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The Gospel According to the Sanctuary

Roy Gane
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Roy Gane

Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary



  • June 10, 2011
    10:45 AM
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thank you for your prayers for the role hearsay for you looking forward to receiving a blessing from God 's word that's worth on we study with our feeble minds we use our time to dig in the word ultimately it all comes from going to hinder his own glory all the work we put in is nothing in comparison to the knowledge and wisdom that he gives us my goals here is to just not get in his way I have two theories in teaching and this is a teaching situation my first fear is that the audience or the students will not believe me my second fear is that they will in other words writing is not the authority just because I say something you need to remember what Paul said about the Marines he was an inspired apostle so much greater than he was caught up to what the third heaven and yet he was happy when people ask that his words by scratcher that's what God wants to take these words that I have and don't think that is the authority to the work and see if it's true and if you find that it's true I think your experience will be like mine as I've journaled on this topic I do my journaling and books that I publish I've know it's transformed me under the same person that I wasn't it's affected my practical daily spiritual life it's affected the way I relate to my wife and my daughter and my students and other people it's help but affect you when it's that way so I want to be your sister this is not just one of twenty eight fundamental beliefs the teaching of the Adventist movement on the sanctuary it's not just one of the twenty eight because it is a system it's a microcosm why corporate a system of interconnected truth that holds everything together many other Christian groups have found a great amount of truth but the way it all works together as a dynamic system pushes white through to the end so we know what Jesus is doing right now in his sanctuary in heaven that is something in his word that the sanctuary shows as a dynamic system with all the parts literally and when something has all of its parts having to accomplish a goal as his plan of salvation does what it's assisted living to be in balance the not what's wonderful about the century teaching its balance like your body like your car things have to be in balance in order for it to really function so you know without it we would not have any distinct unique contribution to Christian theology when we were Christian practical life other groups are Baptist they have baptism of the groups keep the Sabbath some have conditional immortality of the soul many believe in the second coming of Christ we have a lot of people these days who are vegan and vegetarian including UH people and sort so if we didn't have the century teaching which holds it all together gives us our apocalyptic eschatological that in time identity as the people of God was something special to share nothing Augustine elite but to help people get ready to meet their Lord if we do have that what do you want a friend of mine calls so they lose enough to visit Terri 's self-delusion about to get your card statement cafeterias I pick a little bit here and a little bit here little bit during his throne altogether into this nice combination it's a unique combination but nothing unique to offer and our evangelism stops and we have nothing unique to offer doesn't did you ever hear and add an ad on TV or radio that said here is our product so we want you to invest in and what we want you to know about this product is it's just like all the others in the latter times or it's just a special comment on the end of this business but this is package is a little bit different now and what they were saying this is the one of them this is the only one in the world and if you really believe that if you really believe then you will brag about the beginning as the gathering the money to fund God told him to do that is our function that's what were here for the end of time angels to do a far more eloquent job on everything the angel said to be like the Gettysburg address I'm just joking with the beauty and magnificence but we have a message that nobody else has and it goes like this I was lost but now I'm found was blind but now I see angels sing we have a unique message if we brag about this great God who loves us so much then he would use us as a channel single channel but for the very feebleness Catholic justifies the greatness of God Christ sale I paid you know I just don't understand this the old Atwell but what I really understand is this is mostly and have a place for meaning I read what people see that we have that experience with them we have seen with Jesus personally their hearts will be strangely want to know see that there is hope for them to that's what it's all about I don't worry here to know why we're here I mean here on planet Earth in this condition we're here because our great great great great great great ancestors made a decision to not trust in the character of God they said to themselves we can do this on the run we don't have to rely on God we can be like the most high for ourselves we can be little Satan 's throne and the whole story of the battle since then is for us to get it through our thick skulls that as Daniel said to Kindle Sasser you need to order the God in whose hand is your breath he is our Creator sustainer of our lives every breath we take every thought we had everything is dependent upon his power we owe him everything we cannot do it on our Odyssey is a meeting immediately visible right now we can see Paul says in Romans one that is works which we see all around us beautiful campground testify to the fact that he's here now I hear a lot of people particularly young people Lisa is a site I tried on and got it just doesn't work for me what a joke right now but doesn't work for me you are just humans moving NASCAR works for everyone's and when at an evening that choice God should not sustain their lives that were created mortal but with the opportunity to be immortal but eating from the tree of life so gone with no access to the tree of life they didn't have access to his presence now without his presence they would have to face the test of whether they want to rely on gone without being able to see go on anymore they would have to rely by site in believing in his luck so he spoke to them in many ways through revealing himself to them through profits through his word to patriarch sent other people but the when the Israelites were let out of slavery but a mighty power God God set up a place on earth where there could be controlled interaction with him and they could see that he really wanted to be with them the sanctuary analysts have tended to think is all about sin and atonement and judgment and oversight that's not the basic function of the century the basic function