him saying crown him with either the granting they make a mistake when that prophecy in the Old Testament have met its fulfillment if those people know the truth him on the brink of recession into Jerusalem thinking the crown Jesus came if they knew that he was an enemy there am thing when I is prophecy in the Old Testament would not have met its fulfillment that prophecy was based on a misguided group of people to whom God blinded the truth run in order to fulfill the prophecy that's exactly what happened in the great disappointment guidelines in the minds and eyes of his people in the Advent movement so they would not understand the truth but they were fulfilling what God wanted them to do because he wanted this message signal around the world which is a much every missionary outpost on earth at the time it was God 's purpose this way the husband message around the world and the way he did it was to prevent them from being able to see the truth they were carrying out God 's will nothing to be embarrassed nothing it was fulfilling his purpose is and it was to help the Ibanez to see that they were ready to have a admittance will left over after the great disappointment fifty fifty how many stock together out of hundreds of thousands around the world mostly in New England but out of hundreds of thousands only fifty were able to say when I know the it's a good thing Jesus did next but this was all about and then of course to feed them the three angels message and so you've got to go out again you've got two chapters in the book of Revelation chapter ten eleven and of the Adventist people and it was a mistake the misinterpretation of scripture is fulfilled those contractors wonderful the rear in the Bible Bible the people I get the FAQ we all in Chapter 11 costs for movement when Scripture what a powerful testimony to be able to show in the book of Revelation the very movement that you belong to and this is a movement movement we are not the nominated people but we are a movement okay I know I have to stop sorry and I will write that without fair to you tonight what we thank you for this message and we know there's nothing to be in Paris of God we just pray that those that feel that way would see the light understand who we are as a people and how you called us to be your representatives on earth and to finish the work and bring you back again all were coming for hearts and minds and to take us over and cast away the spilled and doubts we might have knew that we are God 's people that you have chosen us as the room thank you now this is a media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive in www. on universe .org


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