of the center is where God introduces the sanctuary in Exodus Exodus twenty five verse eight are reciting some verses and I have my Bible up here but if I look them up doesn't mean you don't have to like I've gone over this install just quoted but it's here Exodus twenty five percent God said let them build me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them that I made well among them this was the manual principle which is gone is with us it's really a sentence and he will be money well is not just born with us it's an assertion dog is with us that's what God wants at the very end in Revelation twenty one to dwell with his people for all eternity that's why he created us you wanted an intimate relationship with his children why would you want to have children while I needed a job when conducting to bicycle it wasn't until I met my darling daughter that I realized I really needed a baby because that way talk about making friends you have someone who's part of yourself that you can relate Q in a special unique way and God wanted to have that relationship with his creatures and we took that opportunity away but the point here on earth this sanctuary among the midst of these Israelites these faulty people so that he can demonstrate what is really like and what would I do right now is to look at some ways in which God illustrated the plan of salvation through the sanctuary so here's the question we can look at today what this essentially tedious about the gospel the gospel according to Matthew Mark and Luke and here the gospel according to the sanctuary was the teachers about righteousness by faith salvation and our relation to God there can be seven points that's the perfect number and that's a good eye are a good number to have for the gospel the goal of the gospel is restoration of oneness with God and each other make a sanctuary that I may dwell among them God shows that he wants to be with his people carrying and recklessly we may get this to their there is one God wants to be with us imagine that in all of our fallen brokenness with all of our problems Kuan wants to be with us that says something about his desire to save us if someone hurts you like Adam and Eve Kurt guard on like Joseph's brothers hurt him what's your reaction you want to go in and be with them you have a relationship with him send him an e-mail or card whenever I forget why come off a racer from your memory you want to go and do Joseph waited until he tested the character of his brothers before he said I forgive you it's exactly at the point where he revealed himself that he forgave it was hard God revealed himself to an end and leave right away what did that say that said he wanted to forgive them if you ever encounter someone I know you have maybe you yourself have had this feeling if if you think that you or someone else things that they are too bad to say God couldn't possibly saving internal one forgive me haven't taken their hands this book the Bible holds this book hold up your Bible the existence just fictional existence of this book without even cracking open the cover working just the existence of this book clues that God wants to forget because they were not revealed himself to us if he didn't want to forget he once won this with us the sanctuary is God 's palace he was the divine in a palace has a throne room that was the holy of holies it had a living room else work on one of the chair and then the next apartment the so-called holy place with his living room he had light bread incense highborn people or teams have been sent in those days to keep out the stench of the surrounding community and abused animals to transport and store but there that was the living room showing been gone wanted to dwell with his people and we should use I should just say next Christmas there a time comes from if you look in the Oxford unabridged dictionary the word atonement means at one message which means reintegration or reconciliation putting back together relationships which are broken I believe in the Big Bang let me stop there I believe them in the big day of sin because when sin occurred and adamantly rebelled against God there was this big bang the blue relationships apart now Adams accusing him and even is accusing the serpent of both unhappy regard and in blue relationships part so atonement that one is getting these relationships back together into unity belly reward key pair which is generally translated time is not really referring to the completion of atonement but rather removing that which is between two parties namely human beings and God getting rid of that problem so that then God can't forgive forgiveness is in English would be part of reconciliation when but in Hebrew he had the word translated the tone is more limited it refers to moving impediment to the relationship for example if I owed my my friend David Sullivan here I then fill in the case of the and and I didn't pay and I celebrated that could cause a problem in our relationships they thought if I pay back to ten thousand dollars that he villages at that point whether he wants to forgive me he still doesn't have to forgive me but will be reason from the sea and that's how it worked and sacrificed accomplishes that removal of the problem and then gone voluntarily forget this we'll talk more about that later but I stretch my arm it reaches a number two thing that we learned about the sanctuary that we learn about the Gospel from the second is the depth of the divide between holy God and faulty humans you are welding the first floor restricted access to God 's presence restricted access to God 's presence was necessary because God was the creator he is the creator who made the whole universe Doctor my daughter last September to the Museum of science and industry in Chicago and we went to a climax about the Hubble space telescope and it showed pictures taken by this marvelous telescope all over why the Orion nebula only talks about her right eye and it shows baby constellations just coming out being formed right there in the right what folks thought is so big that he has up there maybe some workaround arrived winging new constellations and galaxies out into the universe life for his topic go shopping as things are and I may not remember exactly but they said what you will him this Orion nebula where these things are having it in something nineteen million light-years across no different tank will later as it's the distance that light travels in a year unlike travels how fast and eighty six thousand miles per second I went to the ninety million others I can program the bigness of God when God came down in history conifers is dwelt in the camp of Israel it's like a million nuclear reactors in terms of power in more than a million would be a pulsating with power the end of the hill his tower you realize restrictions as lesser gauze is nasty but it's the still hurt you it's like you have a friend at this link will look to certain rules here so that I don't step on you and no NL friendship so you don't have to have these restrictions around so that you have a holy place annuity can go in there but the high priest once a year and he has authorized access God gives him sort of an effect like an asbestos suit or whatever then the ordinary priests can join our apartment that is an interval the laypeople have to still thought it was restricted access request of the incredible intense holiness of God and of course this restricted access meant that the people had to observe certain rules of purity because God 's love life and we are mortal subject to death because of sin and so when people had a physical state that sort of heightened emphasizes mortality on said geisha because they way are you better washers so you don't give a misimpression about bondage he has anything to do with death because the economic engine remember if you want to come out and give where every tune is a temple is holy it's okay so the soul is immortal anyway and death is always being here and it's just transition to that was the Egyptian theology books in the death is bad and what was not always on the Taoist adept and therefore let's put a gap between the end anything that smacks that is a wonderful thing for us that God is not subject to death only God has immortality first Timothy six sixty he has immortality life unborn and underived that's the only reason we haven't been to give us eternal life I was first Timothy six sixteen the sanctuary was unlike palace of a human ruler because bond and sit on a single circle mercy seat was missing forgot to set this means a place of mercy or attornment and they are gone was enthroned up in the air above the cherubim invented into the food on the altar he smelled the smoke went up he's not just like a human being there were various aspects of the sanctuary that showed that he was like humans they once to live with us on this table like but he doesn't consume the bread he assigns it to his priests to consume young significance so he is greater than us we need to always member that invite him into office but we need to have his holy law I remember how crazy is what he says if the two or three gathered together a twenty or thirty or a joint thousand three hundred dozen other God is in your new this will need to remember what that means we have the creative process with us that is a very very awesome all right let's go on to the next one third divine holiness and life versus human sin resulting in mortality I just mentioned by his daughter wife as opposed to mortality and send it on to ask you to advance and when I say because this one is not my arms not one of you I'll just say next that's easier thanks okay so you use it the button for the next one back you might want to just turn around I will use this on to school for next okay so holiness love and life come from God all intertwined Don's character is love is not God 's love first John four verse eight and that is his holiness his holy character is what we see this in Leviticus nineteen verse two where God says to the installation be holy as I am holy how do you do that while he gives a series of laws that regulate and enhance relationships between human beings and him and human beings and each other and in the heart of a chapter in the biggest nineteen which is at the heart of the book of Leviticus in the book of Leviticus is the third book of the five books of Moses so in the heart of the foundation of the whole Bible is the verse Jesus cited love your neighbor as yourself that's the biggest nineteen rethinking the house you will love how you love him how you are only as God is holy because that's the part of his character the issue is with us love is not just something to make us feel good on Valentine's Day it was warm fuzzies love is the only principle on the basis of which intelligent beings with free choice can coexist harmoniously without destroying each other together love is the only principle on the basis of which intelligent beings with free choice can get along without destroying each other if you ever doubt that just look at the news and you get a negative love is as necessary for the survival of the human race as air water and food as if you don't have levied and I have the bullet or some other way I so dizzy the wobble of the Adam and Eve broke and that's what God wants us once to bring us back to the wall law of love is the law of life and that is God 's holy character because the same God who gave us life is not going to his holy are the next please thanks Santa causes mortality Romans six twenty three we has civil actions but were also in a state of Zen which predisposes us to Morrison and because of that we have this separation from God God didn't want to perpetuate rebellion and suffering subversively the allows people to go to sleep rather than suffering and misery or oppressing others next physical ritual impurities and express the birth to death cycle of mortality ever wondered what the common denominator is the rationale of the reason why Israelites became into work or unclean when they had what is the body being under the same roof with a dead body on coming contact with human bones on coming in contact with some carcasses of certain unclean animals or on scaly skin disease so that John a person stressful one the outside like Marion for example Aaron says don't letter Lord be like a stillborn child instruments mothers would so it's like death once again we see death is an aspect of this and then there is genital floats a menstruation nocturnal emission sexual intercourse childbirth the flow of blood for six weeks or so after after childbirth these things won't make people ritually impure what doesn't make sense to us as the face of the two paths are dirty like him the process of elimination I go to the bathroom things like that or a wound of blood from the site of what is going to do something that one-on-one notice that these general flows therefrom the reproductive organs in the point is not that new human life is not beautiful nothing got been sick but God said in the beginning be fruitful multiply didn't the point is but each new life that comes into the world through these processes is mortal because of this because the wages of sin is death so we celebrate the new baby will we know that that baby is going to die except for the atoning merits of Christ's sacrifice so that's the reason is because of the to summon up the birth to death cycle of mortality that results send that is the reason for these impurities and these had to be remedied if they were minor case is a one-day impurity they had to be remedied by bathing waiting until evening following things when Jesus sacrifice to die and I don't even write the time of the evening sacrifice and/or other sometimes longer complexes of sacrifices which can take a long time it were more serious impurity at all of these things were designed to show us that we are mortal subject to send because subject to death because of sin and we need Christ not only different demonstrations but to give us eternal life I the so-called sin offering sacrifice especially illustrated this point was it was used to remedy these impurities and a remedy not only impurities but also access showing is pleased to things that the sacrifice of Christ addresses one is our sinful actions and to the statements in which without we need both know what some ivory three versus June three forget not the Lord and all of his benefits who forgives our iniquities who heals our diseases those of the two aspects of some hundred and three verses two and three forgives iniquities heals diseases these were not just think of physical dirt they were conceptual categories dinner this is a whimsical modern example but I have to use it Trudy 's anybody remember trees when I was in fourth grade eleven about that in grade school and it is anything associated with girls their closer brushes to their chairs and think that's a conceptual category is not material but it's anything feminine and that him you would when it is very vulnerable and unfortunately injuries one of disappear within massive onset of property which white select the file but in terms of conceptual categories to this tells you something about valleys don't people worry about particularly the the role of women as women seem to be subject to some pretty major impurities because bearing engaged in the reproductive process in ways that are go beyond that is not meant to become physically rich winter to but in Leviticus chapter twelve verses six to eight you have a woman who gives birth to a child has to offer a simple sin offering didn't bother anybody here soon offering any ladies bothered by the amen brother by the you okay here's the convenience of the fee simple sin offering is better translated purification offering because it purifies either from an active since war from one of these physical ritual impurities it does not mean in this passage that the woman sin by having a child okay godsend be fruitful and multiply and we're blessed but it just meant that this blood flow that she had as a result of the birth was signifying was just reminding us yes let's rejoice in the new baby but this is a new mortal situation here that's all notice that in this passage there's nothing about the woman receiving forgiveness she doesn't need any forgiveness all she needs is ritual purification of this ritual purification is something that we don't need to observe today we don't have to have deacons and deaconesses standing at the doors of our churches asking there are a personal question one hundred month visit for what we doing last night before we have the communion service because when Christ came and died then he took the focus of his ministry to heaven now we don't have any holy location on earth where the Shekinah presence is dwelling yes he spiritually comes to be with us but his physical presence is not manifested in that way on earth praise the Lord would fight a jihad over piece of real estate are now according to the book of Hebrews focuses on Christ by faith in heaven we have direct access to the throne of grace a present go ballistic over there instead of having it break what Solomon did he says in first Kings chapter eight more when you people pray toward this place than here in heaven above the prayers go to the altar they go up in smoke the more appraiser directly to him as a result we don't have the need for these things all of us are physically impure right here all winter ritually impure as far as the Israelite system is concerned you don't anybody here been to a funeral leaving sprinkle with the ashes of the red heifer how many have been sprinkled to get my point so were all impure and that doesn't matter anymore but just to drive the point home about this to tell you about an Adventist former while he wasn't always administered he was baptized after Bible Bible studies with the pastor and he was so excited about being baptized that he had had the whole church family come to his house percent of lunch and on the menu was part of it was very disturbed and upset and he came to the mayonnaise and genuinely talked about clean and unclean we farmers in Australia and harms real good for us one yes that was hogwash that I will never encourage a busy mom that was because he didn't get the point you can scrub an unclean animal intervening clean animal those are conceptual categories and is not physical dirt the point of all of these impurities is there Jesus saves us from our mortality and gives us eternal not just forgiveness life John three sixteen is what that's all about and when they did that idea we talked about since we haven't talked too much about life I think if we talk more about what a lot of people would do much more interested in the center it was the next salvation by grace through faith in Christ is Ephesians two verse eight and this is revealed in the sanctuary to an extreme degree okay next that we have a need for sacrifice and a priest porting to Christ we cannot do it on our we need somebody to do something for us outside of ourselves and I love second Corinthians five where it says that God through Christ reconciled the world unto himself meaning that when Christ died in the cross it's all over for the kingdom of Satan he's going to take over planet Earth now if you want to be here and enjoy that eternal life you can do so at the free gift to be with God but we need him to do that and accept that gift which is already there will for us before the cross it wasn't wasn't and Moses and Elijah were taken to heaven on the basis of money that what you put in the bank that's why they love Christ and the INA said tell us you're going to go ahead with it because if you don't would have to come down from glory and go as will file center-right to the cross however the money is in the bank that their quadrillion gazillion dollar chat is available for each one of us Christ is there writing the checks we go to say Lord I exempt the gift of a mentor more about this tomorrow but I want to make sure that I get this in the day and he's generally happens from all of the agonizing review in prayer all of the work that we do everything we do is hardly ever not usually this dogmatic is only ever part of receiving the gift it never is any part it's only the way we receive the gift and when we just receive them he pours it in and I remember this one was about from the beginning are we willing God 's gifts in his way rather than trying to listen to some sleep while salesman hanging from a tree and he does this you will not surely it would listen to iPods go the next we sacrifice and the priest and we also need Christ sacrifice accomplish a number of different things that we don't have a lot of time and so you have to read about this later but omitted just give you a little overview this is a mini century course for five major kinds of sacrifices each of them pointed forward to Christ in a special way the burnt offering all of the flesh that could be eaten was confused on the altar that's what was unique about that sacrifice and that illustrated the fact that Christ's life was completely consumed on the cross second we have the grain offering is limited to burn offering with Leviticus while the grain offering was uniquely in that it has no blood and no flash listener Deffenbaugh this points to the fact that we can take Christ the bread of life and calls himself in the biggest or rather in John six the bread of life and we can take that bread and we can gain spiritual life from him and he said of the individual and six he said it's my words for the life my world we can go into us notice that there is no depth involved this is a sacrifice you can have a sacrifice without death occurring and runs twelve verse one Paul says I beseech you brethren be a living sacrifice we can be living sacrifices consecrated to God for his use if we allow him to come in and use us for his glory the third one is the well-being offering the so-called peace offering and in this case the unique thing was that the offer for each part of the sacrifice in the other kinds the priest putting his portion or in the burnt offering even the priest wouldn't you but in this one normally would appreciate his portion with the offer also keep his portion which reminds us Jesus said except you eat my flesh but he won one step further than the sacrifices and drink my wine soaked by using Christ for spiritually we think the life of the creator to us we gain eternal life this was not offering about sin offered in the the situation of needing to confess and repent they were often all offered in situations of praise or rejoicing or just wanting to voluntary gift of devotion to God which tells us it reminds us that is how raised to God can only be acceptable to him as it flows through the merits of Christ sacrifice they offered sacrifices twenty four Duke for a sacrifice when they rejoiced when they were out flyers need to like them since they need the mediation of incidents in Revelation to go up before God otherwise they would balance of the ceiling and get no further than their decibels would reach at all because of Christ is no reason to listen to us without Christ are right so that was the third one the fourth one is the simple sin offering purification offering which was Leviticus four two Leviticus five verse thirteen and this one is the sacrifice that was used for inadvertent sins lighter sentence that is if I didn't realize I send but I again and then I realized later in what I done if I had a more serious soon I could offer other kinds of sacrifices like a burnt offering which was the original sacrifice or the reparation offering the one I'll tell you about next the purification offering for sin offering was used for physical ritual impurities and for these sins and this is the kind that is used on the day of atonement to cleanse the sanctuary will talk about that more tomorrow this pointed forward to the fact that Christ ransoms our lives through his sacrifice because the sacrifice was unique in that the blood was poured on the horns of the altar which was a highest point of your if you first one was not just dashed around the sides splashed on the site but it was actually put on the horns the highest point to carve the flag up one on one which represents Christ's ransom for us it emphasized that all right if it's a life-and-death matter the last of the five is the simple guilt offering the unique thing about this is that the offer needed to make restitution to put things right before bringing that sacrifice the essential so it stuck her mind through Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a grateful all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put Humpty together again safe sometimes you bring things you can fix and when you've hurt somebody you need to pay them back to see if I owe David Sullivan ten thousand dollars like we were talking about I can just say hello Lord forgive me and declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy on my obligation to do so but that's a lot he says and Jesus says in Matthew five and the sermon on the Mount is as if you come to the alternate offering just remember that your brother has somebody against you go for it right with your brother and then come and offer your offering up the old otherwise gone will not listen to think answer this reparation offered was for cases in which a person committed a sin in which it was a price tag and the offended party could go on if the person didn't pay their type for example or it could be another human being and God says that right and then come to me these could be serious cases since there were covered by the sacrifice now why do we need a Leviticus what challenges have the New Testament New Testament gives us the real thing one alien Leviticus ten Dragon soul through the complicated variety because it's like as many as an illustration anyone been to the doctor on this last year for a checkup or any procedure okay good I'm glad you are not whether you have a problem I put like you had a doctor when the doctor went to medical school this is what you trust the doctors he knows what is going right or she's doing you trust the otherwise you would get when the doctor was in medical school isn't enough for physicians in training just to have the full working life human body to study or even economic whether the panel 's anatomy and physiology textbooks were grateful down in this really not great attractive detail pulls back the tissue this is a skin to skin and shows you all the different parts with lots of beautiful word in the dual the courts the living organism is so marvelously complex as it says in the Bible you are fearfully and wonderfully made by father said to me son Joel Moore tearfully than wonderfully made when I was a scrawny teenager but I would wear marvelously made and were so complex they gamble didn't really grasp the full complexity have to break it down into parts and then you can appreciate the whole thing that's the way it is with Christ sacrifice so by episodes of the really the textbook of Christ sacrifice is back in the numbers but teaches us what were looking at when we see the real thing let's go to the the parts of the sanctuary represented Christ we see from the New Testament we don't have to guess we have the victim is Christ the priest is Christ is the water of life the bread of life instance of his sacrifice goes up to heaven in fact the word for him as some sacrifices to burn burn offerings is the same is is from the same root as the word for infants okay and that Christ's sacrifice we have to even Christ is represented as the mail which in some ailments rent is his flesh and that's the way we can access the through the rending of the veil when he died that he was working we have even the law of God in the art represents God 's character and God is enthroned there in that character represents him and his is his divine character and with that Christ is God that's his character represented there in the Arctic ten Commandments and it was the divine presence whose goings forth are from of old microfibers to Christ Christ was the Shekinah presence his century Christ is all through the sanctuary it's incredible that doesn't mean that you see many century seminars I've am going to give some of them in years past and they focus on all the details of the architectural structure the hooks the pins the colors the works the pins were really important to hold the thing up so wooden foldout increase but there is no meaning in everything in every detail some had practical significance and it's not enough to make these loose connections like some people do well to sort pillars of the century so that must represent the three Angels messages plus a loud cry I than that speculation on intervals of four faces on Mount Rushmore so does that have to do with that as well they looked they were the Bible but the Bible makes it clear and explicit in the New Testament that the different parts response relate to Christ's words go to the next number five we need to exempt on salvation it's not enough that we have the provision made for us that provision for us unless we accept we need to accept his provision sacrifice his wife had to go along after the morning and evening burnt offering offer on their behalf all of Israel they still had to offer their individual sacrifices by which they show that they individually received on the provision of Christ's sacrifice so it's not that everything is an objective done for you or everything is subjective its through you it's not all legal and it's not all experiential as some people if X11 is to try to make sure you have the legal one leave you or you have the moral influence over the experiential view work no it's not the sacrificed and have anything legal well wait a minute forgive us our debts debt is not legal my guess are pretty legal read the fine print yeah sure it's legal to dismantle you have to have both both aspects of Christ sacrifice etc. assurance is conditional with an Israelite has send they weren't immediately put to the second death God gave them the chance gave King David a chance hold almost a whole year God gave them an opportunity to receive but the blanket coverage that they receive was conditional upon them accepting the very fact that were alive today illustrates this principle because one of the many civilian blot out the human race that gave us another chance it's like on your computer you drag a document into the trash not on immediately get up and get from the trash where letting our whole lives in that dialog box do you really want to empty the trash with will also try to stay there or do we want to get out okay after the next sorcerer 's conditional is not conditional upon our performing anything to gain our salvation but it's conditional upon receiving the gift I love John five first twelve first-round fibers twelve is the assurance for us he that has the son it's a shame that has a son has life have to suck your blood on salvation is a masculine plane on a bus on a train finding salvation that has the son Christ has life it's as simple as with Noah and the ark and has an arc has life the person that doesn't is going to go to the bar I just love them very very simple assurance of obedience as I said is accepting God 's gift keep reminding Noah with instructions for that arc all of the hard work that's what the twelve this gigantic trees much bigger and harder than any we have today all of that was only part of receiving it God gave the Israelites the promised land with blood twelve years it's what they're doing and what already belongs to them and Caleb said let's go out it already belongs to us we are well able to take a included volume which I wish I'd been house can go out and take a level of Ellen White says at the beginning of early writings just before she recounts her first vision she says I just tried shoe that is in her visions which is written I'm just trying to bring back a report of the heavenly Canaan forward him he as the user wife Beth Stern Caleb and Joshua but I tell you brother and sisters it is a goodly land and we are well able to go up and possess a wonderful and I believe that's why here let's go to the next one obedience is accepting God 's gift I'll just mention what about ethanol policy zoning office obedience is accepting Doctor luck runs five verse five remember the first memorizing Romans five Ursula Pope does not disappoint because God 's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit if God pours love into our hearts what is love the character got which is what you said in Matthew twenty two thirty seven forty all of God 's law is based on the which is his character and if we have Lebron harmony within how we have love how young we can whip it up on our own by sitting cross legged and then meditating on enables by transcendental meditation we transcend dental medication that comes from the Holy Spirit Romans five five he pours it is a free gift death in the morning and say Lord is what Mister will talk about this more tomorrow its address for my life this principle okay so that means that obedience is a gift of that because obedience means in harmony with God 's love which is the gift of this process leading into this is progressive to Ellen White said that sanctification which is growth in holiness is the work of a lifetime right the apostle Paul said in first Corinthians six verse eleven he said to the Corinthian believers referring to the time of their inversion but you were washed you were sanctified that there is intense in Greek which means appointed time at appointed time and converting that is you were justified you were want you more sanctify sanctified how could the apostle Paul and Jack Conway with books is the principle of we need to realize that the degrees of holdings this shows that they were both right and that is when we give our hearts to Christ as the thief on the cross did we belong to him all holiness comes from him he is intrinsically home own holiness is derived from and because we belong to him now we are holy every man woman and child on planet Earth in fact is a priest part of a preset up holy priesthood a holy people a kingdom of priests right that's in first Peter 's also Exodus nineteen percent so by accepting God we have this thing to vacation that starts are how the thief on the cross didn't have a very long lifetime in which for his segregation to grow but no matter how short or long for the rest of our allies we will just as a tree is not libelous it's growing in first Thessalonians three versus twelve and thirteen is a marvelous passage which explains what sanctification did you ever wonder what authentication is itself being where I is constructive theological pie-in-the-sky barn by feel what just geologists but here is what what segregation is first Thessalonians three twelve and thirteen and May the Lord course you to increase and abound in love for one another and for all people just as we also do for you so that growing in love you wish your heart with our plane in holiness before our God and father becoming ever more Jesus would only say how to get ready for the second coming sanctification growth in holiness was broken holiness is in love while that makes a really practical to how we get by accepting Holy Spirit as a gift every day you can transform lives and relationships will be different for everyone everything in our lives is going to be different we may suffer illness and pain all arrest but it's going to be different because God gives us that love as a gift and it grows now let's go to the next slide there in the sanctuary we see this principle demonstrated because the closer you get to go physically the holier things got the more expensive and elaborate the material just the holy of holy spirits and tells you it's wholly disregard for the metal is gold the fabrics of the most ornate you move outside and it still gold a little bit less ornate into the holy place you move into the courtyard the furniture is covered with bronze the fabrics are not as ornate in terms of access only the high priest are going to the holy police the ordinary priests and the outer laypeople only and the court in the wilderness actually later on in the time of Solomon 's Temple Ezekiel and Paris Temple got more restrictive but access is restricted just like to a nuclear reactor or to the oval office right of the people who have the greatest holiness given by God to get closer the priestly garments are more ornate Baha'i priesthood for more garments than the other priests know he had a spot breast like the lighter and so on which the other priests and have grace and holiness in relation of God are illustrated physically at the sanctuary and we see that this illustrates you let's go to the next one up there we and and we see that this degree of holiness leading to the next degree of holiness growing is present in Scripture so that as we have a higher level of law a higher level of holiness we left a little more today than we did yesterday a little more to more than we did today that business growth and life will talk tomorrow about love as the power of the latter rain okay and this is not just a feel-good thing I dug this out of Scripture by looking through through the details it's not just because I'm unnaturally a person who gravitates toward that end because it's popular right it's right there in the work the love of God is the gift of the Holy Spirit and I already mentioned that so will move onto the next one is held last overall point point number seven is so gaunt character of love this is what it's all about this is what the controversy was about from the very beginning where Satan questioned God 's character he presented it to add in the light you can trust God that he really wants the best for you I got something a little bit okay love includes justice and mercy that's something we often do realize we think we have love and we have justice we think he has mercy of course boys to what we don't realize that justice belongs to a bygone years love means that God is fully God of justice as well as Marcie and that's crucially important I don't tell you tomorrow even more why will a wife is important as we discussed the century forgotten time people we look at the damage on the backdrop to the investigative judgment and what our role is towards going at and we'll talk about that tomorrow and then we'll talk about the timing of the judgment on Sunday morning and answers to objections regarding eighteen forty four but the fact is all just illustrated briefly that is some limit mentioned a story about is December nineteen fifty five in one hundred and one Alabama December nineteen fifty five and twenty Rosa Parks is that name ring a bell Rosa Parks got on the buses she sat where she was first set she got taken before the judge and the judge could have said are right this apartheid law we have here in America is adjustable but I want to have mercy on you because you look like a harmless enough lady and so I just don't know what you've got is in part one she didn't want mercy she wanted justice what's the good of having mercy if you don't I'm just what's the good of having justice if you've broken the law if you don't have mercy C so we need both God 's mercy and his justice and this is of extreme importance for understanding sacrificial system include infective basic but the in fact this is the reason for sacrifice God could have sent the enemy when they sent encoded set out in the view really hurt me I gave you this dream vacation paradise on a beach in Cancun and Cozumel at all those vacation places and it's just amazing I give you perfect bodies and each other everything you can what would really hurt me directly what let's just forget about it just don't do it again that's it I got them well they are angels of heaven for that I condemned want someone to say I doesn't really fit in with just the stuff that does not bear is not fair and I learned about fantasy someday when I started teaching I bought nineteen ninety five or so this happen when I get to quiz the students and with Mrs. on the backside of the quiz was an essential request to answer questions didn't see the backside of the quiz they just didn't turn it over they didn't answer this question so they go wrong so they came in second we have mercy please we can see those up so I have mercy I'll try to bend over backwards and mistake I'll never do that and I just lowered the number of points of the that was the number possible okay and then those who came in ancient China never they didn't answer the question they said that's not fair because we did the trouble of marking that we can get credit for three because of justice as well as mercy of the wood on the stakes are much higher there a matter of life and death and so the reason for sacrifice and the sacrifice of Christ pointed forward to what always animal sacrifices is to show that God is full mercy with full justice to be fully the God of love he claims to be because justice and mercy are the two sides will does that make sense I looked for the final point I think this is runs three twenty six when a pickup with us tomorrow when we talk about century for the final generation Romans three twenty six says that because of the sacrifice of Christ God isn't just what he justifies those who have faith in Jesus and because of his sacrifice he is able to maintain his justice when he gives Mercy by making just those who were not just through the sacrifice of Christ therefore this is a runaway important words for telling us about the character of God and the question of what to pick up on tomorrow as you have that already happens because of Christ's sacrifice then why do we need a preeminent investigative judgment beginning in nineteen forty four to show that God is just if God is already just when he justifies those who believe that so that's something to think about loose sleep over tonight until we get the rest of the story the next exciting episode I know that done the smell of lunches rising from my watch as so we need to go in each and we can quit right now or we can take about two minutes for any questions is that a bad idea okay we take just a couple minutes for a quick questions about any aspect of the century that I can try to answer very quickly escalate the reason person there is no reason present that's why says ultimately irrational and yes well and the reason why one one hundred six thousand years and more still going look let me illustrate what has first and never to arises second five are the same time forgot to take intelligent beings with free choice and allow them to retain their free choice but to have the never said again that's a tall order I let me put it this way again a favorite politician I don't have any favorite politicians but okay you can take you can take out the present United States to take a pillory Clinton or Sarah Palin Newt Gingrich yada how long will it take for that person to get everybody in their challenges downtown where they come from the hotel to love them how long would that take what they have to do what you have to do for that to happen one everybody and their County state the rest of the nation what about the rest United States the Western world the whole world we have even started to talk about the unfold world are going to try to do that now the question is what is social missing because it's all about the character so that when it happens that someone comes along anything oh boy do I have a beautiful voice and singing with Doug gave Angel Gabriel announcing the door or rang the pretty good job with the government and I started this feeling of pride and then bingo I say let's not go there when being there and women from that point never doing it again and so God is living and working with such incredible overkill nested detail we wonder why was it that there is limited to ask questions are you incredible I see that a a a a a a in why is redeeming these are how great is our God is one the scene is wonderful to see you points on just humbling the universe is regards made and he's bigger than dental but in terms of power thank you I guess the word 's economy is not in the Bible as such it is an rabbinic writings later after the Bible but the room the Hebrew root from which the word Jakarta Commons is they are writing Exodus twenty five birthday from the get-go because it says that I made too well among them that's the root Chicago the Hebrew word which can't so in a sense of the Hebrew root is there in the Bible the announced forms are taught is not there but the concept is definitely there and in fact the Greek translation of numbers in the Septuagint is on a Greek word that means to tabernacle skiing although it shows up in John one fourteen John one fourteen the Word became flesh and skiing on Tabernacle Shekinah and among us Christ constantly is the presence of God with the stenosis of sooner we don't have the chance structure we have the Lord himself is part that's just a wonderful concept thank you request one mortality you know I would recommend the accordance Bible software program a C C O R and D a N C E and if you just go to put accordance with Bible with no space Bible .com according to Bible .com and you go there they have this wonderful software it's worth many devotional books and you can search for a usual time it's like my writer is so user-friendly and less for Mac if you want to him you can use that on on the Windows on the PC with an emulator or you can use another program like Bible works but I would strongly recommend using a Bible software program which is so easy as so readily available that you can split the screen you have the Hebrew and what a great year in English here you can see what word is what you can look things up at lexicons you can look up the words and it just opens the pleasure of all these kinds of things I use it like a search engine by search engine I surf the Bible the way people surf the web and is listed to do that okay maybe one more than will if there is one more otherwise one is starving okay let's call it quits I'll have a prayer and then we'll go one one one okay it is designed for the Mac yes and so however you can use a Mac emulator that will allow you to run on a PC yes Bible works is a Windows-based program is not as user-friendly is not as good in that respect but it does a lot of things not to read the directions pretty careful and never used it so I could tell you but I seen it demonstrated the Bible works all one word I can just Google lack the Mac wanted accordance ACC oh R D a N C E one Bible .com okay let's have a prayer and then will underline showing father in heaven we come before your throne the way we get there is that our thoughts rise by faith to your heavenly sanctuary when we get there we see that the doors open because Jesus is opened we come inside and look around and it's far more glorious far higher and wider unwanted recruitment with blank to adjust to the visible light which is like the shining in the sun on the light is coming from way down there at the throne of God himself we look around the throne there are four living creatures and twenty four elders and millions of Angels ready to do the bidding of the greatest being in the universe who made it all better years are just overwhelmed because Gabriel is leaving the heavenly choir practice and their singing anthems the Bach and Beethoven and Mozart never could have dreamed would just awestruck taking it all in and then we looked down and we see ourselves we realize that where a people of unclean lips that we live in the midst of the people of unclean lips she was uneven completely published outlines are imperfect we hang our heads in shame we can go forward but then we furtively glance up and we see someone looking at us we recognize he raises his hands and beckons towards us and our scars I listened our eyes within limits right through us he knows every molecule of mountain would complete compassion and understanding regarding of the window size plus phone of his hands so we do go forward and we walked down the long Crystal corridor it seems to take forever the Angels take a break from their singing and we come down with my behavior little token shooting gift at the feet of God at his throne and then we quickly turned to leave he's the CEO of billions of worlds we we can't attain his busy as we turn to go in these downstairs down from his throne and incestuous don't go yet stands for why wow I can't believe that he has time for me so we can chat we can I tell them about my family I work my church my joys and struggles and pains and sorrows I confess my sins my dreams and he tells me that he forgives my sins tells me that he's taking care of my love was because he loves them even more than I do but he tells media streaming dreams for my life which are formed from white to match a good long time I turned to leave and I walked back up the corridor and the Angels were resumed their singing more gloriously than before I looked back once more of the glory and then I go out and come down to planner and gets colder and darker as I come down trying to stay out there the world to tell about the love of Jesus to demonstrate his love to allow the Holy Spirit to use a but I have strength to go on another date with wife and I think this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that you visit www. .com universal .org


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